Next level love: Location enabled

by Eclipse

 Mateo’s been feeling small lately, but his new app is all he needs for a boost.

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“You know Gan, you can type faster if you use both hands.”

Ganymede smirked, tightening his grip around Eros’ dick. “Are you really complaining?”

“Nah, but I want to get this done.” Eros and his divine other half were spread across their giant bed on a veranda overlooking the gardens of Olympus. Comfy as it was, Eros was still working furiously on the app.

“Fine,” the former prince mock whined.

“It’s not gonna take much longer, drama queen. I’ve already patched the whole thing with the repetitive task bug. No more task grinding for levels! And for certain tasks, the users are required to check in to areas. No saying you went to the gym without actually going.”

“That’s great! So, no more glitches?”

Eros frowned “Well, I think… I sent it out for another round of testing already.”

“You’re too impatient,” Gan said, pulling Eros into a cuddle, shoving his own laptop away.

“Is it too much to ask for time with my husband?! I’m the damn God of Love and Sex; everyone else gets to enjoy it but me.”

Gan laughed. “It’s okay sexy, we’ll have our alone time soon. I really appreciate you’re trying to spend more time with me though.”

“I know.” His computer pinged. “Oh hey, the test copy is active!”

Mateo was not happy. Every morning he woke up and stood in his boxers before the mirror, and he’d frown.

From an outsider’s perspective, Mateo was blessed. Sure, he wasn’t built like a brick house like his father and the other men in his family, but he had other gifts. He was slender and svelte. His skin was flawless without effort and the only fat on his body was on his rear, leading to no shortage of envy from his sisters and cousins. He was the perfect twink.

But that’s not what he saw in the mirror. No, Mateo saw a scrawny nobody. He saw a guy who was too thin, no muscle, and with a small member down below (he was actually average). He was blind to the desperate looks from closeted guys and deaf to the flirting of every top in the university. His self-doubt was only fueled by accidental comments from his Tia that he had eyelashes any woman would kill for—though she, of course, meant it as a complement.

Today, he had had enough and marched his way to the gym off-campus. He felt imagined stares as he pushed the door open, his heart starting to race. He relaxed as he saw the tall athletic trainer with his hair pulled back in tight box braids. “Got your text. So, what’s your big emergency?”

“Leon, I’m done. I’ve done everything I could, and I’m not putting on any muscle. I need your help.”

Leon couldn’t help but laugh. “Matty, you’re a lot better off than like ninety percent of the guys I work with. They’d kill for your abs; hell, I’d kill for your abs.”

“I only have abs because I’m skinny; they don’t count.” Mateo huffed. “And don’t call me Matty! We’re not kids anymore!”

“Hey, you’re the one who wanted me to call you that back in the day.” Leon gave him a grin bright enough to light up the night.

“Okay, fine,” Mateo sighed. “Just, can you help me or not?”

“You know I’d do anything for you, man. Everyone knows pinky promises on the playground are for life.” Mateo rolled his eyes. “C’mon, let me get a few measurements so we have a starting point.”

Annoyed as he pretended to be, Mateo could never be mad at the walking ball of sunshine. As he stepped up to the scale and let Leon crawl all over him with a tape measure, he couldn’t help but think about the days on the playground. Fate clearly had different plans for them as puberty hit Leon like a truck, turning him into a built man with near golden proportions.

Leon jotted down the last few numbers. “Well, best thing I can say is that if you want to be bigger, you need to eat more—a lot more. And by that, I mean decent food.”

“You know I get sick when I eat too much!”

“Well, I don’t have any magic potion for you otherwise. I’ll cook the chicken for you myself if we have to. Next, we’ll start you on a simple four-day program, basic stuff…”

Mateo tuned him out and stared into the free weight area. To be completely honest, there were two reasons he had chosen to use this gym instead of the one on-campus. The first, obviously, was to work with Leon who definitely wouldn’t judge him. Being in front of so many people… well, he needed all the help he could get. The second was because of the man named Dmitri.

