Venice Beach muscle doctors

by TitMorpher

Two doctors explore different ways to make Venice Beach muscleheads even hotter.

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Dr. Laurens and Dr. Roidmaster often discussed their successful bodybuilder enhancement practices with each other. Each doctor had a different area of specialization. They exchanged information on the largest musclemen in the sport and they discussed strategies to make the biggest muscle freaks even bigger. And, of course, they referred bodybuilders to each other for a variety of specialized growth procedures.

Dr. Roidmaster was the king of injections and he operated the largest injection factory on the planet. He possessed an endless supply of anabolic and other growth agents. He was willing to furnish inexhaustible supplies to the bodybuilders on a nonstop basis with no questions asked (see Dr. Roidmaster Feeds the Roidhogs). His mirrored reception room was a who’s who of professional bodybuilding, with one freak after another stripping down to their posing straps in order to show off their freshly injected physiques to themselves, to the doctor, and to each other.

Dr. Roidmaster also operated an underground force feeding operation geared toward bodybuilders who needed to be stuffed with carbs and protein (see Roidhogs Get Hooked Up For Feeding). These “hose and funnel feeders” included a certain number of professional bodybuilders who required accelerated growth measures, but the doctor’s feeding facility mainly catered to a kinky subculture of off-season roidhogs who tested the limits of distended growth. These roidhogs willingly climbed into feeding slings, plugged their own asses for maximum absorption, and remained hooked up for hours to receive their growth formula (see Roidhog Slop Hogs and Roidhogs in Heat).

Dr. Laurens was a bodybuilding enhancement surgeon. He specialized in high volume synthol administration for bodybuilders hooked on SEO growth (see Big Boy Muscle Camp). Because of the large amounts of oil involved, some of the synthol insertions requested by the most advanced bodybuilders could only be accomplished via surgery. In addition to his surgical synthol work, Dr. Laurens’ specialties also included PMMA and silicone. But Dr. Laurens’ main contribution to the field was his sub-speciality dealing with extreme forms of pectoral augmentation to create enormous muscle breasts for Mr. Super Tit Man competitors. Some of the tit men even requested the ability to deliver muscle milk secretions through LactAid enhancement (see Morphed Muscle Tit Freaks and Muscle Milk Tit Freaks).

Dr. Laurens also did many other routine procedures. He catered to the needs of bodybuilders who needed larger calf muscles, deltoid, biceps, triceps, quadriceps, etc. as well as other body parts. Additionally, many bodybuilders were now asking to have their cocks and balls fattened up (see Morphed Male Tit Freaks and Morphed Male Bulge Freaks) so that their posing trunks would feature obscene male bulges for impressionable judges. It caused a sensation every time one of Dr. Laurens male enhancement patients entered a competition pump room and walked around displaying his enormously enhanced meat to his respectfully observant but highly stimulated and envious fellow competitors. The other men were dumbstruck as they stared at the giant posing strap and whispered to each other that “somebody had obviously been to see Dr. Laurens”. Soon thereafter, a number of other competitors were knocking on Dr. Laurens’ door for male enhancement work for their own physiques.

The doctors were satisfied with their practices but they wanted to take their success to the next level.

“Let’s team up and open an office suite on the floor above Gold’s Gym Venice,” said Dr. Laurens. ”I know the owners and they’ll be glad to have us, especially if we let them in on some of the benefits of day-to-day access to the athletes. Think of the muscle giants we’ll be catering to at Gold’s Venice!”

So the two doctors finalized their plans, rented the space, and then proceeded to put the plans in motion to open up a mind-boggling palace of twenty first century bodybuilding enhancement services in the most appropriate location in the world.

Military Mike had always maintained a close alliance with Dr. Laurens. He now asked the doctor if he could accompany him to Venice to help out with the biggest bodybuilders. Because Military Mike had become adept at injecting synthol into his own muscles, Mike suggested that he take the responsibility to serve as the doctor’s “synthol nurse” for routine synthol administration to advanced bodybuilders. Mike’s fantasy was to be up-close-and-personal with the biggest men in the sport, catering to their very specific secret compulsions related to injection of oil into their muscles. Mike envisioned providing a psychological comfort zone where the bodybuilder could admit the depth of his need for synthol, forming a basis for actually implementing the full extent of the bodybuilder’s synthol needs and compulsions.

