Camp switch

by Unknown

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Dane and his lover Steve decided to go camping at this remote campground near White Sands New Mexico. Steve thought this was a bit of a drive, from California, but Dane heard about it on the internet and it was remote, and the perfect place to get away from it all.

Dane was a very handsome guy. He had a very well built body and when he walked into a room, everyone knew he arrived. Considering he was in his late 30's he was often mistook for late 20's, with his chiseled features. Steve was also very handsome, but not as hot as Dane. He and Dane had been lovers for several years, but their love had been going sour. They figured this trip might rekindle some flame.

The two drive up to the campsite just after dawn, but much to their displease, they see a bus load of teenagers. Noisy, rowdy teenagers.

“Dane, I thought you said no one knew about this place?”

“It's probably some local school. We'll just find someplace far from them to camp.

As they drive past them, Dane's eyes are glued on one very handsome jock. Jeremy is dressed in a cut off tee shirt showing his well defined abs and arms. He is also wearing tight gym shorts, showing muscular legs. Jeremy sees Dane staring at him and stares back with a stern look, then flips Dane off.

“Fuck off, Faggot!” Jeremy yells.

“ I guess he told you, Dane!” Steve laughs as his lover’s ego becomes bruised.

They come upon a Ranger and ask them where they should go.

“Well, men, I think if you take the night owl trail, you can find some secluded camping areas. It’s a long hike, but well worth it. Just remember to stay on the marked trails.”

“Who are all those kids?” Dane asks

“Those are kids from the Detention Center. They are troubled teens. Some are about to turn 18 or just turned 18. It’s either get their act together or it’s off to prison. Every year the counselors bring them up here for them to get in with nature, and every year one gets lost and it usually takes 2 days to find them.”

“Hmm, sounds like fun.” Dane jests “We'll take your suggestion on the campsite, Ranger. Thanks again!”

“Anytime! Just be sure to stay in the designated camp sites. I don’t want to have to come looking for you boys too. It’s a big wilderness out there.”

Dane and Steve walk up the suggested trail and they find camp after camp of the troubled teens. They walk for hours and cant find a spot that is not an ear shot away from the loud teens.

Dane has an idea. “Lets walk this way, Steve.” He points to an unmarked trail

“Dane, that will take us off the path and away from the camp grounds.”

“Yeah, and away from those loud teens too! Besides, it’s a path so it must lead someplace”

Steve gives in. “I'll follow you”

The two walk for hours and don’t hear another human in that time. They find an open place at the base of a hill and set up camp.

Meanwhile, in the teens camp. Jeremy is sitting a bit away from the other teens and counselors. Dave, a hunky muscular Counselor, about in his mid 20's, notices Jeremy distancing himself “Jeremy, why don’t you come and join the rest of us?” Dave Asks.

Dave has been assigned to Jeremy and to watch over him. Being the most muscular counselor, everyone knew he could take care of Jeremy if need be.

“Fuck you, Dave! I didn't want to be here. Leave me the fuck alone!” Jeremy walks off into the forest at a rapid pace. Dave and another one of the other counselors take pursuit. It becomes a game to Jeremy, and because his athletic body, he can run for a long time. He picks up speed through the forest, with the Counselors right behind. He sees them gaining so he picks up speed, jumping over logs, rocks and streams trying to lose them. The two counselors are in pretty good shape too. Jeremy runs down a canyon and then up into a tree. Minutes later, the two counselors run below Jeremy. The two men look around and can’t see any sign of Jeremy. Jeremy sees them heading back. Jeremy decides to stay in the tree for awhile, until they are gone for sure. He pulls out a power bar from his pocket and begins to eat it. He climbs out of the tree and take one last look to where the counselors went and heads the opposite way.

Back at Dane's, and Steve's camp. The two decide to go for a walk with the last few hours of sun left. They remember distinct features to find their way back. They come upon a valley of a carpet of pines. The view is breathtaking. Dane sits and enjoys the view.

“Dane, we should be heading back now. The sun is about to set.”

“Okay, Steve….a few more minutes.”

The two hold hands for the first time in years.

At that second, they hear a scream a distance away.

“Oh my God! Someone is in trouble!”

They both take off running to where they thought they heard the sounds. They hear a faint cry for help.

They look down over a 30degree ledge and can see where Jeremy had fallen. “Are you okay?” Dane yells down to him.

“I think I broke my ankle!” Cries Jeremy. “Fuck, it hurts!”

“Hang on, I'm gonna come down and get you. I know first aid.”

