Friday Flashback: At the Gym

Friday Flashback: Xistential Orthography 

Weekly Update 10 April 2021
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Weekly Update: 10 April 2021

This week I have two commissioned stories, one via Patreon and one through Paypal—my first direct commission outside of Patreon. The first submission is two chapters of a new story in the Arsenalverse called “The Smuggler”, involving a randy thief, a sexy prince, and an artifact that sure looks like something you’d call a cockdragon. The second story, “Muscle Crush”, involves a nerdy guy with a desperate crush on a coworker who only seems to notice beautiful muscle guys like himself, and an unexpected chance to do something about it. I loved writing these stories and I really hope you enjoy them. Plus there’s a lot of other great stuff down there too, so please check that out as well.

The Friday Flashback this week collected a passel of stories about musclesexytimes at the gym, so take a look if you haven’t already. The next update is a week hence, 17 April. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site!

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Muscle crush by BRK Nerdy Vince has a hopeless crush on his hunky coworker, Johnny, which only gets more painful when they have to room together on an extended business trip. Knowing Johnny only hangs with other hunks like himself, Vince unexpectedly finds a way to put on muscle and make Johnny notice him at last. 3,406 words Added Apr 2021 11k views 4.5 stars (13 votes) •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Always Shirtless•Complete •M/M

The smuggler, Parts 1–2 by BRK Ardin is one of the best smugglers in the Seven Realms, and the heist he has planned to steal a valuable heirloom from the unsuspecting (and impossibly handsome) Prince of Kossh should be a piece of cake. What he’s not counting on is finding something else in the Prince’s treasure-room: an artifact evoking a mythical cock-themed beast that brings with it a sexual need so intense Ardin is unsure it can ever be quenched. 2 parts 6,395 words Added Apr 2021 4,243 views 4.7 stars (6 votes) •Huge Cock•Hyper Cum•Man Scent•Incest•Brothers•Twins•Fantasy Realm

Adam’s fury, Parts 1–2 by Chronologious Adam is sick and tired of being harassed and bullied at school and reaches his breaking point. Nobody is ever going to mess with him again. 6 parts 16k words Added Apr 2021 Updated 23 Apr 2022 24k views 4.7 stars (10 votes) •Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Giants•Size Increase•Destruction/Violence •M•M/M•M/M/M

Bull’s gene, Part 5 by Opin Henry decides to prove what he can do by filling a mountain chasm with cum—but he'll need Dean’s help to do it. 8 parts 12k words Added Aug 2020 Updated 15 Oct 2022 42k views 4.7 stars (25 votes) •Always Hard•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Always Cumming•Hyper Cum•Nipple Emissions•Public Orgasm•Hyper Strength•Muscle Growth•Muscle Gut•Muscle/Strength•Muscle Worship•Getting Taller•Giants•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase •M/M

The cock bois, Part 2 by CockTFBoi Nick and Brad meet up and make their way to the abandoned warehouse. They hope to find their lost loved ones, or at least a clue to their whereabouts. Instead they find trouble. 7 parts 21k words Added Mar 2021 Updated 9 Oct 2021 14k views 4.7 stars (9 votes) •Cock Shrinking•Cockless•Human to Cock•Hyper Cum•Transformation•Size Decrease•Size Increase •M/M•M/M/M

Costumemania: The sticky super suits, Part 10 by Redouan Rob is determined to steer things back to normality and leave the supersuit and all that came with it behind, but that life may not be as willing to let go of him. 15 parts 57k words (#56) Added Aug 2020 Updated 22 Oct 2022 24k views 4.9 stars (13 votes) •Cock Growth•Gender Swap•Straight to Gay•Hyper Strength•Muscle Growth•Muscle Worship•Man Scent•Getting Taller•Size Increase•Dom/Sub•Nonconsensual change•Lycra/Spandex•Witch/Warlock/Wizard•Superhero/Supervillain•Flying •M/M•M/M/M

Hulkster and Hoppy, Parts 13–14 by Also Known As Hulkster coaxes Hoppy into seeing what it feels like taking charge, and all three of them enjoy the results—and Hoppy’s renewed growth. Ned admits to having a muscle crush of his own, while Hoppy reveals more about why he invited Hulkster to meet. 23 parts 119k words (#16) Added Feb 2021 Updated 10 Jul 2021 31k views 4.9 stars (56 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Man Scent•Increased Libido•Getting Handsomer•Gradual Change•Getting Taller•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase•Witch/Warlock/Wizard •M/M•M/M/M•M/M/M/...

Stories to tell in the dark by Thorn Sean discovers a book that is filled with some surprising stories. 2 parts 9,685 words Added Apr 2021 Updated 17 Apr 2021 18k views 4.9 stars (35 votes) •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle Gut•Butt Growth•Belly Growth•Voice Deepening•Getting Taller•Size Increase•Getting Fatter•Inflation

An unexpected inflation, Part 31 by UberPump Keith’s cock is trapped and his balls are inflating fast while Dirk sends wave after powerful wave of cum into Keith’s nuts. Dirk then experiences a nightmare as his growth inflates out of control…. 41 parts 99k words (#24) Added Apr 2020 Updated 10 Jun 2023 131k views 4.9 stars (61 votes) •Cock Growth•Cock Pumping•Cockfucking•Huge Balls•Ball Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Cum inflation•Cum Milking•Hyper Cum•Public Orgasm•Addiction•Straight to Gay•Hyper Muscle•Pec Fucking•Immobility•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Public Nudity•Increased Libido•Breast Expansion•Getting Handsomer•Voice Deepening•Getting Taller•Forced Growth•Size Increase•Inflation•App•Nanotech•Incest•Brothers•Bisexual•Hetero Sex•Nonconsensual change•Bodily Fluids•Dildos/Toys•Infectious •M/M•M/M/M•M/M/F


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