Bull’s gene

by Opin

 Dean goes on a date with Henry, a huge professor, whose strength exceeds every expectation.

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Being a college student in a small town sucks. Especially if you’re gay. There are not too many places—bars, clubs, etc.—to begin with, but the online dating sites also show only one or two hot men in my area. And if they’re fake or just don’t answer, well, that’s my luck.

Okay, I admit, I have a very specific preference when it comes to sexual taste. I like older, muscular men, let’s say between 30 and 60. The more muscles, the better. I never really found guys my age attractive. I’d much rather have the muscle daddy types. If he’s hairless, then it’s a bull’s eye. Well, there were not too many of that type of men around here.

After about half a year of college I decided it was time to scout in the bigger city that was about 3 hours’ drive away. I logged in my profile there and found the selection way more interesting. I started chatting with a few guys, but I needed a firm date before actually taking the 3-hour trip there.

One day, this guy called “bull435” as a nickname, caught my attention. He had only one picture, a really huge, wide back, on his profile. I usually prefer profiles with face pictures. You can have as many muscles and weight as you want, but if I’d have to put you a shopping bag on to cover your face first, then it’s just not gonna work. But I thought, what the heck. His stats were promising: age 45, 198 cm tall, 125 kg. I was myself 190 tall with an athletic build, so anyone who was taller than me immediately got my attention. And asking for his face picture right away might not get me anywhere. So I started by sending him a few shirtless pictures of myself and asked if he could also show me something more.

A few hours go by and my laptop beeps that certain kind of ringtone. I luckily have a room for my own in the appartement, so there’s no way anyone else would hear it. I was reading an article for an essay I’m writing and was somewhere else with my thoughts, so I clicked with an automatic boredom on the tab of the dating site to open the message. The bull has answered.

“Sure,” he said. “You are a quite fine lad yourself.”

“Lad”? I thought to myself. Wow, this guy must be old-fashioned, didn’t expect that. I clicked on the attachment and was not disappointed. A massive, brown-haired, round faced, shirtless, bearded man was striking a double biceps pose for the camera that was placed below him. This angle made him look even taller than he was, as if he’d burst through the ceiling any moment. His arms were bulging in both directions, seemingly about as big as his head. I saw a few shadows of his bulging abs around his belly. He was not slim, on the contrary: a lot of muscle was packed on and around his stomach, creating a beefy but very athletic built. I already forgot about my article and wondered, how this man can look so beefy but athletic at the same time. As if he could be either of it, depending on his mood. I looked at this picture a couple of minutes, when another beep came from the chat.

“Do you like what you see?” he inquired.

“Oh, yes, you are very much my type,” I replied. “It’s impressive what you have built up. Congrats!” I like to start off with a compliment. That sets the other one in a good mood, being more likely to go on an actual date.

“Thanks. I have to pay attention though, it could get out of hand.”

I was confused. “What do you mean?” But there was no answer right away. What could get out of hand? Is he using steroids? In that case the worry would be understandable. I got back to reading, but this guy really tickled my mind and I couldn’t focus. I wanted to know more about him. After about 5 minutes he wrote:

“Well, you wouldn’t believe it if I told it to you in chat.”

This confused me even more. Is he playing some game? I got really curious about this handsome colossus of a man. I don’t like endless chats, so I got to the point right away:

“In that case, you have to tell me about it in person :) Would you be up for a date?”

I got a little nervous. Maybe I was too fast. I hoped that I didn’t scare him away with being too direct.

“On your profile it says that you are not from the city. Are you going to be here over the weekend?”

Well, I haven’t planned anything yet, so I might as well make a trip and have some fun time there.

“Would you stay at my place?”

Wow, that went fast, I thought. That would make things a lot easier, and even if it’s not a match, I can just go and take the next train home. Or go cruising in a bar or something. So what’s the harm?

As I was looking up how much a train ticket cost, the chat beeped again:

“I mean, we don’t have to, if you’re not into sexdates. But I really find you attractive and instead of grabbing a beer somewhere in a crowded gay bar, I’d offer you one in my house :)”

Things couldn’t have gone better. Here’s this huge man, wanting to invite me in his house and jump right into bed. Finally. My penis started to tingle just at the thought of it. It has been long, since he got the taste of a real man!

“Thanks for the invitation! I will gladly visit you at your house :)”

In a few seconds he wrote me back:

“Great! :) :) :) I’m really happy to meet you.”

We agreed that he will pick me up at the train station. His house was somewhere in the suburbs, so it the best if he just took me there with his car.

I smirked. This weekend is gonna be good, I thought. I didn’t know what impossible fantasies were going to come true with a god-like muscleman…

I stepped out of the train. The bull told me that he would look for me on the platform, so I wouldn’t get lost in the busy central station. I figured it would be easy to spot him with his height and physique. Boy I was right. I barely turned my head to the right and I spotted a big tower sticking out way above the sea of people surrounding him. The crowd, like water around an island, parted its way to get around his broad body and met together after a long detour behind his huge back. Our eyes met and with a smile, he started moving towards me. He was like a massive freighter in a narrow river of passengers. As he got close, I noticed that he wore a very big and loose shirt, covering up his whole mass. He was big without question, but in his current outfit one couldn’t tell whether he was muscular or just beefy. I could even make out a bulging belly under that shirt. All in all, he made the impression of a very big, slightly balding middle-aged man. He smiled at me and shook my hand. His palm was astounding huge and warm. With his size and kind aura he was radiating a special kind of hotness, an impression of a nice giant, buried deep within his somewhat unfashionable look.

“Nice to meet you,” he said. “I’m happy you got here all right. I’m Henry.”

“Nice to meet you Henry, I’m Dean.” He was still holding my hand in his palm, not letting go, letting me feel his warm and tight grip.

Henry led me through the busy station, breaking through the crowd slowly, but steadily. His big body was not bothered by the mass of the people, he was easily stepping forward without having to go around anybody. As I was walking behind him, I noticed that the back part of his baggy pants was really big. The fabric was not tight, but it had a lot to hide. His buttcheeks were moving up and down at every step, one at a time. I had to think about Mowgli of The Jungle Book, who was riding on the back of Balu the Bear, bouncing at every step of his. I was sure that a person could easily travel on Henry’s outwards bulging butt, but I didn’t dare to ask it… yet.

We got out and got in his car. He was driving a big SUV, although it seemed that he had to squeeze himself even in this model. I had the feeling of being very little in Henrys regular environment. Maybe this was how short people felt around me?

On the way we introduced ourselves a little. Henry was a professor and researcher at the local university on the faculty of Biology. He’d bought a house recently, because he felt too crammed in any city apartment.

