Centaur of attention

by gifts of the night

Marooned on an island, Jason is rescued by boytaur Sundgren.

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Part 1: High and low tides of life Marooned on an island, Jason is rescued by boytaur Sundgren. (added: 1 Mar 2005)
Part 2: Two legs are better than none
Part 3: Dead ends, dead breaks
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Part 1: High and low tides of life

The year was 1906, when the immense vessel docked at the pier. Many were celebrating the brand new ship (The Monumental) all came and dawned their best and fancy clothes on this joyous occasion. Among the masses of young and old, rich and poor were the Beaumon'ts. Jason Beaumon't an 18-year-old boy with striking good looks. He has wavy dead hair light brown, blue eyes and boyish good looks. He is '5 “11 130lbs and muscular, (athletic build) Skin is olive, his father John 42 and mother Kayla 40 are also with him.

John is like his son only older with a beard and a tinge of gray coming in. Kayla is '5, “9 112lbs, she has black hair in a bun; a bun of high class, her eyes are also blue. They all board the ship, to Jason this is something he rather not do; high society isn't his cup of tea. Jason would rather play stickball with neighborhood kids or read a good fantasy book or draw his characters.

In fact for this voyage Jason brought all of his art supplies to make fun of all the passengers. The passengers are nested in their temporary living quarters for the 3-month journey from New York to Europe. 2 Days later Jason makes his way to the dining room hall; it is filled with the high elites of the society of New York. He sits at a table to himself with an art pad and charcoal; one by one he draws, making fun of all the people. His parents that feel his pain but are also wealthy but not snobbish join him.

“Anything interesting people yet son?” Asks John. “Not yet sir, but there was this old bitty that did complain cause her soup could not reflect the image of her pearls.”

“Honestly you two, the two of you can be so cruel when it is not necessary!” Says Kayla. “It is not my fault that these people forget that they are human and not gods!” Jason remarks.

“Respect Jason!” Demands John. “Yes father.” Jason says regretfully. “Our boy does have a point Kayla, they can bleed just like the rest of us. Let them stay in the wilderness on their own and they wouldn't know how to survive. They would become food for the beasts of the fields instead of vice versa.”

“Now, now, let us not worry about things like that. We cannot worry about how others act, they do have free will; as long as we know who we are.” Say Kayla. “You are right mother, and saying that I will excuse myself to find someone that I can relate to.”

“My, had I said something wrong?” Asks Kayla. “No! He's a strong willed boy with good Ideals dear. We raised him well.”

Jason exits the all, his parents begin to order their meals; Jason walks out to the side of the ship when there is a commotion. He runs to see what's going on. The day is bright and sunny but up ahead of the ship a big storm like a black abyss seems to be forming. Seamen run at every direction bumping into pedestrians, Jason is trying to find out what is happening.

“Hey! What is going on up ahead?” Yells Jason. “We're sailing into bad waters son! Waters that belong to the devil of the sea… The Bermuda Triangle!” Yells the seaman. “But isn't that just a myth sir?”

“Do you think if it were a myth, so many of us would be scrambling now?” Yells the seaman.

He then runs off about his business, Jason's curiosity peaks as he goes to investigate further, a boy with an insatiable imagination like his will always be curious. Jason's parents are wondering about all the commotion themselves as many of the passengers are all panicking; they then go out side from the dining room. The ship has ventured too far out into the devil's vortex and now people were getting on survival vessels, people by the thousands.

“Where is Jason? We have to find our boy!” Demands John. “Oh dear! I hope he's ok, my poor son!” Cries Kayla. Jason is fighting against the stampede of humans when he sees his parents. “Mom! Dad!”

“Jason!!!” Says a relieved John and Kayla. “Jason come, hurry son!” Yells John.

He reached them and they hug him. “Son, what is going on up ahead?”

“They claim that we are in a region called the devil's vortex, in other words the Bermuda triangle.”

“We are in danger!” John says sternly. “You don't actually believe in this fairy tale mumbo jumbo do you dear?”

“With my life!” Retorts John. The ship is then pulled violently by great tides now, which then pushes all the passengers in the vessels. “We have to get on the escape vessels father, they are signaling us to get on them.”

They all try and hurry but a flash of lightning electrifies the cords frying people and causing Jason to fall from the side of the ship. “Jason!!! My boy!” Yells John. He tries to jump in after him but the crew on the vessel stops him. The violent current takes Jason away. Morning comes and he washes on shore in an Island that seems like nothing on earth. Almost prehistoric with plants and animals that are different…

The sun is bright when a mysterious figure walks up on Jason and picks him up. The sun is so bright that the figure's face can't visibly be seen. He hauls Jason on his back and walks away; all that is left are the set of footprints of two humans, other than Jason's…


Part 2: Two legs are better than none

Jason wakes and it is morning when the mysterious figure is standing near him. Jason can't yet make out what he sees his eyes are still focusing.

“Where am I?”

