Boytaurs from Outer Space!

by BRK

Sev, the commander of a Taurian survey mission, judges Earth suitable for cultivating an aggressive alien grain, but the danger to Earth’s ecosystem drives the idealistic Elek to rebel and flee with some valuable equipment. When a conflicted Kiyy chases him, they both encounter the strange inhabitants and discover that humans and Taurians find each other mutually captivating.

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You may be looking for the following similarly named story: Boytaurs by Josh Dugan.

Part 1 When Sev, the commander of a Taurian survey mission, judges Earth suitable for cultivating an aggressive alien grain, the danger to Earth’s ecosystem drives the idealistic Elek to rebel and flee with some valuable equipment. When a conflicted Kiyy chases him, they both encounter the strange inhabitants and discover that humans and Taurians find each other mutually captivating. (added: 12 Jun 2015)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5 Back at the spaceship, Sev agonizes over the difficulties of hiding from his two subordinates both the nature of their true mission and his increasingly unstoppable attraction to them; while elsewhere in the forest the two rangers deal with their own raging desires for these beautiful, arousal-radiating visitors. (added: 14 Oct 2016)
Part 6
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Part 1

Elek emerged from his cramped berth hastily tugging his dark gray, form-fitting uniform into place with all four hands and eagerly made his way after down the short, narrow passageway from the minimal crew quarters, heading for the wide ladder up to the outer hatch. As he went he enjoyed the feel of his wide shoulders rubbing along the coarse metal bulkhead through his uniform and the tickling of his close-cropped amber hair just brushing the overhead. He knew he wasn’t exceptionally wide for a Taurian star service recruit—if anything Kiyy’s obsessively built physique made Elek’s slightly paler, well-muscled but tight form look almost slight.

And though it was true that there were few Taurians in the general population taller than Elek was, thanks to his long torso and longer legs, it was also true that the star service did tend to attract men of above-average height, and the other two crewmen on this survey mission were only a few inches shorter than Elek. But space was unforgiving and demanded that ships be as economical with space as possible. Elek didn’t mind, though. He kind of liked the feeling of filling up a space with nothing but himself.

He gained the ladder and climbed it rapidly, pairs of hands and feet alternating on the rungs. He fell in just behind Kiyy and the Commander, who were joining the ladder from the bridge one deck above the crew quarters, Kiyy seeming barely to notice the two duffels of heavy equipment slung over his massive shoulders. So Elek was the last to emerge into the bright afternoon of this strange, remote, almost uncharted world. It had been scouted only once, and that only briefly, in the time of the First Explorers a generation ago. On the old maps it was an outlier designated with the alien-sounding name “Earth.”

He made short work of the exterior rungs that marched down the hull from the hatch and found himself standing next to Kiyy and Commander Sev. Kiyy dumped his equipment duffels, and they all took a moment to stare around them at the sunlit glade. Elek sensed somehow that Kiyy was looking out at the scenery very deliberately and seemed to be consciously avoiding glancing his way. Elek sighed inwardly.

Kiyy had started off the survey mission shooting inscrutable looks at him at practically every opportunity, and had stuck close to him in the confined spaces of the sparkling caves of Aradem where the two of them had had to literally hole up to escape a sudden, violent hailstorm. Elek hadn’t minded: he certainly appreciated Kiyy’s young, handsomely chiseled face, smooth honey-colored skin, and the way his thick, tirelessly built muscles filled out his uniform as much as anyone else did—maybe much more, actually. At Aradem, passing the night mashed against Kiyy’s thickly muscled back, and ass, and legs, in that tight warm space, Elek’s cocks as rigidly hard as the stone around them, was a deep pleasure that still managed to seep through all his dreams and brought a smile to his face at the oddest moments.

But since that night, going on twenty cycles now, Kiyy had reversed course and become strangely aloof, seldom looking at Elek and keeping a scrupulous distance, even if just an inch or two, between them. Elek had tried to figure out what he had done to provoke Kiyy’s aversion, but had come up as empty as a hollow-nut. All he could do was stay polite and open, and hope time working together on the mission—ordinary time doing ordinary things—would help Kiyy relax and treat him as a friend again.

Like Kiyy and Elek, Commander Sev was taking stock of the rolling countryside around them, though Elek was confident Sev’s was the shrewder and more observant eye. The land around them looked wild and verdant. The lush, gently sloping meadow they were standing in, and which had furnished such a useful landing place for their small, lonely vessel, stretched away from them in all directions. Tall grasses and wildflowers waved slightly in the light, swirling breezes as bees moved methodically among them, their buzz providing most of what little sound there was around them. Thick stands of deciduous trees ringed the meadow in all directions, closer behind them and further away before them and to either side, and above an immense blue sky vaulted over them, the yellow sun so obviously filling the lands with energy and life. Elek had seen a lot of unlovely, barren rocks masquerading as planets on this, his first mission, and was glad of how dramatic the change was in this leafy hinterland. He breathed deeply of the heady air and felt oddly at peace, as if he had found a real, truly living planet for the very first time.

Sev spoke at last. “This place seems suitable,” he said tersely. His tone was brisk and practical, and Elek looked over at him in sudden amazement and confusion. Had Sev not felt what Elek had, from one look around and a single intake of breath?

Kiyy, whose nature was to be generally taciturn and not given to expressing his own opinions, nodded agreement. “It is above nominal,” he said coldly.

Elek gaped at them. His dismay snapped his always-tenuous attachment to protocol. “What are you saying?” he objected, moving around to face both of them. Sev met his astonished gaze unflinching and for the moment unmoved, but Kiyy kept his eyes on the green lands before them. Elek persisted. “How can you even think of bringing Taurian corn to this—this paradise?”

Sev’s expression began darkening rapidly, in keeping with his reputation for being still until provoked. But to Elek’s surprise it was Kiyy that spoke. “You are speaking out of turn, brother,” Kiyy admonished, still not looking at him, using the usual Taurian service term for a fellow star recruit of the same rank. Kiyy’s brows drew together for a moment, as if Elek’s objections bothered him as much as his violation of protocol, but then Kiyy’s expression flattened and he made himself look impassive.

Seeing this fleeting chink in Kiyy’s armor, Elek pressed his case. “Don’t you see?” Elek said, pleading with Kiyy now. He made an effort to be controlled and reasonable. “Taurian corn is too aggressive for such a rich and varied ecosystem as this,” he said calmly. “It will run riot and overrun—” He paused and gestured broadly around him. “—everything we see!” The folly of bringing the foreign grain to such a vista out to be obvious to anyone, and it was actually painful that Sev and Kiyy were willing to be this cold and callous. His heart sank as he met his commander’s flashing eyes.

“That is our mission,” Sev said, intervening at last in a hard, flinty voice. “That is our intent.” He said it in a way that somehow conveyed that officers should not need to explain such duties to their men, and Elek was being not merely unsubordinate but shameful to his oath of service.

Desperate despite the rebuke, Elek started to reply, but Sev overrode him, stepping closer. He was not as thickly built as Kiyy or as tall as Elek, and he wasn’t much older than his young and brash cadets; but he was as hard and lean as a Legurian racehorce and marked by a few fine wrinkles, and even a tiny white scar standing out against his tanned jawline, as an officer who’d seen more than anyone else on the ship combined. And his eyes! Elek thought—his eyes are so sharp they were almost weapons. “You think you know enough to override the policies of the service? Of the council?” Sev barked, staring Elek down. Elek stood rigid. It was all Elek could manage not to quail before his onslaught and hold his ground. “Can you feed the multitudes on our colony worlds?” Sev continued relentlessly. “Can you supply the men of a thousand ships?” Elek stared back at him mutely. “Can you?” Sev demanded.

“No, commander.” Elek admitted. But his courage had not failed him, and he tried to parry Sev’s argument. “But, sir—there are oth—” he started to say.

