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Graduation party

by Jefftaur

Steve and the rest of his friends have a huge graduation dance party. It’s already a blast even before the “novelty cup challenge” starts the guys chugging some special boytaur-making beer.

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Part 1 Steve and the rest of his friends have a huge graduation dance party. It’s already a blast even before the “novelty cup challenge” starts the guys chugging some special boytaur-making beer. (added: 1 Mar 2009)
Part 2
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Part 1

Steve was psyched! School was done, graduation was over, no more homework, no more teachers, it was time to party! Later there would be college, more school, but… well, that was a ways off. He wasn't ready to think about that yet, anyway. Right now it was time to ditch the tie and cap and gown and get over to Matt's house before his friends finished the keg.

The party was in full swing when Steve got there, music booming from inside the house, and Matt shoved a beer into his hand the second he walked in.

“Was worried you wouldn't make it,” said Matt, grinning as Steve took his first sip.

“No way am I missing this. School's over!”

“Cheers!” cried Matt, clinking his plastic cup against Steve's.

The both took another drink.

“Man, what is this beer?” asked Steve. “I haven't tasted one like this before.”

“Special brew,” replied Matt, grinning mysteriously. “C'mon!”

He and Steve stepped into the living room where the rest of the guys were dancing and horsing around.

Steve jumped right in and started dancing, saying hi to the guys, while Matt went off to pour more beer. Soon Steve ran into Brian, and they whooped and raised their glasses high.

“Here's to no more English with Mr. Oldford!” yelled Brian.

“Shakespeare can go fuck himself,” Steve concurred.

“Ugh, you nasty!”

“Dumbass!” Steve slapped Brian upside the head.

Brian laughed. “Careful, you know what the penalty is if you spill my beer?”


“You have to go get me another one!”

“Ha ha. Get your own.” Steve took another drink.

“Man, is it hot in here?” Mike was sweating and tugging at his tight T-shirt.

Steve tugged at his shirt as well. He'd only been dancing a few minutes but it was already feeling uncomfortable, overly tight and plastered to his body. “Yeah, it's a bit warm.”

“Fuck it,” said Mike, and pulled his shirt over his head.

There were a few mocking whistles, but when Steve looked at Mike, he looked really built. It was no wonder Mike's T-shirt was so tight, but it was also kind of surprising. Mike had always seemed like a pretty small guy. Mike took a swig of his beer and got right back into the beat.

“When in Rome,” said Brian, and shucked his shirt as well. Steve was surprised to see how built Brian was as well; he looked even more built than Mike. Brian was his best friends, but he had no idea he looked this good shirtless. Maybe it was the beer. Steve drained his cup and went to look for Matt.

Matt was leaning against the keg, nursing his beer as he watched the other guys dance. He was sweating too, but looked pretty happy, despite the damp T-shirt clinging tightly to his pecs.

“You got any A/C in here?” asked Steve, as he held out his cup for a refill.

“It's on full blast, dude.”

“It sure doesn't feel like it.”

“It's just the beer.” Matt handed Steve's cup back to him. “Have another one and soon you won't care.”

Steve shrugged and accepted the beer, turning back to find Brian and Mike, as Matt poured another for Brad.

Most of the guys were shirtless now, so Steve followed suit. It felt a lot better that way, the cool air on his hot, sweaty pecs. He felt a drop of sweat trickle down in the valley between his pecs, and work its way down the cobblestones of his abs. Damn, this beer was good. He felt hot and pumped. His dick was getting hard in his jeans from dancing with all his buff, shirtless friends. Amazingly buff. Man, Brian was looking hot. And when did Brad get that ripped 8-pack? Fuck, was he the only who hadn't gotten shredded this semester?

He felt another drop of sweat trickle down his abs and looked down at himself.

“What the—?”

Steve looked like he'd just stepped out of a Bowflex commercial. His pecs were vast, his abs bulged, every detail of the muscle visible. Steve slowed down dancing a moment and flexed and arm. A huge bicep rose and fell, hard muscle beneath taut skin.

Another rock-hard, sweaty body bumped into his.

“C'mon, man,” said Brian, “don't just stand there.”

