The game

by J Reynolds

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I couldn’t believe this day was finally here. I have been waiting for about three months now for it to finally arrive. Three months ago I saw this odd ad in our local gay newspaper.

Have you ever REALLY wanted a new life? A new game is coming to town. Want to be part of this life changing game? Call 800-555-3718

I read the ad again back in the classified section of the paper. What an odd ad. I knew that I wasn’t happy. I hadn’t had a relationship in so long I don’t even remember what it feels like to have a man in my arms. I know a lot of this is my own fault. After my last relationship, I let myself go. I just couldn’t bring myself to care about anything. I had gained almost thirty pounds. My hair had started falling out and turning gray. My whole attitude just went into the toilet. I had buried myself in work hoping to drown my sorrows by keeping busy, but now, five years later, I was a miserable middle-aged man. You could probably pass me on the street and not even give me a second look if I had even managed to get a first look.

After I sat there for a while feeling sorry for myself, I wondered why the hell not call the number. I had made a mess of my life; why not try a game that could change everything. I mean; it’s not like they could make it any worse than it is. Maybe it was time I took destiny in a headlong charge instead of letting myself get trampled under its feet.

When I finally got off of the phone I was more than a little intrigued. I had an appointment the next week for an interview and some tests. I was told that it would more than likely take most of the day so prepare accordingly. I knew I wouldn’t have any trouble taking a vacation day. I hadn’t taken one in two years and my boss was on my back to use up some of my accumulated vacation.

The hotel was one of the nicer hotels in town. When I got there I was met at the door by a handsome young man and asked my name.

‘Andy Wells’

‘Right, good then, I see you on my list. My name is Josh, Andy. The first order of business today is to get you to the doctor for a medical exam.’

‘What do I need a medical exam for?’

‘All of out candidates need to be physically healthy. This should not be a problem, although I can see you are overweight, you look pretty healthy otherwise.’

I winced to myself. I knew I was fat, but did this handsome young guy have to say so it bluntly.

‘So, what kind of game is this?’

‘You will be told all of that this afternoon. In fact, I will be the one doing your interview this afternoon, but first there are test to take and forms to fill out. I will leave you here with the doc and talk to you later. Just one other thing, please make sure to fill out all the forms completely.’

With this he turned and walked out of the room. The doc was also a young handsome guy, and we went through the usual physical exam questions. He then examined me and said that I was in all right shape for a man my age, but I might want to lose a few pounds. When we got done he brought me into a room with a desk and handed me a pack of forms and what I later learned were test. I was amazed at the questions that they asked me, and more amazed that I actually answered them. Some of their questions were so personal that I think I would have blushed if a lover asked me them much less complete strangers. But, I answered them, after all what did I really have to lose. The last form I had to sign was a confidentiality agreement. I was stunned by the severity of it after I read through it, but I wasn’t too surprised by the agreement. Most companies require them and I just assumed that this was to protect the company while the show is in production.

A young man had come in a couple times during the morning and collected what I had completed. My stomach had been complaining loudly that it was time for lunch when I finally completed my last form. As I got up to find someone the young man came back into the room and collected the last form and suggested that I go out and get some lunch and come back in a couple of hours. As I was leaving the hotel I heard someone calling my name.


I turned around and saw Josh walking towards me. My heart sank as I thought that he was coming over to tell me not to bother to come back.

‘Heading out to lunch Andy?’

‘Yea, I am.’

‘Mind if I come with you. I really hate to eat alone.’

We had a wonderful lunch. He wouldn’t answer any of the questions I had about the game, but we talked about just about everything else. He was actually a lot of fun to talk to. He was intelligent, warm and had an odd sense of humor that could really get me going. Although I had a good time, I was somewhat sad that I met this man so late in my life. I really thought that this is someone I would like to get much better. It was just my luck though that I was old enough to be his father.

We walked back to the hotel and he asked me to wait in a room while he checked some things and he would be back to me as soon as he could. I sat staring out the window thinking about Josh. He was just adorable in every way, and I couldn’t seem to get my mind off from him. About half an hour passed when I heard someone enter the room. I turned to look and Josh was walking towards me with a smile on his face.

