A weekend trip to remember

by kaoskios

Roberto was hoping to have a weekend away camping with his hot coworker. But after a mixup, Roberto finds himself with Sab, his coworker’s friend. Sab seems normal… but is he getting bigger? And hairier? It must be Roberto’s imagination.

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Roberto had met Sabazio through a mutual friend Art at a party. Roberto didn’t think much of the encounter but did think Sabazio as a kind of cute guy, but Roberto was more interested in Art.

Art was the kind of man Roberto wanted to be. He was devilishly handsome, with a full beard that seemed to grow overnight, a stylish haircut and taught muscles on a six-foot frame. He wore tight-fitting shirts and slacks around the office, showing off his sense of style and great body all at once. He would keep three buttons on his shirt unbuttoned, showing off a chest tattoo of a stag, though it was hard to see under the crop of chest hair.

Roberto was just average, though not entirely content with his body. He was five foot six, 150 pounds of just flesh and bone. His hair never seemed to lay nicely and his beard grew slowly and a bit patchy, to the point that it wasn’t even worth experimenting to see if the patchiness would grow out. He tended to wear plainer clothes at the office, with the shirts buttoned further up than his colleague—three buttons down on him would go to only show off the twelve chest hairs he had managed to grow in his twenty-eight years of existence.

A week later, Art invited Roberto on a camping trip. Roberto was intrigued. “Me and Art alone on a trip in the middle of the forest? I’d get to see this amazing man in all his glory out in nature…” He eagerly said yes, his mind racing. The thought of the chance to see Art naked made his five-inch cock grow hard.

But complications developed in the week leading up to the trip. Roberto and Art would not be alone: Art’s friend Sabazio would be joining them. A minor detail, and that seemed manageable to Roberto. Sabazio seemed like a nice enough guy, and he was easy on the eyes, so maybe catching a glimpse of him naked as well would be so bad. They’d all have to arrive separately, which was also fine and preferable to Roberto.

Then came the price of the trip. Evidently it was expensive to rent this campsite. “Trust me, though, it’s an amazing spot!” Art said to Roberto at the office. “Here, take this cash and get this tent.” Art pointed to an ad on his phone. “It’s a two-person tent. I’ll pay for it since I know you definitely don’t have a tent, we can share.” Roberto was suddenly flush with excitement.

On the day of the trip, there was the last hiccup. Roberto received a call from Art while driving to the remote campsite. “Yeah, I can’t make it, I’m sorry! There was just an emergency with my family and I have to fly out to see them. But trust me, you’ll have a great time! I’ve known Sab since college and he’s a great guy. Plus, the place is beautiful!”

“Yeah, it’s cool,” Roberto answered back dejectedly. “I hope everything goes fine with your family.” Roberto knew full-well that the price to rent this place was way too much for him to not at least try to enjoy himself.

He barely remembered Sabazio, or Sab as Art called him. As he recalled Sab was a pretty plain-looking man, though still not bad looking. He was short, though—even shorter than Roberto at maybe five foot two inches. He was also pretty thin, looking no more than 120 pounds. He had pale skin and dark black hair. He just seemed like such an odd fit for a friend of Art’s. Roberto wondered what interests they had in common.

Roberto shrugged off the thought and headed toward the campsite. He was greeted by an attendant at the information booth who directed him toward the site.

“Careful! It’s pretty deep in the forest,” she said. “You should be fine just following the path. There’s a river down that way too. Feel free to swim, but don’t do any fishing unless you purchase a license from the booth.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I won’t be fishing this weekend,” Roberto assured her. He got back in his car and followed the designated path to the site. Sab is already there, unpacking his car with his camping gear.

“Hey! Nice to see you again. Guess it’s just us this weekend,” Sab said. He seemed genuinely excited.

“Yeah, nice to see you, too. Do you go camping much? I have never been…” Roberto said, trailing off. “I guess I’m kind of a city boy.”

“I haven’t gone camping since I was fifteen, so about ten years now. Last place I camped was here, actually. I let Art know about the place. I guess he fell in love with it after I showed him the photos.”

Roberto looked around. It really was picturesque. Something almost mystical or spiritual seemed to fill the trees.