“These new buildings are just not designed for people my size,” he said. “If we had a nice downtown from the turn of the century like they have in most big European cities, we would have these bourgeois apartments with a ceiling height over 3 meters. I would fit in there, but not in these cells that they call rooms. So I decided to build a house for my own… needs.”

“Wait, you built a house yourself?”

“Well, I had a few experts around me who told me where to put what, but I did most of the hard work.”

“Wow, that must have taken years to finish! You sure are dedicated.”

He just shrugged his big, round shoulders. “It would have been done in half a year, if I could’ve found those experts more easily… it’s difficult to find reliable architects around here…”

And he gave me a lecture about how people are unreliable in this field. I couldn’t really focus on what he was saying, as I was imagining this giant lifting up one concrete block after another, not tiring out during the process. I know it was impossible, but it still sprung my penis into a considerable bulge. I quickly grabbed my pants and set my junk back into a less noticeable position. He caught a glimpse of that and just smirked and I saw a big twitch under his shirt. Did he just flex his chest? Or did it happen from shifting gears? The air in the car slowly filled up with a mix of a nice cologne and some manly musk. It was a hot summer day and his shirt started to get deep traces of sweat.

“Sorry, the car’s AC is broken,” said Henry as he licked his gleaming lips. His sweat was trickling down his freshly shaved, XXXL-sized neck. He pulled down the window. “But we are gonna be there in 10 minutes.” After that he put his big hand with a smooth casualness on my leg and squeezed my thigh. I was so mesmerized from this giant man that I got a boner in a few seconds. All I wanted to do is to discover all the meaty secrets his clothes were hiding. This man was powerful and gentle at the same time, which sent me butterflies in my stomach.

We pulled over at the driveway of a house that I thought was a three-story building. Looking at it further I realized that it has just two stories, but with a ceiling height big enough to fit two old wooden wardrobes on top of each other. It certainly was a house for someone who wanted to brag about his money or just really liked having a lot of space between his head and the ceiling. As Henry got out of the car, I understood how this man had to bend his back in every ordinary building and that he wanted to be able to stretch out his full mass in his own home. We made our way into the hallway and from there to the living room. Suddenly I felt like a little kid again. Everything, even the furniture was in proportion with the size of the house. On the couch I could’ve laid down and spread out my limbs in all directions without reaching any end of it. I was not used to having so much space in a private house, but I certainly liked the feeling.

“Look, I’ve just been to the gym. Let me take a quick shower. Make yourself comfortable on the couch. Turn on the TV if you want.”

I nodded and set my backpack aside and hopped on the couch. The trip was a long one and it felt good to lay down a little and stretch out. As I was looking at the ceiling, the picture he sent me popped into my mind where he was photographed from below and looked like his head was close to the ceiling. It must have been an optical illusion, right? If a man my height would stand on my shoulders, it would still not be enough to touch it. I grabbed my phone and looked at the picture again. Yep, this is the room… But it indeed looks as if he would be close to bumping his head into the ceiling. Strange…

About fifteen minutes later he came back from the bathroom. He’d switched his clothes to some cargo shorts and a regular t-shirt, which allowed me to finally examine his physique. I certainly liked what I saw. His buff body was definitely packed with more muscle than fat. His shoulders were incredibly wide. His chest was bulging forward, ending in two downwards pointing nipples that almost pierced through the fabric of his t-shirt. His arms were naturally bending away from his torso because of the meaty muscles packed on them. The relaxed fit of his t-shirt still held the true definition of his arms hidden, but judging from his massive shoulders I was sure he had muscles on them. The belly was still visible, which gave his body a kind of strongman touch with a powerful core. His hips were very wide, revealing a bulging, meat-packed butt that was formed out of two huge muscle globes. I caught myself staring intensely at his body, almost dropping my jaw. He just laughed it off and hopped next to me on the couch. “So you still like, what you see? I’m glad.”

“Are you kidding me?” I replied, watching his gargantuan, hairless thighs spread out as he sat. “You look absolutely buff! But why do you hide it with such big clothes?”

“Well,” he slapped on his tight legs, “I can’t really go like this to the university. It would draw too much attention.” He smiled, as he twitched his big pecs, this time definitely on purpose. I just couldn’t stop staring. I could have done anything, just to slap one on those gorgeous pecs of his.

Luckily he didn’t let me wait too long before he grabbed my head from the back and pulled in for a sloppy kiss. He immediately made his way with his surprisingly broad tongue into my mouth, filling it almost completely. His tongue was so big, I thought I would suffocate, but I slowly regained my stand as I started licking it around with my own. He bit my lips a little, his short blonde beard tickling my nose. He had absolute control. From the moment of his first touch I had to give myself completely in to his radiating power which tolerated no resistance. My hand wandered on his leg that was tighter than iron to the touch. As my hand slid across it, the skin above the hard muscles just seemed to have no end in any direction. He pulled me over on himself, so that i kneeled over his thighs. Actually I was kneeling on his thighs, as they were too wide in both direction for my hips to stretch over them. The fabric of his shorts was filled to the limit, as it would take a single flex of his leg muscles to tear it apart. From this position I had the chance to put my hands on his bulging chest before leaning in for another kiss. They gave in to the pressure and I could massage the two bowling balls of meat as I let him penetrate my mouth again. Suddenly something other than his arms lifted me slightly off of my place. His bulge was getting bigger and as he pumped some extra blood in it, he easily lifted me off a few centimeters.

The next thing I know is that he pulled off his own t-shirt and threw it away. I did the same. Finally the sight of his upper body got free and I had the chance to examine the consistency of his meat. The most interesting part for me was his stomach. It was definitely round, not flat, but one could still make out the silhouette of the abdominals. To the touch it felt just as tight as the legs. His skin started to glisten overall again. I started to rub his belly, searching for a week, softer spot, but it seemed that it was just as packed with pure muscle as anything else on his body. I started to realize that Henry has maybe absolutely no fat and all the roundness comes from the muscles that just need space to take for themselves…

“Punch it!” Henry told me with a challenging tone in his voice.

“Are you sure?” I didn’t want to hurt him or anything.

“Yes, just do it!”

