Biggest man of them all

by muscl4life

A short story on the life of the biggest man ever, who just happened to be short.

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Author’s Note

It has been suggested a story where a short dude gained lots of msucles and not an inch in height, and I decided to accept this challenge. I hope you like this one shot story, and forgive me for many inaccuracies, but sometimes one just needs to take a creative license. Thanks Iceman75 for the idea (and please excuse me for going waaaaaaaaaay over the top).


Part 1

Back in 1988, the sport news announced the recent marriage between the Bulgarian Olympic Gymnastic champions, Konstantin Petko and Irina Kaprova. Just a few weeks prior to their wedding, the newly husband was offered a job opportunity to work as Gymnastics Coach in the US, and barely two years after the Petko family had moved, their first son, Stefan, was born in American soil, in June 5th 1990.

As former Gold medal winners, Konstantin and Irina had both great genetics, but on top of that, they both had dedicated their lives to their beloved sport, they weren’t just successful athletes but actually become icons in the History of gymnastics. All these factors contributed for my debut in sportsmanship.

Taking after my parents, I had always been one of the shortest kids in school, but my bodily constitution more than compensated the lack of height, also, my strength and stamina soon proved that the young Stefan Petko clearly possessed the requirements to excel in gymnastics, especially having such skilled coach as my father, who posed as my mentor and role model. From the early age of 7 years old, I was already used to the discipline and severe physical demands of that Olympic sport.

As it would have been expected, I soon reached great accomplishments in gymnastics competitions.

At the age of 10 years old, I was already the three time national champion of my age category, and had also presented as guest athlete in several phases of World Championship, and in all of them I had marveled the audience with my uncanny skills and incredible strength, most of people had serious doubts about my real age, especially when they see me in my competition uniform.

At only 3’7”tall, I was well under the average height for my age, but at 79 pounds, my young muscles were already very defined and cut, when I was performing such complex exercises, everyone could clearly see the striations and the deep divisions of my sturdy muscular physique. With icy blue eyes and very dark short brown hair, pearly complexion and pinky cheeks, people always said that I looked like “a cute super boy”.

From there, each year I seemed to gain a lot of muscular mass, but my height was just growing beneath the doctors expected; at 12 I was 4 feet tall weighing 105 pounds, when I turned 13, I had the biggest growth spurt in height of my life growing to 4’7”tall, but my weight also increased to 139 pounds.

At 14, the scale told me that I was 4’10” weighing 155 pounds, and when I turned 15, I was 5’3 ¼ inches tall and 167 pounds. As my body grew not so much taller but incredibly more muscular and stronger, I clearly developed my strength and style, the golden path of gymnastics opened itself for me, because very soon I would be able to take part in the most important international tournaments such as the World series and the Pre-Olympic disputes.

However, there was something inside me that wasn’t totally satisfied.

No matter how successful I was in the tournaments, whenever I returned to my daily routine, people never seemed to notice my accomplishments; even in my school, asides from the gymnastics team, the other students seemed to ignore the importance of my achievements. Apparently, they all had eyes for the “tall guys”.

The members of any basketball, football or water polo teams always stand out of the crowd, parading their colorful jackets and their incredibly big championship trophies. It is true that, given the requirements for their sport, these athletes are usually much taller than the rest of the regular people, but to me, their impressive bulk was the most important factor for their reputation. Every time people see a tall built man, they quickly associate such look to a sportsman.

Although Gymnastics is not nearly as popular as such sports, it doesn’t mean it requires less preparation or bodily strength. I was actually much stronger than most of those regular jocks, but the majority of people didn’t seem to realize how much effort one has to make in order to hold his body upside down, or what it takes to perform a perfect jump over vault, not to mention how painful it is to hold still when performing a “reversed Christ” exercise over six feet from the ground.

Although my family could already dream with the day I would be gaining my first Olympic gold medal in Beijing, I just felt that Gymnastics was not my greatest passion.

Perhaps the crucial reason for my constant frustration in Gymnastics was that I’ve always felt like people wanted me to do it because I wasn’t a tall guy, and short people could only have a shot in such sport. The funniest detail is that I took the courage to confront my parents about such important decision because of a comic book character.

