Gettin’ merged

by Jefftaur

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Mark and Eric’s dorm room was insanely tiny, especially for two such tall and buff guys, but they didn’t mind at all. They got along great, and they did almost everything together: the gym, the cafeteria, their groundswork jobs for the university to help pay for school, volleyball, homework, movies, studying, partying, even half their classes. Then at night they’d crash in their undersized bunk bed, big feet hanging off the bottom, a golden-tanned meaty arm or two dangling over the side, and heavily muscled bodies sinking deep into the mattresses, straining the supporting springs to their limit. Regardless of the size of their room, they were having a blast at college together.

So when Eric came home after class, tossing his backpack on the desk on top of Mark’s and looking kind of bummed, Mark immediately asked what was up.

“I got called into student housing, dude,” replied Eric, glumly. “They had bad news.”

“Bad news? Housing?” He tossed his book aside and sat up on the bottom bunk where he’d been lying, his bare, tanned six-pack crunching tight.

“They say they made a mistake and this room was only supposed to be a single.”

Mark looked around the room from his cramped vantage point and laughed. “Well, that’s no surprise, but it’s no big deal, right?”

Eric frowned. “They say it’s against regulations to have two people living here. They say I have to move out and find a place off campus.”

“What the fuck, man? They can’t just kick you out of here, like that!”

“They can, ‘cause it’s against the law for two of us to stay here.”

“Shit, man. That sucks! But don’t worry, I’ll move out too, we’ll find some place together!”

“I asked about that, but they say you can’t break your housing contract, you have to keep paying for the whole year.”

“Bastards! They know I can’t fucking afford to pay for two places.”

“Yeah,” mumbled Eric, sinking into their one desk chair, straddling the back with his legs and hugging it with his beefy arms.

“Well, fuck it, we’ll just get a tiny place off campus and both squeeze in there, it doesn’t have to be fancy. We’ve made it this far in this shoebox, right?”

Eric looked at Mark and half-smiled. “Yeah, man.” They both made fists and bumped them together. “I don’t want to move out though,” Eric continued, looking away again. “I want to stay here with you.”

Mark looked down at the floor, nodding. “Yeah, man…”

Eric sighed and ran his fingers through his shaggy blond hair, biceps popping and straining his thin white T-shirt.

Mark kept staring at the floor for a minute, then suddenly perked up. “Wait, I know!”

“Huh?” asked Eric, slowly drifting back from his moping.

“We can get our bods merged! Then we can both stay here!”

“Get merged?” Eric frowned. “That’ll work?”

“Sure! If we only have one bod, they can’t kick you out, can they?”

Eric nodded, slowly coming around. “That’s true… they can’t.”

“I mean, they’d have to kick me out too, and they already said they won’t do that. So it has to work.” Mark spread his arms and grinned widely.

Eric’s growing smile suddenly fell and he looked straight at Mark. “But, Mark, dude, I love you for it, man, but are you sure you want to share your bod with me just ‘cause of some stupid campus housing thing? I mean, I don’t want to be a burden.”

“Dude, lighten up! It’s not a burden, we just have to go to a couple of extra classes together to cover them all, right? No big deal! We already do everything else together, why not go ahead and hitch our bods up? I mean,” added Mark, his enthusiasm suddenly dimming, “unless you don’t want to.”

“No, man, I didn’t mean that! Dude, your bod is awesome,” he said, gesturing at Mark’s shirtless, tan torso. “Who wouldn’t want to share that bod? I just didn’t want you to have to do it if you didn’t want to.”

“Didn’t want to!? Eric, man, I fucking love your bod! Why would you think I wouldn’t want to share it?”

“Fuck, I don’t know,” said Eric, standing up, “let’s go do this already!”

“Hell, yeah!” yelled Mark, jumping up and slipping on his flops. “We’re gettin’ merged!”

“C’mon!” said Eric, grabbing Mark’s hand and dragging him out the door before he could grab a shirt, “let’s do it!”

Eric and Mark were still running at top speed when they stumbled through the door to the ModBod shop. The guy behind the desk looked up and smiled.

“Hey guys, welcome to ModBod. My name’s John, what can we do for you?” John looked like he was probably a student at the university too, and from the looks of his bod, probably visited the gym about as often as Eric and Mark.

“Dude,” panted Eric, grabbing the edge of the desk with his hands, forearms and biceps bulging.

“We’re here to get merged,” finished Mark, breathlessly, his pecs and abs heaving.

“All right, guys, no problem, just need your signatures at the end of this form here…” John handed Eric a think stack of papers held to a clipboard.

Eric whisked all the top pages aside and scrawled his name in one of the spaces at the bottom of the last page before handing the clipboard off to Mark.

“…and a form of payment,” added John.

Mark looked up just as he finished scrawling his name next to Eric’s. “Oh…” he said, “how much is it?”

“Do you have insurance?” asked John.

“From the school, yeah,” said Eric.

“Then it’s free, I just need your student IDs.”

“Sweet,” chorused Eric and Mark, fist bumping as they slipped their IDs out of their pockets and handed them over to John with the clipboard.

