The little spoon

by Ziel

 "September’s Patreon topic was shrinking. I really need to work with some shrinking stuff more often. I love playing around with different sizes, and if I had spent time at each size this would have turned into a novel instead of a short story."

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Caleb and Felipe sat across from each other at the candlelit dinner table. It was hard to imagine two people that were more different, but somehow they had managed to stay together for five blissful years. At 6’3 Caleb stood in stark contrast to his little lover, but the differences didn’t end with their height. Where Caleb was buff and brawny, Felipe was slim and slender. Caleb liked to dress nicely, but Felipe was fine in t-shirts and shorts. Even now that they sat enjoying a romantic dinner Caleb was dressed to the nines wearing a form-fitting, button-up shirt that hugged his muscles perfectly, but Felipe was wearing a loose, baggy, tank top that left much of his upper body completely exposed and showcased some of his more colorful tattoos.

It could be said that they both had red hair. Although Felipe’s hair could be said to be more of a lightish red. Some would even say his hair was fluorescent, neon pink. At least that’s what it was tonight. He had a habit of dying his hair whenever he got bored with the current color which meant he changed his hair color at least three times a week.

“What’s this?” Caleb asked as Felipe poured something into his wine glass. Whatever it was certainly didn’t look like wine. For starters it was blue, and he had never heard of blue wine before. Caleb would have sworn it was raspberry Kool-Aid if not for the fact that it seemed to glow in the dim candlelight.

“Just something I picked up for our anniversary.” Felipe explained.

“That still doesn’t answer my question.” Caleb said.

Felipe didn’t bother responding. He merely lifted his own wine glass and said, “A toast.”

“No. This is a drink of some kind.” Caleb replied jokingly. “This is a toast.” He added waving a leftover piece of bread from dinner.

“Don’t be such a spoilsport.” Felipe chided. “It’s supposed to be a surprise.”

“It’s another one of those weird concoctions you come up with at that hippy herbal pharmacy you work at, isn’t it?” Caleb asked. He stared at the glowy blue liquid apprehensively as he did so.

“Just call it what it is.” Felipe huffed. “It’s a potion shop. I work at a potion shop. We brew potions. It’s magic. You drink it. Magic shit happens.”

Caleb cocked an eyebrow skeptically, but said nothing in reply.

“Oh, come on.” Felipe groaned in exasperation. “You can’t still be skeptical. You’ve seen them work.”

“I’ve seen what you’ve made, and I wouldn’t call it magical.” Caleb replied.

“Asshole.” Felipe fumed. “For your big fat information I had Mr. Yen brew this one for me. I wanted to be sure it was perfect.”

“In that case, bottoms up.” Caleb replied with a chuckle and began to take a sip from his glass.

“You—” Felipe grumbled. “You’ve been dicking me around this whole time.”

“Not as much as I’m going to be dicking you after we finish with dinner.” Caleb replied jokingly and then knocked back the rest of his glass of blue.

“Actually. That’s part of what I was going to mention in the toast… Wait… You already drank it all! I had a speech and everything.” Felipe huffed in exasperation.

Caleb flashed the biggest, most apologetic puppy dog eyes he could muster, but said nothing. Felipe rolled his eyes and waved dismissively at Caleb. “No. Just go ahead and swallow. We can skip the toast.” Felipe grumbled.

Caleb audibly gulped down his mouthful of liquid then shot a saucy wink at his lover and said, “You know I’ll always swallow for you babe.”

Felipe tried to shoot a grumpy glare at his boyfriend, but he didn’t even manage to keep up the ruse for four whole second. His glower was interrupted by a snrrrk. The snort was the beginning of the end, and before he could even try to regain his composure Felipe was giggling like a fool.

“Fuck it… Fine.” Felipe managed to get out between giggles. He then quickly power slammed his own glass of green and started to get up from his seat. “You’re coming with me.” He said, “We’ve got a box spring to break.”

The two lovers were passionately kissing one another before they even made it through the doorway to the bedroom. As they approached the bed itself, Caleb broke away from his boyfriend’s embrace and began to awkwardly fumble with the top button of his shirt, but Felipe stopped him. Caleb was about to ask what was wrong, but Felipe did not give him the chance. Felipe lifted a finger to his lips and softly shushed his lover.

“Don’t do that. I want to see how long it takes you to figure it out.” Felipe chided playfully.

