Ivan’s gift of self

by Josh Dugan

The Ivans and their lover exchange gifts, and of course they involve lots of legs.

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I awoke from a wonderful warm slumber among the beautiful and gentle Ivan-legs piled over and under me, after a sweet night of making love with this enormous and gorgeous Ivan leg wheel laying over on its side.

My hands gratefully grasped the pairs of Ivan legs that were draped over my shoulders, and I sat myself up, gently tugging the legs as I pulled them up with me.

“It’s Christmas, boys,” I said to all the tumbled, beautiful feet and legs as they stirred, warm and gentle against me. “Let’s see what’s under the tree.”

And it never failed to amaze me, it always seemed like the first time I ever experienced it, as the sleekly muscular legs roused themselves, scores of the beautiful pairs of feet finding the floor and arranging themselves to plant themselves on the floor while the majority of the circle of legs sleepily piled themselves on top, going from a horizontal spread of Ivan legs to the towering, vertical Ferris wheel of feet that began rolling along with me as I raised myself up and tugged playfully at several pairs of them, as Ivan rolled himself in his leg wheel form towards me and we made our way out to the Christmas tree.

I couldn’t help but turn and watch as the wheel of legs advanced, beautiful feet grazing the ceiling and feeling their way along it, heels first, and as the wheel rolled, those feet rode down the front of the turning wheel where I could reach up and grasp several pairs of them, pulling them along with me and letting them go as they reached the floor and helped carry the advancing wheel of legs, while I kept reaching for new, beautiful Ivan feet, loving to hold onto them and help them find their way forward as they rolled and rolled, the floor itself groaning pleasantly under the mass of warm, gentle Ivan feet and the weight of the muscle-swelled, warmingly advancing wheel of legs as I walked backwards, pulling the beautiful wheel of legs as the endless succession of Ivan feet and legs rolled towards me.

“Here, let us help you with that,” I was surprised to hear Ivan’s voice say from behind me over my shoulders, and I was even more surprised to receive a kiss from behind me first on one cheek, then a second one at the same time on the other.”

“Merry Christmas!” said both Ivans. I felt a plethora of muscular Ivan arms enwrap me from behind, and I turned to kiss the Ivans whose faces warmly touched both my cheeks.

“Merry Christmas, Ivan!” I said. “What a nice surprise.”

“Well, since you already got me as a leg wheel for Christmas, I thought I’d make your whole leg wheel dream come true, with two of me to help with the leg wheel,” one of him said, both of him smiling at me.

We rolled the Ivan leg wheel out to the Christmas tree, and both Ivans sat themselves down side by side opposite me, gloriously naked except for, I noticed now, their twin Santa hats.

Sure enough, just like in my dream, one of him was four legged, the other six legged, beautiful with so many of them, so many of his beautiful feet.

“I don’t remember both of you having six arms,” I smiled, “not that I mind in the least. They’re beautiful.”

The two of him smiled at me and looked at each other appraisingly, each of them so handsome with six big, muscular arms, just like he had at Halloween.

“Just an extra Christmas bonus,” smiled six legged Ivan. “You seemed to like them, so I thought why not two of me with six arms?”

“Besides,” four legged Ivan added, “I like them, too. The muscles feel fantastic on each other, and I love having all these big, strong hands.”

“Yeah,” smiled six legged Ivan. “I mean, how awesome having six muscular arms, the way they feel on each other, and the hands feel so strong and fine, I can’t keep them off me, because feeling all my arms with all my hands is pretty amazing.”

He was leaning against himself as he spoke, and I loved seeing the beautiful, muscular arms feel themselves and their neighboring sixsome of arms as both Ivans unconsciously let their sets of arms reach out to each other, the many strong hands finding each other, finding places to rest among each other, the big sets of muscular arms comfortably at rest in the warmth and beauty of all their muscles and hands.

The big, beautiful legs and feet likewise cross mingled as both Ivans enjoyed looking at each other’s beautifully muscled limbs.

“And to think this is all a Christmas present for me,” I laughed, both Ivans laughing with me, their big beautiful sets of arms raising themselves to invite me over among them. It was truly glorious as I allowed myself a wonderful snuggle amid Ivan’s muscle-swollen forest of beautiful arms and spectacularly handsome hands, and Ivan the leg wheel gently rolled up and knelt many of his beautiful legs among us, others of his legs gently reaching out and gathering us together in a wonderful, multilimbed squeeze of affection. “Group hug,” laughed both Ivans together, as the many legs of the leg wheel gave us a brief extra squeeze of agreement.

