The cyclist

by Corwin

That jogger Scott started noticing on his bike runs has been getting hotter and more muscled. After getting to know each another on the trail Mark decides to share his secret.

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Part 1 That jogger Scott started noticing on his bike runs has been getting hotter and more muscled. After getting to know each another on the trail Mark decides to share his secret. (added: 5 Dec 2013)
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Part 1

I have a passion for biking. I bicycle commute 35 miles every day and on the weekends I bike at least 100 miles. I’m training to compete in the next gay games. I love the feeling of flying down a hill and the pump I get during a hard climb. I love that biking gives me thick thighs and a hard six-pack, not to mention a firm bubble butt. Watching other tight spandex-clad sweaty male bodies or enjoying passing shirtless joggers is just an added bonus.

It was mid-March during my morning commute that I first remember seeing him. I was on the trail heading toward work. He was jogging toward me. It was warm and he was shirtless, wearing only jogging shorts that seemed a bit small, but I wasn’t about to complain. After a winter of too many clothes, partially-clad eye-candy is always appreciated.

His body wasn’t really anything special. He looked like he was about forty, with a small midlife spread. I guessed that’s why he took up jogging, trying to fight the ravages of time. I didn’t notice him because of his body, which I didn’t think was all that special, but because he was so handsome. He was blond with classic features. But, what was really special about him was his eyes—blue, bordering on grey. His gaze followed me as I sped past him. I caught him in my rear-view mirror continuing to stare. I’m sure this made me grin.

For the next month, I would see him every couple of days. He’d be running in the opposite direction to me, and his grey eyes would follow me as I passed. I began to nod hello, as bikers do. I also began to put on a bit of a show, standing and flexing as I showed off my speed (and thick biker’s legs). I’d flex my lats, pulling to get more force to go faster. He seemed to appreciate it.

During this month, I began to notice changes in him. His spare tire was gone, and he was now sporting the beginnings of some abs. His chest looked fuller and now had a manly bounce as he jogged. His legs were classic runner’s legs, ripped and tone with a nice diamond shaped calf. His shoulders looked broader and rounder. Even his arms looked pumped. I nodded my normal greeting and decided to up the ante, so to speak.

During the next week, I biked to work shirtless. As I passed him, I would slow down just enough for him to take in my thick, hairy chest, ripped abs and broad back. I noticed his gaze taking in all of me, stopping briefly at the large package that was impossible to conceal in my shorts.

The admiring glances went both ways. I enjoyed the way sweat gleaned off his ever more defined musculature, and the way his firm chest expanded with each breath. His skimpy shorts were now being pulled tight by a nice bubbly butt, and he seemed to have a decent-sized snake bouncing down his right leg.

Our nods of hello became voiced “Hiya”s now, accompanied by friendly smiles that anticipated more.

I made my next move that weekend. I was use to seeing my jogger friend on my trip, but I planned my timing to really bump into him. I left home early that day. I was on the trail, a little after its mid-point, and saw him jogging toward me. We grinned, smiled and “Hiya”ed, as was our custom. Our gazes seemed to lock a bit longer than usual. I pedaled to the trail’s end and turned around. I timed it perfectly, catching up to him as we both neared the trail’s other end.

I wasn’t use to seeing him from this angle, and I was riveted by his thick and defined back, hard calves and cute butt. As I passed him, I made sure to say “Hi again” and grin. I caught a big grin forming on his face as I rode harder to the end of the trail. I stopped ahead of him at the water fountain, waiting, taking the time to gulp back a drink and splash some of the cool liquid on my face and chest.

“Hi,” he said as I looked up from my drink. “I’ve seen you on the trail. Boy, you’re fast.” He was grinning and looked so damn cute, his hair sweaty yet tussled.

“Thanks. It’s nice to finally meet you. You’ve been jogging for a while now, huh?”

“Ya. I wanted to get in shape.”

“Looks like it’s working.”

He laughed. “Ya, it’s a special program I’m on.” He took a drink of water, allowing me to drink in more of him. God, he was fine. He was even bigger and more toned than I thought he was. “How about you?”

“I’ve thought about maybe competing in some races. Nothing definite yet. My name’s Scott.” I offered him my hand.

“Mark.” We shook hands, and I looked into his eyes. Something was clicking, and we both smiled.

Mark was the first to speak. “I’ve done some biking, nothing serious though.”

“Maybe we could go for a ride sometime.”

“Maybe. I don’t know that I’m in your league.”

I chuckled. “I hear that a lot. Most guys put themselves down. I’m not really that good. Besides, I enjoy the company.”

Mark smiled. That’s when I noticed him become a little uncomfortable. I saw a good sized dick was becoming visible from his shorts. Mark blushed and tried to push it back. He saw me notice. “Uhmmm, sorry, it’s just that…” he blushed and looked away as he rearranged his shorts. It was very cute.

“Hey! Nothing to be sorry about. We’re both guys and I know how it is. I’m always horny after a good ride. Besides, from the look of it, you’ve got nothing to be sorry about.”

He gave me a friendly smile that betrayed a hint of innocence. He was still blushing. I changed the subject.

“So, tell me more about this exercise program you’re on. You’re really lookin’ good.”

“I’m a professor of sports medicine at the university, and it’s something I’ve been working on. I tried the program on our football team, and it worked wonders.” I knew that the team was undefeated in their last season and was ranked first nationwide. It was big news, even though I didn’t follow football. “I decided if it worked on the kids, why not me too? I started it almost four months ago. I was kinda out of shape then.”

“Well, you aren’t anymore.”

“Thanks, but you know, you’ve got a pretty good body too. If you’re interested, you could stop by my lab sometime. I love to show it off.” With a little hesitance, he added, “now.” His modesty was adorable.

“That could be fun.”

“Are you free this week?”

This was going better than I had hoped. “Ya, that would work for me if it works for you. I don’t have anything going on.”

“How about tomorrow. My lab is 215 DeSoto Hall. Say around 5:30? Maybe we could catch dinner after that?”

“Sounds like a plan to me. I’d better continue my ride or I’ll never finish, but I’ll see you then. Nice meeting you.”

“See you tomorrow.”

I biked away. Good thing spandex is tighter than jogging shorts, or my snake would have been making an appearance at that point. Biking makes me horny, but not as horny as a hot muscle man.

I left work a little after 5 on Monday. It would take me about 20 minutes to bike from the center of town to the University. DeSoto Hall is on a rather steep hill. Starting from the river trail and climbing several hundred feed to the lab made me a bit sweaty. I wiped the sweat off my athletic body and donned a tank top. I don’t mind showing off while exercising, but when in a public building I’m a bit more shy. I found Mark’s lab and knocked. It was 5:30 on the dime.

Mark opened the door. I was surprised to see that he was dressed like me, wearing a tank top and his runner shorts. I was even more surprised to see that he was sweaty. “Hi Scott. Glad you could come. You bike here?”

“Hey. Ya, you know me. It’s my preferred method of travel.”

“That’s a pretty steep hill.” He seemed to be a little out of breath.

“Ya, it’s always up hill and against the wind.” I smiled, knowing it’s a dumb joke, but I like it. “Besides, it was a good workout. But what about you? You look a bit drenched too.”

“Just getting in a bit of a workout while I waited. Lifting some heavy weights,” he said, nodding to the equipment in the room. “So this is it.” I looked around the room. There were what appeared to be benches and some sorta exercise machines, but more high-tech. “It’s my little gym, or maybe a better description would be gym-of-the-future.”

“Wow. How’s this stuff work?”

“Some of it is hydraulics. Some is magnetic. Here, let me give you a demonstration. I was doing some bench presses.” He went over to a machine with a bar that slid along some metal braces. “This machine uses magnetic resistance.” He slid the bar down and did eight reps at a descent speed, then forced out two more.

“Cool. How much weight was that.”

He looked at a readout on the side of the machine. “Well, I don’t like to brag.”

“Come on. I normally work out with about 250.”

“This was a bit more than that.”

I looked at his chest. Nice pump, but it wasn’t bigger than mine. “Come on, how much.”

He smiled. “A little over two tons, actually.”

“Liar.” I laughed. I walked over to the machine. The readout said ‘4250 lbs.’ I looked at him, still thinking it was some kind of a joke. “Neat, you fixed the readout.”

“No. Actually I didn’t. I told you I developed this experimental program. The numbers are real. Try it if you don’t believe me. The machine adapts to the user.”

I got on the machine while he set it up for a new user. I did the same 10 reps. The final two were killers, like his. I got up and looked at the readout. It said ‘254 lbs’.

“Wanna compare?” Marked asked as he removed his shirt. His pecs looked rock hard, but I still was incredulous. I walked over and pushed him in his chest. It was amazingly hard, and he wasn’t even flexing. He didn’t move. He responded by grabbing me in one arm, wrapping it around my lower back and pulling me toward him. I tried to pull away, but I couldn’t. He moved his head close to mine. I could feel his breath as he whispered, “Damn, you are one hot man.” He came closer and his lips touched mine, kissing me. He pulled back a bit.

I looked into his eyes. They were sincere. I could feel the lust in my own gaze, and moved my head to his, returning the kiss with much more passion. Talk about seeing fireworks. I don’t know what it was, Mark’s obvious strength, his wonderful body, his eyes, or the fact that he was a good kisser, but I was falling head-over-heels for this man. After what seemed like an eternity of pleasure, he let me go.

I looked at him. “I guess I don’t understand,” I finally confessed. “You’re a fucking superman, and this program of yours did it?”

Mark walked over to desk and pulled out two pictures. “This is the football team at the beginning of last summer.” It was a group of men, standing somewhat embarrassed and all bare-ass naked. Some had nice bodies, some were fattish but all were obvious athletes. “This is them six months later, after the program.” It was the same group, at least they had the same faces. Now, all were lean, toned bodybuilders. Some could be pros, even Mr. Olympia caliber. There was one other noticeable change—they were all sporting cocks that could choke an elephant. “At the end of the experiment, the weakest player could bench press 3 tons and squat 5. The strongest could do nearly three times that.”

“That’s fucking amazing.” I couldn’t stop staring at the herculean men. After a few seconds, Mark took the pictures. “That’s when I figured, why not?”

“Why not do it yourself?”

“Look, Scott. You’re a hunk. You’re the type of guy I always dreamed about—both being and having. No matter how hard I tried, I always was smaller and weaker. That’s what got me into this research in the first place. And since it worked, I can have my dream.” Mark struck a double bicep pose. “Look out Mr. Olympia, you’re gonna have competition.” Mark smiled as he admired his hard body. “Next week, I’ll have been doing the program for four months. Two months after that, I’ll be amazing.”

“You’re pretty amazing now.” I couldn’t help but stare, then asked “So, how does this program work?”

“It’s kind of complicated. Whatya say we shower and go to dinner. I’ll tell you all about it.”

“Uhm, OK. You’re on. But I want to know more than just the program. I want to know about you too.”

Mark smiled. “The feeling is mutual, I assure you. The showers are over here.”

Mark stepped through a door into a small locker room. I picked up my backpack of clothes and followed. He turned and locked the door. “Hope you don’t mind, but I thought we may not want to be interrupted.” Mark walked over to me and lifted off my tank top. He ran his hand gently through my chest hair, feeling the shape of my pecs and tweaking my nipples. He caressed my six pack and felt my package through the spandex shorts. “I’m glad you don’t seem to mind. I think you may even enjoy this.” I answered by deep kissing him and sleeping my hands down his shorts to his hard round butt.

Slowly, he pulled away from me. He knelt down and placed his hands on the top of my shorts. He pulled them off. My cock jumped to attention.

“Damn. I knew it. Fucking donkey cock.” He placed his mouth on my member and began to suck. He placed his hands on my hips and stood up, lifting me as if I were a child. His mouth never left my dick. I was in ecstasy. He pulled me closer and pushed me away, stimulating my dick and holding me as if I were a doll. He would stop playing with my erection only to lift me higher and suck on my nuts. I placed my hands on his arms. The bulged and flexed and felt like iron. Mark’s face turned red as he was more and more turned on. Damn, he was good. He was going to get me off before I even had a chance to return the favor.

“Hey, whoa Clark Kent,” I said through pants of excitement. “Let me have some fun to”. Mark stopped and looked up. He smiled and put me down.

“Sorry. I got carried away.”

“Man, you’re good, but now it’s my turn.” I knelt and pulled down his shorts. A huge cock jumped out at me. “Gahd. You’re bigger than me!”

“And still growing, like these.” He flexed his thigh which bucked into totally defined muscle. “It’s all part of the program.”

I didn’t care where it came from. I deep throated the member in one gulp. I’ve played with some big dicks before, but Mark had to be at least 11 inches. It was like the rest of his body, hard as iron. His nuts were also huge, and seemed to vibrate as he got more excited. I could taste the salty sweetness of his precum as I sucked. Minutes pass, when I feel his strong hands push me away and pull me up.

“Shower,” he pants. Mark kissed me, then lead me into a shower stall and closed the door. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled my body close to his. Though we both were tone, his body was hard and the muscle ungiving. His erection stood straight up against his eight-pack, and mine slipped between his hard legs. We kiss, then he released me. “Please, flex for me,” he asks.

I raised my arm to show off my 18 inch bicep. Mark’s hand stroked my forearm and moved along the arm to the peak of the bicep. When he squeezed. It was amazingly gentle and caring. He lowered his face and kissed the bicep. His soft tongue licked from the bicep to my shoulder and into my armpit. It was very erotic, and I could feel myself becoming more turned on. I raised my arms above my head and flared my lats as he licked my pit. I stretched my back and flexed my pecs, trying to engulf his face in my muscle. I noticed his mighty cock leaking precum over his stomach. Mark raised his left hand, and ran it through my chest hair. He cupped my flexed my chest with his hand. When his thumb scratches my nipple it became erect. He licked from my pit to my other pec to the nipple, circling it with his tongue before he ever so gently biting it and beginning to suck. His hand moved from my other pec to my abs, which I flexed into six cobblestones with deep ridges between them. He paused at each one, feeling its hardness. Then, I wrapped my right leg around his and flexed my thigh and calf, pressing into his immovable stand. My calf split into diamond hardness, and my quads became instantly defined. His hand reached for my cock, pulled it from between his legs and moved it next to his. I nearly creamed when he rubbed them together.

I moved my mouth to his ear and nibbled, whispering to him, “Your turn. Show me how strong you are.”

His head moved from my body and he stood straight. He was smiling though there was lust in his eyes. “Show me that big arm of yours,” he ordered.

I flexed it. Again, Mark’s hand stroked my forearm and moved along my arm to the peak. He squeezed, gently at first. This time, the pressure on my muscle increased. His fingers began to move into my hard muscle. I flexed harder, forcing them out. Mark never stopped grinning as the force of his grip continued to increase. Once more his fingers forced into my muscle. I strained to force them out, but I’m only moderately successful as his power began to flatten my show muscle. I could feel the sweat on my face as I lose the struggle against his powerful fingers. I surrendered to his power.

Still holding my arm in his grip, he twisted and flexed his other arm in my face. Even though I try and resist, Mark moved my arm totally under his control as if I were a puppet—powerless to resist him. I’m forced to touch the peak of the hill that is in my face. “Crush it,” he snarls. I take the peak in my grip. I watched as my forearm bunched into striated muscle forcing my fingers into the rock that rises from his arm. My fingers turned white, but they are unable to even dent his flesh. Mark’s skin doesn’t even change color. “That strong enough for you? Or maybe you need to see this?”

Mark whipped his arm from my grip and flexed into a most-muscular crab. Every muscle was incredibly defined. I placed my hand on his shoulders. They felt like warm marble. I worshipped his body with my hands, feeling the hardness and power of his chest, his abs, and his legs. I used my tongue to caress his calves. I licked up to his quads and felt his hard glutes. Finally, I found the soft flesh in the sack that encased his large nuts. I licked the sack, then put one nut in my mouth and gently suck. I heard Mark moan his approval. I grabbed my dick and started to jerk off as Mark’s hands explored my hair, shoulders and arms. I felt his nuts pull away as he got ready to shoot his load. I could barely contain my ejaculation as his nuts got tighter and tighter. We erupted together, covering our bodies in wet jism. I knew Marked enjoyed it by the sound of his ecstatic moans.

“Wow,” I finally said, feeling weak in the knees.

“Wow yourself,” Mark whispered, holding me then kissing me. “That was fantastic.” I gazed deeply into his eyes and smiled. “Let’s get cleaned up and have dinner. After that, I need food to get my strength back … so we can do it again later.” We both smiled.


