Casey’s mancock

by BRK

Undersized college student Casey develops a sudden need for a cock just big enough for people to know it’s there. And between his own skills and his unwitting roommate’s, he knows just how to make it happen.

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Part 1 Undersized college student Casey develops a sudden need for a cock just big enough for people to know it’s there. And between his own skills and his unwitting roommate’s, he knows just how to make it happen. (added: 2 Jul 2022)
Part 2
Part 3 Casey’s life gets more complicated as the experiment continues and his junk and libido both get harder to control. (added: 30 Jul 2022)
Part 4
Part 5 After the craziness at his class meeting, Casey struggles to figure out how to deal with his growing problem. The good news is, he finds a few people who are willing to help. (added: 27 Aug 2022)
Part 6
Part 7 Temporary placed in a holding cell, Casey starts to feel a growing, unrelenting need to cum—only he’s not exactly alone. (added: 24 Sep 2022)
Part 8 After Mike picks him up from jail, Casey realizes he isn’t being taken straight home and that Mike might have more plans for him than he’d thought. (added: 22 Oct 2022)
Part 9 Casey’s encounter with Mike’s friends, Chandra, Noah, and Paul, is starting to look like more than a one-off bet. (added: 19 Nov 2022)
Part 10 Casey resurfaces from unknown amount of time lost to sex and transformation, and reaches for the only advantages he has left to try to regain control over his life and body. (added: 31 Dec 2022)
Part 11 Feeling trapped with the men who had remade him, Casey considers his prospects—which involve a whole lot of spunk no matter what happens next. (added: 21 Jan 2023)
Part 12 On the run from his Remakers in a stolen SUV, a naked Casey encounters a lascivious truck driver and crosses paths with a possible ally. (added: 18 Feb 2023)
Part 13 As Casey avails himself of a nice, steamy shower in Fitz’s condo, he tries to sort out where he goes from here—though he knows that his ramped-up libido and the changes his Remakers had made to him were making his own intentions increasingly irrelevant. (added: 25 Mar 2023)
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Part 1

Let me tell you about the dick that changed my life.

It was the briefest of moments, so incidental it’s laughable what an impact it had on me. It was a sunny early afternoon, the Friday of my first week at our rowdy state university—a school that happened to have a premier app development program, proven by many unbalanced report cards to be the only area I was remotely gifted in, hence my presence at a notorious party school. I was leaving the dining hall, relieved to be fed on comfort food (juicy third-pound burgers and possibly the best fries this side of a Belgian friterie) and to be done with my heavy class load for the week—apart from all the reading and response work I still had ahead of me, but that’s what weekends were for.

I was passing the rows of wooden benches they had set up near the doors, and I happened to be looking to my right, toward the nearest ones, when my eyes grazed across it. The cock.

The guy was lounging idly, legs splayed a little but not obnoxiously, elbows over the back of the bench with his face up basking in the sun, eyes closed. Dark blond hair, cut close. Features hawkishly sharp but pleasant enough. It was obvious from the thin, tailored white tee and the well-fitting Coca-Cola-red cotton sweatpants he was wearing that he took good care of his body: he was fit, buff really; possibly a jock, though I was learning that a lot of guys on this campus worked out even if they didn’t play sports or aspire to the meathead bro culture.

One other thing was also obvious: under those red sweats he was going totally commando, and the curves of his dick were as visible to observers as the contours of his elegant pecs under the loose but flattering tee. He was big down there, though not huge, and though the shape and weight of it were hardly left to the imagination the sweats still invited you to guess about all the details you could not see. Between you and the truth lay a single clingy layer of thick cotton fabric… and, inches above, a simple string-tied waistband that might be pulled down on a whim with a flick of a wanton thumb.

I lost a step, staring at the outline of his dick for a long, hot second before I made myself move on, my cheeks warm and my pulse thumping in my ears as I headed mechanically toward the campus bus stop. I might have been bummed at not being able to stand there and drink in the sight of that dick as much as I wanted, except for the fact that the image was still there, burned into my memory like I’d downloaded the guy’s crotch right into my brain and given it a permanent home, just so I could stare at it at my leisure. There was a bus waiting, heading dormwards, so I got on, took a random empty seat, and gave myself over to the phantasm.

It wasn’t that he was abnormally massive. He was a rank above average, maybe two. You could tell from the subtle-but-not-subtle imprint his dick made as it sloped over his hidden balls how round and thick his flaccid shaft was, like a bratwurst. The edge of his circumcised cockhead made a visible line, and below that you could sense the glans itself, wide but also a bit pointed, like a worn-down mountain-peak. The overall vibe was heft. Manliness. This was a cock, impressive enough to be casually displayed, approval of its virile presence expected and assured.

With an absorbing totality that I can only compare with sudden alien possession I knew what I wanted. I wanted that. I wanted a cock that was visible… prominent… maybe just a little intrusive. The way Sweats Guy’s dick had so easily and cavalierly pressed itself into my awareness, making me know he had a cock despite the utter passiveness of its presentation? That. That factness of his cock. What overcame me and engulfed me, in that moment, was a need for a cock no one could miss, that no one could avoid, that impinged on the consciousness of others just by existing in my pants.

As you might have guessed I was not currently in possession of such a cock, a fact of which I was acutely aware. My dick wasn’t minuscule—not in a medical, statistical sense—but I’d spent all my puberty anxiously waiting for my daily hardons to keep on growing past the size of my thumb, to no avail. Things hadn’t gotten any better in the years since, either, any more than my scrawny, mostly hairless, average-sized, average-height body had edged past barest masculine adequacy in any other way. I had mousy hair, dishwater-brown eyes, a body that might at best be categorized as “defined” if you wanted to be generous about it… and I could probably sprawl on that bench in front of the dining hall in wet tighty-whiteys right through the lunch rush and still not have anyone notice my junk.

The rest of it I didn’t really care about. What consumed me now was an aching, inexorable, unpurgeable imperative to possess a Mancock, like him. To have a cock everyone would know was there wherever I was and whoever I was with.

It was tormenting, in a low-grade kind of way, but it wasn’t as heartbreaking as you might think. A small but substantial layer of my brain knew the cold truth that cock sizes didn’t change and that I was suck with the thumb-cock I had… but I must admit that most of me, without consultation with my more rational elements, kind of just added the outline of a Sweats Guy Mancock to the mental fantasy I kept of myself. I mean, it’s not wrong to pretend, right? As long as you don’t look in the mirror too hard or directly at yourself, and you keep your imagination fully occupied while you jerk off and ignore certain categories of sensations, it works, pretty much. I didn’t need to be eaten up with bitterness at not being able to have what had suddenly become my only and most all-important need. Because make no mistake: I did need it.

Ironically, it was that stolid, rational part of my brain that got me into trouble, because eventually it figured out what the dreaming, deliberately oblivious rest of me hadn’t: how to get a Mancock of my very own.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Spring semester I returned to discover my old roommate had dropped out and a new bunkmate had been assigned to my own slice of our collective cinder-block purgatory. To me Mike was a godsend in a lot of ways. For one thing he was a size smaller than me and even less physically impressive, though his Syrian heritage gave him a dusky skin tone I found I rather appreciated. With that came more and darker hair, above and below; and, when he grew it out, a considerably fuller beard than the patchy brownish mess I ended up sporting whenever I forgot to shave.

He was also genuinely friendly and amenable to conversation, two personality traits that definitely could not be attributed to the grumpy, odorous, Neanderthal-foreheaded brute who’d previously occupied the other book-thin mattress in Gilbert 1103. In fact Mike was constitutionally nice to the point of deferential, which I noted early on and which came in handy as my plans developed.

Most importantly, Mike just happened to be a biosciences prodigy from a family of accomplished and obsessive scientific adepts, and had already done a great deal of personal side research and experimentation into the feasibility and practical methodology of human genital expansion.

His motivations were fairly selfless: his initial interest had been sparked by the possibilities of tissue regeneration for those who had suffered injury, and were in parallel with recent cutting-edge advances in the regrowth of skeletal muscle his family was involved in that were still in the earliest stages of experimentation. After catching a furtive glance or two my way when I returned from the showers, though, I did manage to extract a bashful confession one night that he had a passing interest in dick that had nothing to do with line graphs, test tubes, and bunsen burners.

That was my hook.

I mentioned before that I had some aptitude in the area of software development, but it’s actually more specific than that. For years I’d been working on and off on a particular kind of app, one that used specially-targeted subsonic Klein-Riggins pulses to subtly guide and redirect the moods of others. There were, theoretically, all kinds of viable uses for such a technology, but the truth of why I did it was more sordid than I’d like to admit: my drive to perfect the app had always been rooted in wanting to force my bullies to shut their pie holes and leave me the fuck alone. So, yeah, my vision was… not quite as world-positive or altruistic as Mike’s.

I’d had one genuine, real world success: by my senior year my high school’s biggest fuckhead, Jerrod, had moved on to even weaker prey than me, which allowed me to stalk him unnoticed and finally use version Zeo 2d of my app and phone augment one afternoon to get him to stop looming over a terrified pipsqueak named Randy, without either of them being aware of it. That moment when Jerrod had straightened up, frowned, and abruptly marched off in mid-sentence, leaving a pale-looking Randy to slump against his locker in shocked relief… I gotta admit, I sprang the biggest I-accomplished-something-awesome hardon in the history of high school. Well, okay, maybe not the biggest, but you know what I mean. I was stoked, and damned proud of myself. I was onto something—something that humanity needed, and that only I could deliver.

So I’d kept going, even though I was past the point of having serious bullies of my own, adding on layers of software and hardware complexity and delving into the inciting of more minute and discrete actions than the “stop and go away” impulse I’d originally been driven to perfect. I was now pretty sure the latest version, Lost Galaxy 5b (shut up), could successfully induce a permanent predisposition—kind of like a post-hypnotic suggestion, but more durable and replicable—without any in-moment or subsequent awareness of me, the app, or the inducement on the part of the subject.

I’d managed to test it once since I’d gotten to State, on a hairy-eared jock I had in one of my intro classes. I’d spotted him manhandling some busty woman at a party without permission, and, watching with mounting excitement from a few feet away—this was a justifiable target if ever there was one—I quietly pulled out my phone and opened the app. Quickly and carefully I created a new foundational mood embed for the guy that linked “women” and “respect.” Once that was set up, I dialed the intensity to 7 out of 10, aimed my phone, and pressed “Send.”

For a minute, nothing happened. Then the asshole seemed to observe his arm around the woman’s shoulders, and her uncomfortable expression, and… he pulled back, his face a picture of confusion. The woman was just as perplexed, and watched him with a suspicious frown as he withdrew completely from her space and slowly backed away into the crowd. The rest of the night, and thereafter as far as I could tell, he kept his hands to himself, and had even shown up to class a few weeks later with a female friend he seemed to treat as an equal. Fuck—now those were some solid results.

All of which meant that as soon as all of the pieces were on the board—my encounter with Sweats Guy and his unavoidable dick; Mike and his junk-enhancement research; my success with the app—the plan was all but inevitable. Once I was sure of what I was going to do I couldn’t even put off implementing it for more than a few days. Maybe I was afraid I’d second-guess myself and pull back, but honestly I think it was pure impatience, underlain by that insidious, compulsive, always-present need I had now, to have the subtly intrusive dick that nature, or God, had callously denied me.

And so it happened. It was the night before everyone left for Spring Break. We were at the dining hall, both of us eating and on our phones at the same time—pretty routine for us, except my phone wasn’t open to any social media or coursework. It was open to the app.

I had already prepped and laid in my embeds, ready to transmit. The first was a craving for the sight of huge cock on other guys—that would serve as motivation. The second was an amplified need to perfect and enhance the effectiveness of the genital growth serum I knew he’d already developed to human-testing stage, though he’d so far shied away from taking this last step. Thus, the third embed: a need to test his serum on me, by sneaking me regular doses without my knowledge. I didn’t want to see it coming.

It was all in place, set up and ready in the app. There was nothing left for me to do but aim and shoot. It didn’t even occur to me to consider whether what I was doing was a good idea, or that there might be darker consequences to my embeds beyond the fantasy of having the dick I was obsessed with having. None of that crossed my mind for a second. I lifted my thumb, pressed “Send,” and it was done.

I put my phone away, joking to myself that it had done enough damage for one day, and scrutinized my friend as we demolished our stacks of warm ‘n’ juicy chicken tenders. (Honestly, our DH was aces at any food that was truly, intrinsically bad for you. Perhaps the nutrition majors were using them to conduct their own cynical experiments on bad food-choice decision-making.)

At first, Mike seemed exactly the same, studying his email like always while blindly dipping his tenders into his little ramekin of honey-mustard and stuffing them into his mouth. After a while, though, I noticed his eyes start to flit from his phone as guys periodically walked past out table, and when he bit his lip unconsciously at the sight of a particularly fortunate dude walking past, his basket obviously well-packed with goodies, I felt a shiver of excitement rush up my spine.

That night in the room he actually asked me about my dick and whether I was happy with it. I told him the truth: I wished it were bigger. He nodded thoughtfully. The next morning, as we were heading out to his car (I was seeing him off before heading on to the train station for my own homeward journey), he said he was looking forward to the rest of the semester, which might just have some “interesting surprises.”

I was fucking hard the whole train ride home. It would be ten days before we got back and started classes again, and I could not wait to see what my buddy would do to me.


Part 2

Our first day back, I was setting down my tray (crunchy beef quesadillas today—¡deliciosa!) and was about to sit down at our table when Mike, who’d strategically beaten me to his seat, suddenly looked up at me with a look of very stagey dismay. “Oh, shoot!” he exclaimed. “I forgot to get napkins. Can you get us some? Since you’re up?”

I gave him the blandest look I could, suppressing my smile with a herculean effort of will. “Sure thing,” I said, leaving my tray and slipping off back toward the condiments and supplies station. A grin had fought its way onto my face by the time I got there, though, and my excited cock was already swelled to full hardness in rank anticipation; but I managed to calm my expression, if not my dick, before I got back to the table.

Mike’s hands were in his lap when I got back, as if for some reason he wanted it to be very obvious they were nowhere near my—food? drink? I wasn’t sure. As I sat down, I deposited the three-inch stack of the DH’s big brown napkins I’d brought back onto the table between us. Mike goggled at them. “That’s a lot,” he said, surprised.

I looked him right in the eyes. “A lot can be a good thing,” I said. I wasn’t using the app, but the long process of building and refining it had involved a massive amount of theoretical research about planting and reinforcing ideas. I knew how to make words work to get things moving in someone’s head, even without the app to reinforce it, and I suspected Mike’s deferential nature made him more susceptible than most.

Mike’s expression grew coy, his thoughts sliding inward for a moment. His teeth emerged to gently graze his lower lip, a developing tell (I was pretty sure) that he was thinking about dick, and he tipped his chin down to hide a small smile before abruptly shaking his shoulders slightly and reengaging with me. “Dig in,” he said cheerily, nodding down at my plateful of Mexican goodness. “It looks amazing!”

I did grin at him then. Then we both attacked our char-grilled segments of tortilla-meaty-cheesy goodness, and, yeah, it was amazing. I ate it all, gladly and deliberately. I knew there was no turning back now.

If I could go back in time and talk to my past self… but honestly, I don’t think there was a force in the universe that could have prevented me eating every speck of that meal that night. I would have licked the plate if it hadn’t been likely to tip Mike off. Call it superstition, but I was convinced that the complexity of the embeds’ functionality, and therefore the success of my plan, depended on Mike being certain that whatever was going to happen was all on him.

Which didn’t stop me from using the last square inch of tortilla to mop up every last drop of cheese and sauce I could manage. I finished all of my fountain cherry Coke, too, just in case. By the time I was done my mouth and tummy were sated, but my dick was revving with anticipation of things yet to come.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It was five whole days before the effects started to manifest.

I had a two-pronged plan for distracting myself from the frustration of waiting: diving into schoolwork, and teasing Mike. The second part was more fun, of course. Before I’d started all this I’d been pretty guarded about getting dressed, but now I cultivated a habit of brazenly changing in front of him after I took a shower, letting him get a solid look at the goods just so I could catch that quick, fleeting stare from him that was half scientific observation and half thirst for big cock. I began regularly lounging around the place in a tee shirt and boxers, something I hadn’t ever done before, just to get him used to having a chance to watch for any subtle changes as things developed.

I knew he was “secretly” dosing me every day—that much was obvious. What I didn’t know was how much and how often. After that first night he got better at being cagey and hiding his food-and-drink doctoring; but I was pretty sure his frustration at the lack of results so far—second only to my own—was driving him to up the dosage, and maybe the frequency, too. We hung out a lot more after spring break, sharing almost every meal together (always at his insistence). I was an inveterate breakfast-skipper, and suddenly Mike was affecting a friendly concern at my lack of morning fortification. We even started sharing library study sessions (complete with snack breaks in the plaza, natch)… taking the campus bus together even when our courses were in different buildings… that kind of thing. Mike was fully engaged with this project, as caught up in it as I was. Early on in the semester we’d talked about going in on a mini-fridge, and now after break one suddenly appeared on the floor of the closet we shared, and I couldn’t help noticing it was always stocked with my favorite juice drinks and snacks, while mysteriously lacking anything Mike enjoyed. Funny thing, that.

I’ll never forget that Saturday, five days after we got back to the dorms. Normally I was all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed from the moment my eyes popped open, but all that week I had been waking up slow and fuzzy-headed—my only real proof so far I had that I was in fact being medicated on the sly with whatever serum Mike had spent his break perfecting and upgrading—and that morning I was indulging in the chance to be all louche and logy in bed while Mike showered and I had to room to myself.

I was vaguely aware as I lolled about that I had especially insistent morning wood. I reached for it languidly under the sheet with my left hand, feeling otherwise liquid and boneless, like my wake-up hard-on was the only stiff thing about me. I grazed it with my fingertips, and a thrill just from the mere touch the pads of my fingers fluttered through me, so intense I audibly gasped.

Warily I wrapped my hand around it, and with a jolt my body sizzled with pleasure.

A rational thought worked its way through the heightened sensations. I was wrapping my hand around it. There was enough of a boner down there to do that.

The serum had worked.

The app that had made Mike dose me with the serum… had worked.

My Mancock plan had fucking worked.

My heart smashing at my ribs, I used my free hand—no way was I moving the other one!—and pulled the sheet away so I could get my first look at my own extra-personal version upgrade.

Like all guys I was used to the size of my dick. Three and a half inches rock hard; an inch and a quarter across; reddish-tan with a band of pink under the glans from the circumcision; blunt, squarish head. It curved back toward my groin a little when it was really a hard, like the overtaut intensity of the erection was bending it beyond the vertical. A dorsal arterial bulge trailed up the left side and then diverted across at a diagonal two thirds of the way up; another seemed to cut across it, making a sort of “f”. Back when I’d first noticed it, years and years before, I’d wondered if someday I’d find three other guys whose dicks spelled out “u,” “c,” and “k.”

That was my dick… before. And looking at it, feeling it, it was the same dick, only it had been scaled the fuck up. It had to be at least two inches longer and proportionately thicker on top of that. And despite having always had boners I could have pounded nails with, I now realized I hadn’t even known what “hard” was until now. My balls had leveled up too, no longer below-average, and I could feel their weight, and my cock’s weight, too.

And it wasn’t just that I was as erect as any man could ever be. I was manifesting serious arousal all over, in multiple ways. My balls ached with an urgent need to shoot. My cock was palpably hot in my grip and oozing messy precum all over my groin muscle—already the little flat area above my patch of pubic hair was smeared with pre, like my cock was applying some strange, clear ointment to one very specific part of my body. Even the scent was different: I could smell my arousal now, a faint, woodsy musk that I’d never noticed before, combining with the heat and the heft and the ooze to magnify my already heightened arousal beyond endurance.

I was hungry, hungry as fuck, and thirsty as all get-out on top of it… but no way was I going to be able to do anything before I blew the big load I was building up all over my belly. I still hadn’t moved my fist, though—why hadn’t I moved my fist?

“Wow,” Mike breathed from the doorway.

Oh, yeah. That was why.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Mike was standing near the (thankfully closed) door, damp from the shower and clutching a big blue bath towel to his waist, but as he moved compulsively toward me, wide-eyed and mouth agape, he seemed to forget about the towel and it flumped to the ground, exposing his own bent, uncut, just-below-average cock as it swelled to half-hard in what seemed like a single moment. He smelled like soap, shampoo, and the lime shave cream he used—all clean and pure compared to my carnal musk. There was no sound but my own pounding heartbeat.

He seemed not to notice he’d exposed himself to me or that he was getting visibly turned on—his focus was all on me and, specifically, on my dick. He knelt next to my bed, staring reverently at the upsized, agonizingly hard boner I had gripped in my left hand. His nostrils flared as he took in the scent.

“I had no idea you were so hung,” he said, his voice rough. The way his gaze was fixed on my cock, it was almost like he was addressing my dick directly and I wasn’t even there.

I smirked down at him, glad he wasn’t looking in my direction. So that’s how we’re going to play it? I thought to myself. Could be fun.

Aloud, I said, “Yeah, I guess you haven’t seen it… all the way hard.”

Mike swallowed. “Can I—” he began, but he didn’t finish the question.

My still-unseen smile widened. “Can you…?” I prompted.

He looked up at me for the first time. Yeah, that’s right, I’m here too. “Can I…” he started again, “…measure it?”

Not what I was expecting, but just as hot. I kept my eyes on his and nodded once. Go ahead, I thought. After all, you made it. It’s your baby.

Quickly Mike shot to his feet and moved over to his desk, oblivious to the slight bouncing of his own boomerang boner as he fished a metal ruler out of a drawer, then hurried back to the side of my bed. Kneeling again, he first gently unbent my hand from around my dick, as if he were taking possession of the thing for a moment, and then he took hold of it himself. His hand was warm and felt just as amazing as my own had, and I sucked in a noisy breath as I watched. I felt him grip, then squeeze, my precum smearing across his index finger as if my cock were marking him.

“Fuck, Case,” he breathed.

“Go on,” I prodded him, voice low. “Tell me how big it is.”

Nodding jerkily, Mike lifted the erection a few millimeters, though I was so stiff and so hard I’m not sure it would have budged much more than that. With his other hand he slid the metal ruler underneath. I winced, and he glanced up at me. “Cold,” I said, giving him a crooked smile.

He smiled back. “Don’t be a baby,” he said and returned to his work. Once the ruler was in place, he position my flat cockhead in the center, letting his ruler get doused with messy man-juice for his troubles. He wiped enough of it away to get a good look at the markings. “Six and… one eighth,” he read off officially, like an Olympic scorekeeper.

“Fuck yeah,” I whispered. Yes. This was good. This was the Mancock I’d been waiting for. Achievement unlocked! I couldn’t wait to show it off… once I got past taking care of the compelling need to climax explosively as soon as humanly possible, that is.

Mike was still looking at the ruler, like he was confirming the measurement, and some part of my brain wondered if he was going to record the numbers in some lab notebook later, alongside all the dosage amounts and times he’d given me so far… or if he had the kind mind that remembered that kind of thing without writing it down. Mainly, though, in that moment I was noticing how my erection was not only half a foot long, it was also nearly as wide as the ruler was. Wicked.

Mike pulled the ruler away. He seemed to notice the smear of precum on its middle, and then, to my shock, he brought the ruler close to his mouth, reached out with a big red tongue, and licked it away.

“Fuck, Mike,” I said, as Mike set the ruler aside on the nearest desk without looking. More words than that failed me. That was—fuck. He had just licked my precum off his ruler. Why the fuck was that such a fucking turn-on?

Consciously or unconsciously, Mike squeezed my boner hard, and I shuddered head to toe. More precum spattered on my lower belly. “Dude,” I rasped, “I gotta—you gotta help me.”

I’d barely gotten the words out before his hot mouth was around the head of my dick. I almost lost it then and there, but then he pulled his hand away and swallowed the whole shaft in a single motion, butting my stubby cockhead against the back of his throat, and—yeah. All at once I was done. I barely had time to get out a strangled warning of “Mike—!!” before I was gripping the sheets and cumming hard into his hot mouth. He swallowed it all down like a pro, turning me on even more even as I emptied my massive load down his throat.

I lost a few moments after that. When I resurfaced I was back to being boneless, like I had been when I’d woken up, though now I was now also sweaty, panting, euphoric, and completely sated in every corner of my being. Mike was playfully mouthing my softening cock, watching me with big eyes, but after a few beats of this he pulled off and smiled smugly up at me, his freshly-shaven chin and upper lip smeared with stray blotches of my rather copious spend.

I felt a twinge of regret that I hadn’t given him more. “Sorry,” I said sheepishly. I hadn’t expected to cum so soon, but the level of sensation was so much greater than I was used to, it was basically impossible to withstand.

He stood, still smiling, and I saw that his own thigh was streaked with jizz, his cock now red and soft. Fuck, I’d made him cum as quickly as I had. “Don’t be,” he said. Spotting the ruler, he grabbed it, and put it away in his drawer with the rest of his school supplies like he hadn’t just turned it into a very specific kind of sex toy. Then he moved over to his school-issued bureau and started pulling on underwear. “C’mon, get dressed,” he said, his back to me as hauled up his crimson boxer-briefs. “There’s still time to make it to breakfast.”

My stomach fluttered in faint alarm, and not because I wanted to avoid the DH’s famous blueberry pancakes. “Uhhh…” I hesitated, not sure what I was going to say next.

Mike turned and looked at me, his dark eyebrows lifted. “What?”

“I… I think I’m not hungry?” I said uncertainly.

Mike smiled, eyes glinting as he pulled up his jeans. Clean and freshly shaven with smears of cum on his lips and his thick hair all tousled, he looked innocent and debauched all at once. “Bullshit,” he said. He nodded toward my stomach. “If I can hear it, you can hear it.”

As if to clinch the argument, my traitorous belly rumbled audibly into the silence. We both laughed. “Fine,” I said, sitting up, unaccountably anxious. Spitefully, I grabbed Mike’s towel to clean my stomach off with.

“Good,” Mike said. He was still watching me, at the moment wearing just the jeans, shirtless and shoeless. “I can’t wait to try more things with you.”

Our eyes met for a second before he turned away, cheeks ruddy, to find a shirt to wear to breakfast. Maybe he was referencing the dynamic between us now that he’d blown me—were we friends with benefits? More than that?—but something in the pit of my stomach told me that wasn’t what he’d been talking about.


Part 3

I thought I knew what self-conscious was. Before that fateful Saturday I’d walked around knowing that I was not as fortunate as other guys—in height, in hotness, in cock size, all of that—but it was a safe kind of self-consciousness, if you get what I mean. To look at me I was ridiculously average: 5’9”, 160 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes. In attractiveness and stature I fell short of a lot of the guys I saw on campus and in my classes (or, I guess I should say, the guys I noticed, which kind of reinforces my point), but that averageness, that banality, imbued a comforting anonymity that I could wrap myself up in whenever I was mixing with the madding crowd. I wasn’t a pipsqueak, or an ogre—I was just meh. And as for the thing I felt truly insecure about, my undersized dick? It wasn’t like anyone could see it. It was a personal shame, but it was also a secret shame. I’d been bullied early on, but never about my dick. No one had ever jumped up on a table in the high school lunchroom, pointing at me and shouting, “Look everyone, it’s Thumb-Dick!” and setting the whole school jeering at me. (Not in real life, anyway, though scenarios like had haunted my dreams occasionally but persistently pretty much from the moment Wikipedia brutally enlightened twelve-year-old me with the unwelcome knowledge that I was less than amply endowed.)

