Ballooning bros

by Musclesaber

Commission for Anonymous: After drinking a mysterious shake, Brandon’s crush, Ryan, takes him back to the locker room for a different kind of blowjob.

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Brandon arrived at the gym like every other day he came. Same old weights, same old lockers, same old gym. Brandon was wearing his standard gym attire. An athletic shirt and some basketball shorts. Brandon swiped his card at the front desk and entered the crowded gym. He looked around and saw plenty of regulars working out, but then he spotted him, Ryan. One of the biggest guys at the gym, Ryan was built like a tank. Broad shoulders, massive pecs, boulder biceps, a bit of a belly, but it looked great on him. The big man scratched his bushy beard and spotted Brandon on his way in.

“Hey Brandon!” said the big guy as he walked over.

“Hey Ryan.” Brandon blushed a little bit when he looked up at the giant. Ryan was wearing a tanktop that was hanging on top of his big pecs as well as some gym shorts that left very little to the imagination.

“It’s good to see you buddy. I was hoping that I could get to see you today.” Ryan grabbed Brandon and pulled him into a big bear hug. Ruffling Brandon’s blonde hair.

“Really? What’s so special about today?” asked Brandon as he admired the big, muscled body he was being pushed against.

“I’ve got this really cool new protein shake and wanted someone to try it. And I think you’re the perfect candidate!” said Ryan as he let go of Brandon.

“Really? Why me?”

“I think it would be perfect for the gains you wanna make,” said Ryan as they walked back to the locker rooms. Brandon went to the locker right beside Ryan’s and started unpacking his gym bag.

“That’s awesome man. Sure I’ll try it out.” Ryan smirks to himself and pulls out a shaker.

“Great here you go!” Ryan hands Brandon the shaker and Brandon starts drinking it. “Be sure to drink it all so you get the full effects of it.” Brandon nods as he keeps drinking. Chugging it down and letting out a satisfying belch when he’s done.

“That was delicious!” said Brandon as the two walked out of the locker room.

“Thanks. It’s my special recipe.”

“What’s so special about it?”

“Oh not much. I just think my recipe is great for guys that really wanna swell up in size,” said Ryan with a bit of a smirk.

“Well that’s great then. You know how much I wanna get big. So what are we hitting today? Arms? Back? Shoulders?”

“I was thinking chest. You good with that?”

“Totally.” The pair walked to a bench press and Ryan started loading up the rack for Brandon. “Woah, that’s a lot of weight for a warm-up big guy. I don’t think I’m ready for that,” said Brandon as he started counting how much weight was being loaded onto the bar.

“You’ll be fine, big guy. You have me as a spotter so there’s nothing to worry about. Now come on. Time to lift.” Brandon gave a hesitant look, but ultimately sat down on the bench and got into position to lift. “All right, here we go big guy.” Ryan put his arms below the bar as Brandon started lifting it up. His arms were a bit shaky with all of this weight, but slowly he pulled the bar down and back up again. Getting in a set of 6.

“See! I told you, you could do it,” said Ryan as Brandon completed the set and put the bar back on the rack.

“Oooof I feel funny though,” said Brandon as he sat back up holding his belly. “Urp!” Brandon’s eyes shot open as the loud burp escaped his mouth. “Oh jeez. Excuse me.” Brandon kept rubbing his belly as Ryan grabbed a couple more 45’s. “Woah Ryan, I really think I need to warm up a bit more. You’re getting closer to my PB with those weights. I’m not ready.”

“Brandon, just trust me. You chugged those out like a pro. This will be no different.” Ryan put the weights on the bar and grabbed Brandon’s shoulders. “You can do this. Trust the shake. It’ll give you strength,” said Ryan as he eased Brandon back down to the bench.

“All right, I trust you.” Brandon put his hands on the bar and began to lift again. His arms were on fire from how much weight it was. He breathed in and lowered the bar down.

“There ya go. You’ve got it! You’ve got it!” cheered Ryan as Brandon lifted the bar back up. Only to come down with it again to pump out three reps. At the end of the last rep, Brandon pushed himself and put the weight back on the rep then sat up.