Mike loaded his own muscles up with synthol ahead of his synthol sessions so that he could strip down to his posing strap for the bodybuilders and show his own physique as an example of what could be achieved with very large loads of injectable synthol. And as part of the standard routine, Mike would oil himself up, feeling his own synthol loaded muscles and offering his client the opportunity to feel him up as well. And of course he would feel the client’s muscles each time he inserted the synthol.

Within a short time after arriving at the clinic, Mike had secured the confidence of a group of the most extreme synthol junkies. These men suffered from a compulsion to add oil to their muscles daily and they sometimes came to visit Mike more than once a day. Mike had a way of making these men feel completely normal, even implying that they were being too conservative with their approach. Some of these freaks ended up begging for so much oil in certain muscles that they eventually had to be referred to Dr. Laurens for surgical synthol administration.

“Oh yeah, baby,” said Mike to one of his muscleman clients. ”Look how full and round those babies look in the mirror. I’ve got plenty more synthol here. Do you want me to build ‘em out even bigger with more of this oil? “

“ Oh yeah, feed that oil into these motherfuckers!” said the bodybuilder. ”Give me lots more oil! Look, I’m fucking enormous! Look at my muscles expanding! Ahhh! They’re HUUUGE!”

“Oh sorry,” whispered the muscleman to Mike. He was springing a boner in his posing strap as he screamed out for more synthol, while flexing and posing his oil-loaded muscles in the mirror.

“Don’t worry,” said Mike. ”That happens with a number of the guys I work with. Do you want me to jerk your cock while you pose those big oil jugs in the mirror?”

“Oh yeah, dude! Give me a hand job, buddy! Look how jacked my pectoral muscles look! They’re as big as giant ExxonMobil oil containters! And I’m ready for another big load of oil in my pumped container units! Ahhhh! Work me hard down there! I’m gonna shoot!”

Military Mike asked the doctors if he could live on-site at the medical facility. With all the powerful growth agents locked up on-site, he argued that his residence at the offices would provide an extra measure of security and protection. Of course, Military Mike counted on inviting many of the biggest men at Gold’s to his apartment after their workouts, especially late at night. He had special plans for an inner “play chamber” based on his own proclivities and compulsions (see Morphed Muscle Tit Freaks, Big Boy Muscle Camp, and Tit Freak Sex Orgy). He did not think too much about whether it would be embarrasing for him that the entire Gold’s world would know about his habits. In actuality, the more quickly the word spread as to what he was willing to do, the greater the likelihood he would draw the interest of the freakiest, most dominant top men at the gym.

Once he heard that Mike was moving to Venice, Chuck wanted to come along too.

“Dr. Laurens, since I’ve had every single one of your procedures, I’d be the ideal front office representative to show my results to the guys. I’ll seal the deal each and every time.”

“Not true, you’ve not had the male enhancement procedure yet.”

“That would be adding insult to injury, as big as I already am. Look at the size of my jock strap as it is.” And Chuck slid his trousers down to show Dr. Laurens his enormous basket.

“Speaking of jock straps,” said the doctor. ”I think I’ll have you wear that jock strap in the office when you’re doing your consultations. Tell you why. I really want to showcase the glute striation work that I do for bodybuilders. Turn around so I can see the glute work I did on you. Yeah, that jock strap should get some volume going with the glute procedures. Especially with the younger bodybuilders.”

“Yeahh, the younger bodybuilders!” exclaimed Chuck with extreme passion. ”I’ll scout all over the gym for the best candidates!” (see Chuck’s Augmented Physique and Chuck and Troy for more detail on Chuck and younger bodybuilders).

“And make sure there’s enough mirrors in the consultation room so I can pose all my enhancements for the boys! Here’s all the ones I’ve had, I haven’t forgot any, have I?”