The truth was that when it came to my dick, the only hater I had was me, and I was always more or less aware of how my having a size-S dick and being uptight about it were basically the two sides of the same coin. Both were parts of me that were completely invisible to the masses of humanity around me, hidden away in my pants and in my fucked-up psyche, respectively.

Something about that changed that Saturday. (Or “D-Day,” as I later thought of it.) It didn’t even make sense to me at the time. I first became aware of the self-perception twist I was experiencing in relation to Mike.

I’d always been a couple inches taller and a few pounds of (untoned but not nonexistent) muscle heavier than my slightly smaller, if hairier and more conventionally handsome, roommate. The whole semester we’d walked all over campus together plenty of times, especially after spring break, and I’d never given our minor size misalignment a thought. Now, though, as we walked to the DH to catch the tail-end of breakfast that first Saturday morning, him trying to hide his smirks and me still aglow with the best orgasm I could remember having, I was suddenly acutely conscious of being taller than him—like our size difference was something that everyone would notice and comment on as we walked past.

It was the same two inches as before; nothing had changed. But I was feeling that size difference like it was tied to my boosted cock size, like I’d been Mike-height before (I hadn’t) and everyone would notice my whole body boning up or something, ratcheting me up a notch larger than my mundanely scrawny roomie. His low-key smug excitement kind of fed into it, too. It was like he was parading me around, showing off the roommate that had two inches on him, as if our size difference was mapped directly to the real, still-hidden boost he’d given my rapturously happy dick.

Not that I wasn’t edgy on that score, too, because I sure as hell was. I was half-to-three-quarters hard the whole way to the DH, ramping up to an aching, full-blown erection by the time we breezed through the double doors and joined the milling crowd still lining up for the last rounds of raspberry waffles and custom omelets before the lunch reset in half an hour. I kept telling myself that even at six inches—six and one eighth!—my hard-on was still invisible in my baggy black jeans, not that I didn’t keep checking. But knowing my long-desired Mancock was there, that my once-paltry dick was no longer insignificant size and girth, no longer completely under the radar, had me red-cheeked and prickly-skinned all the way from the tray-pickup to the cashiers.

It was so stupid. I didn’t even understand why I felt that way. I kept telling myself, Dude, this is what you wanted! Revel in it! Strut, baby, strut! And I really was feeling that end if it, too. Random grins broke across my face with no warning. One of them was so sudden and so giddy it seemed to startle the omelet lady as I gave her my order for the fillings I wanted in my eggs. She must have thought I had a weird fetish for diced bell peppers, though maybe it says something nice about her that she tipped in a bit extra. No judgment from her when it came to food perversions, I guess.

On the way to the table, tray in hand with Mike’s compact form leading the way just ahead of me, I tried goading myself into not being such a noodge. I thought back again to red sweats guy from fall semester, the blond hottie with the casual dick-display thing going on. You could do that now, I coached myself. You could totally go out there in sweatpants and no underwear, just manspread and let everyone see the dickprint of your soft cock. You’re there, dude.

I knew I wasn’t, quite—sweats guy was still a size or two up from me, I was pretty sure—but even so I was way ahead compared to just a week back. “Soft,” though? Maybe not anytime soon, not with me being totally wrapped up in my dick like this. My dick-thoughts and dick-hormones were both racing flat-out like my body was the Tour de France and the yellow vest was up for grabs.

Maybe it was a good thing I didn’t actually own any dick-showoff sweats. I could buy some, though. Maybe I should buy some…

As we approached our usual table, moving to opposite sides and setting our trays down so we’d be facing each other like always, I caught Mike’s almost-smile again as it twitched at the corners of his lips. He’s got nice lips, I thought randomly. Then in my head I saw them wrapping around a certain, recently boosted part of my anatomy, and I actually had to adjust myself as I sat down so my suddenly extra-stiff hard-on wasn’t stabbing me in the upper groin.

Fuck, that’s a new problem, I thought, a thrill of giddy pleasure slithering up my spine. I’d never had to move it out of the way before!

I met Mike’s eyes. They were smoldering. Fucking smoldering. I had no idea he could smolder. “Thinking of earlier this morning?” he teased.

Now this was something he could smirk about without giving the game away. I felt my cheeks redden again and gave him a crooked smile. Fuck. I thought I’d be, well, cockier once I had more cock, but Mike was more than outdoing me in the self-satisfied department.

“Actually, yeah,” I admitted. Should I tell him I wanted to do it again? Maybe it was just the excitement of the plan having worked, but I was feeling a lot hornier than I was used to being. I was pretty sure that if he sucked me off again, right then and there in the middle of the DH, I’d still need a third blow job before I’d even begin to level off.

Damn, I hope this ramps down once I get used to being bigger, I thought. Being this horny would be a hell of a distraction in while I was in class. Or trying to study. Or sleep. Heck, just then I felt so full of energy and so teeming with sex hormones it was tough to imagine ever sleeping again.

Mike winked at me. “Good,” he said. He was all smarm—though in a very cute, boy-next-door way. Wholesome smarm. Charm smarm, if you will. He was wearing his midnight-blue polo with the tiny off-brand gold duck stitched over the left breast, and the nice, V-shaped slice of his dark, wispy but copious chest hair it exposed made him seem extra-virile. Or at least it did that morning.

“Dig in, then,” Mike went on, nodding to my plate. “The sooner you finish your eggs ‘n’ waffles, the sooner we can… do other things.”

My stomach fluttered as I followed his gaze and looked down at my plate. Had he already dosed my stuff? It was definitely possible. See, the thing is that as soon as we’d come back from break I’d started doing this thing where I very deliberately left my tray back on the rack next to the condiments while I went to fetch my drink from the fountains, making sure to turn my back on my food for a good minute or two while I methodically filled one of the DH’s jumbo 30-ounce cups with soda or (in the mornings, as now) their fresh, frothy, extra-delicious orange juice from the lots-of-pulp spigot. After three meals a day of this for a solid week I was already so self-conditioned (and, today, so distracted by own horniness) that I hadn’t even thought about it as I’d gotten my o.j. this morning, but…

We were still staring right into each other’s eyes. Had he dosed me? Did I want that? Without formulating any kind of real or definitive answer to that question I heard myself saying, “You know, Mike, I’m really… happy. With, you know, how things… turned out.”

Mike grinned wolfishly. It was a slightly open grin, and I caught a glimpse of that greedy and unexpectedly talented tongue of his behind his white teeth. “Me, too,” he said boldly. My dick squeezed hard, the wet, stubby head digging insistently into the side of my groin muscle.

Shit, are we still pretending we’re talking about the blow job? I thought. Because if that smile is saying anything, it’s saying, “Good, ‘cause I want more.”

The superlative aroma of my breakfast drifted up from my tray, and my stomach growled audibly. My heart fluttered a little, like my belly was still hell-bent on betraying me and all my secret desires.

Mike’s dark eyebrows flickered, registering his little win. Picking up his fork, he gestured toward my tray. “Eat,” he said.

In that moment, I think, an outside observer would have picked up on nothing more than a guy innocently urging his roomie to down his waffles and omelet before they got cold, but I sure as hell knew better. Nonetheless, being without options as I was, I picked up my fork and did as I was told, all the while racking my brain to figure out how I could hint a bit more emphatically that he could stop now… without giving everything away. Now that the biotransformation was real (and pulsing away impatiently in my pants) I’d was half-aware of sort of subtextual fear that bringing into the open the cock growth he’d induced in me, from his perspective without permission or experimental sanction, might just get him started thinking about where his illicit urge to experiment on me could have originated. I felt an unexpected pang of guilt, and immediately brushed away the whole problem of my complicity, along with any thought of broaching the masquerade we were now firmly entrenched in just yet. By the time I’d cleared my plate of bell-pepper-crammed eggs and yummy maple-drizzled raspberry waffle goodness (and downed all my sweet pulpy o.j., too), all under the watchful eye of my craftily-smiling minder, I was no closer to figuring out what to do next.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

That whole weekend was like a fever dream. I kept getting hard for what seemed like no reason. Mike tilting his head to look up at me, reminding me of that feeling of size disparity I’d been experiencing since that first trek to the DH. Six guys of mixed ordinariness-to-hunkiness playing a bit of impromptu keep-away with one of the guys’ phones on the campus green, a couple of them shirtless, all of them laughing. Jaleel from down the hall passing me bare-chested as I left the common bathroom area, heading for the showers at two in afternoon on Saturday with a towel over his muscley, blue-black shoulder, as though he’d accrued some sudden need to clean himself off in the middle of the day.

Every time, Mike was there, ready to lend his mysteriously high-level oral expertise to my current predicament. I didn’t even have to worry about reciprocity—he blasted in his own load in his hand every time, as if the mere idea of wrapping his hot mouth around my rigid, size-boosted dick was way more than enough for him.

Any normal guy would lay back and enjoy it. Instead I was getting perversely nervous. I wasn’t a hair-trigger-erection kind of guy (or, at least, I hadn’t been), and even at my most ridiculously post-pubescently hormonal I hadn’t been shooting huge wads of cum five, six times a day like this, each one feeling like it was the first orgasm in a week. I was so spun around by all this I honestly couldn’t tell if it was just a persistent euphoric reaction to finally getting my Mancock, or if Mike’s incremental junk upgrade had micro-boosted more than the size of my dick. What I did know was that I was experiencing a major spike in sex-urgency, more than I’d ever felt before, and the scary part was it didn’t seem to have any limits no matter how often I came—and as the hours and days passed it didn’t seem to show any signs of dying down, either.

One thing definitely preventing me from slipping into a willing sex-coma was that little snag known as classes. I might have been a savant at app development, but, as previously mentioned, my aptitude in other areas tended to come up woefully short; and, freshman as I was, my curriculum was as crammed full of dross as a hoarder’s attic and as dull as a paint-drying competition. Case in point: that weekend I happened to have a paper coming due on the Gilded Age (snore), and, seeing as it wasn’t even started yet, I pretty much had to spend Sunday afternoon in the library researching and writing the damn thing. Mike went with me as usual, whether to monitor his project or get his jollies from being around his star experimental subject I didn’t know, but once we were there and ensconced at one of the big study tables I found myself having serious trouble focusing on my laptop screen with him right there across from me. Even with him innocently poring over his own study materials—he’d brought his physical sciences text, and I was pretty sure that class was as much of a breeze for him as bioscience would have been—the fact was that just him being there, and me aware all the things he’d done to me (on multiple axes), was triggering a pavlovian response I couldn’t escape.

Worse, he’d finally cottoned on to my chest-hair fetish, presumably after all the eye-dives I’d given to his open polo the day before, and today he’d managed to dig up from somewhere a lilac tee shirt I’d never seen before with the biggest V-cut this side of J.Lo’s Grammy Awards dress. Seriously, I could see his xiphoid process.

I gulped and tried to retrack my wayward brain to the very grade-important paper I was writing. I positioned my cursor and commanded myself to stop fucking around and get this done. Where was I? Right. I started typing again. The seeds of labor discontent (I wrote) exploded in the messy Pullman Strike of 1894, led by the cocksure union leader Eugene Dicks…

I paused, frowning at the screen, then pounded on the backspace key. “Debs,” not “Dicks,” I chastised myself as I typed in the correction. Heh, sounds like a slogan for Closeted College Boys Anonymous.

I looked up to find Mike staring right at me, his eyes kindled with that strange lust of his I couldn’t be sure was carnal or proprietary. He was slumped casually over his book with his head propped up on one arm, fingers pushed into his hair, which meant that his penetrating lust-gaze was kind of up and through his lashes, his sexy-thick eyebrows almost in the way. He hadn’t shaved that morning, either, and a dark smudge of bristle framed his jaw and mouth. My cock, which had been languishing at three-quarters hard for the last half hour, stiffened instantly to full-blown erection. Damn it, I thought.

“I gotta go find a book,” I said abruptly, standing so quickly the heavy oak chair I was sitting in scraped audibly on the thin industrial carpet. Mike said nothing, but his lips curved upward into a small, knowing smile. I bolted for the stacks, feeling my cheeks redden for the umpteenth time that weekend.

You moron, I scolded myself in confusion as I took refuge in the tall, narrow rows of endless bookery. Getting a bigger dick was supposed to make you more confident, not less!

Seriously, what was wrong with me?

Figuring I ought to head for the American History section just in case—I should probably bring back some sort of tome just to save face, I thought, though either way the chagrin would be monumental—I swerved left and headed down the long middle aisle in the general direction of the library’s trove of nineteenth-century mundanities. Turning into the appropriate row, however, I slowed, hesitating.

I wasn’t alone.

This shouldn’t have taken me by surprise. This was the main library, after all, and it was the second half of the semester, a time when even slackers begin to stir and seek the perpetuation of their languid college life via the minimum of work necessary for a passing grade. Right now there were no doubt hundreds of students in the building, prowling the stacks, clattering away at their laptops, thronging the computer lab, or commandeering the reserved study group rooms upstairs for hourlong bitch sessions occasionally punctuated by actual course-related confabs. Me acting like Wall-E on an abandoned Earth was a little dumb.

In fact I was starting to think I recognized the tall, well-built blond (still obliviously browsing the Chester A. Arthur shelf) from my U.S. History course—the same class I was struggling to write a paper for that weekend. It was a hundred-person lecture in a big, soulless amphitheater-style classroom, but I was pretty sure I’d noticed him a few times. He always sported three things: a toothy grin, white sneaks, and a stripy rugby shirt, and today seemed no exception: I couldn’t see the smile as his back was to me, but the sneaks were there, and the loose, white-collared shirt featured the requisite broad stripes of rust-red and gray and showed off his naturally well-proportioned shoulders rather nicely.

He also, I saw for the first time, possessed a very sweet ass.

My cock shivered with excitement, going so hard it pushed itself out of the angle I’d had it at in order to be able to sit down and snapped back to its normal stance, proud and perfectly vertical, as I stared in entranced wonder at Blondy’s delightful butt. From where I stood, maybe nine or ten feet away, I had the perfect vantage to take in its beauty both intrinsically and relative to the whole. It was beyond enticingly formed—round and firm and a little flat on the sides, and pitched high and pert as though it were made of marble, or stone, or fucking adamantium. His light-blue jeans hugged each cheek like a jealous lover, at the same time brazenly trumpeting every curve for all to see. On him, even the seam that ran up the seat between the two cheeks seemed provocative somehow, as though it were signposting the muscle-cleavage behind it and, discreetly but unavoidably, the tight hole secreted within.

I wanted in there. I wanted to fuck him.

I’d never fucked anyone. Nor had I been fucked—heck, Mike was only the second guy to even blow me. I’d been too self-conscious before. Even in the midst of that suddenly sexed-up weekend, full of nonstop hard-ons and impromptu fellatio and more orgasms than I could count, I hadn’t thought once about butt sex. The blowjobs, and the climaxes that came with them, were too good, too all-consuming to leave traces of anything else but the white-hot pleasure of the moment.

Now, though, my brain crowded with images. Blondy, silently pulling down his jeans, exposing that creamy, perfect ass. Or, fuck, I was so hard right then I could probably push my dick right through the denim and plow straight into his tight, hot—

Mike also had a nice ass. A really nice ass. He was probably a virgin, too. Maybe he’d like it if I slid my big, stone-hard Mancock into his innocent, unbroached hole. Maybe he’d want to feel the real, fleshy results of his science-ninja brilliance pushing deep inside him, questing for that spot that would make him crave my cock in his ass forever more…

My eyes were still boring into Blondy’s rounded glutes, their stellar shape mixing in my head with Mike’s more demure but nonetheless exquisite butt. Just then Blondy shifted his weight, making his ass change position, almost as though the cheeks were taunting me… daring me.

All at once I had to cum. Had to cum. A huge, sure-to-be-brain-melting orgasm had bubbled up urgently out of nowhere, and I was going to fucking blow my load right there in the American History stacks. My brain raced. Where? Where could I go? Somehow I remembered there was a men’s room nearby—I’d used it once earlier in the semester, pre-D-Day, when I’d needed to slap cold water on my face after almost dozing off checking various books in the Reconstruction shelves for chapters on the 1876 election scandal. I could see it in my head—it was just past the end of this row. Right? It had to be. It had to be there.

Clamping down on my orgasm with every muscle in my body and every particle of will I could muster I pelted down the row, pushing past Blondy. Unfortunately the act of doing so and his surprised reaction accidentally brushed his butt against my aching boner as I slid past him, which did not help. Emitting a desperate whimper I ran, literally ran, out of the row and into the back corridor, found the men’s room (hallelujah), and dove into it and into one of the stalls. I shoved my jeans and underwear down—thank fuck for narrow hips—only just in time to start spurting more cum than a Roman legion in a brothel.

I didn’t even have time to aim it at first—I barely got it down enough so I wasn’t spitting jizz all over my purple Ninja Steel logo-stripe tee shirt (shut up), and I was so hard I couldn’t possibly have levered it down very far anyway. So I just came willy-nilly, all over the toilet, the handle, the wall, everything. I tried compensating by bending over some, changing the angle as best I could, but that mostly meant I was cumming more directly on the seat and the flush-handle… anywhere but in the bowl whence I could flush my jizz and my embarrassment securely down the pipes into sexual oblivion.

I finished, red-faced and sweaty, as much from the humiliation as from the cumming. I blinked hazily through my euphoria at the mess I’d made. Any fool would know what had happened here, not only from the visual evidence but also on account of the very powerful odor that semen seems to deliberately produce at all the wrong moments. Not exactly a CSI moment.

I straightened, panting slightly, my stubborn, still-hard dick clutched in my cum-covered fist, and tried making sense of… well, anything. My mind was a churning fog of emotions sand sensations, none of it connected or at all helpful.

For a brief second I had the most ridiculous impulse. I had to clean all of it up. With what? I thought desperately. Toilet paper? There were no paper towels in our university’s restrooms, only air dryers—those sure wouldn’t help. What would I do, seek out a janitor? “Excuse me, sir, could I borrow your mop? See, I just sprayed a quart of spunk all over one of the stalls in the second-floor men’s room—totally accidentally—so, um, if you could just lend me a few of your cleaning implements…”

All that inanity, however, was quickly driven right out of my head by a more pressing realization—namely, the fact that the cock I was clutching in my spunk-coated hand was definitely not the same size it had been when I’d woken up in a state of phallic epiphany the morning before. The heft was heftier. The length was lengthier. Not much in either case, but just enough to be positively, tactilely perceptible to my knowing grip. It was bigger. I was bigger.

I stared at the mess I’d made, feeling close to blue-screening. I had to do… something, but I had no idea what. I had no fucking idea how to deal with this.

Someone came into the bathroom, whistling something jaunty, and got into the neighboring stall, noisily slamming and latching the door. Energized by the injection of panic this induced I quickly used my other hand to awkwardly zip up, then, departing the stall and seeing no one around, I hurriedly washed the cum off my hand and got the fuck out of there, wiping my wet hands on my pants as I guiltily abandoned the evidence of my epic orgasm, there for some unlucky soul to discover. It felt unnervingly like retreating from the field of battle—a battle I had most decidedly lost. And my gut told me this was only the beginning.


Part 4

I hoped my Monday mid-morning small-group, double-length class in Java interface development would distract me from my confusingly conflicted feelings about my dream-scenario cock level-up being more complicated than I’d expected. That hope was… sadly misguided.

I’d slept late that morning, waking up to a raging hard-on and an empty room. No sign of Mike anywhere, just the faintest hint of his natural scent lingering like a place-holder covering his absence. Did he have a class Monday mornings? I didn’t think so. A study group maybe?

I checked my phone—shit, I was going to be late, and I had a boner to kill first. Hurriedly I grabbed the tiny tube of lube I had hidden in my lower desk drawer under a few blank notebooks and slicked myself up, then spent exactly three minutes jerking myself to another big orgasm, trying the whole time not to think about how massively my dick was filling my fist. As usual of late my hardon lingered after I came, red and defiant, and I stared at it as I wiped myself down.

I couldn’t escape the fact that it felt amazingly good to be hung. Just having a stiff, gently curved-back erection that I could wrap my hand around like I was gripping, I dunno, a motorcycle throttle or a baseball bat was inescapably awesome. Having this dick, though, clearly came with side-effects I had not been expecting, and three days in I was still struggling to sort out my reactions.

I should be happy, right? I was happy, right? I mean, one of those side-effects was regular blow-jobs from a natural-born cocksucker, and that was definitely a plus. The frequency with which such relief was becoming necessary, on the other hand…

I tossed the cum-towel aside into my hamper and got up to grab Mike’s ruler from his desk—the same ruler he’d licked my precum off of so suggestively a few mornings back—and sat down again, my hard-on arcing slightly toward my belly button as though it wanted to nose its way into it someday. I hadn’t been tracking my exact size, leaving that to Mike’s no-doubt meticulous science-nerd recordkeeping (not that he’d measured me overtly since Saturday, as we were both still pretending I was just a normal, hung guy no one was experimenting on, but I was sure he was keeping up somehow). That morning, though, I needed a number.

My balls were bigger, too, I’d noticed. I should probably get a tape measure and see where they were at. I could use it for girth, too. Or Mike could. If we got past the stupid game of “growth, what growth?” we were playing, I was sure he’d willingly gather all the stats he could on how big I was down there.

Just as Mike had, I slid the cold, metal ruler under my dick, pushing the end firmly against the base. Already I could tell my tool was wider, relative to the ruler, than it had been on Saturday, and when I saw where the blunt head was topping out my heart actually tripped over itself, making my pulse stutter alarmingly.

I gaped at where my cockhead was smearing its final, belated pearl of cum onto the ruler, like it was trying to mark the spot for future reference. There was a line there, one of the thick ones, and the number next to it was… 8.

My cock squeezed involuntarily, pushing out another tiny drop of cum—right onto the 8, as it happened, like it was claiming the number for its own.

Eight. Eight thick, fist-filling inches.

Okay. That wasn’t too weird, I told myself as I wiped the ruler clean with a tissue and put it away back in Mike’s desk drawer. Lots of guys have eight inches. It’s hung, that’s all. You have a Mancock. Buy the red sweats, dude, you have—a—Mancock.

Okay. This was good. Cold shower. Cold shower, and class, and life with an awesome, manspread-and-brandish, strut like a superstar Mancock.

Even having managed to get myself soft via the aforementioned cold shower, I still had a little trouble with my briefs. All I had clean was Jockeys, and the pouch was not quite big enough for my bigger, thicker dick and my heftier nuts as well. Not only that, the cut of my briefs pushed my junk up and out in a way that actually made it a bit difficult to zip my fly up over the fat, compact mound that was my cock and balls.

I managed to get everything squared away, finished dressing, grabbed my bag, and hurried out. I definitely didn’t want to turn up late for this class. I’d been lucky to place into it and the material, unlike the fucking Gilded Age, was stuff I was genuinely interested in.

When I got to the computer lab where my class was, though I wasn’t technically late yet the other fifteen students were already there, chatting idly as they waited for me (and the prof) to join them. Unluckily the classroom door was at the front, which meant that as soon as I entered sixteen pairs of eyes lifted from their monitors to skewer me. Then, as my stomach twisted, most of those stares dropped directly to my crotch.

Conversations stopped. Those students who weren’t eyeing my basket glanced at the others to see what they were looking at, then joined them in checking out what was evidently a rather more prominent bulge than anyone was accustomed to seeing on me. Red-cheeked and chastising myself for wearing my light-blue, tailored jeans and not the baggy black ones again, I passed up the center aisle and took my usual seat in the fourth row of desks, slumping low as I self-consciously booted my computer and logged into my account.

I could feel my seatmate, an easy-going, very fit lacrosse fanatic named Clint, giving me the side-eye. He had long, sandy hair (and evidently knew his way around a bottle of conditioner, because that mane was lush as fuck); lots of ear-piercings; an occasional hint of guyliner; hairy forearms; and a leather wrist cuff I thought was pretty sexy. He kept glancing over at me while I carried on pretending to check through my code, wondering where the professor was.

I could feel Clint wanting to ask if that was really all me down there. But for fuck’s sake, this wasn’t summer camp, and we weren’t thirteen. Guys didn’t ask stuff like that at our age. You just didn’t.

I really, really hoped I was right about that.

The worst part was that all the attention was literally going straight to my cock, which only made the problem worse. If I couldn’t manage to calm myself down I was going to make even more of a spectacle when I inevitably had to stand up again in front of everyone. Or… maybe I could just sit here forever. That was a possibility, right?

Just then the professor walked in—and Professor Fitzwilliam, “Fitz” as we called him, was a real DILF, too, like, he could have been some brash and buff superhero’s calmer, brawnier, slightly hairier older brother. At the same time, Clint shifted in his seat to let his knee brush experimentally against mine, forcing an electric thrill through me and swelling my cock to half-hardness. With its space cramped as it was it felt like it was pushing hard against the zipper, as though a little more force, another shove toward hardness, and the zipper teeth would start to strain against each other.

I… didn’t jerk my knee away or anything, but I must have reacted visibly somehow because Fitz turned and paused in midstep to look right at me. That, in turn, had the rest of the class turning to stare at me again—except for Clint, of course, who placidly kept his eyes front and his expression as bland as could be.

After a long second Fitz resumed his walk across the front of the room, set down his messenger bag, and started the class. By this point we were all a good ways along with our semester projects, so we were deep in our own apps in short order, with Fitz moving from station to station to quietly discuss each student’s progress and forward plans. I dug in, too, using what willpower I had to drag all of my attention to the UI architecture I was working on and ignore the now shamelessly firm press of Clint’s leg and the burgeoning, semi-stiff cock I had strapped uncomfortably over my balls. My self-engrossment in my favorite pastime was just starting to work—my dick was even on the cusp of ebbing back toward only half-hard, and I was pretty much accepting Clint’s leggy intimacy as a temporary environmental given—when Fitz suddenly looked up from where he was stooped over Daphne’s screen three rows up and said, “Casey, can you have a look at this?”

I sucked in a breath. In our first week we’d had to share an app we’d already created, however crap, and while I hadn’t (of course) exposed the actual live version on my mind-bender app, I had been able to dig up a trial utility I’d created as part of its development to model data on mood and attitude for multiple subjects. Daphne’s project, I knew, happened to involve similar biometric data handling, so it wasn’t too out of left-field for Fitz to pull me in for advice. It wasn’t even the first time Fitz had called me in on another student’s gig—though it was the first time he’d asked for me while I was packing a bulge apparently just big enough to get me pulled aside in a TSA line in case I was smuggling a bit of contraband in my underwear. “Did anyone else pack your Jockeys for you, sir?” “Uh…”

Fitz and Daphne were both looking at me expectantly. Answering Fitz’s invite with a breezy “Nope, I’m good” wasn’t exactly an option, so, excruciatingly uncomfortable but trying to hide it, I climbed to my feet.

I watched as their eyes swiveled down in unison toward my uncharacteristically packed crotch. Fitz, ever the professional, calmly turned back toward the screen beside him as if he hadn’t seen anything unusual. Daphne did not.