Perhaps “beast” was a better word than “man”. He came to the United States as a foreign student and instantly made waves. Rumors circulated about how he had to have been on a steady dose of HGH since he was a kid. He was the biggest at the university—well, not counting the quarterback and his boyfriend, but they were in a completely different league and more importantly taken. Dmitri was single and so far, had hardly looked at any women. Mateo (and every other gay guy in a ten-mile radius) waited with bated breath hoping for evidence to whether he was gay or not.

Mateo sighed without realizing, watching the living hulk heave plate after plate onto the bar. The man’s neck was thicker than Mateo’s thighs. That was nothing compared to Dmitri’s thighs which were easily as thick, if not thicker, than Mateo’s waist. He fought not to swoon, watching those massive, vein-webbed forearms twist and jump as he made a note in his workout notebook. He tossed the book in his bag and chalked his hands. That’s when he saw Mateo watching him. Mateo felt his heart skip a beat. Dmitri stared back through the mirror with a haughty smirk before heaving the bending barbell up in a clean deadlift.

“What’s your goal?”


Leon leaned in and flicked his ear. “Earth to Matty, you can drool over the meathead later. We need a body goal for you.”

“Oh right,” Mateo blushed as he rubbed his ear. “Um… well, I don’t need to be huge I guess, just ‘jock’ status?”

“Jock status, we can work with that.” He made a note and stood. “Alright, time to get started!”

“Wait, we don’t have to go in there with everyone else right?”

“Yeah, but…” he stopped and saw Mateo tremble. “Oh, I get it. How about for this first one we go into the yoga studio. It’s always empty right now.”

“Thanks,” Mateo sighed, already feeling better with Leon’s smile.

The workout was quicker than Mateo expected, but Leon didn’t pull any punches. The upper body workout absolutely destroyed him. After finishing cooling down, Mateo slumped onto a yoga mat. Leon shoved a protein shake his way, but Mateo tried to wriggle away. “You’re gonna drink the shake, or I’m going to get a funnel and force it into you.”

“But those taste terrible!”

“Do you want to get bigger or not?”

Mateo took a reluctant sip, and his stubborn look melted into a sheepish one. “Chocolate peanut butter?”

Leon grinned. “Knew you wouldn’t drink it otherwise.”

“Thanks, maybe I’ll actually put on weight.”

“One step at a time. For now, you’d better rest up. Big leg day tomorrow!”

Mateo groaned internally but muttered to himself, “I’m gonna do it this time. I’m gonna get big.”

“Yeah man, you’re gonna do it!” Just then, Mateo’s phone buzzed in his gym bag. He fished it out and got a strange notification. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah… some weird game advertisement?”

Back in his dorm, Mateo opened up the strange app. An explosion of pink and purple hearts flew across the screen revealing an animated twunk with a bright pink tank top and teal running shorts. Both left little to the imagination.

“Hey there Mateo, my name is Eros and welcome to Next Level Love, the game that brings you closer to your soulmate! You’ve been chosen to participate in the closed beta for version 2.0 of the game. Both you and your soulmate have been given a copy of this app. We won’t tell you who he is just yet; it’d ruin the fun! As you do stuff in your own life to take care of yourself, you gain points to find out more about him. You can even buy special perks for either him or yourself to really take your relationship to the next level.”

“Great, my phone got a virus.” He reached to close the app.

“Wait a second! This isn’t a virus, I promise! We’re testing out some things, and I can promise you won’t be disappointed. Even with our glitches we have a 100% success rate with our matches! You have nothing to lose.”

For reasons he wasn’t sure of, Mateo decided to indulge the app. “Okay, so how do I play?” Eros led him through a quick tutorial, including the simple Lover’s Embrace perk to start. It was then that Eros popped up again.

