Chronivac in the workplace

by Dusk Skull King

When a good looking straight guy comes in with his wife, how can I resist not messing with them?

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Part 1 When a good looking straight guy comes in with his wife, how can I resist not messing with them? (added: 23 Jul 2022)
Part 2 Bored one night at work, I find new targets to mess with. (added: 6 Aug 2022)
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Part 1

Man, this guy is pretty hot! Shit, he’s not even straight, but he’s married too… I think to myself as a man with short black hair, wearing a white tank top and jeans walks into the liquor store. Hmmm… His arms have some nice definition and I can see some sort of writing across his upper back. I bet he was a good looking punk in his youth. That gut shows that he let himself go though. I pull out my phone and open up the Chronivac app where I start typing in changes.

“Excuse me!” I hear the man’s gruff voice from across the store. Looking up from my phone, I see he has a question for me. I put my phone back in my pocket and give him my full attention. “Do you guys have any—” he begins to ask.

“Oh honey! I found it, it’s over here,” his wife interrupts and points at a shelf of wine behind him. Waving me ‘never mind’, I go back to work on my phone and watch as the first set of changes begin to take effect. The protruding gut begins to retreat into a flat stomach covered by the fabric of his shirt.

Damn! Already he looks way hotter than when he first walked in. But I’m not done yet! Gotta turn that clock back a bit. It says here he’s 37 so let’s turn that back by 10 years to 27, and start the change! I set it to take place over the next minute. As the man and his wife are picking out wine I watch as the man ages back by 10 years. The first thing I notice is his back tattoo fades then vanishes from his smooth skin. I also watch as the lines start to fade from across his face making him look younger and cuter. Alright well that solves the age and gut problems. But he’s still married! I begin typing into the app and listen and watch the couple from my till at the front of the store. Watching the couple, I observe the man getting even younger! I look back at my phone to see where I went wrong. Looking back, I notice that that all I put in was that the couple are not husband and wife, but mother and son. The app adjusts the husband’s age to make the woman a 37 year old mother. Shit! I wanted the wife’s age to change! Not the husband!

“Mom hurry up! I need to pick up beer for boys!” the younger man whines in a bit smoother voice than before. The deep, hoarse voice is gone, replaced by a fairly deep 19 year old man’s voice.

“Then go get your beer! I’ll be a minute. It’s hard to make a decision when they have so much wine here!” the woman, formally his wife, now mother, retorts.

“Thank you!” the man sighs, walking over to the store’s beer section. As he turns around I see an unexpected change that occurred with age reversal. His formerly tight, white tank that was tucked into his crisp blue jeans is now a loose baggy white tank. Damn it! I grumble to myself as I start quickly typing away.

Looking back up, I watch as his tank clings to his tight young, smooth torso. That’s better! Now for the final touches! As I’m typing away on my phone I feel my hard cock bob against the underside of the counter. The man looks sexy as fuck, but now he’s 10 years younger than I am! The app stopped his regression at a young 18. First, let’s age him back up to at least 26. Second, that shirt has got to go! The store doesn’t have a ‘no shirt, no service’ policy. Well, let’s give him back that tattoo he walked in here with along with a sleeve on his left arm of skulls. Give his perky little right nipple a nice silver hoop piercing. Yeah, now he’s looking like a real punk!

Glancing up from my phone I watch as the man undertakes the next wave of changes. First his shirt dissolves into nothing. Leaving him standing in front of the beer cooler doors with his smooth, kissable and lickable torso on display. As I’m ogling over his tight smooth skin, the next set of changes begin. What little muscle definition he has begins to increase as he ages up to a fine looking 26 year old punk. The faint little 4 pack he has becomes a tight 6 pack resting below 2 bulging pecs. “Hey Ma! You got your shit yet!” he bellows from across the store.

