Site Update 3 October 2020
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Site Update: 3 October 2020

This week’s story from me is about a painter who gets caught up in something strange he doesn’t quite understand, including a strange symbol and a dreamlike guy he isn’t sure exists, all while starts things slowly changing around him. It’s one of those stories that started adding its own layers as I wrote, and it feels like there’s a lot of room for twists Wes doesn’t know yet. I definitely want to come back to this one and keep exploring what’s happening to my new guy here.

Speaking of spooky happenings and ghostly guys, it turns out that this year I have an update that falls on Halloween, 31 October. So I’m issuing a Call for Stories centered around Halloween and the supernatural. I already have a couple of contributions lined up, and I’d love to have a big chunk of the update devoted to all the sexy things that can happen to a guy when the membrane separating us from the beyond thins to the breaking point. I’ll see what I can do about adding to the mix myself, so if you have a Halloween story or idea, by all means send it in.

Humble thanks to my Patreon supporters, who make it possible for me to write as much as I do. The next update is 17 October, and in the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

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