Steve turned to see that Brian was now just as much as musclestud as he was. He grinned, downed another swig of beer, and joined Brian in grinding to the beat.

Half an hour later, he was working on his third beer, still dancing with Brian, both of them looking like amateur bodybuilders, when Matt made an announcement.

“All right, guys!” he shouted over the music, clapping his hands to get their attention. He was almost as muscular as Steve and Brian now, his massive pecs flexing as he clapped his hands. “Jon here is taking the novelty cup challenge!”

The guys cheered as Jon held up a giant plastic cup with some logo plastered across it—it didn't matter from where. What mattered was the fact it was the size of a small bucket, and brimming with beer. Jon held the cup in front of him, taking deep breaths in preparation, his thick chest rising and falling.

Matt shouted out, “Go!” and Jon brought the cup up to his mouth, biceps bunching, and started chugging.

“Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!” they chanted, as Jon downed the entire bucket of beer. Steve was amazed at his capacity, but then, he was a lot larger than he was before. They all were.

In a surprisingly short amount of time, Jon downed the last of the brew and held the empty cup over his head in triumph. All the guys cheered! Matt snagged the cup and took it over to the keg to fill it for the next challenger, when Jon suddenly doubled over, grabbing his shoulders.


“What is it?”

“What's wrong, man?”

“Don't puke!”

“My shoulders, fuck!” said Jon. “They're burning.”

Brad reached over to massage them but Jon suddenly reared up.


Steve was probably the only one who noticed, but Jon was so turned on his cock was poking up out of his jeans. But it wasn't just one shaft, there were two of them side-by-side. But before he could say anything, Jon doubled over again and two new arms suddenly ripped out of his shoulders, behind his original pair.



“What the fuck?”

Jon stood back up again and held his four hands in front of himself in wonder. Then everyone noticed how much taller he was. His 8-pack had become like a 14-pack.

“Fuck, man, you've got two dicks!”

But before Jon could reach down for them, two bulges of muscle suddenly swelled at his sides, and this time two legs burst forward. As he fell forward onto them, two more cocks burst out of his new crotch. He froze for a moment, fallen forward onto his new front feet, four arms spread wide for balance.

“Holy shit.”

“Jon, dude.”

Jon gathered himself up, getting his four feet firmly under him. His massive front dicks bobbed in front of his body. The waist of his jeans snapped and he used his back pair of hands to slip them off his hind ass, and stepped free.

They all just stood there staring at him until Matt returned with the giant cup of beer. “All right, guys, who's next?”


Part 2

They all just stood there staring at him until Matt returned with the giant cup of beer. “All right, guys, who's next?”

Everyone's hand shot up at once.

“Fuck, I want some of that!”

“Dude, what's it like to have four legs?”

“Screw that, what's it like to have four cocks?”

Jon was still using his four hands to examine himself, and didn't even look up to reply. “Fuckin' awesome…”

Dave didn't wait for anything, he just grabbed the beer from Matt's hands and started downing it.

“Chug! Chug! Chug!” chanted the crowd.

Steve took a step over to Jon and reached out to grab one of those front hardons.

“Oh fuck, man, that feels good,” Jon moaned, rocking his hips and thrusting all of his cocks forward. He used three of his hands to grab the cocks Steve wasn't holding, and used the fourth to feel his abs and pecs.

A cheer suddenly went up as Dan finished his beer. He stood there woozily for a moment, everyone watching him in anticipation. Suddenly his torso shot up with extra abs like John had, and then new legs were bursting forth. He dropped forward onto them confidently, not losing his balance like John had, and grinned when two new cocks burst out of his front groin.

“Fuck yeah!”

“Where are the arms?”

“Fuck, I don't care, I just wanted the legs and cocks,” said Dave, grabbing his front hardons. He sighed in pleasure and his head rolled back.

“Me next!”

“No, me!”

Matt laughed. “Don't worry, there's enough for everyone.”

