Think bigger

by MaxMorphs

 Mild-mannered Kyle gains an unexpected power over his hunky friends after they all enjoy a magic show during a fateful vacation in Vegas.

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“Come on, little guy! Let’s go!” Caleb called out.

“Come on!” Trevor demanded.

“We still have plenty of time,” Regan laughed.

I didn’t say anything in response to their commotion.

We were four “friends,” as I’d like to think, but that didn’t feel like it was the case most of the time. We shared an apartment and some hobbies, but the four of us couldn’t be any more different even though (I have to admit) I was the only one not fitting in most of the time.

Caleb was the reason for us to be in Las Vegas. He competed in a bodybuilding contest the other day and even brought a trophy home. Not first place, but he was thrilled either way. He had stepped down that stage, his legs shaking, his body dried out but still massive, shiny, and bronze-colored. His grin had been as wide as his face! He was proud of what he had accomplished over the last years. I ran to him, hugged him, and enjoyed the feeling of his body against mine for a few seconds. Unlike Trevor and me, Caleb and I got along pretty well.

“We are going to miss the show! Hurry the fuck up!” Trevor barked in that usual annoyed tone he referred to me in.

Trevor. He was a prick and the one who called me out just for existing and being late. He had all the right to be that way—in his world, at least. He was the tallest of us; an impressive sight.

“Trevor, could you shut up?” Regan groaned, annoyed with Trevor’s tone.

When he wasn’t in Vegas celebrating his best friend’s accomplishments, he was a construction worker. His body showed that fact off pretty damn well. He wasn’t as built as Caleb or as tall as Trevor, but a good middle ground between these two. He had a nice beard, a kind smile, a fresh fade (“Everything ready for Vegas, baby!”), and a perfect guy all-around. Should I ever find a boyfriend, someone like Regan would be the ideal.

“Why the fuck was he invited again?”

They talked about me as if I wasn’t in the room most of the time. I was used to it, but now I started wondering why I even joined the trip to Las Vegas.

My name is Kyle. I’m a teacher. That kind that no one respects. I know this, but I can’t change anything about it. After all these years, I just go with the flow. You get used to being stepped on.

I like to refer to the other three as “The Bachelors”—no idea why they were still single most of the time.

It was our last night in Vegas. To celebrate Caleb’s win, we wanted to enjoy a big show dinner. It was our gift to Caleb, who sure was hungry after the competition.

“Are we ready then?” Trevor asked.

We were all dressed in suits and ties. While the others looked stunning as always in their formal wear, I just looked lost in my jacket. I nodded in response to Trevor.

Our reservation awaits.

The next thing I remember is us sitting at the dinner table, not far from the grand stage where “real magic” was taking place. The show was almost over and we were already stuffed from all the delicious courses we had. I took a look at Caleb and saw that he was having a phenomenal time—I was more than happy to see his eyes glowing like that after he put himself through hell these last weeks.

And then, suddenly, a spotlight blinded me.

“You! Get up here and bring your friends!” the performer’s voice blasted from the sound system.

It felt like a hole opened up in front of me, and I was being sucked in against my will. I could feel Regan’s hand on my back as he pushed me to the stage. Regan and Caleb were excited about this. I just wanted to die.

The magician (or was it just an illusionist?) asked me for my name.

“I’m Kyle,” I muttered.

“Nice to meet you, Kyle. Tell me. Have you or your friends ever been hypnotized before?”

We each shook our heads.

“What brought you all to Vegas?”

“My friend here participated in the bodybuilding contest,” I pointed towards Caleb. I was ashamed that I didn’t remember the name of his competition.

“Which one is the muscle head? You all look so strong in your nice suits,” the magician asked with a smile. A lady from the audience cheered loudly for all three of them.

Caleb raised his hand, blushing now, his biceps straining his jacket.

The man with the mic pushed past me and walked over to Caleb.

“Did you win?”

“Almost,” he said coyly, and his neck seemed to disappear.

“Well, maybe next year then.”


“So, back to you, Kyle. You seem like a wonderful guy. I hope your friends are cherishing you enough.”

I resisted looking back at Trevor’s face. I’m sure he was annoyed by the whole show.

“They do,” I said in fear of what would happen next.

“I think there’s always room for improvement, don’t you think? I’d like to end my show with a little bit of mind bending, or as most of you would call it, Hypnosis.”

Applause from the audience. I could feel how every word of his performance was charging the air in the venue.

An assistant brought three chairs to the stage, and with a slight push, my three friends sat down. While Regan and Caleb couldn’t wait for what would happen next, Trevor was annoyed. He felt like a puppet—a feeling he wasn’t fond of.

The magician got in front of them. He asked them to close their eyes. Trevor looked me dead in the face as if to say, “Do something stupid, and I’ll fuck you up,” before he followed orders.

Waves of mysterious music were hitting the stage. The lights dimmed down.

“The next time I snap my fingers, the three of you will fall into a deep slumber.”

A few more words, another look into the audience, and then—snap—my friends fell asleep, their heads slumped forward, and their chins rested on their chests. I couldn’t believe it worked.

“Now, Kyle. I want you to prove that they’re gone for good.”

I was standing in front of Regan cluelessly. The magician noticed my hesitation.

“Come on, don’t be shy. Slap him! Don’t worry; he won’t feel a thing.”

Regan was my friend. I couldn’t slap him. I had never hit anyone in my life before, especially not across the face!

The magician was a little annoyed with me. Hell, I was too. He put the mic down and whispered to me and just to me, “Come on, pal, do it. I promise he won’t be able to feel it. I do ten shows a week, and this always works.”

I got in position and immediately lost control over my hand because of my body’s sheer amount of awkwardness. I slapped Regan. Very hard. My hand was now a red mark on his cheek. What had I done?

But he didn’t say a word. His head was wobbling back and forth for a second. He couldn’t feel a thing, his eyes still closed.

The crowd cheered for my hard slap, and the magician continued, “Easy there, buddy, let’s make sure your friends leave Vegas with all their teeth.”

The audience laughed.

“Now, gentlemen. The next time I snap, you’ll do anything Kyle wants from you. Doesn’t that sound nice, Kyle?”

“I…I think so?”

The magician laughed out loud, and then the audience joined in.

“Well, in that case, we have to change the rules. Every time Kyle uses the phrase ‘I think,’ you have to follow his commands.”

The audience was laughing again. I was not far from a breakdown.

The magician raised his hand one more time and snapped.

“Come on, Kyle, do your worst.”

All eyes in the room rested on me. My mind was trying to come up with something to please the masses.

“Regan,” my voice trembled, “I think… you should get up.”

With his eyes still closed and his face unmoved, Regan’s body raised to his feet.

The audience was speechless. The magician walked over under applause and grabbed Regan’s face. “What a good boy he is! Now, Kyle, give us something to look at!”

He leaned against the unconscious Caleb, and I knew what he implied.

“I think you should flex your muscles for us, Caleb.”

Why did I say that? I didn’t know what got into me. The sudden power given to me was making me drunk.

To my surprise, Caleb raised from his seat and started taking off his suit jacket, followed by his tie. As he revealed the tight button-down below, the people in the audience began to cheer again. Then I had an idea.

“I think you should give Mr. Magic a lap dance.”

With his eyes still closed, he pushed the magician onto his seat. He couldn’t do anything about it. Then Caleb started to dance while unbuttoning his shirt. The magician tried to get out, but Caleb was too big. His thighs kept him captive.

I realized I had dug my own grave as I felt myself starting to get hard in the middle of the stage.

“I think that’s enough,” I said. Someone in the crowd started whistling.

As soon as the man with the mic was back to his breath, he said, “Applause for Kyle, everybody! Now, I think it’s time to get your friends back.”

I was pleased to hear that. I wasn’t interested in doing something with Trevor. He would kill me if he’d found out.

“I’ll count to three now. With the next snap of my fingers, you all will be awake again, and the spell will be over. And Kyle will have to pay you if he wants to see another lap dance.”

The crowd erupted with laughter.

He started the countdown, his open hand casting a black shadow in the air.

“Three, two, one.”

Before the magician snapped his finger one last time, a waiter in the audience stumbled over someone’s feet, and a whole tray of empty water bottles shattered into a million pieces. Nobody heard the snap. Everyone turned their heads to see what had just happened.

The magician looked pissed. That wasn’t the grand finale he had imagined.

Regardless, the three men in their seats were awake again. They were blinking hard as their eyes adjusted to the stage lights.

“Back with a bang, I’d say!”

The audience applauded and started laughing as Caleb discovered that his shirt was open and his jacket was lying on the ground with confusion.

“Have some decency,” the magician joked. “There are kids here!”

We left the stage with more applause.

My heart was still racing when we got back to the hotel hours later. We were all a little drunk from the night. Trevor and Regan shared a room, and I was bunking with Caleb. We had to share a king-sized mattress, but I was okay with it.

Caleb unbuttoned his shirt for the second time this evening. We both noticed that there was still stage paint left on his skin from the contest. The inside of his shirt was all sweaty and bronze-colored now.

“Ah fuck, I liked this shirt,” he groaned.

“I think you should probably have another shower before painting the whole bed bronze,” I joked.

“You’re right.”

I searched for my phone charger while he undressed in front of me. I tried to resist staring at his broad back muscles, thick thighs, and marvelous ass.

While Caleb was under the shower, I cycled through Twitter, Instagram, and tumblr in a loop. Pictures of morphed men in every variation flooded my mind. I was drunk and horny, my cock rising fast. Slowly, I rubbed my growing bulge through my pants.

“Kyle?” he called from the shower, interrupting my trance. “Sorry, but could you scrub my back? I think there’s still paint left, and I…well, I can’t reach it.”

I slowly entered the tiny bathroom, the shower was still running, and mist already covered all the mirrors. The air was heavy but smelled nice. Caleb had his back turned to me and reached behind to present a sponge.

“Of course, no problem,” I said, but I couldn’t ban the shaking out of my voice.

I started scrubbing and marveled at Caleb’s physique beneath the sponge in my hand. He was remarkably built, and I couldn’t understand what was missing to win every bodybuilding contest in the world. I tried not to watch the water running down his back, through every valley until it coated his marble-like ass like a veil.

“There’s still paint on your ass.”

He laughed and blushed simultaneously.

“Damn, I’m sorry, but can you…”

He didn’t have to say it. I let the sponge glide along his cheeks. Suddenly, he changed his ass’s form from hard to soft. Caleb’s bottom was the eighth world wonder, I thought. I could scrub his bubble butt forever, and it would make me happy.

Eventually, I said, “we probably shouldn’t tell this to the others.”

“They would rip one joke after the other,” he laughed. “You’re right. Thanks, man.”

I left Caleb to himself and returned to the bed. Luckily, he hadn’t noticed that I was rock hard.

That night, while Caleb was snoring, I went to the bathroom to jack off. It was the only way to get his sexy ass out of my mind. Jerking off, eyes closed, replaying what happened hours before in my head. I dreamed of Caleb doing whatever I wanted. I imagined him turning around under the shower by my command. I’d seen his package on stage, so I knew he must be carrying around some decently sized balls. In that vision, I took his package into my hand and told him to relax. He threw his head back in that vision and grabbed mine with his big hands. My lips came closer to his rigid dick, and I opened my mouth wide.

Then I came.

After a four-hour flight, we were back at our apartment the following afternoon. We were all still hungover. Caleb must have been the most dehydrated man on earth. He didn’t want to drink after the competition, but Trevor convinced him to have a couple of shots. Still, he was hungover with the rest of us.

I forgot most of what happened in Las Vegas, following the city’s motto.

The following Monday, we were all back to our jobs. Most hours of the day I was at school teaching, Caleb was back in the gym doing some personal trainer stuff I didn’t understand, Regan was down the road at a construction site from sunrise till sunset, and Trevor was in his office copying numbers from one excel sheet to another. At least that’s what I imagined his job to be.

Everything was back to usual. Back to the same dull routine. If only the magician had not made that one terrible mistake.

I first thought back to our Las Vegas trip when we got ready for a Halloween party. Not because the magic show came back to my mind, but because I was equally dawdling to push the evening as far ahead as possible. I didn’t have a costume mainly because, unlike my three roommates, my body was in no way massive like any of theirs. Whether it was the musculature of Caleb’s, Trevor’s towering height, or the overall masculinity of Regan’s, I didn’t want to accentuate my body with an outfit that shouted, “Look at me! I look like a fucking twig!”

Caleb and Trevor had already left for the party, and they had looked excellent in their costumes. So good, in fact, that I would have loved to watch them all evening. Caleb had been dressed as a Pokémon trainer. He had on short shorts that accentuated his bulky frame, some freckles he had painted on, and a hat with the Pokémon logo on it. Trevor had opted for a convict costume to give us a little look into his future, I guess.

Regan was the only one still in the apartment because his costume involved the most work (and would win over most women at the party). He went as a mummy, which meant wrapping himself in gauze bandages from head to toe—strategically leaving a few holes exposed to accentuate his physique.

Regan and I got along just fine so he wasn’t shy about asking me to help him with his costume. When he asked me, gauze already covered his lower half. But for a second, I allowed myself to glance between his legs where his thick bulge rested. I had seen that bulge many times in my life, and it never ceased to amaze me. I had even seen it that morning. Regan was leaving his room while I had a bowl of cereal on the couch. He was giving the woman in his bed some minutes to catch her breath before going back in again for another round. I had a perfect view of his large package. He was only wearing some boxer briefs, and his erection hadn’t died down yet. His hard dick was a sight to behold. The head was reaching over to his hip bone where it had left a wet spot as big as the palm of my hand. His hairy chest was glistening with sweat in the morning light. His cock spasmed as he saw me.

“Sorry if we were too loud,” he said with a goofy smile on his face. I just shook my head and chuckled. He opened the fridge and drank milk straight from the box. His wide jaw moved up and down with each gulp.

Then, almost 12 hours later, he had asked me to wrap his upper body in bandages. I was kind enough to oblige. Regan had plenty of time to think while I dressed him. “You should come to the party too Kyle. You can’t always sit here alone and wait for life or whatever to find you. I think you might even like the party we’re going to,” said Regan as I continued to wrap him in gauzes.

“A party that Trevor is going to is, by definition, not for me,” I said as I rolled my eyes.

“You shouldn’t care what Trevor says to you. I love the guy, but we both know he’s talking out of his ass most of the time.” I couldn’t help but smile when he admitted to it being true. I wrapped his toned biceps in bandages and tried to take a mental photo while doing it. Regan’s arms weren’t as big as Caleb’s, but they were still impressive, and I was turned on by touching the big cannons. “Don’t do them too tight. I still need to be able to move,” said Regan as he flexed his arms.

Another difference between Caleb and him was the amount of body hair. While Caleb was always shaved, Regan let his hair grow out. He would occasionally trim his hair every once in a while when things got out of hand, but it was a rarity. I liked his body a lot despite it, though. The fur suited him very well and added a lot to his manly aura.

I was inches away from his hairy pecs and the pitch-black pits under his arms. I loosened the bandages around his arms and the veins I cut off before began swelling down again. He looked more like a mummy with every passing second, and a very hunky one at that.

“I have an idea,” shouted Regan right in my face. With big steps, he ran into his room—a loose strip of gauze flying behind him like a white flag. His nice butt jiggling up and down with each step. Regan came back with the football outfit he wore for Halloween a couple of years ago. Back then, he only wore a Large so it possibly could fit me. “Wear this, Kyle! Join us tonight! Please! Get out there! Have some new experiences!” he said as he shoved the jersey into my hands.

“Really, I don’t wanna go out tonight. All those people having fun…I’ll be nothing more than the weird guy hanging around in the corner of the room,” I said as I pushed his hand with the costume away.

“Come on, do it for me!” he said as he got down to eye level with me and put on the puppy dog eyes.

“No, Regan. For real, I’m not going, sorry,” I said in a flat tone. Regan couldn’t help but snicker as I continued to deflect his invitation. It was all a game for him, but I had gotten annoyed. I couldn’t do what he wanted.

“Come on, Kyle! Get your dick out and into the costume!” he shouted as he grabbed my shirt. But before Regan could do anything else, I said,

“I think you should get your dick out and—”

He let go before I could even finish my sentence. His eyes became empty mirrors for a moment and then it happened. I lost my breath. Regan looked down at me, smiled, and unwrapped the bandages covering his full underwear. Another second later, his waistband was down, and his big soft cock tumbled out with a smack against his thigh. And what a cock it was! The most beautiful and biggest soft dick I’d ever seen! It was seven inches long and as thick as a can of Red Bull. No wonder that all those women would lose their minds when they were in his bedroom. I’d be going crazy too with a cock like that inside me, pounding me, growing in me, filling me up with cum. I didn’t know what to say. What had happened? There was no air left in the room between us; that or I had forgotten how to breathe.

He glanced down at his manliness and squeezed it with his big hand. I saw the defined muscles of his forearm tremble under his skin. He lifted his dick, and I could take a look at his walnut-sized nuts. Just beautiful.

