The Latin twins

by RdyRoger

A man is gifted by "the watchers" to make changes to himself and others that will last for 24 hours. Two of his escapades are detailed in this story.

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Part 1 A man is gifted by "the watchers" to make changes to himself and others that will last for 24 hours. Two of his escapades are detailed in this story. (added: 10 Apr 2012)
Part 2
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Part 1

They weren’t twins, Antonio and Carlos Gomez were brothers, 18 and 19 years old. Carlos, the older brother, was the shorter by an inch or two- but he refused to be measured. Not that either was particularly tall. Tony was a bit taller and that was fine with the brothers. Carlos had wavy black hair and Tony’s hair was straight and black.

They lived not far from me, and worked at the hardware store, and I saw them often with each other. They stood close to each other, at ease in each other’s presence, and gave me the impression one would often finish the other’s sentences except I rarely heard them say anything, they were the silent types.

Where I saw them was the local fast food joint. It had been there for years, and so had I. I’d gone to High school across the street, and the jokes back then were the same as the jokes I overheard today. “I’d like a Jumbo Jock, Large Cock, and an order of large thighs. Oh, and can I get some bubble buns with that Jumbo Jock?” Classic. The gals behind the counter were never very impressed. I still went there a couple of times per week to have a lunch and take a walk and sit in the back and see some people. Oh, I was a people watcher. But not like the watchers. Why they picked me I’m not sure. They said it was because I was nice. I’d never much liked being nice, it never got me much of anything. But the watchers came into my consciousness one day while I was sitting in the back of the joint, and gave me a gift. It was a terrific gift. The gift was that I could change myself, or anyone else, for 24 hours at a time. Then, the change would reverse.

I made myself into a handsome sexy young adult version of myself, much more improved than my original teen years, and I was admiring my strong muscular forearms when Tony and Carlos walked in through the glass doors. My improved libido steered me to their side.


They looked at me, confused. Oh, right. I thought they should both be very horny with a jacked up libido and 100% gay.

“Oh hey, how are you?”

“Good, Tony, hey Carlos… caught up to your big little brother yet?”

Carlos flushed but he was happy for the attention, a bit embarrassed but still happy and smiling.

They didn’t remember meeting me because they hadn’t… I’d overheard their names the many times I’d watched them eat lunch at the fast food restaurant.

Suddenly they were much more interested in me than in lunch. They looked confused but both started sporting wood in their jeans. They got that stupid happy grin on their faces when I smiled at them. Wow. This was easy. But even more fun!

“So how come we never met before?”

“I just moved to town!” I told them.

“Lucky Town!” said Carlos.

“Lucky Tony!” said Tony. Then he flushed, embarrassed. He wasn’t gay, was he? His feelings were that he was gay but he’d been straight until ten minutes ago.

“I think we’re all lucky!” I said. They beamed and locked arms with me and dragged me down the street. Tony kept looking up to me and commenting on my muscles. Carlos kept rubbing up against me, finding excuses or just outright rubbing my bulging jeans in the crotch. And that just made my bulge bigger… which made him rub it more.

“Careful or the Genie may come out of his cave!” Carlos looked confused.

“You two are so handsome and smart!” I said, with the watcher’s emphasis in the words. And they were more handsome and smart. Carlos’ look of confusion cleared and he laughed at my joke.

“Carlos is always worried about the size of his you know what!” teased Tony. Carlos flushed red and shrugged his shoulders.

“Everyone wonders about that… and wants a big one… but hey! You were checking out your muscles in the mirror the other day when I walked in!”

Tony blushed furiously. “So what? I was working out! I want to be big and strong!”

We made it to their apartment—barely furnished, but clean. They were falling all over themselves to help me sit down, be comfortable, can they get me a drink. By now they were sporting raging hardons in their jeans and they were both touching me a lot.

Well, from there it was only a few moments before Tony tried to kiss me. I let him. He looked blissfully at Carlos, who immediately dived onto my newly vacant lips.

“Oh my God,” said Tony, “you have the most amazing lips!”

“Mmmmmmmmmmm” said Carlos as we french kissed.