I gave his abs a light push. It felt as if I would punch an unbreakable wall. “Stronger!” he commanded, filling up with lust. I punched again and again, building up my strength, but his stomach did not even bulge a little bit. My strikes got stronger and stronger every time, always getting more momentum, but it felt as if a child would try to punch a hole in a sandbag. Henry got fired up: “Yes! YES!!!!” He grinned and seemingly enjoyed the demonstration of his thickness. After a minute his whole body was drenched in glistening sweat. Even with my strongest punch I couldn’t make any visible impact on his rock hard stomach. After my last try I stopped and panted from exhaustion. He laughed loud in my face and pulled my head right into his soaked wet cleavage. He clearly won, not that I had a chance to begin with. I could feel that this man’s strength is on another level. I was lost in an endless bathe of muscle, sweat and skin. He was still laughing with triumph and did not let me go off his chest. The sweat started to fill up in his cleavage, which I began to drink, as a kind of consolation prize he gave me. His salty body fluid endlessly filled my whole mouth and I had the feeling of never being thirsty again. After a minute, as I wasn’t able to drink anymore, I rose back up from his chest, mesmerized from the experience of his show-off.

“Wow,” I panted, “that was… amazing…” The words just blurted out of me, I couldn’t think clear. The big man was also short of breath, but he was seemingly enjoying his superiority.

Henry was also breathing heavily, with every breath raising his huge, rock-hard belly higher.

“Just give me a minute. It’s getting really hot in here.” He was right. The room temperature and humidity rose in the room. He was dripping sweat everywhere. “When I get hot, the whole house gets heated up. If you keep me arousing like this, I will make the whole house a steamroom!” He laughed and grabbed me below my armpits and took me on his stomach, as if I wouldn’t weigh more than a pillow. I almost slipped down on his extending, sweaty skin. He took a really big breath, raising me together with his huge abs about 20 centimeters in the air, then he exhaled, creating a smaller air turbulence in the room. The hot air got blown on the plants near the window, moving their leaves as in a strong summer wind.

While he was getting himself together, I took the chance to massage his round, slippery pecs. They didn’t fit under my hands. On the bottom where his breasts contacted his belly, I could slip my fingers under his chest. My palm slipped in deep till the end of my fingers. It was surprisingly warm. I rose with my hands his breasts, releasing a flow of sweat trapped under his muscle pecs. As I lifted the meat, hot air escaped with a certain rough, manly smell. He watched me caressing his chest, licking lustily his salty lips. Then he grabbed my head and pulled me in for our second kiss. It was even more demanding than the first one: he basically penetrated my mouth with his wide tongue. The fluids of his sweat from his lips and of his saliva mixed together in an irresistible puddle of life in our mouths. We spent the next few minutes knotted together, exploring each other’s body while not even coming up for some air from our kiss. We didn’t need it. All we needed was smelling, tasting, touching the other.

“You are one reeeeeallly fine lad,” Henry said with a smile on his face, after a length time that felt like a perfect eternity.

“Oh, I almost forgot! I offered you a beer, didn’t I? Still want some?”

I raised my head, still feeling dizzy and seeing stars from the overwhelming sensual experience of his large, soft lips and the touch of his slippery globes of muscle on his chest. I completely forgot about time and where I was, as my whole world was filled with the giant of a man in front and beneath me.

“Sure, why not,” I answered. Actually, I was torn between my new carnal addiction of exploring every angle of Henrys bulging muscles and wanting to learn more about his personality. We were both very much turned on by each other, but I wanted to see whether we can also talk with each other. Boy, if only I wouldn’t be distracted by his huge figure!

I wanted to crawl down from his rounding abs, but Henry quickly took one of his tree trunk arms behind my back and pulled me to him as he pushed himself up from the couch. He held me in a tight grip, pressed towards his still wet chest. He was standing with his almost two meters height, holding me as I was sitting on his bulging belly, my legs separated by its roundness and hanging down both ways, my head floating unusually high above the ground. The fact that his house had large proportions and that I was held in the arms of a big man like I weighed nothing, indeed made the impression on me as if I was a little kid again. Naturally, I tried to wrap my hands around his back, but I didn’t have the slightest chance to completely reach around it. To the touch it was hard as rock and cold from his still dripping sweat, which was creating a nice contrast with his heat-radiating front side. I suddenly felt safe from all the harms of the world in his protecting grip.

With loud thuds accompanying his heavy steps Henry made his way to the kitchen. He opened the door of his fridge that was even bigger than him and grabbed two bears in his large palm of his free hand. He gave me one and popped the other open. Then he looked at me and raised the can:

“Cheers, handsome!”

We drank a few sips of beer.

“You sure are quiet. Are you feeling all right?”

“I’m feeling fantastic!” I replied with a little tremor in my voice. “I’m just still mesmerized by how…” I really had to take a few seconds to try to find the words for the breathtaking impressions of the last few minutes. “… amazingly hot, nice and gentle you are!”

Henry chuckled and squeezed me with his strong arms. “Stop it, you make me blush!” He actually got a little red on his cheeks. “I’m just glad that you took this whole journey on you and took the time to see me! You are a very handsome young man, absolutely my type, and my gut tells me that we are going to get along with each other very well!

“I will take your gut’s word for it!” I said with a wink and giving his belly a little push from the side.

He smiled contentedly. “So… you like my muscles, right”? he asked with a wicked smirk.

“Liking them is an understatement!” I freed myself from his grip and slid down on the floor. The fall was bigger than I expected. Was he… slightly bigger than before? No, it must be an illusion, I thought. Maybe he has some slippers on? I looked down on his feet, but he was standing barefooted. Man, those feet must be at least size 47 or bigger!

A looked up and continued, carefully examining every curve of his bulging physique. “I am absolutely wild for big, strong men like you! I could stare at your stunning body for hours! … You are perfection itself.” I blurted out these last words as if I was hypnotized.

Suddenly I realized my unconsidered bluntness and looked up to his face, fearing his reaction. To my surprise his grin just got bigger. Apparently he was just waiting for this kind of astonishment. He rose his arms into a double-bicep pose, spreading his lats into proportions I was not prepared for. As if his body was hiding all those muscles and would be waiting for the right stimulus to show itself in all of its glory. A heavyweight bodybuilder could easily hide behind his broad stature. I reached out for his bulging biceps and tried to squeeze them, but my fingers obviously couldn’t budge the meat, not even a little.

“Damn, how often do you have to work out for this?” I pounded his bicep with my fist. It didn’t move. I have never met such a massive man as Henry and at this point I was really curious about the strength of a meat-mountain like him.

“Well, about once a month.”

I flinched and looked perplexed at him. I thought I misheard something. “What? Once a month? Stop joking around!” With a smile on my face I playfully tried to push down his arms, but there was no sign of these muscles giving in, no matter how hard I tried.

“I’m not joking. I’m just not supposed to train much more than that.” He let his arms fall. A single, big, pulsating vein running along his bicep made itself visible.

