Coffee coffee

by NBCK99

The employees at the campus’s hottest coffee shop seem to be getting sexier… and so are the customers.

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Part 1 The employees at the campus’s hottest coffee shop seem to be getting sexier… and so are the customers. (added: 31 Dec 2010)
Part 2
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Part 1

It all started when Evan got a job at Coffee Coffee, that new local coffee shop that had just opened by the university campus. Evan had actually just graduated from that very institution, but he was finding it very hard to find a job that put his newly acquired degree to use. But maybe it wasn’t all bad. It seemed that most of Evan’s coworkers were both male and fairly good-looking, which was a real plus. Evan’s roommate had heard some weird rumors about the shop’s coffee, but he figured those rumors were probably just started by another coffee shop who didn’t want competition.

Evan’s roommate, Jamie, was a tall, dark-haired young man who was surprisingly toned considering how lazy he was. Most people would describe him as having a swimmer’s build despite the fact that he was in no way athletic and spent most of his time on the couch. Evan hated Jamie for his metabolism, but he loved his roommate’s great body. And Jamie didn’t mind because he was 100 percent straight and a total exhibitionist. He found Evan’s lustful stares very flattering and loved to walk around the apartment shirtless.

Evan wasn’t bad looking himself, with his wavy strawberry blond hair and his piercing green eyes, but he had had to work for his slim build. The freshman fifteen had hit him like a ton of bricks, and he had spent the last three years recovering. And his work was sort of paying off. He had regained his slim frame and developed some definition in his arms, but somehow he could never get the six-pack that had magically formed on his roommate’s stomach with absolutely no effort.

During training, Evan and his coworkers tried most of the drinks and pastries, each developing an affinity for particular items. Rico, the small Latino boy, liked everything with chocolate, from the iced mocha to the chocolate chip scone. Caleb, the tall blond, didn’t drink coffee, but he loved the strawberry lemonade and the blueberry muffins. Justin, the new shift manager, loved lemon tea and the cinnamon buns. Evan found himself paying special attention to Justin. Justin’s perfect caramel skin that came from being half African American, beautifully toned muscles, and winning smile made it hard for Evan to take his eyes off of him. For his own part, Evan found himself gravitating toward the pumpkin spice latte, the lemon tarts, and the chocolate donuts. He didn’t want to eat too many donuts and pastries for fear of endangering his waistline, but somehow he couldn’t help himself.

By the end of training week, Evan had consumed enough donuts, lemon tarts, and lattes to last him a month. As he showered before work in the morning, he tentatively looked down to see the damage he had done. His findings were inexplicable—not only was there still no fat on his belly, but the six-pack he had been trying to attain for so long was starting to appear. As he caressed the developing ripples of his abs, Evan’s dick came to attention. As Evan began to take care of his needs, he found that his dick felt odd in his hands, foreign and heavy. After an unusually intense orgasm, Evan got out of the shower and inspected himself in the mirror. His developing six-pack was very obvious, and he was momentarily transfixed. After pulling himself away from the mirror, Evan dressed for work, half noticing that his shirt felt a little snug in the shoulders.

Evan had the wonderful luck of having Justin as his shift manager for his first shift. It was probably just Evan’s imagination, but Justin’s arms seemed a bit bigger and more defined than last week. Evan’s first day at work was easier than he had expected, and he got too see a lot of eye candy. Apparently all of the university’s best-looking men came to this shop. During the course of the shift, Evan found himself drinking his usual pumpkin spice latte and eating a lemon tart. In fact, each of the workers on the shift grabber their favorite snack on their break. Evan felt like his snacking habits should worry him, but if his toned abs were any indication, he didn’t have much to worry about.

The first week of work flew by, and soon Evan was getting used to the job and even getting to know some of the regulars. There was Jeff, the tall redhead who always got a blueberry scone. Although somehow he seemed taller than Evan had originally thought. And there was Daisuke, the Japanese grad student who always got something citrusy. Evan guessed Daisuke went to the gym every day based on the size of his muscles. His pecs sure looked amazing tucked away inside his dress shirts. But the customers weren’t Evan’s only eye candy.

Evan hadn’t originally noticed just how tall Caleb, the beautiful blond, was. He had to be at least 6’8”, but surely Evan would have noticed that before. And Caleb’s hair must grow really fast because his platinum blond hair was beginning to drape over his shoulders. He had to wear it in a ponytail at work, which looked almost as good as when his hair was down. And then of course Evan loved working with Rico, the cute little Latino. Somehow Evan hadn’t noticed just how prominent Rico’s bulge was. He might be short and have a slim physique, but he was big where it really mattered. Rico seemed to adjust himself a lot, as if his package was too big for his underwear. Just the thought of that was enough to make Evan hard.