Caleb was understandably baffled. Figure what out? Caleb looked pleadingly into his boyfriend’s eyes and was about to ask for some sort of clue when it hit him like a ton of bricks. He had been so caught up in kissing and hugging that it hadn’t even occurred to him that he was now looking eye to eye with his boyfriend. This was a completely new experience for him. Caleb usually had over a foot of height on his short, slender lover, but now the two of them appeared to be almost the same height.

It was then that Caleb noticed that his clothes were feeling loose too. No longer did his button up shirt cling to his sculpted muscles. Now his shirt was loose and baggy and clumped in awkward places. He looked down at his hands and stared with bemused fascination at what he saw. The cuffs of his sleeves could now easily slide right over his hands if he didn’t pull them up.

Caleb look back up at his boyfriend and balked at what he saw. He had shrunk again. No longer were the two of them eye level. Now Caleb was noticeably the short one. His line of sight lined up perfectly with the playful smirk that was plastered across Felipe’s face.

Felipe didn’t bother saying anything. He shoved Caleb back onto the bed and wasted no time in pulling off his boyfriend’s now comically oversized slacks. Caleb tried to protest but was too stunned to muster much of a resistance. He might have had the brawn to fight back, but his size was quickly slipping away from him. It wouldn’t be long before he would be too small to do anything. He would soon be completely at his boyfriend’s mercy.

Caleb wasn’t in the least bit scared though. He was confused more than anything, but he was also extremely turned on. Something about this whole situation was extremely hot for him. He knew that Felipe would never do anything to hurt him, but he also knew that his Latino lover had a kinky streak a mile mile. Caleb was so horny and bewildered that he was having no luck formulating a coherent sentence. The most he managed to do was sputter a few random words like, “hey… what… wait—”

Felipe spent a moment staring down at his dwindling lover. He was loving every second of this. Not only did Caleb’s reduced size make him look absolutely adorable, but now that Caleb’s slacks were off, Felipe could get a clear glimpse of the tent in his lover’s white boxer briefs. Judging by the wet splotch on the white fabric it was obviously that Caleb as loving every second of it. As much as Felipe liked to tease his boyfriend, he didn’t leave his Caleb in the dark for long.

“You’ve been saying for a while now that you wanted to mix things up in the bedroom.” Felipe said. “I thought you’d enjoy being the ‘little’ spoon for a change.” Felipe’s voice came out as little more than a gruff whisper, but Caleb could hear it loud and clear. Caleb could even feel the emphasis his boyfriend had placed on the word “little” as if just the word itself had the power to cause him to shrink faster and faster. Already Caleb had shrunk to the point where he felt like he was drowning in his own oversized shirt.

Felipe knelt down in front of the bed and unbuttoned the lower buttons of his lover’s shirt until Caleb’s briefs came into view. Felipe gripped the waistband of his boyfriend’s boxer briefs and slowly began to pull them down. There was no need for him to be so slow and methodical in his approach; the undies would have fallen off with only the slightest tug, but Felipe loved the way his boyfriend’s boner sprung back up at attention after he pulled down the waistband, and he was not about to miss the chance to watch Caleb’s now tiny dick swing upwards and shudder in anticipation.

Felipe grinned from ear to ear as he watched his lover’s cock spring loose. He had had the huge, thick tool in his ass on many occasions in the past, but it didn’t look so big now. It was much smaller than Felipe’s own fairly average cock and was still dwindling alongside the rest of Caleb’s brawny body with each passing second.

Caleb stared up at his now gigantic lover. Caleb couldn’t tell how small he had become, but he knew he was less than half the size of his boyfriend. Only Felipe’s upper body could be seen over the foot of the bed, but even just that dwarfed Caleb’s entire body. Caleb was already the size of a toddler, but he felt like an infant. He felt so small and weak next to his towering lover, and his formerly form-fitting shirt was now draped around him like swaddling clothes.

“Let’s get you out of that shirt.” Felipe cooed and finished unbuttoning the rest of the buttons of Caleb’s shirt. The front of the shirt fell open fully revealing Caleb’s tiny, nude form. Despite his reduced size, Caleb’s body still looked amazingly strong. Now that he was naked his dense, rippling abs could be clearly seen as well as his huge, thick pecs. Even his tiny little arms were coated in powerful muscles. His beefy biceps flexed and bulged as he writhed in ecstasy.