I raised an eyebrow. “Is it about the thing you didn’t want to tell me in the chat?”

“Exactly.” He took a sip of his beer and looked up, contemplating, as if he was considering, what and how much to tell. “I have a certain… condition. I usually don’t tell people about it, because they wouldn’t believe me. Or they would want me to prove things, which is certainly not my goal. It would just stir up my life way too much, and I like simplicity.” He looked at me and saw the confusion on my face. “That doesn’t make much sense to you, does it?”

“Still a little foggy,” I admitted.

He sighed, his breath entering my nostrils and filling my lungs with his delicious air. “Well, what the hell. I suppose I can tell you, as you will probably not believe it anyway. Worst case, you just think of it as a fantasy and it gets you turned on, which is not so bad at all.” He flashed me a smile and picked up my tall body as a doll and raised me with no effort over his own head, placing me on his neck. Seeing big chested man had always been my favorite position anyway. The look of the round pecs, like smooth melons filled with meat, practically begging me to caress them always made me lose my head. To my delight, his muscular gut just added to the roundness of the sight.

He pulled out his phone and started googling something. Then he showed me a picture of a black bull, like one you can see at the Spanish toreador games. The only difference was that the animal was endlessly packed with muscle, every single strain sitting on his body like a huge bag. His legs were monstrously huge, with thighs that spread out in every direction. He was definitely twice the size of his regular brethren.

“This bull has a certain gene triggered in his system. It occurs extremely rarely, about 1 time out of 10000. Do you know how muscle growth works?”

“I know the basics, yes.”

“Then you know, that it has mainly two components: First you destroy the muscle by exercise, then your body repairs it so that it will be slightly bigger than before. But how much extra gets packed on every time you damage it, depends on your genes and certain enzymes. This bull’s body has an extended limit of repairing the damaged tissues. In other words, his body overestimates the amount he has to replace the old muscles with, resulting in an unusually fast muscle growth. Can you follow me?”

“You mean, his body doesn’t know how much new muscle it should generate, so it causes an overdose?”

“Basically, yes. Well, this is the kind of condition that I also have. At least I assume it. I don’t know about any other human who would have it, thus it is not confirmed yet, but this is what I’m researching at the university. I research the bulls’ genetics, respectively. I haven’t told anyone about my assumption yet because I don’t want to be anyone’s lab rat.”

He looked up at me, waiting for my reaction. I was just staring dumbfounded down at him with an open mouth. I thought I was dreaming, as this was absolutely unbelievable to me that this huge man just fulfilled one of the craziest muscle fantasies one can have.

“This is why I can’t work out that often. You see, I have never even trained in a gym until about one year ago. Even without doing any sport, I was at a very satisfying 100 kilograms, packed with muscle. Then I started experimenting on myself a little. After one regular workout my body just wouldn’t have stopped growing, repairing those muscle tissues at an exaggerated rate. After one week of that one workout I weighed 5 kilograms more. Five kilos in one week!” He stroked his hands on his upper body and proudly cupped his own chest, pushing the muscle mass together into two huge mountains with an endless valley between them. His bulge started to rise in his pants, pushing the fabric of his cargo shorts outwards. He was getting hot of his own body! It almost sent me flying down unconsciously from my position.

“It also takes me forever to lose muscle mass. A normal man would lose his gains after some time. The body wants to shift back to its regular state, after all. Well, not mine!” He laughed and slapped his smooth muscle belly. The sound almost hurt my ears, but his stomach seemed to be immune to all impacts. “It took me one whole month of avoiding any sport and eating less than I’m used to, to get back to my regular 100 kilos.”

He adjusted his crotch that seemed to give him no rest, filling his pants even more.

“You know, a bull can get only as much exercise as he is confronted with. It doesn’t use weights or equipment to damage the muscles more than it naturally could. The muscles eventually get used to the exertion and simply not get damaged any more, thus stopping the growth process. But a man like me, who can always pack on more weights on the rack, can keep on damaging the tissues, thus setting no assessable limit to the growth. Well, in theory, of course. I worked up myself with almost no effort to my current weight of 125 kg, but packing on any more would just draw too much attention. And it’s not necessary for my research to reach my limits. Currently I’m trying to define it by examining the genes in the lab. It’s much safer that way. After…”

He abruptly stopped explaining and grabbed his still bulging package. He reached a point where his fully pumped erection actually caused him discomfort in his now tight cargo shorts.

“Excuse me…” and with that, he zipped down his pants and grabbed his fully erect penis. It barely fit in his hand with its width of almost two tin cans. It was not only wide, but also around 25 cm long. He let it fling out of the shorts, pumping it full with blood. “… Better.”

Henry grabbed me again under my armpits and took me back to the ground. “Now, why don’t you help daddy relax a little?” As I was standing, his cock was throbbing at around my belly button. Hearing him call himself daddy immediately flipped a switch in my head. I bent without hesitation down to his giant manhood and took it into my mouth, with the one and only desire to please the giant in front of me. I was still processing the mind-blowing facts he presented me about the secret of his inhuman proportions, but I let him take control over the situation. If I’m a good boy, he will reward me with some further demonstration, I thought.

I realized that taking his cock with my mouth would be more of a challenge than I thought. I obviously didn’t fit, no matter how I tried. I took all the spit in my mouth and lubricated the whole thing together with the help of both of my hands. My work was pleasing Henry, who let out some delighted grunts. He was caressing my head with his big, warm palms, pushing my head slowly but steadily to his penis. He wanted me to keep trying and take it. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and ended up sucking on his cockhead. “Good boy!” he moaned and started pinching his own nipples. “Come on, worship your daddy”

His precum started dripping in my mouth. My jaw was stiff from the work it was doing and I just felt the liquid steadily pouring down my throat. After some time his penis started leaking pre like a faucet and my gag reflex had to engage in order to save me from suffocation. I released the cockhead out of my mouth and let it keep dripping on the floor. For a moment I thought that he was already cumming and the fun was over, but apparently it was just his precum and it didn’t seem to stop soon. I looked up at him and couldn’t really embrace his whole stature towering over me. His face showed a content, wicked grin.

“You got some serious case of blue balls there!”

He laughed heartily. “Oh, I can bathe you in my juice if I want to, young man,” he said and throbbed his cock, releasing a spurt of cream onto my face.

I licked my mouth. “Now that’s a sight I want to see! Can you cum a lot?”

“Well, I almost flooded the bedroom once. Man, I had to clean for hours after!” As he said that, his dripping became more intense. Just thinking about it made himself leak even more.