Wolverine had always been very short at 5’3”, which is almost as tall as I am, but his muscularity and toughness rivals with the most powerful super heroes, in fact his greatest nemesis, Sabertooth is an incredibly tall and scary dude, but wolverine never felt intimidated for being over a foot shorter than his arch enemy. It was then I decided that regardless my height, I would be the strongest and the toughest guy to beat, no matter which sport I chose.

From that moment on, I felt this need to challenge the limits of my body, but not on a homogenous stream, I needed to succeed and to excel in a sport regardless my any personal character of mine. I was to win against all odds, because I was the strongest and the most determined sportsman.

Although my father was really against this feeling of mine, he understood my reasons, and then I finally quit Gymnastics to pursue my real sports passion. Still in high school I joined wrestling team, but it was really frustrating at the beginning.

Coach Thompson told me that, because of my high bodily weight, I had to try a slot in the heavier categories, and in Wrestling, according to his narrow minded opinion, taller athletes always have advantage over the shorter ones, and since most of guys in my weight range were at least 4 inches taller than my nearly 5’4” height, things would be very difficult for me.

I had the honor to see the stupid man swallowing his bitter words when I easily defeated Todd Chambers, the team star, a guy who was 6 feet tall, all I needed was to use a small fraction of my uncanny strength, developed in years of hard training, to quickly pin the lanky, slow and poorly coordinated teenager. After that day, Coach Thompson systematically renewed his invitation for me to join the wrestling team, but it was clear for me that Wrestling wasn’t my passion either.

It was then I read about Franco Columbu, his personal story inspired greatly because he was not only he had been one of the greatest professional bodybuilders ever, he also had important records and titles in strength competitions. He had never been intimidated by taller competitors and he proved his worth as a bodybuilder, he is 5’5” but it never helped him from becoming Mister Olympia.

Despite the fact that his body looked incredibly massive still under the 200 pounds mark, I couldn’t help but getting a little disturbed by the fact that people seem to underestimate Columbu’s achievements, calling him by the condescending nicknames of “Arnold’s pet” or something alike, it was clear that Columbu opened the ways for several other shorter bodybuilders to prove that height has absolutely nothing to do with muscular excellence. Things finally had connected in my mind; I have always nurtured an undeniable love for the male physique and the beauty of a muscular male body not to mention that I had everything needed to succeed in bodybuilding: a great muscular lean body to start with, genetics for superior muscular gains, I’ve always worked out in my life, therefore I was very familiar with the discipline necessary for obtaining greater muscular hypertrophy, and I was determined to use everything within my reach to achieve such hard goal.

I would prove the entire world that a short man can be much more muscular and stronger than a taller one, and not just relatively bigger, I was determined to have the biggest and the strongest physique, I would be heavier and undeniably bigger than any opponent I faced, no matter how tall he was.

I must admit that things weren’t easy at the beginning. My father refused to help me in my “nonsense childish dreams” so I had to get a part time job in order to pay for my gym expenses and all the nutritional supplements I would need. Fortunately, I had easy access to great gym facilities, and my father also had several books that helped me to understand the whole mechanism of muscular hypertrophy.

I still remember the times when the taller guys used to look down at me, thinking that just because I was shorter I would train less hard, many times I showed 6 footers that I could not only bench press their cargo, but indeed I could handle a much heavier one for a longer series of repetitions.

I was driven by an innate feeling of overcoming and dominance, many times I cursed and yelled at myself, demanding to get better results; when asked why I was so hard to myself, I openly admitted to anyone that I was in a goal to become the world’s strongest and most muscular man ever. Most of them laughed at me, because they could only admit that such titles belonged to a really tall man. I wanted to prove them wrong so badly, that my anger actually changed into an interesting feeling, I was anxious to see the reaction of those who disbelieved the accuracy of my statements, when the undeniable proofs were presented.

Looking back at such moments, I come to realize that perhaps I always knew that I carried something different on me. I just felt that I had an unheard easiness for muscular gains, which exceeded the frontiers of “good genetics”; like it was attested before, I carry a very rare type of genetic “dysfunction” (although I can’t really accept this name, since this condition gave me everything I always dreamt of) that stimulates my muscular hypertrophy beyond any standards currently known by medicine.