‘Andy, everything is in order and now we can get to the meat of this meeting. Before we continue, however, I must remind you of the confidentiality agreement that you signed. The company means business with that agreement. We can’t afford our secrets getting out to the general public.’

“I understand Josh. I won’t tell anyone anything.’

‘Good, I knew I could trust you, but I still had to say it. Now as I start explaining the game please let me go all the way through before you interrupt me with questions. I am going to start with something that I know will cause questions and perhaps even a little shock for you. To be a participant in the game, you are going to have to buy a ticket to the game. This ticket only allows you entrance to the game. It does not guarantee that you will even be selected on the day of the game. Do you understand?’

‘I understand, but what’s the bid deal about having to buy a ticket to get in. I know you have to make your money somehow.’

‘The big deal about buying the ticket is that the ticket will cost you $50,000.’

I gasped, ‘$50,000 you have got to be kidding?’

‘I am not kidding. I guarantee that the ticket price will be worth the risk. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for you. I really think you should take the chance. I know that is a shock for you, but will you at least consider it?’

I sat there stunned. It wasn’t like I didn’t have the money. After all I have a good job and I don’t really have any major expenses. But just the thought of buying a pig in a poke is what set my mind to wondering. Is it really worth this kind of risk? This is my future we are talking about here. If I pay out that much money and nothing comes of it, I am out a big chunk of the money I have been saving to buy a new house to retire in. On the other hand, what did I really have to lose? I hated going on the way I was, otherwise I wouldn’t be here in the first place.

‘I’m in I guess, but this had better be good.’

‘Okay, here I go. I think you made the right choice. I am sure you remember the old game Let’s Make a Deal. Our game is somewhat like that one in theory but in actual practice the stakes are much bigger. If you are selected from among the audience you will be given an envelope. Inside the envelope will be a picture of a man who will be over 18 years of age. You can decide to keep the envelope that is fine, but you will be allowed to trade the envelope for what is behind three different curtains. You will not be allowed to see what is behind the curtains. Am I being clear so far?’

‘Yea, I guess so.’

‘Good, now this is the part that is going to be hard for you to understand or even accept. My employer has found a way to move a person’s thoughts, memories, his very being from one body to another. I know. It sounds far fetched, but I can personally guarantee that it really does work. I have seen it for myself. There is a catch, as I am sure you guessed. If you decide to go with one of the curtains, you will not know what kind of body you are going to get. It could be an old man, young man, fat, hairy, smooth, muscle bound or thin. After the trade you will have to start living life as that new man. Part of the reason the ticket price is so high is the company helps the transferees adjust to their new life, and this of course takes money. In each of our games there are two hundred contestants, and of those two hundred ten will be chosen to participate. Now, do you have any questions for me?’

I sat looking at him. He’s got to be kidding. I mean he really has to be kidding. This sounds like the plot of an old science fiction film. What have I gotten myself into?

‘You are kidding right?’

‘I know how this sounds Andy. But trust me it’s true. I know you are going to think I am nuts when I say this, but I am really the same age as you. I was one of the first participants in the game.’

I sat there for a while longer just starring at the carpet. I finally started peppering him with questions that only someone who grew up around the same time as me would probably know; they were the kind of questions this kid in front of me would never know the answers to.

‘Are you convinced yet Andy?’

‘I have to be. You and I grew up at the same time. I can’t believe that someone your age now would ever know the answers to those questions. But, it’s still a big risk.’

‘Actually, it’s not quite as bad as you might think. If you are chosen, after you trade bodies you will be given a check for your original $50,000.’

‘Where do you get the people that the participants trade with? I don’t want to think that I am stealing someone’s life.’

‘Finding participants for the show is not as hard as you might think. Many of them are people like you, who want to be part of the show but don’t have the money to buy a ticket. And, many of them are young men who want to be older. The original Josh was one of those.’ I finally decided that I really didn’t have much to lose, so I got out my checkbook and wrote a check. As I handed the check to him he smiled at me.

