by Ziel

Kent’s roommate gets him to try out a hot new supplement. The muscles quickly stack on, but they come with a price.

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Kent flexed in front of the full length mirror. He was so entranced by how hot he was that he was completely oblivious to the sound of footsteps approaching his dorm room. Kent couldn't deny that he looked immaculate. He was massive! His lats bulged out so far that they could no longer be seen in his reflection. He was simply too burly and broad to properly admire himself in the mirror that covered almost his entire dorm room door. His pecs puffed up like pillows, and his abs had trenches between them that ran so deep that no light could reach the bottom. The dark shadows just served to make his incredibly muscular abs look even more amazing, and that's saying nothing of the rest of him. His biceps bulges like basketballs. His legs were as thick as tree trunks. His Adonis Belt was so thick and defined that it was even fatter than his roommate's whole arm! In fact it was far thicker than even his arm had been just a mere month ago.

Kent had not always been such a massive musclehead. In fact, even just a month ago he was a pretty small and shrimpy little dude. He had had no muscle to speak of. His chest was as flat as a board, and his belly was every bit as smooth. His legs were like bean poles, and his arms were like sticks. Despite all this he was often told how good he looked. His wavy blond hair framed his boyishly handsome face perfectly. His piercing blue eyes seemed to peer directly into people's souls. He was the twinkiest babe his hometown had ever seen, and that wasn't even the real reason he had been so popular. His cock was out of this world! A solid eight inches even when soft! When hard the beast grew to over ten solid inches of throbbing rod!

That felt like a lifetime ago though. The hulked out stud which was reflected in the mirror looked nothing like that. Sure, he still had the same handsome face, the same stylish hair, and the same piercing blue eyes, but that face was now mounted on the body of an Olympian.

The changes had started when Kent's roommate had brought home a new brand of muscle boosting supplement. Kent had never heard of the stuff before, but his roommate swore by the stuff.

"Come on. You keep talking about how you want to bulk up." Nash had said.

"Yeah, but… how do I know this stuff works? I've never even heard of it. Is it even legal?" Kent asked.

"Sure it's legal, and I'm sure it works. I gave this to the guys on the football team back in high school. We went from the bottom of the pack to sweeping regionals." Nash explained.

"But you haven't tried it on yourself?" Kent asked.

Nash gestured towards his body and rolled his eyes. "Do I look like I've used it?" He asked sarcastically. Kent knew the answer to that. Nash was almost skinnier than Kent… almost. Nash was the quintessential geek right down to the coke bottle lenses on his huge, round glasses. He was every bit as skinny as Kent was, but he lacked the posture and poise to carry it well. Where Kent looked slim and elegant, Nash looked gaunt and gangly.

"I suppose not…" Kent replied wryly.

"Still. I swear. It'll give you results. Just take it." Nash pressed more insistently.

Kent was a tad leery to try it. He and Nash were little more than acquaintances. Sure, they shared a room, but that didn't mean they spoke much. Their conversations all lasted less than ten minutes. Nash would invariably return to his video games and porn sites, and Kent would invariably return to his books… and porn sites.

Like any good horny freshmen the two of them often spent their evenings rubbing one out in the comfort of their beds. Kent knew that Nash was jealous of him and his huge ten incher. Nash made a pretty piss poor attempt at hiding his own ire every time he stared over and saw Kent rubbing his fat cock with both hands, but Nash had never really said anything about it. He kept to himself and for the most part kept his own dick hidden from Kent's curious gaze. Kent still knew the size of it though. Nash's boner poking against his boxers made it plenty clear how little he was packing. His rod was less than half Kent's softy. Nash's dick fell just shy of four inches.

Still, despite Nash's obvious jealousy, he didn't seem to be the malicious type. Kent had no reason to distrust Nash's claims nor did he have any reason to deny the results. He had heard the story of Nash's alma mater. It was all over the news. A rag tag team of misfits managed to hulk out during the second half of the season and take the playoffs by storm. The before and after photos were staggering. The biggest dude was built like a swim team star in the first pic, and in the second pic the smallest dude was built like a Mr. Universe competitor. Kent had always dreamed of putting on muscle, and if this stuff is what helped that high school football team become superhuman studs, then he couldn't wait to try a few doses of it himself.

The results had been extraordinary to say the least. After even just the first week, Kent was looking swole. He had some definition to his abs, and his pecs were coming along nicely as well. Even his biceps were about the size of a baseball. He couldn't wait to take even more. He couldn't wait to get even bigger. He had already gone from twink to twunk. He couldn't wait to go from hunk to hulk!

