The cum factory

by UberPump

A young man and his wife expand the boundaries of what it means to be a cum factory. The young stud, forced to drink the mysterious protein shake over and over again, finds it erotic to see his balls swell as a side effect. This eggs his girl to force him to drink more and push his balls to their limits.

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“Oh baby… just a little more…” I hear her moan as she pours more of the protein drink down my throat…

“Mmm..” I moan back, my hands reaching down to my lemon sized nuts.

The shake settles deep into my stomach. A warm sensation spreads through my gut as my body absorbs its contents. A throbbing sensation returns to my gut as it moves south into my groin. My balls pulse as they begin throbbing, producing an ungodly amount of cum once again. I’m feeling rather backed up, but anything for my baby.

“Yes… I want you to swell for me.” She says as she empties that last bit into my mouth. I swallow hard as the ball gut begins shrinking as my body quickly absorbs the mixture.

“Mmmmpppph…. They’re so full…” I reach down, moaning as I rub the sides of my steadily swelling balls. The leave their lemon size behind as they approach the size of oranges. Pressure is intoxicating as my sack stretches over their immense girth. The orbs crawl across the surface of the couch as they fill the space between my thick legs. My muscles tense as every spasm in my balls sends more cum to fill them up. They press into the sides of my legs as they approach their record size. Each ball is filling up like a balloon ready to burst all over my wife.

“This is amazing…. You ready for a cum bath?” I ask her.

“Not yet…”

“What… mmmph.. do you mean…” I can feel the swelling slow down as they settle, elongated and fat as they deform from the amount of cum filling them up, each one four inches across.

“Can we go a little more?” She bites her lip, squirming as she reaches down to scoop more powder from the unmarked tub.

“You’re insatiable…” I grab her hips and pull her closer. Her left hand reaches down to cup one of my massive balls.

“I just want to see you grow… overflow my hand…” she moans seductively as she squeezes my nuts gently. Pre-cum belches from the tip of my cock. Long a thick it swells forth from my massive nuts. The baseball bat shape pulsing hard at its fat 10.5” length, 2.5” wide.

“But… mmmph… but there’s so much already…. They feel like they could pop…” I moan, closing my eyes as she works her way from my tight nuts up the fat length of my shaft. The veins pulsing thick and wriggling as she moves her hand up and down slowly, using the pre cum burping out occasionally from the fat tangerine sized head. My cock an angry red as it readies itself to explode and repaint her body with my cum.

My balls grow tighter as my orgasm quickens along. She brings me to the edge and stops. She pours two large scoops into the cup. Taking the water and mixing it into the bottle before stirring. She brings it to my lips.

“You have no idea how big I want your cum balloons to be…” She gently, seductively brings the cup to my lips. I have no idea how big my balls will swell to. We’ve only tried one scoop before. Now two…

“MMmmmm…” *Glug* Glug* as I slowly open my mouth and begin swallowing the thick shake. A fire burns in my stomach as the contents begin flowing into my gut and become instant energy, feeding directly into my groin.

“That’s it… swallow every drop…” She pours the last of it into my throat as she brings the cup away. She wipes the last drop from the corner of my mouth, then I lick the substance from her finger.

“Don’t want it to go to waste….” I wink at her. My face grimaces as I feel the pressure building again in my fat, orange sized balls. They continue swelling up again as they audibly gurgle. The sack begins stretching again, growing red and angry as veins form a webbing across their surface. My cum factory like balls slosh and fill the space between my legs once again as they force my legs to spreadeagle further than before.

“That’s good. I want you nice and plump…” She gets down on her knees between my legs then buries her face between my cock and potato like balls. They’ve swollen from 4” up to the size of 6” in a matter of moments. Except, these moments feel like an eternity.

“If… if this keeps going, I’m afraid they may explode…” My body now convulsing as my balls continue swelling up like a balloon. Only these balloons are filled with cum… and growing.

“They feel so tight…” She flings them with her fingers, as if testing a fruit. They’ve left the size of potatoes behind as they slowly swell to grapefruit… the sack is now stretched beyond and pulling hard at my groin. Sweat is pouring off my muscular frame as my hips buck. My cock is pouring pre cum out like a faucet as it prepares to explode.

“They’ve stopped…” she says. Rubbing and caressing them. Testing their firmness and their weight. “I can feel the cum sloshing in them…. This’ll be the best one yet…” She smirks, her mouth drooling as she pulls my fat cock down to her face. Her mouth stretches over the massive cock head and she begins blowing my cock.

“Oh yes…. yessss!” I yell as my hips thrust up. My cock buries itself deeper into her throat as she gags a little before she begins forcing more into her throat, deeper. My cock head flares inside her throat as my body convulses. My orgasm racing to explosion as my balls churn and cry out for release. They seize up, not lifting off the couch from their weight but dragging along its surface to mash up against my thick cock.

“Here it cums!” My hips thrust hard as the baseball bat of flesh fucks her face. Her eyes grow wide as the first stream hits. It floods her throat as she gags from the amount of fluid pouring continuously from my turgid grapefruit size orbs.

*Kachck!* She coughs as she pulls my cock out of her mouth. Before it exits her mouth, the next stream fires into her throat. The force of it pushes it out of her nose as it gushes from the side of her mouth.

*COUGH* *SPLAT* As my cock exits her mouth and fires the next stream of cum into her face… She grabs my cock and pulls it down her face and onto her breasts where the next thick stream splashes loudly against her thick breasts. Her boobs are bouncing as she excitedly moves my spasming dick up and down her body.

“YESSSS!” she screams. “Shower me with your juices!” I moan along with her as my balls begin deflating down to more manageable sizes.

My cock finally burps out the last few drops as it dry heaves. My body intermittently spasming as it reacts to the explosive orgasm my balls force from their inflated size.

“That was incredible!” She lays down in my lap, cum dripping from both of us onto the couch, and pooling on the floor.

“Yeah… but next time let’s not try and pop my balls will ya….” I stroke her hair as she reaches to the deflating beast of a cock in my lap. The dorsal vein still throbbing on its surface, even as it softens. She drags a nail along the top surface of its soft, 7” length.

“But what’s the fun in that? I like it when your squirming and begging to cum… I love you and your balls.”

“I love you too.”

“We gotta get more of this stuff.”

“Where’d you find it?”

“On the dark web. Some company was promoting a protein powder that increase sperm production and virility. Looks like it works to me…”

“Considering we’ve been using it a lot the last several days. Just don’t overdo it…” I reach down to my sore balls. They remain swollen but not as fat as their previous size. Their heavy weight sits in my overstretched sack, 2.5” in thickness.

“I love it when you fill up for me.”

I’m not sure how much more cum my balls can take before they explode… I think to myself gently rubbing their throbbing surface.

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