They stripped the clothes off my new body, all 6’ 1” tall and long and lithe and muscled. My body was strong and graceful and they fell onto me. We fucked for a few hours, they were enraptured of my new form and virility and considerable endowment. And they were discovering the gay sex and that special enjoyment now hardwired into their brains.

Finally we lay together on the tangled bedsheets and Tony and Carlos were exhausted, spent, happy, and teasing each other.

“Oh you had him 3 times already!” said Tony.

“But you were the first to kiss him!” replied Carlos.

“I’m so turned on but so exhausted!” said Tony. “But I still want him again!”

“I could go again!” said Carlos. He was pretty tired but his cock was firming up again. I’d had my fun and decided to reward them… and reinvigorate them so they would be able to enjoy my company. “You guys are young and strong and can go for hours and hours… you have boundless energy… especially in bed!” They both suddenly looked more invigorated and alert, still relaxing but with that stillness that promised quick responsiveness.

“Carlos,” I said, “look at that cock of yours! It’s growing bigger and thicker, and your nuts are swelling up too!” Sure enough, his cock sprang rampantly erect, and continued to swell larger and larger.

“WOW!” said Tony. “Awesome!”

“Tony, you’re about to have the second biggest package in the room. Your brother’s cock and balls are going to grow 10% bigger every 15 minutes for the next 3 hours, and your package is going to grow 6% bigger every 15 minutes for the next 3 hours!”

Tony moaned as his cock swelled erect, his fatigue washed away.

“Carlos, you’re the older brother but Tony is the bigger brother in every way except cock and ball size. You’re going to be bigger than him in that department- by at least two inches in length and one inch in thickness and 50% bigger balls!!”

Carlos gasped as he felt his cock swell out a couple of inches longer and thicker. His balls swelled up bigger too and he grabbed them and moaned until they reached a new equilibrium.

“Tony, you’re going to grow bigger and taller and stronger and more muscular … let’s say an inch taller every 15 minutes for the next 3 hours- with sensational muscle and strength growth! I’m talking super Mr Olympia stats here!”

Tony began to moan as his body started to slowly fill with muscle… his height growth would take some time to notice, but the muscle was filling in more quickly as he was starting with a slender albeit toned build. He was 5’9” tall to Carlos’ 5’7” tall… and was soon to be much bigger. The bigger younger brother. The soon to be MUCH bigger younger brother.

Carlos looked excitedly at Tony’s muscles swelling- already he was 10 lbs heavier and that was just a shadow of the muscle behemoth he was destined to become.

“Carlos, as I said Tony is going to be the musclegod but you’re not going to be a slouch either! You’ll grow at 1/2 his rate in size and muscle… more of a swimmer’s build… but an overmuscled fitness magazine cover model swimmer’s build!”

“What are you doing to us?” asked Carlos.

“I’m making you both into gay super bod sex men- who suddenly have as much attraction for each other as you do for me.”

Carlos and Tony fell onto each other, kissing and grappling and grinding together.

“Oh, and Carlos?” They stopped and Carlos looked at me. “You love big muscle almost as much as Tony loves big cock… and he REALLY loves big cock!”

That set them off again on each other. They tried to bring me into their play but I told them I wanted to watch. And I did, as they climaxed a few minutes later. Carlos gasped with the force of his ejaculation and the intensity of his improved orgasms.

“Oh and Tony, I think you would look good with more body hair the more muscled you become… and I think Carlos would find that even more sexually exciting!”

Carlos looked at Tony and saw a faint trail of hair appear from his groin lightly feathering the skin up to his belly button.. and Carlos moaned and started to kiss and lick at the hair growing there.

“Carlos, as studly a muscle behemoth as Tony is going to become, you’re going to become more and more handsome, smooth sexy muscled swimmer stud male model physical beauty personified!”

After they’d gone at it for another half hour, insatiable, I called for a break. They felt their lust ease enough that they could stop and think. They cleaned up quickly in the shower. There was a lot of grab ass going on but they respected my wishes to take a break for a few minutes. I looked them over.