Uuurrrppp!” Brandon let out a massive belch that echoed in the gym. “Oooooo I don’t feel so good. I think I need to go to the bathroom.” Brandon got up from the bench and started walking towards the locker room. Once inside, he started rubbing his belly. It felt bloated for some reason. He let out a couple of little belches then looked up when he heard footsteps approaching

“Hey, are you okay bud?” asked Ryan as he saw Brandon sitting on the bench.

“I don’t know. I feel…funny,” said Brandon as he kept absentmindedly rubbing his belly.

“Funny how?” Ryan sat on the bench next to Brandon. His shoulder rubbing up against the smaller man.

“I don’t know. Like there are air bubbles inside or something.” Brandon kept rubbing his belly, but then felt a hand go on top of his own. He looked down and saw that Ryan’s big mitt was on top of his hand. Tenderly rubbing his belly. Feeling little gurgles from it every once in a while. Brandon looked back up at Ryan’s face and saw a look of lust on his face. Without hesitation, Ryan leaned forward and planted a kiss on Brandon’s lips. Surprised at first, Brandon relaxed into the kiss. Leaning into it and making out with Ryan.

Brandon couldn’t believe it, after all this time, his gym crush kissed him! It was incredible. The way his beard scratched against him was intoxicating. He could kiss him for eternity if he let him. But something seemed off. As the two made out, Brandon felt that same bubbly feeling in his stomach getting stronger. But he could feel Ryan’s strong hand still rubbing little circles on his belly.

But something was definitely wrong when Brandon was feeling a tightening of his pants. He felt his gym shorts starting to dig into his sides as they continued to kiss. “Mmm Ryan, it’s not that I don’t love this, because I do, but I think I’m having a bad reaction to that shake,” said Brandon in between their kisses.

“You’re fine, big guy. Just give into the kiss. I see how you stare at me all day when we’re at the gym together. You want this. And I want you. You’re gonna be the best balloon.” Brandon arched his eyebrow at that last word, but obeyed Ryan and kept kissing him despite his weird feeling.

But Brandon was right to feel different. Ryan’s hands were exploring the man and feeling his handiwork. In just the few minutes they had been making out, Ryan had been blowing Brandon up like a balloon. Ryan reached down and rubbed Brandon’s belly. Brandon was a stocky guy before they started making out, but now his belly was getting rounder as it filled with air. Brandon’s oversized gym shirt made it look like he had stuffed a basketball inside that was quickly turning into a beachball. Ryan would press his hand into it and feel how tight and firm his gut was now as opposed to the pudge earlier.

The moment Brandon knew something was really off was when he felt himself pushing into Ryan, but it was just his belly. His chest wasn’t up against him or anything, just his belly was pushing into Ryan on the bench. “Ryan, I think we need to stop. Something is definitely wrong.” Brandon pushed himself off of Ryan and was able to get a look at himself for the first time since they started kissing. He looked down in shock seeing his ball gut. Round and tight. “What the hell!?!” Brandon quickly got up from the bench and felt weird standing with his new body weight distribution. And he felt a new sensation upon standing up. His junk was pushing aggressively against his shorts. He looked down to see what had happened but couldn’t see under his big belly.

“Hey hey hey big guy, don’t worry about it. Everything is all right. You look great,” said Ryan as he stood up holding Brandon’s hand.

“What do you mean everything’s all right? I look overdue with twins!” Brandon waddled his way over to the mirror in the locker room and took a look at himself. He was stunned at what he saw. He wasn’t far off from the twins comment. He looked like he had stuffed a big beach ball in his shirt and started blowing it up. But that wasn’t the only thing that grew. His bulge in his shorts was looking obscure. The outline of his cock and balls could clearly be seen. “What did you do to me?” asked Brandon looking back at Ryan.

“I just wanted to blow you up big guy. Get you huge,” said Ryan as he walked over to Brandon’s side and began rubbing his belly. “You look fantastic Brandon.”

“Fantastic? I’m a blimp. You’ve been blowing me up!” said Brandon with some anger in his voice.

