Cafe Darwin

by Dreammaker

A few short scenes set at a café where the drinks do more than just perk you up.

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Part 1 A few short scenes set at a café where the drinks do more than just perk you up. (added: 13 Mar 2012)
Part 2  (added: 27 Mar 2012)
Part 3 Saul comes back for more. (added: 4 Jul 2012)
Part 4  (added: 15 Feb 2013)
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Part 1

(This story is my first. It is written and should be read as a dialogue between the characters.)

Steve: Welcome to Cafe Darwin. I’m Steven, what can I get for u?

Saul: You guys just opened and I live down the street. I’m just seeing what you guys have to eat. Wow, you most have some strong resistance to eating the deserts here.

Steve: Naw man; I eat here almost everyday and believe it or not I was a scrawny guy too. Now I’m a total muscle guy. Look at these biceps and abs. And my pecs…well I love them even more. How about I choose your drink before you head off too work, you look like you need a pick up.

Saul: Sure…It’s actually for school, homework and papers I still need to write. And class starts in 30 minutes.

Steve: Its okay dude, how about the Multi-Mocha latte. Guaranteed to give you the “extra” help you need.

Saul: Okay. *sip* Mmmmmm, tastes good. Whoa…WHAT THE HELL?!

Steve: Its okay dude. You’re just getting the “extra” I was telling you about.

Saul: I got four arms and—wow—four legs. Oh man this is…great.

Steve: Knew you’d like it. Wow, you do look great with all that on you. Here’s a coupon for a free desert. My name Steve, you know, if you come in and you want to see me.

Saul: Sure. My name Saul. Maybe I’ll stop by after class around 4pm. Wow these legs are strong—I better run to class.

Steve: Okay have a good day. And don’t worry everyone will think your new look is normal and will accept you.

Saul: Cool. Well talk to you soon.

Steve: You too. see you soon Saul.

Saul: Same to you Steve.


Part 2

Steve: “Welcome to Cafe Darwin. What can I get you guys?”

Nick: “Heard this place was good. Let me try your Power Pec Punch smoothie.”

Sam: “And I’ll take two slices of your Banana Bread.”

Steve: Here you guys go. Have a nice day.”

(Sam and Nick head over to Sam’s house and sit down on the couch.)

Sam: “Dude, they guy at that place looked weird. You see all that muscle he had on him? Looks like he spent all his life at the gym with the tree branch size arms.”

Nick: “Probably a roid-head Sam; there a lot of them here but they’re cool. MMMM this smoothie is great. Tastes like mangos mixed with strawberries and cream.”

Sam: “You should try the bread Nick. Taste like fresh bananas man. Here have a taste.”

Nick: “Sure here taste the smoothie.”

Sam: “Man this those taste great. Whoa my shirt is getting tight.” (Sam removes his shirt)

Nick: “Shit Sam your pecs look huge. Whoa my shirt is tight too.” (Nick removes his)

(Both guys have developed pecs that are the size of melons. Their nipples erected and hard they tease them a bit moaning a little)

Nick: “Oh man Sam this feels so good. Whoa Dude my legs something happening in my pants.”

Sam: “Same with mine. I got to take them off.” (Sam remove his jeans just as underwear splits open to reveal his private area has become enlarged.) “NICK MY DICK LOOK AT IT! ITS HUGE!”

Nick: (He has removed his pants and ripped underwear to reveal his dick has grown just as big.) “SHIT DUDE,SO HAS MINES! AND LOOK IT CAN GROW AND MOVE ON ITS OWN!”






(The two move closer and closer. They lips touch and kiss. each feeling their tongues in their mouths. Their hands touch their well developed pecs and nipples feeling the extreme lust and calling for one another. Their cocks have pulled apart from each other. Wrapping the two in a cocoon forever loving each other; changing each other. From within the sounds of ecstasy become louder until finally the climax reaches both. Soon the cocks unwind and the two college students are now muscular just like Steve at the coffee shop and covered with each other’s cum.”

Nick: “I love you Sam.”

Sam: “I love you Nick.”