We were counting down the New Years Eve by watching TV, after a very satisfying playtime with Ivan’s many generous and beautiful multilimbed selves.

Ivan’s leg wheel was more or less piled all over a corner of the couch, piled on the couch itself and most of the floor in front of it, as well as piled behind the couch, and of course mounds of it reaching halfway to the ceiling, a wondrous mound of Ivan’s handsome bare feet and sleekly muscular legs tangled up with those of his two fellow Ivans, his two muscular, gloriously naked six-armed helpers, their respective six- and four-legged lower halves also piled in and among the leg wheel’s mountain of Ivan-legs.

It was kind of an oddly erotic effect, because of the way that all of the magnificent legs blended together. It was almost as if there were two of Ivan and his six-armed torsos laying to one side and the other of the tumbling mountain of sleekly muscular legs and beautifully handsome feet, their own foursome and sixsome of legs nearly camouflaged by the leg wheel’s surrounding and overlapping mountains of brother Ivan legs.

Six legged Ivan or four legged Ivan would nod off every now and then, as their sweet faces dozed with closed eyes, their piles of beautifully muscled arms tumbled all over each other or splayed among the surrounding, muscle-swollen Ivan legs.

It would happen at intervals because we were watching an old rerun Christmas special that the local cable channel was running as part of their New Years countdown, a low budget production based on the red nosed reindeer song. It had piqued Ivan’s interest because of the handsome, bare-chested dancers who played Rudolph and the other reindeer, handsomely barefoot times four.

But with the warmth and post-coital buzz adding to the glow of satisfaction, it was pleasant to see one Ivan and then another drift off alternately, seeming to sleep in shifts, as the program’s childish soundtrack tinkled on.

I was comfortably ensconced nearby, cuddled sweetly by the six handsome Ivan-legs he had hoompahed for me on the previous Christmas, loving their warmth and heavy beauty as the three pairs of them snuggled around me, only occasionally adjusting themselves to accommodate their giant, handsome penises in varying and fluid stages of arousal.

From his relaxed perch laying among the tumbled wheel of Ivan legs, four legged Ivan smiled at me and silently signaled with his eyes and then pointed with three of his big, beautiful hands, directing my attention to now-slumbering six legged Ivan, also semi-buried among Ivan legs.

Sure enough, six legged Ivan was mating in his dreams, his three enormous penises at full arousal, and at intervals blasting enormous jets of splattering come, glazing his six legs and the surrounding legs from the leg wheel, as four legged Ivan stifled a giggle, his own enormous boners rousing themselves at the sight. And there went another ejaculation, and then another, as six legged Ivan smiled in his sleep, his six big muscular arms comfortably holding onto each other as the giant penises between his six slumbering legs exploded one after the other with great, leaping gouts of hot, glistening come.

Four legged Ivan could not take his eyes off them, two or three of his own six big, strong hands feeling their way towards his own enormous boners, which both ejaculated on their own before the hands even found them, and shot even greater wads of come as the beautiful big hands found and gently pleasured them while he enjoyed watching six legged Ivan’s giant penises come, come, and come.

Well, the barefoot, four legged reindeer dancers were finally running their beautiful naked foursomes of feet into the sky, led by handsome, bare chested Rudolph and the cheap red lightbulb over his nose and held by a string around his head, pulling Santa and his sleighfull of toys, Santa at the reins and so pleased with Rudolph, and off they and all the reindeers’ bare feet flew with a jolly Ho Ho Ho from Santa.

The program ended, replaced by a blasting rendition of May Old Acquaintance Be Forgot. “Happy New Year!” shouted four legged Ivan, waking his six legged mate. “Happy New Year!” I rejoined, and after a moment of rubbing his eyes and realizing he had come all over his six hands as well, we got a giggling Happy New Year from six legged Ivan.

“Let’s go outside to see if we can hear any car horns or firecrackers,” I suggested.

Well, it was beautiful out, as good luck would have it, and the boys, refreshed from their naps, decided it was time for the centaur races long ago suggested by Ivan. Luckily, to be fair to the biped who would be competing against the multilegged Ivans, I would ride my six Ivan-legs, which were fairly jumping with athletic anticipation. While they didn’t have a tail to wag, their boners were at full salute, which was great because you steer the legs by pointing the big penis in front.