Slowly, and for what felt like several very long, very silent minutes, I walked the green mile from my desk to hers. Finally I was standing next to Daphne, with Fitz perched on the desk next to her keyboard, eyes on her dev constructs like they were the most interesting things he’d ever seen.

Daphne still had her eyes locked on my bulge like she’d been told never to look away or her cat would buy it.

I cleared my throat, found that my mouth had gone dry, and tried forcing all the saliva I could out of every moist surface my oral cavity possessed. Fitz pointed at the screen and calmly asked what I would suggest for the particular routine Daphne was stuck on.

I said… something. I don’t even know what I came up with. I’m willing to lay odds Daphne couldn’t have said either. All I knew was, her eyes were like fucking lasers, and I was pretty sure that, in a scenario where they really were lasers, the denim covering my straining junk wouldn’t have held up for more than a few minutes. Everyone else was staring, too, but given that I was standing next to Daphne’s desk in the front row, most of them could only see my backside. That started to feel hot, too. Fuck, I thought, if all of that were actually real I’d’ve been lucky to walk out of there with any pants left at all.

Fitz nodded, so maybe whatever bullshit I’d served him was actually reasonable. He looked up and, to his credit, steadily met my gaze as he thanked me for my help. I turned around and trudged the long walk back to my seat. As I plopped down in my chair, valiantly resisting the urge to keep going and slide all the way under the desk, Clint offered me a comradely smile. “Nice one,” he said. I had no idea whether he meant my advice, my dick, or my ass.

His leg drifted back against mine like it belonged there, and the renewal of touch somehow felt even more jarringly exhilarating than before. My cock and balls responded by redlining to near-orgasm in the space of a second. I closed my eyes and squeezed my fists. No orgasm… no orgasm…! I chanted desperately. I tried filling my head with distractions and nonsense. Random TV. Videos I’d seen. An infomercial for the Shamwow started playing loudly in my brain—I’d looked it up once after someone else had gone on about it in some Reddit sub or other—and I thought it would help, except in my version Vince Offer kept winking at me, flirting harder and harder as he extolled the product’s ability to mop up amazing quantities of cum

It was no use. Between Vince and Clint and Fitz’s DILFness and the unrelenting entreaties of my ferocious, indomitable Mancock to be able to spurt all its jizz everywhere, now, right now, now now now, I… I couldn’t handle it. I lasted five agonizing minutes before I bolted the classroom for the nearest men’s room—which was all the way down the fucking hall, naturally. This time I managed to get my ass on the seat and, through careful aiming of the explosive parabolas of cum shooting skyward from my almost immutably up-pointing, incredibly stiff erection, managed to get almost all of my spunk in the bowl, with only a few round splats of jizz landing on the inch-wide tiles between my feet.

I leaned back huffing as my release finally dwindled and died, though I was careful to keep my still-spasming dick pointed up and away from my favorite green-and-white Angel Grove High tee shirt (shut up), riding out the ragged edge of my orgasm.

I tried waiting for my unruly prick to go down, but five minutes of edgy bliss passed and my boner had still only relented by… maybe ten percent. So, yeah. I had to face the hard facts (so to speak). I needed to either go back, as I was, or walk away. Both were beyond embarrassing, but the bottom line was this: there were still 90 minutes left in this class, and bailing on such a critical course was simply out of the question.

Eventually I sighed, unspooled a wad of toilet paper to wipe the cum off my hand and a few spots on my inner thighs, and pulled up my pants, literally and figuratively. Gritting my teeth I zipped up, with some difficulty, over my vertically-positioned, ruler-straight still-mostly-hard-on, squared my shoulders, and—flushing my jizz away along with my pride—marched solemnly back to my classroom, knowing beyond any doubt that every single person there would know exactly what had just happened.


Part 5

After the debacle in Java class I wandered the campus, irrationally sure everyone who saw me must “know.” They’d heard the rumor from a friend of a friend of one of the students in my class. Some perv hacking into the CCTV had uploaded the whole thing and it was going viral. Professor Fitz had emailed a heads up about me to his colleague and accidentally hit “group email to everyone everywhere.”

My skin prickled with heat, and my frazzled brain snapped and spattered like frying bacon. The truth was none of that needed to happen for all the world to be up to speed on my dick situation. Soon enough anyone who spent any time with me would get the lowdown on just how out of control my dick was.

Fuck, I was getting hard again, just thinking about my dick going rogue. How awesome that my growing inability to manage my (also growing) dick was enough of a kink for me that it actually intensified the problem. A vicious cycle like that would only end up with me in the corner of a padded room constantly stroking and cumming all over myself, my junk expanding and libido relentlessly building until I inevitably came to some untimely but picturesque end, like choking on my own spunk or getting crushed by my constantly swelling balls.

And bingo, I was totally boned. In every sense, I thought morosely.

I sat down on a bench in the little grove of tall pines wedged between the technology/engineering cluster and the new performing arts complex, trying to stop my mind from spinning out while my thick jerk of a hard-on throbbed angrily against my hip, demanding attention. I tried to convince myself that Mike didn’t really want things to get out of hand. Now that he’d proven his serum worked and gotten what he wanted he’d scale back for sure. He had to. Keeping things spiraling into greater and greater intensity would be insane.

I had to cum. Had to had to.

No. I’m a human being and I have willpower. I can control this. If Buddhist monks can focus their concentration with enough intensity to lift pebbles off the ground, I can master my own dick. I got this. I say when and where I climax, not my stupid balls or my insatiable dick.

I was so close.

Fuck! Okay, concentrate. I already knew thinking about random TV was risky after a smirking, extra-flirty version of Vince Offer with his amazingly absorbent Cumwow had shouldered his way into my pre-orgasmic meltdown. I tried thinking about coding instead—I knew I could always get lost in that. But even as I started picturing the lines and blocks of code that had gone into my hypno app, hoping to deep dive into my safe place, my brain sadistically rerouted my imagination to the screen in my Java code class.

I could feel the room all over again. The painful self-awareness. Clint the Lacrosse fanatic’s thigh pressed against mine as he casually come on to me, adding a layer of turbulence to my already precarious state. Then I started reliving the incident with Can’t-Stop-Staring Daphne and the unfairly sexy Fitz… the run to the bathroom and the sweet, explosive orgasm I’d had there… walking back into class, the bulge from my three-quarters-hard dick feeling as obvious as a ferret and my flushed skin telling the whole story. They were all looking at me—and Fitz was the worst, because he wasn’t judgy, he was empathic. I’ve had students nut over me before, his face was telling me as I marched up the long aisle of doom back to my seat. Prof-crushes are totally normal. And yeah, okay, I would totally fuck Professor Fitz, but he was not the problem.

Damn it—spoke to soon. My brain had him bent over his desk and begging for it before you could say DILF Prof. No! I had to stop thinking about fucking Professor Fitz! Just… stop thinking, I told myself. Stop imagining dicks, and hot bodies and mouths and asses and cumming—

I was hunched over on the bench and panting a bit, no doubt attracting odd looks from the student passers-by. Trying to force back an orgasm through a sheer effort of will is no easy feat at the best of times, and in that moment it felt like pushing against the engine car of a freight train and trying to get it to go in reverse. I had to empty my brain somehow, but I had no idea how anyone actually accomplished that. How did you empty your brain? A blow to the head with a two-by-four was all I could think of.

My dick strained hard to reach the joyous cliff of release, wearing down my not-so-indomitable resistance, like an arm-wrestling opponent who’s been toying with you this whole time and is ready to go for the smack-down.

Fuck, there has to be a lumber yard around here somewhere, I thought, almost hysterical from the stress.

This was it. I was going to cum in my fucking pants right here in the middle of B campus. In my fucking light-colored jeans that would make a huge obvious wet spot no one could miss. And that would be the end. Utter mortification. I would be Cums-In-His-Pants Guy forever. There would be jokes. Hashtags. Listicles. “Top ten most epic humiliations—you won’t believe number eight!” I would be number eight. I would never live it down. My grandchildren would hear the story of how I had to run across campus with my jeans soaked in my own cum and laugh at me. Except I’d never have grandchildren because my fated husband would snicker as soon as he saw me because he’d know the story, everyone would know. Oh, god, it’s happening, it’s happening

“Dude, you okay?”

I looked up sharply at the familiar voice to find Clint standing in front of me, looking concerned. The natural lighting, combined with a bit of dappling from the trees, made him look even more enticing than he did under the classroom fluorescents. His long luxurious hair shone, his shoulders were bulging and square under his light tee, his hairy forearms were corded, and his bulge was right in front of my face.

Why was he here? Coincidence? Had he followed me? Didn’t matter. He was here, and I would beg if I had to. The shock of him being there pushed back my orgasm a fraction, but then my superficial attraction to him, my awareness of his possibly deeper interest in me, and most of all his full, sexy, cocksucker’s lips had the damn climax pushing back even harder in seconds.

“Clint…” I whined.

It was just a syllable, just his name, but he must have heard the desperation. “Dude,” he said again, like he recognized my need. He immediately sprang into action, looking around us for emergency shelter from prying eyes. “C’mon,” he said urgently, grabbing my shoulder and helping me up. He bundled me through the trees until we were in a concrete recess behind the Odeon. As soon as we were out of sight he pushed me against the stained cement wall and sank to his knees, ogling my swollen bulge hungrily.

“Hurry!” I squeaked.

Tossing a grin up at me, Clint quickly slid his long, thick hair behind his ears in a quick, habitual gesture, then popping open my jeans and unzipping my fly he yanked down my pants and not-quite-big-enough Jockeys in a single, swift motion. My steel-hard dick sprang enough on release to splatter some precum across Clint’s face before resuming its usual unconquerable position, straight up and curved back to nuzzle my lower belly.

We both stared at it in wonder for a minute. It’s only eight inches, I told myself, but it sure looked huge, as wide as a tongue and bigger than anything I’d seen in real life. Come to think of it, if this thing was growing at a rate of an inch a day in length (with a proportionate increase in girth), it stood to reason by now I probably wasn’t eight inches anymore. I had to be eight and a half, maybe even close to nine. It looked bigger than that, even, all massive and thick like it was slipping past the bounds of phallic normality.

The thought made me shiver with need. Literally the only thing keeping me from cumming all over Clint in that moment was the fact that both I and my dick wanted that cum to be spraying hard inside his mouth and down his throat, right the fuck now.

“Dude—” I gasped.

With a big smile, Clint got to work. Leaning up he unceremoniously engulfed my entire hard-on in his hot, wet mouth. It felt so impossibly good I actually wallowed in the sensation for a moment, staving off the climax that little bit more while I became this being of pure unbridled gratification. But then he wrapped his hands around my thighs and started expertly pistoning on my cock, using his lips and tongue to maximum effect, and I instantly started losing control. It felt like he’d barely started before my release started welling up, filling my senses and rocketing me past the point of no return. “Clint, dude, I’m gonna—” I rasped.

Clint redoubled his efforts, and almost instantly I was pounding the back of his throat with hard sprays of hot cum. He made a slight choking sound and pulled up a little, but not completely off, zealously gulping down my release like a champ. I kept cumming, I don’t know how much but seemingly more than any guy really should be able to, and he swallowed down every single damn drop like it was his life’s passion to do so.

Finally I subsided, and he rose, grinning widely and wiping his mouth with the back of one hand. I looked down and saw his other hand was already putting away his own not unimpressive dick, the dribbles of cum oozing over his fingers telling me he’d enjoyed what we’d just done almost as much as I had.

I half expected him to give me a cummy kiss, like Mike did whenever he blew me—my roomie being a big fan of sharing my cum with me right after I’d just released it in such an explosive manner. Instead Clint just grinned and moved close, his hot, spunk-tinged breath on my cheek. “Gimme your phone,” he whispered.

Frowning, I retrieved my phone, unlocked it, and handed it to him. I thought I knew where this was going. He entered his contact info, then sent himself a text before handing the phone back to me. I glanced at the screen before tucking it away—he’d entered himself under “BJ.”

I raised an eyebrow at him. He was still grinning, but I could tell that when he said, “Anytime,” he meant it.

I nodded, silently accepting the offer. This got me the cummy kiss after all. For some reason he tasted different from Mike, even with it being my cum either way. He smiled when he broke free, moving his lips to my ear. “Don’t be afraid to show that thing off, dude,” he said, hand on my upper arm, thumb making little sensual stroked along the muscle there. “I don’t know why you’re skittish about being hung and everything, but you know what I think?” He pulled back, making eye contact. I stared at him. He had pretty eyes. “I say, own it,” he said.

Then he winked and sauntered off, whistling something I didn’t recognize. I slumped back against the wall, trying not to think about how I couldn’t “own” it if I couldn’t even control it. At least I had an emergency volunteer blowjob wrangler, I thought sardonically. Of course, needing to have an emergency volunteer blowjob wrangler was exactly my problem.

Finally I heaved a sigh, zipped up, and started heading back to the main part of campus, still flushed and euphoric from the epic release and yet at the same time hyper-aware of how my bulge was probably more noticeable than ever.

As I walked toward the campus bus stop I could already feel the trailing edge of my next orgasm. It wasn’t here yet, but it would be. Soon.


Part 6

Own it. You should own it.

This was a mistake.

I was in the big line to get into Alejandro’s, the big, bustling all-friendly night club five blocks off campus, telling myself I needed to not be here even as I inched closer and closer to the main doors. Trying to drown my troubles in noise, bodies, and booze was not a me thing to begin with. The real reckless thing, though, was coming here. This place had a reputation—it was known for people being able to find their nut, one way or another. It started with a local meme a couple years back where internet wags were comically emphasizing the “hand” part of the name—you know, dudes, let’s go to Alehandros, ha ha, like it was code for guaranteed pleasure by the end of the night (manual or otherwise). Word was the owners even deliberately leaned into it by leaking a newly commissioned logo design that actually featured a splayed neon-yellow hand behind the traditional scarlet Gotham-face rendering of the name. No such rebranding was ever actually implemented, of course, but these days there was always definitely that little implied nudge of innuendo whenever anyone heard the name.

So why was I here? Was I tempting fate, or was I coming home to my people?

The place’s subtextual renown was still au courant, judging by my experience so far with the crowd without. I’d had my arms caressed twice, my back felt up, my butt grabbed, all anonymously by no particular member of the tight, gender-mixed crowd as we shifted and slurried toward the doors. A little while back, when the crowd experienced one of those little surges you get where everyone suddenly shifts around in confusion at the same time, I’d even had a guy “accidentally” back his butt up against my crotch and let it sort nuzzle my (not so uninterested) crotch for a bit before he’d given me an arch and very unapologetic “Oh, sorry” over his shoulder and slipped back into his little group.

Such a bad idea.

I was close to the entrance now, only a few yards back. I was gripping my phone so hard, if I were any stronger I probably would have cracked the screen. I had my hypno app loaded up and ready, all set to bamboozle the bouncer into letting me in without checking my ID, a necessary recourse as said ID would reveal I was only 19. It wasn’t the app that had me frazzled and in need of mindless diversion, though—I already knew it would work like a charm. It was actually the app that had brought me here. I was thumbing through it distractedly, trying to figure something out in my head, and I stumbled across the “no need to see his ID, he’s good” module from back when I’d fixated on getting to celebrate getting into the top-ranked software dev program here and had used my tech abilities to make it happen.

It was what I’d been trying to figure out that had me bothered. I’d been sitting at dinner across from Mike, watching him watch me with that “I’m gonna suck you so hard after this” gleam in his eye. I was fiddling with my phone, and when Mike got up to get seconds and I was done watching his ass as he merged into the crowd I realized I was opening the app, and before I knew it I’d set up a module to get Mike to stop wanting me bigger and cut off the dosing. That had to be the solution, right? I’d made Mike crave my dick getting bigger and bigger, so it was down to me to fix this. I had to try it. And yet… for the life me, as I sat there taking in him avidly downing his second plate of spaghettini with pesto sauce like was packing away energy for later, thumb over the big red button, I couldn’t do it. I could not pull the trigger.

And then the meal was over, and we were back at the room and Mike was fellating me like he’d fucking invented it and I’d been starved of orgasms for weeks—I’d had four that day already but my dick was always ready, always giving more and more pleasure every damn time—my mind was swimming. How could I be consumed with the ecstasy of sex and, at the same time, sliced through with self-doubt over my own inability to end something I’d done to myself that was only getting crazier and crazier?

I got to the front and locked eyes with the bloated WWE refugee they had manning ID check. At my side I moved my thumb and pressed “go” on my screen. The bouncer stared back at me for all of a second and a half and then blandly waved me in, and… there I was, stuffing my phone away as I entered the wall of light and sound inside the club, once again reaping the rewards of having invented a mind-altering computer program.

This, I could do. Zapping Mike, I couldn’t do. Even though I’d done it before.

Being low-key turned on was starting to become normal now, but my arousal had been ramping up during the wait on line, surrounded by all the young, horny, and occasionally touchy-feely clubgoers, and as I stepped into the club I could feel it spiking. My junk, never fully asleep these days, was taking notice, swelling a little in my boxer-briefs. I’d figured as I got ready to go out, changing clothes and slipping out while Mike was showering, the taste of his smug post-b.j. spunk kiss still on my lips, that having more meat down there was at least good for being able to better pack away my dick, shoving the thing down and under with a good, firm zip-up to keep it in place. The flip side of that was that when my anaconda started trying to uncoil, as it was now, its straining and machinations were that much more uncomfortable—and a lot more visually obvious.

Fuck. Two things to try to forget. My impotency at mind-fucking Mike, and my overpotency in… well, in the thing I needed to mind-fuck Mike over.

Even standing here on the fringes I was getting looks. More people came in behind me, forcing me further into the roiling pit of happy humanity, doused as they were in camaraderie, endorphins, and swirling magenta spotlights. Maybe it was in my head, but it felt like the crowd was parting as I went, everyone’s eyes drawn to my obscene bulge, and my brain started racking up the stares, the grins, the lip-licks, the thumbs ups…

Own it. Forget. Own it and forget.

I was heading more or less automatically toward the bar, but all at once alcohol-induced oblivion flipped in my head as a prospect from being an intriguing anxiety-panacea to completely repulsive, and I veered away, tracing a descending spiral path into the writhing mêlée of sexy, sweaty bodies on the gel-dappled main floor. The music was pounding, filling my bones and moving my ass and shoulders to its irresistible rhythms, and I let myself succumb with little resistance. It was what I was here for.

I danced for some time, floating in the mixed bliss of a base-line half-arousal owing to my ever-present, constantly growing libido and the exhilaration of moving my body in synchronicity with a hot of fellow celebrants. The music shifted and seemed to intensify somehow, driving deeper and deeper into my core, and I was dancing close with people all around, bodies moving with mine, against mine, and it was amazing because it was sexual contact without sex—no orgasm, to stress, just pleasure, steady, tantric, and unending.

I found myself dancing with someone who emerged in my blurred perceptions as somehow exceptional in this throng of hotness. We were gyrating so close we were practically spooning, and I could feel almost all of his body against mine. He was rangy and elegantly muscled, his movements so fluid and deft I thought he could have been a dancer for real. He was a bit taller than me, with smooth, blue-black skin that seemed to crave the lights; his ochre tee shirt was warm and damp, a testament to his exertions, and when the music shifted gears he turned around, and I saw he was quite possibly the most handsome man I’d seen since I’d moved here all those months ago.

It was in that moment that I discovered something unfortunate about my accreting, increasingly difficult libido. All the time now was dealing a need to cum that built up and up, like a rising tide, until it passed the point where I could ignore it and I had to cum. This part of my “gift” also meant that I was always ready to cum, pretty much on demand. That was the constant, steady, chronic arousal part of what was happening to me, every day getting just that little bit more intense and with the amount of time I could ignore the arousal build-up before needing to cum slowly contracting, day by day.

That part I was familiar with. Familiar, fuck—I thought about it constantly. The part I hadn’t quite cottoned onto was that I was also susceptible to a hotness trigger. Any time I was with a guy who I knew could make me explode in delirious orgasm, I would need to cum. I should have figured this out already. I’d experienced it with Mike over and over, practically every time he looked at me, but more flagrantly it had with others, several times in the last couple days. First there was library guy, who had converted a state of high but banked arousal into an urgent need to blast my spunk in the bathroom. Fitz, in the classroom—same thing. Clint. All cases where I was already turned on, but the presence of a guy whose mouth I wanted wrapped around my troublemaking superdick seemed to precipitate a compulsive, unavoidable orgasm.

Gaining a better understanding of what I was dealing with was no comfort in the actual moment, though, because as I looked up into the lusty, appreciative eyes of my hunky, slinky dance partner, I knew it wasn’t academic. He was so hot, and I was turned on by him, that the trigger had been activated and I needed to blow my load right the fuck now.

Consumed with instant panic, I fled, forcing my way through all the bodies and off the dance floor and down the back all the way out the emergency exit, into the cool night of the back parking lot.

There were a few people around, no one close. My rational processed weren’t working anyway. I just sort of turned my back to the lot and started wrestling my dick free. It was a challenge to do without dropping my pants, something I wasn’t ready to do in public quite yet, but I managed it in the end and was just about to strangle my now-steel-hard dick into climactic submission when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Are you—?” my dancer hottie started to ask, before he saw what I was doing.

“Either help or go away,” I gritted out. My humiliation couldn’t descend much further—I was already picturing myself hopping boxcar trains with a bindle on a stick over my shoulder after this was over—so inviting the assistance of strangers was pretty much chicken-feed.

“Easy choice,” Dancer said, and before I knew he was on his knees in front of me. “I was right, that’s one impressive tool,” he remarked as he eyed my fat, raging erection with approval.

“Whatever,” I said, impatient to get that mouth around my sensitive cock. “It’s only nine inches.”

He looked up at me then, his expression one of disbelief. “Friend, I know cocks, and this is no nine-inch cock,” he said authoritatively. “In fact, if I had to guess—”

He took it into his mouth, catching me by surprise, and barely remembering we were in public I stifled what would have been a very load moan. He took me all the way in, right down to the pubes, and then pulled all the way off again. He smacked his lips theatrically, then he smiled wide, nodding. “Yep, that’s eleven, easy,” he said, eyeing the length and girth critically as if gathering supporting evidence for his expert throat-measuring.

I didn’t want to hear this. If he was right, my growth wasn’t just constant, it was fucking accelerating. No way could I deal with that right now, if ever. Fuck, at this rate that hobo bindle-rod over my shoulder wouldn’t be a branch or a broomstick, it’d be my fucking erection. “C’mon, please,” I growled, trying to demand and beg at the same time.

Dancer took pity on me and started in my dick again, and I was instantly redlining, overcome with insane amounts of pleasure. He didn’t just stick to basic oral technique, either. His hands entered the fray, sliding along my legs and into my briefs and under my balls, and my ecstasy magnified. As he worked my desperate cock with his gifted tongue and virtuoso lips, a lone finger started making its way backwards along my taint, writing a trail of fire across my entire nervous system. Before it got anywhere near its prize, I was suddenly and inescapably hurtling over the cliff like a doomed Wells-Fargo wagon, horses, passengers, cargo and all plummeting to terrible, exquisite death. I got out a strangled “I’m gonna—!” and then I started blasting, shooting scads and scads of cum down his willing, convulsing throat.

I was still soaring, head back and eyes closed, when I felt Dancer abruptly separate from me, pulling off my dick and getting rapidly to his feet. And then, from somewhere close behind me, I heard something else I definitely did not want to hear.

“All right, boys,” the gruff, male, suspiciously policey voice said, “let’s see some IDs.”


Part 7

The holding cell was dark and sterile, a twenty-by-twenty square of concrete and iron stowed in a forgotten corner of the cop shop basement like its denizens were meant to be left there and forgotten. There were no officers down here, no civilian clerks, basically no one at all but those of us unlucky enough to be fingered by the police (and not in a good way). The cool air was thick and unmoving and smelled weirdly like old Twizzlers.

A single outdated CCTV camera was mounted high on the blank beige corridor wall, staring impassively into the cell. I’d passed the security booth as Officer McGruff had escorted me around back and down the stairs to my new digs, the freckle-faced youth ensconced within dozing peacefully in front of the monitors showing color scenes from all over the complex, but if anything knowing I wasn’t being watched made me feel more like a castaway. The camera had one of those red indicator lights on the housing, too, and the more I glanced up at it, the more that red light felt to me like a second eye. Like, the lens part did its job and fed everything that happened down here to the monitors upstairs like it was supposed to, while that baleful red eye was the camera secretly keeping what it saw for itself.

I wasn’t alone, but I wished I were. Having Dancer here might have helped. Though I’d only just met him and we’d barely shared more than a hot dance and a magnificent blow job, his easygoing confidence would have been a balm on my simmering anxiety as I waited in legal purgatory. Then again, maybe his tall, lean, dark-hued body would have been a crazy distraction of the kind I didn’t need right now. Even though I had just shot a fucking deluge of my hot, thick, bittersweet spunk down Dancer’s talented throat a half-hour before, I was still so horny my whole body was warm and faintly trembling with arousal. It was like all my cells and the very atoms that made me up were sizzling with this raw, increasingly potent, terrifyingly inexhaustible carnal energy, so much so that the sexual needs of my being were no longer focused and manifested solely in my straining, overheated crotch.

Anyway, Dancer was gone—he’d taken advantage of the fact that I was between him and the cop and popped back deftly through the door of the club before Officer Grumpypants could bark “Hold it right there!” like every cop ever. Stunned and mortified, I hadn’t been quick enough to do the same, and I’d had a strong hand clamped down on my right shoulder before I could even think about trying to escape.

I’ve watched enough British TV that I half expected him to growl “You’re nicked!”, but of course that didn’t happen. Instead he just wordlessly and irresistibly propelled me to his police-issue SUV, stuffed me bodily in the back, and left me there to stare out the window at his unexpectedly sexy butt, tree-trunk legs, and flaring V-shaped back and shoulders packed into a straining navy-blue uniform as he tromped heavily back toward the club. I watched him go, torn between fear, humiliation, and a new spike of lust just from this merest retreating glimpse of my apparently herculean captor. Officer Grumpypants? Officer Hunkypants, more like. A few minutes later he abruptly returned to shove in with me the rest of his catch for the night, my current cellmates, and with the three of us packed in the back seat we were off to the station.

Now I sat on the floor against one ecru-painted cinder block wall—it was only a holding cell, so there were no benches (or anything else)—and tried not to get jittery in the presence of the other two men in there with me, one of whom was giving me the mother of all stink-eyes. They were a couple, or so it seemed, and my presence seemed to agitate them both, though in markedly different ways.

Sitting opposite me was the smaller of the two, and the sneer he was aiming at me so intense I was getting goosebumps from it. He was wiry, medium height, and bone-white, with an angular, winsome face, pouty, strawberry-red lips, a narrow, straight nose, and floppy, cotton-candy-pink hair. His attire consisted of tight black skinny jeans, scuffed Doc Martens, and an old jeans jacket with the sleeves ripped off and left open at the front. The lack of sleeves exposed sinewy arms and delts, one of which—the left—was adorned with his only visible tattoo: a small red heart. I couldn’t help thinking that he should have gotten the heart inked on his cheek instead, just to complete the whole anime villain look he had going.