Dane slowly climbs down the cliff about 40 feet to where Jeremy is. He looks over the handsome teenager and examines his leg. Jeremy knows it’s the guy he flipped off, but he's too arrogant to apologize.

“Yep, I think it is broken. I don’t think I can move you from here.” Dane yells up to Steve. “Steve, go and get help.”

“All right, don’t move from where you are. I'll be right back!”

Steve runs off into the woods, and back to the camp.

Dane gets two branches and then rips the sleeves off his shirts to make a cast for Jeremy’s leg. Dane is getting aroused as he touches and feels Jeremy’s strong leg as he adjusts the cast

“There, that should hold you for awhile.”

“Dude, you have to get me out of this hole. I am not going to stay out here all night!”

“If we move, the rescuers won't be able to find us.

“Fuck ’em! I’m not staying down here all fucking night!”

Jeremy pushes himself up, and begins to climb out of the hole with both hands and his one good leg, he grabs onto branches along the cliff to pull himself up. Dane is amazed at Jeremy's ability to pull himself up. Dane can’t help but to stare at Jeremy’s bubble butt. Dane adjusts himself as he watches this macho teenager climb the side of the mountain even though he is injured.

“Damn, this kid is one hell of an athlete!”

At the top of the cliff, Jeremy makes a make shift crutch and begins to walk off. Dane is right behind.

“Hey, hey! Stop! You need to get to a hospital. My friend went to get help!

“Fuck, I can take care of myself!”

Dane sees that Jeremy is also disillusioned as he hobbles the wrong way, and up a steep hill.

“Hey, you are going the wrong way! That just goes deeper into the forest.”

“ I know where I am going! Now leave me the fuck alone!”

“This kid is fucked up!”

Jeremy and Dane, both see a light glowing over the hill the higher they get up it.

“See, Dude, there’s a road right there. I’ll catch a ride back. Now get the fuck away from me!”

Dane knows that they are in the middle of nowhere, and there can’t possibly be a road. “We’re miles from the nearest road!”

“Duh, you ever here of off road vehicles? Fuck, dude!”

Dane, can’t think of any other explanation for what it could be, so he follows a few steps behind Jeremy. Jeremy begins to hobble closer and closer to the top of the hill. He gets to the top before Dane. He stops. Tries to cover his eyes and look, but the light is so bright he cant see. “What the ffffuuu…” He passes out.

Dane rushes up to him, thinking the exhaustion must have caught up to him. He kneels down next to Jeremy and looks over his shoulder toward the light. “Damn, Truck, needs to shut off that spot.”

Dane notices the lights are moving and look like large flood lights. He motions by waving his arms in the air. And yells out.

“Hey, over here!”

Dane feels something hit his body like a small static charge that you get off the carpet. He passes out.

Dane wakes up in a extremely bright room. He can barely see because the lights are so bright. He can hear chatter in the background, but cant make it out. He feels very weak, and thinks it must be from the climb and he is in the hospital. Even though he could barely see the ceiling or the walls, and his vision was blurry. He looks up and he can see a faint reflection of himself. He turns his head to the right and sees a white wall. He turns his head to the left, and sees Jeremy laying on the bed next to him. He rolls his head back and looks towards the ceiling. He closes his eyes for not even a second and looks back over to where Jeremy was. The bed is gone and so is Jeremy. Dane thinks he must have been out for more then a few seconds, and they took Jeremy to another room. He looks over to the right side again, and he sees a mirror that shows him laying on the bed. Dane thinks to himself. That he doesn’t remember that mirror, and that the mirror looked odd. He kept looking at himself in the mirror, then realized that his reflection wasn’t looking back. He could see his body begin to move, but he wasn’t moving. Dane begins to hyperventilate. He looks down at his body and he sees the cloths that Jeremy was wearing. He slowly takes his right hand and feels his six pack abs. Dane knew he was in good shape, but not that good. He then feels his chest and face with his other hand. It feels different. Dane begins to realize that he is now in Jeremy’s body. His dick becomes erect and that feels different too. Which makes him begins to precum. Dane thinks to himself “This can’t be happening to me! It’s impossible!” Then, Dane remembers his reflection from up above. He slowly looks up, and sure enough, Jeremy is looking back. Dane moves his hands across his abs and watches the reflection do the same. He reaches for his dick and begins to rub it. “This is hot!” he thinks to himself.

