by NBCK99

Like everyone else in the dorm, Jude has gotten used to Charlie, the guy down the hall, and the way Charlie’s cock grows in his sleep—not to mention the effect it has on the everyone around him. But when he wakes up to find that Charlie’s cock has gotten not only out of hand but out of room, Jude confronts Charlie, with unexpected results.

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Jude reached out an arm and blindly searched for his alarm clock, wanting only to end that incessant beeping. His eyes weren’t even open yet. Finally he found it and forcefully slapped the snooze button. Ten minutes later the situation repeated, but this time he grudgingly turned the alarm off. He slowly sat up, eyes still closed. What brilliant person had decided that college students could handle 8 am classes? Jude gingerly stood up, eyes fluttering open only briefly. Letting muscle memory take over, he shuffled over to his dresser to retrieve what he needed for his shower. His eyes were still closed when he opened his dorm room door.

Two steps into the hallway, Jude walked straight into something large, round and soft. “Shit!” he exclaimed under his breath. Jude didn’t need to open his eyes to know what the obstruction was, but he opened them anyway. Charlie was such a dick, Jude thought, chuckling out loud at his little pun. Instead of heading for the bathroom, Jude walked in the opposite direction, heading for an open door on his side of the hallway.

“Charlie, you’re doing it again,” he called out, peering into the room. Charlie was sleeping like the dead on the bottom bunk, but his roommate stirred.

Dylan lifted his head and slowly opened his eyes. “Jude? What’s—oh, shit.” Dylan banged loudly on the bedframe. “Charlie. Charlie, wake up.” Charlie still showed no signs of life.

Jude was getting angry now. He was also getting very uncomfortable. He still had morning wood, and it did not like being trapped in the confines of his boxers. Why couldn’t Charlie be more responsible? Jude and the other guys had accepted Charlie’s condition, but if he wasn’t even going to try to control it…

“Fuck,” Jude breathed. He reached right into his boxers and pulled out his boner. As it sprang free, it slapped him in the stomach only barely below his sternum. Shit, it was already that big? Jude’s eyes drifted up to Dylan on the top bunk. If Jude was this big, and his room was three doors down… Dylan pulled back the covers, revealing that his pillow was actually a cock that reached up to the top of his head. Jude’s breath caught, and he felt a spurt of pre-cum slide down his own dick. Dylan’s cock was at least as wide around as his thigh. No, it was definitely wider. Jude knew he needed to focus on waking up Charlie, but his horniness was taking over.

Jude let his boxers drop to the floor as he shakily stepped toward Charlie’s bed. He needed to grab that idiot’s shoulders and shake them until he woke up. Instead, he brushed his fingertips along Charlie’s dick. He needed to get to Charlie and punch him, but he couldn’t move. Fuck Charlie, Jude thought distantly. Fuck Charlie and his super-hot monster cock. As Jude continued to think obscenities at Charlie, he swung a leg over Charlie’s two-foot tall cock and mounted it.

Dylan couldn’t help but stare at Jude’s nude form. Jude’s tight abs and meaty pecs made a perfect backdrop for his now oversized cock. His dark, shaggy hair framed a boyishly handsome face. Dylan watched as Jude leaned forward and pressed his cock against Charlie’s gigantic one. Dylan’s attention was diverted as his hips involuntarily bucked. His own boner needed desperate attention. Dylan squeezed his dick against his lean torso, feeling the massive head brush against his face. He reached out his tongue to lick it, and his whole body shuddered with pleasure.

Dylan had never been attracted to guys in high school, but now he was constantly turned on by the guys in his dorm. Ever since Charlie had given Dylan his first blow job, things had changed. Dylan even dreamed about his beautiful blond roommate sometimes. Once, he had dreamed that his cock was getting bigger and bigger and that Charlie was the only one who could offer him release. But recently even the other guys on the floor were turning him on. Dylan closed his eyes and imagined that Jude was rubbing his hands all over Dylan’s megacock.

As Jude sensuously rubbed his cock against Charlie’s, the blond stud slowly woke up. As usual, he was sleeping nude. Even when his cock didn’t get out of control, it got pretty huge overnight. Charlie discovered to his annoyance that his legs had fallen asleep under the weight of his gigantic balls. They had gotten so huge that they touched the top bunk and they overflowed the bed, resting on the floor. Still, Charlie felt pretty great. Every little movement Jude made sent jolts of pleasure through Charlie’s extra-sensitive cock. Charlie could feel his cock getting even larger as it did its best to harden. Soon Jude’s feet were completely off the floor and Charlie’s cock filled the doorway to his room. The sensation of pleasure became stronger as a couple guys in the hallway began to rub and kiss Charlie’s monster cock.