“For completing our tutorial and for finishing all of your tasks today, you’ve leveled up two more times, congrats! You can use those points to purchase more for your soulmate or yourself. We’ve even created new location-based perks, so you can even get a bonus while working on your tasks. Finally, we’ve got some info on your soulmate.”

On the note page, a single line had been added: Loves lifting at the gym.

Mateo felt a mix of emotions. On one hand, he was happy his soulmate was probably jacked. On the other… he looked in the mirror again and groaned. “Okay, that first one is definitely being used on me. I have a lot of catching up to do.”

His finger hovered for a moment over the shop icon. “It’s not cheating, it’s just a little boost.” He skimmed the options before picking one.

Hyper Healing

When you go to sleep, you will instantly reap the benefits of your workout. Your muscles and joints will be completely healed. It is impossible for you to overtrain, no matter how long you workout, so long as you get at least six hours of sleep.

“Perfect, that’ll buy me some time. All I have to do is workout every day, and I’ll be making gains in no time!”

Mateo bounced into the gym, nearly breaking into song. He’d never felt so rested before. It felt like the stress from school, life, and everything had completely melted away. Best of all, it felt like had been cuddled all night long; he guessed that his soulmate also sent the Lover’s Embrace. He was on top of the world, he even forgot to look in the mirror. “Someone woke up on the right side of the bed,” Leon said, looking Mateo over. “I was a little worried when you didn’t text me back. You’re not sore at all?”

“Nope, let’s do this!”

Leon let out a shaky laugh. “Oookay, let’s start with some warm-ups. We’re doing a lot of leg work today.”

“Alright-” Mateo cut himself off as he saw the mirror. He was going to complain about how far he had to go, but his reflection was different. “Are the mirrors warped?”

“No, we’re not about lying to the members.”

Mateo stared. He actually had muscle. Not much, just enough to be considered fit, but he wasn’t scrawny. He lifted his shirt, seeing a six pack. It might have been there due to just being thin, but it wasn’t a bad start.

“Hey, Narcissus! You can flex on us later, let’s get some work in first!”

“Right, yeah, sorry!”

After the workout, Mateo was a sweaty lump on the floor. Leon shook his head. “Your attitude is awesome, but you might want to take it easy until you get a bit more adjusted to the routine. You don’t know your limits yet.”

“My legs are jelly,” he moaned back. Leon shoved another protein shake in his hands. Mateo leaned against the wall in a little ball, slowly sipping. Leon slid down next to him. “How’d I do? Do I have a pump yet?”

Leon snorted. “You’re doing fine, but it’s gonna take time. You gotta be patient.” He then got back up to his feet. “Rest day tomorrow, I think you’re gonna need it. My next client is here, so I’ll text to check in on you later. If you’re still feeling like shit, I’ll bring some food by.”

“Thanks, see ya,” Mateo groaned into the shake. Everything hurt. It was going to be hell in a few hours, that is, it would be if he didn’t have a magic app on his phone. As soon as Leon was out of sight, he whipped his phone out.

“Hey there, looks like you had a really productive-” Mateo cut off Eros, tapping furiously to get to the shop. “Okay, okay, fine! Calm down!”

The shop loaded with several new options and a ton of points to use. “Okay, recovery first.”

Green Potion

Your body is completely rejuvenated, and your stamina recovers at a faster rate than humanly possible.

The smell of peppermint filled the air, and he felt a soothing cool flow across his sore muscles. “That’s better… now, what’s next?”

“HEY!” Eros shouted from the corner of the screen, tossing on his shop apron. “Slow down, I need a chance to get ready! I get what you’re doing, but that perk is only going to really help you in the short term. How about you try one of the location ones?”


“If you were listening, you’d know you can apply them to places where you complete tasks.” Eros grumbled. “Like the gym for example. You can use the perk to help you with your tasks and since your soulmate likes lifting here, it could help you guys hook up.” With a snap of his fingers, the shop changed to a new tab and scrolled down to a list tagged “Gym.” “Why don’t you try this?”

