Site Update 19 September 2020
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Site Update: 19 September 2020

As promised, this week’s update is a “Vignette Party” where suggestion-tier Patreon supporters get one-scene stories based around what they’d like to see, if they’re so inclined. This time I got three requests, all of which were tremendous fun: a continuation of “Remodel”, with our newly extra-limbed Reece doing some yoga and meeting that tailor Jared mentioned; a small-town track star getting a reality check at the big State U. and pledging a jocktaur frat; and a side-story from the “Arsenal of Secrets” ‘verse, involving a horny young warrior and certain carnally-tasked magical beastie.

You’ll note that “Jocktaur Pledge” in particular is considerably longer than the word “vignette” would suggest, and I admit I’ve given up trying to force myself to write short when the story’s being too fun to write for its own good. Well, it’s still one scene, so it counts! :) Anyway, I hope you find something you like. There’s a lot of other interesting stuff down there, too. I thought I might be short on contributions this week, but I ended up with a nice buffet after all.

The next update is 3 October; in the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

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This week’s new stuff: