Alpha Luke goes camping

by Eric Aaldersen

Budding Alpha Luke takes his twink buddies into the woods for a weekend of exploration.

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Sweat poured down Luke Forrester’s face and neck. His thin, white t-shirt clung to his chest and abs like a second skin. The space between his back and his pack was an absolute swamp and the pack itself weighed about fifty pounds. He turned his head and took a swig from his camelback, a godsend on a hike like this, when he was also carrying a loaded cooler in each hand. His shoulders were really starting to burn, but he tried to keep good posture as he marched through the forest. The five of them went single file along the expertly marked path that wound from the highway to the lake.

Jake lead the way. He was troupe leader, the oldest by almost two years, and knew where they were going. He was the one who’d marked the path. He’d been to this site before a couple of times and spent weeks telling the rest of them about how great it was.

Behind him Jamie and Andy carried the tents and other light, bulky things between them on a set of poles, then Brian, and Luke walked last making sure no one had fallen behind, or just plain fallen. And Luke never minded bringing up the rear. It gave him a great view.

Luke had the huge pack full of food and their coolers. Jake was troupe leader but Luke, at just sixteen years old, was by far the strongest guy in their troupe with 190 pounds of solid muscle packed onto his six foot frame. Luke had always been the sturdiest lad in class, but once puberty hit –and it had hit him pretty early– he really started pulling away from the rest of the pack. Of course his twin passions of competitive wrestling and weightlifting helped, too.

Brian, just ahead of him, carried Luke’s clothes and other stuff, which didn’t weigh very much. It was midsummer and Luke didn’t plan on wearing any more than he absolutely had to on this trip. He’d have been shirtless right now if he didn’t know that the straps on his pack would’ve cut him up like crazy. By his reckoning the site couldn’t be that much farther.

Luke licked some sweat from his upper lip, tasting salt and the coconut flavour of his lip wax (an assist against dehydration) and focused on watching Brian. The twink’s taunt, lightly furred calves marched in front of him below sweaty shorts that clung to his sculpted, sixteen-year-old ass as it powered him through the forest.

Yup, thought Luke, a pretty great view.

He felt his dick swell slightly, but willed it to behave. Thank goodness he’d decided to go commando today. At least his undercarriage was getting some air.

The forest was thick and humid with nothing of a breeze reaching them yet, even though Luke could smell the lake. A breeze or a clearing wouldn’t only be nicer for his skin, but also his nose. Bringing up the rear in such a close environment as this also meant huffing in the scent of the other guys with every breath.

A gift and a curse of being an alpha, Luke mused, remembering something his older brother Mike had told him. Being able to smell things that other guys couldn’t was one of the few things Mike mentioned about what he was. For some reason, Jamie, Brian, and Andy always gave off a particularly strong scent.

Luke was horny as a stag in rutting season on an average day, but for the last half hour he’d been writing computer code in his head –or reciting Shakespeare, or listing the countries in Africa alphabetically– anything that might help prevent him from having to continue the hike with his thick eight-inch boner leading the way.

“We’re here!” Jake called back.

The rest of the troupe let out a small cheer as they entered a good sized grove in the forest with a few inconveniently fallen trees and a wicked stone fire pit, no doubt built by Jake himself over the last couple of times he was here.

They all unshouldered their packs and looked around, taking a breather and having some water as they surveyed the site, all of them no doubt mentally preparing lists of what needed to be done before they could get down to really enjoying themselves.

“Hey, Jake,” Luke said when he saw Jake immediately starting to unstrap the tents. “Why don’t you take a break?”


“Yeah. You got us here safely. Take a breather. Me and the guys can set up the site. Can’t we, guys?”

The three younger boys all swiftly agreed.

“Well… Thanks,” Jake said, smiling. “If you’re sure.”

“I’m sure,” Luke said, slapping his troupe leader on the back. “Go find the water, buddy.”

Jake marched off, taking his pack with him. Once he was out of earshot Luke turned around and faced the other guys.

“All right boys,” he said, stripping off his soaked t-shirt and tossing it over a branch to dry.

Luke stood with his hands on his hips, legs shoulder width apart, letting the younger guys drink in his godly, teenage bodybuilder frame for a few seconds.

“Let’s get this place in order.”

Since they were going to be here for four nights, Luke thought it made sense to move the fallen trees so that they’d have more room to walk around, places to sit, and an optimal space to erect the tents.

“Now some ‘safety first’ troupe leader would probably say to leave these fallen trees where they are,” Luke said to the group, “but we’re gonna be here for four nights and I for one do not wanna be tripping over these fuckers the whole time when we could be using them to lounge on around our fire pit. Agreed?”

They all made sounds of agreement.

“Now they’re gonna be heavy, but fuck it. We’re men. Nature built us for this stuff. And if there’s one goddamned thing I know about it’s lifting heavy shit, so just do what I say and no one’s gonna get hurt.”

Luke smirked and added, “Besides, when it’s done you’ll all feel like major fuckin’ studs, so let’s do it.”

After some hatchet work to remove some roots and branches, Luke gave the smaller guys an impromptu lesson in weightlifting. Brian he wasn’t worried about; he had just spent a year on the high school weightlifting team with Luke. But he didn’t want anyone pulling a muscle on the first day of what already promised to be a wicked camping trip. Once the trees were ready to be moved, he led them through some stretches and said,

“All right, boys. Shirts off, I wanna be able to see your form.”

They all shucked their shirts.

“This is how it’s done. First, I want everyone’s cores tight as fuck,” here he exhaled, flexing his abs, taking them from toned to un-be-fuckin-lievable. “Got it? Let’s see.”

They all flexed their abs. Luke slapped Andy and Jamie’s stomachs with the back of his hand. They both oofed a bit.

“Not tight enough!” Luke said. “C’mon. Look at my man Brian here, he knows how it’s done. Here it comes, buddy.”

Luke threw half a dozen light punches at Brian’s abs and he barely moved.

“See that? That’s what I’m talking about. Now cough and try again.”

They all reset and after he’d thrown a few more test punches, Luke was satisfied, “Good. Just like that. Second, roll your shoulders back and stick your chests out. Good! Now, everybody squat while keeping those cores tight and stick your asses into the sky. Be peacocks, boys. Good! Now remember the shape that your back is in right now. That’s the shape it stays in throughout the lift. Now raise yourselves up slowly while exhaling with me, pushing through your heels and into the ground… Pfffff… Good! One more time…”

Now Luke went to their sides to check their form.

“Again… Again… Keep those asses in the air… Good! Just like that. All right, now let’s move these fuckers.”

Luke positioned the three twinks at one end of the first log, making sure they all had good grips then went to the other end himself, gripped, and said, “On three. One… two… threeeeee…”

Luke’s thick arms and shoulder’s bulged, his big, round, bodybuilder’s ass stretched the seat of his cargo shorts. His whole torso looked like a brick wall as he lifted. The soft earth gave a little beneath his heels from the weight. His trio of twinks was looking good, too. The first log needed the most moving but the operation went as smooth as silk. Well… sweaty silk.

Inside of ten minutes, the once inconvenient logs were arranged in a neat diamond formation around the fire pit. Once the last one was in place, Brian, Andy, and Jamie all cheered and high-fived each other.

Luke grinned broadly, came over, and joined them in a round of congratulatory backslapping.

“You just moved about two tonnes, boys,” he said. “How does that feel?”