Sev turned away from him to look at Kiyy, who’d been watching the exchange with what looked to Elek, now that he turned to look at him too, like a carefully blank expression. “Break out the growth accelerator,” Sev ordered brusquely. Kiyy nodded. “We’ll make a test patch right here in this field,” Sev went on. “If the results are positive within one planet-rotation we can signal Base 3 for the full cultivation schedule to begin at once.”

“Yes, commander,” Kiyy responded immediately. His deep brown eyes met Elek’s for a fraction of a second before he turned and knelt to unzip one of the heavy canvas equipment duffels.

Elek boggled at the both of them. He could not believe that Sev, whatever his reputation for ruthlessness, was willing to rape this idyllic wilderness. But that was bad enough. If anything the fact that Kiyy, who as far as Elek knew was not driven by Sev’s sense of duty, was willing to go along with this outrage was even more shocking.

Sudden resolve welled up in Elek. The moment for reasoned debate among rational men, if there had ever been one, had obviously passed. He moved to act. Turning rapidly Elek shouldered Kiyy aside and, shoving both right hands into the carefully packed duffel, he extracted the precious accelerator. Before the surprised Kiyy could recover his balance, Elek straightened up and stepped quickly backwards, putting a few paces between himself and the others. He held up the device, a small crystal a little bigger than a fist encased in metal chased with white ceramic, and delighted in how it glittered in the powerful light of Earth’s sun. Sev and Kiyy watched him with a professional wariness.

“I won’t let you destroy this place,” Elek said, and it felt like a vow. It hit him that he was violating his oath for a new one that would have untold and devastating consequences for him and he almost faltered, but he knew what he was doing was right. He held his nerve. His adrenaline had his heart pounding and his free hands flexing, but he kept his voice calm and steady. He felt a rush of exhilaration—he was the defender of an entire world—him, Elek. He stared down Sev and Kiyy defiantly. “I won’t let you do it,” he repeated.

Sev and Kiyy exchanged a single glance. Then Kiyy knelt again, and from the second duffel he calmly withdrew two energy pistols. He handed one to Sev, who took it but kept it lowered and did not take position or aim. Kiyy, however, very methodically, did exactly that. His weapon was pointed directly at Elek. “Hand over the accelerator, brother,” Kiyy said.

Elek’s heart fluttered. He was so chagrined he hadn’t thought this far ahead that he almost laughed. Of course there were pistols in with the equipment—he’d packed that duffel himself, for fuck’s sake. But he was still flushed with his role as protector of Earth. That was too important to back down from. Between one heartbeat and the next he rapidly considered his options, but he saw only one. With the fierce determination of a new-minted hero he snatched up his chance without hesitation.

Elek made a show of being about to speak, arranging his face to look pathetic and pleading. Kiyy seemed to relax slightly. Seizing his chance, Elek abruptly turned and darted toward the far side of the big round scout vessel, rounding the corner just as Kiyy’s weapon brutally scorched the grasses at his heels. He had a quick second to register the fact that his erstwhile friend Kiyy had actually shot at him before he heard Sev commanding Kiyy to go after him, and he realized he was in deep trouble.

Pocketing the accelerator he sprinted from the cover of the ship, making up the slight slope of the meadow for the thick woods behind the landing site. As he gained the trees there was a burst of splinters and the smell of charred wood as Kiyy’s weapon hit the bole of a tall oak just inches from Elek’s head. He pelted through the woods, hearing nothing but his own heartbeat and the heavy patter of Kiyy’s footfalls behind him. His name, angrily spoken, squawked across the comm device on the chain around his neck. Dismayed, he quickly disabled the short-range radio functions with a short series of taps and then he poured on the energy and tore through the forest, running as fast as four legs had ever taken a man.

After an hour of running, weaving through the trees and diving across sudden ravines, the terrain changed suddenly and there was a narrow open space sliced through the forest. The ground was abruptly hard beneath his boots and he realized he’d found some kind of road. He had time to register a large machine barreling toward him out of the corner of his eye before he was racked with pain and remembered no more.


Part 2

When Elek awoke he found he was lying on his left side in a small room somewhere thickly populated along its walls with shelves packed with books, papers, and strange, primitive-looking equipment. Earth’s sun had evidently set; at any rate it had fallen dark, and the only light to be had was a tall, glass-globed lamp perched on a crowded desk across the room. It seemed to burn some kind of oil, judging by the smell. Night sounds of crickets and animals filled the air around him, along with the steady sound of—male breathing.

Someone’s hand was on his thigh. His naked thigh.

Heart suddenly pounding Elek looked down his body, expecting to find Kiyy had caught him and was looming over him, planning to—what? But despite the low light in the room he saw instantly that the man tentatively stroking the side of his elegantly sculpted right front leg was not Kiyy. For one thing, this man had a short, soft-looking, rust-colored beard to match his unruly mop of thick, ruddy hair. That was strange enough, as most Taurians grew sparse beards, though some, including the famously virile royal family, were exceptions. Elek himself had recently discovered that his blond beard was coming in fuller than any other Taurians he knew, though he kept himself scrupulously clean-shaven according regulation. But what really amazed Elek was the man, while as muscular as Kiyy (and even more handsome, Elek thought wonderingly, though the man was paler even than Elek), was so strangely formed as to have only two arms—and, just as shockingly, he saw as he glanced down to where the man knelt by the bed on which Elek lay, only two lonely-looking legs.

Elek felt the hand move cautiously along his thigh, just a few inches, and he anxiously recalled his wandering, fevered mind. He met the stranger’s emerald-green eyes, glinting with reflected lamplight, and realized as he did so with sudden, fearful discomfiture that his own nude thighs were merely symptoms of a larger problem. Unlike the stranger, who was still in his uniform (a dark green shirt and slightly darker trousers, though whatever shoes or boots the man normally wore had already been removed), Elek was completely naked. And, worse than that, he was thoroughly and achingly aroused. It was as if levers to inflate his cocks and sensitize his skin had been pushed all the way to their stops and locked there, as if he might be hard and straining forever.

The stranger licked his lips, and Elek guessed that he sensed his guest’s acute embarrassment. “I had to take your uniform off,” he said, adding hurriedly, “to check for injuries. I hit you—you ran out into the road and I couldn’t avoid hitting you!” But his contrition shifted rapidly to awe on his mobile, expressive face as he went on, “But you barely had a scratch on you. Just a couple of bruises,” he said, nodding to a gently purpled patch visible on Elek’s rear hip, and another, smaller one on his shoulder. “I think there was more damage to my truck,” the man added, half to himself.

“I will repair your machine,” Elek assured him, and saw that the stranger was relieved to know that Elek could understand him. Though he could not see it, Elek knew that this meant the little bud-shaped comm/translator servicemen wore on a tight chain around his neck had not been removed along with his uniform and was still functioning normally despite the comm and locator functions having been hastily switched off during his dash through the forest.

The stranger was openly admiring Elek, his eyes wide and bright as they slid down Elek’s body and then back up to meet his eyes again. “I–I’ve never seen anything like you before,” he said, sounding both nervous and determined. His voice was rough and, Elek thought, strangely calming. It occurred to Elek that he should be nervous and high-strung, on the run from his people and at the mercy of an alien whose customs and behaviors were entirely unknown to him. But being here, in this man’s presence, hearing his disarming voice and (especially) feeling his pleasant caress, was an unexpected comfort, like a storm-tossed tall ship weathering an unforgiving cape only to find on the other side an unexpected safe harbor.

The stranger glanced at his caressing hand and his cheeks colored slightly, but he didn’t relent in his attentions to Elek’s long, muscular thigh. “I took your uniform off you and checked you for wounds and broken bones,” he explained, “but there weren’t any, and then I realized—” He seemed to gather he courage, then went on with an obvious effort at keeping his voice steady. “The more I touched you,” he said haltingly, “the more I … couldn’t seem to stop touching you.” He glanced down one more time and, licking his lips again quickly, looked back up at Elek. “Is it … all right? I can—I can try to stop.”