“Not yet!” she yells back. Looking over at her I notice she aged up by 8 years as well. No longer a plump young woman, but an overweight, sagging old woman with greying hair. I have to turn away to hide my snickering face and go back to my phone.

All right, back to buddy over here! Those jeans look nice on him, but they would look better around his ankles! Let’s make it so every step increases the waist size on the jeans by an inch and he’s unaware of it. Next, I’ll get rid of any kind of underwear. An alert pops up notifying me that I can’t remove something he isn’t wearing. Well, that’s one less change to make! But I still have to make him gay and give him a love for sucking cock.

I watch as the now mid 20 year old man walks up and down the cooler. All the while his jeans grow an inch wider and start slipping further and further down his hairless thighs. One more step, I can see the base of his dick. Turning, he takes a step in the opposite direction and the jeans slide down over his plump little bubble butt. I just want to go over there and stick my dick in him! I think to myself, watching him slowly walking down the beer aisle, his pants sliding further and further down his muscular hairless thighs and smooth tight calves. Further and further until…


He trips over his own jeans! “Did those jeans end up around your ankles again?!” his mom scolds from the opposite side of the store. “I told you to at least put a belt on!”

“Yeah, yeah…” he grumbles in a heap on the floor. Scrambling to collect his belongings that flew out of his pockets. Jeans still around his ankles with his ass in the air.

“Let me give you a hand there,” I offer, after typing into my phone that the man walked in here wearing a pair of low hanging board shorts and a tight pair of white boxer briefs. I set the change to take effect after he walks out the door and that no one in the store, except me, notices he’s only wearing shoes and socks.

Offering him my hand and helping him up, his eyes lock on to the outline of my still stiff member in my jeans. “Looks like you’re the one in need of a hand, or in this case, a mouth!” he purrs as he begins unbuckling my belt.

“Whoa! Hold up there bud! Your mom is still in here. After she leaves, I’ll close up for a bit and we can have some fun in the back,” I wink.

“No can do. She’s my ride home. I need to leave with her,” he sulks, crossing his arms and sitting on the cold tile floor. His own hairless cock standing at full attention at 7 inches.

Fuck! I want him so bad! “Let me check something.” I say, pulling my phone out. I begin making changes to the couple again. This time reverting the woman back to her mid-thirties. I decide to make the two a couple again, but they’re about to break up. I smile to myself as I tuck my phone away again, and buddy is back at the crotch of my jeans.

“Hey hon, come over here!” the girlfriend demands across the store. “I think I decided on a wine but I want to make sure you’ll—” Turning the corner in the weird L shaped store she sees my hairy ass, pants and boxers around my ankles, and her boyfriend with my cock in his mouth. “What the fuck!” she roars.

“Babe! I can explain!” he exclaims after popping my dick out of his mouth.

“Explain to me how your mouth ended up on the clerk’s dick?! Bo thanks! We are done! At first I thought public sex with was hot and the thrill of being caught was exhilarating! Now, seeing you in the act, it’s just disgusting!” She storms out, slamming the bottle of wine on the counter as she walks by. “And you!” She points to me. “I hope you enjoy having a sex-crazed man child!”

“Babe, you know I have a problem! I mean, this guy isn’t even that attractive!” The guy gets up and chases after her.

Ouch! I mean, I haven’t used the app on myself but I’m not ugly… Sure I’m pretty hairy and chubby but I’m not ugly, I think to myself upon hearing the insults.

“Well, attractive enough to suck his dick in the middle of a store!” she continues, holding the main entrance and exit door open.

“I fucked up! Please babe! I love you!” he pleads.

Okay, enough of this! I pull my pants up, do up my fly and buckle my belt before pulling out my phone again. Buddy, you stopped having any feelings for her months ago. You were hoping she would walk in on you with another man. When that didn’t happen, you created a situation where she would see you with another man in public. You have tried breaking things off with her in the past but she never accepted that the two of you were over. The guy at the liquor is your picture perfect dream guy that you have been seeing for the last couple of weeks. He is your perfect submissive versatile top to your dominant versatile bottom personality. There! That should do it! I put my phone away and look up at a different scene.

