by Josh Dugan

 When Envy the green eyed monster has four legs because your friends can grow them and you can’t.

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I was visiting Joe at his house, waiting for our friend Terry to join us. The three of us usually hung out together, and Joe’s place was our normal hangout. The thing today was that Joe was now four-legged.

I wasn’t used to it. A lot of the guys were trying it. It was interesting in its own way, but I didn’t seem to be able to get the hang of how they did it.

You had to be athletic, you had to have good looking legs, and it seemed you had to have someone as a kind of sponsor or mentor, even if that person didn’t know anything about how it worked either.

Somehow there was a karmic force involved that you could either muster or not.

Anyway, Joe had tried to help me become four-legged, taking me through the exercises and the thought process. And while it was great to see him working his four beautiful legs, I was not able to get there. He tried not to make me feel bad, because he wasn’t really sure how he’d done it.

“You’re kind of leaning forward with your legs crossed ahead of you,” he patiently explained as we spread out on the floor side-by-side, me trying to emulate his graceful and long legged poses, “and you picture yourself reaching your legs out behind you at the same time.”

Well, they were crossed in front of me and I was reaching forward towards them and trying to imagine what it could possibly like be like to have two more legs simultaneously reaching behind me, but despite my sincerity and physical effort, I remained strictly a biped.

Joe smiled at me sympathetically, trying to cheer me up, glorious on his own forward- and aft-splaying legs. The slight fatigue in his smile lifted as a knock came at the front door, and in walked Terry, handsome on four new Michelangelo legs.

“Nice,” said Joe. “Who is your mentor?”

“Bennett,” said Terry. “He wasn’t sure how he did it. He couldn’t get it.” He bit his tongue, noticing me. “Sorry.”

“No worries,” I said. I felt a pang of sympathy for poor Bennett, having to be a good sport about succeeding in making his friend four-legged while he couldn’t make it happen for himself.

How on earth this worked was anyone’s guess, except that it didn’t seem to take any particular genius or talent. It was so aggravating, but you couldn’t feel anything but awe for the guys who somehow managed to sprout four really impressive legs.

You’d see them here and there, running track with two fast pairs of handsome, synchronized legs, shooting hoops with graceful, gazelle-like four-legged leaps, climbing out of the pool with four sleek, dripping wet legs, or just hanging out with each other or with their staring, dumbfounded biped friends who tried to be cool and nonchalant amid the provocative redundance of legs.

So we hung out as usual, me having a little bit of a hard time feeling like things were the same as always but Joe and Terry relaxed and comfortable, talking about nothing in particular, with foursomes of legs casually splayed or folded beneath them.

It was warm enough that I thought root beer floats might be a good idea, to give me something to do while Joe and Terry looked at each other’s foursomes of legs more and more, and I offered to do the honors, because we had done floats before and I knew there was still enough ice cream in the freezer and root beer in the fridge.

In the kitchen, I found the root beer float glasses and the special long-stemmed spoons, and fetched the root beer and ice cream from the fridge. I could hear Joe and Terry wrestling and guffawing in the den.

The root beer fizzed wonderfully over the ice cream as I carefully poured it into the three glasses, carefully inserting a long-stemmed spoon into each.

Wrapping a paper napkin around each of the glasses, I carried two of the floats into the den to give to Joe and Terry, who pulled away from each other as I rounded the corner.

“Thanks!” each of them said as I passed them their floats. “Man, these are good!”

I went and got mine, and returned to see Joe and Terry seated on the floor at right angles to each other, scarfing their root beer floats, their statuesque foursomes of legs interlaced with each other’s.

“We’re making a ‘leg cabin,’ smiled Terry with a wink, as Joe flushed and smiled at him, while I sat down to eat my root beer float.

“That’s hilarious,” I said.

I collected up the empty root beer float glasses and spoons, inwardly boned at the sight of Joe and Terry blushing with arousal as their foursomes of legs crisscrossed each other, and I was in the kitchen rinsing the glasses and spoons and putting them in the dishwasher.

I could hear Joe and Terry guffawing and wrestling again, with the sounds of occasional thumping as their multiple legs hit the floor while they wrestled.