Jude’s breaths became shallow as he lifted right off the floor. He leaned forward even further and breathed in the scent of Charlie’s manhood. Jude clung to the monster cock and thrust his hips harder and harder, moaning in pleasure. He could feel the pressure suddenly build as Charlie prepared to cum. As cum surged through Charlie’s cock, Jude rode the monster, lost in the ecstasy of his own orgasm. He didn’t even hear Dylan cry out as he shot his own load against the wall behind his head.

A little while later, Jude was still standing nude in the middle of Charlie and Dylan’s room. He was relieved and disappointed that his flaccid cock had returned to its normal average size. Now fully in control of his senses, Jude stared angrily at Charlie, whose cock had shrunk to only four feet long.

“There’s no way I’m going to make it to my class,” Jude stated. It sounded like an accusation.

Charlie put on the grin that nearly always got him out of trouble. “I guess I got a little out of control.”

Jude wasn’t buying it. “You left your door open. Unless your cock has learned to open doors, that is. You knew it was going to get big enough to go into the hallway.”

Charlie sat up, casually showing off his tanned torso and solid abs. “I haven’t had a release in so long,” he mumbled. “I mean, a real release. You have no idea what it’s like, forcing this thing to stay so tiny.”

Charlie didn’t realize that his words had backfired. Jude envied the size of Charlie’s cock, even in its “tiny” form. “You could have done it on a weekend. Or at least you could have warned us.”

“You didn’t have to come in here,” Charlie shot back. “You could have just gone to class.”

“With an unstoppable 16-inch boner?”

“I’ve done it,” Charlie replied. “And so has Dylan.” Dylan, who had been happy to keep out of the conversation, blushed deeply.

“You just did this for fun,” Jude accused. “You wanted to get a reaction out of us. You were fucking with us.”

Charlie smirked. “I got a hell of a reaction out of you. You seemed to be having the time of your life when you were literally riding my cock.” Now it was Jude’s turn to blush. The red cheeks and abashed face seemed out of place on the usually confident young man.

Suddenly Jude softened. “Listen, I, uh… I definitely don’t mind when you let your mind wander a little. I mean, I have no idea how you manage to keep such control most of the time, and I can’t say I mind the side effects…” He trailed off and blushed again as he thought of the extra-long boner he had been sporting when he woke up. “But you need to remember you’re in a dorm full of horny dudes. Every time it happens, our hormones kind of spaz out and it seriously messes with us. If I miss my statistics class one more time, I’ll get an automatic F.”

Charlie hunched, making his beautiful body look surprisingly pitiful. He even sounded genuinely meek when he spoke. “I’m sorry,” he said quietly. “I don’t want to make you fail.”

Jude sighed and sat on the bed next to Charlie. “I know you don’t. It’s just that, well, you know how we don’t really understand how you live with your condition? You don’t really know what it’s like to be normal either.”

Charlie smiled ruefully. “None of you guys is normal now thanks to me. It’s like a game for me, and I get so caught up in it that I don’t really think about it. But look at yourself. We’re both stark naked, and you’re sitting right next to me. And you don’t even think it’s weird that my cock is a couple feet long.”

“I’ve just gotten used to it, that’s all.” But Jude realized he was lying. He wasn’t used to it, he just wasn’t concerned about it. And he didn’t know why he wasn’t concerned.

Jude’s train of thought derailed when Dylan suddenly hopped down from the top bunk. “Well, you two can continue you heart to heart,” Dylan said, “but I have to go shower. If I don’t hurry, I’ll be late for class.”

Charlie turned back to Jude, his beautiful blue eyes gazing into Jude’s hazel eyes. “When is your next class?” he asked.

Jude glanced at the clock. “It’s not for two hours.” Jude was sure Charlie was planning something. What was it?

“I want to show you a real orgasm,” Charlie said. His tone was suddenly serious, devoid of its usual playfulness.

“Listen Charlie,” Jude began, “you’re hot, but….” He stopped, realizing what he was saying. Jude had been about to say “but I’m not gay.” Right after he called Charlie hot.

“This is what I do to people,” Charlie said, answering the questions that were just beginning to form in Jude’s head. “I don’t know what you were like before you met me, but I bet I know what you’re like now. You enjoy thinking about hot, beautiful cocks, especially mine. At first, you were just turned on by me, but now lots of guys turn you on. I try to keep myself in check, but every time I let myself lose control, the effects on the guys around me get stronger.”

Jude silently took it all in. It all made perfect sense. It should have freaked him out, but it didn’t. Maybe that was because of Charlie too, but Jude didn’t care. Charlie had just opened up to him, and he genuinely wanted to trust Charlie. He was certain that his feelings of trust and friendship toward Charlie were his own. “What you want to do with me, you’ve done it with Dylan, haven’t you?” Jude asked. He was already sure of the answer.

