Next level love: Jailbreak

by Eclipse

Bootlegging a magic app may not have been the best idea, but it’s hard to argue with the new changes it brings.

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“What the hell?!” Eros screamed into the mirror. “I’m huge!” The once twunk-ish god was now a foot taller and the size of an amateur bodybuilder. His chiton hugged every curve of his body. His once average cock was now a thick footlong sausage, currently getting manhandled by Ganymede.

“Apollo’s gonna be so jealous,” Gan drooled. “Let’s not worry about the how and just let me take you for a test drive…”

“Gan! T-t-this is serious!” Eros spluttered and began pacing. “It’s got to be something with the app, right? Some kind of feedback error… ugh! Hephaestus warned me about mixing magic and technology.”

“So? Why complain about a gift? I think you’re looking sexier than ever…”

Eros groaned. “Can you think with your head instead of your dick, please? This isn’t normal, even for us! I have to shut the app down until we figure out what’s wrong.”

“No, you can’t!”

“Gan, I know you like this but—”

He shook his head. “I’m serious babe, shutting it down could make things worse.”

“You’re right… well, at least there’s only two couples with the app, and both of them are total successes. They probably aren’t even using it anymore.”


Dylan laughed. “Maybe you should actually read the directions before trying to force pieces together?” He set the directions down for the new bed and scooted over into his massive boyfriend’s lap. Sure, Dylan was big enough for about three men now, but Kyle was enough for five. He got the best of both worlds: being a muscle god amongst men while being small enough o be engulfed in his boyfriend’s arms. “I love you.”

Kyle’s frustration with the bed diffused. “I love you too.” He then looked at the clock. “Ah man, I’m gonna be late for practice.”

“C’mon, staaaay. Not like you need it,” Dylan quipped, waving his phone.

“Yeah and thanks, but it’s about working with the team, not just me. And… isn’t Seth coming over for a study group?”

“Yeah, midterms.”

Kyle heaved himself up and gave Dylan a deep kiss before gently setting him back down. “Okay, just remember your promise.” Dylan’s impish grin spoke volumes. “Hey, you promised!”

“I know, I know. Just saying you seemed to enjoy fucking through the whole team… and you look like you enjoy thinking about it too.” Both of their enhanced libidos and busy schedules necessitated an open relationship sexually, not that either minded. Both got off on the worship of their peers.

Kyle ignored his growing bulge and pressed his boyfriend against the wall between his mighty pecs. “Dylan.”

Dylan melted between the continental divide on his chest. “Okay, fine! I promise not to use the app on you during practice.”

Kyle gave him a pec bounce, a hug, and dashed out the door, gear back in tow. Dylan flopped down on the mattress beside the bed pieces. He idly flipped through his phone. His finger hovered over the app. “No, I promised. Even as a joke…” He paused. “But maybe there’s something for me…”

Just then, a knock came at the door. “Seth? It’s unlocked.”

At first glance, most would see Seth Morimoto as a yakuza punk. Tall, with a slight slouch, several piercings, he even wore skinny jeans and a leather jacket. The mixed-heritage man had the ultimate resting bitch face, a permanent “fuck you” sneer. Most telling of all was the intricate rose tattoo that started at his neck and crept down his back and chest finishing at his right hand (not that Dylan had seen it all). Dylan only started talking to him when they were paired for an assignment in Statistics a few semesters back. Much to his surprise, Seth was pre-med and had a heart of gold. “Hey man.”

“Hey. Where’s your friend? The comp sci guy from the other section? Thought he was gonna come by.”

“Yeah, he’s coming, gonna be a bit late though, got stuck with the professor.” He shut the door and sat next to Dylan, playfully grabbing his arm. His sneer melted away into sheer adoration. “I swear you’re bigger than this morning.”

“No, what makes you say that?!” Dylan squeaked. His phone flew out of his hands.

“Calm down, geez. Never thought a guy your size would freak out.”