His counterpart, at the moment lounging near the bars with his hands in his pockets and peering idly into the featureless corridor, was unlike Boots in both body and demeanor. Tall and thin but nicely muscled, with extremely smooth skin the color of warm desert sand, he looked like the guy who’d been a beanpole growing up but started working out and ended up looking skinny and built at the same time. His waist was narrow and flat with a tiny white scar to the left of his lightly-cut abs; above them he had pert, square, hairless pecs that were flat but still protruding, and shoulders that stuck out enough to make him suggest a capital T. Everything else was long and crazy-defined, too—long arms, long legs, long abs. Even his neck looked like it might be an inch or so more than you’d expect.

It was easy enough to observe the details of his tanned, honed physique as he had on nothing but loose, tastefully ripped jeans and a beaten-up pair of red Vans, and the exposed length of his fit, bare torso was almost indecent. It was like he was a human hard-on that was only half covered up. His face was pleasant, at least, placid and handsome. He was smooth and clean-shaven even at this hour, but his black caterpillar brows gave away the fact that his loose, carefully layered platinum hair was an affectation. The whole package made him slightly exotic, as though his body, skin, and hair combined to edge him just beyond the human norm.

Boots was still glaring at me, and I shifted uncomfortably. I tried closing my legs a little bit, but there wasn’t much I could do to hide the fact that I was half-boned and packing more than I should be down there. My junk was the fourth person in the room, and Boots was clearly affronted by its very presence.

I was upset and hating the prominence of my mancock I’d been so hungry for. That voice in my head, though, the one that was telling me to own all of this, was having none of my anxieties—or Boots’s resentment, for that matter. Yeah, how dare I bring a real Mancock here? it snarked. I deserve to be put away just for showing you up, Pinkie.

My lips tightened. I wanted to argue with this impulse, grab it by the shoulders and shake some reason into it. Sure, I’d asked for a mancock. Sure, I’d done everything I could to make it happen. But—fuck, feel that need building up, like a pot coming to a boil, was a constant thing now, and it was getting worse and worse. I was going to need to cum, again, over and over, more and more often, shooting vaster and vaster quantities of hot sperm all over my fucking life. Owning that? That was like submitting myself to my increasingly monstrous and domineering libido. The lack of control was so unbearably—terrifying exhilarating oh god

I was hard. My fat, now nearly footlong erection was throbbing searingly against my hip. My balls felt thick and churning, like little clementine-sized factories working double-overtime to produce more spunk than was humanly possible.

Part of me hated this. I felt like an animal, unable to stop myself getting hard, needing to cum, hushing out my spunk more and more and more. It was weird and alarming. I couldn’t even keep Mike from growing me bigger, leveling up my libido to be even more dominant, despite that being totally something I could do if I really wanted to. My cock, my arousal, my need to cum—it was all taking over my life.

But my inner own-it impulse didn’t care. It thrilled with excitement. Utterly conflicted and more than a little unnerved, I started thinking that it might just be my hulking, untiring libido itself that was pressuring me to give in and surrender total control.

I caught Boots’s narrowed eyes—I could tell he could feel it, too. What was happening to me wasn’t being kept in my skin anymore. My inhuman levels of arousal and need were radiating outward from me like my cock was trawling for fresh victims, and the way Boots had his upper lip pulled back showed that he knew and was not pleased.

I glanced over at Vans. He was staring now, too, blank-faced like he hadn’t intended to look. It struck me that while Boots’s eyes stayed on my face, Vans had his gaze pointed right at my crotch, like it had been lured there and then snared.

I wasn’t too surprised—seduction-wise Vans was already partly in the bag before we’d even made it to the holding cell. He’d sat in the middle on the ride over from the club, and his wide, square shoulders had unavoidably overlapped with mine. As we jostled through the dark side streets his had pressed progressively more firmly into mine, his long, lean thigh doing likewise, and I could feel his simmering pleasure from the escalating contact. Now he wanted more, and my arousal was becoming so intense I was practically intoxicated with the sultry heat that wanted to give it to him. That sense I’d had before, that my next orgasm was brewing on the horizon, returned in full force—and I wouldn’t have to gallop very far to get there.

“You don’t get him for free,” Boots seethed abruptly, speaking for the first time. His voice was a pleasant tenor that was very much in keeping with his overall look. I wondered if he sang.

I checked Vans’s handsome face. He was licking his lips—and that’s not just a metaphor, he was actually sliding his tongue along his lips in interest and anticipation. I looked back at Boots, my Mancock heavy and rigid and demanding action.

I had to make this happen. It was either Vans and Boots making me cum, or me standing up and blowing my load helplessly all over the cell like a pathetic slave to my too-powerful cock and balls. It was that fucking powerlessness, the way things were spinning more and more out of control, that killed me. The only thing I could grab onto was the idea that suborning Boots and Vans would be something I could make happen, something that could make me feel like I was the master of this beast after all.

Yes, my inner lust-demon urged. Let’s do this. Let’s fill this place with cum.

I had to cum anyway. I couldn’t hold it back.

“Maybe it’s not up to you,” I heard myself say roughly.

“It’s always up to me,” Boots hissed instantly.

I just smiled at him, and with how messed up I was feeling it probably looked pretty creepy—it couldn’t have been a normal smile. Then I looked over at Vans and, very deliberately, my whole body buzzing with a hundred emotions, I spread my knees a few inches further apart.

Vans started moving slowly toward me as if he were being pulled by an invisible string, his milk-chocolate brown eyes fixated on my burgeoning, twitching junk. “Stop,” Boots ordered, but Vans didn’t seem to hear him. He was hard, too, and despite his loose jeans I could tell he almost as big as I was; but his dick didn’t have the all-compelling star power mine had.

Committed now, I stood, my erection massive and straining painfully in my plum-colored club pants. Vans’s mouth dropped open a little in admiration. He sank to his knees in front of me but didn’t reach for my fly, just knelt there, awed. I grabbed it convulsively through the fabric of my pants, and he sucked in a soft breath. Being on his knees further emphasized the way his long, defined torso made him look like a man-sized hard-on, and I shivered, my hazy orgasm-horizon telescoping toward me even closer.

It was almost enough to satisfy my wounded need for control, but I wanted more. I looked over at Boots fuming silently where he sat across the room. “You just going to watch?” I rasped.

He shot to his feet and stomped across the cell, his pale blue eyes alight with an angry fire. All at once he was right in my face. I thought he was going to tell me off, but what he said was, “I’m not going to suck your fucking cock.”

I held his gaze for a second, nodded jerkily, then grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him, hard. He opened for me immediately, almost defiantly, and our tongues started wrestling for dominance as our mouths mashed hungrily against each other.

I fumbled for my fly with my free hand, but Vans quickly pushed it out of the way and started working with practiced ease to open my pants and pry my massive prick free. Barely a heartbeat passed before I was feeling the cool air of the cell on the heated skin of my fat prick—followed quickly by the euphoric wet heat of a mouth that knew exactly how to take care of a big, hard, domineering mancock. This was how I discovered Vans had a tongue-piercing, one he was well-versed in bringing to bear against hard, needy, oversensitive cockflesh.

I moaned into our feral kiss, and was answered with a pleased rumble in the back of Boots’s throat, a kind of nonverbal “Yeah, he’s good, isn’t he?” I pushed harder into the kiss at this boast, and I felt Boots and Vans both snake hands around to my back and ass as they intensified their pleasuring of me.

A spark of self-awareness flickered amidst the tumult of raging gratification, but this little inkling of rational consciousness wasn’t flaring up to remind me of anything so mundane as the fact that we were in a semi-public place, or than a cop was likely to show up outside our cell at any moment, or even that we were actually on camera in full view not only of the cop on duty in the booth but of anyone who happened to be walking down that corridor past its big glass windows like I and my new cock-cronies had done only a couple of hours before. Nope, my little lust-battered, almost-drowned dendrite was speaking up to remind me that I kept letting guys blow my increasingly unmanageable without any reciprocation and I needed to stop being a disrespectful douche about that.

With Mike, I’d graduated from clumsy handjobs while he sucked me off to deft mutual pleasuring with a little sixty-nine action mixed in. We’d been leading up to me plowing Mike’s ass for the first time—we both wanted it badly, and the only thing holding us back from it was that neither of us had done it before. (And, well, my dick was only getting bigger, though we were both still lamely pretending it wasn’t.) But my libido was building up to become so strong and intense that I was now having these increasingly frequent encounters that combined my unbearable, unstoppable need to get off and the deep, alluring pull I was sending out to random horny guys around me. First there’d been lacrosse guyliner hottie Clint, who blew me and walked away with a smile. Then lithe, smoldering Dancer out back of the club, getting a taste and then some. Now I was being energetically double-teamed in the cop shop basement by a pair of sexy, mancock-entranced perps—and just because it felt so torrentially, overwhelmingly good, I was just going to take my brain off the hook and enjoy it? My momma raised me better than that!

Not taking my mouth off Boots’s I slid my arm aggressively down under his, feeling up his torso as I went, until my palm reached the hard, wide, stubby manhood writhing behind the fly of his skinny jeans. Boots moaned hard into the increasingly sloppy kiss, and I grunted back, shaking with pleasure as Vans pulled back and then rammed down onto my dick so that my cockhead bottomed out deep in his throat, his wide, studded tongue twisting around the whole of my length. I used my other hand to grip the back of Vans’s incongruously white-blond hair, holding back from forcing him down on my dick and fucking his face with the last shreds of willpower I possessed. Vans went on lovingly stimulating my insatiable cock, one hand keeping a tight grip on my ass while the other did something jerky below.

That reminded me of what I was supposed to be doing. Boots’s jeans were tight, but he was a slender fuck and, with me feeling like I didn’t have time to mess around with buttons and zips, I just went and pushed my hand down under his waistband and grabbed his tusk-like cock in the tight, heated space behind his fly. His wide, uncut cockhead was already very wet, leaking all over a small piercing there, and the urgent little noises Boots made as I started stroking up and down, my forearm sliding against his slight, pale torso, told me he was as close as I was.

Then Vans was doing this twisting, sucking thing with his lips and mouth, and suddenly it was game over. I grunted into the messy kiss to warn them both. Boots grunted back, practically humping my hand in his desperation. Vans quickened his pace, while gripping me so hard I was sure there would be finger-marks on my left glute for days. Mike would think that was so hot!

That sent me. Boots starts spraying his load up my forearm just ahead of me, them all at once I was cumming violently, gushering hot seed straight down Vans’s eager throat, even as the movements of his other hand sped up before he tensed, joining us in an explosive triple orgasm. Vans tried valiantly to keep up with my output, but there was too much to swallow and he pulled back, resulting in his face getting covered with the last few bursts as I unloaded what felt like three orgasms at once.

As soon as I finished he was on his feet, joining Boots and me in a lazy, gasping three-way kiss that was more the rubbing of tired mouths and tongues together as we drifted in a kind of mutual ecstasy. The spunk covering Vans’s smooth face rubbed all over ours, as if he were sharing what it was like to fellate my amazing cock with those who hadn’t known such a wonder. Our hands were everywhere, feeling each other up and pressing our bodies close like this was foreplay instead of afterglow.

I was so turned on by how hot all this was. And then—fuck. I felt it starting. The next one. I was already building up to the next one.

We were at this for a while—a few minutes, anyway, though it was really hard to tell—when we heard an ostentatious throat-clearing. We looked up curiously to see Officer Hunkypants standing outside the cell, arms crossed over his barrel chest. I hadn’t really gotten a good look at him from the front before, and with his full, dark beard and signs of a hairy chest at his collar he looked kind of bearish from this angle. “You! Lover Boy!” he shouted at me. “Upstairs!”

Not wanting to end the show prematurely, I turned my face to a now-grinning Vans. “Thanks,” I said, giving him a proper kiss. He made no reply, but the twinkle in those chocolate-brown eyes said, “Anytime.”

I turned back to his pale companion. His cocky look was back, but he wasn’t quite so angry now. “You get that one gratis,” he said.

I smirked at him, calling him on his bullshit. He seemed about to suggest arranging some future encounter when our cop chaperone bellowed, “Now!”

We separated, and I started casually putting my half-hard cock back into its hideaway, in full view of everyone. Officer Bearhunk looked away and started noisily unlocking the cell. The door swung open with a squeal. I finished tucking myself away and, with a last wave at Boots and Vans, preceded our burly constable up the steep back stairs to the main floor, still too floaty to worry about whatever legal-system horrors awaited me.

It was still pretty quiet up here. We marched past the security booth, and I noticed the hapless cutie stationed there was now awake and feverishly rubbing at the crotch of his uniform trousers with a wad of napkins. Oops! I guess we’d had an audience after all. The officer’s anguished efforts at cleaning himself up reminded me that I myself still had smears of cum drying on my cheeks thanks to Vans sharing my bounteous facial with the two of us—but the mood Officer Bearhunk was projecting made me hesitate to ask him for a skin care interval before the main event.

I wondered if it would show in the mug shots.

I expected to be trouped back to processing to be formally charged—with what, I wasn’t sure. Public indecency? Technically as I was 19 I shouldn’t have been inside Alejandro’s, but then, they hadn’t caught me actually inside the club. The exact category of my transgressions were quickly rendered moot, however, as Officer Bearhunk bypassed the bullpen and processing areas completely and proceeded to march me right out the main double doors and out into the cool early morning air outside, stopping on the sidewalk steps in front of the precinct.

I turned to him in surprise. “You’re not arresting me?” I laughed in relief.

He gave me a hard look, the same one he’d no doubt intimidated many a miscreant with, but I was unfazed. He was a few inches taller than me and considerably bulkier, but flying high from my monster orgasm as I was all I could do was grin impertinently at him. He tried doubling down on his glare. “Just because you got off this time—” he began.

I couldn’t help it. I snickered, and he blushed. “Just—get a room next time,” he growled.

I smiled wider, oddly touched. My problem wasn’t going away, and I had a feeling we’d meet again. Maybe he’d never meant to charge me, or maybe he was only turfing me out of the place because I was too much of a sex bomb for him to deal with (not to mention Boots, Vans, the security kid, and god knew who else). Either way, I sensed that there was some part of him that was into all this.

I pushed up and gave him a quick, bristly kiss, and he let me, though his expression as I dropped back on my heels was one of confused consternation. He gestured behind me. “Be off with ya,” he said. “Your ride’s waiting.”

He stomped back into the precinct, the doors clattering shut behind him. I turned around, not sure what he’d meant, and felt a rush of excitement, affection, and guilt as I saw Mike lounging a few steps away, leaning against an Uber, his bookbag over one shoulder. “Hey,” I said, going over to him. “What are you doing here?”

We slipped into a hug without conscious thought, his groin pressing inquiringly against mine. “Your roommate is your default emergency contact in the university’s system,” he explained. “I guess you never changed yours.”

“I guess not.” My hand slid up under his bookbag, something he normally only had with him if he was on his way to class. “Why’d you bring this?” I asked curiously.

His dark brown eyes glinted in the street lights. “I brought you your breakfast,” he said.

My pulse sped up a little at that, and my only semi-quiescent cock twitched and thickened, pressing hard against Mike’s unmissable erection. We held each other’s gaze for a long moment, our mutual secrets tangling between us. “Cool,” I said finally, managing a smile. We kissed a little just to work off a bit of sex-energy, then, not wanting to annoy the driver too much, we climbed into the car and headed back to that room Officer Bearhunk had told me to find, my next towering, relentless orgasm building fast as we drove into the waning night.


Part 8

We got in the back of the Uber, Mike sliding over to let me climb in next to him. He handed me a bulky, plastic-wrapped sandwich from his bag—tuna salad on a Kaiser roll, one of Mike’s specialties and good enough to surpass the excellent dining hall version of same—and a clear sports bottle with a green smoothie of some kind in it. “Eat up,” he said.

I was ravenous, so I unwrapped the sandwich and started in. Mike watched, both of us knowing what was going to happen.

The driver pulled away from the curb, but I didn’t pay attention at first to our route or our surroundings. I ate mechanically, distracted by Mike’s appearance. I wasn’t sure if it was just my ramped-up lust or our increased intimacy over the last few days, but that morning Mike seemed to draw my eye more than he usually did. He’d been better looking than most guys before, but today he looked a notch more exotically handsome still in a way I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I did notice that after a few days of stubble he was freshly shaved again, his dusky-tan jawline looking sharp in the morning shadows. His brownish-black hair looked a bit thick and unruly where it was normally combed down and demurely tamed. He was wearing snugger clothes than usual, too. The chocolate-brown tee shirt looked almost vacuumed-sealed, revealing his extremely tight definition down to discernable abs and the natural striations of his modest, undeveloped delts and pecs, even showing off the thin mat on his chest that matched his enticingly hairy, naturally corded forearms. His dark-hued blue jeans were just as painted on, highlighting his calves and thighs (which, like his chest and arms, weren’t built at all but had a lot of potential) as well as the steel-hard boner I’d felt when we’d embraced.

He noticed me looking and turned his head toward me with a slight, crooked smile, looking me right in the eyes as he lazily drew the flat of his hand up his torso. I gulped and hid my face behind my food, though the sandwich was almost demolished already and wasn’t providing much cover. I finished it and started on the smoothie, trying to feel normal. It wasn’t working.

I was going to get hard again. I’d just cum like a geyser in the cells with Boots and Vans. I should be sated and replete with languor. Instead I was infused with hot, sexualized energy, my fat, heavy, bigger-than-I’d-wanted-it-to-be cock tingling with excited expectation. The coming orgasm was present, palpable, and lurking, ready to take me the second I surrendered the last shred of control to pleasure and release.

I had thought I might get used to it—that feeling of always being about to get hard, always on the verge of pleasure and climax. It’s the feeling of approaching hardness that’s never just about your dick—it’s about the heat building in your body like a sex infection, stealing up your back and into your shoulders, making your shins itch and your toes press hard against the insoles of your shoes, burning into your brain from the base outwards until your entire focus is on getting hard, on pleasure your cock will give you, on the orgasm you can feel coming—the catastrophic release that will tear you apart.

I was going to say I used to get it all the time, but that’s wrong. I got it a couple times a day, maybe, and most of the time it the milder version where you’re just, “Oh, hey, I’m hard, cool.” The intense kind was more of a special occasion, when I was on a date that was building tantalizing stages toward a mutually pleasurable payoff, or sometimes when I was alone with an evening to myself and could take my time teasing and arousing myself like I was my own playful courtesan.

That was what it was like, before. Now? That intense imminence of an arousal leading to a soul-blinding climax—it was all the time. And I don’t mean that when got turned on it was never the mild, serendipitous path anymore, always the warm full-body infusion of raw, primal anticipation and compulsive need to trigger that totality of white bliss. I mean it literally.

I felt it all… the… time.

If I was already hard, the storm only raged harder. It was like a concentrated supercell thunderstorm churning through my muscles, my bones, my balls, and especially my upgraded, insatiable, uncontrollable Mancock. It was a living, writhing, vicious tempest that always, always built relentlessly toward a massive lightning strike that destroyed everything, the energy of it so massive and consuming that it seeped backward through the storm itself, drawing you to it, making you want its total power coursing through you more than all things that could ever be.

And then as its euphoria ebbs, and the body is heaving and swearing and sizzling with release, you feel it—the tickling of the next arousal coming on, the next orgasm stalking you like a predator that always, always devoured its prey.

That. That was what I thought I might get used to. Nuts, right? Every time, the arousal took me, and the orgasm broke me. The only difference was that with every day that passed, the gripping sensation of arousal overcoming me was stronger, more deeply immersive, more consuming. And the orgasms! The escalation of pleasure with each day, each release even, was almost impossible to describe, much less endure, if it intensified much further. I was seriously worried about the sun-like magnitude of my release getting more and more potent with every sunrise, but at the same time all that was crushed under the weight of my yearning to feel the next one, and the next.

That need… that was what truly scared me.

I swallowed the last of the smoothie, the straw suddenly making those raucous sucking noises like the concept of “nothing left” was beyond you. I stopped and set the bottle down on the seat, aroused and upset and intoxicated with need.

I wouldn’t be able to control it. I already couldn’t, but I was still managing to squeak by on the fringes of normal behavior. I could see it coming—the moment I started to break, and my desperation to cum would snap my propriety and inhibitions. I wouldn’t be Casey the boring software engineering prodigy anymore. That ship was being tossed about like an angry sea-god’s plaything and would soon be wrecked on the shoals of animal lust. I’d be controlled by my amplified cock and my amplified need for climax, while the real me, my intellect and my hopes and dreams and everything normal about me, raged futilely inside, helplessly imprisoned within my cum-seeking, pleasure-soaked beast-body.

In that moment, at least, averting this fate seemed impossible. Control was being taken from me, strand by stand, until every thin wire was snapped and I was at the mercy of my cock and my towering libido. My brain rebelled, begging me to find the will to resist, but I was terrified my fate was already sealed.

I could probably get Mike to go down on me now, in the car. He’d do it, for sure. The driver wouldn’t mind. He’d get a free show. Maybe film it to enjoy again later—

I shook my head. What was wrong with me? I needed to snap back to reality, pronto.

Reality. Fuck. I couldn’t even remember what day it was. Frantically I tried cajoling my rational mind, while my body stared at Mike and my balls thickened with scads of cum and my cock tried to get hard in the confined space of my club pants.

What day was it? It was morning, so, not the day I had gone to the club.

D-Day was Saturday. I knew that. I tried tracking forward from that benchmark. Saturday, it all started getting real, with Mike and I both aware of what was going on with my dick and his role in making it happen (and keep happening), and neither of us talking about it. Sunday was library guy and the scramble to cum in the research wing toilet. Monday… that my Java class day. That was the close call with Fitz, and then that encounter afterward with Clint. Then that night I went to the clubs to try to abandon my life for a few hours. I got sucked off by Dancer, got hauled to jail and spent a night there capped off by an awesome three-way fellatio/handy session courtesy of my two sexy-bad-boy cellmates, Boots and Vans. Which meant… it was Tuesday. Today was only Tuesday. So much had happened—how could it only be Tuesday?

My stomach butterflied. Tuesday—I had an 8:30 design theory class Tuesday mornings. Shit. I wasn’t sure what time it was, but I was going to be late, so late. And that was if I went straight there, in my club clothes, stinking of jizz. I needed a shower, food, change of clothes, and… fucking hell, I needed to blast my spunk all over the inside of this car pretty damn soon. My dick actually hurt, a lot, from not being able to get hard. I’d have to adjust it soon. Damn big, thick, heavy, glorious cock.

A small thought nagged at me that we should have gotten to campus by now, and my hyper-awareness of my difficulties perceiving the passage of time reliably made my pulse spike in anxiety at this new lapse. I wrenched my gaze away from Mike and looked around at last. The streets weren’t familiar. “Where are we?” I asked. My voice sounded off in my ears, worried and rough.

“My lab buddy wanted to meet you,” Mike said, his tone casual. “He lives off campus.”

I snapped around to stare at him. “He wants to what now?” I demanded. The idea alarmed me, but I wasn’t quite sure why. It was in-character for Mike to push the status quo, but he hadn’t yet given up the fiction that nothing unusual was happening. Or maybe he had, but not with me. Had he bragged about his secret formula and its growing dataset of positive-trendline results to his buddy? The whole lab? Everyone in the school but me?

Paranoia, that’ll help, I scolded myself wryly. Get a grip! And not on your dick. Or, at least, not just on your dick. Seriously, my poor contorted dick needed help. I tried to force myself to concentrate.

Mike shrugged, but his eyes were crafty, as usual. “I may have let it slip we were getting a little… closer lately. He just wanted to get a look-see at the guy who’d attracted my attention.” He turned away, staring straight ahead out the windshield over the Uber driver’s shoulder. His hand was still resting on his torso, though, as if to provide a subtext of wantonness—not that that wasn’t already present in spades, along with a lot of other unsaid things and hidden intentions.

“And why does he care…?” I started to say.

“—Whose chest I’m cumming all over?” Mike broke in, glancing over at me with a wink before turning his eyes front again. If I was still capable of blushing I would have, but what attention wasn’t on Mike’s hand and his very obvious boner and all this talk of a lab buddy who was very curious about the guy Mike was nutting on was too caught up with the ache in my bend, three-quarters-hard cock and the need to straighten it out with my hand. I was fending that off somehow, but my will was like a cracked dyke that day and I knew I couldn’t hold the deluge back for long.

Mike laughed. “I think he just wants to rate my boyfriend against his boyfriend and see who’s hotter,” he said. “Chandra’s very competitive.”

I didn’t know how to answer that, or to deal with the contents of what he’d just said. Then a moment later we were there, and our little private interlude, with its strange feeling of escalation and missed opportunities, was finally over.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

We climbed out of the car separately, Mike using the side door he hadn’t used getting in. I took the opportunity to adjust my junk—a disconcertingly difficult task. Even mostly hard I was used to a tangled cock I could redirect to a more comfortable position along the crease of my hip with a single, well-practiced shove with the heel of my palm. This beast, though? Not so much. Attempts at budging it into place with the base of my hand only resulted in sharper anguish for my poor tool—it might as well have been staring balefully up at me while whining, “What are you trying to do, bend me in half?” After a few more grunting attempts I was reduced to reaching down into my (none too loose) pants to grab the thing and physically manhandle the hot, throbbing sex-piston into position through brute force.

Of course, I got my massive boner into place just in time to look up and catch Mike leaning against the side of the car with his arms folded, watching me with great interest. He smirked when our eyes met, and I pulled out my hand and gave him the finger. He licked his lips, probably liking the idea of where that finger had just been. I sighed and gestured for him to lead the way, and he straightened and stared up the steps we’d stopped in front of, still smirking as he passed. I grimaced and followed him up.

Chandra met us at the door of his second-floor walk-up, all smiles. I could tell right away that was his default setting: this was a sunny guy, all toothy grins and ebullient attitude. The tan-brick building exterior had looked like every other worn and well-lived-in six-unit apartment townhouse in this part of the city, the refuge of decades of middling-funded undergrads and lingering masters students, so I was pleasantly surprised when the three-bedroom apartment he let us into turn out to be spacious, open, and very new-looking, like someone had constructed a brand-new space full of clean white walls, big windows, and magazine-quality hardwood floors and then somehow jammed it in between floors 1 and 3 of this beat-up, run-of-the-mill brickpile. There wasn’t much furniture in the largish living room, just a basic blue-upholstered mid-century-modern sofa and matching love-seat, both slightly worn like they’d been acquired second-hand, positioned around a sprawling Persian rug and a low coffee table piled with game handhelds, iPads, and various miscellaneous tech and the odd water bottle. On the opposite wall, white and gleaming like the others, hung an impressively large flatscreen. It was currently on but muted, spilling out the silent antics of season-one Jane the Virgin without an audience to receive them, at least for the moment. I kind of wished the volume was up. As soon as Mike had introduced everyone the room fell silent, and in that palpable, expectant way, like everyone was waiting for something. My throat was suddenly dry, and I had to resist clearing it.