“Remember that night first semester when I kind of freaked out?” Charlie asked. Jude recalled vividly. He and every other guy in the dorm had suddenly gotten raging boners that instantly grew to be two feet long. “I wasn’t used to being around so many good-looking guys,” Charlie said. “It was a lot harder to stay in control than it ever had been before, and that night, my control completely came undone.” Jude already knew that. Charlie had been forced to explain himself in the aftermath. “Dylan was asleep when it all happened, and I realized I could use him to channel my out of control desires. He thinks it was all a dream.”

“That wasn’t fair to him,” Jude said immediately.

Charlie hung his head in shame. “I know,” he sighed. “But now I want to do it differently. It’s not for me. It’s a gift for you.”

Jude couldn’t help glancing down at Charlie’s dick, which was now a mere foot long. Whatever the reason, Jude was seriously turned on by Charlie and his incredible growing cock. “Let’s head to my room,” he told Charlie. “Brandon should have already left for his first class.”

As the two guys stood up, Charlie’s playfulness returned. “I’ve only done this a few times,” he informed Jude. “It means you’re special.” He placed his hand on the small of Jude’s back. Jude gasped.

“Whoa, I’m not used to—,” Jude wasn’t actually sure how to finish that sentence.

“To being touched by a guy?” Charlie offered. “To acting all gay?”

“I’m not….” Once again Jude cut himself off. How could he say he wasn’t acting all gay when he was getting hard? Charlie’s other hand found its way to the back of Jude’s neck. Ever so gently, Charlie brought Jude in for a kiss. Jude would never have thought that kissing a dude could feel like this. It was so tender and gentle. Without thinking, he put his hands on Charlie’s hips. For a while they just stood, entranced in their kiss.

Dylan stopped in the doorway, his eyes wide. He never would have expected to see a bro like Jude kissing Charlie. Of course, Dylan never would have expected himself to develop a massive crush on a guy, but that was beside the point. Pretending he had left something in the bathroom, he trudged back down the hallway. Thankfully, neither guy had noticed him. Dylan began to think he had been naïve to imagine he had a chance with Charlie. Of course such a hot guy would go for Jude’s muscular body and cute face. Of course the two guys Dylan was crushing on were out of his league. They deserved each other. Back in the bathroom, Dylan rested his head on the sink and heaved a massive sigh.

“We really should head to my room,” Jude said as he came up for air. “Dylan will be back any minute.” Charlie acquiesced and followed his friend down the hall. The carpet was coated in a thick layer of sticky cum almost from end to end. “Campus maintenance must hate you,” Jude laughed.

Charlie marveled at his handiwork. “I very clearly informed the school of my condition before they assigned me a dorm room,” Charlie stated. He grinned wide. “It’s not my fault if they underestimated my abilities.” Jude just shook his head in amusement.

Back in his own room, Jude began to feel a little awkward. “Ok, so now what?” He asked as he stood naked in front of his friend.

“Now I start releasing my control.” As Charlie spoke, his foot-long soft cock slowly started to elongate. As the blood rushed into it, it began to plump up, becoming semi-hard. As rush of breath escaped from Charlie’s lips as he exulted in the sensation. “In a moment, I’m going to completely let go, and then I’m going to channel my growth into you.”

Jude found was getting seriously turned on. He was going to grow like Charlie?

“Other people can’t control the growth the way I can, so you’ll grow pretty quickly,” Charlie explained. And since it’s my ability, I’ll be the only one who can make you stop growing. You’ll have to trust me completely.” Jude nodded, his eyes glued to Charlie’s still growing cock.

For a split second, Charlie’s growth sped up insanely, but then Jude’s semi-hard cock suddenly got all tingly. It was a sensation unlike anything he had experienced before. He looked at Charlie’s cock, which was now more than two feet long and totally hard, and he looked back at his own, which was already growing. Soon it had already passed the size it was earlier in the morning.

Jude rubbed his hands up and down his massive cock. He couldn’t think of anything besides how amazing it felt to feel his boner growing and growing. Soon it rose as high as his head and was nearly as wide around as his thigh, and the growth showed no signs of stopping. It wasn’t until Jude’s cock was as thick as his waist and rose up to the low ceiling that Charlie reached out to touch the monster cock. It was at once the strangest and hottest sensation Jude had ever felt. It was as though he could feel the sum total of his and Charlie’s sexual energy, an energy that was completely beyond compare thanks to Charlie’s condition. Yet at the same time, he could feel Charlie willing the energy under control, slowing but not stopping the growth.