However, it must also be credited that this initial genetic condition alone wouldn’t be able to trigger, by itself, the events that happened later in my life. Like it had been said so many times, we are a result of a combination between our genes and our personal choices, and I had chosen not to settle for just good genetics, I would always train like I simply could pack no muscle at all, because that would have to push me harder and harder, which eventually conducted my life towards the reality I am in. But I am getting ahead of myself; you should be told what happened exactly how it happened.

When I started working out focusing strictly on my very ambitious bodybuilding goals, my body had entered what I called “growth mode” where the anatomical and physiology changes in my body were soon to be noticed and reported by the scientific community.

After only 9 months of the beginning of this new phase of my life, I had gained exactly 25 pounds of solid muscle fibers, going from already very respectable 167 muscular pounds, I had reached the mark of 194 pounds, which on a 6 feet plus man would look rather decently muscular, but on my 5’3”looked just astonishingly HUGE! My chest already read 52”around and my arms were 21”, the massive thighs tapped at 27”and my waist only read 29”, my body fat percentage was below 7%.

I still didn’t want to debut in the bodybuilding world, despite the many requests for competing in local shows, I felt that I was so far from my goals since the day I decided to take this journey, and must I say now that it had been a lonely journey up to that moment.

Since all gym owners begged me to work out on their places for free, and because I loved the thrill of being challenged, I usually frequented different gyms during the year, that always gave me the opportunity to check on the local guys to see if there was any decent competition, and back in these early days the competition was still strong and honorable; that’s how I met Tobias Muller, who eventually became not only my gym buddy but also my life partner.

Toby had always been on the tallest side of mankind, coming from a mixed lineage, he had origins both in Africa and Switzerland, which resulted in a 6’8”tall most impressive male specimen, his chocolate skin and hazel eyes, combined with his thick full sensual lips and manly jaw, gave this extraordinarily tall man a royal port that intimidated most people, especially because on top of his impressive height, Muller was a serious amateur bodybuilder who had won quite important shows and now was struggling to get his pro card at outstanding 287 pounds of sheer massive muscle, 55”chest, 23”guns, and 30” thighs with a total of 11% body fat, that 22 year old History graduate was expected to set the bodybuilding world on fire!

When we first met in the gym, I have to say that I didn’t like Toby for any reason besides his impressive height. At that time, I was still convinced that tall guys were always underestimating and patronizing the shorter ones, and I was determined to show him that he could be a real life giant, but I was definitely the bigger one.

I got a spot right in front of that Nubian giant and started my free weight routine, using all my strength and stamina to overcome all my previous records. Ignoring any signs of pain, my muscles pumped and burnt with the pain, I pulled extra reps out of complete exhaustion just to impress that guy, but all that effort had an inconvenient effect. In the end, exhausted and disoriented, I just threw up on the floor, missing Toby’s feet for a really short distance.

I did expect him to get nervous and to yell at me, but instead, that impressively tall guy just kneeled and helped me to get on my feet. His big hands were on my strong shoulders and I heard the grave tone of his voice.

“Are you okay now? Can I help you with anything?” He asked me with a sincere look in his beautiful expression. I gathered my strength and nodded at him.

“Yeah, I’m sorry for that, but you know we just need to run the extra mile…” I said trying to sound as cool as I could possibly be, but truth was that my heart pounded heavily inside my chest, for some reason I needed his approval, even though I just had tried to tease him.

“I totally understand the feeling, if you need something, just let me know, I am Tobias but you can call me Toby.” He smiled and tapped my shoulders, and then he went back to his own routine. Later that day, we met at the juice bar, and we got to chat for the first time. People quickly noticed us talking because of our tremendous height difference, and I must say it was a rather curious sight, but talking to Toby was actually one of the most normal things I’ve ever done, although I had to look up for a long time, I didn’t seem to notice it until my neck was already burning with pain.

It didn’t take long until Tobias and I became gym buddies, when he knew that I was only sixteen and already weighed close to 200 pounds, he was just impressed by my achievements, when he asked me what were my goals in bodybuilding, I couldn’t be more honest.