“Bye bitch! Good riddance!” he shouts from the doorway. “Now that she’s gone, what say you closing a few minutes early and taking me into the cooler?” he says seductively as he walks back towards me.

“Well, you guys were in here so long that it actually is closing time,” I laugh, flipping the switch to close the shutter over the windows. “Let me just lock the door and we can get busy.” I wink as I slap his ass on my way to the door.

“Shit! I’m still naked!” He laughs looking over at his oversized jeans on the floor. I thought I made him unaware that he’s naked… Guess that changed when I altered his wife/mom/girlfriend, I think to myself. Before I can check on my phone the guy is already on me and dragging me into the cooler. “Fuck, I forgot how cold and cramped it is in here! You know what, let’s do this in the hall!” He walks out of the cooler and leads the way to the back hallway. It backs onto the other stores and the strip mall and leads to the back of the building where the dumpsters are. Since it’s 11 at night, and there are no cameras there, it makes the perfect spot. “Hurry up and undress! I don’t want to be the only naked guy here.” He laughs as he lifts the metal bar that ensures our back door stays closed.

I quickly tear off my open burgundy button down shirt. Pull off my grey tank top and pull down my jeans and boxers.

“Fuck, I love gazing at that sexy 6 pack of yours!” he purrs as he opens the doors for me. 6 pack?! I have a chubby belly! I look down to find where my belly used to be, a set of abs even more pronounced than the guy I’ve been changing all night is in its place.

As I look back over at the guy, I’m filled with sexual urges! My body goes on autopilot and bounds towards the hairless, inked punk. I slam him against the cold brick hallway wall and force my lips against his. Soon our hands are exploring each other’s naked bodies. After a few minutes into our make out session, I find my mouth being drawn south. My tongue glides down his smooth skin towards his throbbing 7 inch member.

“Fuck! You definitely give better head than that dumb cunt!” he moans, throwing his head back against the brick wall. “I love that you have a skull sleeve on your right arm and I have one on my left. It’s like we were meant to be!” As I’m bobbing on his long cock, I look over at my right arm and watch as ink begins appearing from my right shoulder down to my wrist. I want to tear myself away and go look at my phone, but find myself frozen in place.

“Think you’re gonna have to trim that beard again. It’s tickling my thighs,” he laughs, pulling at the 3 inches of hair that hangs off my chin. I have always been clean shaven! Maybe a few days worth of stubble but not enough for a short beard! I scream in my head. I understand I wanted to be his picture perfect dream guy, but I didn’t think it would happen like this.

“Yeah, I think you’re right!” I laugh, caressing my facial hair. “How about you turn around and we finish what you came here for.”

“Yeah? You gonna pound my ass with that big, meat club of yours?” he purrs as he turns around and presents his asshole towards me and braces himself against the wall.

“You know it!” I taunt, fully giving in to my new role. I line up my swelling cock with his hole. My cock goes from 5 inches hard and an inch round, to girthy 10 inches long and 3 inches round! Damn! I do have a meat club between my legs! I think, gawking.

As I pound away at the guys ass, memories begin popping into my head. Memories like the first time we met was when he came in to pick his girlfriend up a bottle of wine. He noticed my tattoo on my right arm and we started talking. Not long after that, we started sneaking around behind his girlfriend’s back and having sex in his car or my place. Of course, he preferred more public places, such as a deserted park in the middle of the night. After a few weeks, he began telling me how to dress and style my hair. The one thing that escaped me was his name… “Travis!” I moan as I thrust into him, the name just erupting from my mouth.

“Yeah bro! That was epic! I’ll be out in the car while you cash out.” Travis gives me a peck on my cheek on his way back out to the front door. “Oh wait! You need to unlock the door.” He laughs.