“Great!… Awesome!… Amazing!”

Luke knew this would be good for them. He reckoned Jake would only be pissed for about thirty seconds when he saw what he’d gotten them to do. Then he’d see how awesome the site looked, shrug his shoulders, and forget it. Speaking of Jake…

“Hey, guys,” Luke called. “Let’s go find our fearless leader.”

As they walked in the direction that Jake took to find the shore of the lake, Luke began to smell something different, something that reminded him of his older brother. When they found Jake, he wasn’t alone. He was chatting with another guy. A really big guy.

“Hey, Jake!” Luke called out. “Who you talking to?”

Luke sized this other guy up as he approached. He was a few years older than Jake, about six-foot-four and well north of 200 pounds of solid muscle, all of which was on display. The dude was soaking wet wearing nothing but a pair of cut-off shorts which left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Dude was hung! And he’d obviously just emerged from the lake, a sexy pelt of black fur matted down to his chest and abs. Luke felt a surge of blood go straight to his crotch as he walked up to this guy who was clearly another alpha, the first Luke had met besides his older brother. Luke wasn’t entirely sure how he knew, but he knew it beyond a doubt.

“Hey,” Luke said, playing it cool. “Whassup?”

“Dave, this is Luke. And over there are Brian, Andrew, and Jamie. Dave is camping on the other side of the bay with a… uh… friend.”

Oh, yeah. The twinks. They must’ve been hanging back a little.

“Sweet!” said Luke, extending his hand. “Nice to meet you.”

Dave had a killer grip and Luke enjoyed testing it.

“Dude!” Luke exclaimed, “You got some killer guns! What do those bad boys measure?”

“Haven’t measured them in a while. What’s your guess?”

Dave threw up a classic double biceps flex and Luke’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. Big, round, split peaks rose high on Dave’s upper arms, not to be outdone by his beefy triceps and thick veiny forearms. Thick forearms, Luke knew, were often what separated the gym rats from the true strongmen of the world.

“Fuck!” Luke exclaimed, stepping forward to squeeze them. “Hard as fuckin’ rock, dude! They’ve gotta be at least twenty.”

“You’ve got some pretty nice guns yourself, bro. Let’s see.”

Luke instantly threw up a double bi, ever eager to impress. He also thrust his crotch forward, hoping Dave would notice how well developed he was there, too. For the second time that day he thanked himself for choosing to go commando.

“Nice! What do those guns measure?”

“Sixteen and a half!” Luke said, beaming with pride. “But they’re gonna be seventeen before I’m seventeen. That’s the goal.”

Just then Luke heard a small whimper escaped from behind him. He looked over to the twinks along with Dave and Jake. The smaller guys were all gobsmacked, mouths hanging open, bulges at their crotches. But Andrew, the twinkiest of them all, had obviously busted a nut from just watching the alpha studs show off with each other. A wet spot had appeared on the crotch of his shorts.

Luke smirked. This wasn’t the first time a guy had blown a load over his studliness, far from it. He knew that Brian and Jamie wouldn’t dare tease Andy either –Luke could tell both of them were barely holding back the same thing themselves. So Luke decided to get a little playful and, at the same time, demonstrate to Dave the effect he could have on his betas.

“Get a little too excited there, Andy?” Luke said, smiling, turning to face the twink. Then Luke gripped his own fat cock through his shorts, and bounced his meaty chest at the dumbfounded little redhead.

Another squeak escaped the twink’s throat and visibly another squirt of juice from his penis. The smell of his virgin spunk reached Luke’s nostrils and it turned him on even more.

That’ll do, Andy. Luke thought. That’ll do.

Andy just looked down at his crotch and blushed the colour of his hair.

“Don’t worry about it, buddy,” Luke said. “I can have that effect on guys.”

“Did you guys finish setting up camp?” Jake asked.

“Not yet,” Luke answered, bringing up his right hand and casually stroking his rocky, lightly furred stomach, staring at Dave.

“Well, why don’t you guys go finish up. Dave and I will make plans for dinner.”

“Great!” said Luke as he sauntered off with his trio of twinks, making sure to bounce his chunky bubble butt as he went. Then he walked backwards for a couple of paces, turning back to Dave,

“Can wait to have you for dinner, stud!” sticking out his tongue and throwing Dave another double biceps flex. Then he turned and herded the twinks back to camp, giving each of them a playful swat on the ass. This camping trip was gonna be lit!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

When Jake saw the campsite, and the huge logs they’d moved, he didn’t say a thing. Luke was slightly disappointed that he didn’t notice their hard work, and slightly happy that he didn’t get pissed at all. But Dave had been quite the distraction for all of them. Luke had made arrangements for he and his friend Gavin to come back to their site in a few hours and join them for dinner.

With all of them cooperating, the rest of the campsite was set up in under an hour: one tent for Luke and Brian, a larger one for Jake, Jamie, and Andy, and a large mesh dining tent with a handy folding picnic table.

The moment Luke had a chance to spruce himself up a little, he got Brian to take a few pics and videos of him flexing in the woods, doing pull-ups on tree branches, even one of him doing a walking handstand in the grass. They’d post them to his Instagram account when they got home.

Gotta give the fans what they want, Luke thought.

Then he and Brian decided to go exploring a bit. Jamie and Andy, the master fishermen of their troupe, decided to see if they could catch some fresh dinner for tonight. Jake opted to stay in his tent and chill for a few hours.

Yeah, Luke though, right after he jerks off half a dozen times.

After a little exploring, Luke and Brian found a nice grassy spot under a huge willow tree that was just perfect for lounging in the shade. They’d both been up since five o’clock in the morning and had been moving for a solid three hours since they left Jake’s van, so they took full advantage of the opportunity to regenerate and gather their energy.

For a long while they just lay side by side in almost unbroken silence between two of the willow’s massive roots, sipping from their shaker containers. Luke had mixed up each of them a protein shake from the supply of powder he’d insisted on bringing. Gotta maintain the gains.

The sounds of the wind over the water, the water on the shore, and the feathery willow branches swaying filled the warm air. A pleasant breeze continually washed over their shirtless bodies in concert with leaf-dappled patterns of midsummer sunlight.

“This is heaven,” Luke said, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, it is,” Brian replied. “Do you think we’ll be able to save all this in time?”

“Sure,” Luke said. “Soon as all the old people die.”

More silence.

“Hey, Luke. Can I show you something?”

“Sure, buddy. What is it?”

Brian went through the small shoulder bag he’d brought along, and pulled out a slim paperback book sealed in a plastic zipper bag. This was a quirk of Brian’s. He liked to keep his books “fresh.” But on a camping trip it actually seemed quite practical.

“I’ve been reading this. Actually, I’ve already read it three times. I think it’s pretty awesome.”

“Cool. Let’s see.”

It was Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman.

Luke sat up against the trunk of the tree. Brian joined him, saying, “It’s really cool. This is the first version of it, but he kept writing and revising it his whole life. The full version is huge, the longest poem I’ve ever seen.”

“Written in 1855,” Luke said, flipping through the pages. “Was he American?”


Luke smiled and gave the book back to him, “Read me one of your favourite parts.”

Brian flipped through the book’s pages, stopped, and began to read…

I sing the body electric,

The armies of those I love engirth me and I engirth them,

They will not let me off till I go with them, respond to them,

And discorrupt them, and charge them full with the charge of the soul.