*Shoulder extenders *Biceps PMMA *Triceps PMMA *Pectoral augmentation (I can’t count how many times we added on) *Quadriceps extenders *Calf implants *Glute striation work and gluteal tightening (the latter for muscle whores and compulsive fist receivers—STRICT PROCEDURAL CONFIDENTIALITY ASSURED)

“Why are you bringing up gluteal tightening, Chuck?” asked Dr. Laurens. ”I don’t recall your having a problem back there. Was there a need for that procedure on you?”

“NO! I never had gluteal tightening and I certainly don’t need it, but I definitely know some bodybuilders who desperately could use it (from what I hear), including some of the top musclemen in the field. The fans would definitely be shocked and surprised to know the identity of some of these dudes. As a matter of fact, didn’t a clean-cut Mr. Olympia winner recently come to you for gluteal tightening after becoming sloppy and stretched out due to his weakness for large black dicks? There’s a rumor in the bodybuilding community that he suffers from a compulsive need for extremely large black cocks every single day, sometimes requiring multiple fucks per day. Apparently he satisfies his urges by paying top-dollar to premier escorts to dominate him with the most gigantic, ebony cocks that can be found within the various escort markets across the United States. Using escorts serves this top bodybuilder’s need for discretion, provides a practical method to obtain the largest “for sale” cocks in the nation, and accommodates this Mr. Olympia’s travel schedule for shows, guest posing, etc. Reminder: he’s got spiked, blond hair and a blocky physique.”

“How about the muscle freaks who stay lubed-up inside their jock straps on a twenty four hour basis?” continued Chuck. ”Or how about the dudes who wear underwear that’s equipped with a zipper in back for quick access? That type of under-gear can be ordered discretely from Extreme Open Hole Impulses, Inc and from Zipper-Slut Breeder Boys, Inc., companies that cater to the large population of rear end receivers in the bodybuilding community. The dudes who wear that gear are on the prowl for opportunities in quick-access locations like the men’s rooms at sports bars, or truckstops, construction sites, backstage at bodybuilding shows, and even in back alleys following sporting events. At the sporting events, the bodybuilders wait for drunk skinheads and other hard-dicked studs to leave the stadiums in search of trouble in alleyways that are in the neighborhood of the stadiums. After dark, the boldest muscle whores unzip themselves like prison bait, indicating that their holesare available. In some cases, ex-convicts and gang bangers line up and fuck the bodybuilders through their open zipper holes one right after the other.”

Note: please see “Morph:Jeans”, a titmorpher favorite (top entry on Favorites Page) for an illustration of an extremely muscular and receptive ass with open-access availability, typical of the asses available after a sports event (courtesy of falchiongamma). This illustration gives a direct understanding of how the bodybuilders are so successful at pulling the penises of so many hard-dicked straight men into their asses.

“And of course the end result is grossly overused holes which badly need gluteal tightening,” concluded Chuck.

“But some of the bodybuilders like being loose and sloppy,” said Dr. Laurens. ”I’ve heard some of them maintain that their sloppy glutes attract the dominant tops and hot pitchers who have the largest cocks.”

My friend Military Mike is one of those freaks. He’s an example of a bodybuilder who stays greased on a continuous basis in order to take advantage of urgent access opportunities and situations. Bodybuilders like Mike don’t even undress for their fucks, they just unzip, grab the meat, and slide it in. Some of them, like Mike, carry around a can of Crisco, and everybody knows what that means. Dr. Laurens, I know I’m going off on a tangent but I’m just describing how I’d approach selling your clinic’s procedures to the bodybuilders. I’d use a very discrete sales approach to get those particular muscle guys into your offices for a consultation, assuring them that our procedures will actually increase their future opportunities for getting fucked and fisted on a daily basis.”

“OK, you’ve got the job, Chuck. But don’t forget the male enhancement procedure,” said Dr. Laurens. ”I know you haven’t had it yet, but I think a lot of the younger men will be even more impressed with your overall physique if that jock strap bulged out even further than it already does. The youngsters are always impressed with extreme specimens of manhood.”

“Really?” asked Chuck. ”Is that your actual experience or are you just saying that? Well, I guess I’ll have to think about it. We want to pull out all the stops to get the younger bodybuilders in for their procedures.”

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