Carlos had a good sized package already at only an hour into the changes. His package was already magnified 40% bigger than it had been when I’d started… but he’d been granted two inches in length and another inch in thickness over his brother to start with… so each 10% increase was bigger and bigger as there was more and more to increase! They’d been hung about the same size originally, Tony may have been a bit bigger, but Carlos was now the big man on campus… when he was laying down in bed! Carlos had been hung up on not being as hung as Tony… now the situation was reversed… BIG time.

Tony was already lightly furred on his abs and his thighs and lower legs, and his pits had exploded with luxuriant black hair. His package was about 25% bigger, which was a good addition to his bulging groin. His muscles were swollen, he was already heavyweight bodybuilder material, with a tremendous power and strength in his movements and his hard muscles. He stood 6’1” tall and Carlos was only 5’9” tall. Tony’s legs and ass were sturdy and muscled and swelling with bulging strength and power.

They stood there, chatting with me, interested in me, joking and laughing with me, and they brought out a few sodas from the kitchen which we shared. Tony was twitchy, he kept flexing as his muscles hardened and enlarged, and Carlos kept stretching out his new smooth swimmer’s build body. Tony kept commenting on Carlos’ incredible good looks and Carlos kept feeling Tony’s muscles and hair. Tony would grab and squeeze at Carlos’ huge penis, and he smiled each time, happily reassured at Carlos’ increasing size and girth. Major size queen, that Tony. Not that Carlos didn’t have Tony flexing for him, and everytime he would “make a muscle!” Carlos would feel his swollen bicep and hang on it in excitement. “It’s bigger than before!!”

Then they noticed that Carlos’ testicles were really starting to get big. They’d started big enough and growing proportionally… they kept swelling bigger. Tony looked startled at the freakish size that Carlos’ giant nuts were attaining.

“Oh hey Tony… Look at those big nuts on Carlos. What do you think?”

“Aren’t they getting way too big?”

“There’s no such thing as too big… and you love them bigger and bigger! You are absolutely turned on by big nuts and big cock! Now what do you think of them?”

Tony reached out a trembling hand and felt Carlos’ enormous nuts.

“Ohhh…. they are soooo hot!! are they going to get bigger??? Can they get really huge?”


Tony grinned and his thick long tongue was practically hanging out of his mouth, drooling.

Tony had added more than a couple of inches to his cock by now but Carlos would soon be in the eleven incher club.

And they had another 2 hours of growth to go! I suggested we clean up the mess a bit, and we wiped up the mess (hey, being a supershooter is fun, and the orgasms last a lot longer!) and Tony ran down to the laundry room to start the washer, and we cleaned up the kitchen a bit. Sure, I was teasing them a bit, but it was great to have them watch each other grow and change and be more desireable with every passing moment. When Tony came back upstairs from starting the wash, he was already an inch taller again and 20 more pounds of muscle added to his frame! He wasn’t quite in Lee Haney territory but it wouldn’t be long before he was! He blocked out more of the sun as he stood in the doorway to the apartment.

I suggested next that Tony pose down for us as he was the musclegod, and Carlos could also help by giving a runway show of male underwear.

Tony found a speedo in his bedroom from his high school days and he wore that. It wasn’t quite a poser but it contained his big bulge and the seams held. At least they held for now! He pose a most muscular and Carlos and I cheered him on. He posed a double bicep and the peaks swelled with size! He went through a series of poses and each was more beautiful than the last. His lat spread was enormous already and when Carlos and I whistled at him Tony turned back around, tossing that long straight black hair back from his forehead and grinned a cocky pleased smile.

After we rubbed down Tony a bit, Carlos then posed with plain white briefs, which he made look wicked sexy and quite full, and then some stretchy boxer briefs and finally some red underwear he had somewhere! Each time he came out and walked the “catwalk” we cheered and whistled at his beauty and body and bigger and bigger bulge.

Tony heard the buzzer on the washer and ran downstairs for a few minutes to put the load in the dryer. He was going to have to start being careful as he was almost as wide as the door. He was like an eclipse when he stood in front of the open doorway now!

Carlos looked me over and kissed me again.

“There’s time for that in a bit.”

“I just want you so much!”

“Are you happy?”

“More than ever!”