Chandra, tall and rangy—he had a good six inches on me and eight on Mike—was a matched set with boyfriend and fellow bio-nerd Noah, like him a little too handsome in a way that was slightly uncanny. The bf just as tall, too, if, a shade beefier, and tanned enough his sandy blond hair was lighter than his skin tone. Both of them were obviously ripped: not hugely muscled but extremely fit, like they did triathlons for fun. Noah was doing his best to show this off with a tight, red sleeveless tee and running shorts that showed off the best part of his swimmer-quality thighs. Chandra had gone the shirtless route, exposing a nicely cut chest with a bit of fine hair spreading from the sternum; and the old jeans he was wearing, though not especially tight, were ripped and threadbare enough to let you know just how fine his legs were, too. What was up with geeks looking like Baywatch extras all of a sudden, anyway? That did not seem fair, somehow. Anyway, Mike had said something about comparisons, and… well, Noah was more built than me, and taller, and maybe more handsome—but that hefty package he was sporting, larger than average it might be, was still bush league compared to me.

It turned out our breakfast double-date with Mike’s buddy and his fella wasn’t just a double-date after all, either. Chandra had a roommate as well as a lover, a pretty-boy Slavic languages major named Paul. He was topless, too, this morning—and if Chandra and Noah looked fine and a bit more than fine, respectively, Paul was nothing short of dreamy. He was elegantly but powerfully muscled, with rounded, carefully crafted delts and traps, thickly-carved arms and prominent pecs like round throw-pillows stuffed under his skin, and a literally rippling eight-pack belly above sweatpants that clung to his sculpted thighs and chiseled calves. He was also, very obviously, commando, but I was the only one looking at his dick—everyone else, and I do mean everyone, was too busy gawking at mine.

To be fair, the combination of tight club pants and the size of my monster dick meant I was hiding nothing, and in a room full of cock-appreciating men my dick was bound to draw every eye. The problem wasn’t that this was new for me—I’d almost accepted my likely status as a spectacle in company like this. The problem was that being ogled was, I was discovering, a major kink and a serious turn-on.

No, actually, strike that. The thing that shocked me? The real kink I was discovering in myself? Being lusted after so brazenly and so ardently I was at risk of losing control and bursting out in orgasm without anyone even having to touch the damn thing. That… that was a fucked up kink to have.

My dick spasmed under the tight fabric of my pants, reacting all these hot guys gawping at my massive, needy, on-the-brink-of-busting tool. Chandra gasped—it was just faintly audible in the silent room, and yet the sound of it tore up my spine and shook my core. My cock pumped, and I realized I had a fucking wet spot already on the side of my hip where the ridge of my fat, raging, rock-hard beast ended.

“Holy sharks,” Noah said, unexpectedly revealing a sexy Australian accent that went straight to my big, heavy balls. “How big is that thing?” He sounded awed.

“And does it ever go down?” Paul added. His hazel eyes were wide and hungry.

I was all ready to say something mood-breaking, like, “of course it does, and stop staring before I cum in my fucking pants,” but Mike jumped in first. “It doesn’t like going down,” he said coyly. “It likes to stay hard.”

I turned my head to glance at Mike, but he was watching the other three like he was Vincent Price and he’d invited them all here for a mysterious weekend. He put his hand on my back as he eyed them eyeing me. The press of his palm felt cool through the thin fabric of my shirt, and I knew what that meant. Mike’s hands were always warm, which meant that right now my skin must be burning hot head to toe.

My dick jerked again, and my plum-sized balls tightened, ready to provide more cum than any man could handle.

Fuck, maybe it was a good thing I had a damn team here, I thought, trying to joke with myself. It didn’t quite feel like a joke. It also didn’t feel like something Mike wouldn’t have already thought of. This visit was feeling less and less spontaneous with every passing moment.

“I bet I could get it to go down,” Paul said cockily, still riveted on the long bulge in my pants.

“How much?” Mike said instantly.

“Wait just a damn—” I tried to say.

“Twenty,” Paul answered Mike, talking over me.

“Fifty,” Noah put in.

“Fifty for me too,” Chandra said reverently with his usual smile, still eyeing my beastly prize like the others. I could swear he was two seconds from sinking to his knees and peeling me like a grape.

“Yeah, I’ll go fifty, too,” Paul agreed eagerly.

“Sold,” Mike said. “Everyone puts in fifty, and whoever gets him soft wins the pot.”

I rounded on Mike. “Dude, what the—?!” I tried to object, but Chandra interrupted me. He looked up from my dick at last, but not at me—they were all looking at Mike now, keen and ready, like hounds about to be set on a fox.

“How do we do the order?” he asked. “Because the way I see it, whoever goes third or fourth has an unfair advantage.”

“I should go first,” Paul bragged. “Because I’m going to suck all his cum out and leave nothing for you losers.”

“You wish,” Noah shot back good-naturedly. “I’m going to conquer that monster dick, you’ll see.”

“You’ll just be priming it for me,” Chandra said smugly. They were back to looking at my junk again. I could have tried objecting harder, but honestly I needed to cum so desperately I was willing to just let this happen.

“That’s the order, then,” Mike said. “Paul, Noah, Chandra, me. Then next time we’ll do it, winner goes first—”

Next time? What the fu-u-

I lost the thread of the discussion then. I saw them quickly trading money on their phones—I guess Mike was holding it in his account and then he’d pay out the winner, I dunno. The phones went away. More talk, more ogling. I looked around me for any kind of exit from this bizarre left turn my life had taken, but the truth was I was totally surrounded by bonerifically hot guys greedily eyeing my massive, steel-hard schlong and ready to suck me dry, and there wasn’t any way to stop it from happening. There was no one here not hungering for my cock—just poor Jane up on the muted flatscreen, and god knew Miss Villanueva had her own problems.

There was no way out. No control, nothing but my huge erection and the coming orgasm. I was swimming in lust and need. Drowning. I was going to cum no matter what happened, hugely, spectacularly. And—fuck, I felt bad for Paul because I already knew once was not going to be enough. I looked around at these men, willing—no, demanding—to service this thing Mike and I had made. Hands stroked me, eyes caressed me. I was suddenly all about what was about to happen.

My pants were being pulled open by several different hands. More hands stroked my butt, my legs, my back. As soon as the head was free my dick sprang wetly up, spraying an arc of precum and achieving an unbearably hard verticality that made me feel like all the blood in my brain had fled to meet the urgent demands of this organ that was taking over my life. It looked truly obscene, inhumanly massive. Bigger… it looked bigger than the last time I’d really looked at it. When had at that been? In the jail cell, that morning?

It was bigger than it was this morning.

Gods above and below, that was impossibly hot and thoroughly terrifying. I felt my orgasm barreling toward me like a herd of enraged bulls. I met hunky Paul’s eyes for the first time as he knelt worshipfully before me. He wouldn’t be able to take my release, I knew. Not all of it, or even most of it. Mere moments from now I’d be painting that pretty face and thick, gorgeous chest with cum. And then… then it would be the next challenger’s turn.

Paul’s eyes were round and needy. All I had to do was give the word. I did so, a rough and guttural command that was at the same time a surrender.

“Hurry!” I barked.

Paul grinned, a light sheen of sweat on his rounded traps as he opened wide, ready to make me blast.


Part 9

I collapsed onto the desk chair in Chandra and Noah’s open, clutter-free bedroom while the others showered in the apartment’s two bathrooms, grasping at this respite I’d earned from being made to orgasm over and over by a team of very fit and weirdly attractive nerds whose adoration of my too-big cock was surpassed, it seemed, only by their impressively developed skills in the art of pleasure-aggressive fellatio. As part of the bet they’d taken turns trying to give me the ultimate climax, competing for who could finally satisfy me enough to get me soft, and the whole thing had made me feel like the prize stallion at an orgasm rodeo. Every go at sucking my cock had been better than the last, as though the universe were testing just how much pleasure a guy could actually get out of his dick before he apotheosized into an actual living, breathing orgasm himself.

I’d actually felt bad for the hunky linguist, Paul, for having to go first—his deftly deployed lips and tongue were so effective I felt like I’d barely gotten the beast in his mouth before I was blasting my load, first down his gullet then, when (as predicted) he couldn’t keep up with the volume of spunk I was spraying these days, all over his face and his thick, perfect pecs. His grin suggested he didn’t mind the brevity of the suck at all, and the sloppy, cummy kiss he gave me when he popped to his feet told me he wasn’t done with me by a long shot. I was still hard, so after a round of cheering and celebration of Paul’s spunk-inducing achievement it was Noah’s turn. I don’t know about his academic work, but in the field of blow jobs the tanned, fit, sandy-blond science god was truly outstanding—better than Dancer, almost as good as Mike, with a way of sucking hard in short bursts while twisting his tongue that set my spine on fire. This time I lasted minutes instead of seconds—not many minutes, but still. I managed to geyser almost as much cum into Noah as I had into Paul, but Noah greedily chugged almost all of it down, though a good deal of my pearly goodness escaped his lips and gushed down his chin, making a bit of a mess on his red muscle shirt. I was going to apologize when I caught my breath—it seemed like a nice shirt, maybe expensive, and cum stains don’t come out very easily. But he just whipped the shirt off as he stood and tossed it aside like it meant nothing, before moving in for his own grinning, cummy kiss while the others hooted and hollered.

It occurred to me as Noah was doffing his muscle top that Mike and I were now the only ones wearing shirts, but a quick glance to my left at a very smug-looking Mike revealed he, too, perhaps in anticipation of his turn and the kind of mess I was making, had removed his tee to reveal the tight, well-formed, and fuzzy-chested physique beneath. So it was just me. I thought briefly about removing my own basic black, body-hugging tee; but the truth was being the anomaly in this scenario was appealing at a deeply primal level. Like this was a shirtless sex mob, and I was the sole target of their passions.

Well, I was still hard after erupting into Noah, somehow. With a gulp I looked at Chandra for a long moment, shocked to find myself nearly as desperate for release now as I had been when Paul had first dropped in front of me. Yeah, there was definitely something about being cock-worshipped by a close circle of hot, intense guys like this that was cranking my arousal and craving to levels I hadn’t ever known before. I felt like I was experiencing a fever of inexhaustible need, this dementia of burning appetite that was impossible to escape. In that blurry, lust-soaked moment I could keep hold of only one thought—that I had to cum again for these guys, and again, as many times as I could, until my unnatural endurance finally failed me. And then it would start over, whenever they wanted, and each time I would explode for them, drowning them in more and more spunk and racking up more and more successive releases, round and round the circle, until the day arrived I would never stop cumming for them.

Chandra beamed at me, eager for his shot. The others cheered him on. My mind swam. “Make me cum hard for you, Chandra,” I heard myself say, almost begging.

Chandra just winked and dropped to his knees, pulling out his own long, thin erection to stroke while he worked on me. At first I felt a twinge of annoyance that he was dividing his attention this way, but then… I’m not sure I can even explain. Something about Chandra’s mouth was designed for cocksucking. He took all of me in, my steel-hard, now super-sensitive monster erection slotting into his hot, wet mouth like a glove, and then—fuck, he used every part of that mouth to bring me more pleasure than I thought I could endure. It felt like I was getting four or five blow-jobs at once. He wasn’t just barreling toward the finish line, either. Every time I started getting too close to release he switched things up, pulling back for a few rounds of simple pistoning before attacking my dick with a new set of oral tricks that had me stifling moans and screams. I’d kept my hands to myself with Paul and Noah, but now I was sliding my fingers through Chandra’s thick, silky hair, feeling his scalp and holding back from using my grip to face-fuck him only with an exertion of effort—and a constant reminder that what he was doing to me was far better.

At last I couldn’t take it anymore. My grip tightened, and Chandra turned his long tongue and moved the back of his throat in a single, deft move, like unscrewing the cap on my orgasm—and suddenly I was unloading so much cum I couldn’t even keep track of how much I was giving him. I think I left my body for a minute, the elation was so great and pure, and I was cumming and still cumming. Chandra choked and pulled off, grinning as I painted his face with enough spunk to match three or four ordinary-guy orgasms. Below his hand was flying over his long cock, and then he was cumming too, his own seed splashing on his smoothly-cut abdominals as my release was trickling down his chest to join it.

I stood there in the center the circle, flushed and panting and wobbling afterglow, and we all stared hard at my willful cock, anxious to see what it would do. It seemed to waver for a few seconds, then, with what could only be called grudging reluctance, it bowed its head and gradually began to droop.

The gang erupted in a deafening roar of excitement, accompanied by much back (and butt) slapping. My gaze caught for a second on the big flatscreen where Jane the Virgin’s cop boyfriend seemed to be gaping momentarily at us in awed astonishment. Then Chandra bent and kissed me, and it was such an amazing kiss—what is the deal with this guy’s mouth?—I wanted to get hard again.

Chandra stepped back, and Noah lifted his arm. “The winner!” he cheered. The others clapped and woo-hooed happily. My roomie was just as chuffed as the rest of them, despite not getting his turn; but Noah glanced his way and added, “Mike should definitely get the consolation prize, though!” As he said this he gestured at my dick, which was descending from its iron-hard monster-cock state with the speed of a melting glacier. There was general agreement to this, and Mike was encouraged to take his turn, sloppy fourths or not.

Mike nodded eagerly and dropped to his knees in front of me like the others had. Holding my gaze, he vacuumed my three-quarters-hard tube into his mouth, licking up all the extra cum around the head and shaft. My poor dick couldn’t decide whether to scream or bone up again, but my nervous system quickly decided it was too much to bear. I grabbed his shoulders and pushed him off me with a yelp. “Too soon!” I complained, panting around a laugh. He just grinned and went for my equally-embiggened tangerine-sized balls instead, lapping up all the stray cum and sweat he could find while the others laughed. I tilted my head back, whimpering until he finally stood up, and we shared the post-orgasm kiss I’d gotten to have with the others, Mike adding an extra “boyfriendy” kiss on the side of my neck as if to lay in a slightly larger claim on me than the others. He was willing to share, like Chandra was with Noah, but Mike knew he was the senior partner in this little enterprise.

They’d headed for the showers in pairs after that, Chandra cheerfully suggesting I take a rest in the bedroom while they cleaned up and then started whipping up a celebratory brunch in my honor. The bed had been inviting, but I felt so boneless I was afraid of melting into it and konking out—only to awaken with the whole gang on top of me, wanting to find out what else my superdick could do.

The dick in question was still only half hard where it lay obscenely across the thigh of my pants like a fucking flesh salami, looking for all the world like it would never fit inside a pair of pants again. It was even twitching a little at the thought of being mass-pleasured anew by this group of alluring and ardent admirers, mirroring the heat welling in my core that always presaged a new and more intense arousal.

I stared balefully down at my swollen, increasingly insatiable junk as I listened to the water running steadily in the apartment’s two bathrooms. “What am I going to do about you?” I asked it softly.

Because I needed to do something. I had no say over anything now, and the anxiety and helplessness was killing me. My dick size, my erections, my orgasms—all of that had escaped beyond my control. My cravings and my constantly-growing libido had outgrown any tethers or chains my feeble willpower could exert upon them. There was only one way out I could see.

I had to use the app.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I was holding my phone loosely in my hand, staring at what I’d programmed into the app I wrote and wondering if I’d have the nerve to pull the trigger, when Chandra came in, still damp from the shower and completely naked. I gaped at him, a little bit entranced by the full picture he presented. Without any clothes he looked even taller and lanker, and so extremely defined he could have earned top dollar as a study model for courses in human anatomy. Every muscle was outlined and precisely sculpted, and I just stared for a moment, drinking him in. It wasn’t about bulk, though his pecs and biceps were a bit too thick for his lithe Antinoösian physique to be entirely natural. No, Chandra’s body was all about the aesthetic design of the male form and the utter muscular elegance of which it was capable. Even the limp pipe of his uncut phallus conveyed perfection: inviting, full, and stretched a bit longer past the limits of the classical ideal, just like the extra-tall Chandra himself.

I wanted to see him dance, I realized. I wanted to see him do lots of things.

Abruptly I remembered that I had a boyfriend, and so did he. I guiltily tore my gaze away from his body and tried focusing on his face instead; sadly, that was no help. Chandra was not only the definition of tall, sleek, and insanely buff, he was also exceptionally handsome, with a razor-sharp jaw, sweet lips, and mesmeric brown eyes that tried to drag you in, all under thick eyebrows that seemed as limber as he was. His crooked smile lit up his face, and at first I was so lost in the effect that I didn’t realize why he was smiling.

“I can’t believe you’re hard again,” Chandra said quietly. He sounded amused.

“What?” I said, alarmed. I looked down and, sure enough, my beast was erupting tall and rigid from my opened trousers. I pushed at it in disbelief, but it barely moved. The hell…? The only solace was that my imminent orgasm seemed a ways off. I wasn’t frantic to blow my load right this second. Nope, I was just… hard as a granite pillar, and would be for the foreseeable future. I looked up at Chandra and shrugged helplessly. “It’s… kind of out of control,” I said truthfully.

Just mentioning this fact made me tense up all over. I thought about the class I was missing, the spectacle I would be making of myself right now if I were there, aware of my dick, my balls, my need. Aware of the men around me in class, how astonished they’d be, how some of them would be afraid and others filled with lust. There would be no hiding. Not just my hard-on—there’s be no hiding my burning need to explode with cum. One wrong move and I’d be covering my classmates and my professor and everything around me with my thick, hot gouts of pure Mancock seed.

I was gripping something—my phone. I blinked, glancing in horror at the screen. My thumb had slid over the button, and when I’d tightened my grip I’d inadvertently pressed the button.

I stared at Chandra, horrified. I had just used my app to modify his personality—only the whammy I’d given him hadn’t been meant for Chandra, it had been meant for me.

Chandra’s expression had changed. Before, he’d been looking at my monster erection with a kind of recreational interest, like it was a biological toy he was looking forward to having a bit of fun with. Now, though, he looked awed and utterly captivated. He moved closer and crouched before me, studying it with a slightly cocked head, mouth slightly agape. He might have forgotten I was there, so consumed was he by the sight of my dick.

I looked back at my screen and the shorthand code I’d written for the app to apply to its target. You love this giant dick, it said, in essence. This is what you want. It had been the natural conclusion to draw, and I’d set it up on impulse, quickly, before I changed my mind. Mike was in control of the size of my dick, and my growing dick and my growing libido were in control of me. So the only problem left to solve had been how nuts it was making me worrying about hiding my size and my need to cum.

It had occurred to me that what I should do was use the app on Mike. I’d even started programming that in first, before I’d gone the other route. But I’d kept staring at the blank fields, literally incapable of typing anything in with that intent. A chill had run through me at that. On a hunch, I’d checked the logs, and there was a vestigial record of a change being executed in the system in the wee hours of Sunday morning, then wiped. That program could only have had one purpose: it had been an alteration on me, I was sure of it, to prevent me from using the app to stop Mike from dosing me. The only issue left was: had I done that to myself? Or had my very smart and slightly unscrupulous roommate discovered the app and used it on me?

The question was so unnerving, I’d put it aside to deal with later. At present, with all my options removed from me but one, I’d taken that one option: to kill my own stress and anxiety and resolve my problem that way.

But I hadn’t fixed my problem at all. What I’d done instead, as was amply evidenced by the altered behavior of the man currently studying the erection before him with something close to reverence, was imbue in my new friend Chandra a deep adoration for my inhumanly massive, deluge-of-cum-spitting cock.


“How big is it?” Chandra asked, not looking up from the object of his fascination.

“I don’t know,” I said, and once again this was the honest truth. Dancer had guessed eleven inches, but it had had had a growth spurt since then. Maybe more than one.

Chandra made eye contact then, surprised. “You haven’t measured it?” he asked. The implication seemed to be that no one possessed of such a magnificent tool could possibly have failed to slap a ruler next to it. And post it somewhere, just for the record.

I have him a small smile. “Not recently,” I said. He couldn’t know I meant days rather than years had elapsed since that last, now-inaccurate measurement, but if he were going to be around me for any length of time he’d probably figure that part out.

Chandra busted out one of his sunny grins and stood briefly to reach for a piece of bank paper from the top-of-the-line mini-inkjet printer on the desk behind me before lowering himself again. Folding the paper lengthwise in thirds, he creased one of the folds and tore along it, producing a strip of paper eleven inches long and a bit under three inches wide. Discarding the remainder of the sheet onto the desk he bent forward and carefully laid the paper strip along the broad, flat top of my cock, the bottom end firmly positioned against the base of my cock where it nestled in my thin pubic hair. He then straightened the strip along the gentle upcurve of my dick, until it topped out an inch or so shy of the wide, purple glans. I imagined my cock submitted to these attentions with a kind of wary hope there might be more to come.

“Twenty-eight plus… five? six?” Chandra said judiciously, eyeing the shortfall. “Let’s say—thirty-three point five.”

He looked up at me and must have seen my confusion. “Sorry, I’m used to measuring in metric. In inches that’s thirteen plus a bit.”

I mouthed the word thirteen and he grinned. Turning back to my dick he took the strip of paper and wrapped it around the wide circumference of the shaft. “Eight centimeters of overlap, so twenty around—or, shall we say, eight inches.”

We stared at my 13+ by 8 inch cock for a few beats. That wasn’t a cock, that was a slab, I thought to myself. “Are you this precise in the lab, too?” I joked by way of distraction.

Chandra smiled. “I can be very exact about what I do,” he said. Then, as if in demonstration, he pulled the strip of paper away, cast it negligently aside, and calmly bent to swallow my rigid cock completely whole. My phone dropped to the bedroom carpet with a soft thump, and all thoughts of personality apps and cock growth dosages were entirely forgotten.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Brunch, as promised, followed, despite it being a Tuesday and brunch, as far as I knew, being a weekend thing. Playing hooky from class allowed for the feeling of an illicit holiday, at least for me; what the others were missing I didn’t know, but I sensed that they’d set aside at least the morning to explore how I fit into their formerly humdrum lives.

We ate in the breakfast nook, a decent-sized alcove off the high-tech kitchen with one exposed-brick wall and a wide, round, table surfaced in alabaster. Noah seemed to be in charge of food preparation, whipping up Belgian waffles complete with warm fruit compotes and frying up rashers of bacon like a pro, while Paul played barista and conjured complicated drinks from the fancy latte and espresso machine. Chandra, for his part, worked the blender, producing fruit-and-veg smoothies for everyone.

None of the other four had bothered putting on clothes, leaving me, still, the only one dressed. I’d managed to soften enough after Chandra’s successful affections in the bedroom to more or less pack my junk away into my pants and button the waistband again, though I hadn’t managed to get the fly zipped over the densely-packed mound of flesh behind it and I was worried about stripping the teeth if I forced it. I needed to change into looser pants, for sure. Even so it felt weirdly backwards for me to be the one guy here who wasn’t nude, considering my only reason for being here was my growth-serum-enhanced naughty bits. It was almost perverse.

Mike helped in the kitchen, handing the others food items from the fridge and various utensils on request, leaving me to sit at the table sipping extra-pulpy orange juice and telling myself that even in that kitchen five people would be too much. As it was, brunch preparation barely seemed to take a moment before they were bustling around me sat the table, laying out the food and fixings and settling into their own spots around the table. Mike dropped into the chair to my left, squeezing my thigh under the table. I was watching him and Noah both for signs of jealousy—they had to have guessed what Chandra and I were up to in the bedroom earlier—but Mike seemed as happy to share as Noah was. I would have to ask Mike about this later. I’d often gotten the impression I had no idea what my crafty roommate was really thinking, and today that feeling was back, in spades.

The others finished setting up the table and dropped into seats around it it. Chandra was last, distributing five variously-hued smoothies in thirty-ounce milkshake glasses. “Here you go, Case,” he said, plunking mine directly in front of me, next to my plate, before settling into the seat to my right. “Make sure to drink it all!”

“It’s good for you,” added Noah from the seat next to him, tossing Chandra a quick wink.

I frowned, looking at the tall glass of dark green smoothie I’d been given, then glancing around the table at the other glasses. Noah and Chandra’s were a paler green than mine, while Paul’s was a darker, denser green and Mike’s was different altogether, being a ruddy orange in color. Paul picked his up and downed a quarter of it in a couple of gulps, grinning at Chandra, who’d been watching him drink. “Great as always,” he said cheerfully, before starting in on his waffle.

Uh huh. I looked around the table at my nude companions. Chandra and Noah were both very fit and unusually tall. Paul, meanwhile, was built, with thick, chiseled muscles shaped according to the most meticulous aesthetic imaginable. My brain, clear at last after all those orgasms, couldn’t help piecing the clues together. What if Mike, here, wasn’t the only bio nerd capable of developing a breakthrough body-enhancing serum?

I looked at Mike, who was smearing raspberry compote over his big round waffle with cheery obliviousness to the way Chandra and Noah were trading smirks and watching me out of the corners of their eyes. Maybe Mike wasn’t in on whatever illicit physique-improving drug the boys to my right had developed. And maybe Chandra and Noah didn’t know about what Mike was up to with his cock-growing dosages, either. All of which made me wonder: what would two independently-developed body-altering sera do when they came into contact in a single subject—namely, me?

I might not have successfully zapped my cock-anxiety away, but I was sure up for trying to ignore it as best I could. I picked up the heavy glass tumbler and deliberately drank a good third of my concoction, before setting it down and wiping my lips dramatically with the back of my wrist like a hick in an iced tea commercial. It tasted surprisingly nice—not too sweet but pleasantly flavored with notes of apple and carrot and a good deal else, without any bitter aftertaste. “That’s pretty good,” I told Chandra. “Thanks.”

Chandra grinned. “My pleasure,” he said, and I’m sure it was all he could do not to wink.

Brunch was congenial. The five of us talked and laughed as we ate. Interestingly enough a lot of it was Chandra and Noah telling me stories about Mike, as if to embarrass him, though he was able to retaliate with a few Chandra stories of his own. I made sure to finish all my food, smoothie included. As I stood to help gather plates I turned to Mike. “We should probably get back home soon,” I said. “I should at least try to make my afternoon class.”

Noah beat me to the punch with the dirty dishes, gathering up my plate and Mike’s. “Oh, you are home, honey,” he said as he headed into the kitchen, Chandra and Paul close behind with the rest of the dishes.

I followed them slowly, confused. “What do you mean?” I asked slowly.

Mike was nonchalant. “We live here now,” he explained, moving around me to stow the orange juice back in the fridge.


Suddenly the four of them were ringed around me again, here in the middle of the kitchen, the cleanup abandoned. I took a step backward but the island was right behind me and I had nowhere to go. They closed in, silence falling, their nudity and attractiveness and their heated gazes seeping under my skin. A hot ripple of desire slid through me.

“We have an extra room,” Chandra said, stepping closer on my right. “It’s all arranged.”

“We want you here,” Noah added, calm and serious.

“We like you a lot,” Paul put in, his ardor visible in his eyes.

I looked at Mike, a little put off by this concerted appeal despite wanting to know these guys better. Wasn’t Mike going to object? Didn’t he want me all to himself? Evidently not. “There’s plenty of you to go around,” he said coyly, guessing my thoughts. “And there are more interesting possibilities for someone like you than a degree you don’t need anyway.”

“Wait—what—?” I sputtered. I mean, it was true I had surpassed a lot of what I was being taught—hell, I’d made that app. Wait—was Mike acknowledging that he knew about the app? No, that couldn’t be right. He just knew I was really good, right? And… what plans did he have for me beyond just growing my dick?

All this was happening too fast. How had I lost control even over where I lived and whether I went to school?