“Okay, okay. I understand. I can’t convince you. Another time maybe.” And just like that, the scene ended as abruptly as it had started. Regan acted as if nothing had happened. He put his schlong back in his underwear, grabbed his stuff, and headed out. “See you later!” The last thing I saw was his ass covered in gauze leaving our apartment. I was standing in our living room, and the world seemed to turn a lot faster suddenly. What had just happened?

Was it some ill-fitted joke only straight people get? Why did he show me his beautiful dick? What the fuck happened? Did it happen? Suddenly, I wasn’t sure about it anymore. I sat down and let the silence of our apartment surround me. And then it hit me like a wrecking ball.

I think you should get your dick out.

Was that me? Did I do that?

I didn’t sleep that night. I kept thinking about what had happened.

Hours later, when I was lying in bed, the others returned from the party. They were drunk and loud, but it didn’t matter because I couldn’t sleep anyways. There was nothing different about their voices. It was as if nothing had happened.

Was Regan aware of what had happened hours ago?

A week later, I was still thinking about the incident. Part of me waited for another situation like that to come up again. I had a theory, a completely bonkers fantasy, running around in my brain 24/7. What if I was able to control him? What if the thing that happened to them in Vegas was still at work?

I would have put it off as a goofy accident if it wasn’t for weeks before when Caleb listened to me in the hotel room. He was hammered that night, and the only wish left was to go to sleep. But I told him, “I think you should take a shower.” And he did it. Just like that. What if the spell was still active? What if I was in control?

I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t think straight anymore, especially around the guys. I was always only one sentence away from trying to command one of them again, but it was too risky, no matter the situation. What if someone walked in while I controlled the minds of one of my friends?

And there also was another problem I hadn’t thought about before trying my luck again. I couldn’t just test it by saying, “Pass me the orange juice” or something. That was a small favor any of them would do for me without asking second questions. It needed to be something they did not want to do.

But of course, I couldn’t let it go.

I was running on a treadmill, the sweat in my eyes blinding me. Our apartment had a gym where every resident could exercise all day and night. The machines weren’t the best, but it was good enough for a decent pump. And it was free, so what else is left to say?

I was the only one of us who used it. Regan wasn’t a big exercise guy because his job as a construction worker was already enough work for his body. Trevor was only interested in jogging and blaming everyone but him for his leg pain. And Caleb had a membership at a real gym because he needed way more equipment. He only dropped by when he needed some cardio and if the weather was too bad to go anywhere else.

One day, the rain was running down the windows in thick streams. Autumn was showing its worst side. The door behind me opened, and Caleb came in.

“Hey! I thought I would find you here,” he said as he approached the treadmill next to mine. We had a chat while he started running with me. He was wearing a loose tank top that showed off his big pecs and some five-inch seams that covered nothing at all. I loved it when he wore those. Caleb started jogging, and a veil of irritation covered his face soon. He looked down.

“These shorts were a bad purchase. I should have ordered one size larger,” he said as he adjusted his shorts.

“If there’s someone who can be proud of his body, then it is you, Caleb,” I said with a grin.

“Thanks man, but these shorts will cut off the circulation of blood flow to my legs in a few miles. I shit you not.” He slowed the treadmill down and pulled his shorts back down again. They looked dangerously tight around his big, toned thighs. The seams were squeezing his skin tightly. They looked like they were practically painted on.

“If I were you, I would only run around naked,” I joked. Caleb laughed with me, and I was relieved that he liked my joke. Then I had an idea. This was the moment I was waiting for.

“I’ll change and come back with something more fitting for running,” said Caleb as he was stepping off the treadmill. I had to think fast and move quickly.

He was almost out of the room when I said, “I think you should just run in your underwear.” He turned around with a puzzled look on his face.


Fuck! Did he not hear me, or…

“What did you say?” he asked again. His tone wasn’t aggressive.

I think you should just run in your underwear.” I repeated myself and looked over at him. Caleb stood in the doorway in silence for what felt like an eternity. My pulse was racing. What took him so long? What was going on?

“You’re right. No need to change.”

Holy shit.

He came back and started to undress on his way. He stripped off his short shorts with his tank top leaving him almost naked. He was smiling at me, and I kept wondering if this was something Caleb would do around me. Probably not, which meant…

He was running again, his whole body moving up and down with every step. His full pecs jiggled happily; his marvelous cheeks shook with each heavy footfall on the treadmill. Caleb was wearing a jockstrap that accentuated his bulge quite nicely. Bouncing from side to side as he ran.

I had to go further!

“How’s training coming along? Getting ready for the next competition already?”

“It’s great! Vegas motivated me like nothing else before. Now that my cut is over, I’m finally seeing some faster gains again. Even though it’s no muscle mass right now, hahaha!”

He was right. Weeks ago, right after the tournament, he only had muscle mass with very little body fat. Now his body already looked fuller. I liked both looks, but I preferred the fuller one.

We were both out of breath but kept on with our run. Caleb’s body started glistening with sweat soon. His steps on the treadmill became heavier and louder.

“You’d better not train all that mass off too soon.”

“Haha, don’t worry. I’ve just been eating a lot of food the past few weeks, and it shows. I need to cut out some cheat meals this week.”

“It’s not that bad. Trust me. I think you should be proud of your body, no matter what…and flex a little for me.”

And just like that, Caleb pushed a big button on the treadmill, and the machine came to a halt. I did the same and watched as reality unfolded in front of me. Caleb stood two feet away with a smile on his beautiful and freshly shaven face. He started to flex. He began with his quads, presented his wingspan, showed off his arms, back, lats, biceps, pecs, ass again and again and again. With every pose, his body appeared to be bigger than before. He was getting a decent pump.

When he flexed his amazing ass again, I couldn’t stop myself from touching him. I was as lost in his magic as he was in mine.

“Kyle? What are you doing?”

I think you want to be touched by me right now.”

The tension fell from his back, and he started to lean into my hand.

I can’t believe this is happening.

“Harder,” he whispered, and his wish was my command. I grabbed his cheeks with both my hands and enjoyed the sheer weight of them. Caleb turned around and came closer. Eye to eye. He grabbed my hands and put them on his pecs.

“Touch me.” I squeezed his full pecs, enjoying their smoothness. I moved over to his big 20-inch arms and groped them. Finally, I grabbed around him and found his upper quads one more time. I was standing close enough to Caleb to feel his hardon against mine.

I took a step back, finally in my body again.

“That was a nice massage. Thanks, man,” Caleb said while giving his hardon a little tug. His mind was also returning from elsewhere. He grabbed his clothes from the floor and was on his way out.

“Everything all right?” I asked.

He turned around with a smile on his face.

“Of course! See you upstairs.”

Caleb’s face was unchanged. He had no idea what had just happened.

I couldn’t sleep the nights after my hands had touched Caleb’s magnificent body. I could still feel his mass hours later. My heart hammered in my chest. I was lying awake in my bed and asked myself what had happened in Vegas. Why was I still in control? How was that possible?

I listened deep inside me and realized that I was scared. Partly because the spell could stop any minute, and the only people I ever called my friends leave me for good. However, I wanted to know how far I could push this. It was the first time in forever that I felt powerful. I thought this was how hot, built, or charismatic people felt all the damn time. How could I let that go? I had to take it further. Even if I dug my own grave.

Minutes later, still lying in bed, I found myself with my dick in one hand and my phone in the other. I was scrolling through Tumblr and enjoying the beauty of massive muscle morphs, some classic, some new. I let every detail wash over me until I was drowning in horniness. Biceps big enough to rip shirts apart. Dudes covered in enough veins for four men. Pecs so big they have to find rest on a table. Asses hanging out of skin-tight jeans, necks disappearing between beach-ball-sized shoulders. Feet big enough to crush someone. Pits hairy enough to suffocate. Quads too thick to walk. Nipples as big as shot glasses. Cocks that stretch every kind of material to the limit. Nuts hanging out of jockstraps like bowling balls. My cock was a bar of steel. But even though I saw all that, my mind was somewhere else. It was with Caleb on the other side of the walls.

Suddenly my phone was ringing. It was the only light source in the room, and Caleb’s picture was smiling at me on the display. I picked up and did not wait for him to say anything.

“I think you should come over,” I said. There was a brief silence on the phone and then the call dropped. I heard something moving on the other side of the wall: the creaking of bedsprings followed by some heavy steps and a door opening slowly. The impressive silhouette of Caleb was growing in front of me. I could hardly see him in the dark, but I could feel his presence as if he was touching my body already. He looked more massive than I remembered him.

“What’s going on?” he asked as he continued to walk towards me.

“Can’t sleep.”

“Me neither.”

“I think you should come closer.” My heart was beating faster with every step he took. I could smell the sleep on his skin by now, towering over me. He nailed me down with his mass, his giant body covering me like a weighted blanket.

“I think we should have sex.” I don’t know where I found these words. It felt unreal, and it was.

In the dark, I could only feel his body with my hands. His massive bulging muscles at my mercy. I felt his lips make contact with a passionate kiss. We started making out, and I held onto his massive traps. I started moaning when my hands touched his full pecs. They felt so much bigger and juicier than I remember them.

“I wanna fuck you,” he whispered, not knowing that it wasn’t his idea at all. Caleb removed his underwear, and his cock pushed into my belly. It felt massive. So much bigger than anything I’ve seen in his posers.

“Fuck, Caleb?! What’s going on?” I asked as he continued to grind against my smaller body.

“Doesn’t it feel good?”

“I’ve never felt better.” I tried to close my hand around what felt like a steel-hard ten-incher. It wasn’t possible. Caleb’s cock, meanwhile, started dripping pre onto me.

“Fuuuuuuuuck Caleb, this is too much, I…”

I woke up with my bed drenched in sweat. My heart was pondering, and my hands felt my boxers soaked in cum. My phone was lying next to me and still had Tumblr open on a gif of a flexing muscle mountain on repeat.

I’ve never had a dream like that in my life. It felt so real. Every detail of it was re-playing nonstop in my mind. I wanted to fall asleep again and return to the dream even though I knew it wasn’t possible. But then I kept thinking: It did not have to stay a dream at all.

The following morning, we all found ourselves together in the little kitchen. I was stirring my bowl of cereal, no longer hungry Caleb was reorganizing the mess in the fridge, Regan was almost on his way out, and Trevor was hunched over his MacBook reading a client’s email. I had a sentence waiting at the back of my throat, wanting to come out and play. Last night was still playing back and forth in my head. I had to try it. I just had to. Caleb bent down to grab some vegetables, but before his ass could hypnotize me, my words fell out of my mouth.

I think we should all get out and have dinner tonight.” My spoon was still hovering over the bowl; a droplet of milk hung from it. Everyone was looking at me, but none of them had a puzzled look on their face. Not even Trevor.

“Sounds good,” said Regan while throwing his jacket on.

“I’m in,” mumbled Trevor without looking up from his laptop. Caleb just nodded with a smile.

“Good, good. And I think Trevor should pay. For all of us.” The same reaction from everyone. They all continued as if nothing had happened. Then I finally realized: This is real. I did that. I can do whatever I want.

The day was passing by at the speed of light. It was the first time in forever I had fun teaching. I felt more confident and comfortable in my skin than ever before. And I guess my students felt that too. Even though some kids were still a pain in the ass, nothing could damage my mood.

The dinner we had that night was fancy, and everything was going well. Between courses, Caleb said that his plan had been a late gym session, but something had told him that this gathering was more important. The other two had similar stories of canceled plans, but they didn’t seem mad at all. In the end, it somehow felt like it was their idea. I devilishly grinned as I relished in the success of my spell on all of them.

When the menu came around again for desserts, everyone was shaking their heads. “Sorry, I have to skip. I’m way too full,” said Caleb rubbing his slightly bloated belly. The others joined in and nodded. It was my turn again, and I couldn’t stop myself from commanding them around once more.

“I think you guys should indulge yourselves. Have a bite and fill up these tanks.” So they continued eating, just like that. They even enjoyed it with loud grunts and belly rubs. I was in heaven. The hardon in my pants was slowly pressing against my zipper. He wanted to come out and play; join the fun.

Half an hour later, Caleb and Trevor presented their full round bellies to the other men at the table. Something inside me was tingling. I had never seen Trevor this happy and outgoing. Mostly because he had always been an asshole around me. Now I couldn’t stop thinking that he actually was kinda hot, for an asshole. His towering presence definitely did something with me I couldn’t explain.

“You know what, guys? I’m feeling generous tonight. Bill’s on me,” Trevor said, and we all cheered for him. “Even for you, dumbass,” he added while looking at me. Ah, he was still the same Trevor. Good to know.

On our way home, I was sitting next to Regan in the front passenger seat. We chatted about his current construction work and how annoying the wait times between delayed shipments were. Caleb and Trevor were laughing about a TikTok in the backseat, unable to contain their laughter. Caleb looked like a snack in his super tight shirt. I turned around, and Trevor was annoyed with me immediately.

“What?” He said it with the most disgust he could bring up.

I just had to smile. Those days were over.

“I think you two should kiss each other.” And so they did. Caleb put his big hands on Trevor’s cheeks, and their tongues met right before their lips did. It was hot and strange at the same time. They went all-in immediately as if they already knew what to do to turn me on. The temperature in the backseat was rising dramatically. They moved closer together with every kiss.

Suddenly I could feel the car swerving. Regan was looking in the back mirror, his face in shock. Fuck!

I think nothing out of the ordinary is happening back there!” I said as fast as I could. The shock melted from his face until his eyes were on the road again.

Meanwhile, Caleb and Trevor continued their dirty game until my words wore off. Minutes later, they were back on their phones as if nothing had happened.

I took a deep breath and sunk back in my seat. Fuck, that was way too close. I have to be more careful.

After I realized the full extent of the power in my hands, life slowly began to change. In the beginning, I took it slow. The boys lived their daily lives as if nothing world-changing happened. They worked, met with their friends, enjoyed their night-outs on the weekend, and greeted me when we saw each other in the living room of our apartment. But there, I allowed myself to have some fun.

The little almost-accident on our way home from the restaurant taught me one lesson: everything magical happening between the boys and I should stay within the walls of our home where I had everything under control.

So here’s what happened in the first few months—before I discovered the full force of my powers.

Trevor was probably the most fun to command around. Doesn’t everyone dream about controlling their bully? Trevor could call himself lucky that I wasn’t the same kind of asshole he was. I was taking advantage, yes, but I would never humiliate him to make me feel better.

On our first weekend alone in the apartment, I found him playing Xbox on our sofa. He gave me an annoyed glance when I entered the room as if this wasn’t my apartment too.

“The other two are coming back on Sunday, right?” I asked him.

“Yeah,” he mumbled, his eyes glued to the TV. He put one hand on his crotch and rearranged his package in his loose sweats. “I thought I had the apartment to myself.”

I had told him multiple times that I would be around too.

“Nah, sorry, I’m here to stay.”

He lost the game and threw the controller onto the pillows next to him.

“Fuck man, I almost got him! Stop distracting me, shithead.”

I smiled. Trevor had no power over me anymore.

“I think you should be nicer to me, Trevor. Much nicer.” He paused his game, and the look on his face changed completely. The anger was gone.

“I’m sorry, man. My apologies. I had a long week and was excited to have some alone time this weekend. But hey, maybe we could do something together?” He got up from the sofa and turned the console off. Seconds later, he was right next to me, a towering presence. My skin tingled. I always forgot how tall Trevor was. “What do you wanna do?” he asked. At first, I was a bit overwhelmed by the situation. It was one thing to control him, but a completely different thing to see him do it himself.

“I thought about going to the spa downtown, the one Caleb recommended.”

“Nice, let me get a few things and I’ll be ready to go.”

We took his car and arrived at the spa twenty minutes later. Trevor booked us the supreme package at the service desk I could never afford. The moment I got my wallet out, Trevor shook his head.

“No need for that. It’s on me,” he said as he handed the receptionist his credit card.

“Thanks, man. That’s so nice of you!”

“No problem, man.”

We got to the changing rooms and put some swimwear on. While I went for loose shorts, Trevor decided to put his speedo on. He swam regularly after work and was proud of his body, and the speedo wasn’t hiding anything. Nevertheless, he put a towel around his hips immediately.

The afternoon was a series of scrubs, baths, massages, and sauna visits. I hadn’t felt that relaxed in my entire life. We were on our own in the Turkish bath, sitting on the upper bench, only a few feet between us. It was so hot and humid that water was dripping from the ceiling. I watched the droplets landing on Trevor’s remarkable 6’5” frame, running down his pecs and abs, disappearing between his legs. I suddenly felt so horny. I took another look at the door, and I was sure we had some time for ourselves.

“I think,” I began a little unsure, “we should get our dicks out and have some fun.” Trevor’s eyes had been closed before. He opened them and smiled at me.

“Sure, man. Why not.” He gave his package a heavy tug and moaned quietly. I was about to see Trevor’s dick for the first time. I couldn’t believe it. Before he did it, I freed my dick and started to wank. My six-inch hardon came to life, and my hand went to work. Seconds later, the room was filled with the moist sound of me jacking off. The temperature made my heart race.