Caleb’s mind was reeling as he looked around him. He was lying atop his own shirt, but the expanse of blue that stretched out in all directions seemed more like a carpet than a garment. He looked back up at his boyfriend’s smiling face, and it seemed more like he was looking up at a billboard than a person. Felipe was just so impossibly huge that Caleb couldn’t even process it.

“You’re so cute that I could just eat you up.” Felipe cooed playfully. He stuck out his tongue as he slowly lowered his head down towards his little lover. When he was finally low enough he began to playfully lick at his boyfriend’s fully boned cock. Back when Caleb was at his full size, his thick footlong had been more than Felipe could fit in his mouth, but at his current size, Felipe was able to fully eclipse his lover’s cock with just his tongue.

Caleb writhed and moaned as he felt the huge, warm, wet muscle pressing down on his entire package. The tip of Felipe’s tongue flicked and teased his balls while the rest of it rubbed against his shaft. Caleb could even feel the tiny stud rubbing against the sensitive underside of his fully-boned cock. The piercing on Felipe’s tongue was smaller than a thumbtack, but at Caleb’s size it felt like it was the size of a thumb.

Caleb was so lost in ecstasy that he was having trouble focusing his eyes, but he was determined to watch what was happened. His eyes slowly fluttered open as he forced himself to focus, but what he saw made his breath stop dead in his throat. He was staring eye to eye with his boyfriend, but it was much different than it had been earlier. For starters, Felipe still had his tongue slithering across Caleb’s dick, but more importantly, Felipe’s eyes filled Caleb’s entire field of view. Those baby blues looked so large that Felipe felt like he could fall right into them.

Caleb was so close to creaming, but he was determined to make this last longer. He didn’t know when they’d have a chance to do something like this again, and didn’t want to waste any of his precious time by blowing his load too soon. Caleb bit his lower lip and clasped a hand against both of Felipe’s temples in an attempt to brace himself while he held back his load.

Some part of his mind was still able to function rationally and went into high alert as it realized just how small he had become. There was a time where Caleb had been able to easily wrap his arms around his boyfriend and scoop the slender guy up in a big, burly bearhug and carry him around the apartment with ease. No matter how hard Felipe would laugh and thrash he still could not shake loose of Caleb’s powerful grip, but now Caleb could barely even stretch his arms across his boyfriend’s forehead.

Caleb was surprised and momentarily confused when Felipe pulled back. Now that Caleb no longer had his boyfriend pressing down on top of him he felt strangely alone and vulnerable. He stared up pleadingly at his giant lover, but Felipe merely grinned knowingly in reply.

Felipe took a moment to gaze down upon his tiny lover. Caleb looked so cute at that size, but it was only the beginning. The redhead was already the size of an infant and was still shrinking. The juxtaposition of Caleb’s small, infantile size and his huge, manly muscles was driving Felipe wild. His paternal instincts and his base desires were both raging at full force.

Felipe couldn’t take it anymore. He needed to get out of his clothes or he felt like he’d go insane. Fortunately his loose tank top and equally loose running shorts took only a few seconds to shirk.

The second Felipe pulled down the waistband of his shorts it became immediately obvious that something was different, and Caleb knew it wasn’t just an optical illusion caused by his now smaller stature. Felipe’s rock hard cock slapped audibly against his flat tummy. The tip of the massive tool reached well above his belly button. Caleb’s eyes went wide in shock and his cock gave a lurch of approval at what he saw.

Felipe understood the look immediately and chuckled softly in reply. “Don’t look so surprised.” Felipe teased. “You’re not the only one who got a potion tonight.”

Felipe sauntered slowly over towards the bed. His huge cock bobbed and swayed with each step. Caleb couldn’t take his eyes off of it. It was just so huge and thick. Caleb’s mouth felt dry. He wanted so bad to suck on that amazing cock, but he knew it was impossible.

“Why don’t you two get more acquainted?” Felipe teased. He slowly lowered himself onto the bed until his cock was bearing down directly on top of his boyfriend. The huge tool covered Caleb’s entire body. Caleb’s toes could just barely graze Felipe’s huge balls, and he was face to face with the one-eyed monster. Caleb was staring directly into the cavernous slit of his lover’s colossal cock.

Caleb gripped the soft, spongy head of his boyfriend’s cock and began lapping at the oozing slit. Caleb wanted to plant his lips on it and kiss the gigantic beast, but it was hard enough just craning his neck enough to reach the lower edge of the monstrous slit.