“Holy shit,” Joe was saying, laughing.

“I know,” answered Terry.

As I rejoined them, they pulled apart, sweating and flushed, their handsome faces alive with lust, and that’s when I said, “Holy shit” myself.

Boners. Big, aroused boners. They had removed their clothes and wrestled naked, but besides their beautiful foursomes of legs, all I could see was their boners.

“God!” laughed Terry, folding his four long legs against his chest as he sat up to look at his boners, his huge handsome front boner and his handsome hind boner, the one between his new hind legs.

“Sorry,” Joe said to me, smiling. “I think we’re just surprised,” he said, as Terry nodded in agreement.

They both burst out laughing, trying not to, probably for my sake, but I could understand their tension mixed with pleasure, as my gaze wandered between Terry’s fully alive pair of enormous boners and Joe’s, an undeniable benefit of their fourleggedness, big as life, sprouting beautifully as they resettled their foursomes of legs, making room for their double sets of boners, their handsome faces flushed with arousal as they exchanged smiles with each other and smiled at me as well, to be polite.

“I love the boners,” I offered, trying to think of something to say, taking a seat.

“Yeah, I know,” Terry said, his left arm around the knees of his two left folded legs against his chest, his right hand reaching down and holding his front and hind boner against each other, his right legs splayed resting on each other.

“Kinda changes everything,” said Joe, leaning back on his hands behind him as he arranged his four legs beneath him, crossing his hind legs and getting his front legs seated in the lap of his hind legs, then crossing his front legs, his two pairs of legs handsomely crossed on top of each other, his front and hind boners wagging and bumping each other as they boned straight upward from among his four crossed legs.

“Um, what do you want to do?” he asked Terry, looking more at Terry’s four legs and two big boners than at Terry himself.

“I don’t know,” smiled Terry, speaking more to Joe’s four legs and Joe’s pair of boners than to Joe. “This is so cool.”

“I know,” said Joe.

“Your penises are way bigger, aren’t they?” I asked, immediately embarrassed by the stupidity of my question when the answer was so obvious. It was hard to make conversation, especially with Joe and Terry so aroused by the sight of each other’s enormous front and hind boners, on top of being boned by the sight of each other’s beautiful, long-muscled foursomes of legs and their big, lazy foursomes of handsome feet.

I detected a touch of sympathy as Joe and Terry gently giggled at my question, and their blushing, aroused faces registered agreement as they gazed upon their beautiful pairs of towering sex organs, pairs of penises that throbbed with arousal, rising vertically from their amazingly beautiful sets of four legs.

“I guess that being four-legged just naturally gives you huge penises,” Joe said, his hand comfortably holding his two enormous penises against each other, their sensitive lengths swollen at the feel of each other and at the feel of his relaxed hand around them.

His four legs smoothed themselves against each other unconsciously, squirming with arousal. “They feel so good. I mean, having four legs already feels good, so heavy and all, and it feels so nice to have four of my feet, which is almost too many to know what to do with, but wow, two penises, two huge penises—I hadn’t realized I’d have two of them, but I love it. No wonder they’re so huge. It’s like almost too much to deal with, a giant pair of penises to go along with four of my legs” he giggled, blushing as his hand lovingly felt his giant pair of aroused phalluses, his other hand smoothing itself along the muscular contours of his four thighs. “I know I’m babbling,” he giggled.

“I don’t think you’re babbling,” smiled Terry. “I know what you mean.”

He crossed both pairs of his legs in front of him, Terry’s four beautiful feet relaxing all over each other, as he fingered his own enormous pair of penises, then taking each penis in hand with both hands, the swollen, beautiful penis shafts tall and engorged, reaching well above the gentle grasp of his hands. He wiggled his wrists slightly, making his two giant penises waggle slowly, bumping each other. He and Joe both laughed at the sight of Terry’s big penises bumping against each other.