“Are you happy with… that?” I nodded down to his groin. Carlos pulled down the waistband and pulled out his long thick cock. Flaccid, it was longer than his hand by two or maybe three inches.

“It’s beautiful! And Tony will love me more and more for it… he’ll never find another man like me… or like I’ll become!”

“Well that’s probably true!- Do you have a ruler?”

Carlos grabbed a ruler from a kitchen drawer and we measured. He was 9 inches long soft, 2 inches wide. “I wonder how big I am hard?”

Carlos stroked his cock erect in about 30 seconds and it was rampantly engorged, thick and erect. It was about 13” long, erect, and 3 inches wide in that massive state. We were admiring it in his hand… I reached out and felt it in my grip. It was really heavy! It must have weighed a couple of pounds!

Carlos started gasping, suddenly. I guess in my touching him I’d excited him too much. His giant balls pulled up under his monster cock and he shot a huge load on my forearm. It was so hot. I was holding his cock, and he was shooting and shooting on my arm. Finally he shuddered to a stop.

“Wow!” said a deeper voice from the door. Tony stood in the doorway and filled even more of it than he had when he went downstairs to put the clothes in the dryer ten minutes earlier.

“Wow yourself!” gasped Carlos as he took in the bigger Tony, who stepped forward into the living room. “You took your time with the dryer!”

“Looks like we’ll need those towels and bedsheets,” said Tony.

“What took you so long anyways?”

“I had to wait for a dryer to become available. It took about 10 minutes~!”

“I’ll say it did..!” I said. “Nice carpet!”

And Carlos looked at Tony and gasped again with delight. Tony’s chest was now covered in black hair, slowly filling in with swirling patterns of macho perfection.

“Better take off those shorts!” Carlos said. “They won’t last if you wear them but I can still use them!”

Tony laughed. He was 6’5” tall now, and his muscles were bigger than Lee Haney’s or Mike Matarrazo’s proportionally…. and more proportioned and more perfect in every way. He bent, stripping off the stretch shorts without tearing them, although it was a struggle. And revealed his hairy groin with big low hanging scrotum overstuffed with testicles and his swinging meat. His cock, flaccid, was easily as big as he’d been when he was erect and we’d had sex a few hours earlier!

Tony brought me a new towel to wipe down my arm. Then he wiped off Carlos’ cock and tried to give him a blow job. Carlos’ horsemeat started to swell up again, barely having become flaccid, and Tony started to gag on Carlos’ giant rod.

“Oh yeah, Tony, you can take Carlos all the way… at each end, no matter how big he becomes- and have orgasms both ways too. And vice versa, Carlos.”

Tony’s jaw opened wide and Carlos’s meat slid down his throat all the way. He proceeded to give a complete blowjob to Carlos, who started to buck his hips wildly about 15 minutes later, when he came again shooting his biggest load yet down Tony’s throat. Me? I was jerking off and came at the same time as Carlos. I shot most of my load on Tony’s hair and face, and he moaned with ecstasy his body jerking with orgasms newly found. Finally he pulled off of Carlos and the horsecock, softening, fell with a heavy wet slap against Carlos’ thigh. It was a couple of inches bigger than before, and wasn’t even all the way hard! Carlos was taller and more muscular now too, about 6’1” tall, and looking more and more like a male model than ever, even though he was way more muscled.

We used the towel to clean up the smiling Tony, and when Tony stood up Carlos moaned with excitement. Tony was 6’6” tall at least and was another 40 lbs more muscular… and his legs, arms, abs, chest, and ass were covered with sexy dark black hair. Tony flexed a bicep in front of Carlos’ face and it swelled gargantuan with size! Carlos just stared in amazement and his own gargantuan elephant cock sprung rampantly erect, swollen hard and red and over 15” in length. His stones were now way beyond anything normal in size, giant testicles which were as big as softballs. Tony’s own cock was 11” in length now and also erect and hard.

“I think we need a break to see where we are, Tony… and Carlos!”

They slowed down and started to breath more evenly. Then their cocks slowly softened and Tony’s big one hung between his legs, hanging down 7”, and Carlos’ insane meat softened and his cock swayed flaccid between his legs, but still grossly huge even soft, hanging down 10” in length.

