Weekly Update 16 January 2021
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Weekly Update: 16 January 2021

New this week from me: another chapter of the commissioned story “Resolutions”, and… I know I always say I enjoyed writing the stories I post here, but I really enjoy working on this story. Something about Ray and Danny and Marcel and Blake just makes me want to keep exploring their complex relationships and what Ray is doing to them with his resolutions. All this is by way of saying: yes, I know I leave a lot of stories hanging, but fear not—I am not done with these guys!

That plus some great contributions, new and continuing, below. And if you’ve written something that involves hotter-than-normal guys, or hot guys getting hotter, why not pass it along? Submissions are very welcome.

Speaking of which, in case you missed it, yesterday’s Friday Flashback was about various kinds of doctors who find ways to make sexy guys even more so. The next update, 23 January, is a vignette party—one-scene stories suggested by my Patreon patrons, so if you want to get in on that check out my Patreon page now. While I’m on the subject let me state once again my heartfelt and humble thanks to all my Patreon patrons, without whom the steady updates and consistent volume of writing I’ve been gleefully keeping up would not be happening. And to my readers and visitors, thanks to all of you, and enjoy the site!

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This week’s new stuff:


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