“That’s a beautiful cock, man. Even I have to admit that,” Trevor said while rubbing his flexing bulge. It was a dream come true, a dream I did not realize I had.

“Come on, show me yours.” Without hesitation, he came closer and started to pull his waistband down. A big, half-hard dick tumbled out. The size of his cock was closer to Regan’s than to mine. A giant piece of meat! “So it’s true that big boys also have big cocks.”

“It’s true, at least for me,” he said and smiled. He was rock hard, too, in a split second. We jacked off, our eyes wandering between our cocks and bodies. The sauna seemed to become even hotter, and I suddenly wished that Regan and Caleb would be here too to join the fun. I don’t know if it was just him or still the command to be nice to me, but Trevor’s hand wandered over and grabbed my cock with pride. I was close then. I blew air out through my mouth, my cheeks puffed up and red. I grabbed his cock too. It felt so much bigger than mine, even though it was just one or two inches bigger.

“You like that size, don’t you?”

“Fuck yeah.”

“God, this is hot.”

“I think you should start pumping your dick even bigger. That would give you an even more amazing look.”

“Fuck, you are right. It would look amazing to have an even bigger cock. Just imagine! Maybe I can push this thing to become nine inches in length!” His breath came faster and faster until his hips pushed upward and a volley of cum hit his chest. His hand was still wrapped around my dick when I came. It trickled out and covered most of the back of his hand.

“Damn, Kyle. You are a heavy cummer!”

“Always been.” He cleaned his hand the Trevor way. After our day at the spa the magic didn’t wear off. Trevor was nicer to me in general, but not jacking-me-off-regularly-nice. That would come later.

After discovering the hypnosis anomaly, Caleb and I also started to share a few memorable moments. He was the one I saw the most because we were closest to what I would call friends. A friend with benefits, maybe.

I started my journey with him while having lunch in town together. The restaurant was loud enough for me to speak my true self. No one was listening. I tried to say it as casually as I could.

“I think you should let me measure your progress at least once a week,” I said.

He finished his drink and leaned back. His shoulders stretched his sleeves in all the right places.

“Sounds like an excellent idea! I’m pretty sure that’s the motivation I need right now. Wanna start tonight?”

“Do we have the apartment for ourselves?”

“The others can watch. I don’t care.”

My palms became a little sweaty. They sure couldn’t watch the things I had in mind.

“I think we should do this alone. Just the two of us.” Caleb smiled.

“Sure, man. Anything you say.” Literally, I thought and finished my drink too.

“I think you should order another dessert.”

“Uff, Kyle, I’m so full. But now that you say it. Can I see the menu again?” he asked a waiter walking by.

We returned to the apartment after Caleb finished two more plates of pancakes with extra syrup. He was bloated and waddling when we left—a sight I highly enjoyed. Back in the apartment, Trevor greeted us.

“What happened to you?” he asked Caleb.

“Just a good lunch.”

“You look even more massive than usual.”

“Thanks, man,” Caleb answered while struggling to breathe. “Fuck, I need to lie down.”

“Didn’t you say you wanted to start a fast cut?” But Caleb was already in his room.

“Blimping out, slowly but surely,” Trevor said to no one in particular.

“I think you should give us a moment.”

Trevor nodded and disappeared into the living room. Before entering Caleb’s room, I could feel my cock twitching already.

“Hey man, I think I need a nap,” Caleb mumbled. He was already lying in bed, still fully clothed but already half-asleep.

“I think you want me to join you under the blanket.” And just like that, he lifted the sheets for me to come.

“I hope you don’t mind a bit of cuddling, bro,” he said with a peaceful smile on his face.

“Not at all, Caleb. Not at all.”

“Fuck I’m so full. It feels like I’m giving birth soon.” He pressed his big belly into mine, and I had some trouble hiding my hardon from him.

“Mind if I rub it a little?”

“Sounds like a good idea.”

“I think you’ll like it a lot.” And so I lifted his shirt a little and started rubbing. His former six-pack had vanished and left was a ball belly packed to the brim. He indeed looked pregnant. I did an excellent job of stuffing him with more and more food. I had even thought about ordering more, but he was already starting to huff in the restaurant.

“Fuck yeah, that’s so nice,” he groaned after a few minutes of me rubbing his full belly. Every time I poked him, he raised his brows and gave off a little moan.

“Be careful. So full.” He couldn’t form full sentences anymore. In between rubs, I grabbed his pecs that seemed to be fuller too. He did not mind. He enjoyed every single one of my gestures, and I couldn’t say which of his needs were real and which were induced by me anymore. It did not feel like a dream, not like when I gave Trevor a blowjob.

“Mhhh, that’s even better than the three desserts I had,” Caleb whispered and came closer. He almost pushed himself onto me. My hand reached further down, and my heart almost stopped. I found Caleb’s bulge—he was rock hard, a wet spot crowning his pants.

He did not intervene, even after I touched his hardon multiple times accidentally. I opened his pants and let my hand dive in fully. I found his bush, then his cock and balls. It was becoming hot as hell under the blanket. He was far wetter than anyone I had ever experienced, so I started rubbing his cock nice and gentle. My hand got drenched in pre, and I couldn’t explain where all this juice was coming from.

“I’m sorry,” he said. It almost sounded ashamed. He even covered his face for a second.

“No need to be. It’s super hot, to be honest,” I whispered into Caleb’s ear, and he put his strong hands around me again. His massive arms surrounded me. Another wave of pre shot from his cock, and landed on his bloated stomach.

“I rarely jerk off. That’s probably why I’m producing so much fucking cum,” Caleb explained. With his left hand, he rubbed pre all over his swollen belly.

“That’s hot. Is it okay when I do it?”

“Of course, mate. Your hand feels amazing!” He gave me a bear hug, and I was in heaven again. The rhythm of my hand accelerated, and so did Caleb’s heartbeat.

“I think your goal should be to become bigger than anyone else. Not only today but every day,” I whispered, wholly lost in Caleb’s moaning.

“Fuck yeah, you’re right. Bigger…always.”

What had I done?

I rubbed pre all over his belly. He was producing enough to handle four cocks.

“Tell me, Caleb. Do you enjoy being big?”

“It’s the best feeling in the world, mhhhh. Still wanna get bigger, though.”

“How big? Tell me.”

“Fuck, I wanna become a monster, not human anymore. Muscles on muscles on muscles.” Saying this, he started to fuck my hand. He was a machine following my commands.

“I wanna break every world record in bodybuilding history. I want the biggest guns, the widest back, the fattest thighs there have ever been. I want…fuck, you’ll make me cum.”

“Slow down, big boy. I don’t want you to cum yet.” He just opened his eyes for a second and smiled. Suddenly I found myself buried beneath him. He removed his pants and sat down on my chest. He was heavy as fuck, and my dick couldn’t become any harder than it already was.

“You love this built body of mine, don’t you?” he said. His sleepy eyes made him look even sexier. I didn’t answer. I grabbed Caleb’s cheeks from behind and pressed my face into his package. Heaven was a place on earth.

“Fuck yeah, lick my fat balls.” He was right about that. Caleb had a set of balls to be proud of; no one on earth would ever accuse him of juicing with a pair like his. They were the size of big kiwis in a nice hanging sack.

“Put them in your mouth,” he said, and I followed his order. It was impossible, but he enjoyed it either way. Pre dribbled down at the side of his rigid dick. That cock never finished serving more.

“All this will be muscle mass soon,” Caleb said, holding his belly in both hands.

“Grow for me, muscle head.”

“I will. I promise.” My orgasm felt like an erupting volcano. I came all over Caleb’s back in heavy spurts that did not seem to find an end. I tossed and turned, but it was impossible to move under his thick thighs and heavy weight. He rubbed his big balls in my face again and came too, seconds later. Caleb painted my face hot and white. He sure was gifted with two cum factories.

Leaving his room minutes later, I wasn’t sure if one of the other two had heard us through the walls. At least I could fix every situation coming our way with just a few words.

I jacked off again that night, thinking about Caleb and his magnificent body. I also thought about visiting him in his room again, but he deserved some sleep. And then I remembered our session more vividly than before. I had ordered him to grow. And grow and grow and grow.

My adventures with Caleb inspired me to go further with Regan, a circumstance that would eventually lead to me breaking all the boundaries I’ve set myself. A little reminder: the boys should always have their own lives. All I wanted was a little bit of fun. Until a little bit of fun wasn’t enough anymore.

There were a lot of nights where I enjoyed having a cock like Regan’s in the house all the time. I called him into my room to enjoy his body to the full extent. His build, his hairiness, and, of course, his big fucking dick. His presence was the gift I gave to myself.

Soon, I commanded him to run around in briefs only so I could enjoy the display of his bulge thoroughly—a meaty stick finding its end at the outer side of his hip bone, a view that never ceased to amaze me. I said that he should be proud of his cock (even more than he already was), and he instantly came up with the courage to let his cock hang out when we were on our own. That fat eight-incher dangled between his legs, left, right, left. The sound alone made me horny, and occasionally, I could see a fine thread of pre hanging from his shmeat.

He became so proud of it (the size, the heft, the length) that he asked me to give him head—no need to hypnotize him at all. Well, not directly, of course.

“I think you should join Caleb in the gym and put on some serious muscle mass, Regan. I mean, you’re already quite built, but you’d look phenomenal with a bodybuilder’s physique.”

“I thought about joining the gym for quite some time now,” he said, and I couldn’t tell if it was true or not.

He flexed for me, showed me his hairy pits, and almost pressed his bulge into my face. He wasn’t as built as Caleb, but you could see some decent muscle mass at work there.

Days later, he joined the same gym as Caleb and Trevor. They started lifting bigger and heavier weights for me to enjoy—the fruits of their labor would be ripe soon. Soon I’d command my own league of first-class himbos, I joked. But let’s get back to that later.

One evening I entered the bathroom even though Regan was under the shower at that very moment. I knew that he didn’t care anymore. I saw him washing his magnificent body, getting rid of the dirt of the day, and giving his horse-cock a nice rub. I waited for him to finish his business. A little present for Regan was already waiting for him next to me on the sink.

“What’s that?” he asked while toweling down his dangling cock.

“A cock pump.”

“I didn’t know you were into stuff like that. Why are you showing me this? I think I’ve got enough meat between my legs,” he said and grabbed his cock with both his hands. What a beast.

“It’s not for me. I think you should pump your cock bigger for me and grow your cock.” Regan’s eyes went dull for a split second before instantly returning to their deep color.

“Fuck yeah, let’s pump this cock even bigger. For the ladies.”

“Of course. The ladies. Oh, and by the way, Trevor started pumping too. If you don’t take this seriously, he’ll outgrow you in a month or so.”

It was a lie, but it worked. The pride of owning this kind of cock could not be hurt. I think it was just a week later that I noticed how chubbed-up Regan’s package started to look all the time. I was intrigued. He pumped his package fatter and fatter for me and even bought more expensive and bigger pumps to become more serious about it.

I actually had to tell him to slow down a little after his cock grew too quickly. He was losing a little bit of hardness (but added almost a full inch in length with a little bit of pulling), and I did not want him not to be able to fuck someone anymore. I was a candidate on that significant list too after all.

And so, my mind was trapped in a switching cycle of feverishly hot episodes with my roommates and the dull daily life I tried to leave behind with every sex fantasy coming true. Everything I ever wanted was just a few words away, but I kept strong and only used my powers when I was horny to an extent even I couldn’t explain.

Well, peace didn’t last forever. I became greedy, and I’m not even sorry about it. Because things started to accelerate, and life was getting better and better and better.

I spent more time with Caleb after I ordered him to focus on his bodybuilding journey. He was pure sex on two legs, and it became hard to concentrate on the other aspects of my life. Regan and Trevor probably thought we were together, but they never said a word about it, so I did not have to hypnotize them.

Caleb was putting all his energy into his growth. I was completely mind blown by the time and effort he put into it. Everything was just about his pump from the moment he woke up to the second he closed his eyes. How often can I go to the gym? Does this meal have enough protein? What supplements make me gain the most? How can I become even bigger for Kyle? I couldn’t look into his head, obviously, but this was 90 percent of what was going on in there.

Once a week, he visits me in the evening. He comes to my room, only wearing his stage posers, and throws the measuring tape into my lap. At first, I didn’t know what he wanted from me, but I remembered my wish. He was just following orders and letting me play with him and his new size once a week.

I was always shocked about his gains, not only in the beginning of these sessions but every single time. Surely, he was spending every penny of his on roids, but it still felt unreal. He was growing dangerously fast, and I was so excited about it. I really thought Caleb couldn’t become any sexier than he already was, but then he came into my room again after a week of heavy exercises, never-ending meals, and some injections, and he was bigger again! Every bit of his body was inching towards freakiness. His thighs transformed into deformed hams, rubbing one another with every step, his delts spread further by the day, and his shoulders and biceps destroyed most shirts he tried to wear now. We wrote down all of the circumferences I took, and not a single number stayed the same two times in a row.

Most surprisingly, I saw that his balls stayed unaffected by the stuff he injected; they were still larger than most men’s cojones.

The more we hung out together and talked about his body, growth, and especially his goals, the more excited he got. I made him fall in love with his body again.

“Caleb, you’re growing even faster now,” I said at the beginning of one evening. His dick got rock hard in under five seconds, and he almost began to drool on me.

“You think so?”

His cock was pressing hard against his tiny posers, pulsing now and then.

“Your thighs alone are a quarter of an inch bigger than last week! That is remarkable!”

A wet spot appeared where his cock head almost poked through… and it was growing bigger by the minute! Every time I said something about his size, he became wetter. Soon, he started dripping, I couldn’t believe it at first.

“My size makes me so horny. I have trouble focusing in the gym! All these mirrors show me my pump and how huge I am becoming. I have to clean every bench thoroughly after using it because of my pre-stains. I’m a dripping freak.”

“Your balls are truly amazing.”

“I’m never not wet these days. And all thanks to you.”

“You’re putting in all the work, big guy. I’m just here motivating you,” I said with a raging hardon.

“I’ve been so small all these years, but now I can finally reach my full potential. That’s worth a lot!”

“You weighed 270 pounds … that wasn’t small.”

“Yeah, but look at me now!”

I found myself in a bear hug again. Our cocks collided, and Caleb’s left a wet stain on my sweats.

“Caleb, your size is so amazing. What’s your current weight?”

“305 pounds!”

“Jesus, I didn’t know you already crossed the line!”

“Yeah, but I want to become even bigger! I have a feeling I should.”

“You are such a freak, and I love it!”

Caleb continued his amazing bodybuilder’s journey, and even Trevor and Regan couldn’t believe his progress most of the time. They said stuff like: “Your shirts look painted on,” “you’re getting wider by the day,” and “do you even fit through the door properly?”

All of that was music in Caleb’s ears. I could see him becoming wet and horny from hearing all these compliments. He was starting to hump the air, bite his lip, and breathe heavier. Luckily, the others did not care—especially after I put them on the gain train too.

One evening we were all sitting together enjoying the game when I became transfixed by how Caleb’s bloated muscles ripped his clothes along the sleeves, back, and thighs. His progress had destroyed his wardrobe, and I loved it. (I sent him out to buy new stuff made with stretchy materials. Nevertheless, all pieces are skin-tight, hugging his melon-sized pecs just right.)

Seeing him grow like that and enjoying our evenings so thoroughly made me wish for more.

“Guys? I think you should join Caleb in his process. I think you should also try to become big muscle heads,” I said, and I could feel my heart beating faster.

Regan and Trevor exchanged glances.

“I think you should help Caleb become even bigger while growing your bodies. Seventy-five percent of what Caleb’s doing is already enough for you two.”

Caleb was listening to my words, and even though he wasn’t the target of my command, I could see his shorts tenting immediately. This is how horny he was for size. The slightest mention of growth was enough these days. He probably was already imagining how the other two would stuff him and spot his exercises with their massive bulges in sight at the gym.

But I wasn’t finished with Regan and Trevor yet.

“I also think you guys should become obsessed with size like Caleb. Enjoy growing, eating, pumping, and so on. This journey will be a lot of fun, and the two of you will love every minute of it.”

Regan was the first to process all of this subconsciously.

“You’re right! We should go to the gym together more often again. It’s time to put some mass on these bones! Especially on this guy right here!” Regan said and gave Caleb’s thunder-thigh a mighty slap. He was leaking already; I could see it through his shorts.

“Be careful! We might outgrow you, Caleb!”

“You sure about that?,” he said and flexed his guns. His sleeves ripped all the way up to his impressive shoulders, and his trimmed pits came into view. They were still sweaty from his previous training session.

“Fuck, Caleb, your gains are insane.”

“What are you eating, bro?”

“And what’s your current weight?”

“Already 309 pounds.”

“Fuck, that’s seriously big…and pretty hot! At your height, that’s super impressive. Maybe even unheard of,” Trevor said, who was several inches taller than Caleb.