We finished the sodas on the counter quietly, looking admiringly at each other. Tony and Carlos were both so big now, albeit different, and their size differences were even more exaggerated seeming from their contrasting nature! Tony was now beyond anything bodybuilding dreamed of producing, and Carlos was so gorgeous when he smiled it made your heart ache. And it was only made more erotically obscene by the huge meat hanging between his legs.

“So Tony,” I asked, “are you happy?”

“Very very much!”

“And are you happy with this?” I slapped my hand on his bulging shoulders, even though I had to reach up quite a bit to do it, and my open palm made a meaty thwack as it slapped his behemoth muscles.

“Yes please don’t take it away!”

“I can only give it to you for 24 hours at a time… but here’s my final wish for you, I think… when you revert you instantly start the first wish over through to the last wish, becoming gay first, and going through all the wishes I wished for you today until you once again get to the last wish, which resets you for the next 24 hours,with only one change- reversing for you each time. One day Carlos will be the super hung male model, the next day Carlos will be the muscled hairy giant!

“Wow” they both said together.

“Hey, we’re not done with today yet!” I said to them. “And we still have 45 minutes left on our three hours!

I’d been keeping an eye on the clock, even though they didn’t. A distant buzzer sounded and Carlos laughed. “That’s the dryer. I’ll go this time, since I don’t think we have anything that will fit Tony anymore!”

Tony agreed, his voice surprising me with the deepening timbre, Well his chest WAS a lot bigger.

Carlos pulled on some boardshorts, which made him legal but likely to be arrested for being too F**king Hot, and ran downstairs with the hamper.

Tony looked at me. “I kinda wish that Carlos was going to be bigger in the junk than me all the time!”

“you’ll feel different about it tomorrow.” Tony laughed.

“Damn you are sexy!” Tony told me. Of course I was I’d wished myself this way.

“Hey you’re the huge sexy stud here!”

“Thanks to you!”

“just enjoy it!”

“Oh we will!”

I could hear Tony’s muscles creaking as they swelled continuously with more growth. I glanced at the clock. About 20 minutes left on the three hours.

I heard Carlos’s feet pounding up the stairs.

“Hey guys you’re never going to believe this!”

And we turned to look, Carlos’ meat was hanging down out of the bottom hem of his boardshorts by his knee, and he was laughing at how sexy it was to be so huge hung.

He crossed the room and kissed Tony, who was now 6’9” tall. Carlos was about 6’3” tall now so they fit together nicely. I stepped forward and joined them, and we fucked and sucked and made out and talked and ran the washer and dryer and made love all night.

The next day about 12 noon they each rapidly deflated to their original bodies, but they were instantly still gay. So they had a few hours (with me of course) having fun with that until about 2:30pm Tony’s cock suddenly grew 2” longer and an inch thicker in about a minute. That was the start of the wishes, and they were in full swing in about 10 minutes. Only this time, Tony was the brother swinging the big stick and turning into the smooth male model, and Carlos with his wavy hair was turning into the muscled hairy behemoth.

Because they were different in heights to begin with, Tony ended up being 6’5” tall to Carlos’ 6’7” tall. Tony, it turned out, was a couple of inches more hung originally than his older but shorter brother, so he ended up on his cycles alternately being tall and more muscled, or more hung and tall, than Carlos. But they loved each other and loved having me around and Carlos loved that when he was the muscle giant he was more hairy with dark thick curly hair, due to his wavy natural hair, and Tony was so happy to either be fucked by his huge hung brother or return the favor to his overmuscled massive brother that they did spend most of their time having sex, at least 4 hours per day. Sometimes much more, but they did also manage to live reasonable lives once they bought a new wardrobe. After a few weeks I took my leave of them, promising to visit, and they did have a strong place in my heart. They had started a new job… tag teaming escorts… they enjoyed it and they were very well paid. There was one final wish I did for them… that every third day, the changes would double in size. So that day they would grow twice as big, twice as hung, twice as much added height.

I left them with a big smile on my face. There was still so much to do!