“You are on the Island… Where is that exactly, I myself can't be sure of. All I know is that I have been here for a very long time.” Says the figure.

Jason's eyes finally focus to see what is standing in front of him.

“Hey! You're not intact!” Yells Jason in a manic tone.

“What do you mean?” Jason looks puzzled.

“It means that you do not have clothes on.”

“Oh yes, well my clothes grew to small for me and eventually shredded to bits after years I assure.”

“Well how long have you be--! What in the world is that? You're a freaky centaur thing!”

The boy's face swells red with self-shame. Jason's face just hangs with embarrassment of what he just said. He is confused about this whole thing.

“So is this place an Island of Centaurs?”

“So far, just myself.” Says the Centaur.

“A man with four legs and is part man part horse.”

“I am not a horse! How dare you call me that! You don't know me!” He yells.

Jason is taken back by the retorted remark that the boy said.

“I am sorry. But you do know you have four legs? Oh, so it appears to be that all four are human legs.”

I am aware that I have a long backside and four legs but I am not a horse or as you call it, a Centaur! I wasn't always like this, be here as long as I have and you too will have legs like these! And besides they are just exactly like the two I already have.”

“What do you mean? I can't grow extra legs out of nowhere!” Jason protested

“I did, this place has its mysteries.”

“How old are you?” Asks Jason.

“Well the last time I checked I was 20 years old. But of course I know that was a very long time ago. I went sailing with my father when this storm came from oblivion, we were caught and all I could remember was that I had awaken up on this Island and I haven't seen my father since.”

Jason is amazed by the similar outcomes from his new found point of view.

“What year was that?” He asks.

“Lets see, I was born in 1786, making me 20. 1806 was the year.”

“You don't say! Well I take you for a liar!”

The Centaur looks at him stern and cold in the face.

“How dare you accuse me of being a liar! I have a good mind of taking my spear and hurl it right at your ugly heart!”

Jason being a smart boy and realizing the disadvantage the centaur has over him; thought it would be best not to challenge him.

“I must apologize. I mean you do know what you just said? You have been here since 1806 that was one hundred years ago! I live in the present year of 1906. You weren't kidding when you said you have been here for a very long time. The ship that I was called “The Monumental” was caught in the same storm!”

The Centaur looks at him with amazement.

“A piece of the ship washed up with you. And a book with nice pictures too.”

Jason was now a bit confused.

“A book with pictures? Oh! It is my art book. Where are we by the way?”

“We are in my cave home. A bear used to live here but he moved away. So its just me and Dor.”

“dor, who's Dor?”

“Dor is my wolf, he's on scout patrol.” Jason looks curious more than ever.

“Is that all? Or are there other animals on this Island too?”

“Oh yes, especially that owl!”

“What owl?”

“There is this owl, that lived on the highest tree of the Island. He is a real annoyance, he bothers others only because no one can catch him!”

Jason ponders a bit, now his mind is more curious than ever before.

“May I see this owl?”

“Sure, but it is far from here to you would have to ride me.”

“Ride you?” He asks.

“Yes you can climb on my backside and ride me like um erm, like a horse. One thing I can be grateful for are my extra legs because it gives me speed.

Jason looks at the boy's ass and extra backside. He is a bit uncomfortable with this idea for it is all new to him. The Centaur is fully nude from back to front. Jason looks to see if the boy has (extra limbs) nothing else. The boy is decent shaped, about '5 11” and about 200 lbs. with extra body parts. He has light brown hair, green eyes quite handsome actually. He has an athletic build; his lower half is quite big, which is good for matting.

“Um, does this feel uncomfortable to you?” Ask Jason.

“Why should it? Actually not really, I would assume so, but nothing unpleasant about it.”

“What is your name? I'm sorry for my rudeness I didn't ask before.”

“Sundgren. My name is Sundgren pilo't.”

“Pilo't?” says Jason.

“No, no! It is Pilo't. The “T” is silent. And what is your name if you don't mind me asking?”

“Oh, I'm sorry it is Jason Beaumon't.”

“Nice to meet you Jason Beaumon't.”

“Like wise.” At first Sundgren walked slowly as to get used to having someone on his backside for the first time. Meanwhile Jason is thinking to himself about Sundgren's name. Pilo't can it be Parisian and pronounced differently than how it is spelled?

“Pilo't can he spell it like pilot? Or is it spelled and pronounced (Pea-low)? Or pillow perhaps. I think it is pea low. It would make sense that way.” Thought Jason.

“Hey! Welcome back! I'm going to go to the beach first so we can get you your book with your pictures in it.”

“Oh, ok then.”

Jason notices the feet on Sundgren, they are large and extremely attractive looking. Nice nails and nice color to them, tanned skin and his toes are slender and long. He wonders if they transformed that way because of the Island of if they are naturally that way. Surely Jason wondered they are as nice as his own.

They arrive at the beach and walk to the very spot that Sundgren found Jason nearly two weeks ago.

“Hey Sundgren, doesn't the hot sand burn your feet?”