‘You won’t be sorry you did this. Now that I have taken all of your money why don’t you join me for dinner this evening my treat. I enjoyed our conversation over lunch today and would like to continue it.’

‘Ok, I guess. Where do you want me to meet you?’

‘I’ll pick you up around seven. I have you address from your file.’

We had a wonderful evening. I really could develop a thing for Josh. He is the first person in a long time that made me feel good about myself. The weeks passed and I finally received a ticket for the game along with directions to follow to get to the studio. When I opened the envelope among all the official looking documents I found a handwritten note from Josh.


I look forward to seeing you again. I hope you are not regretting your decision. I really enjoyed our time together. Maybe we can have dinner again after the game is over.


Well, as I’ve said the day finally arrived. I was standing around with a bunch of other men awkwardly chatting. It was obvious to me that everyone else was just as nervous as I was. The crowd was a lot more diverse than I expected. I mean there weren’t just a bunch of middle-aged men in the crowd. There were quite a few young attractive men in the crowd as well. I was standing to the side when I saw Josh walking toward me with a big smile on his face. What I didn’t expect was the big hug he gave me. While he had his head by mine I heard him say the word two so just I would here it.

‘Andy how are you doing? Good I hope. They are about to call you all into the studio now. Are we still on for dinner tonight?’

‘Sure, no problem. In fact, I’m looking forward to hearing what you have been up to.’

‘They are starting to seat everyone, so I will talk to you later.’

We all got into the studio and I immediately noticed that there were no cameras at all. There was another handsome young man dressed in an expensive suit waiting for all of us to get seated. When we all got settled he started.

‘Good Morning, my name is John. I am sure you all remember the rules, but there are a couple of more things that I need to tell you. After a participant makes a selection, he will be escorted out of the room. After he leaves the room you will be shown who elected to become. In the case of the curtains behind me, he will not know what his selection was. If you are selected, you may chose to pass on playing the game if you do not like your chances. What I mean to say, someone may chose a body that is not to your taste, and you may not want to take the risk. If this should happen, we will select another candidate until we reach the ten participants for today’s game. Ok, is everybody ready?’

With this he walked into the audience and scanned the crowd. You could almost see the anxiousness as his gazed passed through the crowd. He finally settled on a young man in the back row.

‘You, in the back row with the blonde hair and blue shirt. Come down here please.’

The man jumped up and all but ran to where the man was standing at the front of the room on the stage.

‘Here is your envelope. Open it up and take a look. What do you think?’

He looked at the audience and talked to us. ‘If you look at the monitors you will see the picture the young man is seeing now. If you feel the need, you can always holler out some advice for him.’

On the monitor closest to me I saw a picture of a very young man, probably not much over eighteen. He was very thin and almost had a girlish quality to him. After a couple seconds the crowd seemed to get into it and started to offer their advice. The young man on stage wasn’t really listening to the crowd. He had a pained look on his face. He finally looked like he had made up his mind.

‘John, I am going to go with curtain number 3’

‘Are you sure that is the one you want? It’s not to late to change your mind.’

‘Nope, I will go with three.’

As he said this, another man came up and escorted him from the stage. John looked back at us and said, ‘Now who would like to see what he got?’

Another picture came up on the monitor and I was stunned. The picture was of a man that looked to be about 29 or so, older than the young man on the stage. That wasn’t the amazing part though. He was a covered in tattoos, had both nipples pierced, and was wearing a leather harness over a pair of skintight leather pants. While I had never really been attracted to men like that, this man was certainly a prize worth paying for. Still, I wondered how that young man, who looked like the all American boy next door, was going to adapt to that body and that life. We went through a couple more rounds. One guy was a middle aged white guy in decent shape that got the body of tower of ebony; the new body was black and covered with muscle from head to toe, with, what looked like a salami stuffed into his pants. Someone was going to have a lot of fun in that body.