I could see how Regan started shuffling in his seat. Seeing Caleb’s muscles in action suddenly activated something in him. He was a size lover now, too. His cock came to life and grew from soft to hard as steel in seconds. All nine inches of his big anaconda were perfectly visible through his jeans, poking out of his pocket, covered by cloth.

I couldn’t hold myself back anymore.

“I think we should forget everything about our relationships with one another just for tonight and have sex. Now!” I said, and they all nodded as if this thought had been sleeping at the tip of their tongue all along.

Our pants hit the ground with force. Caleb just ripped away what was left of his shorts. One after the other removed his underwear (Regan wasn’t wearing any), and four rock-hard cocks came out to play.

While the size of Regan and Trevor was truly impressive, Caleb’s pre-spitting pecker was the center of attention immediately.

The four of us started grinding and sucking each other’s bodies on the couch in our living room, and I formed the experience by hypnotizing them again and again. Soon my cock was inside Caleb’s fat ass, pumping as fast and thoroughly as I could, while Trevor’s and Regan’s cocks wandered between my hands and my mouth.

“So big…” someone whispered.

“We’ll become even bigger…and bigger…(grunt) and bigger.”

Even though I came, my dick wasn’t getting soft anymore. It wanted more. I was drowning in the sensation.

Regan dumped his first and second load on my chest while Trevor put his into Caleb’s mouth, who took it like the horny bastard he is.

After my third load in Caleb’s ass, my body lost its power. Everything became too much for me and even my sight started to blur. I sank onto Caleb’s back and encompassed his mighty frame while my cock was still pushing more semen into him. In the process of it all, he had cum multiple times too, but I could sense his balls weren’t empty yet. As a fantasy, I said: “I think my cum is making you even bigger everywhere you want it.”

“Kyle,” he said without a tone in his voice. It was all breath. “Grow me.”

I don’t know where my body found the energy to do it, but a fourth and final load made its way from my balls into Caleb. We groaned in pleasure as the other two watched us in total peace.

I found Caleb’s cock dangling between his massive thighs, and one little rub was enough to make him cum again like a fountain. Even though his deep grunts were pretty loud, I could hear his cum hitting the floor beneath us with thick spurts. Soon I realized that he was counting them.

“…13, 14, 15—fuck, still coming—16, fuck! 17, more cum, 18, fuck!”

“Caleb, your balls are amazing!”

“How do you do that! That’s so hot!”

All of us were speechless. Back on our feet, we stood around the cum puddle Caleb had created. His muscles looked massively pumped, veiny, and close to ripping his skin in some places. Caleb looked happier than ever before.

“Finally empty. What a fucking ride, guys. Thanks for that.”

Soon after they all started growing their muscles, I learned that they were quite surprised about their steady progress.

The three came back from the gym in their regular clothes and looked remarkable. Everything was sitting tighter, hugging their growing frames in all the right places. And while Regan and Trevor made some excellent progress, Caleb was the one growing beyond belief.

Our measuring sessions showed us that he was gaining at least two pounds of mass per week but in some weeks, he gained more than these two tiny pounds.

What I enjoyed most about this time was their inability to accept the rapid growth as the new reality. They continued wearing their usual outfits despite the holes and rips everywhere.

Trevor’s suit looked more painted on by the day when he readied himself for another day at the office; he learned that he could no longer button up his suit properly because of his wide back and bigger pecs. And while his big nipples surely were a grand distraction for everyone at work, the bulge snaking down his pants was an even more obvious problem.

“Sometimes it feels like other men don’t have problems like that,” he said, standing in our kitchen while fixing the position of his bulge.

“Tell me about it,” Regan said with a big sigh.

His cock had become even fatter than Trevor’s, so he was the one facing the most real-life consequences of them all. As a construction worker, he did not have the same “uniform” as Trevor. His outfit was body-fit, just a pair of jeans and an old flannel on most days. But both these items started becoming dangerously tight, and I am sure his colleagues started talking about his appearance behind his back. Luckily, Regan wasn’t capable of hearing this nonsense gossip. Even when he hears stuff like “He is probably stuffing his pants” or “…taking roids, I’ve heard,” he’s just giving his trimmed beard an unsure scratch (with just a glimpse of confusion in his doggy eyes) and continues to work—lifting heavy all day without breaking into sweat.

Back home, he almost celebrates taking off his clothes these days. He usually is the first one back, so I enjoy my time with him thoroughly.

“I think you should let me do that today,” I say. My arousal was already on the verge of exploding.

“Do you mind? My clothes are so tight, and my muscles are so sore from training with the boys last night…I could use your help here, Kyle.”

My voice was almost trembling now.

“You deserve it, big guy.”

“You know what? You’re such a great guy for this!”

“I know, Regan. I know.”

I have to admit, there was a slightly evil grin on my face at that moment, but it was just too perfect.

Regan reclined on the sofa, and I removed his big working boots first. Many numbers bigger than mine, his shoes seemed fake in my hands like a movie prop. He spread his toes widely after they were free and I started giving them a few rubs to calm down.

“Ohhh, that’s good. My feet felt trapped in my shoes all day. No idea what is going on there; I probably need a new pair soon.”

“Yeah, maybe,” I said very quietly.

His 14US-size feet felt magnificent in my hands. I kneaded them with full force, and he tried to spread them even further.

At that moment, I wished to grow him even bigger in more places than just his muscles and manliness, but that power seemed to be out of reach—something I could never solve through hypnosis.

“I think it’s time,” he said with his baritone voice and started to undo his shirt.

“Let me do that.”

Button after button, I revealed a built and hairy chest that appeared bigger since the last time I saw it.

“You trimmed your hair.”

“It was getting out of control somehow.”

“I think you should let it grow for me.”

“…Yeah, you are right. It looks nice, doesn’t it?”

“Super manly. I think Caleb would kill for your body hair.”

“You think so?”

I nodded and removed his shirt.

At that point, he was basically flexing for me. I marveled at the veins on his biceps and stuck my face into his tremendously hairy pits. A shiver ran through Regan’s body, his breathing coming faster, and I could feel his pants growing tighter.

“Bro, you’re making me so hard,” he said, suddenly nervous. “I’m chubbing up quickly.”

“Your bulge looks enormous. Unreal, even.”

“I mean, yeah, I’ve got a pretty huge cock, you’ve seen it before. Big but nothing special.”

Suddenly I wasn’t so sure about that anymore. It felt like his growing muscles weren’t the only thing he did not see.

I grabbed his prodigious bulge and I immediately realized something was different. It felt bigger.

I unbuttoned his work jeans. After pulling the zipper down with a long and slow rrrrrrrip, the undies inside immediately started squeezing out.

“Damn, what a beast!” I almost screamed.

“Don’t lose your mind, small guy!” He had to laugh. “It’s not that huge.”

“Oh it fucking is! Your hardon has become massive, Regan?! How did you do that?”

“I didn’t do anything, swear to God. I even stopped pumping. And to be honest it looks as big as always to me. Just my average cock.”

I understood his words but not the things he was trying to say. I told him to grow his cock, he started pumping, and now he was seemingly growing without effort? How was that possible?

“Oh, and by the way. I’m far from hard.”

My cock almost broke the sound barrier with how fast it came to life.

“Are you shitting me?”

“I’m not. Trust me,” Regan said while crossing his arms behind his head.

I grabbed both sides of his jeans and pulled them down. The bulge grew from its confines.


Before me lay the most magnificent package I had ever seen. Regan was wearing tight white Calvin Klein’s. His balls filled the pouch while he carried his cock to the side, a fat log of unbelievable proportions.

“I thought you were hard already.”

“Fuck no. This is my softest. Rather small…”

I just ignored his blissful ignorance.

“You’ve grown such a fat monster cock, Regan!”

“Stop messing with me,” he said laughing, and his package jiggled. “Is this some kind of roleplay because I don’t get it.”

Before I could start asking some serious questions about Regan’s situation, I started rubbing his bulge, and he began to moan with pleasure that painted his face slightly red.

“Your hands feel really good though. They feel so…small today.”

I wonder why, I thought.

“You like this, big guy?”

I pushed my hand inside his underwear and grabbed the massive log he tried to deny.

“Please don’t stop! It’s been a while since someone helped me out like that.”

He later told me that his luck with the ladies was vanishing lately and that he was totally flabbergasted by it. Suddenly they all didn’t seem to like the sex with him anymore. It wasn’t hard to imagine what had changed.

I nibbled at the tip of his massive half boner and felt the blood flooding his vessel.

His soft dick, thick as a beer can, was already pressing against the outside of his hip (It would poke out of his pocket if he had his jeans on still). The waistband was starting to hover over his hairy abdomen, and I used the chance to remove the rest of his underwear.

A horse cock like I had never seen before tumbled out and into my arms. It swung from the side to the middle and hung over his balls.

“See? It’s the usual size. Nothing special,” he said with an honest smile.

“I don’t wanna pop your bubble, but you’ve grown massive where it matters most in the last two weeks, my friend. Your cock has become obscenely huge!”

“Nah, it was always this average. It’s my cock, trust me, I know how big it is,” he said while obviously being delusional about it. His dick was swinging left and right like a wrecking ball. “Now let’s get me hard and then we can talk sizes.”


He assisted me and together, we started pleasuring every inch of his. His mushroom head inflated bigger, and the vessels of his cock filled up. The soft piece of flesh was slowly transforming into a hard rock log. The softness was gone and left was a monster cock that looked as ripped as Caleb’s body on stage.

13.5 inches in total; that thing was far bigger than ever expected.

Regan swung his hard cock around and hit me with it. It felt amazing.

“And…you really think you have an average sized cock?” I asked him.

Fully serious, with the monster pressing against his pecs, he said, “It’s a bit over average, but everyone is losing their mind as if I’m a fucking pornstar legend. The guys at work today too. Making all kinds of stupid comments while I took a piss.”

“You’re probably bigger than all of them.”

“Yeah, but I’m not a fucking stallion, as they say.”

“To me you are!”

We continued our little session and it became only hotter over time. It was then that I realized my true powers. I had underestimated them for several months, but playing with Regan’s impossible 13.5-incher made me curious again. I had asked him to grow his cock, and he started pumping, but soon after that, his dick started getting bigger for real. Somehow my words were targeting their subconsciousness too. Releasing tons of growth hormones at my will…that was the only explanation I could find for the monolith of a cock in front of me.

If all this was true—I thought while Regan came like a fountain, spraying all over his hairy chest—the sky was the limit.

Caleb and the others would continue to put on mass indefinitely.

As Regan put on his clothes again, I had one devilish thing left to say.

“I think you should wear tighter stuff. Like, real form fitting to pronounce that bulge of yours. Also maybe don’t wear anything with sleeves anymore. I’ll tell the others the same.”

“You’re absolutely right!”

He packed his soft 10.5 inches and continued with his day.

Weeks later it was time for another measuring and vanity session with Caleb. After spending a lot of time with Regan and Trevor (who were growing nicely), it was time to get back to where it all started.

Caleb was getting wider every day. He was so busy with his gym regime and everything happening around that there was hardly any time left for cooking, grocery shopping or most of his friends. These downsides didn’t seem to bother him. He was way too pleased by his relentless progress.

It surprised me to see how good he looked in all his skimpy gym outfits these days. He was rocking 332 pounds of solid mass in 5-inch seams and XL tank tops I would fit in. Bloated from his post gym shake he lay on the couch and dreamed about the things to come. His belly was exposed due to the short tank top, the straps of it pushed to the side by his enormous chest, and the tent in his shorts looked well promising too.

He saw me coming into the living room.

“Hey Kyle, there’s something I wanted to show you. I really don’t know who else to talk to about this.”

He sounded slightly worried. I put my school stuff down and went over. Up close he looked even more impressive. His last shave was a week or two ago and the hair was coming back on his chest—far less than what Regan was able to grow. The veins on his arms were developing nicely and the sheer size of his strong forearms made me weak. It was a hard fight; all I wanted to do was pressing my head between his pecs. The Valley was deepening with every push workout of his. But that adventure had to wait. I let him speak first.

“What is it?”

“I don’t know if you ever heard of something like this, but lately…I’ve been horny. Way more than I’m used to.”

“What do you mean?”

Of course I knew what would happen now. I was the one who orchestrated it. But seeing it play out in front of you was a whole nother pleasure.

“I started wearing these all day.”

He lifted and lowered the waistband of his tiny shorts and revealed the half hard six-incher below his trimmed bush. I almost gasped. He was wearing a condom, nice and tight, and it was already filled to the size of an egg. The content was clear and I guessed it for precum.

“My balls are out of control,” he said, biting his lip.

“Is it because of their size? I Haven’t seen them in a while but your bulge looks full.”

“No matter how many steroids I take they don’t swell down one bit.”

He almost sounded desperate, as if roids were only there to bring the size of his nuts under control.

“I think I’ve never seen bigger ones. Even Regan and Trevor are way behind yours in that department.”

“That’s not the only one,” he scoffed and flexed for me. Right then, his cock jumped up a little and another stream of hot pre shot into the latex.

“Fuck!” His breath was unsteady.

“So the mention of your size is enough to make you this wet?”

“Mhh, yeah. So big. You don’t know how good this feels.”

He was steel hard by then. The cock between his pumped hams started filling the condom even further. He looked down, his eyebrows lifted.

“I’m wasting three condoms a day. Back in the gym I was practicing my flexing routine and…I almost came seeing myself in the mirrors. I’m so horny for myself. I’m so fucking hot, getting bigger and thicker.”

“Fuck, I can see that.”

The condom was filling up quicker now. The tip was as big as an apple now and still swelling. I held it for a moment and enjoyed the feeling of fluids streaming in heavily. Caleb had become a real shooter, a bodybuilder-cum factory. The little latex bubble in my hand became rounder and heavier.

The look on Caleb’s face changed. He closed his eyes, bit his lip and came closer, pressing the full condom against my chest, his dick almost touching my lips.

“I think you need to help me change it again,” he begged me.

“Have you become too big to do it yourself?”

“Don’t!” he warned me, but I could already see the balloon attached to his penis filling up further. Talking about his size was enough to drive him crazy.

“Your balls will only become bigger, Caleb. They’ll produce more and more bodybuilder-cum. I think your muscles will become even fatter and bigger from it.”

“Nghh, please…so…horny!”

“You want me to touch it?”

I grabbed his latex cock, and a single rub was enough to make the giant shake. He was melting in my hands.

Fuck this feels intense!”

“You edged yourself so hard by looking at your own mass. Every touch becomes a test of how long you’ll be able to control yourself.”

“Help me.”

“You’ve grown into the massive himbo you always wanted to be. Too big to change your clothes. Only flexing all day. Seeing yourself become immobile.”

While saying this, I rubbed his dick very slowly from tip to root. I was afraid that a single hard jerk would make him cum immediately. I wanted to make him cum with words.

“Your ballooning chest is filling up, getting bigger every day, blocking your view…”


“Your arms and legs collide with the rest of your body, while you become unable to move properly.”

“Mhhhhhhh, yessss…”

“You and your balls flexing in the gym, leaving a pool of pre behind. The guys there are standing in line to make you cum.”

He began to shake and the first hints of cum fogged the clear pre in the balloon in my hands. He was leaking already. The condom had grown to the size of a Halloween pumpkin after another minute.

“500 pounds start to feel small. 600 will come and go as you continue to grow. You won’t fit into clothes anymore. Covering your mass won’t be necessary anymore. Your bodybuilder balls will hit the ground once you reach 700 pounds. You’ll be as wide as you’ll be tall. Your pecs will block your view and you’ll be engulfed by mass completely.”

“Kyle, fuck! Stop, I…I cannot hold it back. FUUUUUCK!”

The condom deformed from the blast of cum he ejected. The latex bubble grew rapidly and he continued to shoot more and more. He groaned and screamed and sweated like a maniac.

“So big. So much Mass. So much cum.”

The condom ripped and multiple gallons of hot white goo exploded right in front of me. It sounded like someone magically brought a waterfall to Caleb’s room for just a second or two. I was drenched in cum. The whole floor was covered.

Caleb stood in front of me, his mouth open and breathing heavily.

“Fuck…finally empty.”

The boys invited me to their gym one day. I had told them to train their asses off without putting any sweat into it myself, so I was quite surprised to get this message from Trevor. Usually, they come home around seven, pumped and driven by heat, some of them in need of a good jerk-off session. Caleb needed one almost every time now, the other guys were more frugal.

I arrived with nothing but my phone and keys. I had thought about bringing sports clothes, but nothing could make me join them in their sweaty mess. I was an admirer, not an archiver, in that sense.

I spotted Trevor before anyone else. His huge frame stood out from all the machines and people around him, his hulking frame a sight to behold. He saw me and came closer with a cocky smile until his 6’6’’ body stood right before me. I was at eye level with his collar bones and wondered how fast he was growing. He was bigger than last week.

“Ah, you’re here pencil-neck,” Trevor greeted me. He said it without spite, and I didn’t take any offense. Sometimes the old Trevor shone through, but it was still a hundred times better than the months before I received my powers.

“What’s up? Why did I need to come.”