The Ivans decided that to make it even more fair, they would further handicap themselves to make up for the fact that four legged Ivan would be naturally faster since he would be running his own legs as opposed to riding a set of them, and six legged Ivan would be faster still, and Ivan the leg wheel would be ridiculously faster, so in the spirit of New Years four legged Ivan downed four shots, six legged Ivan downed six, and they got a couple bottles rump-fed into many of the rumps of Ivan the leg wheel, and we were off over the endless expenses of soft , fresh lawn. We ran and ran, with the sounds of car horns honking happy new year in the distance and the sound of occasional firecrackers, and I think I was doing pretty good, holding on for dear life to the beautiful set of six Ivan legs pounding gracefully beneath me, the six beautiful, athletic Ivan-feet flying silently over the dimly starlit lawn.

But I had formidable competition.

I never would have expected him to cheat, but it was something to see the three impressively athletic Ivans trying to run each other out of the race, deliberately slamming their glorious multilegged bodies into each other, laughing and aroused, and the two Ivans occasionally running in near-fear from the leg whipping speed of Ivan the leg wheel, whose enormous centrifugal mass belied an astonishing capacity for speed and maneuvering, threatening to mow down anything in the path of his spectacular juggernaut of bare feet and enormously muscled pairs of legs, rolling in a flying spin and leaving a heavy groove of dense footprints in the soft lawn as he took aim at four legged Ivan and six legged Ivan in turn, and they using their multiple legs to try to outmaneuver him as they laughed and screamed with pleasure.

Well, I shouldn’t have been watching them because in doing so I inadvertently moved the big frontal penis to one side, and down I went with my six-legged set of Ivan legs, flying off them and tumbling over and over on the soft lawn as the two Ivans and Ivan the leg wheel barreled past, legs flying blindly as they threw themselves into each other and even trying to trip the enormous wheel of Ivan legs as his plethora of feet flew headlong into the darkness, their screams and laughter echoing in the increasing distance.

I heard my breathing slow as I lay on the soft, fresh lawn, a brilliant canopy of stars across the black sky above, and it wasn’t long until I heard the quiet trotting of six Ivan feet on the lawn, and then the warm and friendly embrace of the six beautiful legs as they placed themselves at my side and held me gently, their boners stiff and hot, the leg muscles warm and sleek, the six beautiful feet warm and slightly damp with lawn moisture. They were probably grass-stained, I thought there in the darkness, as I returned their embrace and reveled in the sweet comfort of the six beautiful Ivan legs gently squeezed around me.

I awoke from what must have been a short nap to the howls and laughter of the Ivans, and my snuggling sixsome of warm Ivan-legs awakened around me as well, giving me a lovely, warm six-legged squeeze, as they gently embraced me, their three enormous penises gently warming and swelling.

I returned the embrace, and started to pick myself up, the Ivan-legs sensing it and gently letting me go. The sounds were from a decreasing distance away, so I got up and give my Ivan-legs another affectionate squeeze, and they allowed me to hoist myself up to sit on them, their penises ever-engorged, while I peered into the distance.

And after a while, here came the Ivans and the Ivan leg wheel across the lawn, none of them in any condition to be out and about. And wouldn’t you know it, after the way they had “handicapped” themselves for the centaur races, what a sight they were to see, a miracle that they could even remain on their multiple clumsy legs and feet as they tripped and stumbled, the multilimbed Ivans trying to help Ivan the Ivan leg wheel make it back, such as he was, not so much a wheel of legs but a clumsy, tumbling pile of magnificent, muscular Ivan legs, the beautiful feet hopelessly tripping all over themselves.

The Ivans tried using their six muscular arms to help steer and pull Ivan’s beautiful, falling-down wheel of legs, but their big, dangling hands were stupid, too, and their six big muscular arms got in each others’ way. The Ivans tried slamming their beautifully muscled bodies into Ivan’s wheel of legs, to help steer him, but they were helplessly aroused and turned on, the Ivans and the leg wheel ejaculating prodigiously from their incredibly huge, drunken penises aroused by all the crossed-up, tripping masses of legs and feet as the Ivans laughed and screamed with pleasure.

It didn’t help that they kept deliberately tripping each other as well, bringing each other tumbling down onto the lawn in a mass of beautiful arms, legs and penises, the Ivans laughing helplessly as they ejaculated.