Brian noticed Steve playing with Jon's massive dick and came around the other side of the jocktaur stud. Jon was using two of his hands to rub his hind hardons but couldn't reach them as easily as his front pair. Steve let go of Jon's left front dick and let him take it over, and Brian and Steve both ducked down under Jon's taur body and pulled his hardons to their lips.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” moaned Jon, rocking his back hips forward, shoving his dicks deeper into their mouths. He let go of them with his back hands and used them to feel up Dave, who had trotted over as the other guys fought over who would get the next beer. Dave grabbed both of Jon's front shafts in his hands, and Jon returned the favor, still using his other hands to feel up Dave's slab-like pecs and cobblestone abs.

“Chug! Chug! Chug!” the rest of the crowd was chanting again. Steve glanced up and saw that Brad was downing the cup now. At halfway through, two cocks were already poking above the waist of his jeans. He'd barely finished it when he doubled over like Jon had—Matt caught the cup and ran back to the keg.

“Oh fuck, it really fuckin' burns!”

“Here he comes!”

Brad let out a roar and reared back, his body changing all at once, new arms shooting out, torso extending, abs multiplying, new legs and cocks bursting forward. He fell forward and almost slipped on his new bare feet. While he was regaining his balance, arms in all directions, Mike helpfully slipped his straining jeans off his hind ass. Brad stumbled out of them, still unsteady even with four feet, but making a bee line for Jon's exposed hind ass. He grabbed both Jon's shoulders and his ass, and sent his right front cock, thoroughly lubed with precum, into Jon's hole.

“Fuuuuck,” groaned Jon as he lurched forward, his hind dicks pulsing in Steve's and Brian's mouths.

Immediately Brad was thrusting away, chanting in rhythm, “Chug! Chug! Chug!” Jon and Dave chimed in with grunts and moans.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh, fuck yeah!” Simultaneously, Chris transformed and Jon came. Steve and Brian were practically chugging Jon's come as it coursed out of his hind dicks, while Chris's body shot up and his new front legs and cocks sprang free. Mike slipped off his jeans too, and Chris trotted over to have a go at Dave's inviting hindquarters.

Steve and Brian wiped their mouths, but Jon's cum had poured down their chests and abs as well, which seemed to be bulging with even more muscle than before. None of his cocks softened at all, in spite of having coated Dave's chest and abs with cum as well. Steve and Brian got up and headed over to Matt and Mike to get their turns with the beer. Steve felt his double cocks poking above his jeans already, and noticed that Brian's were too.

Mike's eyes widened when he saw them. He offered them the cup Matt had just handed him. “Here, you guys can go first.”

“Naw, man,” said Brian, “you look like you're ready to go.” Mike's cock had definitely gotten bigger, it was poking up too, but there was still only one of them.

Mike, still having trouble tearing his eyes off Steve and Brian's cocks, brought the giant cup up to his lips.

“Chug! Chug! Chug!” Matt started the chant, giving Mike an encouraging grin.

“Chug! Chug! Chug!” chanted the rest of the crew, as they thrusted and grunted and groaned.

Even though he'd blown up with muscle like the rest of the guys, Mike was still smaller, and had trouble getting through the whole cup. Finally he finished it but almost immediately dropped it, coughing and stumbling. Matt snagged the cup, but stayed to make sure Mike was okay. Brian grabbed Mike's muscular shoulder to steady him.

Mike's cock had grown another couple of inches up his abs, quivering. Mike coughed again twice, three times, and with each spam, his eight-pack between a ten-pack, and then a twelve-pack and a fourteen-pack.

He let out a sudden yell and shot up another couple of inches, and finally his new legs shot forward and he was falling forward onto them. As his new feet hit the ground, two new cocks sprang out from his new crotch and bounced in front of him. But his hind cock was still only a single.

“Do you want to try some more?” asked Matt, as he helped Mike step out of his jeans.

“Naw, it's cool,” said Mike, stumbling a bit as his left hind got caught in the jeans. “Three's all I need anyway… two to jerk, and one to fuck myself with.” He grinned and demonstrated, grabbing his front cocks in each hand, thrusting his hind hips forward, making his hind dick knock his front balls out of the way.

Matt laughed. “All right, then.” He held up the cup. “Who should I fill up for next?”

“You should go, man,” said Steve.

“Yeah!” agreed Mike.