Was it doubted that those who corrupt their own bodies conceal themselves?

And if those who defile the living are as bad as they who defile the dead?

And if the body does not do fully as much as the soul?

And if the body were not the soul, what is the soul?

The love of the body of man or woman balks account, the body itself

balks account,

That of the male is perfect, and that of the female is perfect.

The expression of the face balks account,

But the expression of a well-made man appears not only in his face,

It is in his limbs and joints also, it is curiously in the joints of

his hips and wrists,

It is in his walk, the carriage of his neck, the flex of his waist

and knees, dress does not hide him,

The strong sweet quality he has strikes through the cotton and broadcloth,

To see him pass conveys as much as the best poem, perhaps more,

You linger to see his back, and the back of his neck and shoulder-side.

“Wow…” Luke said, looking over the lake. “That’s great.”

The wind ran through the willow boughs.

“Do you believe that?” Luke asked. “That we’re all perfect? That you’re perfect?”

Brian thought for a long while before saying, “I’d like to but… no, I don’t. I mean… it’s hard, you know. There’s just so much saying different… Know what I mean?”

Luke turned to his friend, smiled, and said, “What if I told you?”

“Huh?” Brian said, turning to look at Luke.

Luke locked his friend’s gaze with his impish, green eyes and chanted softly, slowly, “Brian Loughreed, you are perfect. In your walk, your carriage, the flex of your waist. The strong, sweet quality you have strikes through cloth and leather. To see you walk conveys as much as the best poetry… No… More.”

Brian was spellbound as Luke leaned in, continuing, just inches away from Brian’s face, merely breathing the words, “I linger to see your back, and the back of your neck… and shoulders.”

Then Luke held him in his alpha’s gaze and kissed him, passionately, bringing his hand up to his cheek and the back of his neck as the kiss became more forceful.

Brian knew Luke was bi. And this wasn’t their first kiss. Brian hadn’t decided that he was bi or anything else yet, he was just always honoured that a stud like Luke Forrester enjoyed sharing physical affection with him. They continued making out while leaning against the tree.

Their faces were flushed with passion when Brian broke the kiss and said, “Luke? You remember that time, after our workout, in your basement, when it was just us, and you were super horny, and I… uh… helped you out?”

Luke smiled, “Of course. That was one hell of a blowjob.”

“Well…” Brian began. “I wanna do that again. Right now.”

Luke chuckled, grinning affectionately, and said, “Deal. But only if I get to do you first.”

Brian’s eyes went wide, “Really?”

“Is that a yes?”

Brian nodded.

Luke resumed kissing him and slid his slightly calloused hand down Brian’s toned torso and into his shorts were he found his penis already fully erect and leaking. For his age Brian had a respectable sized bone on him. Luke stroked it for a while, Brian gently bucking his hips off of the cool, moist grass beneath him. Once Brian really got moaning Luke straddled Brian between his beefy thighs and, smiling, undid Brian’s shorts. His boner sprung out like a jack-in-the-box and Luke immediately bend down and started licking with his tongue. This really got Brian going.

“Ohhhhh… gawd,” he sang with a note of disbelief.

Luke then swallowed the smaller guy’s whole penis and started sucking in earnest, swirling his tongue around and up and down the shaft.

“Ooooooh…” Brian moaned, practically vibrating. His hands came to the back of Luke’s head reflexively and started gently gripping at his close cropped, chestnut hair. His hips bucked reflexively, thrusting his cock into Luke’s mouth.

Luke had a grip on Brian’s waist with one hand while the other snaked its way up and down Brian’s taunt torso, every once in a while finding his pert, little nipples and giving them a pinch.

“Ah gawd… Oh, Luke, I think I’m gonna… I’m gonna… Oh!!!”

Brian’s cock spasmed and exploded inside Luke’s mouth and Luke swallowed every drop. He came up off of Brian’s cock with a plop and looked up into Brian’s eyes with a hungry smile on his face. Then he came up and kissed Brian allowing him to taste a bit of his own seed on Luke’s tongue.

“Awe, thanks, Luke. That was… that was awesome.”

Brian was breathing so hard for a while, Luke was afraid he might actually pass out from over oxygenation.

“Think you can still do me?” Luke asked.

“Oh, fuckin’ right I can!” said Brian, switching positions to straddle his friend.

Brian eagerly undid Luke’s belt and hauled out Luke’s think eight-incher. It fell heavy onto Luke’s hard lower abs with an audible thud.

“Damn,” Brian said, “I forgot how big yours gets.”

“You can do it, bro,” said Luke, playfully. “I believe.”

Brian gripped the sizeable cock with one hand, retracted Luke’s foreskin and started stroking. Luke sighed, let his head fall back against the tree, closed his eyes, and allowed Brian to do all the work. He felt his cock start leaking copious amounts of precum from its tip. Then suddenly Brian’s tongue was there to lick it and spread it all around. More precum flowed as Brian continued teasing Luke with his tongue and stroking with his hand. Luke felt Brian’s other hand grip his meaty scrotum and start gently squeezing his balls.

“Ungh… I love that,” Luke moaned.

Luke’s cock was well lubed from tip to balls when he felt Brian finally swallow him. Or, try to swallow him. His buddy made a valiant effort, but couldn’t stop gagging after five inches or so. So he opted to work the top of Luke’s cock with his mouth and the bottom with his hand, which was no less satisfying from Luke’s perspective.

Luke brought a hand to the back of Brian’s head, running his fingers through his messy mop of thick, dark brown locks. Luke found himself biting his lower lip as the sensations built. He’d been holding back, letting Brian do the work until now, but the dam was starting to break and he couldn’t help himself. He felt his hips start to thrust. His fingers tightened around Brian’s hair.

“Oh… fuck man I’m close… I’m close…”

At last, Brian’s throat relaxed a bit more and he swallowed Luke’s cock to the hilt, burying his nose in Luke’s pubes. That did it.

“Ah fuck! Hope you’re thirsty, dude! Ungh!”

His hips bucked and his cock spewed alpha seed down Brian’s throat. He removed his hand from Brian’s head and Brian came off Luke’s cock almost immediately, gasping for breath. But Luke wasn’t done cumming, not by a long shot. Two more thick blasts hit Brian in the face. Half a dozen more blasted up onto Luke’s chin, neck, shoulders, chest. A few more squirted out and collected in the grooves of his furry, chiselled abs.

“Damn, Luke!” Brian said. “Have you been saving it up or something?”

Luke chuckled, he always shot buckets. Then he opened his arms, and said, “C’mere, man.”

Brian laid down on top of Luke’s cum-covered torso and Luke wrapped his beefy arms around him. They laid there for a long time dozing while Brian casually licked Luke’s alpha juices off of his chest while watching what he didn’t lap up slowly run down Luke’s abs and into his crotch. Without realizing it, they fell asleep in the grass under the broken shade of that willow tree.

After about forty minutes they startled themselves awake and decided to clean up by skinny dipping in the lake, which was awesome. They wrestled and dunked each other. Luke’s favourite thing to do was pick up Brian and see how far he could throw the smaller stud. And Brian loved letting him. Getting cleaned up with Brian was almost as much fun as getting dirty!

As they walked back to the campsite they heard Andy’s voice… counting?