Kent was so fixated on his muscles though that he hadn't been paying too much attention to other changes in his body. His dick was looking a little puny next to the rest of his mass, but he kept telling himself this was normal. It made sense his cock looked a little smaller now that it was no longer nestled between the two pegs he called legs. Now that his twig and berries were nestled away between a pair of oak trees, it made sense they would look smaller by comparison, but still he couldn't shake the nagging suspicion.

One day he finally worked up the nerve to measure. His dick was rock hard. His hands were shaking with an odd mix of fear and excitement as he unrolled the tape measurer. He gasped as he lined the measurer up with his dick. His cock was rock hard and only capped out at a smidge over 7 inches! His dick had gone from a massive, ten inch fuck stick to an only slightly large 7 inch rod. He had lost almost three inches of his magnificent cock in just a week and a half! How had this happened?

Kent knew the answer. It was the supplement. It had to be. He was growing muscle faster than most folk grow weeds, but it was sapping his dick in the process. Kent had heard the stories. He had heard the rumors and the jokes about dudes who took steroids having their junk shrunk, but he had always thought those were exaggerations. He had always thought there was some trick to it. He had never expected anything this severe, and he certainly hadn't expected it to happen to him.

That settled it. He was going to quit bulking. He was still hung enough for porn—even if not by much, and he had the body of an Adonis. He was hotter than he had ever been in his life. He was fit and toned. He had the muscle definition most guys only dreamed of. So what if it had cost him a few inches of his manhood. He was still big, and that was all that mattered.

The first test of Kent's resolve came that very night. He had quit taking the supplement altogether… or at least, that is what he told himself. He was all set to quit cold turkey, but as he drifted off to sleep, his hands couldn't stop exploring his newly enhanced body. His fingers traced paths across his toned abs. His hands caressed his sculpted pecs. His palms slipped down between his legs and stroked his swole thighs and groped his beefy ass. The muscles felt fantastic. He couldn't stop thinking about how he would look even bigger. He couldn't stop dreaming about how he would look even beefier.

His dreams were filled with images of him standing on a stage in front of throngs of hot guys. They were all screaming and shouting his name and cheering him on as he posed and flexed in tiny posing shorts. Kent was so swole that each individual ab was thicker than his fist. His chest was so stacked that his pecs were as thick as the foam mats at the gym. His biceps were so beefy that the pronounced knot of muscle on his arm was as thick around as a football. His legs were so thick that even just his quads were fatter than a palm tree. Kent looked amazing. He FELT amazing. Who cared that the bulge in his posing shorts was almost invisible. Who cared how underhung he was if he had the body of a god!

Kent awoke with a start. Dried cum was plastered across his sculpted abs. His body dripped and glistened with cool sweat. His mind was racing. He needed something to drink, but he knew water wouldn't cut it. He needed something better—something thicker. Something like…

Kent's eyes drifted towards his nightstand. Seated on top of the small dresser was a large plastic glass which was filled to the brim with rich, foamy protein shake. Kent didn't need to ask what it was or how it had gotten there. It was all painfully obvious.

Kent didn't even try to stop himself. He reached over, grabbed the glass, and downed every last drop of the stuff. He even licked the thick, foamy, milk mustache off his face to be sure he had gotten it all. The stuff tasted amazing. It was richer than he remembered it being. It was thicker than he remembered it being. He had no doubt in his mind that Nash had upped the dosage. Kent could feel a pit forming in his stomach. He was sure that that meant his cock was going to shrink even more. In fact as he stared down at his rock hard rod, he was sure that it looked even smaller than it had the night before. He was going to be losing his manhood faster than before, but… at least that meant he was going to be getting even beefier by the day.

The next week sped past. Kent noticed his gains stacking on faster than before. He had never dared dream that he'd have lats thick enough to give him wings when he flexed, and yet there we has in the gym putting on a gun show in front of the mirrored walls. His lats spilled out the sides of his open sided muscle shirt and flared out like the frame of a boat.

Kent's face was beet red as he posed, and it was only partially because of the intense power lifting he had been doing. He was blushing like a bride because of the attention he was garnering. He loved how most people were ogling his muscles, but there were a few bros in the crowd who were intently fixated on his crotch. Kent's cock was really not much to write home about. He had been keeping tabs on his shrinkage. He had already gone from having a cock that was huge for a porn star to having a dick that was a bit below average, and with each passing day it got smaller and smaller. It was now so small that Kent only just barely beat out his roommate for length and girth, and he knew that that wouldn't last long.