Elek did not want to tell this stranger, this beautiful Earthling, just how pleasurable his caresses were. He was stiff from the accident, and a little sore where he’d earned those bruises, but any discomfort he felt was washed away by the pleasure of being gently stroked by the man’s warm, slightly callused hand. All his life Elek had been unusually tactile, hungry for touch on his sensitive, responsive body, but there was something about this stranger that stepped up the pleasure of the sensations beyond what he was used to even when, as now, he was fully aroused. As all this flashed through his mind the stranger watched him anxiously, and his stroking hand threatened to falter. Elek didn’t want him to stop touching him like that, not ever.

Chary of giving away too much of what he was feeling, though, Elek kept his expression schooled to impassivity. He said only, “It is … all right.” Normally he was as uninhibited when it came to talking (and other things) as Kiyy was taciturn, but he’d never been hit by a vehicle while running from his own shipmates only to be tended to by a gorgeous alien before. He was a little thrown, most of all by his response to this singular man.

The stranger exhaled a small breath in relief and then smiled wide, and Elek felt a strange flutter inside him that was entirely unfamiliar to him. He decided it would be appropriate to make a better connection between them. “I am Elek,” he said.

His host widened his bright, encouraging smile. “Kevin,” he responded instantly. “Kevin Hudson. I’m one of the rangers here in Kendall National Forest.” Never stopping the movement of his left hand on Elek’s thigh, Kevin held out his single right hand and, when Elek did nothing, wrapped his hand around Elek’s front right hand and shook it in what was obviously a ritual greeting. Elek returned the squeeze and Kevin’s eyebrows raised a little. “You’re pretty fucking strong,” he said admiringly.

“Yes,” Elek agreed. “You are as well,” he added, glad he could return the compliment. He was glad, somehow, that his strength and his form pleased the beautiful Earthling. Kevin smiled again and then, clearly awash in impressed appreciation, repeated the hand-shaking gesture with Elek’s back right hand, his eyes following every movement of Elek’s hands and the jumping of muscles in Elek’s long, strapping arms.

Then he kept his hand clasped in Elek’s, and Elek swallowed, unexpectedly realizing that he, too, did not want to stop touching Kevin’s warm, strong hand. Kevin was sliding his left hand more boldly up and down Elek’s smooth, hard thigh, but his eyes were drifting to the one thing they had both managed to ignore up to now—or, rather, the two things.

“I, um, actually wanted to touch those, too,” Kevin admitted. He said it sheepishly, his cheeks and neck flushing adorably red even as he carried on shamelessly caressing Elek’s thigh and holding his hand as well, but still he was clearly determined not to hold himself back from experiencing everything he could with his amply accoutred charge. Kevin was staring brazenly at what rose with shameless, magnificent arousal from Elek’s crotch. “They’re so … beautiful,” he murmured reverently.

Elek smiled grimly down at the two impressive erections that were pressing hard against his long, tightly packed and deep-carved abdominal muscles, then met Kevin’s eyes again. Elek was oddly touched that Kevin could be so bold even as he was so abashed.

They held each other’s gaze intently. Hesitating only a moment, Kevin said: “May I? Please? I—I kind of … need to?”

It was Elek’s turn to hesitate. Elek was fairly sure that he, also, needed Kevin’s attention to his cocks. And not just the heavy twin troublemakers he carried up front; his even bigger rear cocks, as yet unnoticed by Kevin apparently, were just as achingly hard and had almost managed to shove past his sculpted front thighs. He wanted and needed to feel Kevin’s powerful hands to touch his aching erections, to grasp them, to stroke them, to bring him to the brink of quadruple orgasm before they escalated and intensified their encounter. His whole body felt flushed with the yearning for tactile, passionate lovemaking with this singular man, for both of them to experience transports of elation unlike anything he or his partner had ever known.

But that was the very thing that checked his assent to Kevin’s sweet request. Even though he was with a stranger, and an alien at that—a stranger who knew nothing (yet) of the prolonged sensuality of Taurian lovemaking—Elek wanted more than simply to bring himself to orgasm. And somehow he knew, for all the ranger’s evident extreme arousal of a potency nearly to match Elek’s, that Kevin would too.

“Among my people,” Elek responded at last, “it is customary to start with the touching of the lips.” He paused as Kevin reacted with what was obviously immense gratification. “Is that not your tradition as well?” Elek continued, adding a playful edge to his voice. He arched an eyebrow for effect.

Kevin’s eyes were shining with gleeful anticipation and urgent need. “Yes,” he huffed, then repeated emphatically, “Fuck yes.”

Before Kevin could move from his position on his knees by the bed, Elek used his left arms to push himself up from the bed toward Kevin’s bewitchingly handsome face. Reaching up with his free right hand he wrapped it around Kevin’s strong neck under his long, loose russet-colored hair and drew their lips together, both of them shuddering with deep pleasure as their mouths joined in an unaccustomed level of pure erotic stimulation.


Part 3

Kiyy stepped out onto the road and paused, pistol held low and ready, considering. Though he’d been chasing after Elek for some time he was hardly winded at all, and the exceptionally thick muscles of his legs and asses burned with the pleasure of exertion. He was proud of his body, proud of how he’d grown himself through a regimen of hard training into a specimen of male pulchritude every Taurian could envy, though lately, in the compact environs of the survey vessel, he’d been thinking more about another Taurian, and how his amazing physique was mesmerizing not because of how big he’d sculpted himself (as was the source for most of the admiration Kiyy received) but how perfect his proportions were. The powerful, addictive beauty that Elek radiated usually made him feel huge and awkward, and it was nice for Kiyy to push his startling form to its limits, even if it was to chase Elek himself.

He felt the weight of the energy pistol in his front right hand and forced down a stirring of unease. He could hope Elek knew that Kiyy would never actually shoot him—he’d had a chance back at the ship and another on the verge of the woods, and deliberately missed both times—but they’d been pretty distant the past few cycles, and Kiyy knew Elek was hurt by it. If Elek only knew why Kiyy couldn’t be with him—

Glancing down Elek saw a few small pieces of debris on the dark, crudely paved road, with twin black scuffs leading up to them. He quickly guessed that some vehicle—the existence of the road implied a surface vehicle of some kind—had collided with something on this spot. If it was Elek, that meant that he might have been taken somewhere. Somewhere along this road, or reachable from it. He turned one way, then the other, but even though the light had not yet failed he could not see far in either direction as the road curved and dived meandering through the rolling forest.

A glint of the descending sun on something further down the road caught his eye. Just at the edge of the black pavement was a small round object. Kiyy walked over and knelt to study it carefully. It was, as he had guessed, the growth accelerator Elek had taken in his moment of misguided idealism. He picked it up with his front left hand and noted that the accelerator’s metal casing was dented. He frowned, looking up at the wilderness around him and considering his situation. The device was probably damaged, he guessed, and repairing it would probably require regrowing the crystal in the ship’s Braxis chamber. That would take at least two or three Taurian days, delaying the whole rest of their mission and, more importantly for Kiyy, their return to the home systems. Elek wasn’t done yet making trouble for them, he thought grimly. He straightened and carefully dropped the device in one of the voluminous sealable pockets on his front left hip.

Kiyy had the accelerator, but he had to recover Elek, too. He couldn’t simply return to the ship without one of their three crewmembers—Sev would tear him a new one if he did that. And from the look of Elek’s face when he fled, Kiyy guessed with a sinking feeling that at this point Elek might not want to be recovered. Figuring he’d already burnt all his bridges and there was no way back, Elek could elect to go to ground here on Earth and force Kiyy to either abandon him or spend precious time hunting him. Then, after all that, he might even put up a fight rather than submit to being led back in disgrace to the ship and, eventually, the home systems.

Kiyy sighed. He knew long years away from home was just part of being in the service, and he’d been prepared for it. But at the moment it felt like forever since he’d seen home and another forever before he’d see it again, and have a chance to fix the humiliating mistakes he’d made before he’d left on this mission. If it was still possible to do so.