“You’re joking, right?” I asked, watching the puddle on the floor getting even bigger.

He picked me up once more and placed me on his shaft. With all my weight, his cock didn’t even budge.

“What do you say about breaking a new record?”

Henry instructed me to go out. I thought that we would head to the bedroom. Instead, he led me to the gigantic front door we came in. It didn’t really make sense to me. Maybe he has a kind of sex dungeon in his basement? I looked up at him as he walked out to the front yard, wearing nothing but his cargo shorts (he’d zipped it back up, but the upward facing bulge was still clearly visible) and his sneakers. He locked the door behind him and took a few steps down the stairs, looking into the sunny sky. His stature was an incredible sight. Anyone who would’ve walked by his house would have stopped to stare at the over two-meters-tall muscle giant. Was he… taller than before? Or was it just some optical illusion because he was bare-chested? Without his baggy clothes hiding what he had in store, his glistening, hairless mass was sticking out in the suburbs, like something that clearly exceeds any normality. The streets were empty at the moment. My heart was racing. I wanted to just jump onto his broad back. Would he even notice? Or would I just slip down the slippery mountain as he is too broad to get any grip on him?

As I was wondering about all this, he turned over to me. “Are you ready to get somewhere undisturbed?”

I raised an eyebrow.

“What do you mean?”

He flashed that wicked grin again to me, which made me skip a heartbeat. “I have plans with you, young lad. But for that, we have to get away from here. I now a place not too far, but the way there may be a little… rough for you. But don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”

“I still don’t g…”

To my surprise he grabbed me mid-sentence, raised me without effort from the ground and cupped me in a tight hug to his chest. He buried my head into his wet cleavage. For a short moment I thought of protesting, but I was very confused of the sudden action. Besides, I felt on the firm grip, that I wouldn’t even have the chance to move an inch against his will.

“Let’s leave quickly,” he said, my whole body resonating from the nearness of his deep voice.

What was he planning? Did he want to just casually walk out the neighborhood, half-naked, while holding a college student face-to-chest to himself, like a baby? I was so perplexed yet aroused at the same time that I just gave in to his meaty hug, not caring if anyone sees us. If anything, this experience was already worth the trip.

Little did I know, that the journey just began.

I couldn’t see anything, as my view was completely blocked in all directions by his pecs. I kind of felt my whole body moving, or rather sliding a little on his skin, as he probably changed position. The next thing I felt was a sudden sink in my stomach, like on a roller coaster. No… rather like at the takeoff of an airplane. I felt the ground disappear from under Henrys feet. It was an insane thing to feel, as it was the last thing I expected. I heard a constant, loud “swoosh” sound around my ears, although they both were filled with wet pec muscles from both sides. Fast moving air was irritating those small parts of my body that were not completely engulfed in his tight hug. I wanted to raise my head a little, but he pushed my head with his giant palm to his chest. Even if I suffocated this way, that would have been a nice death.

About half a minute went by, when I felt that sinking in my stomach again. He tightened his grip even more, almost pushing myself into his cleavage. He could have probably made me disappear in there if he wanted. Then, after a rough landing, Henry was still moving forward, with his whole body shaking around me. I heard a loud “thud” at every step he took. Apparently he landen on his feet and kept running to decrease his speed. His tempo was crazy. He moved his legs in rapid succession, as no human ever could. Finally he managed to slow down and finally stop.

He released me from his heavenly prison. The air felt almost cold as I left his warmth-radiating body. I felt somewhat dizzy after the “ride”, not being sure, what exactly happened. We were standing somewhere on a steep hill in a forest.

“Did you… what… what did…” I stuttered, hardly finding any words. As if I didn’t dare to articulate what I think happened, because it would sound so extreme and unbelievable, when spoken out loud.

“I brought us here so we will be far away from peeping eyes.” He was panting heavily, with every breath blowing air through my hair.

“How did that exactly happen? Did you… fly?” I blushed over my shyness.

Henry laughed heartily. His voice echoed through the woods, the wind carrying his booming sound further away than of a civil defense siren. His stomach got pulled in as he chuckled, revealing deeper clefts of his abdominals.

“Well, I’m not exactly an airplane. I can’t control my flight mid-air. But my legs are pretty dense and allow me to leap as far as I will. I wanted to come to this area because here we can go on with our…” He twitched his pecs again. “…record attempt here.”

I tried to process what he said. This giant of a man, this manifestation of pure manliness himself, seemingly effortlessly jumped with pure muscle power of his quads out of sight of the city. I turned around to see how far away the suburbs are where we came from. The mountain where we stood seemed to be the only one on a huge plain field. I could see the shimmering silhouettes of what may be the edge of the suburbs on the horizon. The nearest building must be at least 20 kilometers away.

And what was that record attempt again? Last time he said that I was sucking his mammoth cock, bathing in his precum. He said that he could produce as much to flood a room easily… After this feat of strength I started to believe him. But what would come next?

Henry was going up the hill. I rushed after him, not willing to miss any of the godly spectacle he was about to show me.

The ground suddenly became even under our feet. We stopped at a huge basin carved into the mountain side. It looked like a site of a meteorite impact, but the sides were full of ricefield-lodge-like steps. It was a mining field. I saw no people or machines here, so it was probably abandoned long ago. The chasm went down for about 30 meters in depth and was as wide on all sides as two football fields. It filled the eye wherever I looked.

Henry turned to me, with lustful anticipation in his blue eyes, and said, “So…what would you say if we used this crater as our pool?” His bulge immediately started to visibly grow again. He put his big hand on it and squeezed it firmly a few times.

“You want to fill this crater with your cum?” I shouted, not believing what Henry was planning. I understood that he had Herculean limits (if at all), but that seemed wilder than any of my imagined scenarios with him.

“For a beginning… I say, I may have to restrain myself, not to make it overflow!” The image in his head gave another spurt to his forming anaconda-cock. “If there’s something that drives me crazy, then its young lads like you worshipping my muscles and showing off my powers. The others got so frightened of my strength at some point, that they fled, fearing to hurt themselves in the process of its unfolding. But I can see the hunger in your eyes. The way you look at me… I don’t see fear, I see only lust, love and respect. You will not flee from your daddy, will you?” He took a step towards me, his mighty-muscle physique towering over me. It was frightening and arousing at the same time. He pressed his stomach against my chest. I leaned on it, grabbing it on both sides and hugged him. His cock was pulsating behind the weakening fabrics of his cargos.

“I would never flee you.” I felt a certain warmth towards this giant, some kind of trust, that was unbreakable. “If anything, there’s only one thing I want, and that is to please you. All day, all night.”