“Fifteen… sixteen… seventeen…”

Luke and Brian arrived back at the campsite to find Jake and Jamie engaged in a sit-up contest. Luke’s money was on Jake. That guy had abs that belonged in a swimwear ad. But it would be fun to see how high these two studs would go.

Now that they’d had a dip in the lake, Luke and Brian decided to put on some fresh clothes. It might have also had something to do with Dave and Gavin coming over soon. Luke definitely wanted to show Dave that he could look presentable. When looking to impress, a man shouldn’t rely on his body alone!

They marched onto their campsite early, around three o’clock, just toward the end of the sit-up contest. Gavin was hot, too! He was about twenty-one, a solidly build, blond surfer dude type who stood about five-foot-nine.

The guys had a wicked afternoon together, mostly horsing around in the water, showing off. Luke did all he could to try and impress Dave that day, remove any doubt that he was another alpha, and the other guys were only too happy to unknowingly help out. After they saw Luke do a couple shoulder presses with Brian and then throw him in the water, they all wanted a ride, even Gavin.

“Nice, man,” Dave said to Luke. “You got some good distance with Andy. Dude must’ve thought he was flying!”

“Thanks, man!” Luke said, beaming. This was fucking awesome! His older brother had moved out west years ago and wasn’t home that often. Luke had forgotten how great it felt to get some attention from another alpha. Then a grin curled across his lips. Luke got an idea.

“Think you could do that with me, big boy?” he asked Dave.

Dave shrugged his boulder shoulders and said, “Only one way to find out.”

Before he knew what was happening, Luke’s feet had left the bottom of the lake and he was above Dave’s head.

“Whoa! Shit!”

Dave pumped Luke above his head a couple of times and then really wound up before tossing him. Luke flew a good six or eight feet before splashing into the water, limbs flailing. Damn! He’d been half kidding when he issued this challenge. Dave was even stronger than he looked –and he looked like a fucking superhero!

Luke emerged from the water with an astonished look on his face and a chubbing cock in his shorts. As he looked around at the faces of the other guys, Luke knew he wasn’t the only one sprouting wood under the water after this impressive display. This camping trip was quickly climbing the charts to “best ever” status.

Dinner was amazing. As it turned out, Jamie and Andy had been super successful on their fishing trip. The whole group of them feasted on a banquet of filleted trout and perch and fire-roasted potatoes. Jake, ever the campsite gourmet, even steamed a mess of fresh green beans for them. Dave and Gavin had brought over chips and guacamole from their site for snacking. The two of them even had a couple beers, which they were kind enough to offer sips of to the under-drinking-age crowd.

There was still lots of daylight to go. After that great nap with Brian, an afternoon of fun, and that most epic of meals, Luke felt like he could lift a car.

They cleaned up and sat around the cooking fire talking.

“I can’t believe you don’t lift on any team or compete or anything!” Luke said to Dave. “I mean, dude! You’d crush it!”

Dave chuckled, “I’m not interested in competing. I just lift for me. And for the boys, of course.”

Luke watched Dave give Gavin a little squeeze and felt just the briefest stab of jealousy. Dave sat on a blanket on the ground leaning against of of the fallen logs. Gavin smiled, looked up, and gave his man a kiss.

“Well, Luke’s the captain of the weightlifting team!” Jamie piped up.

“Yeah, and the captain of the school’s wrestling team!” Andy added. “He’s, like, the strongest guy in our school!”

“Yeah,” Brian piped up. “Every other guy knows it, too!”

Luke smirked. He loved it when his betas bragged for him. He sat on a log across from Dave and Gavin, flanked by his twinks on both sides, casually flexing his bicep and stroking it with his other hand. From the way things had gone so far, Luke had more or less deduced that Dave, although he might have thought he was hot, wasn’t going to get carnal with him. Probably because of something Jake said. But there were other ways to get some contact…

“Yeah, I’m pretty strong. How much do you curl, Dave?”

“For sets?”

Luke’s eyebrows shot up, “Yeah, for sets.”

Dave rolled his boulder shoulders, “I’ve been using eighties for sets of ten.”

“Bullshit! Eighty-pound dumbbells? Really? Wow…” Luke said, a mischievous smirk spreading across his face. “Ever arm wrestle?”

“Not really.”



“Yeah!” Luke said, standing up. “Let’s go, big guy!”

Dave shrugged, stood to his full six-foot-four height and headed over to the picnic table.

“Yeah!” Jamie shouted.

“Awesome! Let’s go!” Brian joined in, clearing some space on the picnic table.

“You can beat him, Luke!” Andrew said.

Luke peeled his tank top off for the sake of his admirers and stretched a little before he sat down. He had no intention of winning this contest. Dave had about fifty pounds of muscle on him, but Luke was determined to get some physical contact and feel this alpha stud’s power one way or another, even if it meant losing an arm-wrestling match in front of his buddies.

Dave followed suit and stripped out of his sleeveless t-shirt before taking his seat at the picnic table across from Luke. Gavin gave his shoulders a quick massage as he sat.

The two muscle studs faced each other and grabbed each other’s hands, looks of playful competition on each of their faces. Jake, acting as referee, grabbed their hands and said,

“All right, on ‘go’. Ready… set… GO!”

Dave and Luke both surged immediately against one another. Biceps and shoulders flexed and swelled, backs rippled, and everyone looked on in adoration.

“Go, Luke!”

“Yeah, Luke! You can beat him!”

“C’mon, Dave! Cream him!”

Luke was having the time of his life! Flexing his muscles, feeling Dave’s power surge through the exercise of his own, huffing his manly musk with every breath from across the table, watching Dave exercise his alpha power against his own. As the blood surged to Luke’s arm and shoulder, he felt it surge to his cock as well as it hardened and snaked down the leg of his shorts.

To themselves Luke and Dave knew what was really going on this weekend, what it had turned into when they met on the grassy shore of the lake that morning. Luke, the budding young alpha, wanted like nothing else to impress Dave, the stronger alpha, and earn his respect. And Luke’s alpha traits were only starting to develop. The only alpha that Luke had met before was his older brother Mike and he wasn’t sure that Mike had told him all that there was to know about it, or even if he knew everything. But now that Luke had caught Dave’s scent, and spent the whole day making it a part of him, he felt like he could smell another alpha a mile away! Even if he took nothing else away this weekend, that would make everything worthwhile.

If only they’d met somewhere else. Luke was certain Jake had told Dave to hold back, probably because this was an “official” camping trip or some shit like that. Luke couldn’t really blame him, it was Jake’s last time leading a troupe after all. But Jake couldn’t tell what was at stake here. They’d all exchanged contact information by now so that they could keep in touch. Luke had no doubt that he and Dave would eventually get together just, the two of them. Dave was a nice guy. He wasn’t one of those asshole alphas that his brother mentioned once, alphas who felt like they had to hoard their power. But they didn’t live in the same city. Once they’d all gone home, it could be months before they could arrange a meeting just the two of them. Luke wanted Dave now! And maybe he could have him. He’d just have to work extra hard.

The arm-wrestling contest went on for a good five minutes or more. The sweat of exertion poured down Luke’s rippling, young back. He could tell that Dave was already impressed with him, he could’ve just given up and still been admired by everyone for his performance, but his competitive drive wouldn’t let him. He powered on even as Dave slowly out muscled him and brought his hand down to the surface of the table.

“Ungh!” Luke grunted in defeat, panting with a huge smile plastered across his dreamy face.

