A blessing or a curse

by richard handy

For the crime of desecration, forgotten Egyptian gods decide to punish Andy... though in a way he might also enjoy.

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Andy was a nice fellow, with his blond hair, skinny frame and easy going attitude. At the current moment he was writhing in pleasure, his mind buzzing with delight as his incredibly transformed body was kneaded and pleasured in a loop of agony and ecstasy. His thoughts drifted back through the haze of bliss and suffering to the fateful day he knocked a few statues off a shelf….


“Oops!” Andy looked down embarrassed at the two clay figures at his feet, no longer intact but busted to bits on the tile floor. He’d been admiring them in his hands a moment ago. They had been cute rounded sculptures of Egyptian urns bearing little cat and cow faces.

Now they were junk and Andy was discreetly nudging the remains under a rug until he could come back later and help pay for them. He just didn’t have any cash and he figured one day wouldn’t hurt. As he finished hiding the evidence of his mistake, a dark blue smoke began to billow out from under the rug!

Andy watched transfixed as the smoke took the form of two women garbed in ancient Egyptian robes and jewelry. One had pointed upturned cat ears and the other had a pair of short pointed horns jutting from her brow. They both looked very displeased!

“Mortal boy! You desecrate what few graven images we have left on this world! You shall be punished for your wrongdoings!” The cat ear one said in a stern throaty voice. The horned woman puts her hands on her hips.

“You look confused. Has the world forgotten about Bast and Hathor after all this time? Such a shame.”

Andy waved his hands in the universal sign of wait a minute. “Woah! Ladies, wait! I can explain! I admit I broke them but I needed to go get some money and pay for them! I just need a day!”

Bast glared, her cat ears flattening like an angry tabby. Hathor looked more understanding at his honest words. They conferred quietly in whispers before looking back at Andy.

“We have decided that you will be punished for the damage but blessed for making amends. I Bast shall curse you and Hathor will grant you a blessing so that you shall remain in balance.”

Andy wasn’t sure that was fair but Bast raised a hand and pointed at his groin. “Like all young males I expect you to be awfully proud of your body. I shall make your pride overwhelm your decency until such time I choose to undo the curse!”

Hathor smiled and raised a hand pointing to his chest. “Mine is the blessing of ripe fruitfulness of the body, to succor those in need and share of your plentiful bounty.”

Andy felt the strangest sensation ripple over him from their curse/blessing.

With a hissing whisper a stiff breeze blew up, blowing the smoky images of the women away, leaving Andy alone in the shop, with other customers and wares around him like normal.

Andy looked down but he was normal too. No blessing or curse to be found.

“Ooo-kay then…” He said slowly and quickly hustled out of the place back to his home to get some money and repay for the broken merchandise.

Except when he got home, he was overcome with a great desire to rest for a minute. He felt more tired than he ought to be. Kicking off his shoes he casually got into bed, tucking his arms behind his head.

“Maybe a nap will help me clear my head, get over that weird vision. Probably just the start of a head cold, or maybe I’m over tired. Too many late nights playing computer games.” He reasoned with himself, quickly falling asleep.

As he slept, a strange gurgling noise emanated from under the bed sheets. Large forms humped up from his sleeping body seemingly growing larger as the hours passed. His clothes quietly tore loose.

Andy awoke to a heaviness pressing down on him. He pushed sleepily, sitting up and gasping as the sheets fell down revealing a splendid huge pair of breasts!

They sat full and round upon his chest, capped with dusky brown nipples that jutted out proudly. His shirt had given up and lay quietly like a rag atop the upper slopes of his boobs. Andy slapped himself to see if it was a dream. No such luck as his chest swayed when he sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed to stand up.

As he did so he felt a second hefty sensation. Pushing his firm breasts aside he felt his eyebrows rise in alarm as he beheld another shocking development!

His manhood had swollen along with his balls during the night! A soda bottle thick tube hung heavily from his groin resting over a pair of pumpkin sized testes. His pants and undies reduced to shredded fabric as his growth had gone on steadily for hours.

Andy staggered upright as the huge weight in his front and groin nearly pulled him off his feet. He had to spread his legs to accommodate his masculine girth while his arms held his plump breasts from swaying.

Andy could feel every inch of his massive penis swell before him as he grew more fearful and adrenaline pumped through his system. Unable to manage more than a few steps, he collapsed back into bed with a gasp of relief. The heaviness and warmth was tiring him out already.