He breathed in quickly. These words were the ones he was looking for. His penis now burst through the bands of his shorts, but not tearing them. His huge, pulsating cockhead started to make his way up along his abs. I took the opportunity and bent down. I had to start sucking and caressing it, before it gets too big for my mouth. I quickly took in everything I could. This sudden action sent him almost over the edge. The growing became more intense. I didn’t have too much time. The cargos tried to restrain a monster, but you cannot avoid the inevitable. The shorts gave in an with a loud rip they broke loose, leaving a huge tear on the front. The released monster cock sprung outwards, pushing me slightly away from its owner.

In that moment he started to drip. First, just a few drops, then the drops started to fall to the ground from its own weight. Then the dripping got faster until it was a steady stream of watery-creamy juice. I cupped my hands underneath the cockhead to gather some fluids with which I started lubricating his godly tool. Henry groaned loudly and his mighty quads started shaking heavily. His cock was pointing upwards and was still growing under my creamy massage. Henry breathed heavily. His eyes were rolled up backwards. I started to bring his juice all the way up back to his shaft. This increased the flow of his precum even more. His erected penis seemingly reached its maximum size, being as long as my forearm. But not only that: it was unbelievably hard. That might seem obvious, but Henry’s cock had an unusual hardness to itself. His muscle tissues flexed and hardened to a point where it was absolutely impossible for me to move the huge tool in my hands. I tried to push it down a little, but it didn’t budge. I felt that this meaty rod could even penetrate a solid rock boulder. His precum started to soak the remainders of his pants, but he didn’t seem to mind at all.

I looked at him. In his eyes I saw the tranquil self-confidence of a man, who knows, that everything he desires is achievable with his superhuman might alone. He picked me up again and held me close to his bearded face. In that moment I realized just how big his head was. He smiled at me with his wicked grin.

“Here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m going to fill this whole basin here. That might take a while, but if you will be a good boy, it’s gonna be done by tonight. Then we can both enjoy the full moon, swimming in an enormous pool of my own cum, sweat and whatever fluids might come out.”

Something lightly hit my back. He creamed another spurt of precum from below.

“But I will need your assistance for that. Your worshipping is like fuel for my cum production. If you do a good job, we will surely finish this task together.”

I nodded. “Whatever, you wish, daddy,” and slapped his boulder-like stomach I was sitting on.

He smiled. “Then better get all those faucets turned on!” As he said that, he suddenly flexed his right pec, squirming a spurt of white liquid on my chest, as it would be the teat of a cow. I didn’t want to lose any time, so I immediately cupped my mouth on his sweaty meatball pec. His skin was warm, yet his sweat made it feel cool on the surface. Warm, sweet cream started to fill my mouth, mixing with cold, salty sweat. With my right hand I pushed on his pec to accelerate the flow of his muscle milk, but the next spurt got so intense, that it flow immediately out of my mouth. The excess fluid dripped down to his hairless, round stomach. In a matter of minutes his nipple started pushing out so much milk, as if someone would have turned on a real kitchen faucet.

While I was occupied with the right pec, he started pinching his left nipple. His white pec fluid flow abruptly through his big palms, splashing loudly on the dust around his feet. With one eye opened I saw him push directly on the muscles above his nipples, which caused the stream squirt away from his body, shoot through the air and land about 1-2 meters far away from us. Sawing this, still with my mouth locked on his right nipple, pushed with both of my hands on his pecs from above. With an abrupt moan he flexed his sweaty muscle globes, turning the faucets into garden hose. The milk was now pushed out of his chest as heavy streams of cream. At this point it was impossible for me to suck them with my mouth, as the pressure caused the fluid to bathe my whole head in Henrys heavenly cream.

The huge man was still moaning, head tilted back, mouth open. I quickly climbed up to his head (was it bigger than I remembered?) and stuck my still creamy tongue in his mouth. He returned the kiss, almost consuming my whole face in the process. He definitely had a bigger mouth than before… his saliva covered my half head and drooled down from there, mixing with the sweat and milk on his chest. Three kinds of fluids were doing the job in just a few minutes. His deep moans filled both of my ears, as they were already in his mouth. At this pace he would soon swallow my whole torso without effort.

As our mouths (well, my face and his mouth) parted, I was suddenly blinded by the hot summer sun. I just realized how hot it actually was and that I was sweating as if I would be sitting in a sauna. However, it was not only the sun that contributed to the heat. Henrys whole body was radiating heat like a reactor at a nuclear plant. His skin was battling the temperature his huge muscle mass was producing by excreting sweat at an unreasonable rate. It was a carpet made out of liquid, covering every inch of his glistening body. The puddle under his feet of body fluids was getting bigger and bigger by every second. First, his dripping saliva fell on his wide chest, mixing together with the similarly translucent seat. A little down below, the fluids became heavier from his flowing cream ejected through his sensitive nipples. The mixture flow down on his huge legs as if he was taking a shower and ended up in a puddle in the dust, but the work was not done just yet. A steady flow of precum added a finishing touch to the soon-to-be lake gathering around his large feet. When he shifted his immense weight from one leg to another, his steps made every time a slurping sound.

Henry let out a powerful moan, his breath almost blowing me off of his chest. The dust around the mine swirled in a large dust cloud, only settling at the other end of the pit. He looked at me and I saw in his eyes that his lust became unstoppable.

“Why don’t we turn it up a notch, what do you say?”

I raised my eyebrow with anticipation in my eyes. Henry flashed a smile at me and grabbed me with his giant palms, lifting me like a pillow up from his pecs, facing away from the muscle wall that was occupying more space every minute. He put me down on his giant rod of cock that was now easily wide enough for me to split my legs like in a saddle. He did not just have a horse-cock, no… his cock was as wide as a horse itself! I grabbed around it, preparing myself for the ride of my life.

“Now, I think you know what to do, little lad,” he said.

I nodded and leaned forward, embracing his whole width with both of my hands. My whole upper body was not enough to reach the tip, though. I needed to climb his gigantic dick like a slightly bent palm tree. It was hot as everything else about his body and I could feel the blood pulsating beneath his skin, throbbing and swelling his rod with every heartbeat. After a little positioning I arrived at the tip of the iceberg, his cockhead. It was squirting out pre-cum like a geyser that’s about to explode anytime.