“All right,” Matt said, laughing again, “but you guys have to do something for me.”

“What?” asked Brian.

“You'll see.” Matt winked and went to fill up the cup for himself.

He was already chugging it as he walked back, and the chorus started up again from the four guys fucking. Mike hadn't joined them yet, he was waiting to see Matt.

“Chug! Chug! Chug!”

Brian yanked down Matt's jeans before he was even halfway done, and Matt's swelling cocks bounced free.

“Chug! Chug! Chug!”

“Yeeah!” Matt let out a yell as he held the cup aloft, pumping with his hugely muscular arms. “Woo!” With each pump, his body grew and grew. Extra abs popped in on his lengthening torso, two by two, his muscles swelled with size, a second pair of arms joined in pumping. Then his new legs burst forth, along with his new cocks, shooting out like torpedos, and he dropped forward onto his new feet with a wide grin.

“All right!” cried Mike.

“Lookin' good!” said Brian, slapping Matt on his heaving, rippling back.

“Now what was it you wanted us to do?” asked Steve.

Matt winked again and trotted over to the keg. When he came back, he was using all four hands to hold two giant cups of the beer.

“You two gotta go at the same time!”

Steve and Brian each grabbed their cup and grinned at each other.

“Cheers!” yelled Brian, and they both knocked them back at the same time.

“Chug! Chug! Chug!” all the guys were chanting.

Steve could feel his body swelling with each swallow, his muscles bulging, his cocks about to tear his jeans apart, his torso stretching just like the other guys' had.

Finally he got to the end of the beer, and he and Brian threw their cups away at the same time. They were still eye-to-eye, but several feet taller than the other guys, with sixteen-pack abs, and physiques that would put bodybuilders to shame.

Then Steve's shoulders started to burn, but it felt good. He could tell from the smile on Brian's face that he felt it too. Then, it almost felt like his body was tearing… and there they were, his new arms! Steve used his four hands to feel all his abs, while Brian flexed his biceps.

Suddenly the burning started on the sides of his torso. He shifted a pair of hands to the spots where it felt like his body was about to explode… he knew what was coming! A second later his hands were knocked aside as his new legs came bursting out, actually ramming into Brian's as his shot out at the same time. They laughed and dropped forward onto their new feet, and finally their front cocks popped out… all three of them!

“Whoa!” said Mike. “Check it out!”

Steve reached back and felt three cocks between his hind legs as well.

“Fuck, yeah,” said Brian, and immediately stepped over to Steve and started making out, both of them grabbing each other's cocks with all their hands. Matt motioned to Mike and they each ducked under their friends taur bodies, and started working on their hind cocks.

And so it went, all night long. Like Jon, all the guys found they could cum, not just once, or even just twice, but dozens of times before their cocks even thought about going soft.



The next morning Steve awoke in a pile of legs and arms. He pulled himself free and struggled to get all four feet under him. Finally up, he looked around and found Matt and Mike enjoying a morning multi-legged fuck. He grinned blearily at them. His cocks tingled, rising and knocking against each other and his legs. Matt motioned him over and Steve was about to join them when he glanced at the clock.

Shit, he thought, gonna be late for work.

He found his discarded jeans, but then realized they weren't going to help much… there was something odd about them though. He shook them loose and was amazed to see four legs uncrumple from the ball of denim. He slipped them on. They were a perfect fit, even roomy enough at the crotches for all his cocks. His shirt fit his newly buffed, four-armed torso, too, and there were four matching shoes near the door. He laced them all up, took a deep breath, and headed out the door to face the world.

But an even more amazing surprise was waiting outside: no one seemed to notice him. He got admiring stares for his muscular bod, but no shocked reactions to his extra limbs. But they were still there, oh man, were they ever. Every step of his feet brought a tingle to his cocks, and every swing of his arm brushed rock-hard biceps against rock-hard triceps—Steve hoped his jeans wouldn't tear trying to hold back his hardons, but damn it felt good.

By the time he got to work, there was a grin on his face that nothing could stop. Maybe he was a little more ready for life after high school than he'd thought!

3 parts 3,455 words Added Mar 2009 15k views 5.0 stars (12 votes)

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