Dylan sighed. He still had to get used to the reality filter the app created. When he first met Seth, they got to be close friends almost immediately. Later—thanks to accidentally seeing Seth’s secret blog—they discovered they both had a thing for muscle. For a while they drooled over hot guys online, sharing morphs and stories from their favorite sites, but after Dylan grew, things changed. Seth got a lot more handsy with him, only after first asking permission of course. Yet, it was as if the original Dylan was completely wiped from his mind. “I still have some growing to do. Gonna try to add another inch before the end of semester.”

Seth salivated at the thought. “You should totally go to that hardcore gym off campus. Y’know, that one the frat king goes to.”

“Frat king?”

“Yeah, that guy who dumped enough cum into those himbos to fill a silo. Don’t remember his name though… something Russian I think.”

“Dude, just because they’re frat guys doesn’t mean they’re himbos.”

Seth stared at him. “The ones from Delta Alpha Pi. The house on Clover and University.”

“Point taken.” Dylan stretched. “You want a soda?”

“Yeah.” Seth smirked, admiring Dylan as he stood and bent over to reach into the mini-fridge. He was distracted however by the strange explosion of hearts on Dylan’s phone. “What’s this? A new game?”

“Don’t touch that!” Dylan nearly jumped across the room. Neither knew who, but someone’s hand hit the screen. “Shit…”

Kyle had to admit, the app made his life a lot more interesting. Ever since the change, the locker room was more of a Billy Harrington set than an actual locker room. “Chris, get Craig’s dick out of your mouth and get dressed. Practice first, sex after.”

The lineman sheepishly extracted himself from the water boy turned roid beast with a fist-thick cock. Kyle laughed inside, already making a mental guess list of who would go home with who that night. Some players were already in couples and polyamories while others preferred to, shall we say, play the field.

That didn’t mean everyone was happy. Austin, a wide receiver, sighed as he closed his locker. The changes from Kyle’s cum and Dylan’s meddling turned him into a beefcake that was just soft enough around the middle for some heavenly cuddling. Unlike most of the others, he was gay before the “Kyle Shower”, but very deep in the closet.

“Are you okay man?”

Austin forced a smile. “I’m fine.” Kyle crossed his arms. Austin muttered something under his breath and pulled Kyle to a quiet corner of the locker room. “Okay, I’m worried, I-I-I don’t think he likes me.”

“You guys have been on two dates! You barely had a chance to know each other. Besides, Dylan says he’s raving about you.”

“You sure?” Austin asked. He looked like a hopeful puppy. A big, musclebound puppy. “I’m completely new to datin’ stuff, I don’t wanna mess up. You and Dyl make it look easy.”

“Okay, first, only I get to call him Dyl and even then, he’s not a big fan of it. Second, it’s not gonna happen like magi—” He bit his tongue just as a familiar wave of growth flowed down his cock and into his balls. The warmth swelled inside, snapping his custom jockstrap as his massive balls stretched another six inches in diameter. “Fucking hell!”

Austin had it in him to blush, looking away, despite his own jockstrap tent. “You… you good?”

“Peachy. One sec man.” He stomped over to his locker and tore the door off the hinges. He angrily opened the app. “Couldn’t keep your promise for five minutes? Fine! Let’s see if you can take it.”

Edge of Glory

Your soulmate will be continuously edged until the next time you both have sex. As they are edged, their testicles will slowly swell. This perk may be chosen again after the effect wears off.

“White Gold?” Seth read off the phone. “Your soulmate’s balls have been pumped fuller than… what the fuck, Dylan?”

“It’s just a game.”

“Really kinky one… would be cool if it was real.”

“Yeah… real…” Dylan grabbed a pillow and moaned into it as an invisible hand suddenly grabbed his cock. “H-how… how are you and Austin doing?”

Seth didn’t seem to notice but instead lit up the room with a smile. “He’s amazing! He’s so sweet, he actually cooked for me on our last date, and man he’s good on a grill.” He took a sip of soda. “He’s also got pecs the size of a tire; I want to shove my face in them.”

“Who said romance is dead.”

“Shut up! We’re taking it slow anyway, but damn, last time I had to go beat off in the bathroom. Twice.”