Knowing he was bigger than Nash was no consolation. Kent's cock was still barely three inches soft, and it capped out at a smidge over four inches rock hard. He had lost over half his mass, and was dick was still dwindling. Yet despite how worried he was about his pathetic bulge and lackluster cock Kent could not bring himself to stop. He wanted more muscles more than he wanted a nice dick. He was addicted to the growth. He was intoxicated by it.

Every night he would stand in front of his mirror and ogle his changes. Every day he would pose and flex. He would trace patterns with his fingertips across the shapes and contours of his muscles. He would fantasize about how he would look even bigger. He was already as big as a bodybuilder, but he wanted to be bigger. He wanted to be stronger and sexier. His whole body trembled just thinking about it. His cock bucked and lurched just dreaming about it. Not a night didn't go by where he wasn't oozing pre while he kneaded his fingers into his ass and fantasized about a real cock reaming him from behind. Not a night went by where he didn't coat the mirror in a wad of spunk as he caressed his swelling muscles.

One night Kent had returned back to his dorm to find another protein shake sitting on his night stand. The implication was clear. Nash wanted him to increase his dosage to two a day, and Kent was in no position to argue. He wanted it even more than his roommate wanted to see him shrink.

The changes were even more pronounced after that. Kent continued to grow and swell and bulge. His muscles continued to inflate and thicken, and his cock continued to shrink more than before. By the time Tuesday rolled around his rod was barely three inches. His dick was not even a third of its former glory. What was formerly a thick cock almost as long as his forearm was now barely longer than his ring finger. What was once almost as thick as his wrist was now barely fatter than his thumb. His balls which were once as big as chicken eggs were now smaller than cherries, and his reduced pecker looked even more pathetic when nestled between his two bulging quads which were now as thick as an oak tree.

Nash stopped being so shy about jacking off. In fact he was now so smug in his superiority that he now openly stroked his cock while staring at his hulked out roommate. He never missed a chance to tease Kent about his shrunken rod. In fact he would constantly goad Kent on to get even smaller while taking sly digs at his roommate's size.

"Ooh. Look at that nubbin. You're almost as small as the quarterback got… almost." Nash would tease.

Kent would blush beet red, but he would make no effort to argue or to fight back nor would he make any effort to hide his reduced dick from his roommate's intense gaze. His dick would be rock hard and close to popping from just the mention of how small he had gotten. He could barely keep himself from cumming as he imagined just how small the old QB had gotten. Kent wondered if he would ever get that small. He wondered if he would ever get that swole.

Kent gripped his thick pecs and caressed the firm slabs of brawn as his cock spurted and sputtered. Small flecks of cum splattered across the carpet of his shared dorm room. He hoped that his last ditch attempt at feigned muscle love tricked Nash into believing that his muscles were the real reason Kent had cum, but the sly smirk on Nash's face said it all.

"I think you've earned a drink." Nash replied playfully.

That's how things continued for the rest of the week. Nash would sit on the foot of his bed and stroke his four inch rod as Kent put on a muscle and wank show for his viewing pleasure. Kent's cock was so small that he could only use his thumb and first two fingers to stroke it and even that was getting to be a bit cramped.

By the time Friday night rolled around Kent was so huge, so jacked that he looked like he had crawled out of the pages of the latest Avengers comic book. His broad, burly bod looked like it would be right at home with a coat of green paint or maybe wearing a domed, red helmet. Kent could squat nearly a thousand pounds and bench even more. His pecs were thicker and wider than the memory foam pillow he had on his bed. His abs were so sculpted that each individual bump was the size of a football. His legs were so thick that his quads alone were as wide as Nash's shoulders. Kent was absolutely massive… in every way except one.

Kent kicked off his shorts after a long day of class and stood before the mirror on the door. His body was phenomenal, but his cock was ridiculous. The tiny nub was too small to even be considered an acorn cock. His balls which had once been the size of peach pits were now smaller than cherry pits. His dick which had once capped out at a hair over ten inches was now barely bigger than a single inch. An inch and a half was all he could reach even when he was as hot and horny as he had ever been. His rod which was once almost as thick as his wrist was now about as thick as his pinkie. His dick which was once almost as long as his forearm was now shorter than his thumb.

Kent admired himself in the mirror. He felt up his muscles and caressed the curves. He was so entranced by his own huge physique that he didn't even notice the sound of footsteps approaching his dorm room. It wasn't until the door swung open, and with it the mirror moved away, that Kent snapped out of his trance. His jaw dropped as he stood there naked as the day he was born with a cock just as small as it had been back then. Before him he saw not just his roommate, Nash, but a few of Nash's nerdy buddies as well.