Part 2

I headed down to the beach and decided to sunbathe. Over the course of the few weeks I’d mostly stayed “myself”—my new myself that is, and now that I was out on my own I decided to try for a radical change.

I walked on the beach with a canvas bag and looked around. There was something that I was fascinated to try… a tall black bodybuilder was standing on the beach. He was about 6’2” tall and 250 lbs, a serious pro bodybuilder and was laughing and smiling with some of the men around the outdoor exercise area.

“I want to be tall, muscled like a superhero on steroids, black, super huge hung, oversexed, handsome, and seductive for the next 24 hours. I want the change to take place over the next 15 minutes!”

I headed into the men’s room and closed a stall behind me. Fortunately it was a large clean restroom with several stalls and it wasn’t too busy. I sat down on the toilet and stripped my t shirt off over my head. I could already see in my skin a darkening, and it was only a minute into the change! Pretty quickly though, my skin turned black, and my muscles felt bigger already. My teeth and face felt different and I watched as my body hair turned black and tightly curled. I was a bit dizzy as the change was pretty fast. I’d imagined a really big man. I was growing taller and taller and and more muscular, and my package grew bigger and bigger in the tightening underwear. I stripped those off. I was growing about an inch a minute, almost. In height and cock, I think both. Muscles exploded with power and growth. I was going to be even bigger than Tony at his most muscular!

I was going to try and pull on an XXXL jockstrap from my bag but I was too unbalanced as the changes progressed. I decided to concentrate on holding onto the safety bar until the room stopped swaying.

It didn’t seem to even take 15 minutes, when I was able to gather my wits. I was holding an XXXL jockstrap in my very large very black hand and I pulled myself to my feet. I didn’t hit the ceiling but the change in perspective was so different I ducked involuntarily. I was over 7 feet tall.

I pulled up the elastic bands over my massively huge, oak tree sized quadriceps and stuffed my now insanely big junk into the stretchy pouch. Which was too small to contain my 11” SOFT junk completely, but it would have to do.

Next I measured my waist, and pulled up some 36” waist red stretch shorts. I know you’re thinking that’s a big waist size, but I was over 7 feet tall and so heavily muscle 36” waist size looked TINY on my giant body. Which looked damned sexy in red stretch shorts.

I stuffed the rest of the gear in my bag, quickly pulled on an XXXXL muscle t, and sauntered outside, barefoot in my size 17 feet.

People gasped when they saw me. Maybe I overdid it, but I was stuck with it for 24 hours. Oh well. I walked down to the exercise area.

“Hey!” I said to the black bodybuilder. “What’s your name?”


“That’s funny I have a really good friend named Tony. I always liked that name.”

Black Tony became flustered. I’d forgotten how seductively handsome I had specified I was to become.

“So do you want to work out Tony? I could use someone to spot me.”

Tony stammered his agreement with a big grin on his face.

“Are you gay, Tony?”

“No… really I’m not… just… you’re so huge!”

“Yes you are Tony. Super gay. 100% gay. And loving it. It makes you really happy to be gay.”

A big smile settled on Tony’s face.

I laid down on the bench press, loaded the bar with as much weight as possible, and Tony was gawking at my enormous pecs. I picked up the bar and pressed 30 fast reps, with the rest of the gym area cheering.

My pecs responded with a big pump and my veins stood out under the skin.

I won’t tell you about the biceps curl. Well, okay. I used the bar from the chest press with all the weight still on it and pumped out 30 reps of mindblowing bicep engorging muscle freak heaven.

Tony felt my pumped rock hard biceps after I set the bar back down. I flexed my arm for him. His big hand looked like a kid’s on my humongous bicep.

“Say Tony, do you have a place close by?”

Turned out he did, a nice rather expensive home on the beach that he was renting for the summer. You know the type… glass windows facing the beach, tall cathedral ceilings with a big loft bedroom upstairs.

We had fun.

That is to say, I impressed Tony a lot with my muscles and height and giant genitals and power. What isn’t so easy to describe is the path my relationship with Black Tony took. Seems that he kept wanting me to dominate him, he would compare his muscles to mine, and I of course was a lot bigger than Tony, so he’d shiver and moan and kiss me. Suddenly he was on the ground, kissing my size 17 feet!