He was shaken out of his musings by the sound of some kind of engine coming his way from somewhere down the road to his left. Soon a midnight blue vehicle hove into view around the nearest turning. Kiyy raised his eyebrows at the primitive machine in surprise, though it then occurred to him that the beautiful Elek would not want him to say “primitive”. He sighed, amused at himself, and examined the vehicle more closely as it approached, slowing somewhat as got nearer to where he stood in the middle of the roadway. It seemed to be made of steel, rolling on wheels covered in rubber—which, Kiyy thought, explained the skid marks on the road, which obviously would be the result of trying to stop too quickly—with a passenger portion up front and a rectangular cargo portion in back. Perhaps the two individuals he saw through the wide front portal of the passenger compartment carried materials for others; or perhaps for themselves? At any rate they seemed harmless. He slid his pistol into the cargo pocket at his front right hip.

The vehicle rolled to a stop in front of him, and a passenger—Kiyy could tell that the other individual was operating the machine—lowered a window to look Kiyy over in a way that instantly conveyed torrents of comingled curiosity, lust, and awe. His words, however, were calm, even serene. “You lost, friend?” he said, his eyes dancing up the Taurian’s charcoal, tight uniform to meet Kiyy’s own.

Kiyy took a moment to quickly scan the vehicle, noticing the equipment and packs secured in the vehicle’s bed, then bent a little to peer into the compartment. He was aware of a little awe himself. The two men were young and roguishly handsome, with long, loose, night-black hair, penetrating black eyes, and smile-quirked, mischievous mouths. Their outfits were similar to each other’s, featuring coarse, dark blue trousers and tight, rich-hued solid-color cotton shirts (not unlike the thin, short-sleeved jumpers they wore on the ship when not in uniform) that clung as if they were vacuum-sealed to hard-packed physiques not unlike those of Academy wresters. Both were sheathed in light jackets made of some kind of local leather, the passenger’s in black, the driver’s in deep brown.

For Kiyy, the arresting but not unexpected fact that hey had only two arms and legs each made less of an impact on him than the recognition that they were clearly identical twins, their captivating good looks and obviously hard-worked bodies the perfect, absolute image of each other. Unlike the less experienced Elek, Kiyy had, before this current survey mission, served with the service’s permanent staff several on the handful of spacefaring planets that the Taurians already had relations with in this remote part of the galaxy, and he was aware that the Taurian form was rare in these parts. Two-armed humanoids were, startlingly enough, the typical body type around here, however alien it still seemed to Kiyy. But the fact that his interlocutors were twins was distinctly reassuring. One out of eight Taurian births were identical twins—he had a twin himself back home—and seeing twins here in this remotest of remote worlds was almost a blessing.

“Greetings, gentlemen,” he said amiably. He leaned forward to rest his front forearms along the rim of the opened window, and almost immediately the passenger-twin was stroking them through his uniform, wide-eyed with lust. Kiyy had experienced this as well: the inhabitants of this part of the galaxy seemed to be unable to keep their hands off Taurians, almost literally. He pretended to ignore it, though in truth he was surprised how powerfully the lithe and, well, flexible-looking twin’s simple caresses were stimulating his arousal. His entire body felt the encroaching surge of pleasure, not just his lucky forearm, and Kiyy felt warmth bloom on his cheeks.

He cautioned himself to be careful. He had to try to be careful not to get fully aroused, not here. Like everything else about his physique he’d obsessively built up his cocks until they were perhaps a little too big, especially when they were fully tumescent—which was often enough, though, as he had observed frequently on this mission, not as often as Elek. He would simply have to keep himself under control if he wanted to avoid things getting out of hand. “I’m looking for a friend of mine,” he explained to the twins. “He might have been in a collision on this location. Do you know where he might have been taken?”

“Ranger station’s the closest place,” the driver said immediately. The way he gestured with his head, out the front window of the vehicle the way they had been heading, suggested it was along the road in that direction, to Kiyy’s right.

“If he was hurt he’d be medevac’ed from there,” agreed the passenger. His face seemed a little flushed as he carried on his caresses, Kiyy noticed.

“We can take you there if you like,” the driver offered.

“I’m Sebastian,” the passenger said.

“I’m Fabian,” the driver added.

“Greetings,” Kiyy said again. “My name is Kiyy.” The twins’ back and forth banter was familiar—so familiar it made him a little homesick. He smiled politely at them.

The twins seemed to take this as agreement to be conveyed in their vehicle. “You’ll just have to sit between us,” the passenger said. He was already unlatching the door, and Kiyy stepped back and to his left a bit so the man could open it properly.

“So we can share you,” the driver explained reasonably.

Kiyy considered briefly, then nodded. “Very well,” he acceded, and bent to climb into the compartment. The passenger squeezed in next to him, and Kiyy found himself extensively overlapping the two twins with his impressive dimensions in a space obviously not built for someone his size and—configuration. The twins seemed not to mind at all. His hands fell naturally into their laps, and he tried to lessen the height created by his four legs he spread his front legs wide, draping them over the nearer legs of both twins. This helped a little, though his head was still bent against the ceiling. “Pardon me,” he said politely, but the twins said nothing, seemingly awestruck and ecstatic just to be sharing this tight space with such a man as Kiyy. For once Kiyy was grateful to be shorter than Elek. He smiled to think of his extra-tall shipmate squeezed into such a space.

The vehicle started moving again, following the road as it weaved among the trees. It sent bright lights ahead of itself in the gathering gloom of evening, but there seemed to be little chance of meeting anyone else on this remote path through the lush, uninhabited wilderness that Kiyy knew stretched for vast distances in all directions. The twins, meanwhile, were making no effort to restrain their need to touch him, treating both the imperative and the tacit permission to do so as casually as one could when such erotic sensations were involved. The driver, Fabian, had only one hand free, and so was content to wrap his non-driving arm around both of the ones Kiyy had to offer on that side and let his aggressive, long-fingered hand explore Kiyy’s massive, densely powerful biceps and triceps through the thick but soft fabric of Kiyy’s uniform.

But while Sebastian pursued a similar tack with his outer, right hand, reaching across his own lanky, limber-looking torso to indulge in intensely stroking and massaging the remarkable muscles of Kiyy’s right arms, the man’s only other hand had already snaked into Kiyy’s lap; and given where Kiyy’s hands were, though they were (so far) keeping themselves from mischief, Kiyy thought wryly that he could hardly object to Sebastian’s unabashed reciprocation. After a moment of gentle but methodical stroking, during which it was all Kiyy could do not to moan aloud as his equipment strained against the confining underfabric that held it in place under his uniform, Sebastian broke into a broad grin.

“I guessed right,” he told his brother in a quiet, intense voice, leaning forward to see Fabian across the monolithic man sitting between them.

Fabian turned briefly to gape at Sebastian, obviously catching his meaning, then turned back to the twisty road before them. “He’s—he’s got one for each of us, hasn’t he?” he said just as quietly, just audible over the road noise and the thrum of the vehicle’s inefficient engine.

Kiyy looked down and met both twins’ admiring gazes, first one, then the other. He couldn’t help himself. He cleared his throat unnecessarily. “Actually,” he said, wondering at his own unaccustomed cheekiness, “that’s not exactly true.”

He caught a fast, worried glance from Fabian, and Sebastian seemed confused and a little heartbroken as he started to anxiously object, but Kiyy cut him off. “What I mean is,” he went on, “I don’t have one for each of you.” He paused, letting the fact that he was teasing shine in his eyes a little. Then he added solemnly, “I have two for each of you. After,” he said, underlining the word, “I find my friend.”

Fabian stared straight ahead, eyes wide and lips tight. Sebastian stared up at him, his jaw moving as if he wanted to say something to express his passionate need and desire, but what he actually said when he found his voice was, “Fabe—drive faster.”

Kiyy felt a pleasant lurch in his stomach as Fabian accelerated the vehicle toward its maximum possible speed. The truck hurtled ‘round the turnings into the gathering night, making for the ranger’s station like a bee desperate for the sweetest pollen in the Nine Worlds.