“I will be the biggest bodybuilder, the heaviest and the strongest competitor in the world!”I blurted out, for the first time I was afraid someone would make fun of my dreams.

“It’s nice to see that you are so young and has such strong goals, but I can’t say I will let you easily become the biggest and heaviest bodybuilder ever because that’s my dream too! But I’m sure that we will have lots of time to find out who’s the best after all!” Toby said, not with a smile, but with a challenging grin in his lips. I understood at that moment, that he truly liked being my friend but it didn’t mean the competition between us would get any easier.

Training with Toby was also a milestone in my career and my personal life; he told me that despite all good genetics and every advantage I had, I should be even more careful, otherwise I could waste my gift by doing the wrong training or following a bad diet. Muller told me that bodybuilding was a combination of several factors, and I should never overlook not even one of them, otherwise I could jeopardize the dream of a lifetime.

A few weeks after the gym event, Toby won a very important show and finally got his pro card, things were open now for him to pursue a career in bodybuilding. Following his advises, I decided that it was also time for to start competing, especially to get used to the hard periods of dieting. Toby personally created a new training routine according to my own needs and special anabolism.

The first time I ever entered contest preparations it was really a new feeling for me, I wasn’t used to the whole “bulk up” and “lean down” periods, and I had to thank my gym partner and new bodybuilding mentor for all the tips he gave me. However, no matter how much I ate, I never really entered the whole “off-season” look. My muscles seemed to pack mass without getting any fatter, and I just kept getting heavier without losing any of my ripped definition.

At first, Toby thought this was because I was still a teenager with a very high metabolism, so I burnt fat easier than an adult, but I was indeed packing more mass, and much faster than he anticipated  –  after two months of that routine I had packed already 17 pounds, going at 214 pounds of solid and ripped muscles, no one could believe I was just bulking up for the upcoming state teenager championship.

We had agreed that I should add several exercises of Gymnastics on my routine, they would not only show my strength and muscular control, but they would help me getting the support of any audience, after all, they all want to see what these huge muscles are capable of doing. So, I added several slower movements of gymnastics, like split ups and complicated arm sustentations, and even a few summersaults, everything to help me getting some extra points with the judges, not that I really needed them, but because I could show that I was stronger than anyone else competing with me.

When it came to dieting, even my most determined will felt somehow weakened when presented to the difficulty of that period. Not only it required tremendous willpower to avoid “temptations”, but the whole training schedule has a totally different purpose, I need to change several aspects of my training in order to get more proportionate and symmetrical, although with my equally distributed easiness for muscular gains, getting symmetrical was just a matter of attention, instead of restraining myself from working a certain body part.

The greatest shock however came with the approaching of the contest, we all noticed that I wasn’t actually “leaning down”, my muscles got even more defined and cut, the more ripped my physique got, the harder it seemed, I had measured my body fat and it had dropped well under the 7% mark, but it doesn’t mean I had lost one single pound. Quite the contrary, after the 17 pounds I had previously gained, my body had packed extra 27 pounds of sheer incredibly huge muscle, which brought me to the really important mark of 241 pounds of hard, massively veined powerful muscle.

Toby was just in awe with my size, my arms tapped at 23 and half inches, my chest was 56 inches around, my legs were 29 inches, just the same size of my waist, my eight pack stomach looked huge and ripped even when totally relaxed. My leg striations were so deep that they looked like two different muscles; even my calves looked much bigger than his.

I will never forget how nervous I was during the show, in the backstage I noticed that most of the guys competing with me were indeed a lot taller, but their bodies simply could never compete with my marvelous physique, I was even bigger than the adults!

When I lined up with the other competitors, it was clear that I would win, because they were just teenager bodybuilders, while I was already a champion, I could have challenged anyone in the adult categories and would have easily won. The result was announced pretty fast, and I got on stage to get my first trophy. I looked at my dad on the audience and he was cheering for me standing, never in his like had Konstantin Petko cheered for another sportsman. In that moment I knew he had completely joined the new “Team Petko”.