The next guy was another fairly young guy. This guy didn’t make out quite so well. He traded his young body for the body of a 50 something bear. I mean he had it all, hairy chest, beard, bear gut, and the baldhead. I was betting that wasn’t what the young guy was hoping for, but then a again, maybe it was what he was hoping for.

The next round came up and the announcer was once again scanning the audience when his eyes came to rest on me. He called my up onto stage and I couldn’t believe this was actually happening to me. I mean I had spent the last three months calling myself a fool in various ways, but I guess deep down I had spent the time hoping against hope that I would somehow get chosen. I was given an envelope and opened it up. The boy inside looked like an A&F model. It was all I could do to keep from getting an erection right there. But, then I got to thinking, why did Josh tell be the number two out in the hall. Did he know this was going to happen? Then completely ignoring the guys in the audience I announced, ‘I will take curtain two.’ God I hope I didn’t just make a mistake.

‘Are you sure you want curtain two? It is still not to late to change your mind.’

‘I will take curtain two.’

‘All right off you go.’

As I turned to go, I could swear I saw John wink at me. It was probably just my imagination. I was lead out of the hall; I thought I heard a collective groan come from the audience. Well, to late to change my mind now. I was lead into a room much like a hospital room that had half of it curtained off. I looked up and the doc that gave me the exam on the day of my interview was waiting for me.

‘Andy, would you get up onto the bed please. I need to give you a shot. This will knock you out for maybe an hour. The procedure doesn’t really hurt. It is just easier to take if you are out cold. Some of the sensations if you are awake are most disturbing.’

I hoped up on the bed, and he immediately gave me the shot.

‘Sweet dreams’ I heard as I passed out.

‘Ah, I see you are waking up. Don’t try to talk. The sedative we use doesn’t last very long, but you will feel groggy for a few more minutes. I am going to leave the room. When I go, I will lock the door behind me. You will be alone in the room. Just a couple of pieces of advice. Don’t move until you head clears and when you do start to move. Move slowly. There is a mirror by the end of the bed, and some clothes are placed in a chair by the bed. Come out when you get ready.’

I swear I heard him chuckling when he left the room. Even through the fog of the drug they had given me, I could tell that I felt different. I couldn’t quite place it though. My body just felt different against the mattress. I tried to move my hand but a wave of dizziness passed over me. Maybe the doc knew what he was talking about. I just tried to relax. I did such a good job of relaxing I fell back to sleep.

When I woke back up, I was clear headed. I opened my eyes and realized that part of the funny sensation I had before was the fact that I was naked in under a light sheet and blanket. I raised my hand in front of my face and was amazed that it wasn’t my hand. Stupid, I know, but what can I say. I guess I really didn’t believe them. What I saw amazed me. My skin tone was much darker than it had been. And the fingers were much longer that my original one. I raised my arm up further and saw a well-muscled arm. In fact, my arm appeared to very muscular. I sat up in the bed and realized that I had hair, a lot of hair. As I sat up I saw myself in a mirror that the doc said was at the end of the bed. I was stunned. I wasn’t just good looking. I had the most amazing face that I have ever seen. The hair was black and fell in waves to my shoulders. My face a somewhat round look to it without actually being round. My jaw was square and I had a somewhat square cheekbones, but I think it was the hair that made it appear slightly round. Even amongst all of that heavenly dark skin I had the bluest eyes that I have ever seen. Beneath them was the perfect nose; don’t ask me to explain. It was just perfect for this face. And, what can I say about the lips, they were the perfect full lips for kissing and other bodily delights. To say that all of this beauty that I now was, wasn’t having an affect on another part of body would be to lie. I was harder than a titanium rod, and, what a rod it appeared to be in under the blanket. I couldn’t take anymore and jumped out of bed to get see everything. The first thing I notice after the baseball bat attached at my groin was the fact that I was tall. Very tall. Probably 6’3. When I got to the mirror what looked back was a god. Maybe a Greek or Italian God. Everything about my body was perfect. Everything was well muscled and in perfect proportion. The first flaw I found on this body would be the first. I also noticed that I didn’t have a tan line, either the former owner was naturally this dark all over, or he didn’t wear even a thong to sunbathe. I finally couldn’t stand the overload of hormones and decided to take matters into my own hands, so to speak. After just a few minutes, I had the most intense orgasm of my life, and to say I made a mess would be understating matters.

