Friday Flashback Xistential Orthography
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Friday Flashback: Xistential Orthography

In my database I use X as the highly imaginative and original placeholder title for these flashbacks, and this week I decided to make it the theme: story titles that feature someone or something with an “x” in its name. There are a lot of story titles that happen to include that letter, so I made it so had to be a name (maybe some other time I’ll survey all the “experiment”s, “experience”s, and “unexpected”s in the big Metabods litany of story titles). In addition to the below there are a few more matches I didn’t include, including a couple of mine (“Baxter Prep” and the slightly notorious “Rednex Incident”), and I could have stretched it to add in the classic “Musclove, Texas”. The real problem is that there’s not much much mystery or sense of the unknown in most of these names, so the X of my placeholder title loses its semiotic subtext (a more denotive transformation of the X title to a flashback theme would have a list based around enigmatic or hidden characters). But the truth is my favorite thing about the letter “x” is just getting to go ks ks ks—definitely one of more orally satisfying phoneme combinations. Try it now and I’m sure you’ll agree!

Trivia note: “The Servonyx Exclusion” and “Charlie and Frankie’s Exciting New Experience” are the only story titles to contain two “x”s.

Next update is tomorrow, 17 April. In the meantime, have fun exploring the archives, and thanks for visiting.

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This week’s flashback:


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