After I had won the first show, Toby thought it would be better for me to rest, but the nationals were not far away and I felt I could at least take a shot. Since Toby was to move out to California for his preparation to the first competition as a professional, he thought it would be better if I got a new coach, so I would keep individual attention.

Although, at the time I felt that I really needed to be with him, I respected his decision, because I also felt that, no matter how much my Nubian Prince denied, he was not only attracted for my teenager muscles, but he was actually completely intimidated about my muscle size. I was still over forty pounds lighter, but my muscles already showed that I was much more muscular than his uncanny built.

Thanks to my father’s contacts in the sports world, I got the help of a great bodybuilding coach, Sergio Nuñes, who had me completely checked from head to toe, to trace out a profile of my physiology. To our surprise, the doctors came back with an interesting result.

A genetic condition was detected and because of that, my muscular increase was over stimulated, the muscular fibers would simply keep growing when they were exercised. The scientists wanted me to quit bodybuilding, afraid I might get hurt in the future, but I simply wasn’t going to give up now. I had a dream and I would fulfill it no matter what it took. I agreed in having a special team following my training, and several pharmaceutical companies offered to sponsor this research very interested in the prospects for their own researches.

In order to help me getting the best of training, my whole household had been adapted for my needs. I started being home schooled because I couldn’t wait such precious time of the day being lazy at school, besides, the food would never attend to my massive nutritional intakes. My former school buddies constantly passed by my house to check on me and my constant growing body. My dad sold his station wagon and bought a van because it was roomier for me and my ever growing body, my mother was my personal cook, and I needed to eat within each two hours.

I wanted to say it was the best period of my life, having all my family helping me pursuing my dreams, but no matter how lovely they were, I still missed being with Toby, we seemed to get along so well, but most important. I missed the great feeling of comparing our bodies, I remembered when he taught me to pose, and how he patiently instructed me each position, how to rest my arm or how I should expose my chest without looking weird, Toby also enjoyed these moments very much, he always said that I had a great future ahead of me, in which I replied that one day we would be competing together for the greatest prizes in the bodybuilding.

I spent the next four months doing nothing else but training, eating and resting, rare exceptions for hanging out with former school friends. The bigger I grew and the more muscular I got, the more the guys seemed impressed to my body. I could tell now that even if I had won several Olympic medals, I wouldn’t get half of the respect they had for me now. Some of the guys were in the Football team and they well over 6 feet tall, like Mark, he weighed close to 300 pounds, but unlike me his body fat percentage was still very high.

The guys loved to compare their muscles with mine, and I have to say that it was also a great part of my day, because no matter how much taller they were. When I posed and flexed my muscles, I couldn’t help the feeling of becoming some kind of giant. I felt they were always looking up at me; I was bigger and much stronger than their bulky figures. Although I was at least five whole inches shorter, my muscles easily showed who the bigger man was, and my strength was also mind blowing. Not even the football defense liners were stronger than me! I could beat them in arm wrestling, tug of war, or any other strength competition we tried (in fact that was just a mere rehearsal for my upcoming plans). As a matter of fact, there was nothing funnier than hanging out with the “tall guys”, they would just gather around my huge body, trying not to be squashed by my giants muscles, and it clearly made me feel like I was the biggest man in the world, even though I knew it was still very far from happening

After four months of this very impressive life routine, it was time for me to go cheer for Toby, he would compete for state championship that week and I was just dying to see him again, we had eventually exchanged emails and talked over the phone, but I knew his life was hard, and I finally understood why. Being so tall, he has to pack his muscles to a much more developed state in order to make them proportional to his figure, he could be easily heavier than most of the competitors, but it doesn’t mean the judges would see him as one of the biggest guys.

Toby was indeed an excellent bodybuilder, because he got me impressed when he was up on stage at 275 pounds of really ripped muscles, but the competition was really tight, some guys were in the business for a couple of years, and they knew how to use Toby’s weaker spots in their advantage, but judging by the number of confrontations Toby had been asked to join, everything indicated he would place well in the competition, which indeed happened. Finishing at 3rd place was not a bad thing at all, especially because the prize would help him on preparing for the next show.