Part 4

As they kissed, Elek got to work undressing Kevin. Four hands made short work of negotiating the buttons of Kevin’s green uniform shirt and sliding it off his broad, bulging shoulders, exposing pale, impressive pecs framed discretely with fiery red hairs in the crevice between and dusting lightly down chiseled abs, and when he reached for the fastenings of the ranger’s trousers Elek found that Kevin was already working them. In seconds they were at his knees as he knelt by the bed.

Kevin made to stand, but Elek took hold of his torso and his underwear-clad hips and, without breaking the kiss maneuvered Kevin on top of him on the bed and then kept rolling him onto the far side of the bed, so that they lay on their sides, Kevin wrapped up in Elek’s strong arms as they continued kissing with intense passion and primal hunger. Elek drew Kevin closer to him so that their bodies were pressed hard together, and Kevin, feeling Elek’s massive, flexing erections against his hard, naked abs, moaned loudly into the kiss. Elek could feel Kevin’s own erection, bigger than Elek would have guessed from the man’s stature, throbbing and twisting urgently against the constraints of whatever Kevin wore under his pants. Their legs were all rubbing and intertwining with each other, now that Kevin had managed to shake off the trousers past his shoeless feet, and Kevin’s arms clasped tightly around Elek under Elek’s quadruple embrace, his hands roaming Elek’s broad tapering back. Elek delighted in the ardor of Kevin’s kiss, the exhilarating stimulation of Kevin’s warm, strong hands, and the promise of Kevin’s big, reckless cock.

Since Kevin had not already done so, Elek, so turned on that it barely took a moment’s thought to accomplish, took the initiative with their kiss and allowed his tongue to transform and harden, lengthening and thickening in the moist heat of Kevin’s loving mouth. Deepening a kiss like this was easily Elek’s favorite thing about making out. Kevin moaned again and then seemed to realize what he was sensing with his mouth, lips, and tongue, sputtered and pulled away from the kiss, staring at the beautiful, delicious erection protruding obscenely from Elek’s lips.

“Holy—!!” Kevin exclaimed, and Elek felt Kevin’s big, fat hard-on shove violently against Elek’s hip. “Is that—is that thing real?” he asked in wonder.

Elek nodded, amused.

Kevin gazed intently at it, then met Elek’s eyes again. “Does it—cum?”

Elek just smiled and wiggled his eyebrows. He could feel a pearl of precum forming on the slit of the blunt, tumescent organ, ready to drop onto Kevin’s chest—or into Kevin’s mouth, if he acted fast enough.

Kevin’s lips twitched as he realized what he was doing. “I guess now’s not the right time to ask you a lot of questions,” he said, his eyes glittering. For an answer Elek happily dove back into the kiss, and Kevin responded with no less enthusiasm.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The arousal they were all experiencing seemed to intensify as Fabian sped the truck along the winding, climbing turns of the forest road. In fact it seemed to Kiyy that the intensity of their states of arousal was feeding off of each others’, pushing them to level of excitement so intense that they seemed to have a physical effect. Kiyy’s entire body was behaving as if it were boning up, blood rushing in from some secret oceanic reserve to swell limbs and torso and every muscle, every corner and attribute of his obsessively nurtured Taurian physique. And the twins were squirming and writhing in their seats, crowding him with their own stone-hard bodies, as if they were experiencing the exact same phenomenon.

The way he was overlapping both of them Kiyy’s hands had fallen naturally into the twin’s welcoming laps, and at one point Kiyy emerged from struggling with the sense-swamping ferocity of his arousal to observe that somewhere along the way he had extracted both twins’ big, eager cocks from their confines and was gripping and stroking them with his rear hands, allowing his front hands to aggressively stroke the insides of their thighs. The twins were stroking back with equal fervor, Fabian all but mauling the muscles of Kiyy’s left arms while Sebastian did what he could to stimulate Kiyy’s struggling front cocks through two layers of constraining fabric. “Pull them out,” Sebastian pleaded, the anguish of need laid bare in his voice.

Kiyy was considering giving into what was obviously necessary and inevitable when another vehicle like the twins’, forest green this time, came into view before them, picked out by their truck’s headlights as they rounded yet another turn. It was parked by the side of the road, on the narrow shoulder between the pavement and the trees, and the light in the front cabin was lit. Though it was hard to see it looked like there was a man in the driver’s seat, his head bent forward as if to read (or to sleep). “What’s that?” he asked, even as Fabian made to slow down and pull in behind the other truck. Instinctively, Kiyy let go of the twins’ cocks.

“One of the rangers,” Fabian said, putting the truck in park.

“I think that’s Rudy,” said Sebastian.

“We should go ask him about your friend,” Fabian said, his eagerness to get Kiyy’s problem resolved overcoming his obvious pleasure at the accelerating pleasure-making they were already engaged in. He switched off the engine but left the headlights, and stared to climb out of the cab.

“Okay,” Sebastian said brightly, “you go ahead. We’ll wait here.”

Fabian shot him a droll look and Sebastian, flashing him an unrepentant grin, nonetheless climbed out of the truck. Both twins took a moment to shove their impressive boners into a vertical position and secure them by rebuttoning their pants, trapping them behind their waistbands with some difficulty before covering the protruding heads of their erections with their long shirts. After contemplating waiting in the vehicle and letting them deal with the ranger, Kiyy decided to climb out himself. He had an odd instinct that he would want to be present for whatever went down. And anyway, the cab of the twin’s truck was feeling even more small and confined than it had when he first got in. With some difficulty he extricated himself and, walking carefully around his own cocks, which had spent the last twenty minutes urgently trying to get hard, tromped over to where the twins stood watching the ranger get out of his own truck to meet them.

As he came to stand between Sebastian and Fabian Kiyy expected them to start climbing all over him, or at least ardently caressing his arms as they had done in the car. Instead, they surprised him by reaching down and firmly lacing his rear hands in his theirs. The gesture moved him both emotionally and erotically, a way of laying claim to Kiyy that was both affectionate and put the three of them on equal footing. He glanced down at each of them in turn, noticing that they had turned out to be unexpectedly tall, topping out above his own unnaturally thick shoulders. Their hard, compact muscles bulged thicker in their tight-plastered garments than he’d thought at first too, though he was distracted by the obvious shape of their cock heads and the top inch or so of their fat shafts revealed by their thin, clingy shirts. Wrenching his eyes away from their cocks he felt their hands squeeze his, giving him an unaccountable thrill. He squeezed back and shared a small smile with them both, though he wasn’t sure himself exactly what their connection meant at this point. Then they gave their attentions to the ranger, who had climbed out of his truck and was now facing them with a look of startled amazement on his face.

He was tall and lanky, though not as tall as the twins as it turned out, with a high-cheek-boned face and wavy, rich brown hair even longer than the twins’ neck-long locks: the ends rested against the shoulders of his dark green uniform. He eyed the trio cautiously. “Hey, Fabe, Seb,” he said, acknowledging them each in turn before turning a guarded look toward Kiyy. “You boys bag a moose?” he asked dryly, nodding up at the Taurian between them.

“Be nice, Rudy,” Fabian said. He sounded playful, but Kiyy felt there was a protective edge to it. For his own part Kiyy got the sense that he was being compared to a large animal, but couldn’t tell if the rangy ranger was impressed by his size or was mocking his clumsy girth.

He decided to set the comment aside. “I’m looking for a friend of mine,” he said. “He might have been injured, and these men say that in that case he would have been brought to the rangers.”

“Is that right,” Rudy said. He stepped toward them, brows furrowing a little as he looked from one twin to the other, apparently ignoring Kiyy entirely for the moment despite the fact that he was standing directly in front of him. It seemed to Kiyy that the ranger was finding it disconcerting for some reason to be a couple inches shorter than the twins. He looked up at the tops of their heads, then proceeded to glance over them both from head to toe. “You boys’ve been eating your Wheaties,” he commented, in a way that made clear he thought something peculiar was going on. Then the ranger looked at his own left hand, which had seemingly lifted of its own accord to start idly stroking the side of Kiyy’s torso near the waist. He frowned at the hand, though it showed no sign of giving up its attentions. He glanced up finally to meet Kiyy’s gaze. “Who’d you say you are again?”