Part 2

Dinner was wonderful. We talked about our lives and began to get to know each other. Mark talked about his research, I talked about computers. We both loved movies and plays, gardening and spending quiet nights at home watching TV. We were both liberals and had a political bent. We both loved muscle. We agreed to take it slow, but were drawn to each other like a moth to a flame. When I wasn’t with Mark, I wanted to call him. As I would reach to the phone, it would ring and it would be him. If I did call first, he would say he was thinking of me. We were happy together.

Mark continued to grow and get stronger. I learned that the procedure involved 25 shots, one a week for about six months. The shots were given in a muscle. Three times a day, Mark would drink a specially formulated protein powder that interacted with the drugs in the shot. The interaction made incremental changes to Mark’s DNA allowing him to get bigger and stronger. Mark’s body changed from that of an athlete to an amateur bodybuilder by the end of May. He expected to be as big as a pro, or bigger, by the time the treatments were done.

We spent the next weekend together, and Mark showed me how it was done. He had a syringe of clear liquid, and he gave himself a shot in his thigh. “Now, I wait an hour, then drink a shake. That’s it. Wanna do me a favor while we wait?”

“More sex?” I jokingly moaned. Mark’s sexual appetite was more veracious than mine.

“Well, that too, but,” he said, pulling out a notebook, “measure me first. Like all the subjects in this experiment, I need to keep notes.”

First, I measured his upper arm. He flexed it, and I wrapped the tape measure around the highest point. I recorded 19 1/4 in the book. I couldn’t help but notice the other measurements. Mark’s bicep started out at 12 inches. In the first week it shrank to 11 1/4, then it grew. 13 inches in the first month; 15 in the second; 17 in the third, and now over 19 in the fourth. At this rate, his arms will be close to 24 inches cold when he’s through with the treatment.

His chest was growing just as quickly as his arms. He started with 41 inches, that toned to 39 then grew to 43, 46, 50, 54 and now 59 inches cold. At the same time his waist was shrinking from 36 inches to its current rock hard 30.

His 30 inch quads had once only been 21, and his 18 inch calves had been 12. My dick got hard just thinking about Mark’s growth from geek to stud.

Mark and I spent more and more time together. His lease was up in June, and we decided we should try living together. He moved in over Memorial Day weekend. I can’t remember being more happy. Mark and I would stroll around the neighborhood, shop and work out at his gym. I guess that’s how we drew attention to ourselves. It was obvious we were a couple.

The incident occurred as I was returning from the store about 10 o’clock at night. We needed milk, and I decided to run out before going to bed. I didn’t notice the group of kids hanging out on the corner, or I didn’t care. They had never given me any trouble before.

As I walked up to the house, I heard one say, “Fucking faggot!” and I felt something hard hit the back of my legs. I fell to the ground and my glasses went flying. I felt something hit me across the back.

Next, I heard a thud, followed by Mark screaming, “Leave him alone.” I looked up and saw a blur of Mark. He was holding a baseball bat in one hand, and one of the kids in the other. The kids feet weren’t touching the ground. A few of the other kids began to rush toward him, but Mark tossed the punk he was holding hard enough to knock a couple of them down. I found my glasses and saw Mark holding the bat horizontally, one hand on the top and one on the bottom. “Get out of here now, or this is what I’ll do to you.” I saw his bare chest flex and his massive ripped muscle pump, then his tris exploded into their hardened horseshoe shape as he applied pressure to the wooden bat. There was a slight popping as the wood began to yield to Mark’s strength, then a thunderous crack as the bat broken in two. “This will be you if you ever try anything again,” Mark screamed. The kids ran away.

Mark tossed the bat aside and ran to me. There was blood running down my leg. He tried to straighten my glasses. My vision was blurry, but I could see a big hole in my knee with a white thing inside. “I think we should get you to the emergency room,” he said.

Two hours and three stitches later, we returned home. Mark seemed more shaken up than I was. He talked about his feelings the next day.

“I was looking out the window when I saw those punks attack you. I don’t remember ever being that afraid for someone else. I was so angry at them and worried about you. I didn’t like feeling that way. I love you, and I can’t stand the thought of anyone hurting you,” he said.

“I didn’t like being attacked,” I joked, trying to calm him with humor and my smile.

“This isn’t funny,” he said. “I don’t know what I’d do without you. I just found something that makes me feel complete. You’re my soul mate and I don’t want to loose you.” A tear ran down his cheek.

I stepped over to him and hugged him. I kissed the tear away. “You won’t loose me. I’m not going anywhere.”

“But I may not be around next time.” He pulled away and walked over to his back pack. He pulled out a syringe. “I want you to start the treatment.” We had talked about it before, and I had to admit I was interested, but Mark was concerned about the risks to me. I think he was also worried I might leave him.

“Are you sure, Mark? I know that you’ve had doubts.”

“I was being selfish. But, after last night, well, I’d rather be selfish in protecting you than selfish in any other fears I have.” I started the treatments that night. Mark got out his book and recorded my size. He measured my arm at 18 1/8 inches, my 45 inch chest, my 26 inch thigh, 18 inch calf and 29 inch waist.

Mark could not have prepared me for what the shot felt like. It burned at first, and as it was absorbed by my system, I felt every muscle cramp. Over that first hour, it felt like each muscle had been pushed beyond its endurance, and I couldn’t move without the pain I’d only experienced after an intense workout in the gym. Mark brought me the first shake. It tasted like honey—something my body needed. I swallowed it all without putting the glass down once. About 20 minutes later, I felt more like myself. Within an hour, I felt better than I had in a long time.

Over that first week, my body began to change. I had 8% body fat, which dropped to 6 in the first few days. I began eating like a horse. Of course, I still biked, but I noticed that my commute time was getting shorter and shorter. I increased the distance to 50 miles a day, then 75 by the end of the week. I was doing the longer distance 15 minutes faster than my best time the week before.

Mark measured me before my second shot. I had gained 10 pounds. My waist was 28 1/2 inches, but my chest was now 46. I had gained an inch on both arms, but my legs gained 2 inches. “That’s what biking will get ya,” I said with a smile.

The second shot electrified me. I felt powerful, and each shake supercharged that feeling. The next day I biked 100 miles in 2 hours. I was keeping up with some of the slower cars on a freeway that paralleled my favorite trail. The speed was a rush, but Mark warned, “Don’t show off too much. The world isn’t ready for a Steve Austin.” Of course, I didn’t listen to him. I had to modify my bike to deal with my strength and speed. Bikes just aren’t built to go several hundred miles per hour. I found rodes with little or no traffic, and used a local velodrome late at night. If people saw me, what could they say? ‘and then this biker passed me doing 150?’ Ya, like someone would believe that.

By the end of June, I had a 50 inch chest and 22 inch arms. My legs were an amazing 33 inches of pure power. Talk about speed. When I cut loose, I could almost feel the bike want to leave the ground.

My clothes were getting tighter. I had to wear a suit to the office one day. I put the sport coat on. It was a heavy wool, but I ripped the back in half when I accidentally flexed. The same thing happened to the sleeves when I tried to take it off. My muscles were just too big and hard for the fabric to contain. “Fuck it!” I thought as I grabbed the material and ripped it off my body. It tore like paper. Mark had to loan me down one of his coats. “It may be a little big, but you’ll grow into it,” he said with a smile.

By mid-July Mark was finished with his treatment. He was huge, with muscular mass and symmetry that dwarfed most body builders. His chest was 72 inches of pure muscle. His pecs hung 7 inches over his ripped 8-pack waist that was a mere 30 inches. His pecs were so round that his nipples pointed toward the ground and they made a shelf from his collar bone. His lats formed a perfect V, and his pits were caves where I could bury my face during our steamy sex. His traps were huge mounds that swallowed most of his bull neck. His thighs were a massive 40 inches, and his diamond calves were 24. His arms had grown to an amazing 26 3/4 inches of rock hard muscle. All Mark would say was, “Hmmmm, more than I expected,” as he felt the hardness and size of his peak.

Even though he was huge, Mark was stronger than he looked. After the baseball bat incident, we tested his strength in other ways. Bending a crowbar was like forming clay. He crushed solid steel bearings in his grip. While moving a multi-ton boulder was difficult one week, the next it was no problem. He even pulled a steam locomotive down the tracks in a railway yard, getting up to a good run then stopping it on a dime. That must have confused the workers the next day!

“Damn, you’re the strongest man around,” I whispered to him after he crushed a discarded car engine into a sphere.

“Third strongest, actually. A couple of the football players from last season have heavier lifts than me. But, I’m strong enough,” he said. I was afraid to ask for more specifics.

During our frequent sexual encounters, Mark would flex and I would be awed by his hard body. His size was a major turn on, as was his strength, but I couldn’t help notice that I was gaining on him. We would play-wrestle, and he would overpower me as if I were a child.

It was one evening in August that I realized that would soon change. We were naked, admiring our muscles and testing our strength. I guess I should say that Mark was testing my strength, since he was so much stronger. He let me pin him, wrapping my thighs around his arms and torso. I locked my legs, which were now nearly as big as his at 38 inches. Up til now, he would simply flex his mighty chest and pull my legs apart. This time, however, he was struggling. I felt his body tighten and push against me, but my legs were containing his power. He began to sweat at the exertion, and with a sudden ‘Argh’ managed to break my leg hold. But, it was hard for him! Of course he pinned me a moment later and had his way with me, but that was the first time I really realized that soon, I would be his equal, or more.


Part 3

In early August, Mark began preparations for the return of the football team. After last year’s success, the coach was eager that any new players take part in the experiment. The coach and Mark agreed that there should be a couple of weeks of practice to evaluate the players’ skills and determine which would be the best candidates for the treatment.

Mark and I continued to work out in his lab’s gym. Although I was curious, Mark didn’t tell me how much I was lifting. All I could get from him was an occasional, ‘our model seems to be working well,’ whatever that means. Sometimes I objected to being his ‘mouse in a maze’, but then he’d do something sweet like grab me in his huge arms and hug me and tell me that I was his favorite ‘mighty mouse’.

About a week into August I had my first opportunity to meet some of last year’s football team. I had done my now 100 mile bike ride home from work and met Mark at the DeSoto Hall. This time was different, however. Mark wasn’t alone. Several of last year’s team was using the equipment to train. All the team members were as built as their pictures, though Mark was as big as most of them. Then I saw two players training in a corner. They were absolutely huge.

“Hey, Scott, let me introduce you,’ said Mark, noticing I was there. “Guys, this is another subject in the study and a friend of mine. Scott, this is our championship team.” There was a series of ‘Hi’s and ‘Hey’s as the guys went back to training. Looking around, I realized that I was as big as a couple of the smaller guys, but no where near as large as the two brutes in the corner.

“Mark, is it OK if I train here still?” I asked.

“Sure. The guys won’t mind,” Mark said. “Besides, I could use your help when we start training the new players.”

Finishing a set of intense squats, one of the brutes in the corner responded, “Ya know, doc, Brett and me we’ll teach them the ropes. We’ll take good care of the new boys.” The other, slightly smaller guy nodded and started his own set of squats.

“Thanks Adam. I’m sure they’ll appreciate that.” Mark gave me a look that let me know he had his doubts.

The guy named Adam walked over to me, his right hand extended. “Name’s Adam Pomerantz. I’m the doc’s start subject, ain’t that right, doc?”

I shook Adam’s hand and introduced myself.

“Ya, Scott, Adam has had the greatest reaction to the experiment so far.”

“So far!” Adam laughed. He hit a most muscular pose. His white t-shirt strained at his growing pump. Slowly it began to rip. First, the amazing width of his back began to split the back of the frail shirt, then his heaving pecs caused the fabric in the front to give way. The sleeves were unable to contain his powerful arms, and the seams of his shorts split from the force of his hard quads. Adam’s traps split the top of the shirt. He changed into a double bicep pose and the shredded shirt fell to the ground around his legs. His torso had no body fat, and his abs looked like cobblestones framed by hourglass-shaped intercostals that defined his thin belly. “My bis are over 28 inches, my legs measure 48, my waist is 31 and my chest is 90 inches when I flex these wings.” Adam dropped his arms and grabbed the massive bulge in his shorts. “Oh, and no one beats what I got in this package, right doc,” Adam said with a wink. “If you want some training tips, see me, Scott.” Adam returned to Brett as he completed his set. They high fived each other and Adam started another set.

I decided to work chest.

After the team left, Mark seemed particularly horny. “What’s the matter, stud, all those jokes get you worked up,” I said as he ripped the bike shorts off of me. My cock had grown to 14 inches, and was only an inch shy of Mark’s massive python.

“Uh-huh.” Mark said as he began to deep throat me. As my cock filled his mouth, he tilted his head back and looked up at me. I saw lust in his eyes.

“You got it bad, don’t you?” I pulled him off my cock and lifted his lips to mine.

“Forgot how big I actually was. Last year, most of those kids made me feel puny. Now,” I felt his body flex into amazing hardness in my arms, “that I have this, oh god,” he forced his tongue into my mouth and kissed me hard, “I feel worthy of a man like you.” We kissed again, and I dropped to my knees. Using my power, I ripped his short freeing his manhood. Lifting him up as he had done to me, I deep throated his meat, sucking for all I was worth.

Coming up for air, I looked at his beautiful face. “Mark, don’t put yourself down. I care about you and the person you are. You’ve always been worthy. You’re body is just an added bonus.” I continued to hold him in the air, working on his mighty member. I felt his body stiffen as he enjoyed the erotic pleasure of my mouth on his dick.

“Mighty mouse, let me suck you too,” he whimpered. I lifted him higher, then flipped him around so that his head was at my cock. He latched onto it like a starving baby being given a bottle of milk. I held him in that 69 position, feeling his amazing body as he felt mine. He was giving me the amazing strength that he had, and he was giving me his love. We climaxed together in our erotic bliss. I carefully lowered him to the ground, and lay next to him.

“Scott, there’s something I need to tell you about Adam and Brett.”

“Hmmmm,” I said, still numb from our loving encounter.

“Adam was one of the smaller players. He barely made the team, but the formula worked wonders on him. It also changed him.”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“Oh, it wasn’t the formula’s fault. Adam was always being picked on, then suddenly, he became the alpha male. He’s twice as strong as many of the other players, and he uses that. Over the summer, he terrorized the kids he went to high schools with. There was some problems with the police, but the coach got him out of it. He’s the star now, so the school is protecting him.”

“And what’s this got to do with me.”

“I haven’t told you about your progress. Scott, you’re going to be bigger than Adam. I don’t know how he’ll react to that. You saw him today.”

“Does he need to know?”


“Look. I’m not on his team and I don’t give a flying-fuck about football. I’m no threat to him, and you don’t have to tell him IF I do happen to get stronger than him, right?”

“Ya, I guess so.”

“OK, case settled. Let’s get dressed and get something to eat.” I made a bicep, “I’m a growing man and I have to keep my strength up.” I winked at him.

Over the next week, I watched Adam and Brett train. I could see what Mark meant. Adam used his size and strength to intimidate the other team members. They weren’t necessarily scared of him, but they did give him a wide berth. Sometimes he’d challenge a member to a weight lifting competition, or arm wrestling or some other test of strength. Adam always won, and Brett was always there egging him on. Every now and again, it would be Brett doing the challenge, with Adam as the instigator.

After Brett challenged and beat the kid nearest his size at arm wrestling, the kid had had enough. “Ya, Brett, why don’t you challenge Adam. Or are you afraid of your big fried?” Adam grinned. He laid on the floor facing Brett, raising his leg-sized arm into position.

“Ain’t done this since last spring, huh Brett. Let’s see if you’re any stronger,” mocked Adam. “I’ll go easy on ya.”

Brett snickered and grabbed Adam’s hand with his own leg-sized arm. “I’m damn strong too, or did you forget that?” The competition began.

It was the first time I had actually seen Adam strain against another man. Brett’s arm was huge, and Mark later told me it was only 1/4 inch smaller than Adam’s. Though Brett had a slightly smaller upper arm, his forearm was actually larger than Adam’s.

As they began the competition, both kids’ arms ripped into shredded muscular relief. Adam gained a slight advantage, but Brett’s stronger forearm twisted Adam’s wrist and Brett forced Adam back past neutral to gain the advantage. Adam’s face turned red, and a look of concentration and desire came across his face as he forced Brett back to neutral. Now Brett was turning red, fighting against Adam’s strength. Their arms teetered, with neither competitor gaining an advantage.

The other team members stood in a circle, silent. When Brett would gain the advantage, some of the team would get slight smiles, only to have those smiles erased as Adam pushed ahead.

Both competitors were sweating. Adam had a look of raw determination on his face. Brett’s face showed the strain of competing against Adam’s power.

