Site Update 13 July 2018

Site Update: 13 July 2018

Hi folks. This week, I have one new story and one continuation. The new story is, I think, my first living-as-an-android story, “The Servonyx Exclusion”. This was inspired by a typo that had “Metabots” instead of “Metabods”, which had me going, “Hmmm….”. Anyway, it set me going to the tune of 10.5k words, with more planned when I come back around to it.

(I know, I need to write more, I’ve got too much serialized drama in progress across all these stories. Trust me, I’m right there with you. If I didn’t have to work two jobs you’d be getting weekly updates and so many continuations that some of them might even get actual conclusions!)

The continuation, speaking of which, is for “I Need to Borrow Your Cock,” in which Kevin finally gets exactly what he wanted.

Also this week: A nice array of new stuff, including a new story from NBCK99 and the sequel to “Grow Lamp”.

Heartfelt thanks to my Patreon supporters for their support and suggestions. I’ve got a list of stories you’ve asked to see continued, and I appreciate every bit of feedback and suggestions.

Next update: 27 July. Stay cool/warm (delete according to hemisphere). Thanks for visiting and enjoy the site!

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