I had no idea that Tony might be into feet, I guess he’d liked women’s feet and that translated across.

He worshipped my feet for a while, it made him really happy.

“Please I want you!”

He tried to take my giant erection into his mouth.

“Go on- You can take me… either end! and have orgasms from cocksucking someone in your throat or receiving anal intercourse!

And Tony did give me an amazing blow job. Once the magic had done it’s work he could swallow even my giant raging rock hard erection without gagging. But what was hot was the way he was thrashing around on the end of my cock from his orgasm when I came in him. He wasn’t expecting that. He was now going to be getting orgasms from giving guys blow jobs and being fucked. Intense orgasms.


“Yeah Tony looks like you weren’t expecting that!”

“It was soo…. intensely sexual I never felt that before. I can still feel it!!”

“Tony, your orgasms from giving blowjobs and getting fucked are going to be 4 times the intensity and duration of you masturbating or topping someone or receiving a blowjob!”

Tony’s eyes glazed over as the changes settled on him in a foggy haze of sexual stupor. Then he shook his head to clear it but he wouldn’t be able to surpress his needs, not for long anyway.

“So are you happy, Tony?”

“oh yes I am very happy being gay!”

“Right. What do you like about it best?”

“Having you dominate me! and worshipping your muscles!”

“Would you like to have big muscles?”

He shook his head no. That was a surprise. The bodybuilder no longer wanting to be big?

“I want you to be big!! I like it when you are in control!”

“You like me being bigger?”



“Because… then.. you’re be bigger, bigger muscles and bigger cock and more to… dominate me and … it will make me so … the orgasms… I want that feeling… that bliss!!!”

“Then I’m going to tell you something Tony. Over the next two hours you’re going to shrink and become my little servant! Would you like that?”

Tony nodded eagerly.

“I’m going to take your muscle and size and add it to my own- your cock, your testicles, your muscles, your height… !”

Tony gasped.

“Tony, you’re going to shrink from 6’2” tall and 255 lbs down to 5’2” tall and 110 lbs. And your big 10 inch cock is going to shrink down to only 3” erect. It’s going to happen over the next hour, and at the same time I’m going to add the height and muscle and cock that you lose to my own!”

Tony shivered and came. He was a big shooter and his ten incher spewed some more cum onto the floor. I made him get a towel to clean me up and clean the floor. I did some quick thinking… Tony would shrink one inch in height every 5 minutes. And I would grow one inch at the same time! He’d lose about 12 lbs every five minutes too. And his cock would shrink half an inch every 5 minutes.

I didn’t waste the hour! I felt his strength and vitality flooding into my already gigantic body, bit by bit, and my muscles growing and my cock growing bigger and bigger. I was growing taller by the minute… five minutes an inch, and that went by quickly.

I started making out with Tony. I fucked him as I grew and he shrank. He came for about 3 full minutes when I shot in his ass. He was thrashing around on the end of my fuck stick, incoherent with the power of his 4 times intense orgasms. Ten minutes later he was only 6’ tall and 230 lbs. and his ten inch cock was down to 9 inches.

“Tony, this makes you super hot doesn’t it? You get off on shrinking and giving me your muscles! It’s humiliating but you love it… I deserve it, because I’m so much bigger than you!”

“Yes sir.” Difficult for him to say while he was moaning and gasping.

“Well here now I’ll give something back to you!” I shot into him and was astonished by my orgasm- his sexual power from his genitals had transferred almost half his mass from his genitals these things being proportional. I mean, a guy with a 5 inch cock and balls vs the same proportions 10 inch cock and balls… the mass of the bigger set was a lot more than twice the mass… more like 4 or 5 times the mass…. so thereby half Tony’s original sexuality… into me. Then his orgasm hit again and he couldn’t talk for another 3 and a half minutes while he moaned in extended intense ecstasy. I felt a lot more shooting out of my enlarging cock! Fortunately for Tony I had replaced his original sexuality which I was busy stealing from him with the sexuality of a power bottom who lived to suck and be fucked.

