A day at the park

by frooooooo

 Chris and Phil are wandering the park eager to join a couple cute guys together, when they see the perfect candidates.

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It was another nice sunny day in town. There were quite a few people enjoying the park for the middle of the week. The weather was warm; surprising for this late time in fall. It would probably be one of the last nice days this year. As such, Chris and Phil were wandering around the park, checking out the cute guys. “Man, I wonder who I should pick.”

“Ya, it might be a little tough today.” Phil was walking beside his friend, looking off at some guys who were playing football. One of them had actually caught his eye. “But, I think I may have someone in mind.”

“Already?” Chris followed Phil’s gaze, and had a good idea of who he was talking about. “Oh, well, I guess I better hurry up then.” He scanned the other side of the park. No one jumped out at him. Everyone seemed so boring. He glanced the other way, and that’s when he spotted him. A cute guy sitting on the bench, alone. It looked as though he were reading. An easy target. “Found him.”

“Alright!” Phil grinned, “Meet in the bathroom?” Chris nodded and the two of them took off. Phil tried not to rush. He wasn’t sure how he was going to pull it off. This would call for a little luck.

The man he had chosen was passing a football back and forth between his buddy. He was average height, with black hair that seemed almost dark brown when the light hit it in a certain way. His eyes were a deep green, and that smile! Phil could feel his dick throb just thinking about him. His shirt and shorts had the markings of sweat, which clung to his muscular body underneath. Phil bit down on his lip, trying to curb the erection that was about to become publicly known.

His plan had come together quite well. Phil had waited near by. Close enough that the football might be thrown his way, but far enough away he could pretend not to notice. When he had landed a foot behind him, Phil waited. Once he had heard someone behind him, Phil turned around. He pretended to bump into the stranger, knocking his hat off. He had to be quick! “Ah, sorry about that! I didn’t see you, here!” Phil bent down to pick up the hat at the same time as the other man. Their heads banged together gently. Phil knew what he was doing, and had already reached up to grab a hair from the stranger before he even knew what had happened.

“Oh shit, sorry!” Phil rubbed at his head. He got a smile that was masking the annoyance behind it. A simple wave and Phil left for the bathroom, allowing his victim to continue his little game.

Chris was less subtle in his approach. He had a little tact. He could have walked right up to the blonde and ripped a hair off his golden head. Instead, Chris passed behind him. He pretended to look the other was, so not to raise suspicion as the blonde was sure to feel what was about to happen. With the deed done, Chris raced to the nearby bathroom where Phil waited.

“Do you have it?”

“Of course!” Phil was finishing his quick survey of the bathroom. They were alone. For now. Chris took the hair from Phil, and with the one he had stolen, he entwined them. Phil had the smirk on his face that he always had. As Chris stretched the tangled hairs in the air, Phil put his hands around them and spoke. It wasn’t English. Or even a language either of them knew, but the voodoo ritual they had learned, was now under way. They quickly crammed into the stall with the best view and eagerly waited.

The football player entered the bathroom and stepped over to one of the urinals. With his shorts untied and a thumb holding down his boxers the man began his business. Soon after, the blonde arrived. However, upon entering he locked the door behind himself. Even he seemed puzzled by his actions as he took up a spot beside the other man. With his jeans unzipped, he started to relieve himself. Both men held out as long as they could before peering down at the man beside them. They glanced up at each other, and that’s when the real fun began.

The blonde turned to face the other one first. His mouth was ajar as his hand reached out, gripping the footballers bicep and giving it a squeeze. He reacted by facing the blonde. Their penises brushed against each other, and they both moaned. They threw themselves at each other. Pressed together, they locked their lips in a kiss. Their hands wrapped around each other, caressing each other’s backs. Their faces only parted once they pulled their shirts up over their heads.

Upon seeing each other’s bare chest, two men were even more overcome with lust. The blonde was uncinching his belt, while the other was already kicking off his shorts. Their underwear fell away, and shoes went flying with socks.