“Slow? Kinda surprised, figured he’d be pent up.”

“He called himself old fashioned. I don’t mind though, nice knowing he’s not just gonna pump n’ dump. My sweet Texas cowboy…”

“Isn’t he from Spokane? He doesn’t even have an accent.”

Seth laughed. “Oh… uh, nevermind.”

Dylan bit his lip. “Tea. Now.”

He stared at the floor. “I might have seen his twitter on his phone when he went to the bathroom?”

“Dude, don’t go snooping…”

“I know, I know! I wasn’t—wait, not the point. He was on size Twitter.”

Dylan dropped the pillow. “Wait, what?!”

“Yeah, he likes big guys. Like really big guys. Like every one of his recent likes were on super huge macro guys.”

“I thought you weren’t snooping.”

“Not the point! You know me, I’m a total top, but there’s no way I’d ever be big enough for him.” He flung himself back on the mattress, nearly spilling the soda. “Wish that app was real so I could be big like you and my friend so I could make him happy.”

“Yeah, if only it was—wait, what did you say?”

“I wanna make him the happiest bottom in the world?”

“No before that.”

“Oh, I wish—” He was cut off by a boom of a knock. “Oh hey, speak of the devil.” Seth bounded up and opened the door.

Dylan’s jaw dropped. The man on the other side was inhuman—though he felt a stir of pride that he was still smaller than Kyle. Yet, Dylan knew this guy was way bigger than he should have been, even if he was lifting out of the womb. He knew no one else on campus even came close to their size, even that himbo frat king. “Gymshark eat your heart out,” he muttered to himself.


“Sorry, nothing. I’m Dylan!”

The big guy seemed a little shy and just as shaken at seeing Dylan. “Hi, I’m Mateo.”

Kyle scrolled through the phone. “Kinda see how Dylan got addicted to this… time for a little revenge.”

“Parker! Stop playing on your phone and get to work!” Kyle looked up to see the Coach walking towards him. Since the change, their coach was a 450-pound daddy with a thick carpet of hair that made him look more like a werewolf on the field and especially on the cot in his office. He refused to wear shirts during practice, and any player on the bench was welcome to worship him. “Just because you’re big doesn’t mean you get—mff!”

Kyle simply grazed a hand across his coach’s nipple. He leaned in close and growled in his ear. “Coach, dealing with my boyfriend right now.”

“But—” Kyle reached out and solemnly twisted both nipples. As far as the team knew, only the quarterback was able to tame the dom daddy. Like flicking a switch, a thick veiny cock rocketed out from below Coach’s waistband. “Oh god, Kyle… fuck me right now.”

“Later Coach. Boyfriend first, but I think Sanchez was hungry for you if you can’t wait.” Kyle went back to his phone, deaf to the gagging sounds from lineman on the sidelines. “Oh, actually that’s a good idea.”

Rewired and Streamlined

Your soulmate’s nipples and hole are now ultra-sensitive. Brushing against either in the right way is like packing an hour of foreplay into a few seconds.

“That’ll give him something fun to do during his study group.”

“Is that some kind of kink thing you guys have going on?”

“What the?!” He nearly jumped out of his skin. “Christ, Austin! Don’t sneak up on me like that!”

Austin shrugged and scratched his pecs. “So, what is it? Looks kinky. Is that how you and Dylan are so good together?”

“No, well… yes… it’s complicated man.”

The study group proceeded with awkward mumbling, with Seth interjecting how worried he was about his upcoming date. Mateo pretended to read while Dylan tried his best not to buck his hips. Finally, with all the confidence of a world leader, he stood and announced, “I have to piss.”

As soon as the door shut, Dylan took his chance. “How the hell are you that big?” Even just turning towards Mateo made him groan.

Mateo didn’t expect the attack. “I… work out? My boyfriend’s a trainer.”


“He is! We’re at the gym off campus.”

Dylan studied him. There was that gym again… it felt like he had two sets of memories. One world where the gym was the most hardcore bodybuilder’s paradise and another where it was a typical health club. Then it clicked. “The app.”