"See guys? I told you I improved the recipe." Nash boasted to his pals.

"Woah. He's tiny!" the second nerd said.

"He got even smaller than Billy." The third nerd said. Kent only needed to briefly search his memories to know who Billy was. It seemed Kent had finally done it. He had finally gotten even smaller than the QB back at Nash's high school.

"Hehe. And he's not even done yet." Nash stated proudly.

Kent gasped. His cock lurched. His dick gave one weak tremble, and then the damn burst. Jizz gushed up from his shrunken balls, up into his reduced cock, and sprayed feebly onto the carpet before the three nerds. The three of them merely exchanged a few smug glances and snickered among themselves.

"Seems he likes the sound of that." The second nerd said.

"You haven't seen anything yet." Nash replied. "He loves it when we jack off in front of him. He loves to see how huge our dicks are compared to his."

"You don't say." The third nerd said thoughtfully. It didn't take a rocket surgeon to know what he was planning. He was already unbuttoning his shirt even as he was saying it, and the two other guys wasted no time in joining in. Soon the trio was seated on the edge of Nash's bed with their pretty average cocks openly on display, but despite their fairly standard sizes, each and every one of them looked far larger than Kent's reduced rod. Kent's cock was a joke next to theirs. It was pathetic. Even though Kent was stacked with more muscle in one pec than those three had in their entire bodies, it was clear who the real men in the room were.

Kent stared at those three throbbing cocks. He squeezed his thick pecs. He stroked his sculpted abs. He flexed his phenomenally thick quads, and shook his bouncy, beefy butt for the three nerds' viewing pleasure.

"Now that's a nice ass." The second nerd said.

"Good thing he's got such a great booty because he sure as hell doesn't have a dick." The third said.

"Don't worry. Our boy Kent here is a certified bottom. He wouldn't dream of trying to stick his dick in anyone." Nash explained.

"Not like he could even reach!" the second nerd chimed in. The three friends started howling with laughter at that point.

Kent knew he should be ashamed. He knew he shouldn't be enjoying this near as much as he was. He once had a bigger dick than all of them combined. His fat fuckstick was bigger than any one of their forearms, but now his tiny nubbin was smaller than any one of their fingers.

Yet despite Kent's fall from grace between his legs, he had never felt hotter. He was bigger and burlier than any guy on campus. He held all the records for weights. His muscles put even the most comically huge bodybuilders to shame, and yet he was still growing. Even though he knew it was costing him his cock, he could not stop slurping down Nash's special protein shake. Even though he knew he was becoming less of a man where it counted, he could not stop bulking up.

As the weeks ticked on, the changes tapered off. It finally reached a point where he had reached critical mass. The shakes no longer gave him the boost in muscle mass he wanted, but neither did they shrink his cock anymore. Yet still he could not stop drinking them. He was addicted and craved more and more, and each day he silently hoped that Nash would tweak the formula even further. Each time he took a sip he silently wished that Nash would make it more powerful.

Kent was beyond huge. His lats bulged out wider than a double door. A single pec was wider than most other dudes' at the gyms entire torso. His quads were as thick as those industrial trash bins people see lined up on the curbs in the suburbs. His big, bubbly, beefy butt was so huge that just one jiggly butt cheek was bigger than most folks' entire head. Kent had become so big and bulky that he no longer even fit into the shower stalls at the gym or in the dorms. He had to use the one showerhead that stood off to the side of the pool which was intended to only be used by folks hosing off real quick before hopping in for a swim. Kent had to stand there, bare-assed naked in front of everyone else at the gym as he soaked down and lathered up. His massive muscles were openly on display… as was his miniscule cocklet.

Kent could hear all the comments aimed his ways. Each ooh and ah over his massive muscles filled him with vim and vigor, and each snide chortle at the expense of his infantile cock made him hot and bothered. He knew more than anyone how tiny his cock was. He knew better than anyone how pathetic it looked. It had once been easily ten hard inches, but now it didn't even reach a single solid inch. It was little more than a centimeter when fully hard. Babies had bigger dicks. Chicks had clits bigger than his cock. His bait and tackle wouldn't even entice a minnow, and yet he loved how it look, and he loved how everyone gasped and giggled at the tiny nubbin between his legs, and soon it would be even smaller. Soon he would be even beefier… just as soon as Nash completed the upgrades on the special formula…

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