After the show, he took me to this restaurant to celebrate, but all the time he said he couldn’t believe how fast I was growing. I wore very baggy sweatshirts that day, because I was determined to accomplish another dream in my life. I looked up onto the hazel eyes of my tall man and said.

“I’m glad you think that way, because tonight, you’re gonna have the honor to be the first guy to worship my muscles!”

Toby gasped with the harshness of my statement, he looked to his sides, noticeably embarrassed with the situation.

“Stefan, dude, I’m sorry, but… I’m not gay…”

I grinned “It’s alright dude! I don’t care if you are gay or straight, but I know one thing; like me, you are really into massive muscles, like OUR muscles, and just as badly as I want to feel yours, I can tell you wanna worship mine. When we first met, you were bigger than me, but I know that during all the time you’ve been out, I’ve grown heavier than you, and my muscles are now bigger than yours! If I had competed today, I know you wouldn’t get the third prize because I would have gotten the first place!”

Toby looked down at me completely charmed. “Stefan, you’re still a teenager…”

“I won’t tell anyone if you don’t. Besides, in a few months I’ll be 18, consider this as your bonus anticipation!” I flexed my pecs under the baggy clothing I wore and Toby gulped.

It is useless to say that I got exactly what I wanted that day. Toby took me to his place, totally forgetting that he had placed in third in state championship, he was focused on finding out how much bigger I had gotten. We were on his living room and he finally took the courage to get my sweatshirt on.

“HOLLY SHIT! You’re not human!” He cursed as he saw my naked torso.

“I have gained exactly 123 pounds since the day we’ve first met…” I answered flexing my massive pectoral muscles rhythmically. “This teenager is 310 pounds now, stretch…”

“This … this is impossible!” Toby said leaning closer to my body, he had to duck in order to see the mighty pecs he was touching, and he loved his view.

“Not for me, the doctors detected a genetic anomaly on me. Apparently my muscle fibers know no limit for their growth, but for all I care they will never know one!” I laughed bringing my arm right against his face.

“Amazing!” Toby hugged to that mountain of flesh that soared right in front of his head.

“These are 27 whole inches, Toby! I got them extra big for you!” I said teasing my dedicated worshiper. He felt my biceps with his eager tongue and traced the veins covering the massive peaks, he moaned as I flexed and relaxed them for his pleasure.

Seeing that incredibly tall man getting down into his knees to worship my muscles only made me feel more of a giant. No matter if Toby was the ones over two meter tall, it didn’t mind that he was the one with bigger feet and hands, I knew I was the one with bigger muscles; therefore, I was the bigger man!

Toby counted my huge abdominal knots, I could flex them at will, showing how ripped and developed they were, my Nubian Prince also noticed how thin my waist was and just how impressively thick my thighs were, at 33”around I just needed to flex them to create a real tsunami of muscular contraction, the fibers were so hard and so thick they looked like carved directly into the marble of my muscular excellence.

I turned around for my much taller worshipper and let him unveil the glorious sight of my bubble butt, even when I was just a gymnast I knew my butt was one of the most beautiful achievements of human evolution, but now, hearing Toby literally choking because of his discovery gave me the certainty of my previous thoughts.

“Stefan, you’re just so BIG!” Toby said as he hugged as much mass as he could, and he accidentally had set me on fire. I turned around and showed him my own 11 inches hard cock, apparently, my growth was affecting my manhood, but I would spare my doctors from this extra humiliation.

It didn’t take long for me to have a 6’8”tall Nubian “not gay” worshipper choking on my huge cock, he moaned as his tongue massaged my throbbing penile veins, I could feel Toby was actually bending a lot to give me the head, and I felt so proud that I could make a real life giant sink into my cock, but eventually, I felt sorry for him, so I made him sit on the couch, so he could be more comfortable when sucking me.

That night was just the first of many ones we would share together. After sucking my huge cock, I blew a huge load down his throat, and then I let him teach me a few things about having sex, Toby’s huge fingers worked their way up my prostate, making sure he stretched me properly before I had his cock for the first time inside of me. Muller felt so good when he got his own 9 incher inside my butt, his moaning was so loud that I could tell the hardness of my butt was actually pleasing him more than he ever expected.