Mateo paled. “What?”

“The app! Next Level Love, you have the app!”

“How do you know about that?!” He hissed back. Dylan showed him the phone. “Holy… so, you and your boyfriend weren’t always that big?”

“Are you kidding? A couple months ago, I was an average guy and Kyle—well, he was always hot as fuck, I just gave him a boost.” He pulled up the list of active perks and they traded phones.

Mateo scrolled through, his small grin growing bigger and bigger into a full-on kid at the toy store with a blank check giddiness. “Okay, I’m definitely getting the mega-cum perk for Leon later.”

“Wait, you can apply it to places too? That’s not fair!”

Mateo shrugged. “Y’know, I could probably update your phone.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I’ve got a copy of the app data, so it shouldn’t be too hard to copy it over. I mean, we could probably copy the whole app to a new phone if we wanted.”

The possibilities alone nearly made Dylan’s cock tear through his pre-soaked pants. “Wait, do you think we could put a copy on Seth’s phone?”

“Put what on my phone?” Seth asked.

“You’re telling me this is some kind of magic phone app? Looks like a random game to me.”

“No, seriously!” Kyle said. The two of them had gone back to the locker room. “Whatever change you choose really comes true! It could be for anything. After Dylan and I finally hooked up, we even got a perk on his phone to fix mine and my copy of the app.”

Austin crossed his arms. “Obviously you picked some fun stuff too.”

“Obviously.” He flexed an arm that swelled larger than Austin’s thick waist. The wide receiver let out a low moan, reaching for that veiny peak. Just as Austin was about to lick the sweat out of the crevasse between his biceps and delts, Kyle pulled back. “Sorry, forgot about the hypnotizing effect.”

“Shit, that’s really strong,” Austin murmured, pulling back. His cock was painting his abs with pre. “Hey, could… could you maybe choose a perk for me? Something to help me on my date?”

“Sorry, doesn’t really work like that. The perks usually only affect the two of us—unless you want another locker room incident?”

Austin paled. “Um, don’t take this the wrong way… it was hot and all, but you were kinda my first…”

“Wait, really?! Oh man, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, it was fun, but I want to wait for Seth, y’know?”

“Right, but I wonder if we can get a copy of the app to you somehow…”

“So, it is real! I can change myself however I want?!”

“Yeah pretty much.”

“And it’s also the reason you’re hard and stretching your shirt?”

“That’s more Kyle but yes, basically.”

“All done,” Mateo announced, disconnecting the phones. “Each of us has a copy of my version of the app, though you might want to be careful with the location perks. Gets out of hand really easily…”

“Sweet!” Seth unlocked his phone and opened the app. As usual there was a burst of purple and pink hearts. The winged hourglass appeared to finish loading and then a blond bodybuilder in a bright pink tank top and teal running shorts popped up.

“Wait, Eros is supposed to be a twunk,” Dylan said. Stranger than that, Eros didn’t move. He didn’t say a word, just a fixed creepy smile. “Uh, Mateo, I think you broke it.”

“That doesn’t make sense; it should work.”

The hourglass appeared again but this time, the glass was cracked. It loaded properly but with crimson hearts falling down the screen. A man with curly black hair and a slight tan appeared. He only wore a crimson bikini poser and cheap costume demon wings. He was cut and sculpted enough to make the most die-hard aesthetic bodybuilders green with envy.

Well, well, hello naughty boys. Someone’s been pirating the game I see.” The pretend demon purred. He floated onto his back, revealing just where the straps disappeared into his supple glutes. “I guess I can’t complain since I get to play the game now.

“Where’s Eros?” Dylan asked.

“It’s an app, it can’t talk back,” Seth replied.

Oh please, what part of ‘magic phone app’ don’t you get?” the man on the screen scoffed.

“Oh so you’re like the Chroni—”

Legally distinct!” He stopped for a moment. “Oh wait, public domain, I forgot. Yeah, it’s like a Chronivac.