Senzu Bean

Resting and drinking a protein shake from the gym will immediately remove all soreness and restore your stamina.

Mateo chose it, but then he saw a different one just below it.


Your gym is focused on those who want to build muscle. Anyone who works out there will always reap the maximum benefit of their workout as if they had perfect health, sleep, and stress. It is incredibly easy to bulk or cut.

“Wait I thought I removed that one…”


“Nothing! Um, maybe you don’t wa- and you clicked it.” Eros groaned. “Okay, but I’m adding this one automatically. You don’t want to deal with their questions.”

Reality Filter

You went too far, didn’t you? The massive changes you’ve made and will make in the future will not be questioned by anyone. Only you and your soulmate will notice.

Mateo threw the doors open to the gym, eager to see the changes. It was still busy, but there were less people overall, and there seemed to be more men that usual. While the building looked the same, the racquetball courts had been replaced by an expanded free weight area. The kids area was transformed into extra machine space. Right in the center of that new area was Leon, cranking bent rows on a smith machine. He was soaking in sweat and rocking a crazy pump. “Wow, you’re on fire!”

The weights hit the bottom and Leon wiped the sweat off his face. “Today I’ve been feeling great! Add another 25 on that side okay?”

“You sure you’re not trying to show off for someone?” Mateo joked, tossing on the plate.

“Maybe,” he shrugged back. His back looked ready to tear the sides of his tank top. “Are you seriously working out today? You’re still a beginner, you need to rest.”

“Don’t worry, just wanted to do some cardio.” He tried to sneakily look over his shoulder.

Leon huffed. “He hasn’t come in yet.”



Mateo blushed. “I—”

“Don’t play dumb, it’s pretty obvious you’re crushing on him. He’ll be in though; he always trains legs today.” Leon rolled his shoulders and gripped the bar. “Hang around and you’ll run into him. Just don’t do something stupid.”


Mateo wandered for a bit, debating if he wanted to actually do cardio. Going into the free weight section alone? Absolutely not. He settled on a treadmill with a perfect view of the free weights when a commotion caught his attention. A bunch of guys took over the empty benches, earning more than a few annoyed glares from everyone. They were freshmen from the university who all seemed to have TikTok e-boy builds—in other words their personality was that they had abs. Mateo nervously looked at the mirror again. A small flame of pride blossomed in his chest; he was actually slightly bigger than them.

The party boys were working arms today, but as far as anyone could tell, it might as well have been a dick measuring contest. They were fighting over who could grab the highest weight. Mateo sighed; it definitely wasn’t the show he wanted.


It was a single word, and more of a rumble at that, but Mateo nearly fell off the treadmill. He turned and came face to face with a giant sweaty chest that was torturing the straps of the stringer that barely held them back. His eyes slowly started to crawl downwards over the thick roidgut, but he wrenched himself upward to look into the eyes of Dmitri. “Hey,” he managed to squeak out.

“I saw you here the other day, right? You’re gonna put on some good size if ya keep this up. We should work out together some time.”


With that they exchanged numbers. Dmitri smiled and lumbered towards the locker rooms. Mateo stopped the treadmill and slumped down, heart racing and trying desperately to make sure his erection couldn’t be seen.

“I gotta get bigger, I gotta get bigger…” He kept up the mantra as he kept looking between the mirror and his phone. “There’s gotta be a good one here somewhere…” Just then he was interrupted by a text.

>> Hey man, are you doing okay? I don’t want you to hurt yourself. Don’t feel like you have to rush or anything okay?

He hammered off a quick response to Leon assuring him he was fine. Right as he hit send, a shock rocketed up his arm. He clutched his stomach and watched in shock as the joints of his hand popped and stretched. Suddenly, he remembered his soulmate also had the app.