“Way to go Luke!” Brian said, massaging his hero’s arms and shoulders “That was awesome!”

“Yeah, Luke! You really made him work!” Andrew chimed in.

“You guys are fuckin’ huge!” Jamie exclaimed.

Luke looked over as Gavin massaged his man’s arms and shoulders and felt someone, probably Brian, massaging his. But his eyes were locked on Dave. Luke couldn’t stand up yet. His cock was raging hard and leaking like crazy. That was almost as good as sex!

Then, looking around, Luke saw every other guy’s crotch bulging as well and thought, Fuck it!

He stood up and put his hands on his hips, raging hard-on totally visible, a big stain of precum at its tip.

“Don’t suppose you’re up for another contest,” Luke smirked, grabbing his thick cock and shaking it.

The three twinks looked at Luke in silent awe. Jake smiled and shook his head.

“Keep it in your pants, stud,” Dave said, grabbing Gavin to his side.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A few hours later, after sunset, Jake had buggered off with Dave and Gavin back to their campsite across the bay leaving Luke alone with the three younger guys. Luke sat on blanket, his back against one of the logs that he and the guys had moved into place earlier that day. They’d built the cooking fire up into a small bonfire to celebrate the first night of their trip. The heat and light from it beat onto Luke’s bare chest and outstretched legs in pulses. Brian lounged next to him, Andy and Jamie sat together against the log next to them.

Luke would have been lying if he said he wasn’t disappointed at being left out of the fun at Dave’s campsite. And he knew exactly what was going on. It was a still night, but when the wind was just right he could catch a whiff of the action on his nose from all the way across the bay. His cock plumped slightly and shifted in his shorts. Luke rolled his hips a little to give his dick some more room, but tried to ignore it. He wasn’t quite sure how this evening was going to go yet.

Brian shivered a little and stood up.

“Where’re you going?”

“To get a shirt,” he replied. Brian had also been hanging out shirtless, ever eager to follow Luke’s lead, but the fire wasn’t providing quite enough heat for him.

“You don’t need to do that,” Luke crooned, smiling at him, patting the space between his outstretched legs. “C’mere.”

Brian got cold easily. One time when they were winter camping Brian did everything right, but just couldn’t get warm, so Luke climbed in his sleeping bag with him. After ten minutes with Luke’s bulky, muscular body wrapped around him Brian went from shivering to snoozing contentedly. Luke’s big, fleece wrapped bicep made the perfect pillow. You never sleep as soundly as you do when you sleep with an alpha. On some primal level your brain just knows for certain that you’ll be safe and protected all night long. Luke remembered feeling Brian’s heartbeat synchronized with his own.

At the campfire Brian grinned and crawled over to Luke, probably remembering that same winter adventure, and laid himself against Luke’s muscled torso. Luke wrapped his arms around his buddy and breathed in deep, drinking in that strong, sweet smell that so many guys his age seemed to have.

“You know,” Andy said, piping up. “I brought a little something that could help keep us warm.”

He grinned and pulled a hip flask out of a bag laying next to him, dangling it like a bunch of grapes.


“No shit!”

“Way to go, Andy!”

“What is it?” Luke asked.

Andy shrugged, “I don’t remember what the bottle said. I was more concentrated on getting it back into the liquor cabinet before my dad came home. The bottle was wrapped in a cool purple bag, though.”

“Holy, shit!” Luke laughed. “You stole some Crown? You’d better hope your dad doesn’t notice it’s missing.”

Luke was well aware that the most responsible thing to do would’ve been to take it away and pour it out. He didn’t want to be accused of letting the other guys get drunk. That’s how Jake would see it. But he wasn’t worried about the guys getting drunk. The flask just wasn’t that big. Split four ways, they’d all get buzzed, but that’s it. So why not have a little fun? Jake sure was having his.

They started passing it around. Luke could take a full swig without having a coughing fit, but the other guys just took sips. It was damn good whisky. Andy’s dad had good taste! And it did help warm them up, but did nothing to get rid of Luke’s chubbing dick.

“Hey, Luke…” Jamie said with a big smile on his face, as he took the flask. “Can we… sit with you, too?”

Luke was feeling no pain. He tried to keep the flask moving, but still felt like he was getting the lion’s share of the whisky. He shrugged his shoulders, grinning, and spread his arms wide.

“Hey, why not? C’mon over. There’s plenty of me to go around.”

Andy and Jamie quickly scuttled over and each took one of Luke’s meaty shoulders. Luke wrapped a thick, athletic arm around each of them. With a twink on either side and one in front, Luke was getting drunk on more than the whisky. The powerful scent of these three guys was just as intoxicating. Luke began to wonder if, maybe just maybe, the trio of twinks was trying to get him drunk. They all knew that Luke was bi, so they had to have known that Luke would consider all of this some pretty heavy flirting.

“Wow, your arms are getting so big, Luke,” Jamie said, feeling up Luke’s forearm and tricep. “Are you gonna run the weightlifting team again in the fall?”

“Yeah, for sure. That team’s my baby. There wouldn’t be one if I hadn’t started it.”

“Would you let me in if I wanted to join?” Asked Andy. “I wanna get bigger, too.”

“Absolutely! And I’ll have more time to train you guys, too. I don’t plan on going for wrestling team captain again.”

“How come?” Brian asked.

Luke shrugged, “I’m sick of having to cut weight to compete. It’s my last year of high school. I just wanna get as big and strong as I can while I can still use the school’s gym. I wanna break 200 pounds before I graduate. And I wanna get my legs bigger, too.”

“Your legs look pretty big to me,” Andy said, squeezing Luke’s thigh through the fabric of his shorts.”

Andy’s hand was actually perilously close to where Luke’s cock had settled, causing it to swell a little again. Brian no doubt felt it against his hip this time.

“You should compete in a bodybuilding contest, Luke,” Brian said. “You’d crush it.”

“Yeah, maybe,” Luke laughed. “But even I don’t like showing off that much.”

They continued to pass around the whisky. It must’ve been getting low.

“Here, Luke,” said Andy. “You finish it off.”

Luke up ended the flask and took one final swig.

“Ahhh… Thanks, buddy. Hey, three cheers for Andy, right guys?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

“Thanks, Andy.”

“So… what about us, Luke?” Andy asked.


“How about just showing off in front of us?” Andy asked, twisting his neck to look up at Luke, a big goofy grin on his face, his cheeks flushed to the colour of his hair.

“Yeah, Luke!” Jamie piped up. “Show us what the weightlifting club can do for us!”

Luke laughed and said, “Well I’m not showing off all by myself. I think Brian here should get up with me.”

“Me?” Brian said.

“Yeah, buddy,” Luke said. “You made some killer gains this year.”

“Well…” Brian said, his inhibitions deadened by the Crown Royal, “Sure!”


Brian and Luke got up and stood in front of the other two guys. Luke was glad. Brian needed to feel better about himself and he deserved some positive attention from the other betas.

“Cool!” said Jamie.

“Yeah, this is great,” Andy added.

“Just follow me, bro,” Luke said, swinging his arms to warm up a little. Brian mimicked him, both of them grinning like crazy. “Let’s show the boys what a couple of men look like.”