I finally decided that I probably needed to get dressed and go outside to see what I was suppose to do now. I went over to the chair and received a shock. There was a pair of leather pants, some socks, boots, and t-shirt that looked way to small for the new me. I looked around for some underwear, but there didn’t seem to be any there. So, I grabbed the leather pants and pulled them on. They weren’t skin tight, but they did hug my body in all the right places, including I might ad, in the crotch. It did nothing to hide the fact that I wasn’t small in that area now. When I pulled on the shirt, I noticed it had a lot of stretch to it, but it still didn’t completely cover my new abs. I turned around a looked in the mirror though and realized why this shirt was there. My belly button and the bottom of my abs showed. Man was that sexy. So sexy, in fact, that I really had to work to control myself from getting worked up again. When I got the black leather boots on, they did nothing but accentuate the buff young stud look I had going on.

I walked over to the door and opened it up and guess who was standing there waiting for me. Josh.

‘That sounded like a good one. You think maybe next time I could help you with that Angelo.’

With that he grabbed me and pulled me into a kiss. In just seconds he had my lips apart and was exploring the inside of my mouth. When he got done kissing me, he squeezed me and said, ‘God, I want you to fuck me right now, but we have something we need to do first. Come on.’

He let go and walked away down the hall with me following him. We walked into a small room with a table and two chairs in it. We both sat down next to one another.

‘This is the part where you find out who you are now. Your name is Angelo Garcia. You are 23 years old. You live in Malibu, California and make your money as a professional dancer. Do I need to even tell you what kind of dancer, with a body like that? Both of your parents are dead and you have no siblings. You have never been arrested. You have quite a lot of money saved up in the bank and you own a home on the ocean and several cars. All of the information you need will be given to you about your bank accounts etc. before you leave. A couple of other things need to be mentioned. We will assist you in you transition by providing training, so you can return to that life and continue to live as the old Angelo did. Also, you might notice that there are some changes in your personality. It will be nothing major, but you may notice subtle differences. For instance you likes and dislikes of food will change in this new body. Some people can for instance become more outgoing after the change. Now, do you have any questions for me?’

‘Yes, I do have a question for you. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. Did you set me up? Not that I am complaining.’

‘What do you think? Of course I did. I really liked you a lot when we met a few months ago. I felt like you were the one I have been looking for all my life, but to be honest Andy’s body didn’t do anything for me. Didn’t you feel anything like that?’

‘Well, I did like you quite a bit. In fact, I wished that I wasn’t old enough do be your father so that maybe we could see what developed, but I knew I didn’t have a chance as an old middle aged fat man. Won’t you get in trouble for doing this? I mean won’t your boss be pissed?’

He chuckled at me. ‘No, my boss won’t be pissed. This happens all the time around here. You don’t think this is totally random do you? Did you notice that no one took the picture while you were out there in the studio? In fact, it really doesn’t matter which curtain anyone chooses the selections are already made for each contestant based on the personality profile they submitted. That is why it really isn’t random at all. Everyone chosen was matched already to his ideal swapping partner. I actually lied a bit when I told you we had volunteers for this. We really don’t. We find ten people amongst the applicants and match them to ten people from the rest of the applicants. It is actually a little harder than it seems sometimes to find ten perfect matches.’

‘Oh, so what about me? Was this guy actually my perfect match? Yes and no. He was actually my perfect match. He definitely fit the profile for you, but we had several men in the applicants who matched you. This was something that I wanted. In fact, I saw the old Angelo dancing in LA and wanted him so bad it was killing me, but truth be told he was so interested in money that his personality didn’t do anything for me. So, I used his love of money against him. I explained the situation to him. I told him that I would give him $5 million dollars if he would swap bodies with another man. The new Andy is going to get his money and your old body. I actually was not quite honest with him. I told him he was going to get a body much younger than yours, but hey, I was still pissed at him for the way that he treated me. He will have to live you life now as there is no going back. This switch is a one-time deal. It won’t work a second time.’