I’m not sure, but I might have noticed a touch of fear in Brett’s eyes. Could he be afraid of beating Adam? Or maybe he feared showing Adam just how strong he had become? I would never know.

Slowly, Brett’s strength began to give out. With a primal yell, Adam slammed Brett’s arm to the floor. Adam got up and walked over to his teammate that started this. Adam’s arm was pumped larger than I had ever seen it. He flexed it in the guys face. “Now, that’s power!” Adam bragged. “Right, Brett?”

Brett walked over and flexed his arm next to Adam’s, “You tell him bro!”

The two went to the locker room. Having finished my workout, I joined them. I wasn’t really surprised to see them naked, kissing in a corner, jerking each other off. I slipped around the corner, unnoticed by the two muscular behemoths. Not only did both have massive bodies, but they had huge cocks. They rubbed their meat together as they jerked. They must have been nearly 18 inches long, but once again, Adam was superior to Brett. I left them alone.

Later that week, the coach and Mark had a meeting to pick the new team members. There would be another 10 subjects for Mark’s experiment, and 10 new team members. Adam and Brett immediately asserted their dominance over their new teammates. One of the smaller kids, a kid named Jonny, pissed Adam off during a practice. When Jonny’s car appeared perched in the highest levels of the football stadium the next day, no one had to ask who did it. Tempers seemed to calm, though, after they won their first two games.

By mid-September, I was turning into some super stud. I could see now why Mark thought I would be bigger than Adam.

Mark and I continued to have sex at least once a day. We enjoyed rough-housing and feeling the power of our bodies. It was about this time that things began to change in that department. Through the end of August and early September, Mark had more and more problems containing my increasing size and power. First, my powerful legs grew larger than his to 45 inches. I was able to contain his strong arms and crush his body with my leg lock before Labor Day. By September first, my dick was as big as his, and by mid-September I past the 16 inch mark. It was also about this time that I realized my arms were as large as Mark’s. As we wrestled, I strained and was able to pin his arms. He fought back and eventually got free. When he measured me, my arms had indeed equalled his. So was my chest. It’s my biker’s legs, though, that I’m most proud of.

“That’s my mighty mouse!” Mark bragged and kissed me, obviously turned on by what he had created in me.

“Ya, Superman, and you’re my favorite mouseketeer,” I kissed him back.


Part 4

They say that trouble comes in threes. I guess today was no exception. It started on my way to meet Mark. I was biking one of the trails I take to get to his lab. This particular trail, through the south side of town, runs parallel to the river. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been completed and put the trail users on some back roads with cars. Normally this isn’t a problem. Today it was.

It was rush hour. It seems to me that there are some drivers who perceive cyclists as interfering with their constitutional right to get home as quickly as possible. I do my part by trying to stay out of their way, keeping to the right and allowing them to speed past me. Most of the time, it keeps me relatively safe. Sometimes, though, some drivers go out of their way to cause trouble.

Today’s problem jerk was driving a Hummer. Of course, he was talking on a cell phone while speeding. As we approached an intersection, he decided he should speed up to try and pass me in the intersection, making a right turn from the left lane into my bike. Thankfully, quick reactions and some defensive cycling enabled me to avoid his SUV. Unfortunately for him, I just wasn’t in the mood. I had a hard day at work and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I caught him at the next corner, where he was stopped in rush hour traffic.

“Hey dickwad! You almost hit me.”

He put his hand over the cell phone, “Fuck off, asshole.”

Wrong answer. I went behind the Hummer and got off my bike. The driver saw his break in traffic and tried to pull out. The Hummer didn’t move. Its wheels spun against the pavement. I saw the driver look in his rear view mirror. He saw me holding the vehicle by a trailer hitch with my right arm. My bike was in my other hand. I smiled at him. He turned around and I saw him mouth, “Mother fucker.”

I guess that’s when it dawned on me what I was actually doing, overpowering a 500 horse power engine with one arm, my back and my legs. I could see my massive quads flexing and digging into the ground, my forearm and bicep pumped and absorbed the jerks and snaps of the engine’s futile effort to move. I felt my bike shirt rip as my lats spread to keep my balance. I smiled, and began to walk back to the trail, pulling the Hummer with me. I could feel the engine’s strain against me, but it didn’t even really seem hard to me. OK, it was more difficult than pushing a shopping cart, but not much. I heard the asshole behind the wheel gun the engine a few times, trying to overpower my grip and his backward motion. It was a futile effort. I started to laugh. How strong had I become?

As we approached the trail, the driver wised up enough to stop burning his tires against the pavement. The smell of the burning rubber only tended to annoy me anyway. He also put the engine into neutral, probably trying to protect it from overheating or something. I stopped at the trail entrance. When I turned, I saw him getting out of the car. He was a big guy. Maybe I should have noticed the “Muscle Factory” advertisement on the side of the Hummer, but I didn’t.

“You mother fuckin’ asshole! What the fuck do you think you’re doing to my car?” He swung at me. Not smart.

“Just how dumb are you? You can’t drive. You try to kill me with your fucking SUV. I just dragged it 3 blocks backwards with one arm and you try and hit me?” My anger was being overcome by awe at how stupid this guy was. I looked at him. He was nothing compared to me.

The guy wore a tank top. His arms and shoulders were big. A few months ago, I might have even called them huge, but since working out with Mark and the Team, my standards had changed. The guy looked like a bodybuilder or power lifter. His arms were probably over 20 inches, solid muscle. His top tented over thick pecs, and his lats formed wings pushing his arms from his side. His waist was narrow. He wore spandex shorts that showed off thick quads and diamond calves. His dick looked small. Big surprise there.

He swung at me again. This time, I grabbed his fist and swung him around so his arm was behind his back. I dropped my bike and flexed my left bicep in his face. “Dude. Ain’t you figured out that you don’t got the power here. This does.” Using the arm I had around his back, I lifted him up, tossing him about 15 feet. He landed on his ass, mostly unhurt. I walked over to his Hummer. I saw the guy’s cell phone on his seat. I took it, and put it in my elastic band of my shorts.

As he got up, he saw me lifting the 3 ton car over my head. Seeing that, he stopped. I walked it to the river and tossed it a few hundred feet into the center of the water. He screamed something as it sank. Maybe they’ll find it the next time they search for that mythic WWII plane that’s suppose to be down there.

I walked over to my bike. The guy came running over and threw one last punch that bounced off my hard abs. I pushed him down. I took the cell phone from my shorts and crushed it with my right hand. Dropping the debris on him, I got on my bike. I told him, “Now, share the road next time, asshole!” as I biked away.

On my way to Mark’s lab, I calmed down enough to realize what I had done. How could I be so stupid? I thought about the newspaper headline, ‘Biker sinks SUV in road rage’. What if the asshole calls the police or something? OK, maybe no cell would hold me, but do I really need that problem? And what about Mark! No one really knew about his research besides some folk at the university and the coach of the football team. How could I be so stupid? I may have just ruined both our lives!

I was upset when I entered the gym. I hoped a good workout would calm my nerves. Nobody had seen what I had done, right? Everything would be OK, or so I hoped. It was just my luck that Brett and Adam were the only two in the gym.

“Hey guys, know where Mark is?”

“He’s meeting with the coach and the freshman players,” Brett responded as Adam worked on a set of heavy squats.

I normally tried to avoid them in the gym. Adam was an ass, and I had my fill of jerks today. I should have avoided them, but today I felt the need to do some heavy lifting, like working legs. As Adam finished his set, I asked, “Mind if I work in?”

Adam looked incredulous. “Ya, let me make it lighter for you.”

I wasn’t in the mood to jerk around. “No need,” I responded, getting in position. I cranked out 12. “Add a few pounds next time, OK?” I said as I finished. The look in Adam’s eyes was not pleased.

Adam programmed the machine for Brett, who did a set of 8. He struggled with the last couple reps. The kid was really pushing himself. Adam went next, commenting that he upped the weight. He pushed out 8. I went next, doing a set of 12. “Still a bit light,” I said. Adam scowled.

Brett only managed four reps the next time. He sat down as Adam once more upped the weight. He pushed out eight reps, but the strain showed on his face. The choice was mine now. Do I take the kid down a notch, or do I let him think he’s still number 1. I guess I was still in a mood. I cranked out 12 with ease.

Walking up to Adam, I flexed my 50+ inch leg next to his. He was pumped, but my leg was obviously bigger than his. “Let me set this thing for some real weight,” I said as I added 500 pounds to the resistance. I did a set of 10, pushing out the last two as my legs burst into a relief of muscles and veins through paper thin skin. “Now that’s getting there, but it still could be heavier.” Looking Adam straight in the eye, I said, “Your turn.”

Adam had a look of steely determination on his face. He got under the bar, flexing his massive thighs as he prepared himself. He lowered himself for the first rep, his face turning bright red as he ordered his legs to lift the impossible weight. Sweat beaded on his forehead as the strain showed. He screamed as he forced the weight up a second time. He went down for a third rep and his glutes split the rear his shorts, unable to contain his massive pump. Raw determination and obvious pain were the only emotions he showed as he struggled with the third rep. He knew four would be too much as he placed the bar back. I have to admit, the kid had spunk and his thighs were pumped beyond belief. The look in his eyes revealed the anger and hatred he felt right now.

I walked over to the computer controls and upped the weight by another 500 pounds. I got under the bar and pumped out eight perfectly controlled reps. Adam’s legs may have been pumped beyond anything he experienced before, but my legs dwarfed his. The size of my quads and hamstrings pushed my legs apart, and made my huge cock bulge into a huge package in my spandex shorts. I flexed my massive thigh, showing off like Adam was prone to do—giving him a taste of his own medicine.

“Wanna give it a try,” I hissed at Adam, “or have you figured out that these biker legs overpower those twigs you got.” A Robin Williams joke came to mind: “With thighs like these, you’ve got two choices—cycling or go-go dancer.” The dumb joke didn’t lighten the mood.

“Ya, you may have stronger legs, but I still got the guns,” he said, flexing his massive bicep. It was true, I was still an inch or so smaller there, but I still 8 treatments to go. Brett and Adam went to do leg extensions, while I did a few more sets of squats. Lifting the massive amounts of weight did calm me a bit, and taking Adam down a peg felt good.

As I finished my 6th set, Mark came in with the kids. They had just been given their most recent treatment, and wanted to start working out. It was their sixth, but the results were obvious. All were bigger, and most would have no problem with the asshole in SUV. One was exceptional, though. Jonny “The Weed” Romero. He got the nickname “The Weed” because he was growing like a weed. He was already proving himself on the football field, and he was the strongest of the new kids in the gym.

Mark and the coach seemed to be having a disagreement. The coach walked away from Mark and put a chart on the wall. “Men, thought this might interest you. The doc here just showed me this. It’s some results from last year combined with the progress of you new kids.” He pointed to the chart. “As you can see, you men are right on target.” He pointed a group of lines clustered in the center of the page. There were a three lines outside the pack. One was red, one green and one purple. The coach pointed to the purple line, the one closest to the pack. “This here is Brett.” He pointed to the next line out, “This is Adam.” He pointed to the furthest line. “And this here is next year’s star player Jonny Romero.” Adam’s eyes shot pure hatred at Jonny as Jonny’s eyes widened with what the coach was saying. “Yes sir, men, our man Romero is growing faster and stronger than any other member of the team. In a matter of a few months, he’ll be the strongest football player around.”

The new members ran over to “The Weed”, patting him on the back. He flexed and hit some most muscular poses that would have made any 19 year old proud. Adam didn’t go over. He didn’t look happy. Brett seemed to be talking to him, but Adam just turned and walked into the locker room.

“I told him not to do that,” said Mark to me as I walked over. “It’s just going to cause problems.”

“You mean with Adam? Ya, he didn’t look happy.”

“Adam’s been a problem since he became top dog around here. He seems to have defined himself by being number one. He’s not going to take this well, and he’s strong enough to cause lots of problems. He might even take it our on Jonny. Sure, Jonny will be stronger than he is eventually, but that’s still months away.”

“I don’t think Adam will hurt him.”

“I hope not, but you never know.” Mark shook his head. I thought about telling him about my encounter with the SUV, then thought I shouldn’t burden him right now. That will just have to work itself out on its own. “I need a drink,” Mark finally said.

“Sure. Let me shower.” Mark didn’t look happy, and all I wanted to do was hug him.

In the locker room, a similar scene was playing out between Adam and Brett. Brett had his arms around Adam. I heard him say, “Don’t worry. I love you and I’ll always love you.”

“First that old man Scott out lifted me, and now Jonny. That twerp can’t be stronger than me. He just can’t be,” Adam moaned. “Not after all I’ve been through. Not again.”

“It will be OK,” said Brett, hugging Adam.

I went into the shower, giving them their privacy. I was intrigued, but I knew that that too would play itself out. Eventually. When I got out of the shower, Adam and Brett were gone.


Part 5

That night, I held Mark in my arms as we cuddled and slept. Well, he slept while my mind was spinning, trying to get a handle on what was happening to me. I had always tried to keep in shape, but now I more than I ever imagined. I was huge and strong. I looked at my arms holding Mark’s body. He was the epitome of what I considered the perfect man. His face was handsome. His body was muscular, hard and symmetric. He was sexy and virile. Yet, when I looked at my arm holding his, mine was the bigger. I knew that I was stronger than he was. Hell, I was even becoming stronger than Adam. When I asked Mark where I was on his charts, he told me, ‘on an entirely different page.’ The coach had upset him, I decided not to pursue it, but the message was clear. While Jonny would be the star of the football, I was the star mouse in Mark’s maze.

My mind spun, coming to terms with the power in my body, the size of my physique and my life with Mark. I vacillated from being turned on by my power, to fearing what I was capable of. I felt my cock grow hard as I realized the truth of my power, my size, my strength and I accepted it. I realized that my love for Mark was really all that mattered. Finally, I began to sleep.

There was nothing in the morning paper about the incident with the SUV. Through the grapevine, I heard that the owner of the Muscle Factory had driven his Hummer into the river and been taken to the psychiatric hospital. Apparently he was taking some wild drugs that caused him to become delusional. He kept babbling about a superman who had attacked him and threw the SUV into the river. The authorities didn’t believe him. Who would? When no witnesses came forward and the drug tests came back showing illegal substances in his system, they put two-and-two together and thought they got four. I knew better. I almost felt sorry for the guy.

The month passed. Through October, I continued to train with the team. I was growing huge. My arms shot past 30 inches cold. Flexed, my chests and lats were over 8 feet in circumference. My legs were amazingly big and strong. Every day, I felt myself growing bigger and stronger. I loved the feeling. I was surprised Adam didn’t take me on, but things had changed for him.

After that day in September, Adam wasn’t the same and the change was reflected in the dynamics of the football team. After the coach’s announcement, Adam was less confident and less cocky. He stopped challenging the other team mates. In short, he stopped being an asshole. He and Brett still kept to themselves, but Adam stopped playing the alpha male role. At times, he even seemed friendly. On the field, he was more aggressive than normal, like he had something to prove.

Within days, ‘The Weed’s’ behavior also started to change. From day one, there had been no love loss between he and Adam, but now, ‘The Weed’ was the aggressive one. At first, I noticed small things. Jonny seemed to stare at Adam in the gym. When Adam would look over, ‘The Weed’s’ face would twist into a self-assured smirk. Sometimes, he would flex, showing how fast his body was growing and how strong it was becoming. Even I noticed that every day, ‘The Weed’ seemed a little bigger and stronger than the day before. His shirt and pants would be a little tighter. As he outgrew them, he would find Adam and flex his lats, ripping his shirt in the bigger boy’s face, letting Adam know that he was catching up fast. Once, in the locker room, I heard Jonny say, “Can’t wait to take you down,” as he brushed past Adam.

Jonny’s cowing of Adam made him even more popular with the other team members. They encouraged ‘The Weed’ at every opportunity, helping to lift heavier and work harder. Each week, they set up a series of competitions to test his strength. He was already stronger than all the freshman players, and by mid-October, he was beating some of the smaller upper classman. Jonny’s bis were growing a good inch every two weeks, and had past 23 inches. His chest was stretching the tape to 70 inches, and his legs were almost 36 inches. His face glowed when he beat an older guy in arm wrestling, or was able to out-muscle the kid in a test of grip strength. The older kids even seemed happy to be beat because it meant that Jonny was approaching Adam’s strength. Many of the older kids would even comment, “Wow, that’s bigger than Adam at this point last year!” as if ‘The Weed’s’ growth surprised even them.

Things between Adam and Jonny got worse after the last football game in October. ‘The Weed’s’ strength was really beginning to show itself on the field. During one early play, ‘The Weed’ ran for 80 yards, overpowering much of the other team’s defense to score the first touch down. Adam saw his star being eclipsed by the younger player. Sure, Adam scored nine touchdowns that game, but Jonny had shown what he could do, and it made him even more aggressive.