Felipe began to grind his dick against the bed, and Caleb was along for the ride. Caleb wasn’t about to complain though. He was loving every second of it. Every inch of his body was pressed against his lover’s fantastic cock, or coated in his boyfriend’s slimy pre, or both. All of his senses were flooded with his boyfriend’s presence. All Caleb could feel was Felipe’s cock pressing down upon him and pinning his cock between them. All he could hear was Felipe’s labored, heavy breathing. All he could taste was the steady trickle of pre that slipped into his open mouth.

Caleb could feel the shudders arcing through Felipe’s entire cock. He knew neither of them would last much longer, but he was fine with that. Caleb closed his eyes and waited anxiously for the climax to come. Caleb knew that Felipe tended to cum a lot, and with Felipe’s enlarged cock and Caleb’s own shrunken body this would no doubt be the biggest, messiest cum shot that Caleb would ever try and swallow.

Caleb was sadly mistaken though. He knew something was off the second Felipe pulled back. Caleb’s eyes fluttered open. He stared up longingly at his boyfriend as if pleading to be drenched in his cum, but Felipe had other ideas. The tall, slender, pink haired guy was shuddering and struggling to catch his breath and keep his wad for a bit longer. Caleb was not done shrinking yet, and Felipe was nowhere near done playing with him.

Once Felipe had managed to stifle his urge to cream he moved onto the next event of the evening’s festivities. He reached down and effortlessly plucked his tiny boyfriend up from the bed. Caleb had shrunken so much that Felipe could almost wrap his fingers all the way around the little guy’s torso.

Felipe sat down on the edge of the bed and gazed longingly at his tiny boyfriend. Felipe turned Caleb over in his hands and inspected him from every angle. He was being careful enough to ensure that Caleb was not hurt at all, but the little redhead was still getting dizzy from all the motion.

“You’re so cute.” Felipe cooed softly. His voice was little more than a whisper, but Caleb could hear it loud and clear.

It seemed that Felipe was done spinning him around so Caleb made himself comfortable. He rolled over onto his back and sat up in the palm of his hand. At Caleb’s size his beefy ass filled up much of Felipe’s palm, but he was able to sit comfortably. He let his legs dangle down on either side of his lover’s wrist.

The two of them just silently sat there and gazed tenderly at each other while they took stock of each other and the changes they had gone through. Caleb wasn’t about to admit it out loud, but he was loving being the little guy. Felipe had so much power over him, but Caleb trusted his boyfriend enough to know that Felipe would not do anything to hurt him. Felipe in turn was overwhelmed by his desire to protect his tiny little boyfriend, but his desire to do lurid things to his miniature lover was quickly winning out over his nurturing nature.

Felipe flashed Caleb a saucy wink and then rolled the buff, little redhead over in his hand. Caleb quickly grabbed for the nearest finger in order the steady himself. Once he was steady enough he glanced over his shoulder and shot his giant lover a questioning glance.

Felipe wasn’t sure if Caleb was being quiet or if Caleb was just so small that he could no longer hear what the little guy was saying, but it didn’t matter at this point. Felipe understood Caleb’s body language and expression, and Caleb could still very much hear what Felipe was saying.

“Come on. Show me that cute little booty of yours.” Felipe cooed as he poked Caleb’s ass with his pointer finger. Caleb had shrunken some more since Felipe had picked him up. Now Felipe’s fingertip all but eclipsed one of Caleb’s thick, sculpted butt cheeks.

Caleb smirked and eagerly complied. He wrapped his arms around Felipe’s middle finger and stuck his ass up in the air for his giant boyfriend’s viewing pleasure. Felipe chuckled and began rubbing his pinky finger along the cleft of his tiny lover’s little butt crack.

Felipe soon needed more, and he knew that Caleb would enjoy every second of what he had in mind. He lifted his hand to his face and ran the tip of his tongue across his boyfriend’s beefy bubble butt.

Caleb shuddered in ecstasy as he felt the giant tongue rub across the sensitive flesh between his cheeks. He slowly let go of Felipe’s middle finger and slid his hand around back to pull his cheeks apart and grant Felipe easier access. Caleb moaned softly as he felt the tip of his lover’s giant tongue press against his shuddering hole. Caleb had never much thought of himself as a bottom, but he found himself wishing he could have something inside of him.

Fortunately for him, Felipe was thinking the same thing. He shifted his position just enough to that instead of poking Caleb with the tip of his tongue, Felipe was now using the middle.