‘Why did you pay all that money so I could get this body? Where did you get it? Was that really fair to him?’

‘I have already talked to Andy and he is actually enjoying being Andy. He says he was getting tired of always having to be perfect, and he said that with a little work he can have fun in your body too. Believe it or not he always wanted to be an older man, so it worked of for him. As for the money, I am the boss around here. I am the one who developed the switching procedure, and I can promise you that I have more than enough to indulge myself if I want to. I even have enough to indulge you if I want to. You can’t tell me you don’t love that body. I heard clear evidence to the contrary.’

‘No, I love it it’s perfect. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thank you.’

‘Man, I’m starved let’s go eat.’

He grabbed the papers and shoved them in a briefcase. I followed him out of the building all the while looking at his ass. By the time we got to the limo that was waiting for us, I was seriously horny. I tried my best to distract myself, but it just wasn’t working. As we got into the car Josh noticed my condition.

‘Are you just happy to see me, or what? I guess I should pass along some information that the old Angelo gave me this afternoon. He said that that body is almost always horny. I just hate it for you. Maybe we can do something about that later, huh?’

‘Count on it. God, this might take some getting used to. So, do you have someplace for me to fuck that fine ass of yours tonight?’ ‘You know I do. I can’t wait, but we really got to eat. I really am starving.’

As he said this, we pulled up to a restaurant. One that I knew had a very relaxed atmosphere. Which was just as well, seeing how I was dressed as a walking wet dream at the moment. The host couldn’t keep his eyes off of me while he was seating us. Josh was laughing at my discomfort about having someone so obviously checking me out.

‘Better get used to that there buddy. I am sure it will happen all the time. I do have something serious I want to talk to you about though.’

‘Sure no problem man.’

‘I don’t want you to feel obligated to me because of what I did. I mean if what develops between us is just a good friendship that’s good to. I wouldn’t pretend to say that I wouldn’t like more, but whatever you want is fine with me.’

‘Thanks for that Josh. I was feeling a little beholden to you. I like you too but it is to soon to say if it will be a relationship or not. That doesn’t mean I still don’t want that ass of your tonight.’

‘I understand, and trust me you would have to kill me to keep you off me tonight.’

‘I know this is off the subject, but how did you end up with that fine body? Is this the man you were meant to be?’

‘Well; now there is a story. I was a professor at a major university while I was working out my theories about the swapping procedure and Josh was my lab assistant. Josh was a frat boy making some extra money working for me. When I finally got the process down, I had to try it and see if it worked. I asked Josh if he was willing to be my other guinea pig. I told him not to worry; we would trade back after the procedure if it really worked. Needless to say the procedure worked, but there was some major discomfort during the procedure. When the swap was complete, I was amazed that my theories have worked. There was only a slight problem, for some reason we couldn’t swap back to our original bodies. To this day I don’t know why the procedure will only work once on a person. I have tried to swap to another body, but it just won’t work. The old Josh is retired now. I keep him well supplied with money, so he can do just about anything he wants to. In fact, he got married last year to woman. That was actually funny watching my old gay body get married.’

Time has passed, and I still haven’t committed to a relationship with Josh. We spend most of our time together, but I am still getting used to this new body. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be in this young stud of a body. Josh wasn’t kidding either when he said this body is horny all the time. Most of the time it’s all I can do to control myself. I haven’t limited myself to Josh all this time, but I really think it is about time to commit myself just to him. If I am honest with myself, I know that I am in love with him. I am just worried about this body taking over and making me cheat on him. All in all though, I am happy with the new me. So, if you see one of Josh’s ads in the paper, call the number and looking to joining the game. Who knows you might even talk to me when you call. I work for the company now too.

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