Seth was nearly drooling, his mind raced with the possibilities.

“So, we can still use the app and change stuff, right?” Mateo asked. “Or are you some kind of anti-piracy?”

The man laughed. “Anti-piracy? More like pro-piracy! I hid myself in the code. The more the app spreads the better and I want to make sure as many couples get together as possible.

“Yeah right,” Mateo scoffed. “You’re literally dressed like a demon.”

Listen, I was going for a sexy thing that was an opposite of the bubblegum twink look Eros had. Anyway, time for me to get to work.” He blew a heart-shaped ring of smoke and looked Seth over. “Hmmm… your special someone is a lucky guy, you’re really cute. How tall are you? Five-eleven? Six feet?

“Six-two, I slouch!”

Yeah, we’re gonna fix that.” Instantly a perk appeared on screen, followed by a sharp crack of bones. In a ripple of pops, Seth’s spine stretched and straightened.

Stand Proud

Your spine has been straightened and strengthened. You will always have perfect posture, no matter how you pose. Your next line will be “Wow, that felt good.”

“Wow, that felt…” Seth frowned. “Hey, I’m supposed to pick!”

Of course! How about you get your buddies to help out. I’m gonna research your lover. Oh, Dylan and Mateo? Gave you guys admin privileges. Have fun. BRB!” The demon disappeared in a poof of smoke.

“Maybe messing with a magic app wasn’t my best idea,” Mateo muttered.

“Fuck that, we have admin privileges!” Dylan bit back another moan as his shirt was soaked by a fresh load of pre. “First though, let’s get Seth big.”

Seth scrolled through the list of perks. “What should I do first? Height? Muscle? Cock? Oooooo, what if I do a location one?”

“No wait!”

Growth House

All members of this dormitory are men

dedicated to becoming as big as humanly possible.

A bright flash of light blinded them, yet nothing seemed to happen. “What… but?”

Mateo groaned. “It only affects those who actually live in the dorm. Like…” Both of them looked to Dylan who moaned, still grabbing at his pecs. He was fifty pounds heavier with pure lean muscle, distributed a little heavily on his legs.

“I need… I need Kyle so bad… right now…”

“Okay,” Seth said sheepishly. “At least it could be worse?”

Mateo shushed him and held up his phone. It was an Instagram account of a bodybuilder with long hair à la mid-2000s. The slideshow depicted a guy pretty intent to show off, eventually settling on a picture of him and his hipster boyfriend holding hands. “Brett… he’s pretty hot. So what?”

“This was a co-ed dorm. And Brett used to be Britney.”


For the rest of practice, Kyle helped Austin stretch and work up his confidence. “All the other guys said I shouldn’t sweat it. They said if I get an OnlyFans I’d probably make a mint, but… it’s not the point.”

“Believe me I get it,” Kyle agreed, thinking back to when he could hardly speak to Dylan without his heart racing. Just then, Austin’s phone pinged and both men turned to look. “No way…” Sure enough there was a notification from Next Level Love.

“That’s the app, right? Looks a little different than yours though.”

“Must be an update. Take a look.” Just then, they heard the team returning from outside. “C’mon, boiler.”

The boiler room off the locker room was a now defunct room used officially for storage and unofficially for hookups. So long as someone left a chalk mark on the door, people knew it was occupied, leaving Kyle and Austin in privacy in the bowels of the old section of the stadium. Austin opened the app to an explosion of hearts and then… nothing.

“Strange… there’s usually someone there guide you through the tutorial,” Kyle muttered.

“Can’t be that hard right?” Austin opened the store. “Let’s try this one.”


Your musculature will triple but you will not grow any taller. There will be no extra stress on your organs and you will retain full mobility.

Both waited, but nothing happened. “Should… should something have changed by now?”

“It’s usually instant. Try another one.”

Knee Slapper

Your soft cock is so long it dangles past your knees and is thick as your wrist. Your balls will grow to be proportional.

Again, nothing. “C’mon! I want to change!”

“I thought you were a bottom?”

“Yeah, doesn’t mean I don’t want a giant cock!”