Caleb tensed up when he felt something hard press against his ass. It took him a moment to process what was happening. It felt like someone was trying to shove a dildo up his ass, but it felt too hard; whatever it was was metallic or some similar substance. It was also larger than any dildo Caleb had ever used before.

Slowly he pieced it together, and once he understood what was happening the realization hit him like a ton of bricks. That strange object he was feeling was none other than the stud on Felipe’s tongue. The little metal stud was smaller than the plastic head of a pushpin, but it was big enough to fill Caleb’s ass completely.

Caleb was no stranger to a little ass play and quickly adapted to the situation. He relaxed and let the stud slip into him. The little piece of metal stretched him out so perfectly, but he wished it was a little longer. It just couldn’t get deep enough to really hit him the right way. Caleb moaned blissfully and shoved his thick, muscular booty harder into his lover’s tongue in an effort to get the stud just a little deeper inside of him.

They two lovers were both loving every second of it at first, but slowly Caleb began to realize something was wrong. The stud no longer comfortably fit inside of him. He was subtle at first, but it was ever so slightly getting bigger inside of him. His moans of bliss steadily gave way to grunts of pain. Finally it became too much for Caleb to handle. He jerked away from his boyfriend’s tongue and rolled back over on his back.

Felipe noticed the sudden motion and pulled back. He looked down at his hand and was shocked to see just how much smaller Caleb had become. The little redhead was now splayed out in the palm of his hand. The buff dude was now so tiny that he didn’t even fill Felipe’s palm.

Caleb was winded, but he was still rock hard, and even though he had been furiously rubbing one out while he ate out his little buddy, Felipe had not cum yet either. Both of them were more than ready to cream though. It was just a matter of giving that little push to send them over the edge, and Felipe had the perfect idea.

Felipe grinned from ear to ear as he watched Caleb continue to shrink further and further. It wasn’t until Caleb was no taller than a Lego figure that his shrinking finally stopped. It wasn’t quite as small as Felipe had expected him to get, but it was more than small enough for what he had in mind.

Felipe gently guided his hand over towards his fully-boned cock and tilted his palm ever so slightly causing Caleb’s tiny body to slide down towards the cavernous maw of Felipe’s massive cock. Caleb had recovered enough by this point that he was no longer winded, but he was still in no position to fight back, not that he had any intention of doing so.

Caleb was as excited about what was happening as Felipe was. Caleb stared into the cavernous slit of his lover’s colossal cock. His heart was pounding in his chest. He was giddy with excitement, and completely overwhelmed with his own arousal. He had never been so horny in his life, and his arousal only grew as he slid ever closer to his lover’s cock.

Caleb’s feet made contact with the spongy head of his lover’s titanic cock. Felipe didn’t even need to prod Caleb towards the slit, Caleb was happy to take the plunge himself. Even at his currently miniscule size, it was still a pretty tight fit for the little guy, but once his feet were into the opening, gravity and his lover’s ravenous cock did the rest of the work for him. Caleb merely had to stand still and let the humongous cock swallow him whole.

Caleb’s arousal and excitement grew as he slowly sank into the erotic pit. His lover’s cock was slowly sucking him in, and it gripped his body in such a way that it was like a full-body massage. The warmth emanating from the walls of the inside of his lover’s cock made it feel like a sauna in there. The whole ordeal was simultaneously relaxing and arousing.

Soon even Caleb’s head was swallowed by his lover’s cock. Everything went dark for him, but he could still feel himself sinking. He could barely breathe, but he still felt perfectly safe. It was like being wrapped in a full-body embrace by his boyfriend. As Caleb gasped for breath pre flooded his mouth. It was far more potent than had ever seemed possible when he was huge. The slightly bitter substance coated his tongue so that all he could taste was his lover’s flavor.

Caleb’s downward descent suddenly came to a stop and the walls squeezed down on him even tighter than before. It was too dark to see anything, but Caleb had an idea of what was happening. His suspicions were soon confirmed as he felt himself getting carried along by some outside motion.

Felipe could actually feel Caleb’s tiny body inside his cock. He couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. It felt like he was already cumming, but he still hadn’t fired a single rope. Felipe couldn’t help it. He needed to get off, and he needed to do it fast.

He gripped his cock with both hands and began pumping, but no matter how horny he was or how much he wanted to get off, Felipe made absolutely sure that he wasn’t going to hurt Caleb in any way. He kept his strokes short and gentle and made sure that he could feel Caleb’s body at all times. He could actually feel Caleb writhing in ecstasy deep within his dick, and as long as Felipe could feel that he knew Caleb was safe.