Andy tried to wrap his head around his new exotic body shape, tried coming to grips with the huge swollen reality of himself. He was so lost in thought he didn’t notice the itchy sensation in his nipples until he felt it in his balls as well.

“Oh no….” he whimpered as he could feel his breasts and balls start growing again. As if on cue his breasts and testicles began to swell forcing him further into the bed as his chest expanded outward heavily, a steady gurgle emanating from his mammaries. His balls sloshed as he lifted his legs trying to keep them from being pinned under his expanding bulk.

Soon Andy was stuck, two swollen teats that rivaled beach balls jutted forward taut with milk while his cock stretched a lazy five feet from his skinny hips. His lower torso was propped up by his newly bloated seedmakers which rivaled his breasts in sheer size and tautness.

The pressure was intense from above and below and Andy was anxious to relieve the aching tension built up in his chest and sac.

He grasped his chest squeezing, but no milk was released. He pushed with his thighs, but no cum erupted. It was a mix of bliss and agony as he could feel himself continue to develop bypassing any human norm and into the realm of unbelievable.

“Help…me…” he moaned as his breasts swelled into firm six foot wide spheres. His cock was so hard by now jutting out and forward like a railroad tie. His aching balls were throbbing beneath him, as if demanding release.

Andy felt himself losing consciousness from the pressure and forces exerted on him making him light headed and exhausted. The last thing he could hear over the groaning of his overfull breasts and balls was two familiar female voices talking quietly about him.

Andy awoke in a new place, rubbing his eyes and yawning. He wasn’t in his bed or his room. He was in a featureless room with soft curved walls and a peaceful glow emanated from all sides. The walls had shifting bands of alternating color. Soft earthy tones of brown, white, orange and gray. He looked down and groaned in fear.

He had ballooned up even further during his time unconscious. His breasts had grown into milk laden behemoths over twenty feet wide, capped with firm nipples the size of plastic garbage cans. Milk flowed freely from his tips, pattering the walls but not pooling or creating puddles. His cock was a vastness of flesh that swooped forward into a twelve foot long pole as big around as a bus with two equally huge balls rumbling and swelling dramatically beneath him.

If Andy had been standing his breasts and genitals would have towered over him, hiding his skinny body from sight. However he felt like he was being supported easily and comfortably. He peered over his shoulder and saw the walls and floor had shaped themselves to support his vast new body without strain.

The room he was stuck in was composed of shifting sand! The color variations were shades of sand swirling around him. Soft and delicate, it supported and coddled him perfectly so he was in no pain from the weight of his body and never at any risk of being smothered or crushed.

But where was he? And what was going to happen to him now? His life was over with a body shaped like this. Suddenly the walls and ceiling rippled as dozens of hands reached out and grasped his huge vulnerable parts. Andy was helpless as the hands stroked, fondled and massaged him eagerly.

He writhed with pleasure as his giant body parts responded to the crowd of arms assaulting him with their caresses and tickling. Andy’s mighty breasts heaved and milk spurted out heavily in foamy streams. His balls shook as he came heavily. Thick ropes of sperm erupting like sexy shotgun blasts before him.

Andy twisted and groaned with happiness, thrusting his hips and back offering more of himself to the hands to increase his pleasure and make himself more accessible. As some pairs of arms slid back into the wall others emerged and helped themselves to his soft succulent body.

Bast and Hathor watched from outside the sand room seeing various kings, emperors, queens and royalty of all ages and sexes from across all time reach into the box with eager grins. They all were enjoying themselves as they reached into the sandbox which seemed rather small on the outside compared to the vastness of its interior containing Andy.

“Making him a universal toy for royalty to touch and play with throughout all time? Are you sure that’s a nice fate for him?” Hathor rubbed her chin in concern.

Bast grinned. “He’s only going to keep growing so I thought he could deserve some eternal pleasure for having his body reshaped so quickly. Besides, we get to make an example out of him for any who dare cross us and I think he’ll be okay. Only royalty shall touch his body and for all time we shall make him a universal constant for those seeking to recreate and enjoy themselves.”

Andy sighed with pleasure as he stayed safe and secure in his sand room, growing bigger and bigger as time passed but always within reach of a very appreciative audience for the rest of time….

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