War of Attrition

Your soldiers will hold the line as long as you command! In other words, fuck for as long and hard as you like and ride through multiple orgasms without needing to stop.

Austin slammed his fist into the old boiler, leaving a decent dent.

“Here, let me try mine.” Kyle scrolled through and saw one that made his slap his chest. “I… I didn’t know we could do that…” He clicked, hoping this hidden fantasy could come to life.

Two Things Come from Texas…

But why not have both? Your soulmate’s pecs will swell with nutritious milk that they will love to have you drink straight from the tap. This perk will also grant them soft body hair and strong skin. Chocolate, strawberry, and coffee flavored milk still in development.

“Did it work?”

“Don’t know unless we go see him.” The only thing going through Kyle’s mind was pinning Dylan down and milking him, keeping his cock buried in his lover while listening to every sweet sound he makes…

Austin sighed and tried one final perk.

Machamp in the Making

You are granted an extra pair of arms (and all other necessary muscles to move them). As a bonus, you’ll also be completely ambidextrous.

Austin flexed his arms hard, but nothing happened.

“Okay, I’ll admit I didn’t think this through.”

“You think?” Dylan huffed. “First you make me bigger when Kyle already used something on me to—fuuuuuuck….—to keep me from cumming and now you’ve taken up half the dorm room!”

Here We Grow!

Like eating a mushroom, you’ll be growing an additional half of your current height. Next Level Love is not responsible for any future attacks from turtles or kidnapped soulmates.

“He likes macro…” Seth mumbled.

Mateo sighed from another corner. “Yes, and that one alone would’ve been fine, if you didn’t pick that other one too.”

Hulk Out!

Everything about you doubles in size when you become aroused. Green skin not included.

The eighteen-foot giant sighed. All of his clothes were in shreds on the floor. His added musculature however only gave him a swimmer’s build at this point, since it had been stretched across such a large frame. “Guys, I just got excited! Like you didn’t when you first got the app?”

“Okay, fair.”


“That’s what I thought.” Seth scrolled on his tiny phone. “There we go!” Through a groan and screech of metal and wood, the room stretched and cracked. Bit by bit they were able to move again.

Dylan looked around the new room, which looked more at home in a mansion in the Hamptons rather than a college dorm. The pieces of the bed had assembled themselves and seemed to have grown twice as large too. “What did you do?”

“Two things. One got myself a better phone,” Seth said, waiving around a smartphone bigger than some flatscreens. “Second, this.”

Fraternal Scholarship

You and your close friends now live in a mansion of in a location of your choosing that will be built to meet your current size needs.

“Wow, that’s awesome! Thanks!”

“Least I could do after you guys got me the app.” Seth then smirked and tapped another perk.

LOCC (Low Orbit Cum Cannon)

This heavy armament upgrades your output to four gallons of cum. In addition, your cock size is doubled and ball size tripled.

With a moan, his manhood swelled like a firehose, and just about as thick. The others could nearly hear the skin stretch and his newly grown balls slosh. Dylan groaned, losing himself to lust again. Mateo was starting to have trouble himself, wondering how Leon would feel with his cock that much bigger. With a little smirk to himself, he hit the perk on his own app, and snuck out back to their apartment.

“You turned it on and off again?”

“Yes! Twice! You’ve been right here!” Austin groaned. He reopened the app for what felt like the twentieth time and got the same message as the first nineteen.

Error. Unable to synchronize cloud data.

“I don’t get it,” Kyle muttered. “I’ve never seen an error message like that.”

“You’re the one who had it first. How do I fix it?”

“Dylan would know more than me.”

Austin reopened the settings, tried to select perks, everything. Again and again.

Error. Unable to synchronize cloud data.

Suddenly, it dawned on Kyle. “Oh my god, we’re idiots!”

“The hell are you talking about?”

He waved his arms around the room. “We’re in a concrete box! No service! No wonder it isn’t working!”

Both of them laughed and headed for the door. As soon as they stepped outside, Austin moaned and fell to his knees, instantly painting his stomach with cum. “Austin?!”