As much as Evan loved ogling his coworkers, his favorite person to work with was Justin. It seemed like Justin must be working out whenever he wasn’t working. It was almost as if Justin’s muscles were a tiny bit bigger every time Evan saw him. But it was more than that. Somehow Justin’s body seemed to be bursting with energy, with life. Evan often had to fight an urge to literally run right up to Justin and rubs his hands all over Justin’s gorgeous body. To top everything off, the store had developed a new customer, Evan’s roommate, Jamie. Jamie never knew what he wanted, so he came every day and tried something different each time.

Jamie could see that Evan was enjoying his surroundings at work. When Evan arrived home at the apartment after his last shift of the week, Jamie asked, “So how many of your coworkers do you want to sleep with?”

Evan was slightly taken aback, but he knew Jamie was very flippant about these things. He decided to turn this into a game. “Well, who do you think I would be most attracted to?” he shot back.

Now Jamie was slightly taken aback, but he seriously pondered the question for a moment. “I’ve seen you give at least little glances to all of them,” he stated. “But I know you like my muscles, and Justin is the most muscular. Besides,” he added as his pants tented, “there’s something really attractive about him. But I bet you would do any of your coworkers given the chance.”

The growing bulge in Jamie’s pants was not lost on Evan. He had always been completely sure that Jamie was straight, but just the thought of Justin had gotten him hard.

“On a different note,” Jamie suddenly said, “it looks like your workouts are finally paying off. Have you been going to the gym more often?”

“No, if anything I’ve been going less because of my work schedule,” Evan replied.

“Well, whatever you’re doing at the gym, it’s finally working. You’ve been gaining mass and I think you’re finally more muscular than me.”

Evan’s mind swam. All he had been doing was working and stuffing his face. How had he gained muscle mass? And yet he knew it was true. His shirts had been feeling more snug in the chest and shoulders, and every time he felt his abs before jerking off, they seemed a little more defined. Still, it seemed impossible, so he decided to verify in the mirror.

As Evan stripped down in front of the mirror, he saw what he already subconsciously knew to be true—all his muscles were bigger and more defined. His arms had great definition and were finally developing some bulk. His chest was no longer flat but had developed into clearly defined pecs, and of course his abs had developed into a very nice six-pack. Even his ass and legs had clearly become more muscular, keeping him beautifully proportioned. In fact, even his throbbing hard dick seemed well proportioned with his growing body. His dickhead rested neatly on his belly button, which meant it was definitely larger than it usually was. Somehow it all seemed surreal, like an amazing dream that he was about to wake up from.

But two days later when Evan headed back to work after a day off, the dream hadn’t ended. Considering how many times Evan had jacked off during his day off, Evan decided that maybe this was an extended wet dream. Speaking of wet dreams, Caleb seemed even taller than usual, and Justin was approaching the level of demigod. And there was something different about the chemistry between the workers. It started with Justin resting his hand on Evan’s now meatier shoulder. Later Evan unconsciously squeezed Justin’s bicep. Then when Caleb and Evan were in the back room they suddenly found themselves reaching under each other’s shirts and rubbing each other’s six-packs. Even the customers—including Jamie—all seemed to look at him with lust in their eyes. And when Evan clocked out, Justin gave him a good-bye kiss. Then Justin kissed Rico hello as he clocked in.

Evan left work that day in a haze. Something seemed odd, but he couldn’t place it. He thought back to his customers. All his regulars had been there that day, and they had all stared at his growing pecs lustfully. But that wasn’t that unusual, was it? His big pecs and wide shoulders looked great in his tight uniform shirts, and he loved to flaunt it. Evan thought back to his interactions with his coworkers. They were all very friendly, so being a bit touchy-feely was really odd. And then there was that kiss from Justin.

Evan paused his thoughts to take off his shirt and kiss Jamie hello. What had he been thinking about, again? Jamie’s shirtless torso caught Evan’s attention. Had Jamie been secretly working out? His naturally defined body seemed to have filled out a bit. His pecs definitely had more definition, and his shoulders seemed a little wider. And his six-pack was definitely more defined than it used to be. Evan almost complemented Jamie on his recent muscle growth, but instead he opted to simply rub his roommate’s abs, which prompted to caress Evan’s bare torso and give him another kiss.

The next few weeks passed in a haze. Everything was the same—the schedule, the coworkers, the customers, the roommate. And yet at the same time everything was always different, and Evan couldn’t put his finger on how.