He closes his eyes thinking it is a dream. He opens them again and he sees stars. He now knows it was just a dream, until he stands up, then it hits him. He feels different. He is afraid too look, but his curiosity gets the best of him. He looks down at his hot teenage body. “Holy Fuck!” He runs his hands over his body and feels his new form. He begins to get erect. He takes his wallet out of his back pocket and sees Jeremy’s ID card. “Well, I’m not old enough to drink, but I am old enough to smoke. Damn, this bod feels great.” Dane adjusts his growing cock. I need to go jerk off. Dane sits up on a rock and begins to stroke himself, feeling every inch of his new muscular body. “Damn, even my new cock feels hot! I can’t wait to see what it’s like to shoot in this body!” Then the feeling of his muscular hand stroking his long 7 inch cock becomes more then he can take and he shoots out huge loads one after the other in pure ecstasy.

“Fuck, that was hot!”

Dane begins to have reality sink in and becomes panicked.

“What the hell happened to me? I have to find Steve! What am I going to tell him? Hi Steve, its me Dane, I'm in this hot studs body now, what do you think?”

Dane realizes also that whatever happened to him, mended his ankle, and he can walk. As he begins to walk off, two Counselors grab him. Steve is right behind. Dane doesn’t know what to do, does he tell Steve or continue as Jeremy. Just the feel of being Jeremy has Dane erect. Dane keeps caressing his hot teen body. Steve wonders what happened to Dane.

“Where's Dane?”

“Uh, uh I don’t know. I passed out and just woke up.”

“I have to find him!”

The two Counselors take Dane away. At that moment Jeremy in Danes body comes walking over. He is delusional.

“Dane, what happened to you?”

“Uh, uh I don't know” You don’t know what happened to you? “No, I don’t know. I mean I don't know who…? I feel …what happened to me?”

Jeremy falls to his knees and looks at his hands and new body.

“I'm not me anymore! Who am I?”

“Dane, you aren’t making sense. Did you fall down and hit your head? Lets get you back to camp. Maybe a good night sleep will help”

Jeremy takes a few deep breaths. Dane watches his old body. Not knowing what to do. Jeremy looks at his new body. Touching every new part. Steve finds this odd, but figures he must be just under stress.

“Are you okay, Dane?”

Jeremy begins to become Dane.

“Yeah, Steve. I think so. Steve…lets go. Take me home.”

Dane isn’t sure why Jeremy became him physically and mentally, but all he knew was that he was in someone else’s body and he had no memories of this other person. Dane’s only concern now was his raging teenage hormones acting up.

Dave takes Dane back to camp. The two guys share a tent together. Dane can’t help but notice how sexy Dave is. Just reeking of masculinity. Dane isn’t sure if he is hard from looking at Dave or from being Jeremy or both.

During the middle of the night, Dane wakes up in with a raging hard on. He looks over across the tent and sees Dave the hunky counselor, half asleep stroking himself. Dane cant get over Dave’s muscles, great chiseled features and a huge dick. Dane was anxious to try out his new body during sex and being Jeremy was making him so horny he was about to explode.

Dane slowly goes over to Dave and puts his mouth on his throbbing cock. The counselor wakes up, shocked at first, but then lets Jeremy do his business. The counselor shoots his load in Jeremy’s mouth and Jeremy swallows it all. The counselor gets up from his cot and throws Jeremy down on the ground as if to punish him. He rips Jeremy's shorts off and begins to fuck him. Dane feels the massive cock in his butt pushing and pulling in his tight Jock body. Dave massages Danes Muscular body, kissing his pecs, abs and nipples. Licking every inch of Danes/Jeremy’s body. Dane feels his new muscles and butt hole taking it all in. One of the other teens walks in on them. He is just as good looking as Jeremy. The other teen drops to his knees and begins to suck off Jeremy as Dave pushes his throbbing cock into Dane's virgin butt. Dane shoots his load into the teens mouth. The other teen licks Dane’s/Jeremy’s dick clean. Jeremy turns him over and begins to pound his ass. Jeremy is loving every second of having sex in this jocks body. The feel of the young cock pushing in, and out. The sensation of two guys sucking at his nips, and caressing his tight, muscular body. It’s the best sex Dane has ever had, not only having it with two hot guys, but being inside a hot guys was the ultimate erotic high.

As months passed. Dane found himself in the custody of Dave. The two became lovers and Dane went off to college. Dane got into sports and would occasionally bring some of his teammates over for sex parties with his lover.

Jeremy somehow became Dane, probably a side effect of the brain transfer or was it?

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