“Oh shiiiiit… it’s so strooong!” He panted. “Feels so good!” All at once, all of the perks he chose activated at the same time. Pound after pound of muscle piled on, fighting for space and forcing him wider and wider. He fell onto his back and continued to grow, overwhelmed by each wave washing over him. His lats forced his arms out, only to be forced farther by the new pair of arms and the extra pecs underneath. His thighs squeezed together, barely leaving enough room for his grapefruit sized balls and salami of a cock. He groaned, suddenly feeling a strange slickness in his ass and a deep hunger. He fought the urge to cum, holding himself back through the chain orgasm. Finally, he fell silent.


The extra-wide receiver was packed with so much muscle that it was a miracle he could move. He sat up with a growl. “We’re gonna go see Seth now. I’m ready for my date.”

“M-my pecs!” Dylan shouted. The overdeveloped chest cast an impressive shadow over his abs. A steady trickle of milk dripped onto his abs, mixing with the flood of pre. A prickling sensation washed over his entire body as dark body hair painted itself across his chest and down his torso.

“What the…”

Dylan grabbed a towel and tried to wipe up as much as he could. “Okay, Kyle’s getting out of hand…”

“Didn’t you do the same to him?” Dylan said nothing, partially out of stubbornness and partially out of holding back his groans. Seth laughed and looked back at the app. “I just need one last change. Gotta grow just a little bit more.” He soon found just what he needed.


Chances are that with height changes your other proportions may be out of balance. Choose this perk to rebalance everything.

A small table appeared with spaces to insert stats. Seth wasn’t sure what to enter but chose “Aesthetic” out of the template drop-down menu. The table populated with the following.

Reference Height—6 feet
Reference Weight—211 lbs
Chest—57 inches
Arms—21.5 inches
Waist—27.5 inches
Thighs—27 inches
Calves—19 inches
Ending Height—18 feet

“Looks good to me. Can’t wait!” The hourglass appeared for a moment before a new chart appeared.

New Weight—5697 lbs
Chest—14 ft 3 inches
Arms—64.5 inches
Waist—82.5 inches
Thighs—81 inches
Calves—60.5 inches

Seth grabbed his cock and began pumping, each stroke seeming to add an extra ten pounds of muscle. He growled as his biceps pulsed outward, crowding against his pecs. His tattoos stretched over his new mass, the rose pattern nearly looking like it was blooming and spreading. His waist grew and tightened revealing a wall of tight abs. His taper from his lats was in sharp relief, despite his waist being over six feet around. The biggest change was his legs, exploding outward into sculpted pillars that looked more at home holding up a bridge. “How do I look Dylan?” He smirked with a most muscular pose. “Man, I should jump on a stage! I could probably juggle the competitors!”

“Not faaaaaair…” Dylan groaned wanting nothing more than to finally get release. Thankfully, fate was merciful when the door swung open.

“Dylan, are you heeee—oly fuck!” Kyle gaped at the giant.

“Oh, uh, hey Kyle,” Seth said, a little sheepish at the reveal. “How’d you find us?”

“Um, this guy Mateo ran into us and told us to—”

Dylan couldn’t take it anymore. “Out.”


“Seth, out. Kyle. Bed. Now!”

Seth laughed and grabbed his far-too-small things and ducked out of the special sized door. “Austin’s in your room,” Kyle shouted after him. Kyle turned to his boyfriend. “You look good with chest hair. Is someone a little pent up?”

Dylan dove onto his boyfriend, tearing away his pants and swallowed his manhood in a swift gulp. Kyle shivered with pleasure but pulled his boyfriend off. “No, let’s try something different.” He gently pushed Dylan down onto the bed. He ran his tongue along the swollen pecs before capturing a leaking nipple in his mouth. Dylan screamed in ecstasy, sending streams of milk shooting across of the bed.

“So, did we learn anything?”

“It was an accid—fuck! Don’t stop!”