“Kneel,” Charlie commanded. Just before his cock head touched the ceiling, Jude knelt down and sat on his heels. Charlie pushed his boner against Jude’s and wrapped his arms around Jude’s huge member. Before long, Jude’s cock was once again reaching for the ceiling. Just as the tip brushed the surface, the weight of Jude’s cock started to pull it down. Charlie helped, pulling the cock down to a more horizontal angle. The cock seemed desperate to take up as much room as possible, and Jude found himself scooting backwards into a corner to accommodate it. Even that slight movement was difficult, though, thanks to his balls. They weren’t quite growing proportionally with his cock, but they had still reached two feet in diameter.

Charlie was still sensuously clinging to Jude’s monster cock, but he had moved down to the head, which was far larger than his own actual head. He brushed his finger along the sensitive head and kissed it all over. He began to lick the head, slipping his tongue into the huge slit. With all his remaining energy, he focused on containing Jude’s growth.

Jude couldn’t believe it. His dick literally took up the whole room, from one corner to the other. Sure, a dorm room was a pretty confined space, but it was insane to realize that his manhood was far taller than he was. For a moment, he tried to seize the sexual energy he felt and control it, but his increased horniness got in the way. He could feel Charlie reining him in, and he wondered how gigantic he would be without Charlie’s intervention. That thought alone took him to the brink.

“Hey Charlie,” Jude called out. “You’d better get ready. I’m gonna blow.”

Charlie chuckled. “I’d like to see you try. You’re linked to me now, and you can’t get off without me.” That made Jude even hornier, but his body simply wouldn’t offer release. His balls, which had grown even larger, ached for release, but it just wouldn’t come.

“Roll onto your balls,” Charlie suggested. “Get yourself comfortable.” In the confined space, it took some maneuvering, but Jude managed it. He leaned forward until the base of his cock was on the ground and he was resting his upper body on top of it. His legs were suspended in the air above his massive balls. All the while, Charlie was still stimulating Jude’s cock head. And still he was pent up with no release.

With a surge, Jude felt his cock and balls grow a few more inches longer and larger. His cock head was pinned against the wall, and Charlie had moved so that he was standing next to the huge boner. Charlie replicated Jude’s motions from that morning, straddling the giant cock. He leaned forward and rested the full weight of his head and torso on Jude’s sensitive head. By now, gasps and moans were frequently escaping from Jude’s lips. Charlie’s own massive boner was pinned between himself and Jude, and his balls were also aching for release.

“Hey Jude,” Charlie called out. “You’d better get ready. We’re both about to blow.”

Charlie started rhythmically grinding against Jude’s monster cock, and Jude’s hips involuntarily bucked. Moments later, it was as if a dam broke. Jude screamed loudly as his balls pumped gallon after gallon of cum. Charlie rode the wave, filled with ecstasy as he shot his own load. Jude’s cum splattered all over the wall, and soon a pool was forming on the carpet. Long after Charlie’s orgasm had ended, Jude’s hips were still thrusting, and he was still shooting load after load. By the time he was sated, he had covered his room in a layer of cum. He distantly thought that he would have to make it up to Brandon somehow.

As soon as Jude’s orgasm ended, he started rapidly shrinking to his normal size. Charlie sauntered over to the hot young man. “So, what do you think?” he asked.

At first Jude couldn’t think at all. Finally he asked a question. “Is that how it always feels for you when you get huge?”

“The bigger I am, the better it feels. This morning was the biggest I had gotten in a long time. I needed it.” Jude nodded. He understood Charlie better after that crazy adventure. If Charlie had access to pleasure like that, it was no wonder he had to indulge himself sometimes.

Jude looked down at his junk, and his eyes widened. He reached down and touched himself to make sure he wasn’t imagining things. His soft cock was a good inch longer than normal, and it definitely wasn’t getting any smaller. Without thinking, he kissed Charlie. It was still a foreign impulse, but it felt right. There was no other proper way to thank the beautiful guy for his amazing gift.

Charlie still had the usual playfulness in his eyes, but his expression was surprisingly soft. “As you can see, my ability comes with a permanent side effect. I hope you don’t mind.”

Jude laughed. “You know there’s no way in hell that I would mind being well-hung.” He paused. What he was about to ask could have serious implications. “Could we do that again sometime?”

Charlie grinned, but he didn’t offer confirmation. “We’ll see.” Charlie wanted desperately to say yes, but he knew he couldn’t, not yet. Jude still didn’t know everything about his condition. Still, he was glad he had shared that experience with Jude. He hoped he could continue to cultivate that friendship. And in the back of his mind, he hoped for more.

By the time Jude showered, he was already horny again. Being around Charlie seemed to have that effect. Jude’s boner felt tiny compared to its insane size a few minutes earlier, but it was undeniably larger than it had been in the past. He ran a soapy hand up and down the shaft. Jude wondered what it would be like to grow like Charlie whenever he wanted. With that thought, he came hard.

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