On Monday Evan started his week as usual. He groggily got out of Jamie’s bed, hopped in the shower, and caressed his eight-pack abs before jerking off his 12 inch cock. Then he stood idly in front of the mirror for a minute staring at his beautiful pecs and admiring his wide shoulders and perfect bubble butt. Then he quickly jerked off again before putting on his uniform, complete with a new shirt made of stretchy material that clung to his amazing torso. On his way out the door, Evan kissed his roommate goodbye.

Evan’s shift happened to be with all the guys he trained with. He kissed Rico and Caleb hello, clocked in, and then gave Justin an extra deep good morning kiss. Evan took in his coworkers as if for the first time. Rico’s stretchy shirt blatantly displayed the outline of his always-hard dick, which came up just past his sternum. He was really lucky he had been able to get the job with his unusual endowment, as most employers thought a dick that couldn’t be kept inside the pants would be too much of a distraction. Of course it was a distraction. Customers always stared. And coworkers always found themselves taking his shirt off and jerking him off in the back room. It took two hands, of course, and it was best when Rico joined in to add a third. Blow jobs were pretty much out of the question because Rico seemed to be the only one who could fit his cock in his mouth.

Then there was Caleb, the beautiful blond with hair that cascaded about halfway down his back. He always waited to pull his hair back until after he had gotten to work because he knew how much his coworkers loved his hair. At 7’7”, Caleb had to lean down pretty far to kiss his coworkers, but everyone loves his height. Customers would stare up at the young god in awe. Like many of his coworkers, Caleb had nicely defined and perfectly proportioned muscles. His uniform shirt only just barely covered his ten-pack abs, and he wasn’t afraid to let his shirt “accidently” ride up a bit so he could show off.

All Evan’s usual customers came through the store during his shift. There was Jeff, the tall redhead who always got a blueberry scone. He was almost as tall as Caleb, a little over seven feet tall. And Evan loves looking up into Jeff’s blue eyes. And of course Daisuke, the muscular Japanese grad student, ordered a citrus tea and a lemon tart. His pecs were the most impressive Evan had ever seen. In fact, Daisuke only buttoned up his dress shirts halfway because he couldn’t button them over his enormous pecs. But if he got a bigger size, his shirts would be incredibly baggy around his surprisingly small waist. As Daisuke left the store, Evan watched his perfect ass bounce as he walked. Daisuke stopped in the doorway to passionately kiss a good friend.

Late in the shift, Evan’s favorite customer stopped in. As usual, Jamie didn’t know what he wanted. He never wanted to get the same thing two days in a row. While Jamie decided on his order, Evan looked his roommate over. Evan wore a tight tank top that showed off his pecs, shoulders, and arms very nicely. Evan knew from experience that Jamie’s baggy shorts covered a python almost as big as his own. Finally Jamie was ready to order, but first he and Evan stared into each other’s eyes for a moment, entranced by some unknown force.

After Jamie places his order, Evan asked, “Hey, have you always been taller than me?” Suddenly he felt that haze in his mind that was there so often now.

Jamie thought for a moment, his mind also clouding over. “Yeah, I think so,” he finally said. “I mean, I must have been, right? It’s not like I would be getting any taller at age 22, right?” Jamie’s simple logic made sense, so Evan left it at that.

“Hey, do you think Justin would hook up with me?” Jamie suddenly asked. The question didn’t surprise Evan at all since both he and his roommate were gay and Jamie was even hornier than Evan. In fact, Evan was thinking about selling his bed since he always slept with Jamie. Thinking back to Jamie’s question, Evan looked at his manager. The caramel-skinned young man was a god walking on earth. Of course he had a perfect body with beautifully sculpted muscle, but there was something more, something that attracted everyone he met. Evan seemed to have a bit of that glow too, but not like Justin. Evan could see why Jamie would be interested in Justin. Evan himself gave Justin a blow job after he clocked out every shift, and usually Justin reciprocated. And of course there was that time that Justin had fucked the living daylights out of Evan. Evan could certainly see what might attract Jamie to Justin.

“Why don’t I invite him over tonight?” Evan asked. “He and I both have off tomorrow, and you’re still sitting around without a job.” Suddenly a thought occurred to Evan. “You know, you spend enough time here, maybe you should apply for a job. I bet you would get hired instantly.”

“I’ll think about that,” Jamie responded. “And definitely invite Justin over tonight.”

Soon Evan found himself walking home next to Justin, their arms naturally around each other’s waists. When they got to the apartment, They each kissed Jamie hello, although Evan’s kiss was much deeper. Soon the three young men found themselves naked together on Jamie’s bed, not really sure how it happened. Before long, Jamie was on his knees servicing Justin as Justin caressed Jamie’s muscular torso.

