Site Update 25 August 2017

Site Update: 25 August 2017

As I noted in a Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook post earlier this week, at the nudging of a site visitor I’ve gone ahead and added a feature I’d been wanting to implement for a very long time: Jumping to a random story within a tag or within an author. This allows you to discover stories in your favorite genres without tripping across as many stories of other varieties that don’t interest you as much.

You can access this feature in two different ways: from the tag/author pages, and from the story pages. On each tag and author page there’s now a button that will take you to a random story with that tag or that’s by that author. And on each story page, the routers for each tag, in addition to the “next story” and “previous story” arrow glyphs, now also have a “random” glyph which will take you to a random story for that tag or author.

Don’t forget there’s also a “More like this” panel at the bottom of every story, to help you find other good tales with a tag profile similar to the one you’ve just read.

Happy browsing! Meanwhile, here’s this week’s stuff. Next update: 15 September (slightly postponed). Thanks for visiting!

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