Adam’s boyfriend

by Bud Boytaurbody

His truly supportive BF loves four-legged, wristfooted Adam and his equally spectacular swimmer buds.

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Everyone knew Adam and I were boyfriends. We’d fallen in love the night my bodybuilding club had invited Adam’s swim team for a swim party and barbeque. It was cool, really, because a lot of guys fell in love at that party. I guess no one ever thought swimmers and body builders would have anything in common, but the guys with the big muscles liked the guys with the smooth muscles, and vice versa.

Naturally, there were a couple of bodybuilder couples and some swimmer couples as well, but the party was a good idea and ended up as a sleepover, since so many guys made love with each other, so it was nice to sleep together all night and get up in the morning for more sex and breakfast.

Anyway, Adam couldn’t get enough of my body, which made me feel so good, because Adam was so beautiful I couldn’t stand it, and he was really sweet, too; I loved his lost-little-boy eyes and his beautiful smile; he had wonderful lips. We knew that we would someday marry each other, so in the meantime we decided it would be cool for each of us to be dating other guys sometimes. Especially when the swim team signed on for the boytaur physique program and Adam became a boytaur for the swim team, I knew I couldn’t be there at practices to have sex with him during the team’s sex breaks. We had more sex than ever now that Adam was a boytaur, and knowing how much sex boytaurs need, it was totally cool with me that Adam and his fellow boytaur swim teammates had to have sex several times during practice, which they allowed for by having the sex breaks. Otherwise they got so horny they clouded the water with their boytaur come and couldn’t concentrate on swimming or anything but having sex with each other. If you’ve never seen boytaurs horny, it’s incredible. They’re so beautiful, and so turned on by each other (they have four legs and that means they have their huge genitals in two sets, between their front legs and between their back legs) that they have to have sex like most guys have to breathe. It turns me on just thinking of them. In fact, Adam and my favorite way to get really horny for sex is to talk about the sex breaks and which guys were making love to which guys and how they were doing it. I’m glad I’m a body builder because of my strength and because Adam is wild about my muscles. Even with my muscles, I’m exhausted by making love to Adam, because there’s basically two of him when you consider his four legs and his two sets of genitals, and both of them are huge, just like all the boytaurs’ are.

The swimteam grew wristfeet as part of the boytaur physique program, which made them faster in the water (their long, powerful wristfeet pull better in the water), and Adam with wristfeet just about drove me insane, because it made him even sexier. I really respected him for growing the wristfeet first of all because it was like a sacrifice for the team, because while it made him an even more awesome swimmer, it made a lot of ordinary things harder to do, because his big wristfeet, well, they’re feet, so I had to help him with a lot of things, which I really like doing. It kind of accentuated that lost little boy aura about him because he was often confused about how to do something since he hadn’t done it with wristfeet before, and he’d be there with these great big sexy wristfeet sort of hanging from his wrists, weighing down his forearms, not knowing how to, say open a tube of toothpaste, and I’d have to step in and help him do stuff, which I liked doing, so it was no problem. He was so grateful it always turned to sex, because he was so incredibly horny now and that made me that much hornier now too.

The other guys on his swimteam were also so hot now, that whenever I could attend a practice I would, just to watch them swim, and I’d help out at the sex breaks. They were so nice, and so fuckin’ sexy! It was more fun than anything else, and Adam and I would have sex, and we’d have sex with the other boytaur teammates, and when I was totally shot and couldn’t do anymore since I was hurting from so much sex, I’d just ride Adam’s hindquarters while he made love to his other teammates, and I could help jack them off or suck them down, since there were always more hugely muscled boytaurs with giant, aching pairs of penises that needed to come. Plus they were all wristfooted now, and I guess I must have a thing about good-looking guys’ feet, because they were all wild about each other’s four-legged bodies and their huge wristfeet as well, and when they looked at each others’ wristfeet and started touching them with their own wristfeet, it made them horny all over again. And sex made them so much more muscular because of their potent boytaur come, they were more like body builders now, only generally taller and more long-muscled, and of course with four of those swimmer’s legs, four of those swimmer’s feet, and then their incredible wristfeet.

It was amazing how much more tactile Adam was since he had grown wristfeet for the swim team; like all the wristfooted boytaur swimmers, he was always touching me with his large, smooth wristfeet, whether he was thinking about it or not.

We had held hands a lot before he grew wristfeet, but now that Adam was wristfooted, I almost always had a hand wrapped comfortably around one of his big, warm, handsomely shaped wristfeet. In fact, my hands ached to hold Adams wristfeet whenever they were free, and Adam’s wristfeet, such big and beautiful guys, always found me or snuggled into my hands or rested against my side or chest or face. When Adam and I talked, his large, beautiful wristfeet punctuated his sentences with gentle pressures against me, or with touches on my chest and shoulders, or with caresses on my arms, hands, neck and cheek. While one wristfoot rested against me, the other would find my hand or run itself over my chest or shoulders.