Trevor lowered the dumbbells in his hands again and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

“Something’s going on with Caleb. Regan told me to write to you.”

“Where are they?”

“I don’t know; I haven’t seen them in a while.”

He widened his stance and got behind the barbell, ready for some RDLs. He gave his shorts a little lift to make room for the upcoming movement, and I could see his loose bulge shining through. I was impressed.

“Okay, I will look for them then.”

“Much luck,” he pressed through his clenched teeth, the weight pulling down his arms.

The locker room felt like a ghost town. The only presence there were the buzzing neon lights at the ceiling and the smell of wood and oil coming from the saunas in the back. Then I heard a low grunt and followed the noise to the shower stalls.

“Regan? Caleb? You here?”

The first answer I got was silence. Then I could hear some heavy bodies moving within one of the stalls.

“Kyle? Is that you?”

Reagan’s voice echoed between the naked walls. One of the doors opened, and his friendly bearded face appeared in the gap. He was red, sweaty, and winded.

“So nice to see you.”

“Hi—What’s going on? Why did I need to come?

Regan looked over his shoulder as if to check if he could speak openly without anyone eavesdropping. Then he left his hideout and brought his whole astonishing frame into the picture. He was fully naked but walked as if he wasn’t aware of that fact. His pumped magnificence and hairiness never looked better. He was sex and two legs, not only because of his horse cock swinging around. Fuck, it looked even bigger than last time. It hung so low and full that I was sure he had grown again without even noticing it. He could hypnotize me with that pendulum anytime.

He walked over to the sinks and threw cold water into his face. The rest trickled from his thick beard onto his protruding pecs. He dried his hands on his abs. As he walked back, I could hear his penis smashing against his thighs. I noticed how hard his simple presence made me. I was tenting my shorts.

He flicked his hair out of his face.

“Caleb’s gotten pretty horny while working out tonight. I wasn’t able to calm him down yet. He has been in this dream state for quite a while now. And he’s leaking all the damn time. We had to clean up a lot of puddles in the weight lifting area.”

It was hard to focus on his words. A drop had fallen from his beard onto his pecs where it ran down to his dick. It followed the full length and tickled Regan with every inch it moved until it dropped from its tip. His cock twitched when he began to talk again.

“I honestly don’t know what to do with him. If anything, it’s getting worse.”

“What did you do? Is he in there?” I pointed at the stall.

“Yep. I…well, I tried to jack Caleb off, bring him some release, but it seemed to have made him even hornier…if that’s possible.”

He sounded a little awkward saying this with a goofy smile, but simultaneously, I could see the veins on his monster become clearer. He was horny too.

“I think it was a good idea to get me.”

On my way to the stall, I thought about what I said to Caleb that made him this horny, but I couldn’t remember all the blurry details from the previous weeks. What if I had told him something that caused him to become this super horny bodybuilder he was now?

This wasn’t the first time something like that happened. After Caleb had shown me his solution to leaking pre all the time (remember the condoms?), his horniness had become a steady companion. No matter what we did (from enjoying dinner together as a group to watching a movie on the couch together), at one point, he would start to buck his hips, flex his arms, breathe heavier, and marvel at his own sight. This was most often followed by a barely audible “fuck” fleeing from his mouth.

I usually took him to his room then, after giving Trevor and Regan a made-up reason, fixed the problem in private.

Regan was right, though. All Caleb needed in these situations was someone who knew how to push his buttons. And I was the inventor of all his buttons.

I entered the stall and found Caleb there in all his glory. He was sitting on a little bench close to the shower, his skin glowing, his chest heaving, his legs spread apart, and bumping into the wall on the other side. He was pent up and horny as always. For a second, he looked down at his body, flexed his massive meaty thighs until the strong cords of muscles became visible and almost ripped through his skin. He let go and let his head sink against the wall again.

“Fuck, so hard. God help me.”

I came closer. He was so caught up in his dream that he didn’t hear or see me entering.

Caleb’s grip around his seat grew tighter suddenly. He bit his lip and flexed his abdomen. The thick wall of abs contracted and what followed was a deep breath in and out. Then I could hear the trickle and I saw the puddle under his bench.

“Mhh, so big,” he continued whispering and he was right. By now he must have weighed over 340 pounds—something I haven’t seen before. In fat, yes, but not in muscle mass.

He was still wearing his underwear, I could see now, but it was under a lot of stress and soaked with different kinds of liquids. His cock was peeking out of the waistband, constantly leaking and pulsing. His balls, meanwhile, filled the pouch twice basically. They were seconds away from ripping his jock into pieces. Everything he flexed his bottom, you could hear the little tears in his jock growing bigger.

“Damn, boy. Look at these balls,” I said, my mouth wide open.

He wasn’t really listening. He looked down and pressed his chin against his pecs. Caleb licked his lips and cupped his chest with both hands. The heavy muscle slabs over-filled his hands easily. He was clearly lost in his own body. Being this big was a sensation I couldn’t even start to understand.

After another flex, his jockstrap ripped with a loud snap and his cock and balls were finally free. His balls were so inflated by his built-up cum that they weren’t hanging down anymore. The orange-sized orbs stretched the sack out and laid so tight they pressed his cock upward against his built belly. Of course they were pressing against his enormous legs and every move of his pushed them higher and more forward.

“See what I mean?”

Regan was back, this time in underwear. His huge anaconda casted a big shadow. I had the feeling of dreaming all this again.

“Do you need help with him?” Regan asked me again.

“I don’t think so. This will be over in no time. Just give us a minute.”

“All right, see you outside.”

And with that Regan put his gym shirt back on and he was gone.

Caleb, meanwhile, was gushing pre all over his stomach. I leaned myself forward and rested both my hands on his wide thighs.

“How are you feeling big boy?”

He smiled and dribbled a little.

“Hey Kyle…Good…” and after a big pause he added, “Big!”

“That’s my boy. How much do you weigh now?”


He said it in single digits as if the big number had become too complicated to him.

“That’s so nice to hear.”

I gave his balls a gentle touch (I traced the fine line running along the middle of them with my fingers) and Caleb shivered. He laughed a little, his eyes still closed, his cock leaking more heavily now.

I think you should stop growing. Just for a little while. Just to get used to it. All the weight can be a bit much, can’t it?”

Breathless, he looked at me. Usually when I gave him a command his eyes turned white for a second before accepting it. But nothing happened. He just looked at me like the horny dog he was.

“Nothing can stop me, Kyle. I’m going to become a god. This body was built to grow.”

I tried to swallow but my mouth was dry. What was going on? Did I lose my powers?

“I think you should get up and take a cold shower.”

His eyes changed colors and he got up immediately. He stomped over to the shower head, turned the ice cold water on, and went under the stream with a loud moan. The water hitting his boiling skin evaporated instantly.

I was still able to command him. But why did he ignore my other wish then?

“Come here,” I said, and greeted his majestic size (covered in goosebumps now) with open arms. I buried my face into his still swollen and pumped balls, my hands holding his bottom—kneading it thoughtfully. My lips played with the tip of his hard cock and I started swallowing his length. My chin pressed against his full nuts. Soon my mouth was filled with pre. I couldn’t believe how much he produced. The cold shower had done nothing to him. If anything his balls looked bigger than before, almost as if he was growing out of spite now.

I was curious and tried hypnotizing Caleb again.

“I think it’s time to take a pause. No need to keep growing; especially your balls.”

He looked at me with his dreamy eyes again but nothing.

“You told me to grow. I just can’t stop now. It’s too good and I’m not finished yet.”

“You won’t stop?”

“I can’t.”

It was then that I realized that I couldn’t overwrite my own commands. Little ones, everyday actions were no problem, it seemed. But the big wishes, the life altering and forever changing trajectories, they couldn’t be taken back again. This was Pandora’s box, but what came from it turned out to be far more massive than I thought it would be.

And then it dawned on me: The three of them would just continue to grow as I ordered them to. Nothing would stop them.

“This is going to become a problem sooner or later.” I thought to myself.

“What did you say?” Caleb asked while kissing me softly. The gesture was so kind coming from a giant like him that I was immediately horny again.

This was a problem to solve later, now was the time to enjoy it. We still had a lot of time to figure out a fix to this. And with this I meant the god-like body in my hands that didn’t need a fix at all.

I ordered Caleb to sit down again so I could climb on top of him. Face to face, his dick was inside my ass only seconds later. Riding someone as wet as Caleb had its perks. On the other side was the feeling of him filling me up. The sensation of his juices spreading inside me immediately was strange at first but became hotter the longer I rode him. I could actually feel every ounce of pre inside me. A strange sensation that was only spreading further.

“Fuck, you feel so tight, Kyle.”

I had to focus on my breathing in order to not cum immediately. The feeling of his full balls rubbing against my cheeks was amazing.

We held each other tightly. My body almost disappearing in his. In front of me were valleys and hills of muscle mass, his pecs and shoulders, around me were arms with 25-inch biceps and his hands that also looked far more muscular than anything I had seen before.

I started bouncing on his magnificent frame, his cock sliding in and out of me. Even though his length was far from what Regan or Trevor carried around, it was more than enough to drive me wild. I was actually fascinated by his ability to drive me as horny as he was in that moment. There was absolutely no need to inflate his cock. He already had all he needed. His muscles on the other hand…

The two of us continued moaning and dripping in sync.

“You’ll grow for me, won’t you?” I whispered.

“As big as humanly possible.”

“Fuck! You look amazing.”

“I’ll look even better then.”

“Can’t wait for you to grow.”

“Fuck, me neither. I wanna be immobile so bad.”

“Do you?”

“Fuck yeah. Surrounded and bound by my own mass. Too big to move. A mountain. I need you to be there then, handle my uncontrollable size.”

“I’ll always be there.”

“Even when I hit the big thousand?”


“Fuck! Caleb, I’m coming!”

A few more grunts and I wasn’t the only one flexing all my muscles at once anymore. Caleb hugged me, crushed me, and I could feel his semen blasting into me with full force.

“It feels like you’re growing inside me. Fuck, that must be so much cum. How can you hold that much back? Fuck!”

He was still holding his breath.


He continued to fuck me as he filled me up, pushing up and down his dick. The stress was finally falling from his shoulders as my belly started bulging out. The warmth spread further. I felt close to coming again. Him coming made me instantly horny for more again.

“You’re filling me up, Caleb.”

“Oh shit, look at your belly!”

It looked like I had swallowed a volleyball. He took his hands and gave my belly a little shake. We could hear his juices sloshing inside.

As I lifted myself up from his body after he was finally finished, I felt pregnant, round and heavy. Semen was still running down his shaft. The floor beneath was covered too.

“Fuck, I’m starving,” Caleb said and looked at me with a happy but dreamy look on his face. His mind seemed to have cleared up by now.

I looked down at my belly and said, “Doesn’t look like I need a big meal for a while.”

Caleb caressed the belly he just gave me with his big hand.

“Can’t believe this was me. My balls tend to be very full these days, hahaha. But I have to say the belly actually suits you.”

“Thanks man. Let’s get out of here. Let’s bring you and the boys to a decent restaurant. Enough gym for today.”

“You cannot eat here looking like that. I’m sorry but you have to go. This is a family restaurant.”

We heard this statement twice before actually finding a restaurant. I did not know if this was a reason to worry or to laugh about. To be fair, the owners were right. The four of us must have looked like the biggest freak show that has ever toured the city.

With my belly swelling down again after we left the gym, I was the only one normal looking, if I might say so.

Caleb was a real life juggernaut. He wore his sleeveless shirt with pride, accentuating his shoulders and pecs even further. The cotton was stretching tight over his abdomen even before we had any food. You couldn’t really see that he was preparing for his next contest looking at his huge turtle shell gut. His balls were still big too. After our session in the locker room they only swole down a little and filled his shorts more than enough. The contour of both spheres was perfectly visible with every step and when he sat down the problem became even more apparent. The 341 pounds tank would encounter some problems with his daily routines very soon.

Trevor, the tallest of us, was another sight to behold. Even though I had the feeling he wasn’t growing as much as the others, he was surely starting to reach forms beyond the imaginable. With his 6’5’’ he started to get all the attention when entering a new restaurant. His pants and shirts started to get a little small, and he had already told me about his shoes getting too tight too. I was excited to see him reach new heights while his body added more muscle mass. Right now he had a strong physique that reminded me of swimmers; a thin waist with wide shoulders to hold onto.

Regan was still the same height, but his muscles began to press out of his clothes. He wasn’t as tall as Trevor or as packed with muscle mass as Caleb, but he had his own point of pride he wasn’t hiding for a single second. After the gym he wore his old jeans again, but for some reason he decided to dump the underwear and go commando. You could obviously see the snake in his pants sneaking down his left leg. Maybe he was outgrowing his underwear and didn’t know what else to wear?

At the restaurant, we found a little booth we had all to ourselves. While Trevor and I scootched in kind of easily, Caleb and Regan just gave us a funny look. I didn’t know if they realized it, but both had rested their big packages on the table, looking at us. I was getting hungry for the packages in front of me.

Suddenly I felt hungrier than I expected before and I could also hear Caleb’s belly roaring loudly.

“I think it’s time for another feast! Haven’t had one in a while.”

“Let’s go all in then!”

Trevor got us someone from service and ordered enough for four families. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was when the staff returned with pitchers full of beer and the first snacks.

“Cheers, guys! Bills on me tonight!”

“Thanks, Trevor! You’re a true hero!”

“Don’t mention it. Better get Caleb full before he starves!”

But that boy was already twenty steps ahead. He emptied the first beer in one go and started munching the snacks afterwards.

When the main courses arrived our table was bending under the pressure of plates. The all American food buffet in front of us was growing by the minute with burgers, fried chicken, fries, some American style pizza, bbq, ribs, and pie.

“I have no idea how we will eat all of this?!”

“Don’t worry, we will help you.”

As a joke Regan took one of the many burgers and put it to my lips. Looking at him, I took a big bite and enjoyed the gesture. All I could think was I could get used to this.

“I think you guys should keep on feeding me until I have enough!” All their eyes flickered and then smiles appeared on all their faces.

“Your wish is our command,” Trevor said and winked.

And so our feast began and the bellies at the table started to grow. While all of us enjoyed heavy bites of everything, I found myself being fed by the three of them again and again. They complimented me throughout the night and it sounded like they enjoyed filling me up.

Soon I was full to the brim and I heavily enjoyed the feeling of being so stuffed. Partly because of the good food, partly because I surprisingly found myself loving the process of being fed by my roommates. I never commanded them to stop.

In between I just had to motivate them to go a little further.

“I think you should keep on stuffing. Even when you’re full!”

And so they did.

In front of Caleb empty plates started to rise higher and higher. The same could be said for his shirt, the bottom rising up, exposing his enormous gut all the way to his belly button. He was short of breath but kept on eating. I saw his balls pressing against the table at one point, they seem to take the caloric intake very well.

Regan on the other side of me was sporting a raging hardon in his jeans while indulging in his last desert. The stuffing process looked to be a huge turn-on for him too. Even he was growing a belly now and I couldn’t stop myself from giving it a gentle pet.

He immediately started stuffing me again, as if he had forgotten my presence next to him for a second. He really meant it. I never had been this full in my whole life. I could feel the tightness of my shirt and pants, and wondered how the others were holding themself together.

Caleb looked huge, almost pregnant with all the food he just destroyed. Trevor and Regan haven’t eaten as much as him but enough for four grown men still.

“I think all the food in your bodies makes you guys pretty horny, doesn’t it?”

It wouldn’t have been necessary, but I wanted them to enjoy the night to the full extent. My command entered their minds.

“Fuck,” they whispered in unison. They suddenly felt the horniness rise within them. Caleb started leaking immediately, while the other two got bigger hardons.

“I think we should go home asap!”

Stuffed and round, the four of us hardly made it home in one piece. Caleb’s whole outfit was left in shreds and he had to hold his full belly on the way to the car, while his balls jiggled with every step. The sound of his sloshing body followed us with each step.

There were people shouting at us in the streets, but Trevor just told them to fuck off. Luckily there were no cops around and the car was relatively close to the restaurant.

As soon as the car doors closed, I started the engine and drove us home. Regan was so horny after dinner, that he opened my pants and began giving me head without any words from me. I could see his hardon sneaking down his pants while doing so. I was so busy driving and getting sucked by this hunk that I didn’t even pay attention to what Caleb and Trevor did on the backseat. In the rear mirror I could just make out two shapes almost merging with one another.

Back home, I commanded them to my room, undressed, and ready to fuck. The sex pile we created on top of my kingsize was unheard of. We were in heaven and the night became a blur.

Caressing Caleb’s bloated muscle gut, feeling Regan’s guns, rubbing myself against Trevor’s cock and abs, being crushed by 350-pound Caleb, enjoying Regan’s hairy pits and Trevor’s amazing butt, pec-fucking Caleb, Trevor and Regan one after the other, letting Caleb fill us all up, inflating my belly further, Regan hitting me with his horse cock, Trevor deepthroating me like a true pro, Caleb flexing for us and letting us fuck him again and again and again because his big body was never satisfied nor empty.