Now naked, the two men re-engaged. However this time was a little different. The blonde turned to face the urinal, holding onto the sides as the footballer took up a position behind him. With his cock already stiff and slick, he easily slid it into the blonde man’s ass. Chris let out a gasp and Phil watched with an unblinking stare.

Thrust after thrust he continued as the blonde started to stroke himself off. Both men were groaning with pleasure now. But still the task was not done. Harder and harder, faster and faster. The heat from their bodies was filling the air. That’s when Chris and Phil really started to pay attention.

It was subtle at first. The in and outs of the footballer were rhythmic, but soon, the outs were getting smaller. Eventually they stopped all together once his penis had been fully absorbed into the other man’s flesh. Their hips were being pushed closer and closer together. Their legs were next, making it difficult for the pair to stand. The blonde grabbed onto the sink and had to hold on. The man ridding him was pushing down on his back with his hands.

Those hands soon found themselves melding with the blonde’s back; sinking in and pulling the footballer with them. One of the last separate sensations they had, was the chest of the footballer, pressing down on the blonde’s back. Their bodies submerged into one. There was a loud groan. It had escaped from one of the two heads. Slowly, both men looked up into the mirror to see what they had become.

“Oh shit.” The footballer whispered. He used the left hand he was in control of to feel around their chest. The blonde pulled his head to the side, revealing their two necks, attached to the top of one torso. “We’re fused together!”

“Ya…” The blonde gulped. But as his eyes met his new body partner, they couldn’t help but grin. He had felt down to the six pack he was now sharing with this other man. They flinched as the footballer’s hand brushed against their erect penis. Tentatively, he started to play at it. The blonde moaned, “Dude, go for it!”

“Are you sure?” The footballer was eagerly stroking away at their cock without waiting for a reply.

“Fuck ya. After all that, we need it!” The blonde was doing his part to help. His right hand was feeling up and down their chest, running across their abs.

With masturbation being such a personally intimate activity, watching the two men try and co-ordinate was Chris and Phil’s favorite part. They were literally two minds about how to accomplish such a goal. The footballer was stroking away but the blonde insisted on thrusting with the hips. It was causing their hand to slip off, sending their dick wiggling in the air. All the two men wanted to do was cum, but the frustration of trying to do so together was taking its toll.

“Stop moving.”

“No, get your hand out of the way.”

“What are you doing?!”

“Stop it!”

“Give me that!”

“Let go!”

“You’re doing it wrong!”

“I said stop!”

Their body shifted back and forth. Each man tried to assert his dominance over the body he now had to share. They were no longer masturbating. Instead their hands were grappling with each other, as they warred for control. Their cock was leaking pre-cum; it slapped against their tight belly with a wet thwack. They both let out a loud moan. They each controller individual muscles in their groin, which caused their cock to jerk back and forth. This alone was enough to start sending the men over the edge. With one hand gripping the sink and the other braced on the mirror, they started to cum into the sink.

Their legs quivered and it looked like they were about to fall. They maintained their strength as their breathing returned to normal. The ran some water in the sink to wash it out, and cleaned themselves up as best as they could. Without a word they walked over and started to slip into the blonde’s clothes.

“Man that was awesome!” The footballer said as they pulled the denim up along their legs.

“Ya, I know.” The blonde pulled the belt tight and grinned sideways at the other head, “We better hurry back though. Your cute friend must be wondering where you went.”

“Dude that’s my brother.” The footballer gave a gross face. They passed on a shirt, letting him pat at their exposed abs.

“Well then, this is going to get awkward…” Were the blonde’s final words as they stepped back out into the park.

It was a few moments afterwards that Chris and Phil had cleaned themselves off enough to venture back out into public. Chris couldn’t wipe the smirk off his face, “I think they were the best pair yet!”

“Ya, I think you may be right!” Phil watched the two men as they made a failed attempt to catch the football that was tossed towards them. It looked like they were blaming each other. It made him smile, “So. Who’s next?!”

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