John glanced at the IDs and then slid them into a drawer with the clipboard. “Great, you’re all set. I’ll finish the paperwork in a minute. You guys come around back.”

He led them down a little hallway and through a door near the end. The small room looked like one from a tanning salon, except that the tanning bed was double-wide. John flicked a switch on the side of the bed and it hummed as it came on and lit up.

“Just need to let that warm up a minute. You guys can go ahead and strip.”

Mark immediately kicked off his flops and slid off his shorts, his thick dick swinging free. It took Eric a little longer, but he quickly yanked his shirt off and had his jeans down shortly thereafter, his long half-hard dick bouncing against his thighs. They grinned at each other, unembarrassed. They’d seen each other naked in the showers and in their room plenty of times before, this was nothing new.

John finished pushing some buttons on the little panel by the bed, and it hummed a bit louder. “All right, guys, you can go ahead and lie down.”

Eric hopped in and slid over, and Mark climbed in afterwards and laid down beside him. They turned to each other and grinned again, then looked back up at John.

John waited for the ready light on the panel to come on, and then turned to Mark and Eric. “Okay, guys, you’re all set. You ready?”

“Hell, yeah,” said Eric.

“You bet,” said Mark, giving John a thumbs up.

“All right,” said John, smiling and reaching up for the hood of the bed, “you might want to close your eyes, the light gets kinda bright.”

He closed the hood and the latch locked with a loud clack. The hum suddenly revved up a lot louder, a high-pitched whine started, and the lights in bed came on full-blast.

Mark and Eric both slammed their eyes shut as a feeling of dizziness hit them. The wooziness just got stronger, and they just barely slid their hands together and grasped tight as they passed out.

Five minutes later, the bed shut off with an abrupt clunk, waking them both. There was equally loud clack as the cover unlatched, and the spring-loaded hinges slowly lifted the hood away. Mark and Eric blinked in the dimmer light, still blinded, dizzy, and disoriented.

“Dude,” said Eric, lifting a hand to his head as Mark tried to prop himself up on an elbow. Abs flexed and he moved an arm into place, but his balance was off and he slid back down knocking his head against the glass bed.

“Ouch,” they both said in union.

A few more moments of blinking and their eyes started to clear up. They both struggled to sit up. When they finally did and were able to look down at themselves, they almost fell back again.


Three large, matching feet were at the bottom of the bed, two lefts and a right. The three long, muscular legs had a warm tan, and were dusted light blond body hair. The muscle-corded thighs all joined to the same pelvis, but there was a long, thick cock in the crotch on each side of the middle leg. The sculpted torso that rose above sported a ten-pack of chiseled abs, crowned by three thick, heavy pecs. Each massive shoulder carried two arms, four thick arms and large hands being the only thing that had prevented Mark and Eric from falling backwards earlier.

Mark and Eric turned their heads towards each other, heads that now rose from the same body.

“Dude!” they chorused, before turning their eyes back down to their body.

“Check it out!” cried Eric. “We’re merged!”

“Fuckin’-A, dude! Sharin’ a bod!”

“Dude, we’ve got your tan! I never got this dark.”

“But your leg hair!”

“My leg hair?”

“Yeah, it’s like gold, it shines in the sun.”

“I never paid attention… fuck, check out our cocks! They look identical!” Eric lifted one of their left hands to grasp the lengthening shaft of their left dick. “Ohhh, and fuckin’ thick like yours was!”

“Oh, shit, I can feel all of that!” Mark grasped their right dick with one of their right hands and ran it up and down the shaft, making Eric moan. “Dude, they’re fuckin’ long too, just like yours, maybe longer!”

“Dude, check out all these abs!” Eric made them sit up further to free their other left hand, and he used it to trace the contours of their crunched stomach. “Damn, it’s a fuckin’ ten-pack!”

Mark had already lifted their other right hand to their chest. “These pecs are insane, dude. It’s like all that pec-mass you had, tripled.”

Eric moved their left hand up from their abs. “Fuck, yeah, dude, but they’re tight and defined like yours were.”

They both let out a moan as their fingers found their nips, and they let their heads roll back a bit, closing their eyes in bliss.

Eric’s eyes fluttered open first. “Dude! Check it! A mirror!”

Mark opened his eyes as well. “Holy shit!”

Reflected down at them from the ceiling was their entire three-legged, double-cocked, ten-packed, triple-pec’d, four-.armed, two-headed bod, in all its glory. Mark’s and Eric’s faces were still distinctly recognizable, shaggy blond hair on Eric’s head, spiky black hair on Matt’s, but their shared bod had taken on the best features of each.

Slowly, mouths wide in amazement, they laid their body back down on the glass bed of the machine, and began to jerk their cocks in earnest.

Their other hands ran back and forth over the slabs of their three pecs, and up and down the bulges and crevices of their abs. Their feet sought each other out and rubbed together as well, and they began to mutter back and forth to each other.

“Hands so fuckin’ big, just like yours…”

“Cocks so fuckin’ thick, just like yours…”

“Your fuckin’ massive pecs…”

“Your fuckin’ shredded abs…”

“Your fuckin’ foot-long dicks…”

“Your fuckin’ deep brown eyes…”

“Your fuckin’ sexy lips—“

Suddenly they turned away from the mirror towards each other, and they were kissing, tongues wrestling, hands slid up from their torso to the sides of their faces while their other hands made that final jerk to bring them over the edge.