Toby told me how to ride a cock, and I felt in paradise as he pounded my muscular butt alternating between hard and soft movements. Then as he couldn’t help any longer, I flexed my muscles with all my strength and made him cum without ever creaming, he punched my back, begging for releasing and I felt the pressure building down to the base of his cock. Finally, I relaxed my enormous muscle butt and Toby came inside me like a river.

Then, it was my time to ride his dark chocolate piece of ass, and my cock was so hard and lubricated it slipped really nice into my man’s cherry. Yet, Toby did feel some pain, because of the size of my shaft, but soon, that brave man dominated the feeling and accepted me entirely inside of him. We connected in that position, looking at the height of that man completely under the mercy of my huge cock, gave me an extra feeling of confidence rushed over my body and I stood up, feeling Toby bent to accommodate my cock, I plunged him harder and harder, taking my time to lift him from his feet and supporting all his weight on my humongous arms. The total domination of my Nubian giant sent into me cloud nine, and I came for the second time.

It wasn’t because I had completely dominated my man that I would want him to stop competing, quite the contrary, I needed Toby to be bigger and stronger, especially because I already knew that nothing he could do with even reach the magnificence of my development.

A few months later, when I finally turned eighteen, I was precisely 367 pounds of incredibly muscular definition. My coach and I had decided that the whole “bulk up to lean down” concept was useless for my special condition, I would bulking up forever.

I can’t be hypocrite to deny that I was the most important milestone in the history of bodybuilding, until my arrival, the world was used to some standards, and the sports was associated with drug abuse. But after Stefan Petko, it became clear that bodybuilding can be ultimately huge and truly massive without any drugs.

It all started when I was to compete at 421 pounds, seven weeks after I turned 18. Despite my age, I had to be moved into the super heavyweight category, but even so, there was no competition, I was heavier than the second and third places summed, but not just that, my arms were 31” around, chest read 64”and my legs were 38”, compared to my 29”waist, they had to come up with an entirely new concept for “symmetry” because there was no way a judge didn’t chose me the winner for mine and overall categories.

Just then, the media discovered the phenomenal Stefan Petko, an 18 year old high school student that had become the heaviest competitor on a bodybuilding show. Soon, I was on every cover of every muscle magazine, and sponsors already fought for my attention. I needed to get my pro card if I wanted to enter the really important shows, but mostly bodybuilders refused to dispute with me, affirming that if I wasn’t on some kind of new steroid, then I was some kind of “freak of nature” that should be banned from bodybuilding. It took a whole year of negotiation and even resourcing to juridical stances for me to finally be accepted in another bodybuilding contest. But people were just eager to see me; I was invited to pose at several events that weren’t even related to bodybuilding. I took every opportunity to tell people that if I was a freak of nature, than I should have my own category, but they couldn’t keep me from doing the thing I loved the most just because I was so much better than everyone else.

Meanwhile, I didn’t do anything but packing wildly on muscle, probably because I felt motivated for taller guys being so scared of my muscles that they actually refused to compete against me. After that year of forced absence on stages I came back with a taste for revenge, at 542 pounds of stunning muscle, my 41”arms and 66”chest were so big that I actually completely eclipsed the other competitors, even the little guys who stood next to me were the first to claim my absolute victory.

After finally getting my pro-card I publically came out, admitting my intents to share my life with my Toby, just after he won the Mister Universe tournament. I knew that in theory one had to enter that tournament in order to take part in the Olympia event, but at the same year, because of the sheer size of my muscles and the abnormality of my definition and proportions which simply conferred new standards for that sport, they had established the “Titanic” category, for those over 400 pounds, which was just a way to give the other guys a chance to win something. I planned to enter Olympia but I still wanted to set new standards for bodybuilding so before I entered the Mister Olympia contest, I dedicated some time for the World’s Strongest Man competition.