“I mean, it makes sense that my hind legs would have their own penis, logically,” Terry said. “But it’s one thing to mentally understand having a second penis but it’s a whole order of magnitude greater to actually see it and feel it and to actually be a guy with two penises, especially when both penises are so huge, so beautiful and huge.” He was blushing, aroused at having two enormous penises, each hand lovingly in possession of one, and then wrapping both his hands to surround both of his penises at once, the two enormous, beautiful penises looking like they loved being held against each other. His four crossed legs squirmed against each other in arousal, their long muscles gently flexing as the four beautiful legs weighed upon each other, the soles of his four feet so shapely and beautiful as they rested upon one another.

“I kind of didn’t imagine what having four legs would be like, or what it would be like to have another penis with my new hind legs, or to have both of my penises so huge,” he said, looking from his own set of penises to Joe’s, as Joe and Terry searched each others’ eyes and found comfort in their mutual experience of four-leggedness, their common arousal at having such enormous pairs of beautiful penises.

“You look so good with those four big, handsome legs of yours,” Joe said, smiling at Terry, adding, “and those two beautiful big boners.”

“I just wanted them for you,” Terry smiled. “And for me,” he laughed, Joe sharing his laugh.

There was a knock at the front door.

“It’s open,” called Joe, and in walked Bennett, the one who couldn’t get it before, now handsomely four-legged.

“Awesome!” said Terry, as Joe gave a low whistle of appreciation. Bennett had nice legs to start with, but with four of them, he was a knockout. He kicked off his four flip-flops, his four feet handsome in their new redundancy. I felt the twinge of envy along with my reflexive arousal at the beauty of Bennett’s new foursome of legs, the swell of his four thighs and quads tapering down to his four knees, swelling anew with his four smooth, bulging calves and resolving in those handsome feet, the four of them graceful and masculine, the statuesque feet of a dancer, a dancer gifted with this surfeit of beautiful legs, moving among each other with grace.

I found I had to force myself to take my eyes off the four of them, just to give the Bennett the courtesy of a greeting. “Hi,” I offered, involuntarily gasping at the beauty of his smile as his eyes met mine.

“Hi,” he said, looking glad to see me, pleased to see me trying to shift my attention to him from his four beautiful legs.

Terry laughed. “So I couldn’t do it for you,” he smiled. “How’d you get four legs?”

“Actually, I think you did do it for me,” Bennett replied, seating himself comfortably on the floor with his front legs crossed, resting on his crossed hind legs under them. So many feet, I thought to myself. I couldn’t get used to it, and I was aware of my heart pounding as my eyes followed the folded contours of his four beautiful legs at rest upon each other.

“But you were still naked and two-legged when I grew my four legs,” Terry said.

“Until after you pulled on your extra shorts and left,” Bennett said. “I was kinda bummed for myself even though I was happy for you. I mean, your four legs are beautiful.”

“Thank you,” said Terry.

“I kept going over it in my mind,” Bennett said, “and I couldn’t make any sense of it. I actually lay down on my bed and drifted off. I had kind of a dream about you trying to help me, and you gave me some kind of advice or tip or something, I don’t remember what, and I remember saying, ‘Oh, that’s it,’ in my dream, and for some reason I started having a wet dream, and I woke up really having a wet dream, with come everywhere on me and all over my bed, and come to find I was four legged.”

“Nice,” said Joe.

“I know,” said Bennett.

Nobody said much after that, but there were a lot of legs in the room, and Bennett kept running his hands over his four legs as he, Joe and Terry blushed, looking at each others’ foursomes of legs. Boners would follow, and of course I was already fully boned.

“Coffee, anyone?” I asked, trying to get up while tenting majorly. They were still smiling at each other, too distracted by the quiet, shapely excess of handsome legs.

“I’ll get some,” I said to no one in particular as I headed to the kitchen, leaving them quietly considering the beauty of their foursomes of legs.

It stayed quiet out there while I was in the kitchen getting the coffee ready.

I was pretty involved in concentrating on getting the right amounts of ground coffee and water loaded into the machine when a warm pair of arms began hugging me from behind, and when I turned to look, there were Bennett’s lips right there on mine, as his arms embraced me and he sighed with pleasure as he kissed me.

“My four legs aren’t for me, but for you,” he said, once I recovered from his kiss.

“But the dream you had was about Terry,” I said.

“I lied,” he chuckled, his eyes riveting mine as he embraced me anew.


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