Weekly Update 23 July 2022
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Weekly Update: 23 July 2022

Lots of stuff for you this week! From me it’s two chapters of the Patreon-commissioned archaeology-and-horny-gods epic “The Expedition,” in which we spend some time with the dashing Dr. Andreas and football hunk-turned-protector-giant Gary. Hope you find something down there you appreciate, and remember to star-upvote and comment on the stories you like to help others find the fun they’re looking for.

Two weeks from today is the next Vignette Party, in which I write one-scene stories from prompts submitted to me by my lovely and star-chosen $15+ Patreonites. If that describes you, DM me your prompts and I’ll get cracking! And if it doesn’t describe you, it can! Sign on today at my Patreon page and you can join the party.

The Friday Flashback this week collected stories that are set out where people live in houses and have lawns and garages, just like I did in my own youth before I became a jaded, suburbia-scorning, bodega-coffee-swilling New Yorker, so check that out of you missed it. The next update is a week hence, on 30 July. In the meantime, thanks for visiting and enjoy the site.

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This week’s new stuff:


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