“My name is Kiyy,” he said, staring directly into Rudy’s deep, sapphire-blue eyes. He struggled to keep his mind focused. He was already feeling an overwhelming need to make love to these two hard-bodied, gorgeous twins—and now there was this long, lithe ranger who, he thought with sudden insight, might be very good at fucking. His asshole, all the way back on his rear ass, reacted immediately to the stray thought, flexing greedily. Kiyy swallowed and managed to grasp at why he was here in he first place. “Have you seen my friend?” he got out at last, and though the content of his request was back on track, Kiyy was unable to keep he arousal out of his voice.

The ranger looked down at his own caressing hand again, then at each of the tall, tight-muscled twins staunchly holding Kiyy’s own big rear hands, then finally back up at the massive Taurian packed into his straining uniform. He licked his lips and sighed. “No, Mr. Moose, I haven’t,” he admitted. “And,” he went on, allowing the corners of his lips play up a bit, “I don’t think us four will be seeing anyone else for quite a while tonight.”


Part 5

Sev lingered by the spaceship for some time, staring unfocused into the darkening woods where the two young star recruits had vanished. His expression remained grim and apparently impassive, though there was none to see it. His hands were empty—the energy weapon Kiyy had handed him had already been reset to safety and restowed in Kiyy’s equipment duffel—but the slight, rhythmic twitching of his right front fingers might have betrayed his discomfort to anyone who knew him well enough to look for such signs of unease.

He methodically turned over in his mind what he knew about his two subordinates, attempting to anticipate their actions in the coming crisis. Though apparently markedly different in temperament to a casual observer, both young men actually had a great deal in common—even beyond being, in their own ways, unusually captivating specimens of Taurian male beauty, so much so that Sev had spent the last leg of their mission wondering how much longer he could endure working so closely with them without betraying his deep, erotic infatuation with them both. But beyond their extreme beauty and almost unbearable carnal magnetism, they were surprisingly similar in their natures. Both were strong-willed, confident, and filled with passion. Most of all, both were both idealists—Elek about people and the simple equations of morality, Kiyy about service and honor. Their hearts blazed with youthful fire and reckless determination to do what was right at all costs. Sev’s heart twisted as he considered, not for the first time, that both Elek and Kiyy would be horrified if they discovered Sev’s true orders, and furious that Sev had kept the truth of what they were doing from them, even if the consequences for Sev if they did find out did not bear contemplation.

A shift in the light made Sev realize he’d been staring into nothing, lost in unpleasant and circular thoughts, for quite some time. It had already been afternoon when they’d landed in this clearing, and he now saw that this planet’s sun had already dipped behind the trees, throwing this verdant world into a cool and deepening twilight already noisy with the chirps and creaks of the local insect life hidden in the trees all around him. Sev let a slight smile steal across his face as he took in the burgeoning cacophony. As a young Taurian he’d had a passion for insect life and had set his mind on making it his life’s study; but the quiet life of an entomologist was not the fate the kings had had marked out for Sevlenns Suyyem, the unwilling heir to the Suyyems’ hereditary stewardship of the secret princes of Tauria.

Instinctively he turned toward the expanse of sky furthest from where Earth’s sun was gathering the reds and oranges of the world around it, to the deepening indigo of the eastern firmament. Already a few bright stars were starting to emerge, as if some stars were more brash than others, insolently braving the deepening sky before the sun had even fully departed. Sev stared wistfully into them and thought of home, though he knew that Earth was in the wrong position at the moment, and much too far across the galaxy in any event, for him to actually make out any of the stars of the Taurian Complex from here. Before leaving on this mission he’d sought out a star service tavern and wiled away the evening conversing with many an old spacer, and they’d all, in their own ways, told him the same thing: The moment you went into space, there was nothing for you to return to; and yet the longer you served, the deeper you pined for a home that for you no longer existed. Sev had barely served any time in space at all—he was hardly much older than his subordinates Kiyy and Elek, and Kiyy was actually a more experienced spacer than him, having been on four separate missions before being assigned to Sev alongside the newly commissioned Elek—but the difficulty and duplicity involved in his present mission already had Sev feeling like the hoariest of veterans.

Sev took in a deep breath and, closing his eyes in concentration, cautiously cast his senses steadily outward from the clearing in progressively wider circles, like ripples in a pond, into the endless, sprawling living forestland around him. As a star service commander, and particularly as a royal steward, he had been invested, somewhat unwillingly, with a selenium-R-prime subneural enhancement that allowed him to sense, very vaguely, the rough relative position and, in frustratingly broad strokes, the general status and condition of his subordinates. In this case, as too often before, it turned out that “strokes” was the right concept, Sev decided wryly: both his men were some distance away, though not together, and both were in states of deep and astonishingly intense arousal. In fact their arousal was so fierce and towering that it blew back on him in a massive erotic feedback even through the tenuous sensory web that Sev had sent out, coursing unexpectedly through him like a massive electric current that seemed to grab him by his heavy, already cum-crested balls and try to ram his cocks straight to mammoth hardness. Sev dropped the connection instantly but the arousal kept surging through him, raging inside him like a hurricane trapped in the confines of his Taurian form. He had always known that beings from this part of the galaxy, and Earth men in particular, had a profound and mutual effect on the arousal of both Taurian and human; but knowing that and experiencing its intoxicating force even remotely were two different things, and Sev reeled at the colossal power of his sensations.

Sev struggled to control his powerful body and, in particular, his unusually potent equipment. More than the naturally generously made Elek, even more than the increasingly overendowed, workout-obsessed Kiyy, Sev could not afford to succumb to a sudden, full state of total arousal. Forget the extent to which the integrity of his last intact uniform jumpsuit would be permanently compromised. (And this after having damaged his next-to-last uniform while experiencing—second-hand, through his neural connection—the almost unbearably vivid throes of his men’s explosively passionate encounter a few cycles back when they were pinned down together, trapped by a storm in the sparkling caves of Aradem, Sev feeling all of it and then some despite having himself made it back to the safety of his own berth on the ship.) Even leaving the shredding of his uniform aside, Sev knew that if he let go now he’d experience the orgasmic equivalent of Armageddon, and there might be no coming back from it.

When this mission and his role in it had first been proposed to him, Sev had argued, and not without cause, that he was the wrong Taur for it, hereditary steward or no steward. And they all knew why: the Suyyem clan already had a much-whispered-about reputation going back ten generations when it came to their sexual anatomy and prowess, and in his youth, though it was never spoken about openly, Sev had already been widely understood to be the apotheosis of everything every rumor and fantasy ever attached to his storied Suyyem lineage. That in itself would have created a dangerous wild-card for any off-planet, long-term mission in close quarters with the typical Taurian star service recruits. But when he’d gotten a look at his stunningly beautiful and effortlessly arousing charge, Sev had put his feet down, flatly refusing his orders even at the risk of family dishonor. Eventually, and after much protracted negotiations (not to mention demands and threats hurling pell-mell in all directions), Sev and the kings’ legation had reached an uneasy compromise: Sev would undertake his mission, willing or not, since it was by the kings’ command, and the Unheard Laws said only a steward could take on this role. But as a practical measure, in order to facilitate his ability to function effectively, Sev had been given an additional, and (unlike the more-or-less standard-issue sensory net) highly experimental, subneural enhancement. This modification, theoretically, allowed Sev to postpone the otherwise uncontrollable erections and orgasms he would potentially experience around his subordinates until they could be dealt with at a more opportune time.