“Gaaaah!” they cried in unison around their tongues, as their cocks came again and again, firing streams of cum across their abs, pecs, and arms.

Eventually, they broke their kiss and lay their, massive chest heaving, abs stretching and crunching.

Just at that moment, John walked back in the door, carrying a camera and a small bag.

“Whoa,” said Eric. “Dude,” said Mark. They clumsily rushed their four hands to try to cover the mess they’d spread over their body.

“Hey, guys!” John said, not at all flustered. “Looks like everything went okay.”

“Um…” said Eric. “Sorry about the mess,” finished Mark.

“No problem,” replied John, grinning widely. “It wipes right off. Here, take a towel,” he offered, grabbing one out of a cabinet and tossing it over to them.

Mark and Eric made an uncoordinated grab for the towel with all four hands, and just barely managed to catch it. Wiping down was a bit of a struggle, too, as they tried to coordinate their shared limbs. “Wait, get there—“ “Sorry, just a bit—“ “No, over—“ “And down—“ “Yeah, like that.”

By the time they finished wiping the cum from their half-hard cocks, their movements were silent and graceful, and they were grinning as wide as John.

“Just toss the towel in the bin—thanks—and look up into the camera for me, no don’t worry about clothes, just need a heads-shot.”

“Cheese!” shouted Eric and Mark in unison as the flash went off.

“Perfect, thanks.” John hit a few buttons on the camera, and it started whirring as he set it aside. “Okay,” he said, digging in the bag he’d brought in, “here are some ModBod shorts that should fit—“ he held up some shiny blue athletic shorts with three leg holes “—and a shirt. These are complimentary, you can order more from the catalog.”

“Sweet,” Mark and Eric chorused as they snagged the shorts and slid them on, hopping off the bed and landing solidly on their three feet.

“Sorry I don’t have matching footwear for you, but you can pick that up anywhere.”

“We’ll be fine,” said Mark, winking as they pulled the shirt over their head. It was a wide, sleeveless T that nonetheless hugged their pecs and lats tightly, with a large, single V-neck hole that showed off their middle pec.

“Nice,” whistled Eric, running one hand over it.

They slid on Mark’s flops, and Eric’s left sneaker. It was a tight fit, and their heels slipped a bit off the back of Mark’s flops.

“Looks like we’re goin’ shoppin’ after this,” said Mark, wiggling their toes.

“I think we went up a size or two,” agreed Eric.

“Don’t forget your wallets and keys,” said John, digging them out of Mark and Eric’s old clothes. “You want to take the old things with you, or should I just send ‘em to Goodwill?”

“Yeah,” said Mark. “Keep ‘em,” Eric seconded.

Suddenly the camera that John had said aside dinged and a card slid out. “Okay,” he said, snagging the card and handing it over, “here’s your new student ID. I can’t do the driver’s license, you’ll have to hit up the DMV for that.”

Mark and Eric took the card in their hands and turned it over.

“Whoa,” said Mark. “Sweet,” Eric agreed. The photo box was a bit wider than usual, showing their two smiling, post-orgasm-giddy faces atop their massive shared shoulders. Beside that, it read, “Mark Taylor/Eric Vandermeer” with their new merged student number below. They turned to each other and grinned.

“So,” interrupted John, “you’re all set, anything else I can do for you?”

“That’s it,” said Mark. “Thanks, John,” added Eric.

They reached out a hand to shake.

“My pleasure. Now if you’ll exuse me, I’ve got a little more cleaning up to do—“ John grabbed another towel and started wiping down the glass bed “—no, no, it’s no problem, we have to sanitize between clients every time anyway. You guys go ahead on out and have a great day!”

Mark and Eric grinned widely at John and headed out of the room, stumbling a bit in the hallway on their three feet, but they quickly got the rhythm and headed out the door into the sun.

“Ahhh,” they sighed, Eric running one hand through his blond locks and Mark scratching his dark spikes with another. As they let the arms fall, the biceps of their back arms rubbed against the triceps of the others.

“Dude…” murmured Eric.

“Best idea ever, or what?” asked Mark.

“Totally!” agreed Eric, pumping all four of their arms. “Best…”

“Idea…” Mark continued.

“Ever!” Eric pulled one of their right hands into a big fist and knocked it playfully against Mark’s jaw.

“Oh, it’s on, is it?” Mark, grinning, clutched both their left hands into fists and wielded them threateningly.

Eric laughed and grabbed for their two left hands with their two right ones, and they wrestled for a minute, before they somehow found themselves kissing again, tongues wrestling instead of hands, hands running over their chest, under their shirt, down their shorts—

Suddenly they broke their kiss and dropped their arms, clearing their throats in unison.

“Let’s go get those new flops,” said Mark, looking down at their feet.

“And take this back to our room,” said Eric, using their hands to adjust their hardons.

Mark looked back up at Eric, grinning, and they shared a quick peck before taking off down the street to the store.

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