It wasn’t really hard for me, and it actually worked as a new kind of training for my ultimate goal, I simply defeated all the competitors with my incomparable strength, after all, I could lift over 15 thousand pounds for bench press warm ups, so several of the proves they had were actually a joke for me. While most of them struggled to pull busses, I could not only pull a line of dozen of the biggest aircrafts, strength standards were so out of comparison that most of contenders just cheered for me, admired that I set records that were only to be beat by myself. So, after that year, I had already the title of World’s Strongest man and was ready to pursue the reaming titles.

The doctors feared that my body wouldn’t resist to my uncanny muscular hypertrophy, but it had been proved that my bone structure and overall systems were also growing stronger to handle the pressure of my body, and I was getting denser and even my anatomy and physiology were changing dramatically over the years.

There were at least 50 Doctorate theses that had been based on my transformation. The Hyper Muscular Hypertrophy on Men was also known all over the world as “The Petko condition” although no other person had ever developed such anomaly, the scientists’ estimate the chances for that are 1 in 10 billion, which explains that for a long time, no man should ever be half as big as me.

When I finally entered the stage to compete at the Mister Olympia show, the world stopped to see their most beloved behemoth competing.

At 889 pounds of impossibly achievable muscles, my chest read at 135 inches, which is over 10 whole feet in circumference, nothing bad for my 100 biceps, which together make me over three times wider than I am tall. The sheer size of my 115”legs proved that I could keep a proportional look even being so grotesquely massive, my chest juts over five feet from my body, and my 12 pack abdomen just showed them how thick and ripped I could be.

Because of my humongous development my shoulder and neck muscles grew so huge that they tower over my head for a good foot and a half, besides, when I get to flex my biceps they peak so outrageously big that they not only reach over 5 feet in height, but they also flex all the way to the ground, breaking the stage floor with their sheer monstrosity, the other little guys had to be placed afar from me to avoid being accidentally hurt by my muscles (I was still responding for a suit because I bumped into a SUV and instantly crushed the vehicle beyond repair)

Fortunately for me, Toby had won the “non-Titanic” category so he had the honor to compete with me at the overall category. We were both very excited and touched; Toby actually gave the biggest honor of my life. To the eyes of the entire world, we performed a combined posing routine that was one of the most beautiful things ever.

That incredibly tall bodybuilder showed the audience how gigantic I was, he got behind me and when I spread my lats, he was completely eclipsed thanks to my deltoid expansion and my sheer shoulder development. Toby opened his both arms in front of me and he showed that even his uncanny arm span couldn’t reach the wholeness of my monstrous physique.

After that, he flexed his chest next to my legs and I just gave them a bit of the muscle tsunami, making my leg to dwarf Toby’s whole physique. Finally, Toby grinned as he watched me flexing the monstrous biceps, he then used the ladder of my huge abdominal knots to reach the glorious mountain that reached nearly ten feet tall. Toby used his own muscles to climb to the top of my biceps where he managed to balance his huge body upside down, hanging on the huge peak of my biceps.

The audience applauded us with such enthusiasm, that’ I’m sure most of them had climaxed right there in their seats, watching me and my lover perform the most powerful posing routine ever done in the history. My victory was clear and unquestionable, but it didn’t represent the end of my dreams.

That orgasmic victory was just three weeks ago and I’m Stefan Petko, the 21 years old monstrous man, who had just broke the 1000 pounds (actually I am 1036 pounds) and I have literally no interest in retiring now; Toby and I had moved together, my Nubian Prince is helping me getting even bigger faster than ever. I want to start a new enterprise, which I named “Extreme Bodybuilding” I want to know how much bigger I can get, and just how fast I can get there, so I am training harder than ever!

And you know why little men? That’s all because of you.

I know that you tiny guys, who are just taller than my official height, are just dreaming of finding me walking down the street.

You all want to see how much of a monster I really am, you want to check if my shoulders reach over seven feet in height, or if my flexed biceps not only peak over 10 feet but they also create a huge crater on the ground because of my huge triceps.

But don’t worry little tiny men, if this actually is so important to you, I can recognize that you are indeed much taller than me, it is not height of the head that matters to me, I am into the bigness, the massiveness, the monstrosity and the muscularity of a man, that’s what tells big men from little men, and I know that BECAUSE I AM THE BIGGEST AND MOST MUSCULAR MAN OF THEM ALL!

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