Luke sucked in his breath, pulled his hands behind his heads, and crunched into a killer abs pose. Brian did the same. Luke also stuck out his crotch and swivelled his pelvis while he held the pose. Brian did the same. They both looked damn good. Biceps squeezed next to their faces, cut abdominals rolling and flexing right down to their groins. Only when Luke swivelled his pelvis it was a little more obvious of how excited he was. They could all see his thick, chubbed cock swinging around down the one leg of his shorts.

Then Luke brought his arms down, his fists together, and squeezed his pecs. Brian did the same. Luke had to admit, his buddy’s chest had gone from flat to pretty damn impressive over this past year, especially for a sixteen-year-old.

“Awesome!” said Jamie.

“Yeah, you guys look great,” Andy said.

Their two audience members each had a hand on their crotches, rubbing their stiff dicks.

“Show us your legs, guys!”

“Yeah, show us how big your legs are!”

Luke laughed and grinned over at Brian with his hands on his hips. They all knew what would have to happen for the boys to get a look at their legs. Luke locked Brian in his alpha’s gaze and started unbuckling his belt. Brian, half tipsy, half mesmerized by Luke’s eyes, followed suit. Luke’s shorts fell from his slim waist and he just stood there, feet planted shoulder width apart, and starred at Brian. Brian’s shorts hit the dirt too, but they weren’t doing any posing. They just stood starring at each other. The orange firelight dancing on their damp skin and pumped physiques looked surreal.

Brian’s cock was swinging skyward along with Luke’s. They both drank each other in with looks of pure lust on their faces. Luke felt the tip of his cock touch his navel, something that only happened when he was super turned on, and leave a smattering of salty precum. He never broke his gaze with Brian. Now it was just a matter of who was going to make the first move.

“Holy shit,” Jamie breathed.

“I didn’t even know they could get that big,” Andy echoed.

To Luke’s surprise, Brian stepped over to him, brought his hand behind Luke’s head, got up on his toes, and kissed Luke square on the mouth. Luke closed his eyes, savouring the sensation, and drinking in Brian’s scent. Luke brought his hands up and squeezed Brian in to him, wanting to feel him all along the length of his flesh. Their muscled legs intertwined, their hard cocks bumped and rubbed against one another.

When Luke opened his eyes and looked over, he saw that Andy and Jamie had shucked their shorts as well and were now making out and stroking each other while watching the two bigger studs meld with each other in front of the campfire.

Horny little twerps, Luke thought briefly. This is exactly what they wanted to happen all along.

Then he brought one hand down and grabbed a chunky handful of Brian’s ass, squeezing and massaging it. Then he swept his hand lower, down Brian’s thigh and Brian instinctively brought his leg up and wrapped it around Luke’s, spreading his ass cheeks slightly. His hands were wrapped around Luke’s neck while they kissed. Luke’s other hand came down from Brian’s back and swept down over his ass, his fingers working their way inside until he could tease Brian’s pucker with his middle finger.

“Ungh… Ungh…” Brian moaned into Luke’s mouth.

Luke broke their kiss, looked into his eyes, and said, “You ready to give these guys a real demonstration?”

Brian nodded and brought up his other leg. He was now completely off the ground, wrapped around Luke, supported by Luke’s solid stems. His legs would’ve been on full display now. Luke had one hand firmly on Brian’s ass, the other was positioning his cock at Brian’s pucker. It was already spewing precum like crazy. Luke almost never needed lube other than his own, but Brian was a virgin, so he let his cock leak for a while before attempting entry. When it felt like his shaft and Brian’s entrance were well greased, Luke thrust his hips up while lowering Brian with his arms.

“Ah!” Brian gasped and threw his head back. Luke’s fat cockhead had made entry. Over the next several minutes, Luke made micro thrusts with his hips while slowly lowering Brian onto his thick, throbbing, eight-incher.

Jamie and Andy were doing their best to pleasure each other while watching the amazing display of masculine sexuality unfolding in front of them.

Luke was in heaven! His cock spewed salty lube into Brian like crazy, his biceps were strained to the max and flexed to the size of cannonballs as they controlled Brian’s descent. Brian’s own cock rubbed up against Luke’s furry abs, slicking them with juices.

Finally Brian’s ass made full contact with Luke’s hips and they looked into each other’s eyes in a way that said, Yes! This is how it should be.

Luke began pumping, feeling his cock grinding against Brian’s prostate, and they both moaned like rutting stags. The pumping got faster, Luke using all his godly strength to bounce Brian on his cock in mid-air. It was the oddest thing, but as they fucked Luke thought he could detect Brian’s scent changing. It wasn’t the first time this had happened during sex either, but that was another story.

Suddenly Brian’s moaning turned into “O-mi-gawd… O-mi-gawd… O-mi-gawd… Ohhhhh!”

Luke felt Brian’s cock shoot hot sperm all the way up his chest and onto his chin. This caused his ass to clamp down onto Luke’s cock, which was almost too much for him. Luke lowered to his knees, Brian still on his cock, and laid Brian down with his back on one of the thick campfire blankets they’d laid on the ground.

As Brian’s cock continued leaking more cum, he looked up into Luke’s smiling face.

“My turn,” Luke growled.

Then Luke started thrusting more forcefully. Brian still had his legs wrapped around him. Luke snaked his hands up under Brian’s shoulder blades and then gripped the tops of his shoulders so that he could fuck him deeper. Brian’s moaning resumed as he starred up at Luke, arms wrapped around his alpha’s back, fingers digging into his flesh. Luke could only imagine what he must’ve looked like to Jamie and Andy as he fucked, especially his ass. In Luke’s opinion there were few things more beautiful than a muscular man’s backside as he fucked.

After another minute or two of olympic-level fucking, Luke threw his head back, thrust deeply one more time, and roared, “Aaaaargh!”

His cock got even bigger and harder, stretching Brian to his max as he flooded him with his alpha seed. They looked into each other’s faces and smiled. Luke continued giving smaller thrusts and when he was satisfied that his seed was buried deep enough, he slowly withdrew and left Brian on the forest floor –panting, tingling, and recovering.

Luke’s cock had lost none of its rigidity and was now dripping down to his balls with his musky juices. He wasn’t done. In fact his balls felt fuller and heavier than they were an hour ago. He looked over at Jamie and Andy and, panting like he’d just finished a wrestling match, said,

“Jamie. Over here. Ass in the air, dude. You’re next.”

Jamie grinned like he’d won the lottery, crawled over, turned around and stuck his pert, hairless, swimmer’s ass up at Luke. Luke smiled, grabbed it with both hands and –to Jamie’s amazement– dove in with his tongue!

Jamie gasped and nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt Luke’s muscular tongue slide into his ass and start licking around. He’d obviously never even heard about this! His cock, already amped up from playing with Andy, immediately spewed a stream of clear precum onto the blanket below him.

“Oh, Luke! I think I’m gonna… I think I’m gonna…”

“Oh, no you don’t,” Luke said, coming up for air. He grabbed onto Jamie’s balls and gently tugged, keeping him from cumming.

Jamie squealed and arched his back toward Luke.

“I’m not done with you yet,” Luke said as he leaned forward over Jamie, put his cock to his ass and pushed.

Jamie gasped, Luke’s one hand still grabbing his balls, “Oh, fuck! It’s big! Go slow!”

“Don’t worry, buddy,” Luke said, releasing his balls and stroking his back with one hand. “I won’t hurt you… I want this to feel good.”