“Oh please sir let me feel your muscles!”

I let him touch me, massage me. At the half hour mark I was a 7’9” tall muscled behemoth and Tony was only 5’7” tall and 183 lbs. I didn’t realize that shrinking him that much would also make him more muscled proportionally as his height reduced. 183 lbs on 5’7” Tony was very impressive muscled and sexy. But it wasn’t going to last. And his 10 inch cock was now only 6 and a half inches … the big side of average but not for long. The more dramatic effects for me were in the height increase and the genital increase. Adding 3 inches to my already 14” cock also made it thicker, and my testicles grew too as Tony’s shrank… and it was almost a doubling of the weight of my genitals!! and I was still going to grow another 4 inches on my cock before I was done! The height took me from basketball player to giant. I noticed myself getting leaner… 155 lbs on a guy a foot taller… that wasn’t nearly as impressive proportionally as a guy 183 lbs only 5’7”. Another aspect of mass and proportions. I’d deal with it once these transformations were done.

Quickly now the minutes passed… Tony became smaller and more physically insignificant, while I grew taller and more muscled, but leaner proportions due to the incredible height increase. I smiled to myself. I had a plan in mind to surprise Tony. Finally as the hour clicked off on the clock I was 8’3” tall… a giant, massively hung with 21” of thick long cock between my long muscled thighs. Tony, exactly as I’d said, was 5’2” tall and sported a stubby 3” penis. The fullness of his muscles had left too, leaving him lean, skinny, and insignificant.

Now I fucked him again, with my 21” long cock… he was impaled on it, whimpering with pleasure while his body was wracked with orgasm after orgasm. All night long and into the next day, I saw the delight on his face as I face fucked and ass fucked him. He slept intermittently on top of my hugely muscle body. When he woke, another round of fucking began.

Then it was finally the end of our 24 hours. In a few moments, I was myself again and I saw that Tony quickly grew back into the magnificent 6’2” bodybuilder.

“Are you okay?” I asked him.

He sat down and looked at himself in the mirror. “Yeah… thank you that was amazing.”

“I’m glad you were able to fulfill your fantasy… ”

“I wanted to see what it was like from the other side, when men worshipped my muscles and big cock. I’ve always been the big guy but I never saw what the big deal was.”

“And now?”

“Now I understand. I didn’t realize how much I… we all… rely on our bodies… our size and strength or whatever… to survive and connect.”

“Is there anything you’d like before I go? I can only give you a wish that lasts for 24 hours. Or a wish that repeats every day.”

“Well, now that I’m back to being myself… I wouldn’t mind… if it would be okay, a repeating wish that I was taller and more muscled and hung and especially that I could experience those orgasms… and that I could share them too… that would be so much fun.”

“Are you sure cause I don’t think I’m coming this way again?”

“Yes, I am… I’d be stupid to turn down something like this… an opportunity like this… thank you!”

Tony looked at me with such thankfulness in his eyes that I was really touched. I reached out and laid my hand on his shoulder. “Tony, every 24 hours your wish will be granted anew. You will grow taller, well over 7’ tall each day, and more muscled,” Tony nodded, “No, Tony, I mean it’s going to be a lot of muscle each day. You’re going to be hugely muscled.” Tony nodded, my intentions sinking in, “and you’re going to be even younger and more handsome than you are now…very sexual… you will be tremendously well endowed, I mean TREMENDOUSLYwell endowed, Tony,” Tony was shaking with anticipation and sexual fear, “and you will enjoy wonderful intense orgasms… and so will your partners. You will be an astoundingly good and excellent lover and your sex will heal people’s hurts and give them amazing pleasure. You will have the most amazing fun and friends and lovers…. starting now.”

Tony took a deep breath, and began to grow, quickly, swelling massively in just a few moments. He stood up, already inches taller, and watched as he grew to over 7’ tall and then more. His muscular development increased to brobdigangian proportions and he gasped at his huge hung club like penis and huge testicles. Already he was stroking his penis erect and in a few moments he was shooting a huge load on the mirror, shuddering with the intensity of his orgasm.

I left while he was enjoying himself, with a smile on my face.

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