“Right! Let me put my… clothes… on…” I huff, looking over at where my clothes were I see they have changed as well. Gone are my jeans, tank and button down. In their place is a skimpier looking white tank full of holes and a pair of black cargo pants. I scoop the clothes and head into the bathroom telling Travis I had to take a leak first.

Closing the door, I take stock of my changes. My hair is still brown, but my hairline is thinning. I have a nice chin strap beard that’s 3 inches long. My body hair is still there, but it’s only a thin coating of hair instead of the tangled mess of fur it was earlier. Thank god! I hated my body hair! I think to myself. Underneath the hair is a nice set of pecs, 6 pack abs instead of pot belly. Even my soft cock has grown from a 3 inch nub into a hanging 6 inch club. My legs are about the same size but I feel more muscle than fat on them. Turning slightly, I see my ass has perked up into a nice bubble. Overall, I look like a thug though. The last thing I notice is how swole my arms are now! It looks like I have bowling balls for biceps!

“Hey, Steve, let’s go! I wanna get some food on the way home!” I hear Travis demand, on the other side of the door.

“Coming!” I reply, pulling on my new clothes. I fish out my phone and open up the app. Good to know I still have this. Think I’ll keep things this way for a bit. Could be fun. I smirk, putting my phone away and walking out of the bathroom. “It won’t take me long to cash out. I’ll see you in a few, babe.” Pulling him in for a kiss, I unlock the door and shove him out. As he steps through the threshold a pair of low hanging basketball shorts appear on him. Hanging just low enough that you could see the top of his buttcrack, but high enough that they cover the base of his cock—albeit, just barely covering the base of his cock. Gottta cash out fast so we can go for round two, I think to myself as I hurry over to the register to start cashing out for the night.


Part 2

The season of tank tops and shorts is over and we are entering the season of grey sweats and hoodies, when bulky baggy fabric ends up covering those tightly toned bodies. Now if only I had a device that could change that. Oh wait, I totally do!

I look over at one good looking fella by the beer cooler doors and pull out my phone. Since the last time I used the Chronivac on my phone, I have upgraded it and unlocked some new features. First off, after scanning the target his name (Aiden) pops up on the screen along with a list of stats. Since I don’t know how long this guy is going to be in here for, I opt to skip reading his stats. Big mistake! I select the x-ray clothes, which allows me to see him naked, but he and everyone else still views him as clothed. If I had stopped and skimmed over his stats, I would have seen that it’s not his jacket bulging out at his midsection, but a gut that covers his little nub of cock and shrivelled up balls. A sight that will haunt my nightmares forever.

Deselecting the x-ray clothes option, I start going through his stats. Before I can get through most of the list, he’s at the till ready to pay for his products. After selling him his beer and ringing it through, I jump back to my phone. I notice Aiden is almost 50! “Damn! I thought he was in his late 30s… Might as well turn that into 36.” A notice pops up alerting me that I have to assign an action that causes his de-aging. “Ugh! Fine! Every time he has a beer he regresses one year.”

As I adjust the settings another customer walks in. This guy is wearing a sports team tank with black sweats. “Hello,” I think to myself. I stare at his ass as he walks by. My mind boggles with ideas of how I can change this guy—all of which are dashed the moment he opens his mouth.

“Yo!” he calls from the coolers section. “You guys have any seltzers?”

“Which kind, sir?” I ask, trying to be professional by pushing all my sexual thoughts aside for the time being.

“You know the vodka ones with soda? Got any of those?” he asks, dumbing it down.

After doing a mental facepalm, I walk over and start pointing out all the seltzers we have. “We have the Nudes, Whiteclaws, Coors—” I get to the third shelf before he interrupts me.

“You guys have any Truly or Vizzy?” he asks.

“Yes, sir, right here.” I point at the shelf of Truly next to the Coors and below the Truly is the shelf of Vizzy.