“Great,” Roberto said, feeling a strange tingling of pleasant anticip[ation. “Do you mind helping me set up this tent? It’s brand new and I am not sure how to do it exactly.” Roberto presented the box containing the tent that Art had advised.

“No problem, Roberto!” Sab said, and he helped Roberto construct his tent.

After he had finished Roberto’s tent, Sab tended to his own, only to curse loudly. “Fuck! I guess I should have checked this out before coming here. There’s a huge hole in my tent.”

Roberto looked over, and indeed the rip was massive.

“Woah, well… you can share my tent,” Roberto said. “It’s made for two people.”

“Wow, thanks bud.”

During the set-up, both Roberto and Sab had built up a sweat. Sab had removed his shirt to reveal his skinny body. He was so thin and pale. The only thing that stood out from him was a chest tattoo. It reminded Roberto of Art’s, but Sab’s was far less modern looking. It was almost like it was ancient.

After the two finished, Sab immediately collapsed on the hammock they had put up.

“Fuck, I’m tired. And I’m burning up. I’m going to check out that river the woman at the info booth mentioned,” Sab said.

“I’ll join you,” Roberto said, adding, “I probably won’t go in all the way though. I can’t swim very well.”

“Aw, that’s okay. And don’t worry, I’m a pretty good swimmer! I can probably catch you if you fall in.” Sab winked. Roberto felt weird about that comment but the feeling passed quickly.

Sab immediately started walking toward the river and Roberto followed. It wasn’t until they were at the river did Roberto realize that they didn’t change into swimsuits or bring towels.

“Oh, we’ll be fine!” Sab said and he immediately stripped off the remainder of his clothes, exposing his nude body to Roberto.

Roberto was surprised at the confidence Sab had in his body. Not only was his upper body like unremarkable, so was his bottom half. His dick was average, maybe even smaller, in its flaccid state. He had a small bush of pubic hair that barely made its way up to his navel.

Sab immediately jumped into the river after stripping down, “Come on in! It’s not even deep!”

Roberto could see that it wasn’t deep at all. Sab could stand with his head above water, which would mean his four inches of height over Sab would make it perfectly safe for him to stand in.

Nervously, Roberto stripped down as well. His confidence was bolstered by the fact that compared to Sab, his body was actually not that bad. At least Roberto would likely not be mistaken for a teen if he had walked around with his shirt and shorts off.

Once disrobed, Roberto exposed his nude but average body to nature. It felt amazing, possibly even a little empowering. With confidence, he waded into the cold water and began to splash around, the chill waking him up even more.

Sab began splashing Roberto playfully, and Roberto retaliated. Soon the splashing became more forceful and eventually the two men began roughhousing, wrestling each other in the water.

It was then Roberto realized that Sab might look small, but he was definitely strong. Much stronger than anyone would expect. At some point, Sab had lifted Roberto out of the water to perform a suplex.

After a while they were pleasantly tired, so the two men waded their way out of the river and walked back to the camp.

Roberto noticed that something was off with Seb. He looked different. Something subtle was different about his body. He seemed taller, or… bigger? Maybe after all that roughhousing his muscles got a little bit of a pump and looked stronger? “Maybe it’s just in my head,” Roberto said to himself.

Once back at the campsite, Roberto was felt unbelievably sleepy, he could barely keep his eyes open, even though the sun was still out. He immediately plopped in his hammock, completely forgetting that he was still naked.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get a fire started and get some food cooked,” Sab said, as Roberto’s eyes drifted closed.

Roberto had a strange dream. He couldn’t see anything, but he felt an incredible sexual energy wash over him. He could feel his erection standing at attention, so engorged with blood it was almost painful. It was as if he needed a larger penis to accommodate his growing sexual energy. His hand reached for his penis and he could feel it pulsating, a new vascularity had spread all across his shaft and foreskin. Roberto could feel gentle heat on his body, warming him all over, and he realized that it was real heat, not just in his dream. He came to and saw that it was dark, and the source of the heat was a fire, which must have been built by Sab.

Sab clearly hadn’t put on clothes, and… it was hard to tell because of the darkness and the fire playing tricks on Roberto’s eyes, but he seemed bigger. His whole body seemed different. He looked to be average height now—meaning he was bigger than his previous below-average stature.