Mateo moaned with each pulse of growth rippling through him. It grew from his abs and moved outward in waves, disproportionately starting with his legs and forcing his upper body to catch up bit by bit. He flexed, forcing the growth into his biceps, watching the peaks grow higher and more cut. “Not… enough…” He growled. His clothes said otherwise, ripping down his pecs and splitting up the side of his quads. He slammed his finger into the phone again, choosing a perk without looking.

Gym Leader

You might still be on your journey to be the best that ever was, but you’re pretty damn good already. You are one of the biggest guys at your gym and others look to you for advice and motivation.

The fire inside him burned brighter and brighter. Each breath seemed to engorge his body a little more. With a roar, he flexed and blasted the clothes to shreds leaving only his boxers. The tortured underwear now looked more like a poser, only holding by a thread. He looked himself over in the mirror. Where once had been a twunk now stood an amateur bodybuilder practically ready for his first show. “That’s good for now, but I’m gonna have to really grow some more to get Dmitri to really fall for me.” He brought his arm up and could practically hear the skin stretch. He flexed in the mirror for all of half a second before the frown returned. “I forgot I need to balance out…”

There’s the Beef!

The bulge you show off will be noticeably large in proportion to the rest of your body.

With a final snap, his underwear gave up the fight and joined the rest of his clothes in tatters on the floor. A ten-inch slab of cock now hung soft from his body with thick balls to match. Almost naturally, a cocky grin spread across his face as he flexed.

“Nice to see a bit of confidence on you,” Eros chirped from the app, “but don’t you think you should maybe spread the love a little?”

“You’re right!”

Eat Clen, Tren Hard

Simply training at the gym will give patrons the benefits of being on an aggressive steroid cycle, but with none of the drawbacks.

“Humans, I swear to Auntie Hera…” He rubbed his temples. “Okay, listen. I’ve seen a lot of relationships, good and bad. That’s why there’s the app, we’re doing the work for you to make sure the guy on the other end doesn’t just like you, he loves you. Best part of all? He’s gonna love you regardless of what you look like. The app isn’t to make you attractive to him, it’s to enhance and nurture what’s already there. For you both to grow together!”

“He already loves me?”

“Y’know if you actually read the notes, you’d know that. He’s crazy about you.”

Mateo opened the list, more than a little embarrassed.

•Gym rat
•Fantasizes about you
•Wants to get as big as possible
•Exclusive top
•Can help you relax

The talk with the app and the notes gave Mateo a lot to think about when he got to the gym, though that last one felt like a call-out. However, all of the other notes were pushing his buttons. He was so deep in thought, he almost walked into the wrong locker room. He shyly backed away, considering skipping.

“Walk in the streets with you in your worn-out jeans-Hey!” Leon cut himself off on seeing Mateo.

“Holy…” Mateo realized he never considered what that last perk would have done to a guy who worked for the gym and practically lived there. Leon was huge yet absolutely shredded. Despite the app’s magic, his sharp taper and tight core were only enhanced. He was some golden combination of Serge Nubret and Phil Heath, but still kept his usual hairstyle.

“See something you like?”

“Damn, you’re looking good… wait, were you just singing Taylor Swift?”

“Yeah, so?”

Mateo playfully shoved him, but this time he sent Leon staggering. “Shit, sorry!”

“It’s okay man, guess you don’t know your own strength. You’re really blowing up.” Leon paused for a moment, but Mateo hardly noticed. “Let’s get started. Gonna need to do something intense to tire you out now.”

“Bring it on!”

They headed over to an open space to do some dynamic stretching when Mateo saw the frat boys again, but they too were changed. All of them looked like they had done nothing but lift through high school and even though their legs were still lacking a bit. They were still rowdy and if anything, cockier than ever.

“I hate having to clean up after them…” Leon groaned watching them, but then had a sly grin. “Hey Matty, wanna help me out a bit?”

“What do you need?”