“Okay, but do you guys have any cold ones?” he persists, getting irritated, acting like I’m just supposed to be able to read his mind.

“Yes, right over here,” I say through gritted teeth, as I lead him over to the cooler doors. “We have cold Truly Iced Tea and Lemonade variety packs, and cold Vizzy variety packs over here sir.” I point out the packs inside the doors.

“Oh, you guys don’t have the berry Trulys cold? Lame! You guys should have those coldm” he suggests, as if he knows which products sell and which don’t. It’s customers like these that just piss me off. “You know what, I’ll just buy the warm berry ones I guess,” he groans, grabbing the berry variety pack.

After he brings the case up to the till I ring it through. Shoving the receipt into the handle I push the Trulys across the counter. “I hope you Truly have a good rest of your day! And I Truly hope that things people say about you aren’t true.”

“Haha thanks—wait, what was that second part?” he asks, stupidly.

“Oh nothing. Just have a good rest of your evening.” I smile as I take a quick scan of him and begin typing away, making sure that whatever someone says about him becomes true.

“Oh thanks, you too!” he smiles back before walking out the door.

Looking back at the scan I notice that his name is Andrew. He’s 32 years old, and spends 4 hours a day at the gym. “Well, that explains the lack of brain power,” I mumble, continuing to read through. I have to skip through his stats to make my changes before he is out of range of the chronivac app. Works full time as a roofer and plays hockey in the winter to stay in shape. “Shocker!” I roll my eyes as I walk around the store reading. “All right, well, I should be able to make some changes to him by just talking about him, so here goes. ‘Surprised he can manage to dress himself in the morning without getting totally confused with how clothes work. I mean if it doesn’t involve working out or playing sports he gets completely lost! Plus the guy is so into himself. He caught a glimpse of his reflection in our two way mirror behind the till and gave himself a wink and a kiss! Wouldn’t surprise me if he gets off on seeing his reflection.’” I start getting turned on by the thought when another customer walks in.

Walking back to the till, I notice my phone is now almost dead. “Shit. Using the Chronivac really drains my battery,” I think to myself as I plug my phone in by the till. “Better put you on charge for now. There will be other nights and other opportunities to use you.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Meanwhile Andrew is driving back home with his case of Trulys when his head begins tingling. “Whoa. My brain tickles.” He chuckles to himself. Stepping out of his car, he walks into his house and throws the Trulys in the fridge before putting the game on. “Fuck I wish I had a cold one right now! Dumb fucking liquor store not having my shit cold,” he mutters as he walks around his kitchen, heating up one of his precooked meals.

Stepping up to the microwave he realises he can’t remember how it works. “What button do I press to open the door again?” As he looks over the microwave he spots his reflection in the microwave door. “Oh hey sexy! Love that short blonde hair of yours!” He admires himself as he combs through his perfectly styled hair. Ripping off his tank he begins bouncing his muscular pecs. “Yeah you like the pec show? Yeah, I know a little bitch like you loves the bounce in these tits!” Andrew is lost in his reflection, admiring his hard, bulging muscles. About to pull down his sweats to tend to his rigid cock, he snaps back to reality when the TV announces the game is about to begin. “Oh right! I was gonna heat up my food! Fuck it! I’ll just eat it cold. I don’t wanna miss the game.”

Andrew spends the majority of the night camped out on his couch, making runs to the fridge to grab cold Trulys during the breaks—not even realising or acknowledging that he is still shirtless. Throughout the game, the TV screen flickers and Andrew is faced with his reflection. “Hey big dawg! Yeah you got them big guns! You could beat the crap out of any of these guys!” he shouts at his TV, flexing his big bulging biceps. When the game comes back and the glare vanishes from the screen, he stops what he’s doing and focuses back on the game. “Yeah go, go, go! Shoot! No! What are you doing! Don’t pass, shoot! And now the other team has the puck. Fuck, you guys suck!” Andrew throws himself back onto the couch. “There are only two minutes left in the third period and we are down by one. There is no way we are winning now. Yup, the other team just scored. Well, that’s it. Time to shower and go to bed.” He clicks the TV off, grabs another cold Truly and heads into the shower.