Jonny started working out shirtless after that, and began to confront Adam more and more. He’d pump his cold 24 inch arms to 25 and 26 inches. When Jonny’s gaze would catch Adam’s, Jonny would point at the rising peak and say, “soon.” ‘The Weed’s’ pecs were solid shields of muscle, and his wings stretched wider and wider every day. When his thighs broke 40 inches, he made sure to flex their massive muscle where Adam could see it. “Damn, imagine the size in January!”

Adam had had enough in mid-November. The Weed had grown bigger than all be a few of the upper classman, and was beginning to challenge Brett. At first, Brett didn’t want to arm wrestle ‘The Weed’. Brett had always been the challenger, not the challengee, and he wasn’t sure how Adam would react. When the other guys in the gym called him on it, Brett felt he had to accept. Brett won, but he could feel the strength that Jonny had. Jonny smiled, rubbing his 25+ inch arm and said, “Next week,” bouncing his pecs in a show of superiority.

Jonny walked into the locker room. “I can’t take it anymore!” cried Adam to Brett. “He may be getting big, but he’s not there yet!” Adam walked toward the locker room, removing his shirt and flexing his huge upper body.

Mark had been observing what was going on and came over to me. “You’d better get in there. This is what I was worried about. I don’t know what Adam might do, and you’re the only one strong enough to stop him.” Mark was right. Adam may not have noticed, but I was way bigger than he was now. I might be that old man to him, but my 36 inch bis dwarfed his.

When I got in the locker room, Adam and Jonny were standing chest to chest, muscles flexing on each of them. Adam was talking authoritatively.

“I’ve had just about enough of you.”

“What’s the matter?” Jonny wasn’t being intimidated. “You can dish it out, but you can’t take it.” He raised an eyebrow in disapproval of the bigger guy’s attitude.

“Fine. I was an asshole. Everyone here knows it. That’s no reason for you to be one now. And not to Brett. It was never him, it was always me. If you got a problem with me, fine. I deserve it. But don’t take it out on him.” Adam was furious, but this wasn’t what I expected. I stood back and let this scene play out. If trouble started, I was here to stop it.

“Ahhhh, Adam’s protecting Bretty. Isn’t that cute?” Jonny said in a high-pitched voice. He stepped back and started to swish around, mocking Adam.

“Look, jerk face. Ya, I’m protective of Brett. And I don’t care what you think. I’ve been ridiculed all my life. I was small and uncoordinated. I thought by joining the football team, maybe I could change. I got a lot bigger, but I was never anything special. I was always second string. It wasn’t until last year that I became the star. Most of these guys never gave a damn about me until I got stronger than them. Ya, I was a jerk and took it out on them. I thought I was repaying them for what they had always done to me. I was wrong, I see that now. But, Brett was always different. He was nice to me, and I’m not going to let you or anyone be a jerk toward him. Got that?”

“Got what? That I’m picking on your boyfriend,” Jonny’s face was stern and unyielding. “Ya, maybe you can stop me now,” Jonny said, walking up to Adam and pumping his chest in Adam’s, “but,” Jonny flexed his arm, “in a couple weeks, this arm and this bod will be bigger and stronger than anything you got. When that happens, ain’t nothing you’ll be able to do to me and I plan on doing a lot to you.” ‘The Weed’ put his arm down and grabbed his jock strap. “And these muscles aren’t the only thing growing bigger than what you’ve got. You and you’re boyfriend will get that too.” Jonny laughed and walked away.

Adam began to follow, but Brett caught him. “Leave him alone. He’s not worth it.”

Adam turned to the other guys who had watched the confrontation. “Guys, I’m sorry for how I treated you.” Adam shook his head and looked down. “I’m sorry.”

Brett put his arm around Adam, and the two of them left the locker room.

That night, I told Mark what had happened. He was stunned. “Ya, kinda surprised me too,” I admitted.

Jonny kept to his word. He challenged Brett the next week, and the next. Each week it was a little harder for Brett to win. ‘The Weed’ went home for Thanksgiving, knowing that when he got back, Brett was going down. Then he’d go after Adam.

Mark and I were working out in the gym on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Mark was about to give me my final treatment, and wanted to take some before and after readings on the equipment. We were surprised when Adam walked in.

“Uh, hi doc. Hi Scott,” he said. “Sorry to bother you.”

“Hey Adam,” I greeted him. “What’s up? Here for a workout?” After his confrontation with Jonny, I felt different about him. Kinda sorry for him. Mark wasn’t convinced.

“Maybe later. I came to ask the doc a question.”

“What is it Adam?” queried Mark, intrigued.

“Doc, you know what’s going on with me and ‘The Weed’. I know you don’t like me.”

“Adam, I don’t dislike you,” Mark interjected, stumbling over the word ‘dislike’.

“ah, OK, but I know you think I’m a jerk. I am, er, or I was. Brett made me see that. For the past few months, he’s the only thing that’s kept me sane. I understand things a lot better now. I was a jerk. I should never have treated people the way I did. I was power happy, and I was wrong. I’m sorry.” Adam paused, unsure of what to say. “Look Doc, that’s not why I’m here. I need your help. I want to ask you to give me more of the formula. I want you to make me stronger. I need to protect Brett and myself from ‘The Weed’. I think he plans on hurting us.’ Adam paused again, then added, “I’m scared. Please.” I thought he sounded pathetic.

Everyone was silent for a few seconds. Then Mark spoke. “Adam, this is a scientific study. The protocol is to last six months, and it was designed to be a one time thing. I’ve never considered what might happen if it was repeated. I don’t think I can help you.”

“Doc, please. Think about it. I don’t want Brett to get hurt. Please.” Adam turned and left.

Mark gave me a look that said ‘I don’t want to talk about this now.’ We kept working out. I would take to him later.


Part 6

“Flex for me.” Mark spoke in a soft voice as he unbuttoned my shirt. He slipped the sleeves off my arm, and I forced the Everest-sized peak from my upper arm. My thick forearm butted against the bicep, forming a right angle with my upper arm. I extended my forefinger and touched the top of the peak, feeling the hardness and size of my muscle.

Mark moved his head to the bicep, staring in awe at his creation. He was worshipping the power he had given to me. He pressed his tender lips to my arm and kissed it. Moving his mouth slowly, he kissed from the elbow, over the peak, toward the deep my armpit. My thick pecs and wide lats formed a huge cavern that engulfed Mark’s face. He breathed the musky man-smell and I felt his soft tongue licking my flesh. Slowly he emerged, licking along the outside of my pecs to my nipple. Tracing the dark flesh, he first kissed then bit the protrusion. Over my mass of muscles I saw his eyes. They stared into mine betraying the love we felt.

I felt his hand trace along my intercostals to my pants. The moved inward, unhooking the belt while he continued to suck on my man breast. He opened my pants and began to push them down. Freeing my organ, it sprang up finding its place between my abs, its head resting between my pecs and next to Mark’s face. I felt him smile as he freed my nipple and moved toward the soft hardness of my cock.

“Fucking horse cock,” was all he said as he engulfed me. His mouth sent waves of pleasure as he slowly took in the top few inches of its now two foot length. I felt his hands explore my massive legs and into my glutes as he began to insert a finger. Finding its target, he pressed it into my prostate sending more waves of joy into my body—the body Mark had given me. I moaned my pleasure. My thanks.

Now it was my turn, but I was not so gentle. I lifted Mark and ripped the clothes from him. I needed to feel his powerful body, and couldn’t waste time with any niceties. We could always buy new t-shirts and jeans. My lust for him would not be denied. I kissed him, forcing our tongues together as they wrestled our passion. My arms found his traps, and I squeezed the thick masses as I held him close to me, our bodies pressing together. I felt his arms move toward our cocks. I moved mine to stop them. I felt his tris flex into massive hardness as he resisted my power. As if. My powerful arms controlled the situation.

I forced his arms behind his back, and held them firmly with one massive grip. He fought, but the strength in my single arm was greater than both of his. With my free hand, I moved my cock between his monster thighs. He squeezed them against the rock hard flesh that lifted below his softball-sized nuts. My cock was almost hard enough, nearly strong enough to lift him from the ground. I rubbed it against his nuts and the sensitive skin behind them, his gutteral moans signaling his approval.

I moved his massive cock into the deep divide of my abs. I flexed the hard cobblestones, trapping his 17+ inches. I controlled my flex perfectly, masturbating his meat with my muscles. Rubbing his manhood against my firm stomach, I felt its hardness challenge my muscle, but my abs held firm. His precum lubricated my abs, providing the slippery surface which stimulated him to the point of no return. My cock told me when his nuts began to retract.

At the last moment, I freed him, moving my mouth to his head to swallow the salty-sweet eruption of his love. His body flexed into muscular hardness as I swallowed burst after burst of his cum. As he stopped, I freed his sensitive meat. I stood up, resting my head on his shoulder. “I love you,” I told him. He smiled, moved his hands to my cock, and returned the favor.

Across town, Brett and Adam lay in bed together. Adam moved closer to Brett, taking him in his powerful arms. Adam’s hug said it all. It conveyed to Brett his need for him, his love of him and his desire. Adam kissed Brett, first gently, then more urgently.

Brett felt Adam’s powerful muscles, and he felt safe in them. His hands traced the manly curves of his biceps, his shoulders, his traps and his beach ball-sized pecs. He felt a tear drip from Adam’s eye onto his cheek.

“Babe, what’s wrong,” Brett asked.

“I love you so much,” Adam said, kissing the salty liquid from Brett’s cheek. “I never want to lose you.”

“Why would you?” Brett said. “I love you too.”

“I never thought I would find anyone who could make me as happy as you do,” Adam confessed.

Brett smiled. He felt Adam’s 18 inches snaking between them, his own cock involuntarily wrestling with his lovers.

They held each other, kissing and enjoying their masculine bodies. As they got more turned on, Brett reached into the nightstand and pulled out a condom. He moved to Adam’s massive meat, and squeezed it hard, forcing Adam into super-rigid bliss. Brett unrolled the latex sleeve and put it on Adam. “Fuck me, please.”

Brett rolled over onto his knees, getting into position to accept Adam’s organ. Adam marvelled at the sight of Brett’s wide lats. Brett’s back formed a topographic map of muscle, with a deep ridge centered on his spine. The Christmas tree of his lower back reminded Adam of a river delta, the striations forming streams and tributaries of power. The sight of so much muscle made Adam harder. He felt so lucky as he spread Brett’s glutes and inserted himself into his lover. They became one, and both were happy.

On the other side of campus, Jonny and three teammates stood naked, admiring their bodies in an orgy of mansex. These encounters had begun months before, after the incident with Jonny’s car. The three had volunteered to get it down, but for a payment. Jonny proved to be an expert at giving blowjobs. Soon, they realized that the four had a common enemy in Adam.

As soon as Adam had begun to display his massive size and power, he had retaliated against his enemies. These three had been the biggest jocks on campus, but they didn’t react to Mark’s formula as strongly as Adam and Brett. Before the experiment, they had tormented Adam for being small and weak. After, they became the targets of Adam’s scorn. They were also jealous of his strength, his size, and his power. The accolades had been theirs, and they had lost it to Adam. They hated him for that. Jonny ‘The Weed’ Romero would change all that.

At first, Jonny marvelled at the size and strength of these teammates. They weren’t the biggest, that was Adam, but they were huge. Each had 25 inch arms and 70 inch chests. With massive 40 inch thighs, 24 inch calves and deep, rigid eight-packs, they were marvels of masculinity. They also had a secret.

After they had completed the treatment, they wondered what it was about Adam and Brett that made them so powerful. Did Mark know? He had. Late one night, the three broke into Mark’s office. A locked door was no obstacle to their strength. In Mark’s notes, they found the answer. Mark had collected samples of each of the team’s semen and tested it. Apparently, there was residual of the formula in semen.

The team had known that Adam and Brett were cocksuckers, it was one of the reasons they hated them. But that perversion was the secret that unlocked Adam and Brett’s power. With each injection, the muscle growth formula interacted with the cum the men exchanged. It put the growth formula into overdrive, making Adam and Brett more powerful. It was too late for the first group, but not for Jonny.

Jonny had been a cocky kid in High School. Though he was small compared to his teammates, he was the star of his team. He expected the same in college, and acted like it. Adam had recognized that in him, and acted on it. That act brought the four jocks together. After their first orgy, Jonny felt the change. It was electric, feeding power into his muscle. The results were obvious after the first orgy. Jonny became more buff. As he got more shots, his growth was accelerated. The three had begun calling him ‘The Weed’ and the name stuck.

The three older boys fed him their cum several times a week. Jonny grew quickly, passing the three in size and strength. Now, the four saw their revenge within their reach.

“Get that tape measure,” Jonny ordered as he stood before his comrades, stroking his massive cock. They obeyed.

“Biceps!” Jonny commanded. The four flexed, and Jonny walked by each, comparing his arm to theirs. He remembered how he was smaller, but grew. Now, he was so much larger than each. The last man wrapped the tape around Jonny’s arm. “27 3/4!” Jonny moved the tape to his forearm. “Shit, 21!” the guy announced. “Man, Brett’s is only 20. He’s goin’ down.”

“Measure my chest,” Jonny demanded firmly. The guy with the tape wrapped it around ‘The Weed’s’ massive torso. “88 inches!” He dropped the tape to Jonny’s waist. “31!”.

“Thigh,” Jonny said. “47” was announced.

Jonny grabbed the tape and stroked his cock. Placing the tape along the top, he read out “19 inches.” The other three men stroked their dicks. They ranged from 15 to 16 inches.

Jonny grinned and knelt before the three. He began to suck on the first while the other two felt Jonny’s massive body. In turn, each deposited their cum in his mouth, feeding ‘The Weed’s’ growth and power with their cum. After the last, Jonny flexed into a massive most muscular pose and shot his 19 inch cannon, drenching his teammates in his man juice.

“Tomorrow, Brett goes down!” he announced.


Part 7

The boys came in and sat on our couch. Brett’s shirt was in tatters and was soaked in his sweat. Blood trickled from his mouth, and he had the beginnings of a black eye. Black and blue bruises were visible on his chest and abs where he had obviously been hit. Red brush burns in the shape of powerful fingers were visible on his wrists.

Adam was shirtless, and his pumped body was covered in sweat. Other than looking harried, he seemed unharmed.

Both boys were obviously shaken up. I ran to get a wash cloth, bandages and antiseptic. When I got back, Mark was already talking to the boys.

“Brett, tell me what happened,” Mark asked as he sat down facing the boys.

“Jonny did this! I told you…” Adam began, but Mark glared at him. Adam stopped and looked at Brett. I could see the concern in his eyes.

“Ya, it was Jonny,” Brett started. “I was suppose to meet Adam in the gym for a workout. I got there a few minutes early, and went into the locker room to change. As I began to undress, Jonny came in. I know why they call him ‘The Weed’. He was wearing a baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants, but it was pretty obvious that he was bigger than the last time I saw him.”

“‘Hey, Brett-boy. Long time no see? You have a good break? I did. Feel real strong too. Wanna see?’ I knew he wanted something, and I could guess what. He grabbed the bottom of his shirt, and with deliberate moves slowly lifted it over his head, making sure to flex his abs, lats, and chest as he pulled it off. ‘Ah, man, that’s better. Damn shirts keep getting tighter and tighter. You know how it is, or WAS.’ He began to flex his arms, showing off his peaks and massive horseshoe of his tris.”

“‘Look,’ I said to him, ‘I know what you want. Let’s get this over with.’ I knelt down, putting my arm on the bench. Jonny smiled, ‘Man, am I feeling strong toDAY,’ he taunted as he got into position, taking my hand. ‘Call it!’ I gave the count. When I said go, I put all my power into the fight. I squeezed his hand, and tried to force his wrist back to give myself some more leverage. Nothing happened, except he grinned and started to whistle. Slowly, I felt the pressure of his grip increase. I fought back, but I felt his hand begin to overpower mine. It began to hurt. I struggled, but I could see the veins in his forearm pulse as his muscle flexed. I felt my wrist being forced backward. I fought harder, but his grip was just too strong. I tried to force his arm down, but he flexed harder. Adam, it was like trying to fight you. He was just too strong. I felt my arm being taken past neutral as he slowly, methodically forced it down, all the time whistling some stupid tune. Finally, I was able to fight back a bit. He stopped whistling, and I saw his face turn red. He grimaced a bit, and I felt my arm move down and touch the table.”