At first I tried to lick around the shaft of the head, which turned out to be an impossible task. No amount of saliva of mine would ever lubricate that much surface. Instead I put my palms together below his slit to gather some pre-cum in my hands for the job. I didn’t take too long, as the pre-cum was overflowing in my hands in about two seconds. I took the giant white goo and started rubbing in on his entire cockhead. The giant behind me seemed to enjoy the moment, as the flow of pre-cum turned into a steady flow that shot away a few meters from his owner.

“Are you ever gonna run out of this? Don’t you need, like, to rehydrate?”

Henry did not even bother to look at me. He just moaned, with his head tilted backwards, eyes shut. “Don’t worry about that. In fact, this is a great chance to finally test the limits of my body… if it has any…”

I continued to work on his foreskin. It was pulled back tight and was stretched minute by minute together with the flesh underneath it, but it clearly needed more time to adjust. I realized that it was difficult to get the skin over the edge of the head, even with the amount of lubricant Henri was producing. With a little effort I managed to push it over. Then I started to pull it back again, which was more difficult and probably a little painful for him. But I knew it was worth the pain. When it plopped down the first time back over the head, he released a loud growl, mixed with pain and lust. I felt with my feet his ballsack retreating for a moment, just to come back seconds later even bigger than before, sloshing with cum inside it. One stroke was enough to trigger his massive cum production, and I was guessing he didn’t need too long until the climax. I pushed back his foreskin once more. This time I needed most of my force to do so, as the head was swelling at an incredible rate. The ballsack beneath me expanded even more and I gave it a little kick with my feet from the side. They didn’t budge at all. It felt like I was kicking an overfilled water balloon. It did, however , increase the flow of pre-cum… although I wasn’t sure at this point, whether it was just normal cum.

I was about to pull the skin down one more time, but something got me distracted. It wasn’t just his humongous dick that was working like a waterfall. His two nipples also were releasing more and more muscle milk in a strong stream which heavily hit the area I was working on.

On one hand, I had basically unlimited amounts of lubricant to help me out jerk him off. On the other hand it made it even more difficult to grab hold of things that were hard to move from the start. Henri was in a kind of ecstasy. His hands disappeared below his back and I wasn’t sure what he was doing. I didn’t have the time to ponder about it anyway. Under his creamy shower I grabbed his skin on both sides of his penis and started pulling it down with all my might and body weight. I was sweating from exhaustion, but was so covered with all kinds of fluids, that it didn’t matter. I had an important mission to complete. Who knows, what will be the reward, when this godly-proportioned superhuman finally reaches the point of no return?

The skin finally slid over the edge again. I could feel how tightly it stuck to his flesh this time. The cockhead throbbed once more, making it seemingly impossible to cover it again with skin. It looked like a turtleneck sweater which had to be pulled over something the size of a car tire.

“Third time the charm, little guy! We’re almost there,” he called out, seemingly overwhelmed by the amount of lust he was experiencing.

“I’m gonna need your help!”

He glanced at me, having a hard time concentrating. Sweat was gushing down his forehead. His whole face was glistening from his sweat. He licked some of the salty substance from his lips with his huge, wet tongue. He reached through his own creamy waterfall in front of his chest and grabbed his shaft with his inhuman big palms. Just now I realized that he has been steadily growing all over. His hands were the size of my own body. He could have easily engulfed me with them if he wanted to. His lower arms were wide like branches of an oak tree. Henry started fumbling with his giant penis in front of me, clearly having a hard time pushing his skin over the edge of the engorged cockhead, even with his own ever-producing fresh lubricant. The head was so large at this point that there was no way the skin would fit over it. His ballsack below my feet were also expanding at an alarming rate. If he didn’t find relief soon, things might get troublesome for him.

“I need to relax a little. You’ve gotta help me by the back door!” he shouted, breathing more heavily every minute. He closed his giant slimy palms around me. I was right, after all—he could completely cover me with them. Henry lifted me off of my veiny saddle, bringing me behind his back. My view was dominated by two immense hills of meat with a wet valley between them. The sweat that was trickling down his back formed a steady flowing creek down his ass crack. I was not sure at first what the giant had in mind. I was standing on one of his open palms. With the other hand he was trying to grab as much meat of his ass cheek as possible and pulling it somewhat apart. His glutes were so muscular that a lot of flesh and skin had to be moved aside in order to get a glimpse of his glorious asshole. I helped him with my hands, using all my bodyweight to prop the heavy musculature and pull it apart.

Finally, at the bottom of the sweaty canyon, there was it: A beautiful, clean, glistening hole. It was closed firmly, but even bigger than expected. Even in its tense state it was as long as twice my head. I did not have much time: the stressed grunts and the heavy weight of the meatmounds beside me meant that I had to act fast. If this giant wants some relaxation, then he should get the best of it. I pressed my face against the center of the lightly colored crack and started eating it out as much as I could. My saliva was yet again not enough to make the whole thing wet, but I could help it by rubbing some of the flowing sweat that was all around me on the spots I missed. The grunts from far above turned into pleasure moans. I sensed how Henry was trying to help me by relaxing his sphincter bit by bit.

After a minute the hole finally opened up. At first just for a second, then after my second and third lick even more, even wider. I decided to help with my fingers and stuck two of them into the opening as soon as it showed. This also caused me to let go of the pressing meat on one side, which now enclosed that side of my head. That blocked out most of the light and I did not see much anymore, but I didn’t need to. Using my nose, my tongue and two fingers I was pleasuring the behemoth with all my might from behind.

“No… time…” I heard Henry’s muffled murmuring. I shifted my pace and slipped a third and then a fourth finger in his ass. It was becoming easier every second and soon my whole hand was massaging the inner wall of his bowel. I rubbed my hands in a circling motion on the inside. Like ice melting away, the radius got bigger with every round. Suddenly I felt a push from down below. My head was pushed against his asscrack, thus making me unable to breathe. As a panic reaction I quickly grabbed his ass with both hands and tried to pull it wide open so I could emerge for a quick air. Instead, as if it was his asshole that was gasping for air, the opening pulsated and stretched out. In that moment of agape Henry steadily engulfed my whole body with his ass.




These were the feelings that greeted my senses. It was pitch dark in Henry’s ass.

It was also a somewhat tight space, but the walls of his bowel were very elastic. They allowed me to move my arms up and down alongside my body. It felt like a very slimy sleeping bag. First I expected it to stink in here, but Henry was in fact smelling quite pleasant from the inside. Like a hint of rose. All these things made me feel very comfortable here. I didn’t want to leave. Why would anyone?

But Henry sent me in with a task and it had to be done quickly. The constant contraction of his walls around me reminded me of the struggle outside.