Luke grabbed onto Jamie’s waist firmly while slowly rocking his hips, working Jamie’s ass with just the tip of his thick cock. He bent over Jamie, gently kissing and licking his way up Jamie’s spine all the way to his neck. Luke could feel him relaxing, his ass stretching. He could feel the head of his cock slipping and sliding around as he filled Jamie with alpha lube.

Jamie’s gasps started turning to moans. Luke turned his head around and kissed him. Then he started pushing his cock inside, swallowing Jamie’s moans as every throbbing inch entered him.

Finally Luke was balls deep into his buddy. He just held his cock there and flexed it, pumping more lube up into Jamie, preparing him for the fucking to begin in earnest. Looking to his side, he saw Brian with is head in Andy’s crotch, sucking his dick.

“Don’t get too him too excited, Bri,” Luke said. “I’m sure Andy wants to take a ride, too.”

Then he pulled half of his cock out of Jamie and thrust it back in. Jamie threw his head back and howled as it stroked across his g-spot. Luke continued thrusting inside Jamie, smooth and deep, while locking eyes with Andy as he got his dick sucked. Jamie roared with pleasure.

“Don’t you worry, Andy,” Luke said. “I’m gonna have more than enough left for you, too.”

Luke’s fucking accelerated, making short quick thrusts, like his hips were magnetically drawn to Jamie’s ass.

“Ohhhhh… gawd, Luke! I think I’m close.”

“Then let’s share, buddy.”

Luke pulled Jamie up off his hands, turned him toward Andy and Brian, pinning Jamie’s hands behind his back as he kept thrusting. Jamie’s cock was leaking precum like a faucet, hard as a rock, and bobbing up and down with Luke’s thrusts from behind. His head fell back onto Luke’s shoulder, moaning.

“Oh! Oh, gawd. Oh!!!”

His head shot back up and his cock sprayed Andy and Brian with his seed.

Watching Brian and Andy get covered with their friend’s seed, seed that he’d just fucked out of Jamie, was too much for Luke. A few more deep thrusts and he unloaded inside of Jamie, growling like a grizzly as he did. He grabbed onto Jamie’s hips with his powerful hands and thrust deep, getting his seed as far up into him as he could.

“Oh, fuck, Luke,” Jamie cooed. “I can feel it. I can feel you inside me.”

Then Luke slowed down, slowly stroking Jamie’s insides while kissing him. Then he looked with hunger at Andy and Brian as they licked Jamie’s cum off each other’s bodies.

“All right, Andy,” Luke said, smiling. “Last but not least.”

He carefully withdrew from Jamie and stood up, the firelight bouncing off his sweaty, muscular form, his thick chest and cobblestone abs heaving with exertion. His huge cock still rock-hard and now more lubed up than ever.

“Jamie,” Luke commanded. “Over here, ass in the air. Brian, same for you, over here. Andy, I want you in the middle on your back. Let’s go!”

They all eagerly scrambled to follow their alpha’s commands, smiling from ear to ear. Once they were all in position, Luke continued,

“Good. Now each of you hold one of Andy’s hands. He might need a little moral support. And I don’t want him trying to make himself cum either. That’s my job.”

Luke got down on his knees between Andy’s legs, Andy smiling up at him, looking into his eyes like he was seeing the face of god. He began by leaning down and passionately kissing Andy while slowly stroking the twink’s cock inside his hand along with his own, sliding them against each other like two sticks to start a fire. Then Luke dragged his tongue down the length of Andy’s body, stopping for a moment to tease the guy’s erect nipples, then continued down to his crotch. Luke started sucking Andy off while probing at the pucker of his ass with his fingers.

“Ungh… Oh, Luke…” Andy crooned. “Oh-mi-gaaaaawd…”

Andy was a small guy and particularly tight, so Luke reached down to his own cock, squirted some lube from the tip and worked that into Andy’s pucker with his fingers before sliding one in.

Andy gasped and bucked his hips. Luke tasted the precum starting to flow from his cock. Andy loosened and Luke pushed in a second finger. Andy gasped again as Luke started wriggling them around, searching… searching…

“Ahhhhh!” Andy cried.

And… Jackpot! Luke thought to himself. He withdrew his fingers and laid the bulk of his muscular body on top of the smaller dude, looking into his eyes, his head of his mighty cock positioned at the entrance to Andy’s ass. Luke kissed him, gently pushing until just the very tip of his cock had broken through. Andy didn’t appear to be in any discomfort –quite the opposite!

Then Luke broke the kiss and looked into his eyes, their noses almost touching. The look on Andy’s face was a mixture of bliss, lust, gratitude and worship. Luke locked his gaze, the way only the eyes of an alpha can, and said,

“I want you to remember this forever.”

Then he flexed his hips and pushed inside Andy. The twink’s eyes went so wide, his mouth formed a perfect O and he gasped, but never broke his gaze with Luke. Luke grabbed onto his shoulders, felt Andy’s legs wrap around his waist, and continued slowly pushing. He was going in slowly, but was determined to go all at once.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ohhhhh…” Andy cried.

Then, just as Luke’s furry crotch made contact with the guy’s ass, he felt Andy’s spunk spraying onto him.

Fuck! Luke thought. Didn’t even take one stroke!

This turned him on like nothing else. He grinned, reared up, grabbed Andy’s ankles and started pounding like a wild animal. Andy, all the while, made beautiful sounds of ecstasy as Luke fucked spurt after spurt of cum from his spasming young balls. Luke was working up quite the sweat. And then he smelled something else.

Luke looked up as he fucked to see Jake and Dave watching. His cock throbbed with renewed vigour. He grinned and thrust harder. Andy moaned and after a few more powerful pumps, Luke roared and busted his nut inside the dude’s pussy. Andy whimpered as a few more drops of cum leaked from his cock.

Luke thrust deep, feeling his seed spray from his cock yet again and fill his beta to capacity. Again, the guy’s scent seemed to change somehow.

Never breaking his gaze from Jake and Dave, Luke withdrew from Andy and stood up. His young bodybuilder’s frame looked like bronze in the firelight, his cock, an impressive eight-incher, still standing erect and dripping. He sauntered over to Dave and Jake, his muscled chest rising and falling rapidly, and stopped a few feet in front of them. He reached down to his cock. He took some cum from the tip, brought his finger to this mouth, and sucked it off, savouring his own taste and the sweet flavour of the three cherries he’d just busted.

Jake was astonished and speechless. Dave was smiling, meaty arms crossed over his chest, beaming with pride.

Luke pulled out his finger, smiled at them, and said, “Oops.”

Dave laughed and Luke could see his cock hardening beneath his jeans.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next morning Luke awoke inside Brian’s sleeping bag with Brian next to him. Brian was still asleep. He smiled and inhaled deeply.

Yup, he thought to himself. Different.

He couldn’t explain why but after their epic fuck fest last night, even during, he could sense the three younger boys’ scents changing. Before they all had the same, strong scent. But now the scent wasn’t as strong and each of them smelled differently. Weird.

But Luke wasn’t going to put that much thought into it. Right now he was in bliss. He and Brian had slept together many times, of course, on camping trips and sleepovers. But usually in separate bags, in separate beds. Now they slept together as they should, as they both always wanted, flesh to flesh. And Brian slept like the dead that night. Luke’s had his thick arms and legs wrapped protectively around his beta, his furry crotch pressed firmly against Brian’s round, fleshy ass, breathing into his thick brown hair and drinking in his scent all night long. Currently Luke also had a throbbing boner sticking up between Brian’s thighs beneath the younger guy’s balls. And he was a little surprised at his own virility; he still got his usual morning wood, even after such an epic night of sex. He’d lost count of how many loads he shot last night.