“‘Fuckin’ A!’ he yelled. “‘Ya! I told ya you were goin’ down. Massive power in these—nearly 28 inches and fuckin powerful as a nuclear bomb!’ He flexed his arm in my face. I guess that was fair. It’s what Adam and I did when we won. I could tell he was bigger than me. He might have even been bigger than Adam. I wasn’t sure.”

“I’m sorry, Brett,” Adam said. “I was trying to get there, but some guys said the coach wanted to see me. I headed to the field and was waiting there. The coach never came.”

“Let Brett finish, Adam,” Mark said.

“Well, what else could I do. ‘Ya, Jonny, you won. You’re stronger than me. Hope it makes you happy, now, let me get ready to work out.’ I expected him to let me go. What else did he need to prove? I wasn’t expecting what he did next.”

“‘No, man. I think you don’t understand. I won, and I want something for winning.’ He stood up, pulling his sweat pants down. He was wearing posing trunks, or a speedo or something. In any case, his message was clear. He wanted to show off. ‘Lookin’ familiar buddy? Does this body look like your boyfriend’s yet? Bigger than yours?’ He struck a most-muscular crab pose. ‘Look at the size of these muscles. Damn, feeling strong. Stronger than you. That turn you on, bud? That why you like that jerk you call a boyfriend, cause he’s got muscles like these—like mine. Got news for you bud, I already beat him in one department.’ He pulled the front of the briefs down, revealing his massive cock. ‘Fuckin’ biggest dick around. I know you got a nice one, show me.’“

“‘Sorry Jonny, but I’m not interested. I’m happy with Adam.’ I tried to walk around him, but he stepped in front of me.”

“‘Where do you think you’re goin?’“

“‘I don’t want any trouble with you.’ I tried to sound tough.”

“‘That’s nice. But this isn’t about what you want. It’s about what I want, and right now, I want to see that pretty dick of yours.’ Suddenly, Jonny grabbed me and forced my arm behind my back. With his free hand, he ripped at my pants. I struggled, but he was pretty fast and damn strong. Before I knew it, he had my dick out and he was stroking it. I got scared. I swung at Jonny. It must have surprised him, cause I got free. I started to run, but he was on me in seconds. He grabbed my shirt and started ripping at it. I swung again, hitting him in his abs, but he was ready. My god, his body was hard. There was a loud crack when I hit, but my fist bounced off. Jonny didn’t even react.”

“‘Now, that wasn’t very nice.’ I saw his fist come at me. I tried to block it, but he got in two punches to my face. I fell. He lifted me up, and started jerking me off again. I couldn’t help it. I began to get hard.”

Brett was obviously upset. I looked at Adam, and was surprised to see that he wasn’t reacting to the story. Brett continued.

“Every time I tried to get free, Jonny punched me. The guy was just too strong. He started rubbing our dicks together, jerking us off. The guy is a fucking horse. He must be like 19 or 20 inches now. And it was like steel, too, as he crushed my cock against his in that iron grip of his. I’m sorry, Adam, but he was turning me on.”

“Brett, it’s not your fault. The guy was raping you. It was nerve ending stuff, that’s all. You couldn’t help having some reaction. You didn’t want to do it, right?” Adam asked.

“No, I didn’t. But then, Jonny said something weird. Something like, ‘Ya, now give me that super charged spunk of yours. I wanna grow.’ He started giving me a blow job. I tried to push away, but his arms were just so strong. They weren’t much bigger than mine, but the power in them is amazing.” Brett started to cry, and Adam put his arm around him.

I looked at Mark. They guy has no poker face. What Brett had just said surprised him.

“That’s when I came in,” said Adam. “Brett is downplaying things. He was really out of it when I got there, almost unconscious. Jonny really did a number on him. I saw him going down on Brett, and ran over, lifting him off and throwing him against the wall. I started to help Brett, but I heard Jonny behind me.”

“‘Look who’s here. It’s our ex-star player. Just showed your boyfriend who’s got the muscle now. Like my 28s, Adam?’ He hit a double bi. ‘Care to compare?’ He started to walk over, and I heard Brett moan. I told him to get out of here, I’d deal with Jonny.”

“‘What’d you do to Brett, asshole!’“

“‘Same thing I’m gonna do to you. Show you what real muscle is. The winner takes it all, too. Just like your boyfriend, I’m gonna get everything you got and more.’“

“‘You may think you’re big, but you’re not as strong as me.’ It was a bluff. Jonny looked huge, bigger than Brett. I wasn’t sure I could take him but I was sure as hell gonna try. I pulled off my t-shirt, and flexed my arms. Jonny walked over. Damn, his peaks were almost as big as mine, but I could see that I had a little size on him. I hoped it was enough. Jonny held out his hands in a test of strength, and I saw Brett starting to crawl away. I needed to buy time, so I accepted the challenge.”

Adam’s voice began to change. There was a tinge of fear and awe now. “Jonny began to squeeze my hands, and it hurt. I know Brett’s grip is strong, but this was a level above that. The guy’s forearms looked like Popeye. I struggled but he was too much—too damn strong.”

“‘Feel that power? That’s muscle,’ he bragged.”

“I needed to react. I flexed my chest and shoulders, trying to bring my arms in and get some power to overcome his. He resisted. I haven’t met anyone who could match my strength, but he was sure trying. It took everything I had before I could even begin to move my arms. Luckily, I could see that he was struggling as much as I was. In the first test of my power against his, I had to accept a draw. Unfortunately, this only pumped Jonny up.”

“‘Uh-huh! Not the strongest anymore, are you? I’m in the same league, and I’m still growin’. Can’t wait to add your spunk to the mix!’“

There was that reference again. Mark had a visible reaction to it this time.

“Jonny walked over to a pair of briefs that were on the floor. He put them on, making sure I noticed his big cock, then he knelt by the bench. ‘Just beat Brett, now it’s your turn. No draws this time.” He flexed his arm and pointed to it, then put his index finger, mouthing ‘number one.’ I heard Brett by the door leaving. All I could think about was giving him more time to get away. I had to accept this challenge.”

“I knew what Jonny would do, and I was prepared. I had felt the power in his grip and knew he’d use it to try and gain an advantage. When he said ‘go’, I was prepared. I put everything I had into an initial push. Jonny’s arm went flying. It was more than half way down before he mustered his strength, and even then he only slowed my arm. I felt my face turn red as I struggled against him. It was hard, but I pinned his arm. He tried to get free, but Brett needed more time. I held him. I saw his face grimace, and he put his left hand on my bicep, feeling its hardness. I could see his package jerk as he began to get hard, then I felt his fingers begin to dig into my arm. I flexed it harder, forcing them out. I saw Jonny grin as his forearm burst into rippling muscles. Damn, his fingers hurt me as he crushed my bi. It was like a vice contracting into my hardened muscle. Brett hasn’t even been able to dent these peaks, but Jonny could. I quickly raised my fist, punching him in the face. He went down, dazed. I ran for the door. On my way out, I heard him laugh and say, ‘Next time, you’re goin down.’“

“That’s when we came here,” added Brett.

“Doc, I know I asked you before. Please, help us,” said Adam, hugging Brett.

“Boys, let me talk to Mark for a second,” I said, signalling Mark to go into the kitchen with me.

“Care to tell me what’s going on?” I said to him when we were alone.

“Uhm, you mean about Jonny?”

“Ya I mean Jonny,” I said sarcastically. “What’s his game? I saw how you reacted.”

“That obvious. I just didn’t know that anyone knew, but I guess someone found out. It’s in my notes, maybe they saw them.” Mark talked about the chemistry of the formula, and how it effects a man’s testosterone and growth hormone. He said it did something to the testicles, and that it modified some hormone or something.

“And that means?” I asked.

“It means it’s in semen. Scott, those shakes I gave you? Each had a bit of the boy’s semen. Adam, Brett, Jonny, all of them. A different one each time. It’s why you got so strong. I knew that if I mixed it into the shakes, it would cause you to become the strongest guy around. I wanted that for you, for us. Something similar happened with Adam and Brett. They were lovers and it effected the way the growth drug worked. Jonny must have found out and he’s been augmenting himself. It’s why he’s getting so big.”


“And now he wants Adam and Brett’s.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, the effect is cumulative. The stronger you are, the more impact your semen has with the growth hormone. There was this kinda feedback between Adam and Brett, even you and me. I guess Jonny’s figured out that if he gets some of Adam and Brett’s in his system now, he’ll become a muscle monster. It will amplify his growth, and make him the way stronger than either Brett or Adam.”

“Or me?”

“I don’t know about that. You’ve been getting it all along. You really are in a class by yourself.”

“So, do we let this happen?” I asked Mark.

“What choice do we have. Adam made his own bed, now he has to lie in it. I can probably protect Brett and him so that Jonny doesn’t rape them again, but as for giving them another does of the formula, no, I won’t do that.”

“I think that’s a mistake,” I said.

“I know,” he sighed. “But it’s my decision. Please respect it.”

I kissed him.

“I think the boys should stay here tonight. We’ll talk to Jonny tomorrow,” Mark said.

“Fine.” We went out to the living room to tell Adam Mark’s decision.


Part 8

I was parking my bike in Mark’s gym when I heard the commotion from the locker room. I ran in to see what the trouble was. I don’t know what I was expecting to find, but it certainly wasn’t the mayhem I found. Brett lay naked and unconscious on the floor, his nose bloodied. His semi-erect dick lay on one leg.

A man held Adam in the air, huge muscular arms wrapped around Adam’s hard waist. Adam was struggling against the huge man. Both were naked. Adam’s huge back was spread wide, muscle fibers rigid and hard as Adam pushed and struggled trying to free himself from the other man’s strength. Adam’s huge arms came down and battered the man’s traps, bouncing off unnoticed. The massive man was undeterred as he road Adam’s rigid cock. Adam kicked at the man, and used all his incredible might to free himself, but nothing had any effect. Only one person could hope to contain Adam’s power—Jonny.

I heard a sound behind me. It was Mark. He too was naked, with a black eye and swollen lip. I ran to him. Propping him up, his eyes opened and seemed to have trouble focusing.

“Scott?” he whispered.

“Shhhh…. It will be OK. Just lay here for a sec, and I’ll get you out of here.”

“Scott. It’s Jonny. Went crazy. Couldn’t stop him. Only you…” then he passed out again.

I looked at the wrestlers. Jonny was preoccupied with his mission—sucking Adam senseless. It was working. Suddenly, Adam thrust his head back as he screamed out the force of his orgasm. As he did, I was Jonny take out a syringe of Mark’s muscle accelerator. He emptied it into his tree-trunk thigh while he drained Adam of his load. Jonny lifted his head and tossed Adam against the wall, cracking the tiles and knocking Adam out.

“ARGHHHHH!” Jonny’s head snapped back as his body went rigid. He raised his hands to his head as every muscle in his body tensed. His muscles were growing. His biceps surged with power, pushing his arms to right angles and forcing his wrist up as the peak demanded more and more room. His tris hung down as his back forced his arms outward. His pecs jutted up to his neck and his traps rose to his ears. Jonny’s abs took on the look of steel plates. He needed to widen his stance as his thighs expanded more and more. Even his dick was growing, his balls becoming larger, forced out by his massive legs. “Fuck ya! Whoa! That was massive man! Totally electric!” Jonny’s growth slowed as he shouted his glee from the power of Adam’s spunk. He looked at me, and I felt small in comparison to the hulking figure Jonny had become. “Looks like the party isn’t over yet,” he said as he lumbered over to me.

Mark told me that I was in another league. Now I had to prove it. I launched myself at Jonny, hitting him with the power of a freight train. I punched him in the face and in the abs with every bit of power my arms could muster. My blows bounced off of him with no effect. OK, one effect—Jonny grinned.

Suddenly, Jonny grabbed me. With single movements, he ripped my clothes off, revealing my powerful body. As I tried to back away, he reached out his hand and grabbed my pec. I flexed my muscle into a hardness that could deflect bullets. Jonny continued to grin as his crab hold tore into my invulnerable muscle. I screamed.

“Let him go!” I heard Mark say. It sounded like a whimper.

“You want him doc? I want another syringe. NOW! I want to grow more, and your boyfriend here is going to help me, right old man?”

“N-o. Don’t.” I stuttered, but Mark was off. He handed Jonny the syringe. Suddenly, I felt Jonny lift me up, his hands around my waist as they had been around Adam’s. I imagined the sight of my muscular body as helpless as Adam’s. I tried to fight, but Jonny was too strong. I felt his vacuum tugging on my organ, the softness of his mouth and tongue massaging my manhood and demanding my seed. It felt like he was sucking my balls right out of my body. My cock was huge, but Jonny commanded it. There was nothing I could do. I felt my orgasm growing, and I shot volley after volley down his eager throat.

I felt his grip loosen as he injected himself with the syringe. I pushed myself away and found myself flying toward Mark. We were both knocked to the floor as we heard in an ever deeping voice, “OH YA! Super-jizz. Fuckin awesome! Wow, what a ride. Ya, do, stronger!” Jonny was growing, changing into something I could barely imagine.

“NO! No! Too strong!” Mark thrashed around.

“Hey, wake up! Mark, it’s only a dream. A nightmare! Wake up.” I slapped him gently. He shook his head.

“Oh man. Did that…” he seemed to be coming to his senses, looking around the dark room and getting his bearings.

I held him for a second, then said, “Should I put on the light?”

“No. Uhm, sorry. Nightmare. Scared the shit out of me.”

“Wanna talk about it?”

He paused. “No.” He didn’t sound quite so sure, but with more conviction, he repeated, “no. Tomorrow. Let’s get some sleep.” I pulled him close to me, letting him know that I was there and I wouldn’t let anything harm him.

I could tell that Mark slept restlessly the rest of the night. I felt him toss and turn, then at the first sign of sun up, I felt him leave the bed. I decided to be a slug for another hour or two, dragging my ass up at 7. Mark had left the apartment with a note saying he’d be back soon.

I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked to the bathroom. When I came out, Adam was standing in the hall, naked. I had seen him au natural before, but this time I began to notice what a specimen he really was. Relaxed, his pecs hung over a ripped eight-pack, his delts making seductive curves into massive arms. His cock was slightly turgid, ready to urinate from his night’s sleep. His legs were massive. I felt my cock getting hard as I appreciated the look of this sleepy giant.

“It might be a bit toxic in there,” I warned him.

“No prob. You never lived with Brett. I’ve seen him peel plaster off the wall,” Adam dragged himself past me and closed the door.

I went to the kitchen to make some coffee. A few minutes later, Adam joined me, a towel around his waist.

“Want some coffee or something to eat, or should we wait for Brett to get up?”

“Man, he’ll sleep til noon if he could. Coffee would be great! Thanks. What do you have for breakfast?”

“Lately, I’ve been eating a lot. We got eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, protein shakes, probably most anything you want.”

“I don’t want to be any more trouble than I have been. You and Mark have been great, mostly. If you’re making something, and it wouldn’t be too much trouble, well..”

“Sure.” I knew that Adam was still upset that Mark wouldn’t help him. I mixed up a couple of protein shakes. “Why don’t we start with these, then I’ll make us some eggs, home fries and hotcakes.”

“Thanks.” He drank the shake. I sat down next to him.

“Adam, I want you to know, I’m on your side. I think Mark should help you, but it has to be his decision. He’s the scientist, and he knows more about this muscle serum than anyone. Fuck, he invented it.”

“I guess I understand,” said Adam. “It’s just that, well,…”

“Hey, it’s ok man. If you don’t want to talk, that’s OK. But I’m here to listen if you want.” I felt so fatherly.

Adam was silent. I finished my shake, then went to the fridge to get our eggs, some milk and butter. I felt Adam’s eyes on me as I got flour and potatoes from the pantry. I knelt to get some bowls, and my towel began to slip. “Oops, sorry. Normally I don’t wear the towel. Lazy I guess.”

“Ya, I know the drill. When it’s just two guys, sometimes it’s easier just not to get dressed.”

“Especially before the coffee kicks in,” I added.

“Hey man, go for it.” Adam opened his towel, freeing his massive cock. “It’s not like we aren’t two of the studliest guys ever.” He grinned an impish grin.

I dropped the towel and proceeded to cook. Adam sat, watching me. “I do appreciate all this,” he started. “People haven’t always been nice to me, and I don’t know how to react when they are. It’s just easier to push them away.”

“Hey, you’re still a kid. When you get to be my age, you mellow a bit.”

“How long have you and the doc been together.”

“Only a few months. I never thought I would find anyone like him. He completes me, in some way that’s hard to say.”

“Ya. That’s the way I feel about Brett. The thought of anything happening to him makes me sad and angry at the same time. He’s the only one who has ever understood me. He puts up with all my bullshit, yells at me when I’m an ass then shows me how much he loves me in the silliest ways.”