Evan walked up behind Justin, put his hands on Justin’s shoulders, and whispered, “You know what I want to do.”

Justin smirked and replied, “We’re not at work, we’re at your place. Show me who’s the boss here.” Evan took time to caress Justin’s muscular back and wide shoulders before guiding his footlong dick to Justin’s waiting hole. With Justin sandwiched between Jamie and Evan, the three found a rhythm, each moaning in ecstasy before the final release. Finally, the three lay down on the bed together, writhing in pleasure as they continued to kiss and caress until sleep overtook them.


Part 2

A few days later, Jamie was just starting his training at Coffee Coffee when the store owner walked in. If Justin was a god, this man was something else entirely, something truly otherworldly. The man wasn’t even wearing a shirt, only khaki shorts from which a monstrous cock emerged. He looked like he should be muscle bound, yet he showed full range of motion. And at about 9 feet tall, he barely fit in the store. Evan dimly wondered what the health inspector would think if he saw a shirtless man with his dick hanging out in a coffee shop, but then he realized that all this god would have to do would be to say hello and the inspector would be creaming his pants and forgetting about everything else in the world.

“It seems this store is coming along very nicely,” the man said in a silky, rich baritone voice. Every employee melted right on the spot. All dicks were hard to the point of bursting, and all brains were turned to mush. “I’ve brought you a gift to help your store be even better.” No one could guess what the gift was, but none of them would have imagined a box of potpourri bags.

“Put one in the back room, one on the counter, and one on each table,” the man instructed. “More boxes will be arriving soon, and I want you to sell as much as you can.” And with that, he was walking out the door. All of the young men ignored the stains on their uniform pants. Instead they quietly set about following the boss’s instructions. Evan held on bag of potpourri to his nose. Somehow he could distinctly smell cinnamon, citrus, berry, coffee, and chocolate, and yet none of the smells clashed. When Evan tried to think what the combined smell reminded him of, his mind clouded. He had gotten used to this, as it seemed to happen several times a day, so he just started thinking of something else, and his mind cleared. At least, it cleared a little. The potpourri smell was really getting to him, and he started to get a bit dizzy.

Weeks passed, and the haze never lifted. Of course that may have been because Jamie brought home a bag of the special store blend potpourri. On one Monday morning, Evan awoke sprawled on the bed with Jamie in their new apartment. In took a moment to disentangle his limbs from Jamie’s. Finally free, he kissed Jamie’s dick and worked his way up to his mouth, spending a few minutes passionately making out with his lover.

Finally, Evan whispered, “We need to get into the shower now if we want to get to work on time.” The two had discovered some time ago that they needed to leave plenty of extra time since they were easily distracted when getting ready for work if they had the same shift. Yawning, Jamie arose, heading to the mirror to look at his favorite person. Jamie really did look amazing. Evan agreed, and he walked behind Jamie, wrapping his arms around him and caressing his ten-pack abs. His hands rose up the 7’4” young god’s torso, reaching his melon shaped pecs. Evan marveled at the perfect v-shape of his lover’s torso, starting at his impossibly small waist and working up to his impossibly wide shoulders. Of course, Evan’s torso looked very similar except that his abs were cut even deeper, his pecs were even larger, and his shoulders were just a bit wider.

Those weren’t the only differences between the two young men’s bodies. While Jamie’s permanently hard cock only came halfway up his torso, Evan’s cockhead rested between his enormous pecs. And Evan was a couple inches shorter, only coming up to 6’11”. And then while Jamie had short dark hair, Evan’s strawberry blond hair fell down just below his neck. As the two stood in front of the mirror, Evan began to kiss the back of his lover’s neck, unable to help himself even though he knew they had things to do. Jamie was used to this, though, so he slowly walked to the bathroom with Evan still right behind him.

The men had gotten this new apartment largely because of the bathroom. There was no bathtub, only a large shower stall, which just barely gave enough room for the two huge men to shower together. Of course, once they started caressing each other and Evan’s dick ended up in Jamie’s mouth, there wasn’t much showering going on. The two managed to pull away from each other just long enough to towel off and put their uniforms on—a pair of very large khaki shorts. The store had an unusual policy that allowed for no shirts—and exposed dicks—because all of the employees happened to have dicks that were too large to fit into pants. The health inspector, who had become a regular customer, also had an unusually large dick, so he had convinced his higher-ups to let them fudge the rules.

After donning their uniforms and feeling each other up a bit more, the young men left their apartment, walking with their hands entwined around each other’s waists. It was quite noticeable how much bigger and taller the men were than those walking around them. And there was some sort of glow that they radiated, especially when they were together. They truly looked like gods stepping momentarily into the land of mortals.