“I think you need a good fucking,” screamed four legged Ivan drunkenly, picking himself up after being tripped by several of six legged Ivan’s beautiful feet. “I think you’re the one who needs a good fucking,” slurred six legged Ivan, sounding just as drunk if not more, and then they were at it, burying themselves in each other in turn, in an agony of lovemaking.

But they were both rolled over by Ivan’s leg wheel, who picked them both up with several pairs of his beautiful legs and feet and got his penises into their multiple hindquarters for simultaneous fucking as they laughed and screamed helplessly, carried under the leg wheel and up the back of him and over the top and down the front and under him again several times, being roundly pummeled by his enormous spurting phalluses as the Ivans screamed drunkenly with pleasure, muffled as they passed under the wheel and clear again as they came over the top and down the front of the rolling wheel of muscular, gorgeous Ivan-legs.

“Now it’s your turn, Mr. Foot Delivery System” laughed four legged Ivan, his voice ragged with lust and intoxication. “Yeah!” came six legged Ivan’s muffled, equally ragged voice from elsewhere underneath the rolling leg wheel.

And with the amazingly flexible strength of their handsome bodies, both Ivans muscularly uncoupled their multiple hindquarters from the leg wheel’s enormous invading penises, then used their multiple pairs of powerful legs to reposition themselves, both of them mounting him in turn with their own gigantic hardons, and in pleasure, down went the enormous, handsome leg wheel on his many sets of knees as his enormous and beautiful wheel of muscle-swelled legs now writhed with ecstasy, spasming with multiple spontaneous ejaculations of his own.

The Ivans screamed with pleasure and groaned as they pumped and pumped their several ejaculating penises into the tumbled leg wheel, embracing his beautiful legs with their multiple muscular arms.

His many handsome legs and feet lovingly mussed their hair and embraced the Ivans as he swooned with pleasure, out of his mind in the rapture of the moment, all his penises exploding sympathetically, soaking the Ivans and himself as his wheel of beautiful legs splayed all over the lawn in mounds of tumbled legs, clumsy, beautiful feet and spectacularly ejaculating penises.

At this point the come-soaked Ivans noticed me and caught themselves, their come-glazed torsos so handsome as they sat upright from their different perches among the now-halted, collapsed leg wheel, giving me lopsided, glassy-eyed smiles and awkwardly extricating their many penises and legs from the slippery hindquarters of the leg wheel, their six big clumsy hands trying to help them climb down from the dangling come-waterfall of legs and feet of the still-ejaculating leg wheel.

The Ivans drunkenly held onto each other’s bodies for support, tilting off-balance into each other as they swayed towards me, their beautiful multiple legs none too steady as their many handsome, drunken feet got caught up among each other.

“We realized you weren’t running,” slurred six legged Ivan, three of his beautiful big hands waving vaguely in the direction from which he had some.

Four legged Ivan tried to focus his eyes on me, saying, “So we thought, we handicapped ourselves, according to our sizes and advantages, so it was a fair race after all, but we didn’t notice you weren’t there anymore, so we decided you won,” his six big hands gesturing generously, two of the beautiful big hands trying to point at me.

And there was movement behind the swaying, handsome Ivans.

Rousing himself with a clumsy, mountainous multilegged effort, Ivan the leg wheel gently marshaled battalions of his beautifully muscular legs towards me, stepping them past the Ivans, and paused, holding out a handsome leg and its beautiful right foot to me, others of his right feet also reaching out, thinking they were the one to be held out.

“He wants to shake your hand in congratulations,” giggled four legged Ivan, trying to hide his giggle behind a couple of his big, dangling, muscular hands.

I gladly slipped off my six Ivan-legs and accepted the leg wheel’s hand shake, shaking the big, gentle right foot, which was warm, heavy and friendly as he tried clumsily to shake my hand, and then I shook his other big right feet that were hanging there waiting to be shaken as well.

“I want to shake your hand, too,” said six legged Ivan, offering three beautiful big right hands, their muscular arms raising them to me, and they were an exquisite pleasure to hold and shake, their fine fingers gentle and strong, one right hand after the other, and then more right hands, these from four legged Ivan, also congratulating me, making me blush with pleasure and arousal to touch, hold and shake so many exceedingly handsome big hands.

“I want to kiss you, too” said the one Ivan. “Me, too,” said the other.

I readied myself, knowing from experience what to expect if I were to get Ivan’s tongue in my mouth.

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