We laid together when the sun started flooding the room again. I couldn’t tell which arm and leg was which. It felt like one body being controlled by all of us at once. It was a dream that was only getting better.

I was giving Caleb his weekly body hair trim when Trevor entered the room.

“Sorry, do you have a minute, Kyle?”

I finished the last spot left on Caleb’s left muscle tit and blew away the remaining hair. As a little I’m finished with you gesture, I gave his nipple a little pinch and Caleb started to laugh. The 350 pounds giant raised from his stool while he puffed his chest out.

“Stop it, don’t make me horny! I want to go to the gym!”

“All right, all right.” I finally turned to Trevor. “What’s up?”

He didn’t need to say anything. I instantly saw what the problem was.

In the last couple of months, Trevor had gone through one of the hottest transformations of the three, and just like Regan he was almost painfully unaware of his progress. Trevor was standing in the doorframe trying to find some words for his dilemma—while his head was reaching beyond the frame itself! I looked up to him, the wide muscled chest right in front of me, ready to be touched.

“Seems like most of my stuff shrunk in the wash. I’m going to sue these fuckers from the salon.”

To underline his words he looked down and pointed at his ankles. His pants were multiple inches too short, while his wrists were also showing too much length.

“I just bought this suit and they ruined it!” Trevor complained again. Then he found his temper. “Anyway, I wanted to ask you for your tailor. The suit you wore at your sister’s wedding last year looked nice. I wanted to give it a try.”

“Sure! Mind if I join you?”

He looked a little confused at first but then he waved me to follow him.

It was hard to guess how aware Trevor was of his gigantic body size. Everything he interacted with started to look like a comically small copy of a real life object. Every door knob, coffee cup, key and phone just disappeared in his huge hands. Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if basketball coaches would soon start spotting him in the streets!

On the way to his car I asked him how tall he was again. Surely the tailor would need that number.

“6 foot 10…maybe even 11. It’s been a while since I last measured.”

“I could swear you’re even taller than that.”

“Nahh, I don’t think so.”

While saying that, he started folding his body into his car. Under some pain he found a more or less comfortable seat.

“Fuck, with this year’s bonus I’ll definitely invest in a new car. This is bullshit,” he said, pulling the door closed.

I was just thinking that until then he would be so tall and muscular that even the biggest SUV on the market would look like a toy car next to him.

“Everything all right?” he asked me.

I was just struggling to keep my erection under control.

“I think I need to let off some steam before we go there,” I said with little hesitation. “And I think you do too.”

His eyes went blank for a millisecond then he pushed his body back as far as he could (not very far), and started to open his pants. I started to help him.

“Let me do that.”

“Be my guest.”

Trevor wasn’t as big as Regan between his legs, but that was hardly possible even if he tried. He was bigger than 99% of men, still. After freeing his beast I had his nine-incher directly in front of me.

“Big everywhere,” I whispered and went to work.

I felt his huge hands pressing me down on his cock. I was trapped between his massive frame and the steering wheel. Inch after inch wandered down my throat until the sensation made both of us cum.

Thirty minutes later we entered the store. Trevor had to duck through the entrance, and the wide man behind the counter who had the most British face you can imagine actually looked a little scared seeing this giant enter his business. Despite that, he went to work immediately.

After getting him into a test shirt and a pair of trousers to adjust the size with needles you could already see how much weight and pure size Trevor had accumulated over the last couple of months. His pecs looked nice in a good shirt and because he was wearing boxers today I could see the snake in his pants quite clearly too. I wondered if the tailor had noticed this too.

The telephone in the front of the store rang, the tailor excused himself for a second, as I stepped closer to Trevor. I wanted to try something

“Looking good already.”

“Thanks man. I hope the final cut will be a little looser than these pinned measurements.”

“Why? Can you feel it shrinking on you already? Like all of your clothes?!” I said seductively.

“Hahaha, nah, not yet at least.”

He took another look in the mirror, turned left and right, and took a closer look at his amazing bubble butt.

“Well, I think you should grow some more. Here and now.”

The room fell silent. Even the voice of the service guy coming from the other room disappeared. And then you could hear the material stretching, and Trevor moaning.

“You’re right, maybe. This is tighter than I thought, fuck.”

His test outfit lost a few needles as his frame reacted instantly to my command. I couldn’t believe it. His pecs inflated, his back grew wider, and his spine elongated until he was another two inches bigger than before. With wider arms and legs his clothes looked ridiculous again already. He flexed and it rained a couple more pins used to fixate his measurements.

Instinctively, Trevor bent down so I could whisper more commands into his ear. His face looked dreamy, he was caught in the process.

“I think your feet should be three to four sizes bigger. Can you do that for me?!”

He clenched his teeth, and we both watched his feet surge in size, ripping apart the socks that had been a few sizes too small already. They grew unproportionally big, with big ass toes pushing deep into the soft carpet of the studio.

“Fuck, my socks just gave up. It was my last pair.”

“We will buy you some new ones. Bigger this time.”

“I think they were just old.”

I loved how unaware he was about his gains. The fact that he had one of the biggest bodies in the country would soon cause some (hot) problems.

When the tailor came back he stood in the door frame for a few seconds before coming in. I could see that he wasn’t quite sure what happened in his absence.

He picked up the needles from the ground but the shirt couldn’t be pinned anymore. It was too tight on Trevor already.

“I have to see if we have clothes big enough for you…sorry for that. I swear this one was fitting when I gave it to you.”

“He’s a big boy,” I said in a naive tone.

“For sure! The tallest customer we ever had! Let me get something else to try on.”

Before he disappeared again I could see that the tailor’s head wasn’t even reaching up to the giant’s collarbones anymore. As he went out of the room again, running this time, Trevor pulled his pants down. It was hard, because of their tightness but he managed it.

“Oh fuck, what is this shit?”

I didn’t know what he meant at first but then I saw it too. His cock was hanging out of the bottom of his boxers. He shook his hips and his cock dangled left and right accordingly.

“I need some real men’s underwear too, it seems.”

He gave his dick a tuck but the problem only became worse as it started inflating with blood and lust.

“Fuck…” he murmured.

“Are you serious?! He’ll be back in a sec! You cannot get hard now,” I said, almost laughing.

“I’m fucking horny man. No idea what’s going on!”

“Then cum and get it over with.”


Shit, I forgot the phrase.

I mean I think you should cum now. Instantly!”

His eyes closed and reopened. Then his whole body started to tremble. You could see the sweat starting to shimmer on his skin, as his cock grew to full mast in a matter of seconds. It almost felt like he received the best handjob in existence…but from a ghost. His breath became unsteady and after a few more hip thrusts:

“Holy fuuhuuck!”

His cock, still caught in his boxers, started spraying the ground. 12 impressive shots and he was still dripping like crazy. I got some paper towels and started to clean. Even his legs were covered impressively.

Exhausted but happy, Trevor found his position again. He pulled his boxers a little lower to hide the tip of his now soft cock, and not one second too early.

“I think I found something your size!” Said the tailor entering the room again.

“Great,” we both said as if nothing happened.

“They are here! Not one second too early!”

I found Caleb chilling in our living room, half sitting, half lying, a box of rice and steamed vegetables resting on his chest only centimeters away from his mouth. He was very busy inhaling as much clean food as possible these days, which had him in the best form of his life.

“Whatshee?” he asked with his mouth full.

“Your new posers!”

His eyes lit up. He swallowed his last big bite, pushing the third meal of the day down into his full belly.

“I didn’t know you ordered them for me! Thanks man! I was so busy giving it my all in the gym that I forgot about the actual contest.”

He lifted his tremendous weight from the couch and joined me at the kitchen table. At that moment I didn’t have any eyes for the box in my hands. I was fully focused on Caleb and the incredible transformation he went through in the last couple of months.

After the Vegas show that changed my life forever, Caleb had started to grow. The heavier he became, the more he wanted to gain, and the closer we two grew together as a team. Buying new posers for him was only one of many little gestures by me and the boys—it takes a village to grow a man, it seems. And so we helped him with food, drives to the gym, massages and stuff like that.

Still, it had become quite hard to describe quite how massive Caleb had been growing in the last few weeks. To keep everyone guessing, Caleb had started wearing the most oversized clothes on the market, but they weren’t big enough to hide the almost 100 pounds he had gained since his last championship a year ago. Caleb has gotten multiple inches wider, thicker, fuller (and hairier but I was taking care of that) everywhere! I loved the oversized shirts and baggy pants on him even though at this point he wasn’t really wearing them by choice. He started outgrowing everything he owned after Vegas. Going 5XL was the only option. For now at least.

Shuffling his tremendous weight over to the counter did not look like an easy task anymore. Between his legs I saw a precum spot from when he was eating. I knew that feeling his belly swell with food made him horny and so I wasn’t surprised to see the big fat bulge in his sweats crowned with a wet spot. He actually rested his heavy bodybuilder balls, as he likes to call them, onto a nearby stool (He just grabbed his sack through the fabric of his sweats and pulled them up. They hit the wood with a little thud.) while I unpacked the variety of briefs.

“What do you have for me?”

I pulled the tiniest poser from the package. I bought them as a joke (maybe even for myself), and seeing them made Caleb crack up.

“Dude, these wouldn’t even fit the old me. I think one of my legs is wider than the waistband of that tiny thing…not even talking about my balls here.”

“I’m just shitting with you, big guy.”

He smiled. He loved being called big. It was his favorite thing in the whole world. You could see him blush a little, trying to hide his quirky smile.

Next came some posers more appropriate for a man his size. He held one of them in front of him at mutant arm’s length and it became clear how much more fabric they carried compared to the underwear the other bodybuilders would wear on stage.

“Where did you find these? They are massive!”

“Some kinky sides sell them for people with injections or guys stuffing their pants. One or two are even custom made because it was hard to tell your true size,” I said with a sly smile.

“Custom made? Have I gotten that huge?” He winked.

I knew that he wanted me to say it. Caleb knew how incredible he looked, but it was always nice to hear it.

“You’ll be the biggest on stage by a lot, man! They are not ready for you to be honest. And for these, maybe…”

In my hands I held a fire red poser that had a little glittering effect, almost like latex. You could immediately see that the pouch was three times bigger than usual. And I was still worried if they would fit him. He was probably growing bigger while we spoke then and there.

“Unf, these are nice!” Caleb said.

“Time for a little posing?”

“Yeah! But first, I have to show you something.”

He put the posers on the table and started to remove his big ass shirt. After a few seconds I started to help him because the fabric got stuck along his meaty delts. The temperature in the room rose a few degrees when I laid eyes upon him. I didn’t know what to say. He was even bigger than I imagined. His progress has been incredible in the last two weeks; he was becoming bigger than the most massive freaks I’ve seen online. I was so here for it!

“Like my new size?” he said and flexed his pecs for me. But these weren’t just big pecs anymore. Caleb could call himself the owner of the biggest muscle tits I had ever seen in my life! His puffy nipples pointed down, almost touching his turtle gut. Each side of his chest had become a meaty sphere of majestic proportions, pillows that begged you to put your head in between them. As Caleb flexed you could hear his big muscle cords under the skin contract and soften again, that’s how huge they had become. He flexed them again, made them jump just for me while pushing his hands in his hip, and they slapped against his upper body with each move.

His shirt dropped to the ground in the process. After flexing (and almost hypnotizing me with his bulbous chest muscles) he bent down to grab it and all of his mass started colliding. In the end he couldn’t see the floor anymore because his view was blocked by his pecs. He took a step back, bent forward a little further and his muscle tits actually started to hang and swing in front of me. I could already see myself being pinned down by him later on, his big pecs burying me forever.

I finally helped him pick up his shirt with a single swift motion.

“Thanks man,” he said with a coy laugh.

“Every time I see you…you are bigger and hotter still.”

The muscle head’s laugh became more natural and he gladly continued to flex. The wet spot in his pants grew bigger. I couldn’t wait to explore the damage done by my words.

Something else I hadn’t noticed before became more apparent now: his traps had started to swallow his neck which gave him an overall rounder look than ever before. He flexed his back, shoved his head into his neck and his traps actually started pushing against his ears, bending them forward. His mouth stood wide open, veins pulsing along his bull neck.

“I’ve learned a new trick it seems. I bet I’m the only bodybuilder able to do that,” Caleb said with a goofy smile. He was so proud of his muscle slowly taking over. Another squeeze of his neck and his ears started to move back and forth.

He looked down to flex his gut for me and his chin squeezed tightly between the slabs of meat he called his chest. I used my hands to push Caleb’s pecs into his own face and he giggled. The weight of them was tremendous; like two massive balloons filled with something thick and heavy.

“Feeling up my chest, I came three times in the gym last night. It was insane. Only thing growing faster is my ass.” Caleb’s breathing became more laborious.

“Fucking show me.”

He turned around for me and lowered his sweats slowly. I think he wasn’t actually able to do it faster than that.

He revealed the most beautiful butt in existence. Two stunning fuzzy globes reminding me of peaches. His ass was so big that it actually reached a few inches beyond his back, building a shelf you could rest weights on. He must have outgrown most chairs by now. His butt would just eat them whole. On our next trip to the cinema we would need three seats.

I helped him step out of his sweats and followed the contour of his bottom with my hands. Soon they would reach the size of gym balls, and I was so ready for that.

“Guy at the gym said I must have gotten a BBL.”

“Looks more like three to me! Your ass is amazing Caleb. I hope we have posers big enough for this rack.”

“Mhhh, I sure hope so,” he answered but it also sounded like he would enjoy being too big for everything I had ordered.

“Fuck sorry, but let me get out of these too, real quick.”

I had to free my cock. It had been pressing against the zipper of my jeans for multiple minutes now, eager to come out.

Caleb looked over his shoulder (as good as he could) and watched me get naked.

“You’re wet already,” he suggested. “Like what you see?”

And with that he pressed his prodigious bubble butt against my raging hardon. I couldn’t breathe anymore. His cheeks surrounded my boner, swallowed it fully until I could feel his hole against my tip. Before I could shove my tip in and finish in seconds he had more to show.

“Maybe we’ll have to order some more posers in preparation for the season.”

I went to my knees automatically. My legs could not carry my weight any longer.

“What makes you think that?”

Caleb answered by turning around and gracing me with the sight of his loaded canon and uber full sack. Between his jacked thighs, one bigger around than my whole body and both ripe with veins, swung the heaviest set of testicles I had ever seen. To say he had grown was an understatement. His balls had doubled in size, growing from weighty oranges to cantaloupe-size and beyond. Unnecessary to say that he was leaking already; a steady stream of white running down his pulsing shaft and dripping from there.

“What do you say? Do you think this new weight suits me?”

“Caleb, I honestly don’t know what to say except that you’re the biggest freak on earth.”

He heard it the way I intended it: as a huge compliment only he could understand. His six-incher reacted accordingly and started shooting a few volleys of pre. With a moaning sound he stumbled closer to me and asked, “You think so? I have trained even harder, injected more, ate more … all for the pleasure of growth.”

“You are amazing, Caleb.”

“Touch me. Feel the weight. I want you to see how big I’ve become. My bodybuilder balls are so round and full. I haven’t cum all day.”

Maybe I had never been this horny in my life before, so I wasn’t surprised by the words tumbling out of my mouth that evening. I hadn’t hypnotized Caleb in a while.

I think I don’t want you to be able to cum for the next hour. Instead your balls will swell bigger and you will become even hornier…temporarily.”

His eyes started to glow and one second later my words became true. I started jerking him, his big roid belly inflating and deflating above me.

“Caleb, what would you say if your balls became even bigger?”

“Yes, so big.”

“Like, big enough to bury your competition on stage next week.”

“Fuck yeah!”

“Filled with enough cum for an army of men and so big that going naked was the only option.”

“More, tell me more…”

His body was shuddering, eyes closed, pinching his big nipples.

“We would need to milk you ten times a day in order to keep you mobile and ready for training. Meanwhile your body will be flooded with so much testosterone that you’ll start living in a fog of pleasure and growth.”

“Fuck ME!”

I could see his hips starting to flex together with his painfully hard dick but nothing happened. Instead his balls began to drop lower. He put my hands around his stretched out sack and enjoyed the view. He was growing for real.

“What’s happening? Why can’t I cum? I need to cum!”

Fuck, I thought, did I really say hour? We have so much time left until the command lifts its stranglehold and he’s already going crazy.

“Kyle, help me! I’m so full!” he said while cupping his sack. The growth had stopped and left him with bowling balls in his hands. His erection must have become even more unbearable now, the thickness of his cock was increasing while his body tried pushing more blood into his vessels to finally make him cum.

Caleb started flexing again while I grabbed the biggest posers available. I just had to see them in action. One leg after the other be stepped into them, watching me over his pecs.

“What are you doing? They’ll never fit. Too big!”

Horny Caleb was back, the hormones have taken over his brain once again. The stretch marks along his body almost seemed to glow in the light of day.

A few more tugs and Caleb’s balls were ready to be packed. He lifted his balls for me and I brought the pouch in position. With a loud snap the waistband flew into position.