Part 3

Steve: Welcome to Cafe Darwin; welcome back Saul.

Saul: Hey Steve. Man these extra arms and legs really make the difference. I got all my papers done and turned in on time. And you were right. I stood before some of my friends and they treated me normally.

Steve: Told you they would. Man, I been thinking about you all day. My muscles being twitching since you left. I think they’re jealous of the four arms you have.

Saul: Really man, ‘cause I was thinking of those tree trunk arms you have there. Bet it’s hard to find shirts that fit.

Steve: Not really. Every piece of clothing I find seems to fit me perfectly. You will see that soon too. Hey I get off in a minute, wait right here so we can talk.

Saul: K

(Steve returns 5 minutes later dressed in a tight muscle t and very tight jeans. Saul can see Steve ample bulge and can’t help but feel both his front crotch and hind crotch tingle and rise. Steve is also holding two shakes in his hand.)

Steve: (Hands Saul one of the drinks.) This is the “Max out muscle shake.” It the first one I tried when I worked here and the results, as you can see, are nice.

Saul: Let me guess, you have the Multi one in your hand.

Steve: (Smiling) Yeah. Here we go.

(The two drink the shakes. Saul watches as two new arms equal to Steve’s original size grew from the side of his chest and two magnificent legs began to grow, extending Steve’s already shapley ass. Steve stared in awe as Saul’s arms and legs began to grow with muscles like they were alive and breathing.)

Steve: Man I hope I look that good with four arms and legs like you man.

Saul: You do man, and more. Man these arms look great. I feel great and…

Steve: (Walks over to Saul and kisses him firmly. Pulls back and smiles) Yeah it’s the other effect of the shakes. Kinda like a radar that helps us find the “one” we are destined to be with. I knew you were the one the second you came in this morning. My muscle twitched like crazy when they saw you come in and after you left all I could think about was seeing you again.

Saul: Me too. Why don’t we go to my place. We can talk about this more in private.

Steve: I would love to.

(The two leave arm and arm and arm and arm. Kissing and loving each other.)


Part 4

(The next shift)

Joel: (Four armed, Black guy. Mid 20s with atheltic built. Wearing a green T-shirt with the words cafe darwin written on it. And black jeans. He watches as Stephen leaves with Saul and smiles as he takes his postion behind the counter.)

Jackson: (20 year old average looking white guy. Wearing a workout jersey and pants. Just finished working out.)

Joel: Welcome to Cafe Darwin, how can I help you?

Jackson: I need something to boost me up, but won't kill my workout. You guys have any smoothies?

Joel: We have several but I think I know which one you will love. (Turns around and Jackson sees his well developed butt. Joel turns around and notices Jackson quickly looking back at his list.)

Joel: (Hands Jackson a purple colored smoothie with one of his right hands.) This is our “Inshape smoothie” Gurantee to give you the shape you desire.

Jackson: (Takes a sip) Mmmmmm that good. Grape, my favorite flavor. (Begins to drink it down.) So…the arms of yours what do you do with them?

Joel: (Flexes his top arms while wiping the counter with his lower right hand and typing on the cash computer with the lower left hand) Just for normal, everyday stuff. Got to tell you, man, they are a life saver.

Jackson: Man I'd love to have arms like that. And a body like yours.

Joel: You can. Just think it and it will happen.

Jackson: What?

Joel: Yeah. Just think about what you want and your body will produce it.

Jackson: (Begins to picture his body producing new arms. Slowly his shirt opens up to reveal two new arms growing underneath his top ones. He slowlys begins to realize what is happening to him and pictures his body looking like Joel’s. Soon his clothes tighten around his legs, waist and chest. He begins to since a large growth in his crotch and realizes his penis has grown.)

Jackson: Wow. This is awesome. (Flexes arm over and over.) Man, you really are packing too.

Joel:(Smiles) Yeah. But you got the best thing ever man. That Smoothie you drank allows you to change your shape, size, everything.

Jackson: Cool. I'm going to back to the gym. There a guy there who needs to see me a little bit better then I was.

Joel: Have fun man. And come back any time.

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