It must be the light… Roberto thought to himself. He was still feeling zonked.

“Happy to see you’re up!” Sab enthused. “I made some food, come on over!”

Roberto walked toward Sab to take the plate of food he offered. Sab was definitely different. His body was bigger, his muscles were more defined and he seemed to actually start showing stubble on his face and some hairs sprouting on his chest.

I can’t bring attention to this—wouldn’t that be weird? Roberto thought in his head.

“You didn’t put any clothes back on?” Roberto asked Sab, immediately realizing that this was just as awkward to say.

“Oh, yeah!” Sab chuckled. “Must have slipped my mind. But it really feels freeing, don’t you think? Taking it back to nature.”

Roberto nodded, shaking away the awkward conversation and he sat down, also remaining nude.

The two ate silently, Roberto forcing himself to stay awake. Why am I so tired? Is it the food? The fire?

The two had finished up eating and sat by the fire in comfortable silence, both still naked and Roberto still fighting his fatigue.

“Are you sleepy?” Sab asked, with a slight grin on his face.

Is his voice deeper?

“Yeah, I guess so… I’m just so…” Roberto began to drift away to sleep.

His dream was clearer now. He could feel all his previous sensations, the throbbing cock and sexual rush, but he could see a man amongst the mind fog. He saw a massive man with his back turned to Roberto, his muscles bulging like a football player’s. His shoulders and back were covered in a layer of sparse hair, and the hair on his head a dark brown and reaching his shoulders. He had seemed to tower above Roberto, standing well over six feet tall.

The man turned towards Roberto. His face was gorgeous, as if it were chiseled out of marble, and on the lower half was a bushy beard falling perfectly between his pecs. His chest jutted forward with his muscle, and they were covered in thick hair that looked soft to the touch, and his areola were wide and soft.

This shelf of muscle sat above eight perfectly carved abdominal muscles with a pair of shredded obliques at either side, with hair connecting to his chest which further traveled down to his crotch. His cock rested atop gargantuan testicles, easily the size of apples, and his penis looked to reach halfway down his thigh, at least ten inches soft.

His legs resembled tree trunks albeit for the hair on them, which traveled down to massive feet to hold this imposing frame.

This man gave Roberto a smile and beaconed him over. Roberto suddenly found himself standing in front of the massive man, staring directly into his hairy chest. Roberto reached out to touch the man, grazing his nipple.

The giant man cooed in pleasure and directed Roberto’s face towards his and initiated a kiss.

Roberto’s passion and sexual energy grew, his throbbing penis feeling as if it were going to burst, this man giving him a kiss that was forceful, yet somehow graceful as their tongues moved around in their mouths. Roberto’s hands explored as much of this man’s body as they could.

Roberto moved his face and began to kiss the giant’s torso, sucking on his nipples, moaning in pleasure. He reached for the man’s giant biceps and he began to squeeze.

The giant instinctually knew that this was a signal for, and began flexing his arms, the smell of musk emanating from his now exposed armpits.

Unable to control himself, Roberto dug his face into one of the man’s armpit, licking them of their manly musk, breathing in the raw sexual smell the man.

The giant moves Roberto’s head away from his pit and looked him in the face and said, “Thank you for this,” in a deep, smooth voice. The two stared at each other longingly, then the giant directed Roberto’s head to the opposite armpit.

Roberto was overcome with lust, he could barely contain himself any longer.

He merely moved his foreskin back and he ejaculated with a force he had never experienced before. His cum rained forward onto the man’s torso, getting caught in his body hair.

The man smiled, not seeming to mind the mess now dripping its way down his body and kept Roberto in his armpit.

Roberto exhaled, feeling himself come to. He could feel himself waking from his dream, but his face was warm and wet… and there was a strange feeling all over it. His crotch was wet, too.

He quickly shook his head, waking from his slumber and opened his eyes, waiting for them to focus. It was then he saw the same giant man from his dream, staring back at him, smiling while they both laid in the tent.

“Thanks for the morning surprise, sunshine,” the man said, as he ran a finger through the body hair on his torso, picking up a bit of the cum embedded in it and licked it off his finger.

“What’s going on? Who are you?!” Roberto cried.

“What, don’t you recognize your tent mate?” Sab asked with a wry grin.

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