“Yes, I did, but don’t you love it?” Ryan got behind Brandon and started kissing his neck as he spoke. His big hands never leaving the ball belly. “You were the perfect guy for this. Your belly was meant to be grown like this. And you were meant to become my own personal balloon boy,” said Ryan as he moved his mouth up Brandon’s neck and closer to his lips. “Don’t lie to yourself, just give in. You’ll enjoy it.”

Brandon looked at himself in the mirror and couldn’t help getting hard over Ryan’s words and the worship he was giving his belly. “Take me,” said Brandon as he turned his head to the side and met Ryan’s lips. Ryan smiled as he resumed kissing Brandon and steadily blowing air into him. The two shared a passionate kiss as Brandon’s gut began to grow again. Now that Ryan had nothing to hide, he decided to blow that belly up big.

Ryan watched in the mirror as the belly grew and grew. Soon, Brandon’s oversized workout shirt couldn’t cover it. You could see Brandon’s treasure trail poking out as the belly grew further. Ryan tried his best to continue rubbing Brandon’s belly, but it was becoming difficult as his arms could reach less and less of it. Brandon’s giant yoga ball gut just kept growing until it touched the mirror in front of it.

Ryan also came to the realization that more of Brandon’s body was beginning to round out. His chest now had joined his massive belly and became a part of the ball. Ryan could also feel Brandon’s back begin to push against him. Ryan even saw Brandon’s limbs beginning to sink into the orb. Brandon was becoming more and more ball-like by the second.

The two were brought out of their trance when they heard a loud snap from Brandon’s shorts. Brandon let out a sigh of relief as his shorts had lost their battle to his expanding form. Only his jock stayed in place covering his massive bait and tackle. As the piece of fabric fell off, it had been holding back much of Brandon’s expansion towards his legs and without it, his legs were swallowed by the surmounting amount of air.

The sudden change in his legs got Brandon off balance and he fell forward onto his big belly. Breaking their kiss, Ryan looked forward and saw the full extent of his inflation. Brandon was now stuck on his big belly. Unable to get back to his feet. Ryan could only smile and play with his hard cock. Ryan walked around Brandon admiring his size. Grabbing onto Brandon’s belly and rolling him up so that at least he was sitting up.

“Wow Brandon, I’ve gotten you pretty big.” Ryan patted Brandon’s big gut and it was tight as a drum. Spinning Brandon so that he was no longer facing the mirror, Ryan stood back and got a better look at how big he’d inflated the balloon. Brandon was still shorter than him, but he was permanently perched on his big balloon body. His orb self had almost swallowed all of his limbs and he was incapable of movement. The only thing that didn’t get swallowed by his inflating body was his cock and balls, still covered up somehow by his jock. But it will not last long if Ryan starts blowing him up again.

“Damn, I did a good job blowing you up piggy,” said Ryan as he circled the orb.

“Ryan, I gotta ask, how is this even possible? How have I not exploded?” asked Brandon as he flailed his arms to keep eye contact with Ryan as he circled him.

“That shake I gave you, the gas you were feeling after you drank it when we were lifting, that was your belly preparing to start inflating. And it also made your skin super stretchy. Here, watch.” Ryan grabbed the orb and spun him around so that they were face to face. He pulled off what little remained of Brandon’s shirt and grabbed his face. “Here, we’ll give piggy a pig nose.” Ryan reached for Brandon’s nose and started pulling on it. It started to extend outwards and when Ryan let go, it snapped back looking like a snout. “And some pig ears.” Ryan repeated the process this time grabbing Brandon’s ears and stretching them out and snapping them back into a position that made them pig-like. “There you go. My big piggy now looks the part.”

“Oink oink,” said Brandon as he flared his nostrils. Ryan’s attention then shifted down towards Brandon’s big bulge. Ryan grabbed Brandon and rolled him backwards so that now his bulge was next to Ryan’s face. Ryan’s eyes got wide as he put one hand on it. At the slightest touch, Brandon started moaning below him. Ryan kept touching the massive cock, his fingers could barely close all the way around the shaft.

“This, however, was an unforeseen side effect.” Ryan grabbed the tight jock and pulled it off of Brandon. Allowing the cock to unfurl to its huge size. Ryan looked in awe at the massive size. Probably two feet long and as thick as a 2-liter bottle of soda with balls underneath it the size of cantaloupes. Ryan touched the exposed cock and it sent shivers across Brandon’s blimp form. “Hmm, I think piggy needs a blow job.”