And the night couldn’t have ended any better.

Luke recalled the contrasting looks on Jake and Dave’s faces when they walked onto the campsite to see him fucking his final twink of the night: one of pride, the other astonishment.

“Luke… what the… what the fuck, man?” Jake eventually got the nerve to say.

“Awwwww, don’t be mad at him, Jake,” Jamie and Brian had approached and come to Luke’s defence. Andy was still on the ground, recovering from his fuck.

“Yeah, Jake. It’s not like we didn’t want this.”

“Yeah. We actually wanted it real bad!”

“Why don’t you come and join us, Jake?” Jamie said, approaching Jake with a full, swinging hard-on between his legs.

“Yeah, Jake,” Brian said, equally hard and dripping, approaching Jake from the other side.

“Well… I… I don’t know guys, I…”

Jamie cut him off by kissing him. Brian started stroking Jake’s bare arms from behind and kissing his neck. When Jamie broke the kiss, he said,

“I always wanted you, Jake. But I wanted to be ready for you. And… I’m ready now.”

Jamie and Brian stripped Jake of his clothes as they led him closer to the fire where Andy was waiting on the blankets.

“Let us pay you back for being such a great leader, Jake.”

“Yeah, Jake.”

Jake didn’t fight them one second longer. A minute later he was on those well-used campfire blankets getting serviced by all three twinks.

Then there was Dave.

Luke remembered standing in front of him, panting, covered in sweat and cum. His body felt more alive than it ever had. His cock was so hard it felt like it had grown another inch that night. Dave stood before him grinning, beaming with pride. Without a word he tripped off his shirt, removed his jeans, struggling a little to get them off, and soon stood before Luke as naked as he was, cock pointing straight at Luke. Luke stepped toward him, wrapped a hand around his head and kissed him. Dave returned. Their hands slid along each other’s broad backs, they squeezed each other’s strong, muscular bodies like they were trying to weld themselves together, their huge cocks rubbing against one another, mashed between two rock hard walls of abdominal muscles.

Dave walked them back closer to the fire then brought his cock down between Luke’s legs and it sprung up again under Luke’s balls, splitting his ass cheeks. Luke wrapped his arms around Dave’s neck, his legs around his waist, Dave holding all of Luke’s solid body up with his tree-trunk legs. Then he reached around Luke, holding one chunky ass check with one of them and positioning his cock with the other. Dave was a big guy, but so was Luke, and it wasn’t his first time getting fucked. But the entry was still painful. Dave’s cock must’ve been close to ten inches long and even thicker than Luke’s.

Luke remembered throwing his head back and screaming at the sky, but he was determined. He willed his ass muscles to relax and soon Dave’s alpha cock was buried balls deep inside him. Dave bounced the smaller muscle stud on his cock, gripping his meaty teen bodybuilder ass with both hands while Luke held on for dear life with his arms and legs. Luke’s ass must’ve felt pretty good to Dave because he was cumming inside of a minute!

Dave’s alpha seed shot deep inside him, Luke remembered feeling its warmth enter him and spread throughout his entire body. And it was a big load. At least as big as one of Luke’s epic drenchers. Luke remembered breathing in Dave’s alpha musk with each inhalation, practically getting high on it along with all the other sensations travelling through his body.

Dave let him down and slowly withdrew his cock, making sure that Luke could close his ass and keep as much of his seed within him as possible. But Luke’s cock was still hard as a hammer. Dave bent over, facing Jake and the three twinks on the blankets, presenting his ass to Luke!

“Go on, stud,” Dave growled back toward Luke. “You’re top alpha tonight, man. You’ve earned it.”

Luke then stepped forward and mounted Dave, having to push super hard to penetrate the huge muscle stud’s ass. It felt like forcing his way between two flesh covered boulders, but Luke was up to the challenge. He trust in balls deep and started thrusting with his hips like he never had before, pulling out almost his entire length before plunging back in. And Dave obviously appreciated the effort. He soon blew another huge load all over the audience below him. Then Luke lost it and crumpled over Dave’s back as he shot his hardest load of the night deep up into this other alpha.

Best night of his life!

Now, in his sleeping bag with Brian in his arms, his morning wood had gone into overdrive remembering the fun of the previous night. He thrust his hips a few times, moving his cock between Brian’s thighs, but his beta was still dozing. Then he brought his cock back, positioned it at Brian’s pucker, and pushed.

“Ungh!” Brian gasped. “O-mi-gawd!”

He was awake now. He turned his neck to face Luke, smiling, and Luke kissed him as he fucked, soon losing his first load of the day inside his best buddy, his lover, his beta. Luke couldn’t think of a better way to wake up every morning for the rest of this trip.

Once everyone emerged from their tents, and realized that the previous night’s carnival of sexuality wasn’t a dream, they made breakfast.

The one most anxious was Jake, but after he realized and accepted that all the younger boys were pretty happy with their first sexual experiences, he relaxed. In fact, everyone was pretty relaxed. Now that the sexual tension was broken they were all free to just be… sexual. And they were all pretty cool with that. And they all explored their sexuality many times with each other over the next three days, in every way and in every setting they could think of. And it was awesome!

After the epic campfire fuck, Dave had returned to his site to spend the night with Gavin, but by the afternoon, the two campsites had merged into one and the sleeping arrangements had altered. For the remaining three nights, Jake slept with Dave and Gavin in Gavin’s tent, leaving Andy and Jamie to explore one another in their tent. And Luke slept with Brian.

As the sunset on their last night on the lake, Dave found Luke looking out over the water, standing beneath the boughs of that willow tree that he found on the first day. Over the past few days the two of them had shared at least a dozen fucks, but at that moment, for the first time, the two of them were finally, completely alone together.

“Hey,” Dave called.

“Hey, man,” Luke replied.

Dave came up behind him and wrapped his arms around Luke, locking their bare torsos together, breathing him in.

“So… are we finally gonna talk?” Luke asked.


“Yeah, you know… alpha to alpha.”

“So you do know what you are,” Dave said. “I’ve been wondering this whole time. And you know I’m an alpha, too. So you must at least know the scent. But… I can’t be the first alpha you’ve met.”

“The first besides my brother, Mike. He’s four years older than me. But… Mike never talked about it, really. It was always kind of an inside joke that he and I had. He called us the ‘alpha bros’ all the time.”

“But you know an alpha’s scent.”

“Yeah. And I can smell out other guys, too. But I don’t always understand what I’m smelling.”

“Your brother never… gave you the Lore?”

“The what?”

“Hummm… You and I really do need some alone time.”

“We’re alone now.”

“No. Lots of alone time. Serious alone time. This isn’t a casual chat we’re talking about here.”

“So you’re really gonna stay in touch? After this trip?”

“Absolutely. Alphas are all too rare for us not to stick together, support one another.”

“So exactly how long do I have to wait for this alone time?”

Dave chuckled, kissing the crown of Luke’s head, and said, “Not long. I’ll make it happen soon. I promise.”

The next morning, they all packed up and went home. But they would all see each other again.

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