The four of them moved closer, their heat and hotness surrounding me: attentive, cocky, eager to show me my true worth thanks to what had been done to me, with maybe a bit of help from what I had done to myself.

Shit, I was getting turned on again. I really needed to find some looser pants.


Part 10

Rough breathing. Indistinct shapes. Heart pounding. Cock slick, tingling with use and abrasion yet still ragingly hard, tapping angrily against my belly like a lusty brute banging on a virgin’s castle door, demanding entrance and satiation. Beyond it lurked my constant tormenter, the next orgasm, always skulking, always hotly and gloriously imminent.

Consciousness returned reluctantly. I tried to focus. I was in a decent-sized space, sunlit and welcoming. The blurred blotches of color resolved warily into clean white walls, blue love seat, Persian rug, the black rectangle of a mounted flat screen.

Mike sat cross-legged on the rug beside the coffee table, fiddling with a phone. He looked up and smiled, his brown eyes avid. “There you are,” he said. His gaze drifted down me to my beast of a cock, which flexed and stretched under his scrutiny. I could feel it demanding service, attention, the release of that looming orgasm that would only spawn another lurking, building, unstoppable climax to take its place, nestling in my balls and heating my blood, just as this one was now.

Scratchy upholstery fabric pressed into the bare flesh of my butt, and with a sudden appalling clarity I realized where I was: Chandra’s living room, bare-ass naked on the couch with my head half-lolled and my heels splayed on the carpet before me. I was also hard and gagging for it like a debauched senator’s son at his first proper Roman orgy. Or maybe the orgy had been going on for some time, because there was ample evidence I’d already cum, and cum and cum again. My chest and shoulders were sticky with dried and gluey, not-so-dried spunk. My face, too, from the feel of it. My cheeks were pulled by desiccating cum. Fuck, I was pretty sure I could feel it on my forehead, maybe in my hair, too. I hadn’t shaved in a day or two, and though I didn’t grow much of a beard, here and there my bristles felt caked with small splotches of dead, long-spent jizz.

I’d been kind of staring at Mike, not really seeing him. He raised the phone in his hand, drawing my attention. He was shirtless, I noted distractedly, and looking very fit, though not as fit as Chandra and his hot roommates. A full-sensory recollection of them competing to get me off washed through me, and my dick squeezed excitedly, smearing hot goo on my upper belly. “It’s all set,” Mike said, waggling the phone. “You’re officially withdrawn from all your classes. You sent an email to your hot professor, too, telling him you’re taking a little ‘sabbatical’.”

“Fitz?” I mumbled, following the phone as he moved it back and forth. I squinted at it. Fuck—that was my phone. My specially modified phone, the one with the app I’d built to control people’s minds. I flicked my gaze to Mike’s face in alarm, disturbed by the smirk twisting freshly-shaved face.

I had to get that phone back. No one should be allowed to have that phone. Least of all Mike.

Did he know?

I sat up, needing to take control, Mike watching me intently. My cockhead slid along the skin of my upper abs, sending a disorienting wave of pleasure through me. I was full of fiery energy, like some kind of new, unstoppable furnace had been built in my secret core. My sex drive was so overpowering it was subverting everything I was telling myself to do.

I had to act… take back my phone, find clothes, get out of here and go back to my—

No. I remembered. Voices came back to me from that strange brunch. “You are home.” “We live here now.” “It’s all arranged.”

It’s all arranged. All of this had been arranged.

I got to my feet, feeling unnaturally heavy and yet full of power like a human dynamo. All lethargy was gone, leaving only drive and need. My animal brain had been treacherously released from its cage, staging a coup of all the garrisons and control centers of my body. My terrified capacity for reason was left barricaded and alone behind one last steel door, like the doomed final-reel survivors in a hardcore horror movie.

Mike was watching me with a red-hot proprietary lust. I loomed over him. “What did you do?” I growled menacingly.

Mike’s smirk blossomed into a grin. He was wearing maroon board shorts and nothing else, I noticed, like clothes were barely a concern around here, and were worn only to distinguish the humans from the beasts. “Interesting thing about English,” he said. “It has that second-person pronoun ambiguity of number that so few languages have. It splits possibilities, like a decision tree, or a fork in a multiverse. In this case,” he continued coyly, eyes alight, “the question becomes, did you mean ‘What did I do’—or, ‘What did we do’?”

Mike stood up, but for some reason he didn’t end up standing as tall as he should have. He was only a couple of inches shorter than I was, and yet I was looking at the top of his head…

Those sweet brown eyes were dancing. “Look down, Case,” he instructed, and I obeyed.

A gasp escaped me. My formerly nothing bod was now ripped. Like, Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy ripped. That cum-covered chest I’d felt was protruding from my ribs like the cells of my pecs had been fucking and babymaking fast enough to repopulate a planet. My long, thick-muscled arms looked strong enough to break down walls, and my jizz-covered abs—what I could see of them around my enormous, wrist-thick erection—looked rock-hard and chiseled from fucking marble. My legs were strong and sculpted and, from this perspective, longer than any legs I owned had a right to be.

I was also, from the neck down, completely hairless, apart from the barest patch of public hair. I hadn’t had much body hair before, but now… now I had none. All these sleek, thick, endless muscles were smooth and—shaved? Had they shaved me? No, that wasn’t right. I’d been recrafted and reconfigured, from scrawny and average to a buffed and beautified perfection, a gay guy’s stereotypical wet dream. My cock surged just from looking at myself… and sure enough that next orgasm perked up, spurring its horse and trotting relentlessly toward me, ready to blow more and more glorious seed all over this new, un-me physique.

“And, just to let you know, it’s the second one,” Mike said after he’d let me get a real eyefull of myself. “That pronoun—it’s very, very plural.” He reached out with his free hand and stroked the side of my erection, and I was so sensitive by now that just the sliding of the back of one finger along the slick length of my heavy shaft electrified me and threatened instant, explosive climax. “See, this was me,” he said, stroking slowly up the steadily enlarged bulk of my cock. I followed the movement, trying not to shake with need. “My serum, my doing. But this—” He transferred his caress to the abs behind the towering, quivering erection, drawing the back of his crooked finger up the bumpy terrain and onto the mesa-like pecs above. “—this is Chandra. And the height and… other things…” He looked up at me, letting his hand spread over my sticky chest. “…that, I think, was Noah.”

Other things? I wanted to ask, to protest that none of this was possible—though I knew from raw experience just how possible it was to achieve the accretion of new flesh and new feelings in the form of a steadily growing cock. Mike was still talking, his tone smooth and deliberate, like a mesmerist’s. “Honestly, I think there was a reaction between the three sera,” he said speculatively. “That’s probably why you were out of it for so long. And why you got such a—” He cast his eyes over me lasciviously. “—full and extreme effect rather than the usual gradual accretion.” He smiled up at me. “Though I’m willing to bet that Chandra and Noah didn’t realize just how much the other was dosing you. They’ve been keeping the details of their various, hm, field tests secret from each other for a while now, just to add to the fun of it.”

I blinked at him. Suddenly a vision of Chandra and Noah surfaced in my mind, both of them looking taller and buffer than any guys I knew. They were more than outsized for science nerd-bros—they were bigger and hotter than dudes in general. I tried to reverse-track how they’d gotten that way. Had they been secretly dosing each other—or rather, dosing each other in amounts that they kept secret? They had to have been, right? Not unlike me and Mike—we’d both known he was dosing me, but I never knew when or how much.

And then there was the third roommate, Paul, who looked like a lanky, beautifully built, well-hung god and who had obviously been getting slow administrations of all three sera—probably without his awareness and consent. Fuck, who were these guys? I felt like I’d stumbled into a trio of X-rated Buffy villains.

My brain doubled back abruptly, having just caught the other thing he’d said. “What do you mean, ‘out of it for so long’?” I said, not quite wanting to hear the answer.

Mike’s smirk was smug. He was quite comely, looking a bit younger now that he’d shaved, but at that look an ominous sliver of cold slid up my spine, warring with my hot, overbearing arousal. “It’s been two days,” he said, holding my gaze, watching eagerly for the dread he knew his words would instill in me. “You’ve been beautiful. So much cum, so much fucking. You were a champion.” He winked. My enormous brute of a cock and huge, churning balls thrilled at the praise, but my guts turned to ice. “All four of us could barely keep up. We all had so much cum down our throats—up our asses—” He tilted his head wistfully, remembering.

I gaped. I had been fucking… having sex… cumming… basically living a nonstop orgy with four other guys, and I wasn’t even there for it. It had all happened while I was checked out, submerged in some kind of transformation-induced stupor.

I tried thinking back. I caught glimpses, passing sensations, moans of pleasure. Hands and cocks and mouths, all fleeting and insubstantial. Underpinning them all was my own pleasure, which was so intense, so all-consuming, that I must have been like a perverted kind of golem, existing only for mind-bending gratification and repeated, unslaked climax.

For two days, I had lost control of everything, utterly, while the whole time these hunky nerd-bros had relentlessly remade me for their own delectation.

I looked around. No sign of the others. I could smell the cum and sweat and musk, though there were open windows pulling a cross-breeze through, so it was a lot fresher in here than it might have been. Everything else was slightly different. Altered. The TV was off, and the lack of Jane the Virgin playing soundlessly in the background was it itself weirdly disconcerting. Most of the random household things I’d seen on arrival or during that fateful brunch were gone, put away somewhere they wouldn’t get soaked in jizz. The coffee table was empty of the various controllers and remotes that had littered it before, instead sporting a plastic gallon pitcher half-full of what looked like water. Several mostly empty drinking glasses were scattered around it—all of them on coasters, funnily enough. Apparently we’d been hydrating, at least.

Mike was still talking. “Honestly, you tired us out,” he went on. “Chandra and Noah are konked out in their bed, recovering their strength for the next round.” He winked again. “Paul had to go out for a run—sex always fills him with energy somehow and he has to work it off. Weird, huh?”

Actually, I could relate. Apparently I had been cumming for days, erupting in orgasm after orgasm, and yet in this moment all I wanted was the bliss of climactic release. I wanted to feel anger at my—what? what should I call them? my transfigurers? my makers?—and I did, I truly did, but the pleasure they had made me capable of, the universe they had opened to me, was not something I could even consider rejecting.

I realized Mike was waiting for my reaction. He wanted to see me squirm, to beg for my life back, to scream in existential horror—because who the fuck was I? I had to admit to myself that wasn’t sure anymore.

And I did feel all that. But something else had happened to me. For all that I was dominated by my unslakable, tsunami-force sexual needs that had been induced in me by my own manipulation of Mike and his gleeful opportunism in taking that bait, now that I was awake and recovered from my terrifying two-day sex bender my rational processes, embattled though they were, were sharp and crystal clear—more so, I was sure, than they had been since Mike had started dosing me, maybe ever. Maybe something in Chandra’s or Noah’s sera had been designed to incrementally improve the subject mentally as well as physically; that seemed to fit what I knew about these two, especially the competitive and goal-driven Chandra.

Either way, I could see the path before me that I needed to take to turn the tables on my “makers.” I took a step toward Mike, staring him down, my heavy, giant cock twitching ominously against my abs. At first he retained his self-satisfied smile, but as I advanced it faltered slightly. Because there was something else I had noticed about what Mike had done to me.

I turned guys on.

Every day, every encounter had been proof. It wasn’t just being nice-looking and crazy-hung. I had drawn people into sex like a whirlpool sucking tall ships into the briny deep. Because the way guys behaved around me was not normal. Clint coming on to me in class? Seeking me out for sex after I’d fled in humiliation? Not normal. Dancer guy might have gotten a pass, sex behind a gay club hardly being an innovation in human history, except he’d been a cocky, incredibly hot guy who’d grown desperate for my dick within minutes of meeting me. The guys in holding cell? Fuck, they’d acted like they had no choice but to surrender to my unstoppable dick. Even Chandra, Noah, and Paul—they hadn’t just been randy, or impressed. They had been consumed with craving for my dick and my cum the second they’d come close to me.

And that was just the actual sexual encounters. I’d felt the arousal, the heated stares. Guys taking an involuntary step towards me as I passed, not even realizing they were doing it. Adjusting themselves in shock. Eyes suddenly filled with a fathomless need. I was emitting something, radiating pure animal lust, and anyone who got too close was trapped in my web.

I moved close to Mike, immersing myself in sexual energy, catalyzing every sexual process. My skin burned, my blood was liquid fire, my gaze drilling into him. I used every ounce of will I could muster to drive my raw carnal potency into the red zone.

Mike’s eyes widened. The air seemed to thicken around us. His mouth fell open, and I watched his pupils expand as he was overcome with mindless, desperate lust, like the ardor was blooming in him, taking control of his being and senses. I almost succumbed myself—the room seemed to haze around me, my world constructing to heat and pleasure; but for the moment I was in control—thanks, ironically, to all the things that had been done to me to replace my agency with raw, unadulterated need.

Yeah, that’s it, fucker. You wanted to create an unstoppable sex beast? An unstoppable sex beast is exactly what you’re going to get.

That’s when I reached out and grabbed the phone. Mike barely seemed aware he was holding it—his fingers were barely gripping it, and I pulled it away easily. To distract him, I bent down and kissed him possessively, sliding my tongue in without waiting for permission. I barely even noticed the weirdness of having to stoop to kiss this man who should have been close to my height—after slowly losing control of my dick size and the growing indomitability of my libido my body was no longer a given the way it had been before.

I gripped the phone, the rational corner of my brain racing even as my heart pounded and my dick strained, spitting the pre my huge balls were churning out as if I needed to lube the whole town with it. Now that I had my phone back I should use my app—but for what? The obvious play was to use it to rein Mike in and force him to cede some of my control back to me. Except I’d already choked trying to do that, thanks to an inhibition against using the app on Mike that I had apparently put on myself so I’d keep getting dosed. Maybe that restriction was only limited to trying to stop Mike feeding me stuff laced with cock growth serum, and I could still use the app on him in other ways. The problem was I had wiped the logs, so I had no idea. I had to be sure.

The important thing now was that Mike not use the app. Or any of the others—shit, Chandra having that kind of a mind-control tool would be like tossing gasoline on an open flame. I stepped back from Mike, leaving him dazed. I reached out with my right hand, hesitating only a moment before I dropped the phone in the half-filled pitcher. It sank, fully submerging. Done.

The silence was broken by the sound of clapping. I looked up in alarm and, through my arousal-induced haze, I saw Chandra leaning languidly against the entranceway to the living room, smacking his hands together sarcastically. Noah was right behind him, a snarky blond eyebrow raised at me. They both looked crazy hot, both of them shirtless and tall and muscled and too, too handsome, like the basketball team of the gods. I was probably bigger than them now, I thought hectically. Bigger and stronger than someone for the first time ever. But my confidence was ebbing rapidly in the face of Chandra’s cocky self-possession.

No sign of Paul, I noticed. He must still be on his run? I couldn’t trust any of these three, not anymore, but Paul might—

“You’re forgetting something, Casey,” Chandra told me as he moved forward, breaking into my thoughts. He was wrapping an arm around Mike as the latter lolled his head, still recovering from my 180-proof kiss. “Mike here already got into your phone, right? Which means he had your passwords. Which you told us, of course, while you were in what Noah calls your ‘satyr mode,’ and not exactly in your right mind. Not just your phone password,” he clarified, pulling his own phone out of the baggy shorts he was wearing. “The passwords to your cloud backup. Your app storage.” He waved his phone. “Everything.”

He smiled wide and fixed me with a dangerous look. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from his. I was trapped.

Then Chandra said a single word. “Cum.”

I came. Sudden, uncontrollable release blazed through me, drowning me in impossible euphoria. Torrents of jizz sprayed upwards from my hyper-erect cock, spattering my face and chest over and over, just as I must have been doing for the last two days straight. The pleasure was all-consuming and utterly exquisite, and I lost myself, having claw my way back from the whiteness to mere consciousness.

I stood there, shaking, covered in spunk and still hard. I stared blearily at Chandra, panting hard, then at Noah. Noah, it seemed, was possessed by the same glee as Chandra at the chance to exert power over me so easily. Did they really think so alike? They were competitive. Maybe I could set them against each—

“Cum,” Noah commanded eagerly, and I came. Just as hard, just as overwhelmingly. Even the quantities were the same, as though my body had been modified so effectively my refractory period was now measured in seconds.

I watched them, breathing hard and, for all the intense pleasure I was feeling, truly scared. Mike had refocused, and he was staring me down, too. Then I saw it in his eyes, what he was really feeling in that moment. The others were merely excited to have created a means of evolving a man into a sexual demon, but Mike? Mike had an axe to grind. If there had been any question whether my roomie knew I had fucked with his head, that was now laid to rest. Mike knew, and he was cheesed.

“Guys—” I breathed, embarrassed to hear the pleading in my voice.

Mike just smiled, flat and humorless. “Cum,” he said, kicking the first consonant so hard it no longer sounded like English, resembling more a word of primordial sorcery—an utterance of power from the dawn of time.

As I shuddered again with uncontrollable ecstasy, I felt tears pricking in my eyes. Any chance for gaining the upper hand with these guys was gone. I was so, so, incredibly screwed.


Part 11

I thought I knew what “sexually charged” was. Sharing a dorm room with a guy who I knew was not only into me but was paying avid attention to my incrementally growing dick, I’d thought I’d reached the peak example of an enclosed space the very air of which was tingling with sexual tension, all the countless, vibrating molecules of oxygen and nitrogen subtly commanding proximity, arousal, and that slow, delicious mutual toil that brings sweat, and pleasure, and, ultimately, release.

This, though, was something else. This bright and breezy living room was saturated with carnal urgency, as if all of this tinkering with growth sera and mind-warps had slide-shifted us into a universe where men were slavering sex machines, and the euphoric spurting of huge, arcing gouts of cum was as necessary as breathing. I stank of sweat and massive amounts of jizz, some of it fresh and wet and still trickling down my cheeks and neck and reconfigured chest, still more dried and stiff, smearing the skin of my face and torso like war paint; and though the smell filled the space in which we stood, me and the three men who’d remade me, it was more of a spiky undertone to the pervading necessity of allure, sensual pleasure, and constant, unceasing, uncontrolled climax.

It wasn’t just that Chandra, Noah, and Mike had used their separate growth sera and my own mind-altering app to turn me into a taller, harder, monster-dicked version of me who came on command, explosively and (as it seemed) inexhaustibly. I was honestly wrecked over this, as much at knowing that my own coding dexterity had been used to complete the very eradication of my agency as at the loss of agency itself. But the true horror… the true horror was that I wanted this descent, this devolution. Even now, some part of me struggled not to beg them to complete their work, to finish permanently turning me into the mindless sex-beast I had apparently been for the last two whole days of constant, delirious, and very athletic depravity.

I didn’t think the app was responsible for this most terrifying aspect of my crisis. Yes, Chandra, Noah, and Mike had stolen my program and used it on me to create an irresistible orgasm-trigger—that much was clear. But my app wasn’t what interested them. These guys weren’t IT nerds; they were experimental biochemists, driven by mutual rivalry and an obsessive need to leverage their own genius to produce physical change in a human subject. I didn’t know the process, only that each had labored in secret, maybe communing and competing with each other, to craft a unique and extremely effective serum that had demonstrably produced, in me, the results they most craved. Mike had awoken a growing, thickening, increasingly uncontrollable beast dick, with balls and a demanding libido to match, and—perhaps as an unintended side-effect—an almost weapons-grade ability to induce arousal in others. Chandra had invoked the accretion of dense, aesthetically impressive muscle. Noah’s focus was height, beauty, charisma… and other things yet to be revealed, if I understood Mike’s hints from earlier correctly.

Together the three of them had wrested control of my body from me, as easily as a teenager yanking his kid brother’s game controller right out of his hands, and with as little consequence. Their sera had clashed and combined, producing exaggerated results and a blackout period of two days’ debauchery, but the fundamental results were that they had made me into their creature, a massive, ferally beautiful incubus-Casey who was worlds apart from the me I knew and understood. And the most desperate part of all this was that, more than the fact that I was still ragingly erect and hot-bloodedly aroused after cumming three times in succession, the next orgasm looming over me like a more massive lover pressed against me from behind, ready to take me and send me into a universe of bliss, it was the primal, instinctive, heart-breaking allure of ceding all responsibility and giving in to a life of mindless pleasure that was utterly consuming me in that moment, paralyzing reason and stilling all thoughts but those of fear and lust.

Reason, I thought desperately. It was who I was, right? I had to hold onto reason. Cogito ergo sum.

I snorted. Réné Descartes never imagined this scenario, I was sure: a man augmented, his will subtly blunted, for the pleasure of others.

Chandra, Noah, and Mike moved toward me as I stood, poised next to the blue sofa and the coffee table where my phone lay drowned in the plastic water pitcher, pointlessly sacrificed before I’d known the guys already had my mind-warping app. All at once my fight or flight response kicked in. Chandra and Noah weren’t ripped like I was, but they were tall and hard-muscled. And Mike, though not physically augmented like the others, had done a real number on me psychologically. Plus the three of them were as boned as I was, Chandra, Noah, and Mike tenting sweatpants, shorts, and boxers respectively, and in my tunnel-vision, hyper-sensory state their stiff, fat, leaky dicks were intensely aggressive and menacing.

I could probably take the three of them—god knew how strong I was now—but I was spooked and intimidated by their power over me and the obvious, domineering lust in their eyes. I took a step backwards, almost involuntarily, and felt the base of the sofa press against my calves.

“Where ya going, Case?” Mike leered.

They took another step toward me, closing in. Mike was within arm’s reach now, the other two just behind him. I looked between the three men, my heart fluttering in agitation. Could I talk this through with any of them? Mike was a nice guy, originally. But he was also laser-focused on growing my cock and sexual need—a focus I had induced in him, using my app to forcibly redirect his natural genius and ambition toward the creation of a genital growth serum and the “secret” dosing of his roommate. I’d created this particular monster.

Chandra was even less likely. Mike’s mania might have been down to me, at least mostly, but his taller, swoler buddy here was obviously driven by some extreme need to catalyze muscle growth in unsuspecting subjects—a flame that had been sparked and fanned long before I’d met him. How many people had he slipped his home-brewed growth agent to without them knowing? Roommate Paul for sure, and probably more as he’d tested and perfected his formula. I could see in his handsome face and intent, lecherous gaze that he was a lost cause. And fuck, on top of that I had whammied him too, I remembered—the last thing I’d used my app for, pathetically, was accidentally gifting him with a permanent, panting fixation on my giant cock.

I glanced over Mike’s other shoulder at Noah, the one I knew the least about (and the one I knew I hadn’t whammied). But Chandra’s tan, blond, bio-nerd Adonis of a lab-partner-slash-lover looked just as scarily obsessed as the others—and that’s without taking into account the fact that I was finding the knowledge that the effects of his serum on me hadn’t all been fully catalogued singularly unnerving. These guys, collectively and individually, were at least as possessed and controlled by their pleasure-god ids as I was thanks to the all fiddling they’d done with my physical and mental source code.

The apartment door popped open and Paul burst in, his dark, slightly curly hair and thickly sculpted torso damp from his run. He had gone out for his run commando, his hefty sausage shifting around unrestrained in his loose chartreuse running shorts.

He stopped and eyed the tableau the four of us presented curiously. “What’s going on?” he said. A greedy little smile tugged at the corners of his lips. “We starting up again?” he asked, sounding recharged and ready for all the sex the world could give him.

This was my chance. Seizing the distraction, I pushed Mike hard into Chandra and Noah, toppling the three of them backwards as I made a break for it. Pausing only to impulsively snatch the lone set of keys from out of the jade square-plate change dish on the table beside the door, I shouldered past a surprised Paul and bolted out of the apartment and thundered naked down the stairwell, my impossibly hard 13-inch monster erection spewing drops of precum every which way as I escaped, possessed of literally nothing but a ring of keys, a pimped-out, extra-hot body, and an insane, unstoppable need for earth-shattering, reality-melting release.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I made myself pause at the foot of the grotty building stairwell, one hand on the banister, listening for pursuit. I didn’t hear any pounding footsteps from the floor above, though, only a brief exchange of voices before the apartment door quietly snicked shut.

“Should we go after him?” one of them said. The echoing in the stairwell made it hard to tell who this was—Noah, I thought.

“What’s the point? He can’t go anywhere like that.” I’d know that low tenor anywhere, and my stomach twisted a little. I’d been hearing it in my dreams, coaxing me to accept the dominion of my own dick. “Plus all his stuff is here. Let him run around for a bit, and then—”

The door closed upstairs on that certainty I’d be back, or at least stray close. Mike had been more and more assertive these last few days, making me wonder which was his real personality—and, relatedly, whether Mike or Chandra had the upper hand in the little trio of bio-nerds. Sometimes Chandra seemed to be in charge, and then Mike would say something that made me think he was the architect of everything they’d done, at least when it came to me.

I pushed these thoughts aside. Mike was right about one thing. I was a walking spectacle: six feet and two hundred pounds of chiseled, boner-popping, bare-assed masculine heat. With, I need hardly add, a sky-reaching, ruler-busting fence-post of a hard-on that was not only impossible to miss but which would never again suffer itself to be hidden no matter what I wore. This warm, red-tinged, slick-weeping, stone-hard presence and the need it represented now controlled my life and future, dominating others’ experience of me in all circumstances and periodically subsuming my willpower in order to ensure its constant and complete satiation.

I felt it, even now, the urgency of my next orgasm, despite the string of full-body climaxes I had just experienced. Soon—it would be soon. I would have little warning, and no choice but to submit.

I glanced toward the glass-paned door to the apartment building, which stood maybe fifty feet down the chessboard-tiled hallways, past a small bank of mailboxes. I wasn’t entirely sure where I was relative to campus and the rest of the city, but I knew where Mike’s car was. Nervously I lifted my hand to check the keys I’d grabbed, hoping against hope that they belonged to Mike. It sounded like they hadn’t noticed I’d snatched them on my way out, which might give me a bit of lead time before they came looking for me in earnest. If it was Mike’s keys I’d grabbed, I was set—I could sneak my way to the car, and…

I opened my fist and groaned inwardly. I knew Mike’s keys, and these were not them.

Eyes closed, deep breath. I had to get a grip. I opened my eyes and examined the unfamiliar keyring again, noting its contents: five metal keys, an unmarked miniature electronic door pass, and a conventional black door/trunk release fob with a Honda logo. I tried to focus on what I knew about my Remakers, all the while forcing back the relentlessly building arousal sizzling my blood and driving me to find and create pleasure somewhere, somehow.

Paul had had to have had his keys on him on his run—you needed them to get in the building. I was pretty sure Noah didn’t drive, which meant that the keys had to be Chandra’s. I racked my addled, lust-hazed memories. Hadn’t he said something at some point about parking around back?

I squinted again toward the front door to the building—just as a random silver-haired old lady with a small armload of grocery shopping cruelly materialized out of the bright afternoon on the other side of the glass, bent as if she meant to enter and was finding her keys. I hung fire for a second, only for her to confirm my fears and start working on unlocking the door one-handed. I quailed and glanced the other way down the corridor. There was a door that way, too—solid this time, with a crashbar across the middle and no handle. I hurried that way, praying the elderly resident was too preoccupied with getting into the place to catch sight of the two pale, round sunlit moons receding rapidly away from her down into the gloom ay the other end of the hallway.