Kyle finally decided to let up on his teasing, gently prodding Dylan’s waiting hole with his battering ram. “You know, I’m a little jealous of Seth. I think both of us need to grow.” He chose a final perk and tossed his phone aside.

Extra Protein

You and your soulmate can make the other grow through your cum and/or milk.

Kyle began pounding away, still drinking. With each gulp, his muscles rippled, twitching with new growth. Dylan was light-headed, unable to make any coherent sentence after being edged all day. He could feel Kyle’s weight slowly pushing him farther and farther into the bed, the ever-lengthening cock stretching him farther and farther. Dylan clamped down as hard as he could as Kyle drilled him.

Neither could hold on any longer, their giant balls overflowing. Kyle flooded Dylan, squeezing him tight as he began to grow. Dylan erupted into the ceiling, chipping the paint with each concussive blast. Each time they thought they reached the end, ten more blasts rocketed out. The two only stopped for Dylan to demand. “Again.”

Both were too invested in their own lovemaking to hear what was going on in the next room.

Austin drooled over the overgrown Seth. A raging fire of desire filled him. His arms could only wrap around part of his mighty thighs, his cock trapped in the deep split near the teardrop. Seth too couldn’t help moaning, feeling the dense meathead against him. “You… you have extra arms?”

“Yeah, you like them?” Austin flexed all four, surprised by a worshipping tongue. “God, you’re so big!”

“Thought you might like that,” Seth said, a little sheepishly as Austin traced the lines of his tattoos. “So, um, you want to get something to eat or maybe watch a movie?”

“Maybe… we could do something more fun?”


“Like… we could… you know?”

“I-I-I thought you wanted to take it slow?”

“You are literally my most twisted wet dream, and this is the third date.” The beefy man flushed a little, grabbing at his towering date. “Please don’t make me beg.”

“Don’t have to ask me twice!” Seth shoved his tongue down Austin’s throat. The wide receiver was taken aback, moaning into the kiss and grabbing as tight as possible onto his giant. Seth took Austin in one hand, the 400-pound man feeling like nothing more than a toy. As gently as possible, Seth fingered him open. “God, you’re such a hot little beefcake…”

“Nnnng!” Austin groaned out, splattering Seth’s chest with his load. “I-I’m sorry!”

Seth gently kissed him. “Don’t be. I know you’ve got more in the tank. Please flex for me.”

Austin moaned but managed to arch forward, bringing his arms down into an explosive crab. Seth captured his dick, teasing it with skillful licks. “Too… too much!”

Seth backed off while Austin caught his breath. “I’m gonna be shooting dust before you cum once at this rate.” He then reached back and started to warm himself up.

“Austin, magic app or not, my cock is as wide as your hips. I don’t want to test the limits.”

Austin looked like a kicked puppy, but it soon passed with a little grin. “Okay, how about this?” He pressed his body up against the massive cock. He squeezed his way up, licking along the helmet.

“Ooooh yeah little guy.”

“Fuck, I love when you call me that.” He wrapped around the giant cock and began to hump and squeeze himself up and down. He lapped up the pre that cascaded down over him, just as Seth grabbed him. The giant hand pumped him up and down. It didn’t take much before Seth began to gasp. “Yeah, cum for me! Cover me in your giant load!”


Seth roared as gallon after gallon of cum drenched the room. Austin’s own load was lost in the deluge as he too was plastered. Seth plucked him from the sticky mess and kissed him. “Damn… never realized how hot this could be.”

“Oh I’ve got a long list of things for us to try,” Austin grinned, snuggling against his giant’s cheek.

After five rounds, Dylan was finally sated. He fell into a deep slumber, contentedly cuddled into Kyle’s arms. Kyle however couldn’t sleep. After a while, he opened the app, surprised to see his had changed to be just like Austin’s. This time however, someone did appear.

Aww, I’m late! I missed all of the fun. At least they didn’t get to try the admin stuff yet, can always watch that… just need to get them to spread the app a little more.

“You’re not Eros. Who are you?”

Oh, hello there, stud.” The demon gave him an impish grin. “You can call me Ganymede.

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