Getting into the bathroom, he strips off his sweats and turns on the water. While waiting for the water to heat up, he slams back his Truly. Right before he’s about to get in the shower, his phone goes off. It’s his friend Mike calling him. “Hey man. I was gonna text you but I remembered you have been having issues reading lately.” It was true, for the last few weeks Andrew has been having a harder and harder time reading and understanding things. “Did you check out the game?”

“Yeah I watched. 4-2. Man our team sucks! If only I played for our team!” Andrew grouses.

Mike laughs over the phone. “That is hilarious! Dude, you have been struggling just to get dressed in the morning! Brody called me the other day to tell me you called him asking how you put on pants! They would have to hire someone to dress and undress you!” Mike starts laughing again.

“Oh come on! I am not that dumb!” Andrew argues.

“No, you’re right. You just enjoy letting that big dick of yours swing free when you’re home and you forget how to cover it back up,” Mike chuckles, still poking fun at his friend.

“Nah, it’s more like I catch my reflection and don’t want to deny anyone from seeing how awesome I look!” Andrew grins, looking at his reflection in the bathroom mirror, not even noticing his 4 inch soft dick stretch to 7 inches.

“That is probably more accurate. Man we gotta hang soon! My wife doesn’t let me cut loose and just chill anymore. I can’t even lounge around the house in my boxers like I used to when we were roomies!” Mike mentions, reflecting on the past. “Must be nice to own your own place and have no one there to tell you to put any clothes on.”

“Not to mention I can jerk off wherever and whenever I want,” Andrew chuckles.

“Dude, I tell you this cause I love you, that is gay! You need a girl! Get her to please you.” Mike replies.

“Dude a mouth is a mouth and a hole is a hole. What difference does it make if it’s a guy or a girl?” Andrew asks, not even knowing that Mike’s gay comment has now made him bisexual.

“Dude,” Mike pauses for a few seconds while a tingle goes through his head. His memories of being roommates with Andrew years ago change. Memories of lounging around their little apartment in boxers shift to lounging around naked. The times the two friends are sitting back and watching TV drinking become times of jerking off watching porn and drinking. One night, the two are so wasted and horny that they decide to try experimenting with each other. The next morning Mike wakes up in his own bed with a salty taste in his mouth. From then on, he and Andrew began drifting apart. Neither one wanted to discuss what happened in their drunken state. “I always knew you were gay! Well, maybe bi, after that night we tried fooling around with one another. I wish we could go back to those days.”

“Maybe we can. You wanna come chill at my place this weekend and watch the game? You can sit back in your boxers. I’ll be naked cause I threw out all my underwear. If that makes you uncomfortable, I can always throw a pair of sweats on,” Andrew suggests, pumping his dick as he ogles how cut his abs are.

“Definitely need the sweats dude! But sounds chill, I’m in! I’ll call ya later. My wife is hinting that it’s time for bed,” Mike says.

“Oh shit! I forgot I have my shower running! I have to go. Need to get to bed soon too.” Andrew says before hanging up the phone and hopping in the shower. While in the shower, he jerks off to the thought of Mike coming over on Saturday. The idea of his friend coming over and watching the game with him in just his underwear gets his cock jumping again. He lathers up his dick with some body wash to use as lube. The image of Mike in his boxers with his softening, hairy dad bod pushing him over the edge. Thinking about Mike’s cock just covered by a small piece of cloth causes Andrew to blow his load. Finally feeling relieved, he starts doing what he went into the shower to do, bathing himself before bed.

2 parts 5,227 words Added Jul 2022 Updated 6 Aug 2022 9,784 views 4.7 stars (7 votes)

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