Ryan grabbed Brandon’s cock and started sucking it. Brandon moaned out as his lover’s lips danced on his cock head. Ryan grinned as he could see Brandon’s arms and legs flailing in pleasure. At that moment, an idea popped into Ryan’s head. He smirked and continued his blow job.

Brandon was in heaven. His biggest gym crush was sucking his massive cock. He could feel Ryan’s beard grazing his fat balls. He was so close to cumming, he couldn’t even think straight. But Brandon noticed something odd happening around him. In his position, his arms and head were facing towards the lockers and for some reason they were getting closer to him. “What the hell?” Brandon looked up and saw his belly was getting even bigger. “Ryan! What’s happening?”

“I’m just giving you a blow job.” Ryan laughed as he continued to blow air into Brandon’s cock. At this point, Ryan had his own cock in his hand and was jerking it off to the blimp he was blowing up. Looking at the growing orb, Ryan could no longer see Brandon’s head from his position. His belly was rivaling Ryan’s height, but Ryan kept blowing. He reached out and rubbed the massive belly in front of him. Feeling how tight it was. Then playing with Brandon’s balls that had grown to the size of basketballs. His dick had also slowly grown in his mouth going from 2 feet to 3.

“Ryan, I don’t know if I can last much longer. I feel so tight. Getting so big!” Brandon’s moans filled the entire room. His body shuddered as Ryan’s mouth expertly pleased him. The ceiling of the locker room was only 8 feet tall and Brandon’s orb body was beginning to get dangerously close to it. His limbs had all but disappeared into his body. Only the hands and feet could be seen occasionally writhing in pleasure.

Ryan broke his lips off of the big man’s cock and swiveled him around so that he could see his head. “You like being this big piggy?” Ryan’s cock was shooting pre onto Brandon’s belly as he spoke to him.

“Yes Ryan! I love it! I just want to be your big blimp boy!” Brandon’s words were making Ryan go crazy.

Yes! That is what you are! My big blimp piggy! Only here to blow up huge into my own personal balloon!” Ryan was moaning as he jerked his cock off. “Piggy I’m close!”

“Me too. My cock feels like it’s about to explode!” Brandon’s entire form shuddered as his cock bucked. His balls ready to blow.

“You’re mine!” shouted Ryan and started cumming all over Brandon. Coating the big blimp’s belly in cum. As Ryan’s orgasm started, Brandon started shooting cum against the lockers. Painting the entire wall with his jizz. Brandon shot and shot and shot. His big balls felt like they’d never empty. After what felt like an eternity, the shots got weaker and further between and the two were left in the after glow of their sex.

“Fuck piggy. You got me good,” said Ryan as he leaned forward and kissed the blimp’s snout.

“Anything for you, big guy,” replied Brandon. His big belly heaved up and down as he panted from exhaustion. Ryan leaned against the ball of a man and marveled at its size. Brandon wasn’t hitting the ceiling yet, but had Ryan kept going, He would’ve busted out of the locker room. Feeling how taut the skin was on him. But still had some give to it if Ryan ever wanted to blow him up more.

“So now what? When do I deflate?” asked Brandon.

“Deflate? You won’t be deflating anytime soon. We’re just getting started, big guy.” Ryan grinned as he rubbed Brandon’s belly.

“But how will I even get out of here? Can I even fit through that door?”

“Hmm, let’s find out.” Ryan started to roll Brandon towards the door. Brandon’s balloon body being very light and easy to move. Brandon’s spherical form hit the sides of the door but wouldn’t budge. Even the top of the orbs was too tall to squeeze through the door.

“What am I gonna do? I can’t even fit through a door anymore,” groaned Brandon as Ryan continued to try to push him through.

“Don’t worry big guy. If this door won’t fit, maybe we make our own door.”

“What do you mean by that?” asked Brandon as Ryan swiveled him back to facing him.

“Pucker up cutie. Because the only way you’re getting out of here is if you grow out of it.”

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