The back door opened onto a small asphalt car-sanctum barely large enough for its dozen narrow yellow-sided pens and currently, it being mid-afternoon on a weekday (I was pretty sure), at barely a quarter of its capacity. The rectangular space was enclosed on all sides by the brick walls of the surrounding apartment buildings, forming a sort of rudimentary private atrium rising up a good four stories on all sides with only a rather narrow outlet along the right perimeter of Chandra’s building providing access to the street beyond.

I looked over the three vehicles: a beat-up Dodge, a chocolate-brown Honda subcompact, and a brilliant cerulean SUV, also a Honda. The presence of the latter two was reassuring but hardly conclusive: if there had been no Hondas I would have definitely been out of luck, but Chandra might still have parked on the street, in which case the two vehicles I was presently pinning my hopes on would be total busts.

Still, hope was a good thing. With any luck it would be the subcompact and not the SUV—I wasn’t keen on trying to slide that thing out that narrow alley to the street. Not without a bit of lube, anyway.

Fuck, I shouldn’t have thought of lube and narrow passages! Something deep in me pulsed, and I realized my orgasm was starting is unstoppable approach. I was going to need to cum, soon, and the potency of it was too strong to hold back.

I swallowed and, struggling to keep from gripping my dick with my free hand, I clicked the unlock button on the fob. The lights on the sleek, vivid-blue SUV flashed once. Of course—”too big” and “impossible to miss” were now the invariable rules by which my fate was spun.

I started toward the vehicle, then stopped myself. As much as I wanted to deface anything of Chandra’s with obnoxious quantities of high-quality spunk, this SUV was all I was going to have for the foreseeable future—if I got free. I had nowhere to go, no plan, and no possessions. Mike was wrong in thinking that I was going to inevitably be drawn back here for the sake of my possessions, i.e., clothes (which I now couldn’t wear), books (for courses I’d been deregistered from), and my laptop (which I was hardly likely to trust now that my Remakers had had a crack at it). But my escape without these things meant I literally had nothing but my body, these keys, and this SUV.

Fuck, I didn’t even have a driver’s license. Not that it would do much good in identifying me now given how different I looked—even facially, from what I’d seen and pieced together. I snorted—if I got pulled over in this state, not having my license on me would be the least of my problems.

Though, if I got arrested, I might run into Vans and Boots again. Not to mention Officer Bearhunk…

I shivered violently. I gritted my teeth, trying to hold back the deluge, but there was no chance of that. I wasn’t going to make it out of here without cumming. It would be stupid to do it in the car, but…

I looked around, then dashed to the nearest expanse of brick wall. Planting my palms against the rough surface at two points just over my head, I leaned forward, feet apart, and prepared myself.

An unexpected idea struck me. Should I try—? Before I’d even finished the thought, I uttered the single-syllable imperative that Chandra, Noah, and Mike had used so effectively to deprive me of agency and power.

Cum,” I commanded roughly, the word seeming to fill the charged air around me.

Immediately—obediently—my body responded. I erupted, and a tsunami of orgasm thrilled through me. The pleasure, even the very spunk itself, seemed to tear out of every cell of my being, joining the universal surge in a confluence of passionate ecstasy. Thick, hot jets of high powered cum tore out of me, rocketing from my massive cannon of a cock and battering the brick wall in front of me. I moaned. More cum erupted, spattering and flecking my face and chest with the warm, wet backblast. My body was hot with climax, the air around me even hotter as I came and came and came.

At last, as my heart pounded so hard I thought it too might explode from my body and smash wetly against the building I’d covered with what seemed like fifty men’s spunk for an entire year, my release finally started to subside. My spurts of jizz lessened to spatter the lower bricks and then the pavement at my bare feet before falling to dribbles smearing their way down my semen-drenched, still-adamantine cock. I remained splayed against the wall, heaving and sweaty, letting the bricks take my weight as I drifted for long, panting moments in simple, fathomless euphoria.

Eventually I resurfaced into reality. I remembered where I was, and the danger I was in, and cursed myself. It would truly have been for nothing if I’d scampered smugly down those stairs and out here a hair’s breadth from freedom, only to turn around from this prolonged, orgasmic megablast to find my four control-hungry “admirers” standing there in the little parking lot, ready to close off all possible futures for me but the ones they imagined.

I straightened and turned around, filled with dread. The parking lot was empty except for me and the three cars. With some trepidation I dragged my gaze up the side of Chandra’s apartment building to the second-floor love nest from which I’d just fled. I let out a slow breath. No one in the windows there, either. So far, I was in the clear—

A movement caught my eye, and whipped my head to the right. The building next to Chandra’s extended further back on the lot, so that its flank formed one of the walls of this enclosed parking area. Each of the neighbor building’s four stories boasted a number of windows on this side despite the lack of prospect, and hanging out of one of these, on the third floor of that structure, was the gaping face and bare shoulders of a handsome, boyish redhead who’d obviously just watched every second of my (slightly inhuman) climax.

We stared at one another for a long heartbeat or two. He looked to be my age, pale but fit. He was also obviously rather more appreciative of my shocking display than otherwise. His eyes flicked to the wall behind me, and I followed his gaze. There was huge mess of cum spattered all over the bricks where I’d been standing, like a pumpkin-sized balloon full of the stuff had been smashed against it, with explosive consequences. The smell, too, was intense—fuck, just the quantity and stink of the cum that had splashed back onto me, head to toe, was more than I’d have gotten from an entire orgasm a few weeks before.

I looked back up at the redhead, noting now that while he had one hand gripping the sill as though he needed the support, the other hand was, er, out of view. Mustering the last shreds of my bravado, I raised my hand and gave him a cheeky salute. He seemed to appreciate this, and returned the salute with a grin. Somehow I knew that the preceding episode had not only been added to his spank bank—it had brutally supplanted and erased everything else and taken sole possession of the place. He kept watching me, as if to see what sexy escapades I might get up to next.

Self-consciously, I turned back toward the SUV and, as nonchalantly as I could given I was barefoot, naked, covered in cum, and being avidly watched by a cock-jacking admirer, sauntered toward the driver’s door, opened it, and climbed in, shoving my dick forward the few centimeters it would allow me to avoid being punched in the upper abdomen before seating myself behind the wheel. As soon as I’d shut the door I’d felt enclosed, if not quite… safe. The upholstery felt strange against my bare butt—textured, but oddly comfortable. Not bad. Anyway, I was still warm from the afterglow, pleasure continuing to course through me like a constant sex transfusion, making clothes a matter of potential annoyance more than anything. Maybe I’d get used to this naked gig!

Not that society would be very amenable. I could find concessions and workarounds when I had to… and driving in full view of the populace might be one of those “have to” times, at least when it came to my big, beautiful, and still-unflagging miniature phone pole of a cock.

I started the car, aware of still being naked, hard, and with a face dotted with spunk. I took a quick look around. The SUV was surpassingly neat—it was clearly cleaned and vacuumed regularly inside—but not empty. A black gym bag lay stowed primly in the passenger-side legspace, and the back seat had various small boxes and binders tucked to one side near the driver’s-side door.

I frowned at the gym bag and pulled it up onto the passenger seat, thinking it might have a pair of sweats I could don, or at least drape over my indomitable erection. Chandra was about my size now, at least apart from my better half. A pair of his track bottoms would work—as a cum rag if nothing else, I thought with amused vindictiveness.

I opened the bag and gasped. Inside there were no gym togs, no clothes at all—nothing to help me with my nudity predicament. Instead, there were six flat Plexiglas boxes the size of a deck of 4x6 index cards, each containing half a dozen long, test-tube-sized vials of some kind of clear, thick liquid. The vials were closed with color-coded stoppers. Two of the boxes had magenta-stoppered vials; two had navy blue stoppers, and the rest were sunshine yellow.

I gaped at my find for a solid ten seconds before I rezipped the bag and stuffed it back where it had come from. I concentrated on pulling out of my space and navigating my way out of the lot. I had to get a safe distance from the apartment before I could even ask myself—had I just found what I thought I had just found?

I shook my head and focused on squeezing through the narrow alley, the emergence on the street end feeling like passing out of a hidden pirate cave and into the regular world. But as I turned on my blinker and pulled onto the quiet four-lane avenue, heading for god knew where, I couldn’t keep the thoughts from percolating in the back of my mind. After reclaiming the orgasm-command for myself in a very satisfying way, I might just have been handed some very dangerous weapons that could spell either empowerment… or the very submission to which, for the space of that one moment of despair back in the apartment, I had very nearly succumbed.


Part 12

I should have been used to feeling acutely, painfully self-conscious by now. Inured. I should have become inured after all the times I’d been the focus of attention—extremely intense and cock-oriented attention. My life was increasingly replete with awkward, unmissable erections, slow-boiling lust, and the kind of scorching, caressing stares that could drive a man to cum and had, many times, me and them alike. It was all becoming a constant, like a ringing in the ears or the itch up your spine when you’re being watched, only with churning balls and heated skin and the panicked certainty of disaster you used to get only when your stagecoach horses were galloping madly toward the edge of a cliff.

The problem was that I kept falling into different kinds of mortifying spectacle, which meant that the sick thrill of my impossible situation was new every time. Being crazy-turned on in class by my hot deskmate and DILFy prof to the point of needing to escape so I could cum in the bathroom? I’d thought that was the worst, once. But my situation kept spawning new, horrific scenarios like my wriggling, high-density sperm was impregnating reality and breeding litters of embarrassment-babies. Having to cum right out in the open in the middle of campus—with Clint eager to help. Triggering the uncontrolled lust of a jacked club guy to the point I’d gotten arrested. A jail cell shared with fellow inmates who literally couldn’t keep their hands off me. A simple, seemingly spontaneous visit to a bunch of Mike’s friends turning into a competitive cock-worshipping session. Realizing I was being changed without my consent in ways I could neither control nor fully be aware of. Finding out that anyone could make me blast a torrential, brain-melting orgasm with a simple word.

Somehow none of that had prepared me for what it was like to be driving a stolen bright-blue Honda HR-V down Franklin Pierce Avenue in broad daylight while incredibly, gloriously naked. I wasn’t sure what to be more agonizingly aware of: the massive, heat-throwing, cement-hard 13-inch erection tapping impatiently at a spot just under my sternum, leaving little, sticky dots of wet, lickable precum… my bare butt-cheeks shifting uneasily against the sport interior’s black leather seats, hoping the repurposed animal skin I was sitting on didn’t decide to start sticking to my own… the sexier, hard-sculpted, inches-taller body the Remakers had forced on me for their own gratification and amusement, so thoroughly eradicating my comfortably anonymous averageness that I didn’t even recognize myself… or the imminent orgasm I wanted to make happen every second, a relentless imperative that lived in my balls and chest and brain and that could only be resisted for so long before I was forced to geyser obscene quantities of hot, smelly jizz in front of anyone who happened to be watching.

All that was without taking into consideration the fact that, existence-wise, I was fucked in every way. I had nothing to my name and nowhere to go. It seemed like my life was effectively over unless I submitted to the control Mike, Chandra, and the others had tried to impose on me, which I knew now I would never do. I was escaping out of sheer desperation because I refused to live that life, but ahead of me was a terrifying fog of utter uncertainty.

The cringiest part was that the street I was trying to escape on was inexplicably thronged that afternoon, for reasons I couldn’t even begin to fathom. Most days this normally lightly-used secondary thoroughfare was as neglected as the president it was named for, despite being a straight four-lane shot across the corner of this end of town; I’d counted on it as the quickest and safest route out of town, after which I’d had a vague idea of turning off onto the little-known county roads outside the city limits and passing out of sight into parts unknown where I could take then stock of things and make some plans—though the only firm goal I’d formed so far was to find a providentially laundry-bedecked clothesline somewhere and loot some suitably baggy duds for myself à la Clark Kent in Man of Steel. It should have been a swift and painless egress, so imagine how upsetting it was to be trapped instead, hard-on and all, in the middle of five-mile-an-hour bumper-to-bumper traffic that surrounded me with cars and pedestrians and buildings full of people, any or all of whom might wreak havoc in my life with a single glance. Especially if they got close enough to become consumed with lust and start busting a nut just from being around me, as seemed to be my effect on people these days.

They can’t see my dick, I coached myself anxiously. It would be okay. The SUV rode higher than most cars, I knew that, and even from another SUV a casual look my way would reveal nothing more than a shirtless college dude on his way to some raging shindig or other. Nothing to worry about. Even as I was this assuring myself, I noticed a panel truck creeping slowly my way in the opposite lane. My stomach dropped as I looked up in time to see to see the eyes of the burly, bearded driver comically bug out as he stared down straight through my windshield and onto my huge, weeping boner. The driver’s round face split into a huge grin, like the outrageous deviation of spotting my fucking boner in the midst of a mundanity where there should be no boners was the most delightfully shocking thing he could imagine encountering in the wild short of something truly impossible, like a Pikachu driving a convertible or something. He actually tooted his horn in delight at the sight of me, bare-assed naked like I’d never known the touch of muslin and fully, unstoppably aroused in a (stolen) blue Honda catastrophically stuck in afternoon out-of-town traffic like a soul who’d deluded himself into thinking Purgatory had an emergency exit.

Shit, I cursed. The hard-on in question, of course, flexed and preened under the driver’s stare like the attention-whore it was, sending a ripple of fevered pleasure through me as a fresh, warm splurt of precum trickled silently down my rippling abs. Instinctively I started to move one of my hands off the steering wheel in what would have no doubt been a pathetically vain attempt to cover the thing, but stopped when the driver’s eyes got even wider. Quickly, I clamped both fists back on the wheel—no way was I giving this guy the idea I was about to jerk this thing right here in public, however much I desperately wanted to. The driver was still grinning at my raw decadence as the truck inched toward me, and while our relative progress in opposite directions meant I would eventually be out of his field of view it also guaranteed my flannel-wearing audience would have a better and better view of my oversized and overeager manhood every single second until he did so.

Then it got worse. I couldn’t have imagined it could get worse, but it did, because after a few seconds of looking down and rummaging for something on the seat behind him Beardy McTruckface came up with his fucking phone and started gleefully filming me. My heart started pounding hard against my ribcage, and not in a good way. This was bad, but as we were both mired in the molasses-like progress of our respective lanes, getting closer and closer at a relative velocity barely faster than a hamster in a travel sphere, there was pretty much nothing I could do but narrow my eyes at him in a fearsome glare and lift the hand nearest him to flip him the bird as ferociously and venomously as I could manage. I mean, I tried to position my middle finger in the way of his shot, but my dick was just a bit too big for a minor thing like a middle finger to obscure its magnificent presence by all that much. I wanted to curse the guy out, but I felt handicapped by the fact that I didn’t know his name, and rolling down the window and screaming “Fuck you fuck you fuck you!” would only get the video more views on Facedick or MyCrotch or whatever internet forum people posted videos of guys with public boners to.

Then I remembered that this was all Mike and Chandra’s fault anyway, and them I could name, so I spent the next few seconds mentally cursing them out like the most butthurt Hittite witch-crone there ever was. Especially Chandra. Who has a gym bag in their car with no actual gym togs in it? Deliberately misleading, that was. Of course (I told myself now) I could have just emptied the thing out on the passenger seat and used the bag to cover my trouble-making tool, but… that would have looked almost as weird, right? Too late now, anyway. Plus the idea of even touching those serum vials creeped me out.

By the time the truck had finally rolled past me (with one last jolly horn-toot by way of a “bravo!”) and my Norma Desmond moment was fully over I was shaking with adrenaline and that weird anxiety-fury you get when you’re facing utter catastrophe and you’re scared and raging because it’s someone else’s fault there’s have no way out. I had to let it go. Unless I got out of the SUV and ran bare-assed after the truck guy, raging-hard dick flapping everywhere, and fought him for his phone like a techno-obsessed zombie, there wasn’t a damn thing I could do but hope he was a social media moron with no friends and a congenital inability to spell “Reddit”. With my luck, the thing would go viral anyway, and by the end of the week my tastefully-blurred dick would be so famous George Stephanopoulos would be doing the play-by-play on the morning news.

I let out a long, shaky breath and squeezed the steering wheel so tight my knuckles whitened. Let it go, let it go, I sang to myself under my breath. The traffic started to loosen and speed up at last, and I grasped at this as some kind of positive omen. I just… had to find a way out, not just from this traffic but from this out of control spiral I was in. I had to get control. I had to find a way to retake my life.

I was smarter than this. Right? I mean, I might or might not be a match for super-biologists Mike and Chandra and the STEM posse that had fucked me up, but, c’mon. I was a genius programmer in my own right. Hell, I’d developed an actual, working app that genuinely and significantly altered the minds and behaviors of others.

Which… you used to get yourself into this mess in the first place, I reminded myself, thinking back to that nudge I’d given Mike to perfect and administer a dick-growth serum on me. It was a pretty strong nudge, as it turned out. “Shove” might be a better word, honestly. Mike had become obsessed with growing my wang to inhuman proportions, and then escalated to the level of actual conspiracy. Then there was how the Remakers had used the software against me, rewiring my orgasms so to be fucking voice-activated. My app was stronger than I thought. Nice work, Case, I told myself sourly, a little amazed I could feel a certain amount of pride at how much my own brilliance had contributed to getting myself thoroughly fucked over.

I pushed all that forcefully aside. I was smart enough to devise my own salvation. I had to be. What I needed from my genius, while it still remained at least partially unclouded by lust, was a constructive, self-built solution. A new app, one that would fix my need to constantly cum and the need I instilled in others… that would give me back control over my life. Somehow.

I was experiencing some low-level stimulation, and as I looked down I realized my hand was casually caressing my long, newly-hardened torso, enjoying the swells and cuts of my aesthetically pure test-tube muscles. I… hadn’t told my hand to do that. I froze, my naked butt clenching awkwardly against the leather seats. Very slowly and deliberately, I moved the offending hand back the steering wheel, more disconcerted now than I had been while I was being shamelessly filmed with a public erection.

At least it wasn’t jerking your tree-truck cock, my brain snarked, even as my stomach fluttered in faint alarm. I wasn’t fooling anyone, though. If I was feeling myself up without even realizing it, then given my mutant libido and chaotic state of my augmented pleasure centers it was only a matter of time. The genteel hedonism of coasting over classically perfect pecs and flat, chiseled abs I wasn’t used to having might be enough for now, but if I stayed naked and hard—and I knew I would be—sooner or later my hands would neither need nor ask my permission to seek as much pleasure from my body as they could possibly discover.

I arrived at an intersection, thoroughly frazzled and feeling unsure of everything. Just then, I saw a red Volkswagen in the opposite lane making a left onto the cross street. As it passed in front of me I recognized the driver. It was Professor Fitzwilliam! Fitz, my sexy, sober, shit-together JX instructor, heading home from afternoon class and going about his day like there weren’t assholes with mind-control apps and wild growth sera loose in the city. I found it oddly liberating seeing him, and like a revelation it came to me that after all these betrayals by guys my own age there was was one person I knew that I could trust completely.

I was in the wrong lane to go right, but the car next to me was turning and I impulsively jerked the wheel over and did likewise, ignoring the annoyed horn-blares from the cars behind. Soon enough I was tooling down Colorado and following the red VW as my dick bounced excitedly against my abs, no doubt convinced I was tracking its latest messy adventure.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It took me several blocks of blissful, much-needed hope to realize, rather belatedly, that I was kind of creeping on my ex-prof. I mean, following someone home while naked and vividly, unmistakable aroused, while driving a stolen vehicle full of freaky FDA-uncertified growth sera, is normally the kind of thing you only see on cop shows where the dead body is discovered by unlucky joggers or bawdy construction workers right right before you’re dropped into the opening titles. But I felt committed and only eased up my bare foot on the gas for a second or two before pushing doggedly onwards.

After a few blocks of uneventful stalking Fitz turned his VW into a low-rise, three-building Tudor-themed apartment complex, and my chest tightened. I had been hoping for a secluded suburban house, maybe with a leafy, shadowed driveway and garage where I wouldn’t risk attracting more onlookers—hell, I’d gotten an audience just in that tiny, walled-in car-sanctum behind Chandra’s apartment—but I was learning I had to do things regardless of how comfortable I was. If we were doing this in the sun-baked parking lot in front of Fitz’s reasonably spiffy twelve-unit, semi-upscale, dogs-allowed, dishwasher-and-fitness-center-included digs, then that was where we were doing it.

Fitz pulled into a parking space at right angles to a wide sidewalk delineating a very green and comfy-looking lawn in front of the middle of the three brown and white buildings. He pulled a satchel off his passenger seat and got out, and I pulled up behind him, making a T with his car like I was trying to block him in. He didn’t notice me at first as he used his key fob to trip the locks on the cherry-red VW, and I took that moment to look him over. Out here in the sunlight—a venue I was not used to seeing him in—Fitz looked solid, relaxed, and very young-prof handsome, his longish hair and trimmed beard managing to make him boyish and mature at the same time. He was athletic but not big, more like a runner, and had been an inch or so taller on me before my chemically-induced growth spurt. I’d guessed a few times at his age—his enthusiasm and that warm, bright hazel gaze of his, not to mention the lines and bulges of a well-kept bod under his modest clothes, made him seem early-thirties at most, but sometimes he seemed too shrewd and worldly-calm to be quite so young. Today he was wearing a saffron short-sleeved shirt and brown cotton slacks that, thanks to him being turned three-quarters away from me, I could see hugged his round, hard butt better than any pair of pants had a right to.

Desire surged in me, and I felt a genuine, physical impulse to jump out of the car and find a way to push my mighty tusk of a dick deep, deep into that firm, amazing ass. I shuddered with a need to great I almost came violently just imagining it, but somehow I fought it all down. Instead, as Fitz pocketed his keys and made to turn fully away to head inside, I simply tapped my horn as lightly as I could and buzzed down my window. “Professor!” I called to him.

Fitz turned around, surprised, and spotted me. He gave me the wary smile of an instructor glad to see a student he liked but at the same time on his guard at being buttonholed off campus in his non-school persona. I tried to smile back reassuringly.

He took me in, as much as he could see of me from where he stood. He obviously saw I was shirtless, but that was all he could tell, so far. “Casey! What’s going on?” he asked. A curious look came over his face, and he took a step closer. I tensed, but he still wasn’t near enough he could look in and see everything yet. “I, uh, got your email, and the notification you’d withdrawn from the course. Is everything okay?”

I felt a rush of warmth at his obviously genuine concern. “Not exactly,” I admitted.

Movement caught my eye, and I noticed the old man from that painting with the couple and the pitchfork loping down the sidewalk toward us, a very, very long-haired and well-groomed collie trotting on a leash a few steps ahead of him with its nose as high in the air as any Karen or dowager duchess had ever managed. Chester McScowly wasn’t paying any attention to the dog, though; instead he was glaring at me. At first I thought it was the whole naked-and-buff-with-an-insatiable-precum-spitting-13-inch-hard-on-in-public thing, but as he moved closer down the sidewalk behind Fitz I realized wasn’t me he was evil-eying, it was my car. He was fixated on my reckless parking job—like I actually meant to just leave the HR-V marooned here behind Fitz’s VW, blocking in at least three other vehicles and thumbing my nose at the very concepts of order and propriety, all out of some imagined zoomer excess of sheer let-the-world-burn audacity. I gave him a weak smile and turned back to Fitz. “Can we talk about this inside, maybe?” I asked him quietly, sounding more forlorn to my own ears than I was comfortable with.

Fitz nodded slowly. “Sure,” he said. “Just park in one of the visitor spaces and head up to 2-F in the back.” He pointed helpfully toward the upper right of the nearest of the Henry-the-eighthish, diagonally-beamed edifices, and I hummed in understanding. When he seemed about to turn away I stopped him.

“Professor,” I said, and he turned back, his sexy-thick brows raised inquisitively. Something in my expression must have communicated my embarrassment, because he stepped closer, almost to the door of the SUV. “Can I, um, borrow some clothes?” I asked, feeling my cheeks heat up.

Fitz’s brows lifted even higher toward his almost-unruly hair. “Mine were… stolen,” I explained. Technically true, I thought.

Fitz looked down at last, and even over the road noise and the almost audible glare of Old Man Opprobrium passing out of focus behind him I heard his sharp intake of breath. When he looked up and met my gaze again, I saw a fire kindled in those clear, hazel eyes. Fuck, I thought. He wants me.

My whole body responded, reaching for him psychically without my actually moving a muscle, and though my gaze was locked with Fitz’s I could feel and smell the spatter of fresh, warm precum as it smacked against my hard, flat abs.

A second or two passed where Fitz said nothing, and I wasn’t sure what to say. We breathed. He swallowed. I could almost see it written on his face—He’s not my student anymore. I didn’t even know if Fitz was gay or bi or straight—the only vibes I’d gotten from him had been during the class meeting I’d had to run away from to jack off, and even then I hadn’t been sure I hadn’t imagined them. What was obvious now was that Fitz, in this moment, was desperately thirsty for me and was struggling with his own awareness of this fact and how exactly to deal with it.

This was a mistake, I thought in a sudden gust of panic. I was about to bail and drive off, tires squealing, set on fleeing to some Ultima Thule where my condition would affect me and only me, when Fitz abruptly blessed me with a soft, reassuring smile. “Sure,” he said. “Sounds like there’s a story there.” He said this last in a way that suggested he very much wanted to hear what had brought me to this unlikely and very lewd situation.

“You could say that.”

He kept holding my gaze, almost like he was testing his ability not to look down at my intoxicatingly compelling cock, and I felt a spike of admiration for him in response. This was not a boy, I thought as I stared into those pools of amber and green and gold—not like all the sex-crazed fuckers I’d been dealing with since all this started. Mike, Clint, Dancer, Boots and Vans, Chandra, Noah, Paul, they were all slaves to their gonads and had acted accordingly, and I was just as puerile and depraved as the rest of them. Fitz had the maturity handle himself. He could help me.

His smile turned crooked. “I think I have something that will fit you. Back in a minute.” Then he turned and made for his apartment building, satchel in hand. I watched him go, trying unsuccessfully not to stare at his perfect, round and meaty ass, my dick pulsing and my blood pounding with want. Finally I tore my eyes away, only for them to fall on the surly old man with the stuck-up collie. He had passed us but was now stopped, staring furiously at me over his shoulder like he wanted swap American Gothic for The Girl with the Pearl Earring as his painting of residence, only with irrational anger instead of fetching winsomeness as the overall mood. I waved to him but made no move to shift my SUV—I was not going anywhere until I had pants on, not if I could help it. Eventually the old man turned and lumbered off, his above-it-all show-dog close at his side.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“That’s quite a story,” Fitz said cautiously. His look told me that he wouldn’t believe a word of it if he hadn’t clocked my gain in height and muscle since he’d last seen me.

“All true,” I said anyway, and he nodded.

We were in Fitz’s second bedroom, which he was using as a sparsely-furnished office. He sat in his big leather desk chair in front of a big-screen iMac, and I was perched, sweating can of ginger ale in hand, on a sturdy cherry-wood kitchen chair he normally used to stack papers and folders on, apparently, judging by the pile of detritus he’d turfed off of it onto the nearby half-high filing cabinets. I didn’t process too much else about the place. It was a nice enough apartment, but by this point I had swung back to being acutely self-conscious and didn’t absorb many details apart from the plain white walls and a pleasantly coarse pre-installed slate-blue wall-to-wall carpeting blanketing every room but the kitchen and bathroom. It felt nice on my feet, which were still bare. I hadn’t asked for shoes and Fitz hadn’t brought any. I wasn’t even sure if I was the same size anymore.