“Holy damn,” was the only thing I was able to say after seeing his package. I had ordered a variety of posers and he was already wearing the biggest of them. A custom made model. His balls were peeking out on each side, his cock not even touching the waistband but sticking out above, unable to shoot its load.

“Fuck, that was the biggest already.”

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!“ Caleb screamed and his balls ripped right through the underwear around him. His cock was pumping like crazy but nothing happened. His balls kept flooding bigger with cum.

He let his tremendous weight fall on the couch, his sack hitting his upper body like a wave.

“Over…” he mumbled and I climbed on top of him.

“What’s over?”

His pulsing bodybuilder balls between us continued to swell while I rubbed my cock against them carefully.

“Over 400 pounds now. I can feel it. I can finally feel it!”

And then it dawned on me. With his balls growing, he had hit the biggest milestone yet. Weighing over 400 pounds. He had become the biggest muscle man alive.

“I’m cumming again!” Caleb shouted, but he was wrong. Instead his posers started burying their straps into his swelling nut sack while they continued to grow. Little tears appeared along the seams and I could hear the fabric ripping in more places at once. Threads became visible as his balls surged fatter with power until, snap, the destroyed posers were flying off his package.

I could see stretch marks starting to bloom all over his sack. His balls were becoming too big for their prison. Caleb needed to cum now.

I found hold on his pecs and we started to kiss passionately. Caleb was groaning without a pause and instead of growth spurts his balls kept growing continuously.

“Balls so big. I’m losing control,” Caleb whispered.

“You’re so massive. They are even bigger than basketballs already. So fucking hot. Such a stud!”

“Kiss me more.”

And I did.

When the hour was almost over, he must have cum almost a hundred times, pushing his balls from the size of oranges to prize-winning pumpkins. Unimaginably big and heavy, his skin tight like a drum.

I was so busy making out with Caleb that I didn’t realize his cock had been inside my ass for a moment now. Seconds before he was finally able to cum, his cock started leaking again. That’s when I realized.

“Mh, Caleb? I don’t know if that’s a good idea?”

I stopped humping but he just continued to use me like a human-sized flashlight.

“Mhhh fuck, Caleb?”

“Get ready Kyle! I think it’s finally happening!!”

He was almost shouting, his whole body shaking. Caleb threw his head back, spread his massive arms (his meaty triceps hanging down by their sheer mass), and let go off my body.

“Fucking yeeeeeeeeeeeesss.

I looked down and saw my stomach bulging. I put my hand on the roundness of my belly and felt Caleb filling me up in real time.

“Fuck, I feel like a balloon!” I said while his balls emptied a hundred loads into me. The stream was actually audible and as I continued to grind his cock, my belly began to slosh.

Suddenly it was my body’s turn to develop stretch marks as he filled me up endlessly. In the last minute of it all, he grabbed me by my arms again with his big hands.

“Fuck, the spurts start to feel bigger and bigger! I can feel my balls shrinking!”

“Don’t worry. You’ll still be massive.”

“And so will you!”

Caleb was right. My belly looked enormous! It had gotten so big that you could see its roundness from behind, surely. Caleb had given me a ball gut within mere minutes of cumming. I looked way bigger than last time.

Soon we were both lying on the couch, Caleb patting my big belly, me playing with his regular (but still overly huge) balls.

“If we aren’t careful, you’ll be fat in no time.”

“I don’t think you can fatten me up with just cum.”

“Tell that to your belly, big boy.”

“Look who’s talking.”

“Don’t get me started again.”

“By the way, back in your horny state you said something. About finally being over 400 pounds.”

“Yeah, I wanted to tell you before but our little session here came between us. It’s so weird, though. It felt so good, so amazing, but my mind is also foggy at the moment. I had this intense fantasy of my balls becoming incredibly huge while we made out.”

The hypnosis was wearing off. His words started to come out clearer again. Caleb also started touching my bigger belly with a hint of confusion now as if he couldn’t remember the role he played in the creation of it.

“I think it was just a little dream.”

“Yeah, you’re right. But it felt incredible to be honest. Like I never had such an incredible time with someone before.”

“Me fucking too, Caleb.”

At that moment I thought about giving him another command. I thought about making him fall in love with me forever. It wasn’t necessary. He was already looking at me like no one ever before.

“I think I’m falling in love with you, Kyle.”

“I love you. You’re such an amazing and ever changing force in my life. I never want us to stop doing this. Be us and be together.”

“Honestly, I was so nervous to tell you this. Ever since I’m growing way stronger than before, people have started treating me differently. You too, but for the better! I have the strange feeling that you’re the only one who understands what’s going on inside me. Who loves me for the person I want to become. Every day is starting to feel better than the day before. And that’s because of you.”

Our cocks were hard again and fighting for space in between us. I couldn’t believe that this was the way Caleb was feeling for me.

I told him again that I loved him too, even more with every day passing.

After another round of sex we finally made it back into the kitchen. My belly was resting on the counter, gurgling loudly.

“Okay, maybe it’s time to find a pair of underwear for you. You need to be ready for the big stage next week.”

The big guy in front of me gifted me with the biggest smile in the whole universe.

“Can’t wait to blow them all away.”

I was just enjoying a lazy TV afternoon on the couch with Caleb, when Regan came home from work. He was wearing his new signature style: a sleeveless shirt to show off his growing guns and pits, a pair of loose jeans for some extra room and a cap to keep his hair out of the way at the construction site. It was a hot day outside and you could see that his shirt was pretty soaked from eight hours of hard labor.

“Hey guys, what are you up to?”

“Just binging some bullshit.”

“Great … mh, Kyle? Could you help me with something real quick?”

Regan went ahead and I followed him right after giving Caleb a little kiss.

Right behind him, I could get a nice look on his ass. It wasn’t as big as Trevor’s or Caleb’s but still a sight worth the watch for sure. The tool belt he was wearing tightly around his hips bounced loud and heavy with each step. You could hear nuts tinkle inside.

Regan led me to our bathroom and closed the door behind me.

“I have to talk to you about something… weird,” he said. “It’s probably nothing but still.”

I found a seat on our bathtub and tried to figure out where this was going. Because of the time I spent with Trevor and Caleb the last few days (maybe even weeks?) I hadn’t been together with Regan one on one very much.

I had an inkling of where this was going, because my eyes had found the protruding bulge peeking out under his tool belt. The zipper was definitely working overtime on Reagan’s package. Damn, maybe I should have kept an eye out for him instead of just ordering his cock to grow indefinitely. The last time we talked he was still unaware of his growth…a fact I also played a little part in, I had to admit.

“What is it?” I asked as innocently as possible.

“My…my dick. My best mate came up to me at work today and told me that I should probably see a doctor or something. He said this can’t be normal.”

“How does he know?”

“I mean we’re working together pretty closely and go to the gym once in a while too. We know each other’s build.”

“And…is he right?”

“I don’t think so…I mean, shit, I don’t know? When he told me it sounded serious, almost concerned. But I still think he’s just imagining things to be honest. I mean he’s almost always commenting on my size. The comments just have become a bit more extreme that’s all.”

“You’ve always been packing, everyone knows that.”

Regan smiled hearing this but he was also starting to get a little coy about it.

“I mean, yeah, it’s big but not as huge as everyone paints it to be.”

I started to wonder where this defense mechanism came from. Before I hypnotized him months ago, Regan was bragging with his huge member on a daily basis. He liked showing it off, maybe even too much. Perhaps the new and growing reactions to it made him wanna hide it a little bit better—a complicated circumstance due to his growing muscles. There was less room for anything in his pants every day.

“So how big are we taking?” I just asked him. I could feel my mouth watering.

Regan laughed.

“Man, I don’t know?! We’re not 14 anymore, hahaha! I haven’t measured my dick in a while. Ever since it stopped growing, obviously!”

“Yeah, sure, but everyone got numbers.”

He became more nervous.

“I don’t know. Nine inches maybe?”

“Like, hard?!”

He shook his head.

I have to admit, I was playing with Regan. I understood how deep the problem with his awareness was going. Many days ago, when I saw him naked last, his softie was already hanging 10.5 inches low and way heavier than all the cocks I have seen in my lifetime. Telling from his bulge, he had grown ever since.

“9 inches is really impressive and, compared to the average, extremely huge,” I said.

“Yeah, but you should see the others react to it! Everyone is losing their mind as if I’m carrying around the biggest schlong in history!”

I mean, maybe you are, I thought.

I think we should measure your package to get some numbers in writing. Then the others can take their tiny dicks and shut up.”

The hypnosis was working. It probably wasn’t necessary because he was only seconds away from showing his manliness to me in desperation but I wanted to calm him down a little.

Regan started to undress starting with his shirt.

I loved seeing Regan’s hairy chest come into view. The training with the other boys was definitely paying off, his chest looked big and buff and as if it was waiting for my hands.

Before he put his heavy tool belt down I picked the measuring tape from its pocket.



When he removed the belt with the screw drivers, standard nails, chalk, and many more utensils the problem became obvious immediately. I almost fell backwards into the tub.

What stood in front of me was the biggest and craziest cock bulge I had ever seen, and suddenly it became obvious that he used the heavy belt to hide it all.

“Okay, you are reacting the same way everybody else does.”

Regan sounded upset.

“Just a little surprised, that’s all. I didn’t know how you carried your meat.”

He looked down and shoved his hips forward in the slightest way.

“This is the only option.”

He stepped a little closer and his muscular quads pressed his package up and forward until it bounced back into place.

“I think this thing might be bigger than 9 inches,” I dreamily stated.

“But not by much, right? It’s still in a normal range, right?”

To paint you a clearer picture of Regan’s enormous bulge: the pouch behind his zipper was under a lot of stress due to the size of his balls alone. This stallion must be carrying around oranges filled with hot juice.

From there on outward his cock was bending over to his hip bone. The jeans fabric wasn’t really stretchy so his cock was locked tight. The bulging horse dick passed his front pocket easily and was ending somewhere out of sight where his tool belt had been resting proudly.

“Turn around for me,” I commanded and he followed.

The apple-sized cockhead came into view and it was resting casually and massive right next to his back pocket, almost reaching half the way around his large body.

“Reagan, I don’t wanna lie to you, but most guys don’t have such a big problem packing their pecker into a pair of jeans.”

“For real? Fuck. How bad is it?”

“I mean…well, how do I phrase that?”

“Just spit it out, I can take it.”

“Well, you have one of the biggest, most humongous, oversized, and putting-horses-to-shame cocks anyone has ever seen.”

“Nah, trust me, it’s not as bad as it looks.”

He grabbed his bulge but his big hands couldn’t even cover half of it. Regan stepped closer so I could give his visible penis line a first measure. He was so confident about his average size.

I tried finding the root of his schlong as good as possible (even though I could already tell that the jeans were sabotaging our little session) and started pulling out the measuring tape.

Longer and longer, it passed 5 inches than eight while my hand glided along the soft anaconda in his skin tight jeans. I was close enough to see some veins through the fabric now.

I couldn’t hide my smile.

“So this would be the end of it if your cock was nine inches long.”

The number nine was clearly visible, aligning with his shaft only a little after his pocket.

“This cannot be real.”

“It’s your measuring tape.”

Fuck, I know! But that means…”

“…that you are way bigger than nine inches soft now.”

“Fucking hell.”

I kept on measuring him. He turned again to help me find the end of his cock. My hands were shaking slightly. We passed 10 inches, then 11, then 12!

Fuck, he already outgrew the one-foot-mark.

13 and 14 inches came and went.

Regan couldn’t believe it.

“This can’t be possible.”

For all I know, it should be, I thought, but kept pulling instead of talking.

“How big is my monster? Come on, Kyle. Tell me.”


“15 fucking…” he was almost speechless. “Almost 16 inches? Fuck that’s a third leg!? They were right. I’m growing more and more into a freak!”

Regan was laughing, almost maniacally.

“Considering you’re still wearing jeans, you’re probably even bigger.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Come on, show me that beast. Maybe I’m wrong.”

I helped him out of his pants. He revealed some well-worn Calvin Klein’s stuffed to the very limit. The veins of his shaft poked through the thin fabric. Touching his massive schlong now made one thing appear quite clearly: the weight alone was record breaking. It truly reminded me of that one time I was allowed to hold a boa when the circus was in town.

I gave Regan’s bulge a rub to reassure him, and he started to moan immediately.

“Be careful what you do with it.”

“You’re right. Let’s measure it first.”

It was a job for two to remove his underwear. I pulled his waistband down only to reveal the biggest base of a penis ever. It was as wide as my flat hand.

Regan peeled the rest of it back to reveal his cock like the inside of a forbidden fruit. Once the cock head was free, the insane length fell between our legs, slapping against his knees with loud smacks.

Regan seemed relieved.

“Finally free again.”

His cock was a multiple kilogram heavy pendulum in front of me. I felt bold enough to grab his cock’s head for a second, rub the little bit of foreskin back and forth over the helmet, filling Regan’s body with an electric feeling.

I already knew what would happen when I measured him naked again. We passed 15.75 inches quickly.

“Oh come on!” he shouted. “Even bigger?!”

I nodded, almost drooling on his manliness. Eventually the magic number was 18 inches.

“Okay, Regan, listen. I know you probably won’t believe me when I’m saying this, but this is the most perfect cock I’ve ever seen. It’s massive, yes, but also beautiful and so much to play with. Hell, I think it will only get better as it grows!”

“Are you for real?! I am a freak! Look at this cock! It’s three times as big as the average! No one is carrying that much man meat around!”

“That makes it even hotter! You’ll be the biggest hunk in history. And I see now that we need to open your eyes for this opportunity.”

“What do you mean?”

I think it’s time for you to accept your humongous cock for what it is: a beautiful, over-sized sextoy to have fun with. Even more so as it becomes even bigger. There’s no need to hide this beast, but also no need to flaunt it. Whatever seems most appropriate with a cock like that.”

I could actually see the tension falling off Regan’s body. He looked down at his appendage with a changed perspective it seemed. He grabbed his hose, with most of it still hanging down and brushing my chest and started to jerk it.

“You’re right. This cock, this size is truly breathtaking. What was I thinking? Fuck, let’s go! Measure this monolith hard!”

“That’s the spirit!”

He brought the humongous schlong to my mouth and we started working on it. In sudden jumps his cock grew thicker and longer while we worked it.

“Fuck, Regan, you’re a grower!”

“I thought you knew by now.”

Eventually his cock had grown into a telephone pole between us. A leaking wonder of the world. Pulsing and heavy, it stood straight up, reaching Regan’s chin level.

“Measure me again! I wanna know how big I’ve grown!”

“Okay… 18 inches, of course.”


“19 inches…”

“Yeah, bigger…”

“21 inches!”

“Fuck yeah, more please!”


“Come on, I want it to be two feet so fucking bad!”

“24 inches!”

“Fuck yeah! Two feet of steel hard cock!”


“Are…you still going?! Fuck, I think I am going to cum! Tell me how big I truly am!”

“26.25 inches hard, my friend!”

“That’s…fuck…that’s so much cock between my legs! It weighs a ton! So heavy and hard! Fuck I want it to get even bigger. You’ve been so right about this! This cock is so fucking beautiful and powerful! I’m the biggest fucker on earth! Nothing can stop this fucking cock!”

We both worked his full length hard until a thick load was working its way upward through his monolith of a dick. In ten heavy jets, he painted the wall of our bathroom white. In the end he was almost radiating with happiness.

“Fuck, thanks for that Kyle. Feels like I’ve woken up from a strange dream. I don’t know what got into me. This package I have is amazing. Huge and amazing!”

In that moment the bathroom door opened and the over 400 pound heavy muscle mountain that was Caleb waddled in slow and loud. His mouth dropped when he saw Regan’s half hard cock hanging between his legs and the amount of cum on the wall behind us.

“What’s going on here? Since when are you packing this much meat?! Fuck, I want that in me!”

I could jump out of the way in the very last second before getting crushed by the two giants.

“I’ll get the lube,” I said, but the two were already too far into discovering each other’s bodies.

I was gone for just a few minutes but the guys made most of it. Later they explained to me what happened in detail:

Regan and Caleb were alone, finally able to see the other one in their entirety. I think due to the many commands I had given them over the last year, it wasn’t hard for them to fall in love with each other’s bodies. They were obsessed with their own size, and as it seemed, with each other’s too.

Standing close together they both touched each other, their mouths open.

“Can’t wait to see you on stage! Your body looks phenomenal,” Regan said while admiring his friend. He used his hands to explore Caleb’s body. Even though the bodybuilder was more than a head shorter than Regan, he was easily twice as wide.

“I didn’t know you liked my muscles. I thought you were into women—sorry man.”

With that he removed his shirt to reveal the tanned and hairless glory of his 430 pounds body—slabs of meat hanging heavily from his arms, chest, and legs, everything colliding with each other, rubbing, flexing, ready to be presented on stage in just a few days.

“Still am,” Regan said quietly. “I just think you’re magnificent. This body is just—I think it would make anyone weak.”