I started wiggling with my body and climbing upwards. It was extremely slippery, but slowly I was pushing forward. A muffled moan was heard and the whole place started vibrating along with the sound. Henry obviously enjoyed my massage from the inside. But my plan was bigger than that. After many tiresome minutes of moving up, I started noticing a slight curve in my route. That’s when I realized that I must be getting closer. I started pushing the walls with all my might, like a cat kneading its owner. The grumbling got louder and clearer by the minute. It was resonating everywhere, as if he was moaning not only into my ears, but my whole body. Finally, my hands met something firm on the outside of the slippery walls. Something thick yet elastic. I flashed a smile in the dark for I knew that I reached my destination. Henry’s prostate was in reach.

I pushed gently against the big object on the other side. As soon as I touched it, I felt a sudden contraction of the bowel, making the space tighter for a second. Then Henry relaxed and the walls extended somewhat further away from me. Now I had a little bit more room to move. I took both of my hands and tried to grab the muscle giant’s prostate from my side. The slimy wall gave in to my force and I was able to reach more and more of Henry’s pleasure center. The contractions were getting faster and faster, stretching the walls always further outwards. I finally had some space to move around. I took the intensity up a notch and used all my upper body to slam into his wet barrier. I felt him moan so loud that my ears started ringing.

Finally I managed to grab onto the big ball through the bowel. But this started a reaction that I wasn’t prepared for. Apparently Henry reached maximum pleasure in that moment, which caused one more contraction—the strongest so far. The walls got so tight that they squeezed the air out of my lungs. He was also screaming from the top of his lungs, which I felt a hundred times stronger through his vibrations. In the next moment everything around me practically disappeared. The walls retracted, making the room I was in expand in every direction. I hung onto the giant´s prostate as I hung onto my life. Suddenly there was nothing else around me to keep me in space. The walls were getting farther and farther away, as if Henry would not stop growing. The problem was that the prostate I hung onto was also getting bigger. I was hanging from a ceiling inside the giant’s bowel. At a certain point I couldn’t hold on to the large slippery ball any longer and let go.

I must have fallen for at least 4 or 5 seconds till I hit rock bottom. A very soft rock bottom. At that moment I blacked out. Maybe from the impact or the physical exhaustion. Some time, maybe a few hours later I woke up feeling dizzy yet nuzzling the warm and wet ground. I was there where I started: at the giant’s anus. The only difference was that now I could stand up like in a huge room. It was still pitch dark, so I couldn’t see how big the room was, but I couldn’t feel any bowel walls in my arms reach. Apparently Henri must have experienced a growth spurt that made his already giant frame even more colossal. Now a full grown human could stand up inside his ass. I glimpsed a small light source on the ground that was getting bigger and bigger by the second. I smiled, for I knew that my mission was complete and the heavenly exit was blinking at me a few steps away.

“Little lad, I thought you got lost in there!”

Henry was holding me again in his enormous palm. It was big before, but now one of his fingers was as long as my whole body. He held me in front of his face and gave me a kiss which almost engulfed me again. At first I thought there was something wrong with my vision because everything was still very dark. I could barely make out the silhouette of the giant’s head. But then, looking up at the sky and seeing a full moon, I realized that I was knocked out so long inside him that it got dark outside. Henry was smiling at me and laughed out loud with a thundering sound.

“Do you want to see what we achieved?”

I looked around and couldn’t believe my eyes.

At first I only recognized some faint shimmer. I saw the pale reflection of the moon in some lake in the basin of the excavation site. But something was not right with the water. The liquid had a very bright color. If it wouldn’t have been nighttime, I’d have said it was all white. As if somebody filed up this crater halfway up with white paint. It was also very loud, as if a huge waterfall would be splashing somewhere nearby. I looked down to see where the source of the sound was coming from—well, better said, cumming from. Henry was still holding his now log-sized penis in his hand. It was emitting his semen with the force of ten fire trucks. His cock slit must have grown so huge that now it can let out a stream of cum that could fill up a swimming pool in just seconds.

But that was not all. There were two other currents flushing out of his giant nipples, each the size of a car. Last, but not least, Henry’s skin itself was glistening all over. It was his sweat that was not trickling, but gushing down his whole body. Underneath him it looked like the giant version of some rain shower in an Aquapark. Expect that standing under it, the sweat would probably crush you just with its weight. Looking up at Henry’s big grin I realized that this muscle monstrosity was in a constant state of never-ending ecstasy.

“I wanted to wait for you to do this!”

He held me still while he fell backwards into the lake of his own body fluids. His body must have been at least four stories tall, weighing at least a ton. His mass caused a huge splash. Its wave covered even the tip of the base. Henry put me on his chin where I could hold onto a few of his beard hair. He was laughing heartily with a mixture of ongoing sexual pleasure and contentment. I couldn’t see his nipples from his bulging chest muscles, but they were pointing somewhat downwards, making the stream go directly into the lake. His erect penis was towering above us, sending its seed high up in the air like a giant geyser. His warm cum rained down all over the basin, even back onto us. It was the nicest summer rain I ever witnessed. We both opened our mouths to taste some of the heavenly manna.

“Look to your right,” he boomed.

I looked and saw an enormous island rising from the liquid. He was raising his arm out of the “waters” and slowly flexed his bicep. It was glistening and reaching to the sky with almost no end. I hopped up and ran over his neck and shoulder towards his mountain of muscle. It was very difficult terrain as all his pores were emitting sweat like there’ was no tomorrow. I fell multiple times on the slippery surface of his sweaty skin. After I arrived at the peak of his bicep, I wanted to sit down to enjoy the unbelievable view.

In that moment he suddenly flexed his arm, raising his bicep, which sent me flying high up in the air. I fell right into the sea of Henry’s bodily fluids. He laughed and pinched me gently with two of his fingers, stretching his arms, lifting me high up into the sky like I wasn’t more than a raisin to him. From my point of view I could see his whole glistening body that was also slowly, but steadily filling the pool. Apparently he still wasn’t done growing. His erect penis was towering next to me, each vein pulsing with power. The steady stream of cum exploding out of it made the biggest geyser on earth.

“At this rate, I’m going to fill up this valley in no time. Not sure when this will stop, if ever! I’m really enjoying this. You hear me, little guy?”

“I hear you loud and clear!” I had to shout my words, as his ears were really far away.

“Good. It wouldn’t have been possible without you! Come here for a little kiss as a reward.”

I climbed up his big lips and lay down on them. He opened his mouth slightly, carefully not to swallow me and stuck out his huge tongue, embracing me with the sloppiest kiss I ever felt. As we were floating in the middle of his cum, milk and sweat filled pool, I wished this moment never to end.


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