“It does Jason, but I am used to it already. I don't have callus or anything but I can handle it.”

“Would you like my shoes to wear instead so you can feel a bit better?”

“No, that is quite nice of you but thanks just the same.”

“Well when we return let me treat them for you. It's the least I can do.”

“Sure if you like.”

The two are on the spot that Jason was picked up on. Sundgren picks up Jason's book but leaves a large piece of the ship. It is to heavy for even the both of them to pick up.

“Sundgren, you know the storm that you were caught in?”


“I think it is the same storm that caught my ship. The storm I know a little about, it is called the Bermuda Triangle.”

“The storm isn't called that. That is the name of the location where the storm comes from.”

“Hey! How do you know that?”

“My father was a captain of a ship. One day he and I took a little sailing boat off the coast of where we lived called Florida. The storm came all of a sudden and ambushed us. The devil's vortex called The Bermuda Triangle consists of three Islands. Right in the middle of the three islands is a whorl kind of a rift. The storm pulls you in and after that, well I don't know.”

“You know more about this than I do.”

“What do you think? That you and I are the only people that have ever been here? You're just the third person to come here not including myself since I have been here. They taught me about this place, but the Manti corn killed them. Lets hope you survive, I don't want to have to burry another person.”

Jason is beside himself. He can't believe what he was just told.

“When did they come?”

“This happened a long time ago, as I calculate. Not too long when I came here.”

“Hey, have you ever tried to escape from this place?”

“Well yes many times, but you can't.”

“What do you mean you can't?”

“There is something that prevents escaping the Island, I think it preserves this place and all the animals here. They are quite rare you know.”

“So I noticed, it’s not everyday that you here about a Manti corn killing people. Well, we'll think of a way. Now lets go get that owl!”


Part 3: Dead ends, dead breaks

“Why do you want the owl?”

Jason now more alert of the question.

“Two reasons, maybe something good lies where the owl protects is where he is perched. Second reason being, he would make a good meal seeing as how I haven't eaten in an awful amount of time.”

“You are a weird one but that statement satisfies my curiosity.”

The two continue onward through their journey until they come to some jungle area. From the top of the tree green blobs of slime fall onto the crack of Sundgren's hide, sending chills of ecstasy down his back. Even Jason felt the electricity of it and right then and there Sundgren had an erection. Jason saw and was very impressed by it himself. When Sundgren looked, he pretended not to even notice.

“I am sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” said Jason.

“For this.” Said Sundgren.

“Oh! Wow that's amazing! I didn't know that one could get that big!”

Not realizing the full magnitude of his statement until after, did Jason realize what he said and soon his face was flushed with embarrassment.

“I'm sorry for that statement Sundgren.”

“It's quite alright; I'm sorry that my act happened.”

The two continue silent for a while trying not to further embarrass themselves. The land was covered in hot mist and dark green jungles. The heat was becoming over whelming to both Jason and Sundgren. The jungle was trying to work its magic of hedonism on the two. As the two continued to progress, the two became very hot; emotionally animals all around the jungle were procreating. Porking one another and soon the heat became unbearable towards the two that they had to stop.

“It's getting very hot. Too hot for me to handle; I feel weird almost seductive.” Said Jason.

“I'm sorry it's happening again.”

And sure enough it did happened again, Sundgren became aroused but now Jason joined him. This became more of a problem because Jason was on top of Sundgren and now his erection was manifesting and it grew larger and worst with every step Sundgren took. His hips and backside vibrated on Jason's member to the point he moaned loud, and so did Sundgren.

And as Sundgren moaned his very own member grew much larger than he could even imagine. It grew twelve inches large by five inches thick. If he wasn't even a horse he sure was one now! As Sundgren continued to walk Jason grabbed his hips and thrust with every step, feeling aroused and sensual at the same time. Jason did the very thing he wouldn't think he ever would do next. As he kept thrusting he then grabbed harder on the hips of his newly found sex toy and pushed his own member hard! He then couldn't contain himself much longer.

“Ah! I'm going to explode!!”

Sundgren was feeling the same, Jason then in a burst of sexual carnal desire mounts off Sundgren and rips his own pants off and jams his member into Sundgren's rectum causing him to scream for a brief moment.

“Ah! Yes keep doing that to me Jason! I like that feeling very much!”

Jason continues while Sundgren plays with his own member. Jason then explodes all over Sundgren's hide, he takes his member and pulls his skin back and smears the clear white goo on the head all over the hide. He then runs to the front and drops on his knees while administering Sundgren's very own member into his awaiting mouth!

“Wait! Stop not like this. I like it and I know you do too, but lets wait till later where the environment is better and more comfortable.”

“Ok, we can wait.” Says Jason.

The two gather their composure and continue through the jungle until they reach a clearing, once there they see a big mountain that can be reached only through hiking. Through the rough terrain and bushes of long thorn plants there is another clearing. And there at the top rests a nest of the owl!

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