I smiled. “Ya. Hope it works out for you.”

“I was scared yesterday,” Adam said, softly. “When I saw Brett laid out, and Jonny over him, it felt like my heart had been ripped out. Do you know what I mean?”

“Ya, I do. Breakfast is ready.” I plated the meal, then sat next to Adam. I told him about the incident with the kids and how Mark had saved me. “That’s when he started me in the experiment.”

“Ya, and you’re one of the biggest,” said Adam. “I have to admit to being jealous at first, but I got over it. You’ve always been cool, even when I haven’t.”

“It comes with being old,” I laughed.

“Ya know, I never liked my body before,” Adam had really begun to open up. “I was kinda scrawny and awkward. I loved being the biggest guy around. D’ya ever get off on yourself?” He looked at me. “You know, get off on your muscles?”

That’s kinda personal, I thought. I decided I needed to be honest with him. I wanted him to open up, so I needed to open up too. “Ya, I do.”

“Me too.” Adam closed his eyes, and pushed his chair back. “I love this big body.” His hands began to trace along his skin as he spoke. “I love the way these shoulders sweep and curve into my arms. I love the feel of my bis as they bounce when I move my arm. I love flexing my traps into super hardness and feeling the striations of the muscle.”

As I watched him, his dick began to get hard. So did mine.

I moved my hand to my chest as he continued, “It is so fucking great having these thick pecs. Man, I can’t even feel the bone through all this muscle. My lats, so wide and hard, can barely get my hand around them they’re so thick. And I love the way my nips point down and hang over my abs. Fuck’n sensitive too. Oh, and these rocks—my stomach is so fucking hard, like steel. I love the way my hand goes over the rocks of muscles, feeling that big chasm between the two columns and the valleys between the rows. My stomach use to be soft, like so many other guys. Now it’s hard—all the way down to this massive meat and the ridges at the top of my legs. Really bones me up.” Adam’s hand moved to his thigh, and he flexed his massive quads. “Oh ya, feel that ridge and the strength of these legs. Know what I mean?”

God, the kid was turning me on. “Ya, I know.”

“Ahem!” We jumped at the sound of the voice in the door. It was Mark. He was smiling, giggling at us. “If you two are finished enjoying yourselves, you might want to come out and see the gifts I brought.” Mark held up a box containing four vials of the growth serum.


Part 9

Adam went to wake up Brett, and I went to shower. As Brett and Adam prepared for the day, I spoke with Mark.

“You aren’t upset, are you?” I asked him.

“About what?” He was making his breakfast, and had a big shit-eating grin on his face.

“About walking in on us?” I said meekly.

“Oh, you mean Adam being a cock-tease and you falling for it?” He snickered. “Is there something to be upset about?”

“Well, I think I would have gone ballistic if I found you horny after a muscle stud!”


“Well,” I began. Then I thought about it. I trust Mark, and know he wouldn’t do anything to intentionally hurt me. I don’t own him, and he doesn’t own me. If I were jealous, then it would be my problem, not his. He trusted me and understood what happened.

I scowled then pouted. He pulled me toward him. “That’s my mighty-mouse, lost in the maze again.” He kissed me.

Adam and Brett walked in, and Mark offered to make Brett breakfast, and added, “and keep your clothes on for now, OK.” Brett looked confused and Adam shot me a look. I shrugged and smiled.

“So, doc, did you change your mind? Will you help me?” asked Adam after breakfast was done.

“I’m still not sure, but I think maybe,” Mark began, “yes, I’ll give you another treatment. But I want to plan this out. I don’t want to jump into anything.” Mark paused. “Look. This whole experiment isn’t going as I thought. I began to develop the serum to help people with muscular diseases. When I found it increased muscle mass and density in athletes, I approached the school with my results. They were excited and got the team involved, something about increasing donations when we have a winning team. I had predicted that you would become super-athletes with exceptional size and strength. Most of you guys did. What I didn’t predict was you and Brett.”

Mark looked at them, the began to pace. “I had never considered how the serum changed anything more than muscle, but it does. It changes your whole endocrine system. In some ways, you actually begin to produce the serum. It’s your body’s way of keeping the muscle, but you can also pass it on to anyone else who’s had the treatment. I had never thought that possible. I knew that some of the team referred to Adam as a ‘faggot’, but I thought that was play. When your growth exceeded anything I had predicted, I began to run tests.”

“You mean all those blood tests and having us cum and pee in the cup?” Brett asked.

“Yes, those tests. I wasn’t surprised to find the serum in your blood, but I was surprised to find it in your semen. I was even more surprised to find that it wasn’t exactly the serum. Your bodies had changed it, and everybody changed it slightly differently. Later, I figured out that it was interacting with your own particular genetic code. I also learned that when you two exchanged semen, it boosted the effects of the growth serum and changed it even more.”

“So, you’re saying that because we were gay, we became super-super men!” Adam smiled.

“Well, because you had gay sex, yes, that’s essentially true. I thought I had locked all this stuff away in my notes, but apparently Jonny somehow found out.” Mark frowned. “He’s obviously been, er,”

“Sucking cock,” added Adam helpfully.

“Sucking cock. more than one, probably,” agreed Mark, still frowning. “There’s more. When I got to the lab today, I was still unsure about all this. I guess I had a bad feeling about Jonny, but,” Mark paused again, “he was in the gym this morning with some of the other players. He was wearing only a pair of briefs, and clearly showing off, bragging about how he had beaten Brett at arm wrestling. I walked over to him. I wanted to hear his side.”

“‘What’s up?’ I asked.”

“‘Nothing. Just showing the guys here what the coach said has come true. Look.’ He pointed at the dial on the arm curl machine. It was programmed for Adam’s workout. He grinned. ‘Watch,’ he said. There was something cocky in his voice.”

“Ya, I know that routine. I’ve only been able to squeeze out seven reps on it so far.”

“I know. Today, Jonny did 10. I watched as he broke every one of your records. After each, he flexed his muscles demonstrating that he was in fact the biggest of the big. I’m sorry, Adam.” Brett put his arm around Adam. I could tell that Adam knew he wouldn’t be able to protect either of them anymore should Jonny attack.

“There’s more. It was something unspoken, something in the way he was acting. It’s hard to describe,” Mark paced and shook his head. “I went to my office, but I heard him in the locker room. He was with five or six of the other players. They were having an orgy. Or maybe a better way to put it is they were worshipping his muscles as he was sucking them off.”

“You mean getting more growth juice,” I said.

“I think so. I’m suppose to meet the boys at 4 o’clock for their weekly injection.” Mark looked at me. “I’ll know more after that. Until then, I want you two to stay here.” Mark pointed to Brett and Adam. “Scott, can you be at my lab at 4?”


I got to the lab a few minutes before four. Jonny was there with some of the older teammates. I walked into Mark’s office.

“Jonny showing off again?” I asked.

“Still. He’s been here all day, or at least since I got back. As the guys come in to train, he gives them a very intentional display of his strength. Then he goes in to shower and there’s an orgy. Some guys haven’t gone along with it, but many have. Here, I want you to see this.”

Mark pulled up a chart on the screen. It was labeled, “Workout Adam-1” and graphed reps and weight. Every time the reps got above 10, the weight increased automatically. The graph showed that there was a steady increase that seemed to be accelerating.

“That’s a graph of Jonny’s workout today.”

“Today? But, doesn’t it show…”

“that ‘the Weed’ is growing faster than I had thought possible,” said Mark, finishing my sentence. “I’ll need to run some tests. Let’s get this over with.”

Jonny was finishing up a set of squats, doing a set of 10 with his butt going down to the the floor. One of the older teammates was looking at the readout. As Jonny finished, a look of astonishment came over the kid’s face. “Man, that’s almost a third more than Adam’s max. Weed, what type of fertilizer you on to grow that fast. Man, you just keep getting stronger and stronger.”

“And don’t forget bigger!” Jonny bragged, flexing his quads into a hardness that displayed rivers of muscle fiber and veins. It looked like his paper thin skin would rip as the muscle forced itself out and stretched it beyond its limits. As he relaxed, he shook his thigh, showing the amazing thickness of the muscle belly. Wave after wave of relaxed muscle lashed about in Jonny’s demonstration of his awesome mass.

“Jonny, if you’re done, we’d like to get started,” Mark said, walking into the locker room. The nine other new team members were already there. One by one Mark gave them shots and told them to wait in the gym. I watched the process as each bodybuilder-caliber athlete got the shot that would cause them to grow. Jonny was the last one. I walked behind him.

“Jonny, I’ve been watching your growth. You’re way ahead of the curve, and I’d like to get some more data on you if that’s OK.”

“I guess so doc. Anything for science,” said Jonny, though his face betrayed a bit of skepticism.

“Before I give you the shot, I’d like to get some baseline measurements. Do you know them by any chance?”

“Sure do.” Jonny smiled. “Checked myself out yesterday after I beat Brett in arm wrestling.”

“Fine. Scott will measure you and if you tell me what they are, I’ll record them,” instructed Mark.

“Let’s start with your arms,” I told Jonny. “Hold your arm out straight out and make a fist. I’ll get your forearm.”

“21 and a half,” said Jonny, not looking at the tape.

“More like 22 3/4,” I said. Jonny smiled. “Now that gun of yours.”

“28 and solid,” Jonny pronounced as his huge show muscle grew before me.

“30 1/8,” I said. Jonny’s smile got wider.

“Ok, raise your arms up and let me wrap this around your chest.” I put the tape under Jonny’s pits, around his thick defined back and massive pecs. “OK, relax first.”

“Should be about 70, unflexed,” bragged Jonny, now expecting my correction.

“More like 75. Go ahead and flex,” I said as I loosened the tape.

“Gotta be close to 90.”

“94. Waist.” I dropped the tape and pulled it in. A lot.


“Almost 31 1/4.”

“My thighs were 50 yesterday,” said Jonny as I knelt to measure his legs, “but I just worked them so they have a good pump”. Damn, the kid was making me hard. I’ve always appreciated big legs, even if mine were half again as large as his. I wrapped the tape around the thickest part of his boulder-hard leg.

“Looks like 52.” I said.

“Huh, maybe I didn’t get as much of a pump as I thought. The weight was a bit light,” then he added, “for me.”

“And last calves,” I said.

“25,” he commented, flexing his calves into wide diamonds of power.

“28.” I said.

“Growing like a fuck’n weed!” he said, hitting a most muscular as I stood up. “Ya know, you forgot one,” added Jonny, grabbing his massive package.

“I’d like to give you the injection first,” said Mark. Jonny nearly jumped into the chair and relaxed his thigh. Mark inserted the needle and emptied it’s contents. I watched as Jonny’s body started to flush, first the thigh, then his leg, then his abs and his other leg, his chest and last his arms and neck.

Jonny grinned and closed his eyes. He let out a slight moan. “Man, this is a real rush this time,” he said. For the first time since starting the trial, there was actually a perceptable change in a subject. Jonny was growing in front of us. Not much, but he was definitely getting bigger. It was like every pump of his heart made him slighly large, as if something was inflating the muscles. After about five minutes, it seemed to stop.

“Jonny, why don’t you wait with the others. I’ll prepare the supplements and give them to you in about 45 minutes,” said Mark.

“Thanks doc. Wow, that was intense. I could almost feel myself growing,” said Jonny as he walked out.

After he left, I turned to Mark. “Did you see that.”

“Yes. Very strange,” was all he would say. Mark set up a series of syringes and beakers, filling each with the protein supplement. We also planned for the next phase. At the right time, we called the team back in. Jonny was obviously bigger than just a few minutes ago. Mark gave everyone their supplements. Jonny asked for 4 refills. His muscles seem to fill out with each drink. Finally, I got the tape back out.

“Gonna measure me again doc?” asked Jonny, the shit-eating grin returning to his face.

“Yes Jonny. I’d like to understand better how these injections are effecting you,” Mark said. It wasn’t exactly a lie, but it wasn’t the whole truth either.

“Hey guys, you interested. Wanna hear how The Weed is grow’n?!”

There was a chorus of “oh yas” and “sures” from the guys.

“OK, you know the drill,” I told Jonny. Jonny held out his arm out and I measure around his forearm. “28,” I said. Jonny smiled. “Guns. 35,” Jonny’s smile got wider. “Chest relaxed. 81. Go ahead and flex,” I told him. “101. Waist.” I dropped the tape and pulled it in. A lot. “Almost 31 3/8. And the thigh is …. 56. Calves.” I read off the last number. “29.” Jonny’s face was aglow with pride.

“Jonny, can we get your weight now?” Mark asked.

“Sure Doc, but first let’s loose this.” He put his thumbs in the waste-band of his trunks. “Want to get an accurate reading right?” Jonny slowly began to push the briefs over on massive thigh, then the other, turning deliberately and flexing his abs and back. When the elastic had trouble getting over the new mass on his thigh, he made a show of the effort, flexing his arms to pressure the fabric beyond its limits. He looked surprised when it ripped, faking an ‘oh my god’ expression then flexing his quads, ripping the fabric more. “Guess I’ll need a new pair,” he said as he pushed the tatters to his calves, bending over and flexing his lats to their incredible maximum width.

As he stood up, he slid his hands up his legs to his flacid cock. Free from its confinement, it hung nearly to his knees. He lifted it, breaking the sweaty bond between it and his balls. It also gave him an opportunity to show off his massive endowment. He walked to the scale, making sure his dick flopped between his two powerful thighs. “I weighed 350 yesterday, all muscle of course,” he bragged.

“Looks like it’s 425 now,” I said, reading off the number to Mark.

I looked at the guys. Some said, “fuck!”, “whoa!” or other expletives. Many had obvious erections at the sight of the hulking he-man Jonny had grown into, almost before their eyes. “Wait til Adam sees you now!” said one kid.

“Adam? That wimp! He hasn’t shown his face all day. Even missed his workout. He knows I’m number one around here now. He and Brett are probably afraid to show their faces.” Jonny strutted over to me and Mark.

“OK, boys, shows over for you now. I’d like to get some blood samples from Jonny,” said Mark in an authoritative voice. The boys got up to go.

“Wait for me in the gym, guys. Let’s see what these muscles can do now!” Jonny told them. A few looked back smiling.

“OK doc, what now?” Jonny asked after he left.

“First, let me get a blood sample. I’d like to see how much of the formula your system is retaining.” Mark pulled out an empty syringe with a test tube on one end.

“Think you’ll be able to find a vein,” ask Jonny, twisting and flexing his arm, watching the thick blue vein bounce on his bicep.

“I think so,” said Mark, wrapping a rubber cord around his arm and sticking him a little harder than necessary. The tube filled with Jonny’s life liquid. When he was finished, he pulled out the needle and placed a cotton ball on the wound. “Think you can give me a urine sample?” Mark said, placing a bandage of the cotton.

“Sure. Gotta take a whiz anyway.” Jonny grabbed one of the sterile beakers and started to piss. He handed the liquid to Mark, who poured into a flask and corked it.

“Now we’d like a semen sample from you. You’ve done this before. If you want some privacy, you can use my office. There are some magazines in their if you want to use them,” Mark said, sounding very professional.

“I don’t think so, doc,” said Jonny.

“Excuse me?” Mark was a bit less professional sounding.

“Look doc. You know that my spunk is supercharged, and you know I know. I’m not stupid. Come on! I just grew 75 pounds in one day. No one in your experiment has done that before right? And you know why I grew? Cause I’ve been collecting some samples myself and look at the result.” Jonny put his arms behind his head and flexed his arms, chest, back then legs into a most muscular pose. “Can’t let my spunk get around. Who knows who might get it? They might even use it to get bigger than this.” He relaxed and added, “ I’m the biggest, baddest man around and I like it.”

“Not quite,” I said.


“I’m still bigger than you. Way bigger.” I said. I took off my glasses, and pulled my shirt over my head. “You’re looking at over 800 pounds of muscle. That’s twice as big as you.” I flexed my massive arm and put it in his face. “See.”

Jonny stared, then started to walk away. I stepped in front of him.

“Move,” he ordered. I stood firm. He placed his hands on my chest and started to push. I flexed my pecs and stood my ground. I felt his hand begin to try and dig into my chest. Looking down, I saw his forearm flex as he tried to close his fingers into my massive pec. I flexed a bit harder, watching his fingers turn red, unable to conquer the iron hardness of my muscle.

