Brother’s closet

by Josh Dugan

A handsome athletic older brother offers somewhat more than expected.

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My older brother was a total stud, plain and simple. He was totally unaware of his own erotic beauty, although his muscular teen-age body drove me wild. He was about to join the Army, and was conditioning himself for it so he wouldn't have such a hard time in boot camp.

I had always been secretly turned on by him, but when I turned sixteen I found his beauty overpowering. One night when I kissed mom and dad goodnight, my older brother Jason was there too, watching TV with them, so I kissed him goodnight, too. But what a difference it was, even in that quick moment! His lips were full and beautiful compared to the papery thinness of my parents' kisses. I don't know if I flinched visually, but I carry the thought of that kiss to this very day and it still turns me on!

Another thing about Jason being unselfconscious of his own attractiveness is that he would do things innocently that drove me wild. He would come back from the shower still toweling off, talking to me about one thing or another, wearing nothing but his beautiful naked body. I never let on about what his body did to me, but my dreams went wild, both night dreams and daydreams.

I would dream that I was talking to him upstairs after he had showered, and then when I went downstairs, he was down there too. So I went back upstairs because I thought I had left him there, and he was still there, too! I was so secretly envious in my dream because he could be two places at once, and I wanted both of him so badly!

Another time, in real life, as we were getting ready for bed, we were joking about how long it takes to get all the clothes off, then the shoes off, then the socks off. Jason joked that it took him a little longer than me because he also took his feet off and left them under the bed. I laughed, but as I lay there in my bed the thought of him taking his feet off was so totally sexy!

I dreamt that he did take his feet off (they were big, very sexy, handsome feet, the feet of a natural athlete, which he was). In my dream, I woke up and in the dim light, heard my brother slumbering, his heavy muscular body unconscious as his large chest drew deep, slow breaths. I snuck out of bed and crawled over to his bed, and there under the bed were his two beautiful feet!

I could hardly believe it, and I was trembling, but I reached over and touched them. They were warm and had such a nice foot smell, clean but with that nice tang that athetic feet can have. I picked them up, and they were so heavy, but felt so nice as I held them!

Then, and this is kind of insane, something made me think Jason might have more in the shoe rack inside his walk-in closet. So, holding the big warm feet close to me, I tiptoed over and let myself into Jason's closet and closed the door, then switched on the light. Sure enough, the shoe rack must have held 20 extra pairs of feet. So nice! They were all as big and handsome and warm as the pair I was carrying. I grabbed several pairs, and held them and kissed them. They were so heavy and sexy!

There were more of them in drawers. Jason had so many of them; it totally turned me on!

Then Jason came in—I was startled, but immediately felt good because he, sure enough, thought it was funny. And he had his own feet on, so they must have grown back or something. “Did you see my extra torsos also,” he asked, smiling. And sure enough, on the shirt rack were rows of nice broad-shouldered torsos, all smelling so clean and with that mild body scent of Jason's that turned me on. He also kept extra pairs of legs on the lower hangers, and on another rack had several extra pairs of arms, just like his, with nice long muscles and handsome, large hands!

We ended up in kind of a game, to see how many legs and arms he could have and still be able to control them all. So I slapped on about four extra pairs of arms on him, which made him look so handsome. He laughed, and we both realized how sexy it was! Then we added, a pair at a time, extra legs. After a while he started laughing, because soon he had so many legs he started stumbling. I offered to help him carry some of the legs downstairs so he could try running outside in the moonlight, centipede style. So the rearmost legs of my Jason-centipede I hoisted over my shoulders and grabbed a couple pairs under each arm, and they weighed a ton! But before I could help Jason downstairs he matter-of-factly grabbed me with his six handsome young arms and held me close to him and kissed me, nearly burying my lips in his beautiful, full male lips!

I came on the spot, coming and coming and coming!

That's when I awoke, with one of my first wet dreams ever. To this day, Jason is still a beautiful, naturally attractive man, and his sons show every sign of being as beautiful as he is. I have loved him only in my wildest dreams…..

962 words Added May 2002 24k views 4.5 stars (11 votes)

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