A mutual desire

by Clearlyhere

Aaron and Frank each want what the other has, but Frank's desire is a little more literal.

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Aaron was bored and looking for some attention online. He was a little on the short side, 5’7”, but his body was totally toned. Bulging biceps, rocking pecs, meaty thighs from a dedicated gym routine. He usually had his shares of offers online. He scrolled through the profiles looking at some hot looking guys with some great dicks. An IM message popped up.

“Hey, it looks like you are looking for some action tonight.” The profile name was legumelong. The profile said versatile, so that would work. Aaron clicked on his pics. Boy was this guy packing. It had to be 9 inches at least and fucking thick. Aaron felt very jealous his 5 inch dick would look like a kid’s next to the magnificent looking cock on this guy.

“Yeah, I’m looking for some action, but I might have a hard time taking yours.”

“You might be surprised ;). I want your hot body.”

“I’d be willing to try your dick, but I can’t guarantee it will work.”

“My place or yours?”

“Yours.” Aaron kept going back to his pictures. That dick was luscious. He needed it now.

“Okay.” He sent his address and phone and expected him in half an hour. Now all he had to do was clean up a little bit and take a shower. Quickly, he grabbed some things from around the room, then he headed to the bathroom for his shower.

The doorbell rang and Aaron looked through the peep hole. Frank, screen name legumelong, was cuter in person. He opened the door so Frank would get the effect of him in his boxer briefs. Frank’s lustful look showed the effect worked.

“I love your pecs. Slightly hairy and beautiful.” Frank said. He enter the apartment and immediately started licking Aaron’s chest.

“Whoa, would you like something to drink first?”

“Nope, I just want your body.” Frank seemed to be drinking Aaron in. His hands went gripped and felt Aaron’s biceps and shoulders. The felt firm and good. Great really. The baggy sweat pants that Frank was wearing tented out.

“Holy shit. That thing is fucking huge.” Aaron said and reached for Franks pants. Pulling them down slowly, frank was treated to the beautiful veiny cock that was 9.5 inches long and fucking thick. Frank just smiled.

“Biggest I’ve ever seen in person.” Aaron said. Frank pulled Aaron in closer and pressed their bodies together and pushed his tongue into Aaron’s mouth. Frank seemed to be getting off on Aarons hard muscles pressing into him. Frank’s hands roamed all over squeezing and feeling Aaron’s body.

The throbbing cock pressed all the way into the crack between Aaron’s pecs. He could feel the warm beasted getting plumper as the rubbed together.

“Let’s get little Aaron out.” Frank smiled pulling Aaron’s fully erect 5 inch cock out of the underwear. He pulled the boxers off while kneading Aaron’s firm tight ass. Seeing Frank’s cock made Aaron so horny he could swear that his cock was 6 inches. Frank bent down and sucked. He had a very talented tongue, licking around his head, teasing. Aaron almost came right there.

“Stop, not yet.” Aaron cried. “I want your cock.”

“You can have it.” Frank said, “Cause I want your body.” Frank pulled up and pushed Aaron down on his cock. “You’ve got to take it first.”

Aaron went down on the Frank’s cock. First the head was huge and he had to lick around it. Then, he went for more. He went down on the beautiful cock and six inches down he started to choke.

“You can do better than that Aaron. You need have it all.” Aaron did need to have it all. He practically quivered with need to take all of this beautiful cock. He pressed down ignoring his gagging as the cock went down his throat. It filled his whole mouth and he could barely breath. Jacking his own cock wildly, Aaron was almost there.

“Take it and you can have it.” Frank bucked as Aaron got closer, forcing it down to the root. Closing his eyes, Aaron squirted as he swallowed the cock. It felt better than anything he had felt before. He swallowed a huge load from Frank.

“Now, let’s fuck.” Aaron said pulling his deflated cock from Frank’s throat. Except this was a 5 inch, possibly 6 inch totally regular dick. Glancing at the smirk on Frank’s face, Aaron looked down to see the huge cock now dangling from his groin and it was rising.


“Just go with it.” Frank said pulling Aaron closer. The cock, which hardly seemed to be his own, was fully erect and it needed to fuck. He could tell and damn did that sound great. He grabbed lube and smeared it all over his new huge cock. He kept thinking about all the pics was going to need.

“I’m ready.” Frank said and pulled Aaron by the dick onto the floor. His newly huge was positioned at Frank’s rosebud.

“I love your pecs.” Aaron pushed in.

“I love your arms.” Aaron pulled back.

“I love your shoulders.” Aaron couldn’t be gentle. He had to fuck and boy did his new dick hold up. Any other ass would be torn up, but Frank took it like a champ. Aaron couldn’t think he was so turned on. He felt sweat dripping down his chest as a fucked and fucked Franks ass. It felt firmer. It felt great. He exploded in his ass as it seemed to squeeze his cock even harder.

Panting he pulled out of Frank’s ass panting. He felt great.

“Thank you for that,” a familiar voice said. Aaron looked back at Frank, but he saw himself all sweaty with cum on his chest.

“What?” He stopped mid-sentence because he sounded like Frank. “You took my body!”

“I told you I wanted it.” Frank started to feel his new body. Rubbing his hands down his abs, squeezing his juicy pecs. Aaron looked at his old body in lust. His chest looked even better than he thought. “And you wanted my cock, so I thought it was a fair trade.”

Frank stood there with his small cock his rippling body.

“God, all I want to do to you is fuck.” He grabbed Frank and grinded his fully erect cock on his washboard abs.

“Up for another round?”

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