I had had enough. I looked him in they eyes and wrapped my hand around his wrist. I squeezed. As I slowly increased the pressure, I saw pain enter his eyes. At the point before his bone would break, I slowly pushed his hand from my chest. He clenched his other hand into a fist and, like a lightning bold, swung it into my abs. I heard the crack and Jonny winced in pain as his most powerful punch met my immovable might. Smiling at him, I began to twist his arm with my one hand. Sure, he fought me, but with my muscle, his resistant felt like a baby’s resistance against an adult. As I twisted him around, moving his unwilling arm behind his back, I noticed something else. The Weed was growing, but it wasn’t his muscle this time. His flacid cock wasn’t quite so flacid anymore.

I placed my free hand on his chest. He flexed it when he felt me start to squeeze. “Harder,” I whispered in his ear as I increased my grip. I felt the cords of his hard muscle as my fingers dug into them. “That all you got,” I taunted. I felt him flex more, pushing my fingers out a bit. I would have none of that as I increased my grip and dug them in more. The Weed was now almost fully erect, his massive cock brushing against the hand that was torturing his pec. “Mark, looks like we can measure the boy’s other growth now.”

I released my grip and slowly moved my hand down Jonny’s cock, brushing his nipple as I passed it. Mark came over, and as he started to measure, I squeezed the base of the rigid dick, causing it to grow more. “Just help’n out, boy,” I whispered to him. His struggles had almost stopped and I moved my free fingers to brush against his balls.

“21” Mark told us.

I let go of his cock, and moved my hands to my pants. I undid them, forcing them down over my massive legs and freeing my organ. Using the force of my single arm, I forced him to face me. “Looks like I’m bigger than you there too.” I put my hand around our two organs and stroked them together. “I got a deal for you. You think you’re spunk is hot? Mine is radioactive. You think that little growth spurt was something, think what will happen if I let you suck me off. Think of that fertilizer, Weed. You’d be the fuck’n Hulk. I’ll even let you do it, if you can get me off before I get you off. If I get you off first, we get a sample of your spunk. Otherwise, you get to be the biggest and the baddest. The choice is yours,” I said, giving his cock a brief squeeze at the end.

Jonny looked at me. I saw lust in his eyes. He wanted to be big, sure, but he was getting off on being dominated. I could use that.

“Deal,” he said. Immediately I forced him to the ground. I pried his legs apart and attacked his balls with my mouth. Sucking one, then the other. He struggled, but he was no match for me.

“Hey man, give me a chance at you. Please!” he cried. I turned so he could jerk me off while I sucked those huge nuts of his. He squeezed, and I forced my cock to be harder. I heard him moan as he stroked inch after inch of my steel-hard dick, finally rubbing his hands over the firm softness of its sensitive head. I felt his balls begin to retract. I raised an arm and flexed it, making sure he saw the incredible peak. I made the mass rise, forcing a pump, and rubbed my fingers against the massive mound. Jonny’s balls were tight now, so I licked the sensitive spot under his cock with my tongue. I felt his back begin to arch as he muttered, “uh, no, uh.”

Mark had a beaker ready. The kid erupted into it, filling it three quarters full with his pure muscle jizz. As the eruption subsided, I stopped and let him get up.

“Please, you gotta let me suck you! Please! Man, that was so hot. Please, let me suck you off!” Jonny’s begging was cute, but this wasn’t part of our deal.

I threw him an extra large pair of shorts and said, “Better luck next time. I think you have some fans to impress out in the gym, Weed.”

Jonny walked out. When he got to the door, he shook his head and pulled his shoulder’s back, putting on a show of unabashed confidence.

“Think I should stick around? He might try something,” I warned Mark.

“No. I’ll be fine. I need to analyze this. Here,” Mark poured most of Jonny’s creme into a clean beaker. “Take this with you. I’ll see you back home in a couple of hours.”

I left to see what Adam and Brett were up to back at our apartment. As I walked through the gym, The Weed was holding court, lifting an amazing amount of weight and turning on every guy around him.


Part 10

It took me a while, but I was able to piece together what happened after I left the gym. Mark was in the lab, running his analysis on Jonny’s specimens. Jonny was in the gym showing off, but excused himself once I was gone.

“Gotta make a call,” he said. Getting his cell phone from his bag, he phoned one of the older teammates. “Dude, we gotta do a party tonight. A big one. Call all the guys together, OK?” The player on the other end of the phone didn’t understand the rush. “Look, the doc is on to us.”

“Ya, I know that Adam isn’t a problem for me, but that old guy Scott is. Man, he’s like 10 Adams. I think they’re up to something.” The player on the other end of the phone mustn’t have wanted to cooperate. “Look, you guys promised that I’d be the biggest. That was the plan, right? We still want that, right? It’s how things fit together to get what we all want! Well, we have to speed things up. I need to be juiced so that I can grow. Man, you gotta help me!” Finally, the guy must have understood. “Cool. Look, if some of the guys don’t want to come, convince them!”

“Great, see you in an hour or so.” Jonny returned to the other players. According to the logs on the machine, he proceeded to bench two times Adam’s max for several sets. “Hey men, I know where there’s this massive party tonight. They wanna see how The Weed has grown! You’re all invited.”

I was never able to find out exactly what went on. Most of the team cooperated with Jonny. They were so impressed with his size and strength, and when the big guy offered to blow them, they were more than willing to accept. The few who refused were coaxed into it, either through peer pressure, at the sight of Jonny bulking up as he sucked the other guys off, or by force. In the end, the only men on the team Jonny didn’t get were Adam and Brett, but he had his sights set on them.

Mark stayed at the office late. I waited with Adam and Brett. Adam was upset that he missed his workout. He was even more upset when I told him about Jonny’s growth.

“What’ll happen now if he comes for us! I can’t protect us!” Adam dropped his head on Brett’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry big guy,” Brett reassured him.

“Ya, Mark will work something out,” I added. “Besides, I’m here and I don’t think he wants to mess with me again.”

To relieve the tension, I suggested that Brett and Adam take me on in mock wresting matches and other tests of strength. Things like Adam and Brett trying to take my arms down or beat me in tug of war (both of them against my one arm). It was never a fair fight, but I didn’t abuse them too much. I tried to remind myself that I was twice their age, but the sight of the two muscle jocks straining to best my arm, sweating and getting pumped trying to out power me, well, it was a turn on. We’d flex and stretch after each test. Brett was the first to ask to feel my muscles.

“Damn man, you’re made of steel!” he would say, as he squeezed my gun with all his might, or try and crush my pec with his iron grip. I’d just smile.

At 11:45, I began to worry, so I called Mark’s lab. I got the answering machine, so I left a message. I was going to give him til 12:30, then I’d go down there. He showed up a little after midnight.

“Sorry I’m late, but I needed to run the models,” he said. “Damn computers are never fast enough some times. Also, I had a lot of test tubes to clean. I wanted to destroy the physical samples I had taken from everyone, just in case.”

“So?” I asked.

“It’s amazing. Jonny’s system has attuned itself to the growth formula. I tested it against all the other players, and his growth potential is astonishing.” Mark’s voice conveyed his excitement.

“Anything I should worry about,” I asked. “Ya know, the kid isn’t going to forget what happened today.”

“No, no. Well, he might be able to equal you, well,” Mark was flustered. “I’m getting ahead of myself. If Jonny was exposed to the various mutations of the serum that exist on the team, he’d probably equal you in size and strength. If you throw Adam and Brett into the mix, he’d be invincible.”

“Nothing to worry about, huh?” I said.

“Let me finish. If Adam and Brett were exposed to the Jonny’s mutation and another dose of the serum, they too would equal you.”

Adam grinned, and started to say something, but Mark continued.

“But, Scott, you’re the key. When your mutated serum is added to the mix, well, all hell breaks lose. As near as I can figure, the growth would never stop. Anytime someone exposed to that, once activated by the serum, well, they’d be able to grow and get stronger at will, or something like that.”

“I don’t get it doc?” said Brett.

“To put it more simply, anytime you needed more strength, your body would produce it. For anything,” said Mark. “You’d be supermen. If we forward and do this,” he stopped and looked at me. “Look, this is a big step guys, but it’s up to you.”

Just then the phone rang. Adam, Brett and I talked about it. Were we ready for this? We decided to sleep on it.

Mark came into the room. “That was campus police. Someone broke into my lab and destroyed it. The safe where I keep all the samples and serum had been broken open. Actually, they said the door had been ripped off. They also said empty syringes were found and there were a dozen or so beakers on the floor. They told me it looked like a heard of elephants had stampeded through.”

We all looked at each other, and said the first name that came to mind, “Jonny.”

Jonny must have been waiting until Mark left. After the orgy, he had mutated serum from every man who had ever been exposed, except Adam, Brett. Mark and myself. He needed the raw serum to activate it. The locked lab door would be nothing for his incredible grip and 35 inch gun. He would barely have to strain to twist and rip the steel of the safe in order to open it. When he saw that Mark had destroyed all the samples he had taken from Brett, Adam and myself, I suspect he went a little berserk. Finding four vials of serum, however, probably calmed him down.

Jonny was an exhibitionist. I imagine that he stripped off his clothes before he gave himself the shots. If he was smart, he probably prepared some of the protein drinks. He’d need them to quench his hunger and solidify his growth. Since he was in a hurry, he probably gave himself all four shots at once. In my minds eye, I can see his body become flushed. Like earlier that day, each beat of his heart would cause his muscles to grow. This time, though, at a much faster rate. His chest would inflate, massive pecs pushing into his chin. His traps would pulse and grow, giving new meaning to the term ‘no neck’. His lats would press his arms from his sides, but his arms would fight back with their own massive growth. He would feel himself rise from the chair as the muscle bellies of his glutes swelled. His quads and hams would push his legs apart, and his calves would burst in massive diamonds. I can hear him mumbling to himself, “Oh ya, grow. Feelin so fuck’n strong and huge. Ya, super rush, ya.” The hunger would come upon him like a tidal wave, and he’d need the protein drinks. After 45 minutes, he’d flex and admire his new body. He might even weigh himself, to see how much muscle he’d put on. When he’d hear the police, he’d leave. The question is, where would he go and what would he do?

At 1:45 AM, Mark and I were awoken by a commotion coming from the living room. I was the first out of our room. Adam and Brett also came running from their room. The door to our apartment had been blown into the room, like an explosion had occurred that knocked it from its frame. In the doorway stood a massively muscled man, arms akimbo. The mass of his muscle blocked all light except the outline of his incredible frame. No light shown between his back and arms, and only a brief flicker was visible between his knees and enormous calves. The man in the door had a body to rival mine.

“Hello men,” Jonny said. “Hope I didn’t wake you!” He laughed. “Actually, I don’t give a fuck. I wanted to show you the new me! Especially you, Adam. I’ve been looking for you. Thanks for leaving that message on the answering machine, old man. Let me know exactly where to find him.”

“Jonny, we don’t want any trouble here,” I said, flicking on a light.

Jonny looked me dead in the eye. “And find you,” he added.

Jonny didn’t move. It took a second for our eyes to adjust to the light, but what we saw was amazing. Jonny had grown again, that’s for sure. He wore only the shorts I had thrown on him, and he wore them like a second skin. His quads were so massive they had shredded the legs and caused them to bunch around his enormous package. His glutes pulled that fabric tight. He was shirtless, and his abs revealed a body with close to no body fat. His pecs were round and full, and I knew he couldn’t even see over them to see his feet. His legs looked to be as thick as mine, and his calves were cut power. In addition to his massive size, he was extremely vascular. His skin seemed transparent, revealing the slightest twitch of any muscle fiber and the pump of his heart.

Jonny face revealed a sinister grin as we took in what he had become. “Like what you see? You may not want trouble here, but trouble is what you got cause I’M HERE.” His abs rippled and flexed as he again laughed. “I am a sight, aren’t I! But,” he added, “I could be so much more with your help. Why don’t you all put some clothes on and come with me to the gym where I can really show you what this body can do now.” The sinister grin never left his face. It even seemed to grow more wider and more wicked as he stood there.

I started to walk toward him.

“I wouldn’t, old man,” he warned. “Unless you want to do our little challenge again right here and now. What did you say, you were over 800 pounds of muscle?”

“That’s right,” I said firmly.

“Well, you’re looking at 900 plus pounds of muscle here.” To demonstrate his point, he raised his right arm parallel to the floor. Slowly, methodically, he began to flex it. A massive bicep contracted, forming a round hill then a mountainous peak. Jonny’s massive forearm hit that mountain, and the top of the peak extended above Jonny’s fist. He contracted harder, forming rope thick cords within the massive peak and on his forearm. “You like to scratch your bi with your finger to show how big it is, don’t you old man? I wish I could do that, but this peak is just too high. I need to use my other hand to feel its size and hardness,” Jonny said as he rubbed the soccer ball sized muscle with his left hand.

“Old man, I do want to do our challenge again. We can do it here and now, or we can do it in the gym. Your choice. Same rules. You think you’re radioactive. I got news for you, I’m hotter than the sun now and I can’t wait to take the spunk from that big dick of yours.”

Adam and I started to move toward Jonny. “Scott! Adam! Stop!” Mark yelled. “OK Jonny, we’ll go with you. Just give us a second to put on some clothes.”

“You have 30 seconds. Just grab a pair of shorts. I don’t want any tricks and you don’t want me to come in there and force you,” Jonny said.

Mark and I walked into our room.

“Looks like you were right,” I whispered.

Mark smiled. “All according to plan.”

Brett and Adam were already waiting when we came out. Jonny was still in the door, his right hand rubbing over his massive pecs like he was feeling and enjoying the power in their thick mass.

“Let’s go,” Jonny commanded. “Remember, I’m stronger and faster than any of you. You don’t want the trouble I can cause.” There was an exagerated confidence behind the way Jonny said ‘I’.

I grabbed the door. As I jammed it into broken frame, I looked back into the apartment. The empty beaker and glasses were still on the table, unnoticed by Jonny.


Part 11

As Jonny marched, more like ran, us to the lab, I thought about the past couple of hours. They had gone so fast. After the phone call, it was Mark who spoke first.

“We have no choice. Jonny will come for us. It’s his MO. He wants power, and you three are the the prime targets.”

I exchanged glances with Adam, then Brett. We agreed.

Mark told me to get the beaker of The Weed’s seed. He got four glasses, and poured equal amounts from the beaker into each glass.

When we came out, Adam and Brett were naked, kissing. Their hands stroked each other bodies lovingly, caressing the other hard muscle. They were both becoming erect.

“Mind if I join in?” asked Mark, as he took off his clothes. I looked at him inquisitively, and he grinned his white tooth grin. “What are you waiting for, stud?” he asked me as he began to suck on Brett’s left pec.

I walked over to Adam and before I could do anything, he grabbed the waist of my pants and ripped them off. Grabbing my dick, he began stroking it as I pinched his right nipple. I felt the lust building within me.

Within minutes, Adam turned his attention to me as Brett took on Mark. Adam was used to being the dominant one, but not when I was around. Like Jonny, the boy liked it when a man took charge, and I was the man to do it. As his lust for me increased and he struggled to control my power, he began to lose control. “Take him,” Mark ordered as I slammed inches of his cock down my throat and sucked hard. Seconds later, he delivered his load to me.

Seeing his lover lose control, and Mark’s expert love making, this all began to push Brett over the edge. Mark pulled my mouth from Adam’s cock and placed it on Brett’s. As Brett delivered his load to me, Adam shot a volley into Mark. After Adam finished, Mark returned to Brett. As I removed my mouth from his cock, Mark said, “drink a glass, now.”

I always listened to Mark. I was light headed after the encounter I had just had, but nothing could have prepared me for that glass of Jonny’s seed. As I drank it, I felt flushed. I felt strong and powerful, like I wanted to grow into something huge and hulking. My massive bulk wasn’t enough, and I wanted more. All I wanted was muscle.

I looked at my lover making out with the two studs. As I returned, Mark came over and downed a glass for himself. His eyes glazed over, then he turned to Adam and Brett and ordered, “SUCK US!”

They didn’t have to be told twice. Brett was the first to me, and Adam tried to push him away. Brett would have none of it as he devoured inch after inch of my cock. My head reeled from the pleasure of my dick and the intensity of the mutated serum penetrating every fiber of my body. I felt like I was floating in a void and every inch of my skin was on fire. I shot a huge load into Brett.

Mark was having a similar response to Adam, who was flexing and showing off his hot bod for my lover. Mark felt Adam’s flexed bis, rubbing his hand from the 28 inch peak over the cannonball shoulder to the massive shield of his chest. I knew Mark, and within seconds, he shot his load into Adam. As he did, they switched, the other taking the rest of our loads that their partner had left for them. When we finished, Mark told them to take the other two glasses. Like us, they were intoxicated with the effects of the mutated serum we had just ingested.