As Felipe tenderly stroked his massive cock his huge nuts began to pull up. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer. His body shuddered. His breaths grew shorter and shallower. Felipe couldn’t even focus his eyes anymore, but he knew there was one last thing he needed to do before he creamed.

Caleb could feel the walls tightening around him. At first he was worried that the potion was wearing off, but soon he felt the pressure building up around him as the steady trickle of pre ramped up into a full-scale flood. There was no doubt in his mind that Felipe was soon going to cum, and Caleb was soon going to do the same. The way the wall of Felipe’s cock rubbed against Caleb’s dick was driving him wild and pushing him ever closer to the edge. Finally it got to the point where he just couldn’t help it anymore. Caleb cried out and spurt after warm, thick spurt of jizz splattered against his abs.

Almost immediately after Caleb came, Felipe reached his limit too. Caleb managed to brace himself just in time. He felt the rush of jizz slam into him from below. Even if there had been light Caleb doubted he could have seen anything. He was traveling far too fast for his eyes to have been able to process anything. It felt like he was being shot off like a rocket which was probably not too far from the truth. He didn’t even realize his eyes were still open until he cleared the tip and the lights from the bedroom hit his eyes.

He hit the ground hard, but the jizz broke his fall. Caleb was so small and so light that he was suspended in the thick, milky white murk. He felt like a fly in a spider’s web. He couldn’t move his arms or legs, but at least his face was clear so he could breath. He was just worried that he had landed somewhere that Felipe wouldn’t find him until it was too late. Caleb tried to call out to get his boyfriend’s attention, but it was no use. He was far too tiny for anyone to be able to hear him.

Everything suddenly started moving again. It was so fast that Caleb felt like he was going to be sick. The motion stopped just as soon as it had started. Once Caleb’s head stopped spinning he was able to get a glimpse at his surroundings. He saw his boyfriend’s massive face staring down at him. Felipe was now so huge that his face filled Caleb’s entire field of vision. It was as if Felipe’s smile was the entire night’s sky.

Caleb slowly began to realize what had happened. Felipe had been prepared and had fired his wad directly into the palm of his hand. Caleb was now stuck to his boyfriend’s palm in a clump of drying jizz. It was as embarrassing as it was exciting, but Caleb was too exhausted to put too much thought into it.

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” Felipe said softly. It didn’t take long for Felipe to wipe Caleb down and get him cleaned off. Few words were exchanged between them, both because they were both tired and riding high on their mutual afterglow and because it was hard to hold a conversation when one of them was too tiny to even be heard by the other.

Felipe gingerly placed Caleb on one of the pillows and then rolled into bed himself to pass out for the night. When Caleb finally woke up the sun was shining brightly through the window. He groaned as he rolled out of bed. His whole body ached. It felt like he had gone through a spin cycle in the wash, but it was worth it for all the fun he had had last night.

Caleb looked around the room. Felipe was already gone, but Caleb wasn’t worried. The scent of pancakes coming from the kitchen made it obvious where he had gone.

Felipe looked up from the skillet when he head footsteps coming from behind him. “So, you’re finally awake.” He said playfully. Caleb didn’t immediately respond. He was taking a moment to soak of the view of his boyfriend’s cute, exposed butt. Felipe had nothing on but a smile and an apron, and Caleb was not about to complain.

Caleb strode up beside his boyfriend and kissed him right on the lips. Halfway through their passionate embrace, Caleb became aware of something odd. Felipe only had to stand up on his toes to make it work. Usually Caleb had to crouch down a bit. He pulled back and shot Felipe a questioning glance.

Felipe understood the look instantly. He merely chuckled in reply and guided Caleb’s hand down towards his impressive bulge. Caleb’s eyes went wide and his jaw dropped as he felt the sheer size of his boyfriend’s cock.

“It seems the potions have a few permanent side effects. You’ve lost a few inches, and I’ve gained some.” Felipe explained. He then leaned in closer and whispered lasciviously into his boyfriend’s ear, “Maybe we can make you the little spoon for good.”

Caleb was too stunned to say anything, but his quickly hardening cock said everything. Felipe glanced down at his boyfriend’s exposed semi and then chuckled.

“Just something to think about.” Felipe said and then hummed happily as he started making the next pancake.

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