He’d brought me gray University sweat pants, which I fumbled into in the reparked Honda while Fitz stood back at a respectful distance, and an extra-long black tank that must have been a relic from a previous hook-up. It was snug on me, though the unaccustomed muscle of my shoulders and arms felt more exposed than when I was naked, weirdly enough. I might have pondered Fitz’s motives in choosing this particular style of top, but I was too fixated on my dick and how my new duds, though technically “covering” it, did nothing at all to hide it. After frowning down at it uselessly for a minute, I’d looked around the SUV interior for help. Again, there was nothing but the gym bag, so with a slightly nauseated feeling of existential unease I grabbed it and pulled the shoulder strap over my head, swinging the bag around in front of my crotch as I got out of the SUV. Fitz was amused by this, though as I stood before him, more or less his height now and considerably buffer than before, his eyes raked up my long legs and torso in a way that told me he had questions about the beef I’d added and the inches I had impossibly acquired.

So I’d padded into the building after him and up the external stairwell and stood by him at his door while fumbled with his keys, as if he weren’t used to bringing home students and/or tall, artificially hunkified guys with lust-radioactive dicks. And he’d ushered me into his office and brought me a can of pop and invited me to tell him what was going on, and I sat there with Chandra’s gym bag in my lap and a soda clenched in my grip and told him everything.

Well, not everything. I didn’t tell him about my app, or how I’d used it to prod Mike into starting this avalanche of crazy. And I sure as fuck didn’t tell Fitz about my sudden susceptibility to cumming on demand. No one, but no one, who didn’t already know about that would ever hear of it from my lips—that was just about the only thing in this whole mess I was categorically certain of. But I told him about what Mike and Chandra and Noah had done, and I was a little grateful that my striated delts and the gentle, the corded swell of my forearm and triceps, and the shifting, mouse-sized bulge I’d never had before as I sipped from my can of Schwepp’s mutely but effectively corroborated everything I was telling him.

Well, okay, there was one other thing I was sure of, now that I was sitting in an enclosed room with the windows down: I stank. Cum, and sweat, and more cum… I actually felt a little bad for putting on the clean clothes Fitz had given me—chances were he’d have to put them through the laundry four or five times to fully rid himself of the smell of my high-intensity jizz.

I watched Fitz processing all of this, scratching the side of his beard thoughtfully as he did so. His eyes had strayed to the black gym bag, and I wondered if his stare was trying to bore through it to see the monster I’d let him glimpse before and now kept hid. I waited, hoping to hear… I dunno what I expected. Answers would have been nice. I realized I was kind of hoping this handsome, fit, slightly older man would just, you know, fix everything. And then we’d succumb to our mutual tidal wave of lust and we’d fuck in celebration, and—

His eyes popped up to mine, and I started guiltily. But all he said was, “You hungry?”

My free hand was mindlessly roaming my chest again. I stilled and looked at him, slowly pulling the hand away. I was hungry, of course, famished even, though I hadn’t spared a thought for food since I’d woken up from my two-day sex rampage. And god knew what I’d eaten in that time, apart from large quantities of liquid protein. I nodded fervently, not trusting myself to speak.

He smiled. “Okay. Why don’t you head into the bathroom off the master bedroom and get yourself a nice steamy shower—” Shit, he had noticed the spunk-smell. I shifted awkwardly, but he pressed on. “—and by the time you’re out I’ll have a little feast ready. Sound good?”

Suddenly I felt wring for coming, like I was imposing. “Professor, you don’t have to—”

He got up and walked over to me, pressing a hand on my nearly-bare shoulder. “Call me Fitz,” he insisted genially, holding my gaze. I gulped and nodded, trying desperately not to think about his fine, firm ass and how many times and how deeply I could blast my load into that tight heat. He winked, hopefully not because he could read minds. “Go on,” he said, tossing his head in the direction of the master bedroom next door and its deluxe en-suite. “I’ll see you in as few.”

Then he was gone, and I was left to myself in the stark bedroom office. I told myself to walk out the front door and just keep going and not involve anyone in this dumpster fire I’d made of my life, but instead I set aside the gym bag, padded quietly though his tidy, uncluttered bedroom to the bathroom within, closed the door behind me, and slowly got myself naked all over again. At least I knew for sure I could spend some of the cum I was building up in there, and I found myself hoping his shower had really good drains as I tested the water and got in, reveling in the prospect of being truly clean for the first time in far too long.


Part 13

Hot water pelted my back like a thousand tiny fists, kicking up wet spray and luxurious steam that billowed opaquely all around me, sealing off this tub-shaped space with its pristine white tiles and closed, curlicue-patterned translucent sliding doors from the rest of the universe like jungle mist concealing a lost world from the ravages of civilization. There were no stereotypical sounds of the wild—no rutting wildebeest, cackling kookaburras, or trumpeting elephants—but it was enough. The feeling of the water and the cocooning effect of its steady, insistent susurrating white noise and swirling clouds of thick steam were enough. Eyes closed, I hummed low in sheer gratitude, dropping my head and letting the high-pressure deluge batter my thick, knotted traps and loosen the taut and twisted muscles of my upper back, its newly aesthetic flare relaxing finally under the welcome assault.

Despite my being on the run—an escaped lab rat, school delinquent, and car thief whose whole life had been stolen from him (not without considerable self-complicity, admittedly), in an unfamiliar apartment with zero money or possessions and being harbored by a man I barely knew—I felt… inexplicably safe. I snorted at myself, wiggling my shoulders under the not-quite-scalding, high-pressure torrent. The mind’s capacity to rationalize was truly impressive. I needed a safe space, and so my brain created one out of some tile, a wall of frosted glass, and a bit of steam. Amazing. Even my behavior-altering app didn’t hold a candle to the mind’s innate capacity for delusion.

Long breath. In… out.

As I centered myself, my attention returned to my need to orgasm like a magnet snapping into place against its mate. It was a literally constant presence now, calling to me, urging me, even taking control of me when I did not act quickly enough. My hard cock was desperate to spit gushers of hot jizz and flood me with insane, consuming pleasure, every second of my life. The need was choate and dominating, impossible to ignore. It was like there another will within me, competing for mastery over a body and a life that I increasingly had difficulty recognizing.

I let out another slow, deliberate breath and opened my eyes, knowing the offending member would be staring right back up at me. I tightened my lips. Looking at it now, I felt weirdly conflicted. It very creepily wasn’t my cock, and yet, it was. The shape was not completely alien, anyway. The blunt, squarish head, so eager for the brush of lips or tongue, was familiar, as was the way the shaft arced stiffly and inevitably back toward my belly when I was achingly hard like this—which was pretty much all the time now. My balls churned excitedly as I wondered what the curve of my stiff shaft felt like inside someone’s mouth… the head maybe dragging against the palate…

I swallowed, staring down at it. Even the fact that it was nearly four times the size it should have been wasn’t that alarming. Size was relative, after all, and with the proportions not being too different (a little girthier, maybe) it just… looked like a close-up of my dick. It was like the way a photograph of one of those detailed eighteenth-century miniature portrait paintings they used to produce by the bushel looks just like a typical full-size gallery-hung masterpiece, until you start seeing the copper penny placed next to it for scale. It was still my dick, only… bigger.

Okay, a lot bigger.

And heavier, I added mentally. I’d never had to think about how much a hard cock and a set of balls weighed before, but as I stood there under the shower spray, days of cum and sweat sluicing off of me, I was keenly conscious of the five pounds of dense, rock-hard cock my sturdy and evidently much improved groin muscles were now shouldering without complaint. Not to mention the equally ponderous, plum-sized nuts stretching the taut skin of my swollen, extraordinarily lickable nutsack below.

It wasn’t the change in physical size and mass that made my junk faintly wrong in a stomach-twistingly worrying sort of way, exactly. It was the way my cock and balls were almost thrumming with the constant, incessant need for the rush of ecstasy and intense release that came with climax, filling the rest of me with its heated, panting obsession, the way a factory vibrates from the massive, unceasing power of the barely leashed dynamos within. Naked, wildly masculine orgasm banged on the doors of my soul every second of my consciousness now, demanding I cum, growling ominously that it will take control and cum for me if I refuse to act. Worse, I wanted it—I wanted that pleasure. I wanted to surrender. It was that craven susceptibility to temptation that was the most terrifying thing of all, because I now knew how utterly real sense of surrender was.

Before everything had leveled up at Chandra’s and Noah’s place, I had been more and more fretful about control, and as things had gotten more intense I had fantasized about letting go of the fight and just letting my body do what it wanted. Then Mike and his bio-nerd friends Chandra and Noah had each secretly and separately overdosed me on their competing, ultraconcentrated transformation formulas. The jostling, not-quite-compatible effects of Mike’s dick- and libido-enhancing serum, Chandra’s scarily effective muscle-growth booster, and Noah’s eerie black-box concoction (which definitely affected height but was hinted to catalyze other, unknown properties as well) had crashed so violently together that I had quickly devolved into a frenzied, sybaritic, state of blackout euphoria. I’d awoken to my smirking, extremely satisfied Remakers telling me I had lost two whole days of fucking, growing, and cumming—and the very clear implication was that my immediate future would consist of nothing but the same and more of it.

The existence of those two days haunted me. My yearning to give in, to surrender the last shreds of control I’d clung to after losing everything else, came with a price that I knew what it was like to pay.

Fuck, I was going to cum.

I had already made myself blow one load once in the course of this probably suspiciously protracted shower, but that didn’t seem to mean much in the face of the current looming climax. This new orgasm was already trembling through my entire body, impatient and unrelenting, like it had been waiting for hours for its release instead of minutes. I shuddered, cursing myself and my Remakers. Well, okay, I was already cursed, obviously, but Mike, Chandra, and Noah definitely needed to be beaten with a bag of dicks.

I tried steady, short breaths, the hot moist air of the shower seeming to seep through my pores and lungs. There was one good thing, I told myself. If this constant need for massive, messy climaxes were all there were to my situation, I might have quailed. But there was an aspect of my horror story I was increasingly adamant about seeing as a gift. Actually, it was a gift my Remakers had given to themselves, but I had kind of stolen it when I’d escaped.

At some point during those two missing days the guys had, somehow, wangled the secret of my app out of me, along with the password to my cloud storage. They’d downloaded the app… and they’d used it on me. I didn’t know all of what they’d done. All I knew for sure was the one change they’d gloatingly demonstrated to me when I’d come to my senses—namely, that I could now be forced to cum on command.

My silver lining was that I’d since proven that this agency was not limited to the three perpetrators. I could use it on myself, and doing so was oddly empowering. In this one, small way, I could reassert a bit of the control I had lost, even if that control lay solely in choosing actual the moment of release for an onrushing orgasm that was already as inevitable as the collision of a freight train barreling toward a semi across its tracks, and that could not be stopped if the world depended on it.

Even saying the word was kind of a rush.

I was quivering now with the orgasm I could no longer hold back, any more than a cracked and failing Hoover Dam could hope to hold back Lake Mead. It was like all the untold white-hot spunk I had in my hefty, upsized nuts was swarming through me, seething violently through muscles and cells, demanding to push through my stiff, gigantic, raging tool until I burst my own personal dam holding back the massive, roiling lake of hot, powerful jizz that was now free to tear apart the unfortunate towns and countryside below.

I was going to blow. It was unstoppable. My body was an orgasm machine now, stronger than my own mind. But thanks to my libertine and entirely unprincipled Remakers—and, indirectly, my own app-building ingenuity—I still had a single morsel of power. Even if I had no control left over anything else in my life, I could at least command the moment of release.

I smiled, staring down at my flexing, slick-headed monster. I held the moment as the shower battered me, trembling with excitement.

“Cum!” I told it, and, gods, I became the explosion, a creature of acrid cum and infinite pleasure, obliterating all else but my lost world of orgasmic bliss. Nothing existed but the beat of water and the pulsing ecstasy of my release. I didn’t even register the snick of the bathroom door closing, beyond the fringes as it was of my steamy, cum-erupting universe.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Good shower?” Fitz asked cheerily as I stepped out of the now thoroughly humidified bathroom, back in the black tank-top and gray sweatpants. I was finger-combing my hair, having thought it impolite to borrow the pristine hairbrush next to Fitz’s sink, but froze for a moment to take in my host’s change of outfit as he laid out plates on the table. My ex-prof had ditched the business-casual saffron top in favor of a riveting cobalt-blue tee that looked painted onto his DILFy brawn, and the shirt put on exhibit a compact, stone-carved torso that was a fuck of a lot more impressive than his usually loose clothing had suggested. The bland, butt-hugging slacks were gone, too, replaced by a pair of satiny, elastic-waisted mid-thigh gym shorts that seemed to murmur, “These will pull right down in a single yank.”

Inevitably, my stiff, anus-hungry dick flexed appreciatively against the waistband of my sweats, and my tight, taut, aching balls felt like they instantly swelled a few degrees heavier and denser as the hot cum for my next orgasm gushed into them from secret springs apparently opening to a vast, infinite universe of swarming spunk. “U-u-uh…” I stammered. The condo suddenly seemed five degrees warmer, and I felt a few drops of sweat develop between my shoulder blades, soaking quickly into the ribbed fabric of my tank.

Calm yourself, dickbrain, I hissed inwardly. He just changed out of school clothes. This is probably what he always wears to knock around the house. “Y-yeah, thanks, profes—I mean, Fitz.”

“Great to hear. Come have a seat,” Fitz directed me, patting one of the chairs and turning back to the kitchen. He’d pretended not to notice the waist-level twitching of my sweats and tank, but I caught the tiny smirk curving those sweet-looking lips of his, before he was completely turned away and I was distracted by the way his shorts looked even more removable from the back. Be human, I told myself fiercely.

“Your promised feast is just about ready,” Fitz called from where he was bustling near the stove.

The kitchen was not the most ornate part of the condo. It was a simple rectangle: a long U-shaped slot, as it were, creating a closed-in space between the cupboards, sink, range, and fridge on the far size, and a countertop with cupboards beneath on this side. There was a blank wall at the far end where both sides joined it, meaning that the only ingress and egress was from this end, facing the dining area the adjoined the main living space.

If someone were to follow him in there, I thought distractedly, watching him work, he’d have no place to go. He’d be trapped. Jump him, my libido urged. Fuck him. I almost had to hold myself back, the impulse was so strong, and for the first time I got a direct and dismaying glimpse of the sexbeast I became in my blackout satyr mode.

More sweat pricked across my rounded delts. My temples felt damp, too. Jarringly, after relaxing so completely in the shower, I was tense all over again, verging on panic. This was crazy. Any worse, and I wouldn’t be safe to be around. At least, I thought, licking my lips, not if you look as hot and fuckable as Fitz.

And the way I made guys super-horny, he would want it, too, I remembered. Fuck. I should leave, I thought anxiously. I should just turn around and—

Fitz glanced over his shoulder and seemed amused to see me just standing there staring at him like an idiot—thank the gods he didn’t know what I was thinking. “Have a seat,” he repeated, nodding toward the table.

I gulped and tried to push all thoughts of fucking Fitz aside, not entirely successfully. I should try, though. It was the least I could do. I was already imposing on him enough without that. I almost apologized again for putting him out, dinner on top of hearing me out and clothes and a wash and everything, but the truth was that after everything that had happened I was positively ravenous. More to the point, Fitz had already rebuffed any apologies I’d already expressed.

Instead, tossing him an awkward “Thanks” I headed for the place-setting he’d indicated, on the nearer long side of the rounded-cornered cheery-wood dining table. I pulled out the chair and sat down carefully, so as to avoid stabbing myself in the upper belly with the wide-headed, oversized fuckstick barely hidden in my borrowed garb. To take my mind off my dick I looked around. I noted that there were only two of the matching sturdy chairs, the other being at the other place-setting opposite me. The third chair, I already knew, was seconded to the spartan office as a piling surface for papers. Maybe the fourth was draped with clothes in a corner of the bedroom, I mused.

In that case, I’ll be seeing it soon, I thought smarmily, another wave of heat crashing through me.

Immediately I started to chastise myself, some part of me still in denial that sex between me and Fitz could in any way be forestalled, but my thoughts broke off as my host returned with food and my body shifted its attention to an even more urgent imperative. A big, taupe-ceramic bowl of a red, loosely moist seasoned meat mixture with a big metal spoon shoved in deep was thunked down next to my plate, filling my nose with a delightful savory beef aroma. He set an identical bowl down next to his own plate. I turned and beamed up at Fitz. “Sloppy joes?” I asked eagerly. I hadn’t had sloppy joes in ages, and in that moment it smelled like the absolute perfect food.

By way of answer, Fitz smiled and retrieved a basket of extra-large hamburger buns from the counter and dropped it at the center of the table. This was followed by another medium-sized ceramic bowl for us to share, this one piled high with steaming, extra-crispy tater tots. A demitasse of warm sriracha sauce for pouring or dipping was set next to each plate. “I was going to make joes anyway tonight,” he explained amiably. “I’m glad I had enough to make extra.”

I stared up at him, a wild mix of emotions churning in my chest. I hadn’t quite realized how abandoned I’d felt. “Thank you,” I said earnestly.

Fitz smirked back at me, his bright hazel eyes glinting. “My pleasure,” he said. His gaze slid hungrily over my wide, mostly-exposed shoulders before flitting over to the table and noting the empty glasses in front of our plates. “Iced tea?” he suggested, as I dug out a bun bottom and went for my own personal bowl of meaty goodness. “I just made a batch.”

I glanced at him briefly before returning to my work. “Got any beer?” I queried, dumping a big spoonful of sloppy joe filling on the bun heel and got to work shaping it to the exact circumference of its bready base. The meat held together pleasingly without being too wet or too dry. Clearly Fitz knew his business when it came to both java interfaces and middle-American comfort food.

“Fresh out,” Fitz admitted. “The tea’s real good, though.”

I shrugged, dipping a half-spoonful more of the tomato-beef mixture and pressing it carefully into the small, sculpted, bun-bottom-pedestaled meat-pile before me. Getting your joe-innards to exactly the right elevation (without becoming too big to handle, and taking into account such factors as bun sturdiness and diameter) was, as all picnic-goers and family reunion attendees knew, an art in itself.

Fitz went to the fridge and pulled it open, presumably fetching my iced tea. There was a bit of clinking from various glass items in the door as he did so, but I was happily focused on finishing my sandwich assembly, crowning it with a bun top from the basket. Probably condiments, I thought. Satisfied with my meaty edifice, I was filling the rest of my plate with tater tots and drizzling them with sauce when he returned and poured me a tall, wide glass of amber liquid. He set the glass pitcher within reach on my side of the table, then came around and sat down, setting a can of Diet Coke in front of his own plate. “Well?” he said, brown eyebrows wiggling. “Dig in!”

I grinned, grabbed my sloppy joe with both hands (like you do), and did as I was told.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“That was great,” I said, falling back against my chair. I’d stuffed myself silly, though I felt as lean and unbloated as I ever had. It was almost amusing to think that all that food had gone to fuel the furnaces of my sex drive instead of following the normal route.

I smiled across at Fitz. He’d been good company during the meal, too, sharing breezy anecdotes about conflicts and alliances within his department and a few of the more spectacular coding fails he’d seen over the years, as the light from the balcony had shifted and evening had fallen outside. I was still crazy hard and permanently horny, and sex between me and the older man opposite me still had to happen, but it was starting to feel like Fitz and I might be able to relate to each other physically in a way that wasn’t just about the frenzy and the hot squirt of release.

We watched each other for a minute in comfortable, considering silence, then my companion made to get up, reaching for his dirty plate as he did so. Immediately my mother’s training kicked in and I stood up quickly. “Oh, no,” I said, reaching for his plate and setting it on top of mine, then adding our empty joe-filling bowls on top. “Let me.”

Fitz relaxed, leaving the clearing up to his guest. Dumping the silverware into the pile I took it and the half-empty tater tot bowl into the kitchen, setting them on the counter next to the sink. I glanced around. “You have a plastic container you want the potatoes in, or—”

I stopped, staring into the sink. Fitz had cleaned up as he went along, so the pot he’d cooked the meat filling, the baking tray he’d used for the crispy Idaho side, and the rest of his receptacles and utensils were already in the drying rack next to the sink. In fact, the sink itself only contained three items… all of them serum tubes with different-colored stoppers, and all of them empty.

Completely, utterly empty.

A chill ran through me. I wheeled to gape at Fitz. Without my noticing he’d stood and was advancing toward me, cutting off my exit from the small, U-shaped kitchen. “I don’t know why you’re surprised,” he said, stalking slowly toward me. “I thought you’d have figured it out when I gave us each separate bowls.”

I swallowed, facing him, and took an involuntary step backwards before holding my ground. “And different drinks,” I rasped.

Fitz’s lip curled at one corner, popping a small dimple almost hidden by his short, soft beard. “And different drinks,” he confirmed. “Maybe you knew. Maybe you don’t know what you want.”

He was closer now, making it more obvious that I was now taller than him. Me, the guy who was never taller than anybody, now had my hot, hunky thirty-something prof literally looking up into my eyes, even if only by a little bit. My blood heated at how sexy that was, and at the feverish lust in Fitz’s gold-green eyes.

I tried to muster anger at what Fitz had done to me, at my control being taken away again, but the need to fuck him was making me tremble at the cellular level. “You could have killed me,” I said feebly, backing away again to forestall the inevitable. My shoulders hit the blank wall and I stilled, staring at him, my gigantic dick flexing hard against the elastic of the borrowed sweats. “You don’t know what—”

“Funny thing is,” Fitz interrupted me, moving closer, so that I felt the heat from his body through the perfectly snug dark-blue shirt, “your science-nerd buddies were very meticulous. The little leather notebook in your pal Chandra’s gym bag had all the details on all three sera. Grams, percentages… compound effects of multiple doses and iterations should anyone get… impatient. It even had the projected theoretical effects of mixing them.” He grinned. “Obviously they didn’t get a chance to update their data with new observations after they’d accidentally made you a three-serum guinea pig,” he added saucily. “But then, I imagine the results spoke for themselves.”

“Fitz—” I whispered. I wasn’t even sure what I would have said. Maybe I would have begged, but for what? Probably not for him to stop. I didn’t even feel betrayed—all of my mental apparatus was consumed with raging desire and all the ways I would bring that desire to fruition.

He shifted his face closer to mine. He was so hot for me. My gaze dropped to his full, manly, bristle-rimmed, rare-steak-red lips, and there was no part of me that understood why we were not kissing like barbarian demigods.

“And you know what else they recorded in that little notebook?” he teased, his voice smooth and sultry. We were so close I could see his tongue, and I badly wanted to taste it. “All the way on the back page,” he persisted. “Can you guess?”

I said nothing, but he barely waited anyway. His mouth looked so sweet. “There was a single page,” he said, “where your best friend and roomie, Mike, had carefully recorded all the different ways they used your own behavior-control app against you.”

I flicked my eyes up to Fitz’s, finally alarmed underneath the roar of my libido. “And,” Fitz persisted mercilessly, “once I succumbed to curiosity and saw it in action in the shower… I knew I could finally have the one thing I’ve always, always dreamed of.”

I gulped, panting. Somehow I knew he didn’t mean me. Not exactly. “What… what did it say?” I stammered. “What did they—”

He leaned up and brought his lips close to my ear. “Of course, I’m not going to tell you,” he whispered against my lobe, making me shiver and forcing a considerable gout of precum out of my cock and into the clinging fabric of my tank top. He fell back to where he’d been, his face, still close to mine, holding my gaze. “Anyway, you already know one of them, involving a certain… one-word trigger.”

As he said this he reached under the fabric of my shirt and grabbed my stiff, immutable shaft in an iron grip. I gasped.

His eyes were dark. “And how fun it is to play with,” he added.

I couldn’t speak. I just stared at him, breathing hard. The effects of the sera he’d multidosed me with were starting to overpower me. My muscles felt impossibly thick and tight, like their density was increasing fivefold before they started relentlessly expanding to a new, ogle-demanding size. My dick was tensing and swelling, preparing to take control, my balls heavy and aching. My entire being was poised, coiling, as if, at the doses I’d been given, the transformation to a new, larger, beast-hung me was more leap than step. Heat flared in me like an inferno, clouding my mind.

Given that we’d just been discussing the fact that I had a trigger that made that possible I expected him to make me cum, right there and then. Instead, he gave me a considering look. “I’ll tell you about one other bit of fuckery they did to you,” he said. “Because it’s my way to get hold of the app.”

This shocked me, and I tried to back away from him again before I remembered I was already pressed against the kitchen wall, with no way out. “Wh-why?” I asked, barely able to form words.

Fitz winked. “You’ll understand when you see what’s tucked away under my bed,” he said coyly. He squeezed my huge cock hard, with a little mmph for emphasis. I held back a whimper. “My favorite toy,” he explained. “It’s a lot bigger than you, still, but… it won’t be for long.”

No way, I thought, but he nodded, seeing my reaction. “The real thing, that’s what I’ve always craved. And once I have the app, all I’ll need to do… is make you want to be bigger.” He squeezed my dick again. “Especially where it matters,” he panted, our gazes still riveted even as our mutual need seeped deeper and deeper into us both.

“I want to feel you grow inside me,” he growled. “I’m going to grow you until you’re bigger than either of us ever imagined possible.”

I was panting too, but not just with need. Even in my lust haze, the consequences of having a dick the size he was suggesting were terrifying. Especially with an increase in libido to match, which was definitely going to happen if Mike’s serum was the agent. There would be nothing left of me but cock and cum. And yet, the appeal of such a transformation stole boldly through me, no matter how hard I pushed it back. “N-no—” I murmured faintly, even as my mouth and lips yearned to taste the very colossus I was afraid of. “I won’t tell… I won’t…”

The older man’s smirk grew even more smug, though even this looked sexy on him. “You will, though. Your pals used your app on you in a very interesting way.” He moved his mouth inches from mine. “Anyone you choose to kiss… you must obey.”

He stared at me, smiling, waiting. I stared back in horror, even as I felt my body swelling and thickening, my very cock pushing open Fitz’s half-closed fist around it as my junk and my muscles and my body grew, increment by increment, milligram by milligram, sliding along a slow, geometric curve leading from “big” to “massive” to “holy fuck”.

Fitz’s entrancing eyes filled my mind and thoughts, but I also couldn’t help being amazed at my Remakers still screwing with me like this, even after my escape. My last barriers fell and his presence fully intoxicated me.

Anyone I choose to kiss, I repeated in my head. I almost scoffed. I have no choices anymore.

Lunging forward, I took his mouth with mine like a savage, damning myself, even as the unimaginable pleasure of mouths and tongues meeting overwhelmed my superheated senses. As I plummeted into the libertine abyss of my satyr state, I remember him pulling back for only a second, a soft, almost affectionate look in his eyes as I became utterly his to enjoy. “Cum for me, Casey,” he whispered. “Cum… and grow.”

I came as my consciousness fell away, a crazed laughter in my ears, and even now I’m not sure it wasn’t my own.

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