Mark excused himself and went into our bedroom. He returned with the four vials of the serum he had stashed there. He administered one injection to each of us. As he removed the syringe, the person collapsed to the floor.

It was a wild ride. The flush I had felt after drinking Jonny’s super seed paled to what I felt now. I felt like electric eels were crawling over my skin, feeding pure power into my muscles. I felt like I was changing, becoming more than I could ever hope to be. My mind could only concentrate on muscle—size, power, strength, the rush of contracting and flexing massive bellies of hard, strong flesh. Time stood still, and I was changed.

After we came to, it was 1:30. We went to bed, pretending nothing had changed, knowing everything had.

Jonny led us to the gym. He stood outside, making sure he was the last one in.

The door had been crashed in, but the equipment was untouched. I looked toward Mark’s lab, and that door too had been crushed in. I could see a chaos of overturned furniture, broken glass and random pieces of paper.

Jonny stood in the door to the gym, blocking any possible means of escape. “OK, you boys have been good so far. Now, doc, where are you hiding the rest of the serum? I found some, as you can see,” Jonny smirked and bounced his mammoth pecs, muscle rippling over massive muscle, “but I want more.”

“Jonny, I’m not sure that’s wise,” said Mark.

“I’LL TELL YOU WHAT’S WISE!” Jonny bellowed. “DOING WHAT I SAY IS WISE!” He took a deep breath, then added, “And not pissing me off is wise. You know this bod is way more powerful than any of yours. Just look at me! I’m the biggest, baddest thing around. It’s what I wanted, and it’s what I got.”

“We know no such thing,” I said, taking a step forward.

“Man, I so much want to take you down,” Jonny said, contracting his arms and torso as he walked toward my position.

“Wait,” cried Mark. “If you hurt any of them, I won’t help you.”

Jonny stopped. “No doc, you got that backward. You help me or I WILL hurt them.”

“You still haven’t proven you can, Petunia,” I said.

“What’ya call me?” he said, getting angry.

“Well, I know you’re such a delicate flower,” I said, provoking The Weed.

“I’ll show you.” Jonny looked around, and focused on the bicep curl machine. “What’s your max out routine, man.”

“Scott1, daisy.” I smirked right back at him.

Jonny walked to the machine and brought up my program. He looked at the numbers. “Pretty impressive. How many you do?”

“Eight, strict.”

Jonny got on the machine. He turned to me and flexed his massive right bicep, and pointed to it with his left index finger, nodding his head as he smiled. He turned back into position and placed his hands on the handles. He pumped out rep after rep as fast as he could, counting aloud. “One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Eighteen. Nineteen. Twenty.” He stopped, turned and flexed again. “Kinda light for THESE,” he said.

He got up and walked over to the bench, configuring it for my workout. “How many, old man?”

“Seven or eight, strict.”

He bounced his pecs, then flexed them into a crab. Getting into position, he once lifted the bar. As fast as he could, which was pretty damned fast, he did reps, counting aloud. “One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Eightteen.” He stopped there.

“Getting tired, sweetpea?” I taunted.

“Fuck you, wimp.” He walked over to the lat machine, setting it up. He stretched his back wide and looked at me.

I yawned. “Nine.”

He scowled, and pumped out twenty four, once again counting aloud.

Next, he walked to the squat machine. As he set it up, I said, “Ya know, this is getting tiring.”

“Man, heard that you think your legs are so big, being Mr. Super biker and all. You’re the one who wants me to show you what Weed Power is, so enjoy the show.” He flexed his legs, showing the deep ridges in the quads and the thickness of his hams.

“Fine. I just did 10 on the squat. Oh, butt to the floor. No cheating.”

“Fuck off.” Once again, he pumped out rep after rep, nearly jumping off the floor as he powered the massive weight up and down like a piston. Counting aloud, he got to 19 before he stopped.

Jonny reset the machine and walked over to me, putting his face inches from mine. “That’s Weed Power!” he bragged. He flexed his thigh, rubbing it against my own. “Feel that redwood-thick muscle. Go ahead, feel how hard it is.”

I obeyed. It was like a rock. His slight hair was soft, and the skin was invisible to my touch. All I could feel was string-thick cords of muscle and deep ridges where the muscles joined. “Hard, but still doesn’t prove anything.”

Jonny grabbed me, but I didn’t react. “I should…” he started, then regained his composure.

I snickered. “You want Mark to give you more serum, well here’s the deal.”

“Man, you really aren’t in any position to deal,” Jonny interrupted.

“I think we are. You want the serum, and I suspect you want something else from us too. Well, we’ll give it to you, anyway you want. You want it voluntarily, fine. You want us to resist, fine. Either way, we’ll cooperate. All you have to do is beat any one of us,” I challenged him. “Same rules as last time. If any of us win, that person gets some of that sweet weed juice you’re so proud of. But if you beat just one of us, you get all of ours.”

“Man, you are so fuck’n stupid. I already beat little Bretty here, and Adam couldn’t take me down last time he tried. And look at me now, three times as big as they are. Bigger than you. This will be a cakewalk.” Jonny grinned from ear to ear. “Name your game.”

“Fine,” I said. “I’ll go first. Let’s rastle.” I grinned.

“Anytime, old man. Now you get to experience Weed Power first hand!”

We began to circle each other, arms by our sides, ready to pounce. I was the first to make a move, grabbing Jonny by the waist, lifting him from the ground and throwing him on his back. I dove on him, pinning his arms to the ground above his head.

Jonny laughed. I felt his body tense. It became steely hard as his muscles contracting powering up his body. My body tensed as I tried to absorb his power and hold his hands to the ground, but he was fighting me. Slowly, his hands began to rise as I was unable to contain Jonny’s Weed Power.

Then I felt it, a sudden strength like I could take on anything. I saw the muscle fibers in my arms change from threads to strings then to cord and finally to ropes.

Jonny must have felt something two, as he quickly stood up and threw me off of him. Like lightning, he grabbed my arm and twisted it around my back. I strained, but his muscle and superior position had me pinned. At least, he had me pinned for the moment.

I fought, and again I felt a surge of power. My arms felt stronger and stronger, and very slowly, I began to move my arm. Jonny grabbed it with both hands, stopping the movement momentarily, but my strength was increasing. My hand began to move, slowly at first, then faster, overpowering Jonny’s two arms as I forced my arm out. Jonny’s thick arms flexed and strained, unable to stop my arm as I raised it to his neck. Grabbing the thick bull neck, I lifted Jonny up as he tried to break my grip. Again, I threw him to the ground, pinning his arms. This time, he was unable to move them.

“Looks like Weed Power loses to Biker Power once more, Petunia. Give?”

Jonny’s arms flexed and contracted, trying to break my mighty grip. I felt his whole body tense, so I squeezed my now stronger legs into his torso. Jonny was finding it difficult to exhale. I heard a bone pop. “Give!” he finally cried.

His massive cock had broken through the shorts that were unable to contain his erection. I held him down, and placed my mouth over the large head. Jonny squirmed. I pulled back, “Remember our deal,” I said before I placed my mouth on his cock again. I sucked, but Jonny continued to struggle, testing his strength against mine. His balls went tight in his sack as he was unable to defy my strength. Within minutes, he erupted in my mouth. He was right, his cum was now hotter than the sun.

I felt light headed as I lifted my mouth from his cock. I felt a burning as his cum travelled to my stomach, then seemed to spread to every muscle in my body. My cock became erect as I felt orgasmic euphoria. I felt myself begin to grow again. My muscles began to expand. My back pushed my arms further from my sides. My arms became thicker and my pecs pushed at my chin. My legs thickened, pushing my knees further apart and my balls further out.

“Whoa!” I head Adam say. “I gotta get me some of that! I’m next.”

“In your dreams, skinny. The old man might have been in my league, but I’m way stronger than you’ll ever be.” Through my daze, I remember Jonny flexing his bicep and kissing it. “Name your game.”

“Let’s see you bring these mighty arms down,” Adam said, flexing his 28 inch bicep. It was smaller a lot smaller than Jonny’s.

“You’re kidding right?”

It was like watching them in slow motion, through my peaceful, muscle daze. Adam raised his hands, and Jonny grabbed them. They held them still for a second, then I saw Jonny’s ripped forearm burst into tensing muscle fibers as he squeezed hard on Adam’s hand. Adam grimaced, his own grip unable to match the power in Jonny’s. Through my daze, it seemed like Adam fought for years, then he began to change. Every fiber in his arm thickened, as mine had. His muscle became denser, stronger, gaining power from the fight with Jonny. Adam’s strength surged as his grimace became a grin then a smile. Jonny’s self-assured smile changed in the opposite direction, to a grin, then a grimace as he felt the pressure reverse and his hand being squeezed mercilessly.

Jonny changed strategies. His delts burst into three heads as he began to lower Adam’s smaller arms. Adam’s body, however, was already adapting to the challenge. His strength was increasing, matching the bigger man. Half way down, Adam’s arms stopped. They wobbled for a second, going slightly up then back down, neither man having an advantage. Then the arms began to rise slowly as Adam’s strength overtook Jonny’s. Jonny’s arms bulged and pumped huge, his face showing disbelief and contempt as Adam moved his arms to the starting position and held them there. Using the power in his wrists, he twisted Jonny’s wrists backwards til Jonny cried, “I give.”

“How?” Jonny muttered. “Can’t be.”

“Can!” Adam said, “and with these.” He flexed his arms. They were pumped huge, but still much smaller in size than Jonny’s. “Now come here Weed, I want some of that fertilizer so I can grow.”

Slowly I felt the fog lift as Adam sucked Jonny’s once-again hard man meat. Jonny whispered something to Adam, then Adam made a bicep. Jonny began to feel it, squeezing it hard, unable to dent the super-dense muscle. “Jonny’s eyes glazed over and his head flipped back as he shot another super load into Adam’s eager mouth.

Suddenly Adam stood up. He looked drunk. “Oh, fuck ya!” he screamed as his body shuddered then started to expand. He needed to adjust his footing to accommodate his growing thighs. Adam’s growth rivaled my own, as his lats forced his arms further from his sides. His biceps looked like hams, thick and meaty. He raised his arms to his expanding chest, feeling the muscle grow. His erection exploded upward toward his face. Jonny reached for it, but Adam back slapped him, sending him reeling. “You know the rules, cheater!” Adam screamed. “Try that again and this powerbod,” and flexed his bi, which extended inches higher than the top of his fist, his tri hanging down equally as far, “will crush you.”

Jonny backed away. “It’s you guys that are cheating. I’m not dumb. Ain’t no way Adam could have beaten me unless he got some help. Brett, you’re going down! Then, I’m gonna get my reward AND my revenge,” Jonny boasted.

Brett looked shaken. He shook out his 27+ inch arms. “Arm wrestling,” he said, wary of his choice.

Jonny smiled. He got on the floor, and raised his massive arm. His forearm bunched, muscle rolling over muscle as he flexed his fingers. Brett got down facing him, preparing for the battle. Jonny moved is forearm toward Brett’s bicep, shadowing Brett’s upper arm with his lower.

Jonny moved his hand back and gripped Brett’s. “Call it!” Jonny ordered.

I took their hands in my grip. “Ready. Go.” I released their arms, and Jonny surged with sudden power, driving Brett’s weaker arm toward the floor with lightning speed. Brett was taken off guard, but slowed Jonny’s arm halfway down. Jonny continued to use his superior strength, pushing Brett closer and closer to a loss. Brett screamed, searching for more power to stop Jonny. His arm was three-quarters of the way down. Brett’s face was red, and sweat was beading on his forehead. Jonny continued to take his arm down.

Brett’s arm was less than an inch from the floor when it stopped moving. Brett’s eyes were closed as he strained to find the strength to win. Jonny pushed harder, his face reddening as he too began to strain to get his win. Brett’s arm dropped a millimeter, then he recovered. Jonny put more power into his arm, the muscle bulging, becoming larger with the pump he was now getting from Brett. Like Adam and me before, Brett’s arm seemed to thicken, each striation growing rounder and more pronounced. It seemed like time stood still as the two struggled, Jonny tasting victory and Brett fighting against defeat.

Brett let out a primal scream, and things began to change. His arm raised up a millimeter at a time. As it did, Jonny would push harder, putting his all into it and, at times, stopping the ascent, only to have Brett push harder and force his arm up more. Jonny was clearly showing the strain now as Brett’s arm returned to the neutral position. Jonny tried to stop him, but it was now too late. Brett’s body was powering up with new strength. Jonny’s arm slipped into the losing position. Nothing he could do could stop Brett from taking him down. In less than a minute, it was over. There were tears in Jonny’s eyes as he rubbed his pumped, sore, defeated arm and stood up. Again, feeling the might of someone stronger turned the boy on.

“Jonny,” Brett said. “Remember what you tried to do to me. Well, now it’s MY payback time.” Jonny started to back away, but Adam stood behind him, his monster arms crossed. Brett grabbed Jonny, throwing him back to the ground. “You hurt me.” Brett stood over Jonny, one foot on his chest. “You scared me.” Jonny tried to get up, but Brett held him in place. “Are you scared Jonny? You should be!” Brett dropped, his knee landing on Jonny’s perfect 8-pack. Brett grabbed Jonny’s cock in his mighty grip and squeezed. Jonny moaned and began to struggle. Brett fought to contain him, his body becoming more powerful as he controlled the struggling strongman.

Brett was rough with Jonny. I almost felt sorry for him, but then I remembered how Jonny wanted to rape Brett. Jonny had consented to the rules, and he wasn’t saying ‘no’ now. I guessed he was enjoying himself. Like the two other times, he erupted quickly in Brett.

Adam walked over to Brett as he stood up. Like us, he was now in a daze. Adam hugged him, then began to kiss his neck as Brett began to grow. Adam had to take a step back as Brett’s pecs swelled. He loosened his hug to give Brett’s lats room to grow. All the time, Adam kissed and held his lover. I heard him whisper, “I love you,” in Brett’s ear as Brett began to return Adam’s hug.

Jonny stood up. He looked scared. Mark was the last one left, and Jonny backed away from him, heading toward the door.

Mark ran and grabbed Jonny in a bear hug as he tried to leave. Jonny flexed, pushing Mark’s hands apart, but Mark wouldn’t let go. Jonny began to carry Mark away, as Mark struggled to keep Jonny from leaving. For the fourth time, Jonny felt a combatant strengthen. Mark’s back flared into massive relief, the muscles bulging and becoming extremely defined. His lats spread into B2-bomber shaped wings, triangular and steely hard. Jonny continued to struggle, but Mark slowed him, then stopped him. Mark’s arms came back together and he began to squeeze into Jonny’s massive flex. Jonny’s hard muscles wouldn’t give, but Mark continued to become more powerful. Slowly, Jonny’s pecs and lats dented, giving way to Mark’s now superior strength. Jonny began having trouble breathing. “I give,” he said. Mark didn’t relent.

“What?” Mark said. “I didn’t hear you?”

“I,” Jonny gagged, searching for breath, “”.

Mark lifted Jonny from the ground and tossed him back into the gym area. Jonny stroked his cock, getting ready for Mark’s onslaught. As before, Jonny lived up to his end of the bargain. He erupted into Mark’s mouth.

Within minutes, Jonny was confronted by four behemoths. We were men with indescribable amounts of muscle. The scale said I weighed near 1500 pounds. Adam was 100 pounds lighter. Mark and Brett were both 30 pounds lighter than that.

I walked over to Mark. Placing my hand on his chest, I looked deeply into his eyes. “Feels damn nice, stud,” I said. He kissed me.

Jonny was sitting on the ground, arms wrapped around his legs, rocking. He kept repeating one word, “please” as he sobbed to himself.

Finally, Adam walked over to him and lifted him off the floor, forcing him to stand. “Please what?” he asked.

“Please, don’t hurt me. Please, I just wanted to be strong, the strongest,” he sobbed.

“So you could hurt people,” said Brett.

“They promised. They said I could have anything I wanted. I wanted strength and to be envied,” he cried.

“We don’t always get what we want,” Mark said. “With power comes responsibility.”

“How cliche.” I whispered to him. Mark glared at me, and I grinned.

“Jonny, maybe when you grow up a little more, you’ll understand. For now, well, you’ll still be the football star next year. Nobody can stop that, with all the muscle you got now. But no more,” said Mark. “I’m sorry, but I’m cutting off your supply of serum. You’re through growing for now.”

Jonny nodded and walked from the gym.

The team won its post-season games. Another undefeated season. Brett and Adam graduated, and Brett entered graduate school. He wants to be a scientist. I guess Mark was a bad influence on him. Me, I got a new bike, one that can deal with 1500 pounds of muscle. And what happened to Jonny? Well, that’s another story.

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