The experiment had not gone exactly as Sev and the royal neurologists had anticipated. First, the erections and orgasms were postponed, not dissipated, which meant that every time he would have completely boned and blown his prodigious loads, but managed to suppress it while he was around Kiyy and Elek, he still had to actually experience the erections and orgasms at some point. And in-between his invocation of the suppression and his eventual release, Sev had found he was in a constant, heavily stimulated state where the slightest sensation or visual incitement—Kiyy brushing past him in a passageway, Elek emerging from the showers still flushed and half-hard from having quietly and subtly managed to have taken care of his own needs—constantly tested his control, and magnified the intensity of his already stoked and built-up eventual release. And, as if that weren’t trouble enough, there had also been an unadvertised side effect: the more his arousals were postponed and built up, the more there was an effect on, well, size. It had been subtle at first, and only when he was finally erect, thank the stars; but, as Sev had started to notice recently to his considerable dismay, the more he had made use of his ability in postponing his erections, the larger they were when he eventually freed them. Of late he’d noticed a slow but steadily building effect on his flaccid genitals (as flaccid as they got these days) and even on his Taurian physique, though so far the effect had been minor enough to be unobserved by his two men, who, perhaps fortunately for Sev, seemed only to be aware of each other’s magnificent forms.

Worse, Sev had found to his great frustration that there was nowhere in the cramped ship that he could find enough privacy for the postponed release. Though Kiyy and Elek managed, apparently, with their quarters or the showers, neither was private enough for Sev. At least for what a Suyyem went through, much less if it was ramped up tenfold from having been postponed by a day or more. The problem had been manageable during the first part of their journey, when they had been making planetfall at regular intervals; Sev had been able to sneak off into the wilderlands near their always-isolated landing sights, or send the three of them off on research and recon in all different directions, and let go far from anywhere with little fear of consequence beyond the startling of a few native woodland creatures. But their final destination—Earth—was so incredibly remote that they had been stuck on the ship in transit for two whole weeks without a single planetfall. And in that time Sev had postponed and stacked up so many erections and orgasms that his entire being felt like a storm-flooded, rampaging river of cum battering wildly and incessantly against the back of a crumbling, almost-foundering dam.

And that was even before the feedback of his mens’ human-accelerated arousal just now drove him closer to the edge than he’d ever managed to claw his way back from before.

Briefly Sev considered just letting go right here, right now—ideally, after having first shucked his uniform and tossed it to a safe distance. But the men were most likely be coming back at some point tonight, and he didn’t know how long this particular bout of ecstatic, feral release, once he freed it, would last. More than that, though, he knew that he was scared of just how much he had built up this time. It was so much more than he’d ever done before. Even an ordinary orgasm, in simpler times before this mission, took Sev to someplace euphoric that was beyond reason, beyond sanity, even if only for the space of a few dozen heartbeats. But how far beyond reason would weeks of orgasms, delivered all at once, potentially send him? Was it possible he would soar so high he would never be able to come back? Sev ached in his balls, his cocks, in every arousal-swimming fiber of his hard and powerful body for the loosening of a hundred caged, savage ecstasies, and yet in facing this release he was more afraid for his own undoing than he’d ever been on any mission or any battlefield.

As he redoubled his efforts and brought himself slowly and systematically under control, Sev became marginally aware, with the few meager strands of mental capacity not wholly devoted to his arousal problem, that there were subtle sounds of movement coming from somewhere behind him in the wooded clearing. Something large. It wasn’t Kiyy or Elek: the sounds were coming from the direction opposite to the place where they had disappeared, and in which he had, more distantly, sensed them separately a few moments ago. As he focused his concentration on himself, he spared a tendril of extrasensory inquiry toward the motion. There was indeed movement, and body heat, and both of them felt un-Taurian to him. Earth men, it seemed, were moving into the clearing—toward him, toward his equipment, and toward his spaceship full of knowledge and technology beyond what Earth would know for another thousand years.

Desperate and alarmed, Sev consciously forced himself brutally into submission, knowing that he would pay later for this rough imposition of composure on his rebellious Suyyem libido, enhanced unnaturally a hundredfold by a subneural modification no Taurian had ever experienced or mastered before. He drew a deep, centering breath, releasing hands he now found had been crushed into four white-knuckled fists. He turned his head toward the intrusion and opened his eyes to glare, dead on and forbidding, into the staring, awestruck faces of two of the handsomest humans Sev could ever have imagined.


Part 6

Kevin Hudson was in heaven. He lay wrapped in the strong, warm embrace of a pale and pretty four-armed god. His own hands were busy soaking in the feel of this erotic marvel and his perfect, sculpted flesh—one rising his long, lithe back from his broad shoulders to the curve of what should have been an ass, but instead extended wondrously to accommodate a second pair of long, limber, muscular legs. His other hand was sliding with growing enthusiasm along either of the tremendous, perfect erections erupting up his amazing torso. And even as Kevin felt giddy from the heart-pounding simple tactile pleasures of his stroking hands and foot-to head contact with this wet dream of a man, there was what was happening as they made out with all the sweet ardor of virgins who might climax from kissing alone. Which, Kevin reflected in what remained of his flickering rational mind, was entirely possible. Kissing Elek would have been—had been—as good as sex even before the stranger had somehow let his tongue harden into a huge, thick, steel-hard cock exactly the perfect fit for Kevin’s hot, hungry mouth.

Kevin deepened the kiss, pulling Elek’s torso roughly against his and feeling the smear of Elek’s massive erections against his heated skin as he moaned around Elek’s fat, blunt mouthcock shoving deep into his throat just as a tinny, crackling voice intruding rudely across the radio hand-set parked on the table beside Kevin’s bed.

“Yearwood to Hudson,” growled Rudy’s voice over the radio. Kevin growled a little deep in his throat, which, from the way his partner shoved reactively with both his regular cocks and his mouthcock, must have been something Elek liked. Kevin responded by growling again, this time a little more playfully. “Hudson, come in,” groused the voice on the radio. “Pick up the radio, Kevin,” it added, as if Rudy somehow knew he was being ignored in favor of hot alien mouthfucking.

The hot alien, however, withdrew partway from their kiss, an inquiring expression on his face. His fat mouthcock was now so massive and long that, even with their kiss broken and their lips a couple inches apart, the head and an inch or so of shaft was still well inside Kevin’s mouth. Kevin tongued it ruthlessly, eliciting a half-stifled moan from his bedmate. The crackly voice intruded again. “Kevin…” it chided. Rudy, it seemed, was agitated, and in such a state he was quick to run out of patience. Elek seemed to perceive resignation in Kevin’s slumping shoulders and pulled the rest of the way out of Kevin’s mouth with a pop. Kevin suppressed a whimper.

Glancing up at the bedside table, Elek reached up and snatched the radio with one large hand, leaving the other three wrapped firmly around him. Kevin sighed and grabbed the radio from him, though with his other hand that remained between them he squeezed Elek’s huge, slick cocks together, letting him known that Kevin wasn’t finished with him. Elek’s eyes seemed to darken with renewed ardor.

“Hold that thought,” Kevin whispered. He kissed the head Elek’s protruding mouthcock and then positioned the radio near his face and pressed the talk button. “What do you want, Rudeness?” he barked. “I’m busy.”

There was a pause measured in pounding heartbeats, which Kevin spent gazing wonderingly deep into Elek’s lust-filled eyes. Finally there came a short burst of static, followed by Rudy’s voice again. “If you’re busy with what I think you are,” the voice coming through the radio said, “then that’s what I need to talk with you about.”

Kevin felt his brows draw together, and he instinctively looked at the radio in his hand for visual clues to Rudy’s meaning and intent. Of course there were none. “What do you mean?” Kevin asked, keeping his voicer deliberately flat. His eyes met Elek’s again. He was watching Kevin carefully, listening closely to the conversation.

There was another pause, then Rudy responded, “Did you find an … interestingly shaped man on the road tonight?”

Kevin wasn’t sure why, but his instinct—backed up by the wary expression on Elek’s face—told him to be cagey. “Why?” he asked into the radio at length.

“Because I found one too,” Rudy responded immediately. “Or rather, the Frost twins found him, and they brought him to me.”

“That’s not—” a young voice objected before Rudy released his talk button—probably Sebastian Frost, Kevin guessed. He was the mouthy one.