Because of this most of our conversations ended in kisses or sex or both; Adam’s swim teammates were likewise always in wristfooted contact with one another and generally made love throughout the day and night.

So imagine my joy the evening Adam came home to me four-armed, his powerful swimmer’s shoulders broadened and doubled, with four of his rangey long-muscled arms aching to give me wristfooted hugs.

He was still pumped from the most powerful swim workout he and his boytaur swim team had ever had, in no small part due to the four powerful arms he and his fellow wristfooted boytaurs had grown as phase two of the boytaur swim program. Heated by the powerful four-legged bodies of the muscular boytaur swimmers, the pool waters had frothed under the incredible power of the broad-shouldered, four-armed boys, whose foursomes of large, powerful wristfeet propelled them effortlessly in the churning melee of a spontaneous sexual water polo game that erupted among the aroused, powerfully four-armed boytaurs.

I had never seen Adam so beautiful or so in love, overpowered by his own muscular four-armed, wristfooted, four-legged, double-hung boytaur virility.

I’d first heard the laughing and groaning and the virile sound of muscular young men breathing heavily accompanied by heavy multiple bare footsteps, as Jamal, Clint, and Chang helped carry Adam to me. Driven by the generosity of their abundantly limbed boytaur bodies, the boys were making love to Adam and each other as they carried his naked muscularity in theirs. Their inexhaustible boytaur bodies feeding on each other’s powerful pulses of come, the four of them were a single organism of powerful foursomes of caressing, wristfooted arms moving their foursomes of swimmer’s legs among and around their enormously extended, pulsing pairs of genitalia, groaning, laughing and kissing in their gentle juggernaut of boytaur love as they carried Adam to me.

Borne by their powerful foursomes of wristfooted arms, Adam reached his four huge, gentle wristfeet towards me, lips parted hungrily for my kiss, as his boytaur buddies gently lowered him to let Adam’s four beautiful feet kiss the ground. He was taller—they all were taller and broader-shouldered, more beautiful than they had ever been.

I felt warmly drawn into Adam’s four-armed, wristfooted embrace, and Adam’s and my groans of joy as we kissed were echoed by those of the beautiful Jamal and Chang as they turned to one another to make love, their beautiful wristfeet capturing Clint’s four arms and pulling his smooth-muscled, four-legged body into lovemaking with them, the three of them laughing and grunting as their beautiful four-legged bodies mated, aroused by their beautiful, erotically attractive male wristfeet so heavy and handsome on their four arms.

I found myself staring deeply into Adam’s beautiful eyes and anointing his beautiful smile with my kisses; I loved the warmth of his four huge wristfeet against my back and against my chest and cheeks at the same time. I realized I was swept up in his four arms, loving my legs held against his four-footed boytaur body in the firm embrace of two powerfully wristfooted arms, as two more of Adam’s handsome wristfeet pressed my torso to his, one wristfoot gently bringing my neck and shoulders to where my lips could devour his. I was faint with arousal.

I must have swooned. I awoke in the soft light of dawn. In the next bed, Clint’s four arms and four beautiful wristfeet were heavily splayed over the sleeping wristfooted boytaur forms of Chang and Jamal, his four legs gently in warm entanglement with theirs. I was in the heaven of Adam’s sleeping body, my cheek warm against a giant, beautiful wristfoot, another wristfoot parked heavily on my chest, and two more of the big, beautiful guys lounging on each other as their respective long-muscled arms relaxed together. Seth and Carlos had joined us during the night, and were quietly having sex with each other’s four wristfeet, stopping occasionally only to suck up the huge ejaculations of come that leapt and spurted from their enormous frontal penises and the equally enormous penises between their hind legs.

Their bodies were sleeker and more enormously muscled than they had ever been, and their fascination with each other’s four huge, beautiful wristfeet aroused them to new ejaculations every time they shared their foursomes of wristfeet with each other.

To my arousal, my naked body first felt and then my eyes noticed others of Adam’s huge, beautiful feet between Adam and I, warm, heavy and huge living, handsome, friendly male feet unconnected to Adam, snuggled among us. I picked one up—it was so heavy and beautiful, and it responded comfortably to my touch.

I brought it to my lips, kissing it and loving its beautiful male foot masculinity.

I noticed one of Adam’s eyes open and half a smile on his face. He caressed the foot I was kissing with an equally huge, beautiful wristfoot. “They’re for you,” he said, kissing a couple of the big, handsome Adam-feet, his awakening penises heating and growing against me as the huge sex organs became aroused. “I must be so sexy I’m growing more feet than I need.”

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