“We’re just gonna work with a group.”

“What?!” Suddenly, Mateo felt small again. “I… I don’t know…”

“Just follow my lead, besides you’ve got nothing to worry about. You’re twice as big as them.” Mateo looked in the mirror and realized he was right. He swallowed hard and followed his friend.

“Hey guys, you mind if we work in?”

It was as if a flock of peacocks all decided to fan their tails at once. All of them were clearly flexing, despite trying to look natural, yet when they saw the two massive men, they all seemed to shrink.

“Always fun to work with a group don’t you think, Matty?”

“Yeah,” Mateo replied, though he wasn’t so sure. He didn’t have long to think before Leon was shoving dumbbells into his hands.

“Matty,” he whispered. “You deserve to be here as much as they do. Show them what you can do. Don’t even think about them, just focus on me first.”

Mateo nodded, keeping an eye on Leon’s blinding smile. The first rep felt like the world was watching, but the second came easier. Then the third. Then the fourth. Before he knew it, he completed the set and was sitting on the bench while Leon did his own. Leon was giving out advice as he did, but Mateo could only sit with a smile.

The other frat guys were completely hypnotized watching Leon and Mateo, the new targets of their hero worship (and other worship that would happen in their fantasies) but neither man knew it. They were completely focused on their work.

“You should be proud,” Leon said at the end of the session. “It’s not so bad being in front of others after all, huh?”

“Shut up,” Mateo laughed, but his cheeks burned. He still couldn’t believe he did it.

As he left the gym, his phone buzzed. It was Dmitri.

>> Wanna workout together tomorrow? Planning on doing a second leg day.

Mateo didn’t hesitate to text back.

The mantra changed the next morning. “Not big enough, not big enough…” He could practically hear Leon telling him he was fine, but yesterday was around normal guys. Dmitri? That was a different story.

He could help but feel smaller and smaller the more he thought about it. He gasped for breath, then shut his eyes. He focused on Leon’s warm smile. Slowly his chest released. “Okay… Leon would say I can do this. He’d say I’ll be fine.” His eyes fell to his phone. “Buuuuut… a few extra pounds couldn’t hurt right?”

He skimmed through the list, seeing a handful of good ones but nothing seemed to fit what he was looking for. “Wait, if I pick a change to the gym that stacks with the Gym Leader perk… it’ll make me even bigger automatically, right?”

Supersize Me

Those who go to your gym are absolutely addicted to growth. Everyone is committed to pushing the human body to the limits of what sizes are possible… and thanks to this app they often exceed those limits too.

He had barely confirmed his choice before the familiar waves of growth washed over him. He fell to his knees, groping his pecs greedily as they swelled into mountains. The overdeveloped masses stuck far out over his now rounded abs as his shoulders and arms seemed to be in a race to push the most veins to the surface by their swelling bulk. His best assets of course were still his titan legs and shelf-like glutes. He gasped as the growth built in his balls for the grand finale, stretching them to the size of tangerines, then lemons. His cock erected into an eighteen-inch tower. He roared as a massive load unloaded into the bottom of his chest.

“Now… now I’m ready…” He panted. He looked into the mirror and small Mateo flickered back for a moment. “Maybe a shower first.”

The gym had completely changed. What was once a futuristic looking place that was more of a sports club was now a top of the line facility solely focused on bodybuilding and powerlifting. Thanks to the recent changes it was packed with guys trying to get as big as possible. The posters of soccer moms at yoga classes were replaced by signed posters of bodybuilding greats. A whole section seemed dedicated to posing practice with a trainer dedicated to adjusting stances. In the weight section, Mateo had never seen so many dumbbells and plates in one place as there never seemed to be a shortage of any type.

“Hey, there you are!” Dmitri waved him over towards the squat rack. “Was worried you were gonna skip.”

Mateo meant to say “No way! Let’s get started!” but it ended up “N-n-no way.”