Elek’s eyes were wide and troubled. Kevin didn’t know any of Elek’s story, but he knew what he had seen. Elek had been running and frantic when Kevin had come around that curve and unavoidably hit him as he’d burst from the trees. If he was running, maybe there had been someone chasing him—the second “interestingly shaped man”, Kevin was sure of it. Kevin stared hard into Elek’s eyes, seeking to understand him without words as if he had been ignorant of English after all, and the concern and fear he saw there told him all he needed to know. “Don’t worry,” he whispered to his friend, though he also knew there was no need to do so. Elek relaxed slightly, but his eyes remained wide and alert, his exquisite face even paler than it had been before. He kissed Elek again, this time on his blond-stubbled cheek, then pressed “talk”.

“You just missed him,” Kevin said into the radio. “I … well, I hit him with my truck when he ran onto the road, and he was hurt pretty bad. Medevac just took him out a little while ago.”

Static, then: “Uh huh. Where to?” Rudy asked.

“County,” Kevin said, naming the hospital that would have indeed been the evac chopper’s destination had there been one. Then he added, “Listen, buddy, did you really find another of those things? What the fuck are they?”

Kevin and Elek waited several seconds, Kevin’s free hand still trailing lazily up and down Elek’s trapped erections, before the curt response came: “Trouble.” After a second Rudy came back with, “Where are you? My … new friend here wants to talk to you. In person.”

“Base Alpha,” Kevin responded quickly. He gave his head a slight shake to let Elek know he was lying—they were actually at Base Delta, on the other side of the forest, only to have it occur to him belatedly that shaking heads side to side didn’t always mean “no” even in all Earth cultures. But Elek seemed to understand, the corners of his lips curving slightly despite the protrusion of his still-rigid, still-massive mouthcock. “Bring your ‘new friend’ and the twins, and rendezvous with me here,” Kevin told Rudy.

“Roger that,” Rudy said shortly. “Out.”

The conversation blessedly over, Kevin handed the radio back to Elek, who easily reached up and replaced it in the table. Kevin yearned to continue doing what they’d been doing before, so it was with surprise that he heard himself say reluctantly, “We should go. That won’t skunk them for long.”

Elek nodded. Well, that answered that question, Kevin thought. Or did it? Cautiously, Kevin asked, “You’re in some kind of trouble with your own people, aren’t you?” He tried to layer the question with sympathy and even support, but he had to at least have it out there. Elek nodded again, a little dejectedly. Kevin’s heart swelled, even as he found the sight of the still hugely aroused vision of male beauty only that much more mesmerizing with a tint of sad determined strength. An angel cast out from the heavens, he reflected, then, realizing the Judeo-Christian implications of the thought, he hastened to reanalogize him in his head. A god defying the Olympians, maybe, he mused.

“We should go,” Kevin said again, his voice soft and affectionate. Then, to show his lover that Kevin was strong enough for Elek to count on him, he resisted the urge to dive onto Elek’s almost irresistible mouthcock, and pulled himself out of the bed. As he stood, his own single (though hardly shameworthy) cock thrusting out hard and proud, he helped Elek to his feet beside him. Only as he did so did he finally notice that between Elek’s rear legs were, astonishingly but perhaps inevitably, a pair of monstrous, rampant erections even bigger than the heavy, massive boners Elek bore up front. When Kevin gasped, Elek glanced to see what he was looking at. Then he met Kevin’s gaze again, eyes twinkling.

“Fuck, Elek,” Kevin said. “If I dreamed you, I am never waking up!” Gathering all their clothes and boots and stuffing them roughly into an oversized rucksack he used for overnighters, he took up the bag in one hand and one of Elek’s right hands in the other and, feeling a sudden rush of giddy anticipation, hauled him grinning toward the back door and the truck parked in the carport outside by the eternally ice-cold expanse of Corrigan Lake. The truck was damaged, of course, but Kevin should be able to get it started and get Elek away to safety. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to protect Elek or keep him for himself, and he didn’t care. Right now, they felt like the same thing, and he was sure that Elek—his Elek—was with him all the way.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Rudy returned the radio into his deep side pocket, freeing both hands for the necessity of stroking and groping the mountain-muscled, eight-limbed man before him. He was helpless to stop himself, just as he was helpless to keep his dick from responding to the deep, erotic urgency that was radiating off this impossible man in waves. The strange honey-skinned man was like the sun, except he was radiating unstoppable arousal instead of light and heat. Though there was plenty of heat streaming off him, Rudy reflected as he stroked his flanks: heat that was soaking him with need and desire, roiling his swollen balls, and pulling hard and unceasingly on Rudy’s long thick club of a cock barely hidden by his ranger’s slacks.

Rudy stared at the man-mountain’s own charcoal-black uniform as if to bore holes in it. Somewhere under here, this … man … had dick for days, Rudy knew, and enough cum to drown him and the twins to boot. But Rudy wouldn’t succumb to the itching desire in his mind to find what wonders lay packed away under this clinging coverall uniform, struggling titanically against constraints that would only last so long, one way or the other.

Rudy prided himself on keeping things cool and calm. This man … this “Kiyy” or whatever strange name he called himself … he was accepting Rudy’s touch as if it were a handshake or a “how’s it going” between acquaintances, which at least didn’t smack of the arrogance that might otherwise arise in someone whom everyone wanted the moment they saw him. But Rudy would give him his touch on his own terms.

“Should we go now to ‘Base Alpha’?” Kiyy asked after a long moment in which the only sounds had been the night voices of the forest and the slow rustle of Rudy’s hand against the soft, heavy fabric of Kiyy’s jumpsuit uniform.

Rudy considered a moment, checking his gut reaction against the calculations that had been percolating in the back of his head. “No, Mister Moose,” he said at length, drawing his hands very slowly up onto Kiyy’s huge, boulder-sized pecs.

“You think your colleague was lying to us,” Kiyy said, and the tone of his voice had a note of approval, as if he was pleased that Rudy’s conclusions had aligned with what he himself had suspected.

“Base Alpha’s that way, ten miles,” Rudy said by way of answer, jerking his head down the road in the direction the twins had been coming from. He let his hands spread out along Kiyy’s massive shoulders, before starting to snake very slowly down the immensely muscled front arms, drifting round the muscles in curving, scalloped strokes. “If there had been a chopper, I would have seen it in the sky right up there.”

“Besides,” Sebastian spoke up, watching Rudy’s methodical explorations like a palace guard scrutinizing an untrusted visitor from a hostile kingdom, “if he met your friend on the road here where we met you, wouldn’t he go to the nearest ranger station?”

“And that’s the one right up here,” Fabian added, nodding up the road where the twins and Kiyy had been headed. Fabian’s gaze just as watchful as his brother’s. They both still had Kiyy’s rear hands firmly clasped in theirs—but that just gave Rudy the oddly reassuring feeling that the remaining two were all his. Or they would be, once the business with the other moose was sorted and the decks were cleared for a night of unimaginable pleasure. Well … if fucking Kiyy mean sharing him fifty-fifty with the Frost twins, Rudy could definitely live with that. There was some interesting fantasy potential in sharing a man that was far more than a man … and maybe in dominating a little the ones you were sharing him with. That yanked Rudy’s chain more than he’d expected. Especially as the twins themselves were definitely bigger and hotter tonight somehow than he remembered them from when they’d first showed up and registered two weeks back, looking to try out long-term camping in a national forest they hadn’t tried yet.

All that was a plus for Rudy: He with lithe and lean himself, but when it came to men he liked bright eyes, sweet kisses, and a whole lot of beef.

“That’s right,” Rudy told the twins, letting his hands drop down into Kiyy’s front ones. He gripped them firmly in his, and Kiyy, perhaps reflectively, gripped back.

The twins frowned at him, mirrored expressions of disapproval meeting him from either site of the gorgeous behemoth. Rudy just grinned. “Let’s go see what’s doing at the cabin down the road, shall we?”

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