“I could say the same thing about you. I thought I’d seen you naked before. But this cock here—in my hands—so big!”

“Crazy isn’t it?”

“Crazy hot, yeah.”

“Kyle just measured it. It’s actually growing bigger we think.”

“Really? That’s so fucking hot. I can actually feel it getting heavier in my hands right now.”

“You and your body are making me hard, Caleb.”

“Fuck, me too.”

They started kissing passionately while their hands explored their bodies thoroughly. Regan found Caleb’s full balls.

“Fuck, I wish I had balls this big! They are so full and heavy—sloshing even. Must feel amazing carrying this much weight around.”

“Look who’s talking! That horse cock of yours must weigh a ton.”

“It fucking is, but a set of balls like yours would make it complete. Biggest cock and biggest balls on the planet. Biggest man on earth.”

“Sorry but that title is already going to me! Wait till I’m an unmovable object! 1000 pounds of mass, all of it muscles, with bodybuilder balls to match the rest. I want them to grow even bigger than they already are. Until they reach the size of XL beanbags. Mhhh, yeah…”

“We’re so hot. Fuck, Caleb, I want us to grow! Always expanding. Conquering more room.”

“Why is this so fucking good? I don’t wanna stop. Ever.”

“I know! I know!”

They moved over to the bed while kissing, their tongues intertwined. The frame of the kingsize almost broke apart when the two lowered their heavy bodies on top.

“Your cock! So hard and hot! Fuck, how big is this pole?!” Caleb asked when Regan’s fullmast started pushing against his pecs then his face. Regan was laying on top of him, pushing his manliness into the bodybuilder’s body relentlessly.

“Over two feet already—and growing bigger every day. That monster is already past my knees. Soon it will be three feet in length, I just know it.”

“Fuck, kiss me. So long and big! I wanna be big enough to take all of your cock.”

“With an ass like yours?! It might fit even though it’s already massive as fuck!”

“So am I.”

“You fucking are. My big muscle head.”

“Fuck, Regan, you’ll make me cum so hard.”

“I’ve never seen someone getting so wet. Your balls are already working overtime, Caleb.”

“My bodybuilder balls are always full. And I love filling people up with them—inflate them.”

The two cocks kept rubbing against one another—Caleb’s six-incher and Regan’s towering 26 inch long dick. While the bigger one was clearly winning in size, Caleb’s was already pumping out pre in huge amounts. Regan used it to make his own mast slick and shiny.

“Turn around, big guy. I’ve never fucked a bodybuilder before—the biggest and soon to be Mr Olympia. Damn, that ass truly breaks every record by a long shot! What a massive rack you have!”

“I’m growing it every day in the gym! Kyle bought me posers for the big stage but nothing fit.”

“I can see why, holy hell. I thought my ass is nice but this is next level.”

Regan burrowed his head between the cheeks while holding onto it with both hands—rubbing the peachy spheres with big circular motions. Caleb groaned when Regan’s tongue entered him.

“Fuck, your cheeks are bigger than my head.”

“Fuck me, Regan, please!”

It took them a while to get used to one another’s size. But they made it work eventually.

“Two feet already in, big boy. How does it feel?” Regan’s voice was little more than a breath in Caleb’s ears. He had his eyes closed, trying not to scream because of the sheer size moving through him, pulsing, pumping, growing.

“I’ve never felt this good in my life. Your cock is so big. Stretching me out. Fuck, I can feel it everywhere at once. It’s so nice.”

They both lay on their side soon, Regan deep inside his muscular friend. It became hard work to fuck Caleb because of his size, but Regan found enough muscles to hold onto. His hand was resting on Caleb’s roid gut. It was bigger than ever and clearly bulging due to Regan’s shaft. He pushed his cock in deeper still and made the giant bulge some more. The mass was shivering in his hands. Caleb was all his.

“You feel so big inside me, Regan!”

“You feel incredible.”

“We should have done this sooner. This is so good! Please never stop fucking me.”

“Let’s just hope your body keeps up with the size between my legs. Damn, my size is making me so horny!”

The pace was getting faster. The two of them were close to climax.

“I’ll always be able to take you, fuck! Even when that thing will start dragging on the ground, my ass will be big enough by then!”



They held onto each other, as their cocks started to unload with full force. hump after hump, they released more cum, Caleb way more than Regan, until they were all empty and the room around them needed some renovation.

I came back into the room, finding the both of them still locked tight in a sex hug, lube in my hand.

“Okay guys I’m ready—what happened?!”

“Sorry, we already started without you.”

Exactly one year after the Vegas incident, it was time to travel again. Of course, Caleb had been training his ass off with the other guys for 365 days—with a little help from my suggestive powers. He was ready to present the fruits of his hard labor, and there sure was a lot to harvest. No human being on this planet has ever been as strong or built as Caleb. He had turned himself into the biggest bodybuilder on earth and was about to go public.

I had put a lot of thought into what would happen after his next Vegas show, and I got a little nervous, to be honest. After the cameras framed his magnificence on stage, there would be no way back. Newscasts and social media platforms would kill to portray the guy who just won every bodybuilding contest without breaking into a sweat while outweighing every other contestant on stage by at least 100 pounds, if not more.

In my imagination, our life was about to change even more drastically. And while I thought it would be because of Caleb’s public appearance, I was in no way prepared for the things coming my way.

Caleb and I were in a hotel room in Vegas that looked like a Roman emperor’s wet dream. Heavy curtains, marble baths, sofas big enough for ten people, golden frames everywhere, you name it.

It was seven in the morning, and Caleb’s alarm would wake him in an hour. I was already up and watching the sleeping mountain right next to me. Resting next to Caleb was like sleeping next to a dragon. He was so big and his breathing so calm and low that you couldn’t feel more safe and sound. His massive chest expanded with every breath, the hairless skin covered in stretch marks close to his pits. A month ago, his mass had been covered by a thin layer of fat but he was stage ready now. You could see every strand of muscle under his skin, even in an unflexed state. His vascularity was peaking, and he looked like a god. Still, I couldn’t wait for him to eat and drink properly again and to regain the little muscle belly I loved so much. Then I looked down and saw my belly, a little pouch of fat, bigger than it was yesterday. A few things had changed on our way here.

The drive to Vegas took us the whole day before. Traveling with my friends has become way more complicated since last year, that was for sure. Caleb wanted to sit next to me in the front (I was driving), but his shoulder span was too much for the passenger seat. He had been banned to his private row in the far back of the truck where he could focus on further dehydrating his muscle mass for the upcoming contest.

Regan wanted to take the wheel in the beginning. That day, because we wouldn’t meet many people on the road to Vegas, Regan wore bold shorts with boxer briefs under them that pushed his package up and forward in a single big bulge. He took a seat in the front, and after a little push and pull, he was in position. But his cock wasn’t. His bulge was pressing against the wheel, his fat cock almost reaching up the dashboard. Regan tried pressing his cock and balls down under the wheel but no chance.

“Fuck, I think you have to drive, Kyle.”

“Think so too, big guy. Move over.”

Trevor was sitting in the row behind me, and he, too, had some problems fitting into the car. He was 7’2” now and towering above all of us. As always, Trevor was wearing a nice button-down accentuating his enormous round pecs that were stressing the buttons, combined with some fancy dress pants tight enough to pronounce his package just right. Trevor wasn’t really sitting but lying in his row of seats to give his legs the needed room.

Behind him, as I told you before, was Caleb. He was so big indeed that he blocked the view of my rearview mirror.

We only had two stops on our way. One to eat and one to … well, Caleb needed a break.

“Can we please stop here for a second?” Caleb asked, and Regan turned the radio down.

“Everything all right back there?” I asked him.

“Everything’s fine. Just need your help in a sec,” he said, and I could already hear his breath shaking.

I knew that he needed to cum again very badly. It had been a few hours since his last orgasm, and his balls were filling up quicker than ever these days.

I found the next parking lot, and luckily we were the only ones around. While Regan and Trevor used the time to walk for a bit, I got out and opened the big back door. The temperatures were already beyond pleasant this close to the desert, and Caleb had started to sweat under all his mass.

“What do you need help with?” I asked with a slight grin on my face.

Caleb wore sweats I could see after moving the front row of seats away to get better access. The pouch was completely outstretched by a set of balls swollen with cum. The two spheres were even pushed out of the top in search of space. That his cock was leaking and exposed didn’t seem to be a problem to Caleb.

Instead of answering my question, he grabbed the seams of his sweats and started to shake the cargo. His balls were sloshing so loud with cum. I couldn’t believe it. He was more than full, ready to go whenever.

“Can I fuck you again?” he asked me. “It’s been a while, and my balls have never been bigger.”

“And fuller, it seems. Let’s do it!”

I climbed into his row, and we started to make out.

“You love it when I fill you up, don’t you? You love taking a full load of my bodybuilder balls.”

“I fucking do, big guy.”

Seconds later, his cock was up my ass while I played with his ginormous pecs, kissing each other passionately. I could feel his balls pressing against my lower back. I moaned loudly.

“Are your posers still fitting you? I don’t know if we can risk a wardrobe malfunction on stage.”

“Mhhh,” Caleb groaned. He had to focus on not cumming yet, but it was almost impossible when I started talking about him becoming too big. “Doesn’t it happen all the time? Posers being too small and dicks and balls peaking out all the damn time, fuck! Your ass feels so good, man!”

“I think … fuck, keep fucking me like that. I, yeah, I think that it happens. But guys usually don’t have your … size.”

Caleb was already covering the seats in precum, while he stretched me out really nicely.

“I’m a freak, aren’t I?” he did not deliver this sentence with any kind of negativity. In fact, he couldn’t have been hornier for his size. Caleb had fallen in love with his mass and bodybuilding long ago, but now he was slowly getting addicted to the thought of being disgustingly big—to most, he already was, to be honest. He had reached a size only a few people on earth could appreciate. I was one of them. Maybe even number one.

He wanted me to go hard on him.

“You’re my freak! Or could a normal man do this?” I pushed his pecs up into his face, and he buried his blushing cheeks between them. The whole car was shaking in our rhythm. “I mean, just take a look at your size! Your balls alone! Everything but normal.”

“I can’t wait for them to see me on stage!”

“They will be speechless. They have never seen a man like you before, Caleb! I think you will blow them all away! Show them how big a man can truly become. Even though they won’t be able to believe it.”

“Kyle, I’m close. I don’t wanna cum yet.”

I helped him a little in his desperate attempt to keep his balls down.

I think you can keep it in for two more minutes.”

His eyes glowed for a little second, and then he started fucking me even more aggressively. I gasped for air and dived into his body. My hard cock rubbed against his ten-pack, and I started cumming all over him seconds later.

“Fuck, I can feel it rising,” he told me.

“Oh yes, muscle head. Fatten me up with your cum!”

“Don’t want me to pull out?”

“Absolutely not. I love it when you empty inside me. I love it when you make me big like you guys!”

“Fuck, you do?! Nghh, Kyle, fuck! This is so hot. This is incredible. Your ass … fuck.”

Caleb was so good at fucking me that I was only seconds away from cumming again.

“Tell me, do you think I’ll be able to grow even bigger than this?!” he asked me.

It was hard to imagine, given the size Caleb was, but I knew that my magic could fulfill all his freakish wishes.

“Caleb, of course! We’ll come back to Vegas every year, and you’ll be bigger every year. Do you think you’re a freak now? I think you will continue to grow forever.”

And before I could think about my newest command, the seed was already planted. I saw Caleb’s sight drift off for a second and return to me again.

“That’s all I want, fuck! I love that you get me like that! I wanna grow and grow and grow forever! Kyle, I wanna be a freak so bad!”

“You’ll return to that stage, and they won’t recognize you, Caleb. You’ll become too big even for the most open-minded judge on the jury and continue to pump your body bigger. We will always love you, no matter how grotesquely big you want to become!”

“You have no idea.”

And then he engulfed me with his whole body, his arms keeping me tight like record-breaking pythons trying to kill me. Hump after hump, he started to fill me up like no one else could. The well-known sensation of heat was spreading in my belly. Under our heavy breaths, we could hear the multiple second-long streams of cum. Caleb’s balls were finally swelling down again and were only melon size now.

“I love you, Kyle.”


“I love you too, Caleb.”

He patted my enormous belly.

“I wish I could fatten you up permanently. You actually look really, really nice with a belly like that. I don’t know why but it makes you even sexier. Maybe it gives you some daddy vibes?”

“I thought Regan was the daddy of this group,” I joked.

“With abs like that? No way.”

I gave Caleb a while to clean himself and left the car. After a few wipes, my chest was clean again, too, and I took a look at the aftermath of our session. My shirt couldn’t cover my spontaneous pot belly any longer. You could still see the muscles leading down to my crotch in a v-shape, but the ball completely pushed them out in between. Caleb had fattened me so much that you could see the gains from behind. That belly was spreading out further every time he fucked me.

I took a few steps to look for Regan and Trevor, but my mind was still busy thinking about what Caleb had just said. I had never thought about me gaining a little weight. Throughout my life, my weight has been pretty constant. I never had to worry about anything.

But now that I took these steps through the desert and felt my belly jiggling with every move, riding my shirt up even further, I started to wonder if I could get used to it.

I knew about gainer culture, feeders and feedees, and how big some men have grown with the help of their supporters online. It never occurred to me that I enjoyed being this big too. Maybe it was the influence of others. I was surrounded by enormous men 24/7 and wanted to join in on the growing fun.

Obviously, I couldn’t hypnotize myself to grow bigger in any sort of way. I was the only mortal beneath gods if you will. But there was something else I could do.

After finding the other two (who, by the looks of it, had had a private session, too), we returned to the car.

Before I started the engine for the last 200 miles, I turned around and shared my decision to grow with the group in the only way I saw fit.

I think you guys should start feeding me. I want you to fatten me up at every given opportunity. I wanna be big too. And I think you’ll enjoy my size a lot too!”

Their eyes flickered, and then they started smiling.

Trevor was the first to move.

“Still have my gym shake here. Don’t worry, it’s still cold. I think you need it more than me, Kyle.”

“Sure,” I smiled.

He reached forward and started feeding me while I started the car.

The belly Caleb gave me hadn’t swollen down yet and I enjoyed the way it pressed against the steering wheel every time I moved. And it was only becoming bigger.

I was still pinching my inflated midsection when Caleb’s alarm went off. The giant woke up, saw me, and a big smile started to bloom on his face.

“Morning sunshine,” Caleb said. “It looks like someone had a nice meal yesterday!”

“The buffet was really filling! Glad we found it right after we checked in.”

The night before was a blur. All I remember was the three of them coming back again and again with loaded plates and feeding every single piece of food to me. Even when I was only seconds away from exploding, they insisted on giving me more food to digest. In the end they almost had to carry me back to our room.

Caleb put his big hand on my belly.

“Feels a little empty again already. Maybe it’s time for breakfast.”

“I’m still incredibly stuffed. You cannot be serious.”

“What can I say. I like my man big and stuffed.”

Someone knocked on the second door of our hotel suite and opened it without waiting for an answer. Our room was connected to the neighbor’s suite where Trevor and Regan were sleeping. The two entered and looked way more prepared for the day than us. Caleb and I were still naked, his hand on my bigger belly and his balls swollen again from his morning horniness.

“What are you guys waiting for! We have to go! The convention center is already waiting!”

We brought Caleb to the bathroom. He put his massive balls into the sink (filling the bowl completely) and we gave him a last minute shave. Luckily it was three of us or it would have taken an hour to remove every single hair from this mountain’s body. He lifted his insanely bloated arms for us, spread his tree trunk sized legs and even lifted his fat pecs so we could shave in the area below.

I noticed that Regan’s hard cock was starting to press against his knees in his jeans. He was horny for the big guy too.

“Damn it boy, you will destroy the competition today! I can see it already!”

Trevor joined in too.

“The others have no chance against this!” he said, and gave Caleb’s pecs a slap. They jiggled loud and long.

“Oof guys, hurry up. You’re making me horny again!”

I put the shaver down and grabbed the posers Caleb was going to wear on stage.

“Maybe it’s not a bad thing. We probably have to empty you one last time before you can hit the stage.”

I pressed the custom made underwear against his huge swollen sack and indeed. The fabric hardly covered one of his hanging balls.

“You know what that means.”

The four of us started one of our best sessions on the big queen size bed in our suite. We took turns in handling big Caleb and his cock wandered between all the available asses. Load after load we milked him harder than ever before until his balls were dry like the desert and only as big as ripe oranges. Out of breath but insanely happy, Caleb got up and put his posers on. They finally fit! There was even some room for his massive balls to grow into!

“Thanks guys!’’ Where would I be without you?”

The three of us couldn’t answer properly. We were all laying on our backs on the bed still, our bellies hyper inflated by the torrents of cum Caleb just unloaded into us. Seeing Trevor and Regan with a belly like that made me horny again—especially Regan’s furry bull belly combined with the big bush leading to his monster cock.

But we had no time and Regan’s cock had to wait a while longer.

We cleaned up our mess as fast as we could, grabbed our things and headed out.

The competition was waiting.


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