Dmitri gave him a crooked smile but didn’t push. “So, I usually do legs today…” His voice faded away as Mateo loaded up the squat rack. He didn’t expect all of the other guys to be so much bigger now! Even the frat boys were ready for at least an amateur classic competition… and judging by the bulges down below as they playfully grabbed each other they seemed to have discovered something along the way.

“Hey, are you listening?”

“I… I’m sorry, I’m nervous, I don’t usually workout without Leon and…” Dmitri looked at him and grinned. “What?”

The hulk laughed. “I’m surprised you agreed without him. Aren’t you with Leon?”


“He and I work out sometimes. He won’t shut up about you. Truth is today’s just a pump day for me. I asked you to work out with me, because I wanted to make sure you were the right kind of guy for him.”


He shook his head and then put his hand on Mateo’s shoulder. “You’re fucking blind. You’re too worried about what you don’t have to see what you already have.”

“I’m not with him though, I’m just, no, he’s… He’s like my best friend.”

“A boyfriend is just your best friend that you wanna fuck.” Mateo was speechless. Dmitri shrugged and racked the bar. “Okay, who was it you went to for help?”


“And who texted you each morning to make sure you were okay?”


“And who was your biggest cheerleader, celebrating every little victory? Who’s smile got you to calm down?”

“…Leon.” Everything was falling into place. “Oh shit, Leon… Leon has the other app…”

“You know what you need to do.”

Mateo hugged Dmitri. “Thank you!”

“Don’t worry about it,” he grunted. He then saw the frat guys watching his every move. “Y’know, I think I’m wanted. You better get going.” He winked and lumbered to the locker room. While the group of frat guys obediently followed as if hypnotized, Mateo bolted out the door.

Leon lived off-campus in an apartment down a sleepy street. Mateo hammered on his door, nearly splintering it. The other residents of the apartment peered at him, but all of them were too intimidated to ask him to knock it off. Finally, Leon answered the door in only a bath towel. “M-Mateo?! What are you doing here?”

“Leon, please, I’m so sorry! I was so stupid and-” He stopped when Leon started to laugh. “What’s so funny?”

“This is just like when you thought you broke my Optimus Prime when we were kids.”

“How was I supposed to know the leg bent that way on purpose?” Mateo sighed, but began to blush as he realized the judging stares follow him. “Can I come in?”

“Yeah, c’mon man.”

He ducked under the doorway and carefully squeezed inside. He was afraid to break the furniture, so he sat on the floor, which was more than a bit of a challenge for him at his new size. Leon sat across from him. “Kinda wish you came a few minutes later man… I just got out of the shower.”

Mateo had noticed and was hoping Leon didn’t notice the effect it had on him. “I… uh…”

“You good? You look sick. I’ll grab some medicine or something…”

“The app!”

Leon stopped. “What?”

“You’re the other one, right? My,” Mateo swallowed hard. “My soulmate.”

Leon held up his phone, showing the familiar pink hearts. “Guilty.” Mateo could see a list of the changes he made, though the one at the top caught his attention first.

Eyes Unclouded by Hate

Your soulmate might be a bit too hard on themselves and can’t see what’s really there. This perk will show them how you see them.

“I didn’t grow that first night…” Mateo murmured. “You just…”

“Wanted you to see the you that I saw,” Leon sunk back into the couch. “I hated seeing you beat yourself up. I thought it would help.”

Mateo wasn’t sure what to say. For a moment he forgot he was the hulking mass he was and just wanted to cuddle into Leon’s arms.

“Though… after you started growing, I did do some of the later spurts…” Leon laughed. “Gotta say, mass looks really good on you. And hey, you did do this to me.” He motioned to his giant pecs that looked like the perfect spot for Mateo to shove his face. “I was a little worried you wouldn’t be interested.”

Mateo shook his head furiously. “I’m just sorry it took so long!”

Leon knelt down next to him and gave him a gentle kiss. “I waited this long; I was fine with a little longer as long as you figured it out in the end.” One kiss led to another… and another… and another, each slowly deepening. Mateo then felt something jab into his stomach. “I might have made a few personal changes too…”

Mateo unwrapped Leon’s massive manhood from the towel, easily several inches larger than his own. He couldn’t help but grab it. The thick pillar was all that was on his mind as he watched his fingers dance along its length. He could already feel Leon twitching in anticipation. He teased the head with his tongue. As much as he wanted to take him deep down his throat, there was something else he wanted more. “Um, Leon… can we?”

Leon was nearly drooling. “Hell yes.”

Mateo may have been the bigger of the two, but Leon seemed to undergo a transformation all his own. The friendly light in his eyes was replaced with a hunger. Without warning, Leon’s hand smacked Mateo’s copious glutes, eliciting a sweet squeal of pleasure from the larger man.

“Taunting me for years with this just isn’t fair,” Leon pushed Mateo to the floor. “How about you flex for me, stud?”

Mateo started with a double bi but crumped as Leon’s tongue flicked across him. “Hooooly shit… Leeeooooon…”

“Bigger than any guy I’ve met, but it’s easy to make you melt.” His tongue was replaced by lubed fingers. Each touch was a little shock.

“Leon, please…”

“Please what?” Leon asked innocently, adding another finger.

“Oh god… please, I need it…”

“You should really use your words, Matty.”

The nickname now made his heart flutter as he squirmed on Leon’s fingers. “FUCK ME PLEASE!”

“Good boy Matty,” Leon said, slowly working his cock in. Each inch was agony, slowly grinding through all of Mateo’s sweet spots and then drilling into new ones he never knew. By the time he bottomed out, his cock was burbling a river of pre and he was shaking like a leaf in a hurricane. “Oh no, my turn.” With a growl, Leon slammed into Mateo.

Each thrust made Mateo cry out, slamming his own hips back. He tried to hold back, knowing the whole apartment building could probably hear him, but each time Leon ground against his prostate, he couldn’t help it. He could feel Leon nip at his neck and one hand was having its way with his chest, twisting and pulling away. His cries became desperate whines. Leon pulled his cock back almost all the way before slamming in once more. “My Leon… more!”

Leon lost it with that and began thrusting at a rapid, punishing angle. One final dominating kiss later, both muscle gods came, pleasure blinding them as Mateo was filled and Leon was painted with pints of cum.

Leon collapsed onto Mateo without withdrawing, both men gasping for air. He nuzzled into Mateo’s neck. “I can’t believe I finally got to do that with you.”

“I shouldn’t have kept you waiting. If I knew it was gonna be like that…”

“Guess I owe Dmitri for talking to you.”

“You’re the only muscle god I need,” Mateo laughed, curling around Leon.

“Tomorrow we’re gonna head back to the gym so I can teach you the right way to use your muscles.”

“I was thinking maybe you could maybe… grow bigger than me?” Mateo mumbled.

“I like that idea more.” Leon thrust back into him. “In fact, why do we need to wait?”

Eros sighed. “Okay, the location idea might have been a little too overpowered.”

“Yeah, too much collateral damage.” Gan stretched and frowned. “Y’know, Zeus is gonna start asking questions if we keep fucking up this university.”

“He’s too busy.”

“Trust me, you didn’t date the guy. Anything with sex he’s like a hawk… sometimes literally.”

“It’s fine, Auntie Hera owes me a favor, so she’ll keep him busy.”

Gan flinched. “Not sure he deserves that.”

Eros shrugged and looked at the code. “I’ll patch out the location stuff later. Let’s take a break.”

“Fuck yes!” Gan shouted, climbing on top of his lover, but instead of diving into the usual passionate make out session, he stopped and frowned. The question was out of his mouth before the thought even fully formed.

“Have you been getting bigger?”

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