At work, Evan and Jamie each gave Caleb a good morning kiss before engaging in a three-way kiss with Justin. They weren’t sure when they had started using that greeting, but it seemed like the only natural way for the couple to greet their boss. After the kiss, they started the second part of their greeting ritual, working together to jerk Justin off. Justin shuddered in ecstasy as his giant cock exploded with the expert aid of Evan and Jamie. Finally, everyone clocked in and got ready to open the store.

It just so happened that most of the store’s clientele, especially the college students, also happened to be extremely well-endowed, so many came in without shirts. At one point during the day, Caleb made an observation. “Have you noticed that the chocolate lovers seem to have the longest dicks?” he asked as Evan ate a chocolate donut.

“You don’t eat chocolate, and your dick is longer than a lot of our customers’,” Evan replied as he finished his donut.

“Yeah, but part of that is my height,” Caleb pointed out. At 9’2”, he was by far the tallest employee or customer in the store. It was a good thing the store’s ceiling was so high. “You eat chocolate, and proportionally your dick is definitely bigger. It may even actually be longer than mine. And think about Rico. His dick is probably the longest in the world, and he seems to eat nothing but chocolate.” All these point were true. Caleb’s dick only came to his belly button. Sometimes he kept his in his pants, which Evan or Rico could never do. And Rico’s dick really was probably the longest in the world. Rico was only about 6’4”, but his dick hung down to his ankles like a third leg. He was the only employee whose dick wasn’t always hard because of the amount of blood his dick required to get hard. Still, it was amazingly sensitive, and everyone would always brush it as they passed him and he would get precum all over the floor.

Evan suddenly realized he was so busy thinking about Rico’s cock that he had forgotten what Caleb was saying. He was about to ask when that fuzzy feeling in his brain started returning, signaling him to think about something else. His thoughts moved to Jeff, who was just walking through the door. Jeff was one of the many customers who came into the store shirtless. Evan looked up into the redhead’s beautiful blue eyes. Jeff was the tallest customer, only shorter than Caleb. The 8’6” young man kissed Evan hello before Evan prepared his usual order. Evan didn’t even bother trying not to stare at Jeff’s beautiful torso. It wasn’t really that muscular, more like a swimmer’s build really exaggerated to fit Jeff’s height. Somehow it just looked perfect. They kissed again before Jeff left the store.

Almost as soon as Jeff left, Evan’s other favorite customer walked in. Daisuke was a wall or muscle. The 7 foot tall grad student could have been a champion bodybuilder if he wasn’t so wrapped up in his studies. Daisuke had once told Evan that he like wearing dress shirts, which Evan found odd since there was no way Daisuke would be able to find dress shirts in his size. Daisuke’s shoulders were even wider than Evan’s and while his torso was v-shaped, his waist was pretty wide. His eight-pack looked amazing, especially with the massive pecs that overshadowed it. Daisuke’s arms and legs looked like a photo of a bodybuilder that had been photoshopped to be exaggerated. It seemed like he should be muscle bound, but somehow he maintained a full range of motion. That reminded Evan of someone, but he wasn’t sure who.

As with Jeff, Evan kissed the Asian stud hello. “What who you like today?” he asked. “Lemonade? Citrus tea?” Evan knew Daisuke always wanted something citrus flavored.

“I would like citrus tea and a lemon tart,” Daisuke said in his thick Japanese accent. “By the way,” he added, “have you notice that all of the most muscular students come here? It seems that every muscular student I meet comes to this coffee shop.”

Evan didn’t think about it long because it seemed to make perfect sense to him. “The muscular students come here because this is the only place in the area where they don’t have to wear a shirt,” he stated confidently.

Daisuke nodded and simply responded, “Perhaps you are right.” Evan silently thought that Daisuke was too much of a brainiac and needed to stop overthinking things. It was funny, he thought as he kissed Daisuke goodbye, he never would have expected to meet a guy who could both be described as a brainiac and a wall of muscle.

As usual, Justin let Evan and Jamie take a break together so they could satisfy each other’s needs. The rest of the shift flew by as usual, and as usual, Justin left with Evan and Jamie, one half of the couple on each side of him. As Evan walked next to Justin, he admired the man’s muscles, somewhere between Jamie’s size and Daisuke’s. Evan and Jamie each let their hands wander up and down Justin’s cock, barely able to contain themselves until they got to the apartment.

Suddenly Justin spoke. “You don’t realize what’s causing the changes, do you? It’s the flavoring and the smells. Chocolate makes your dick grow, citrus grows you muscles, berry makes you taller, coffee makes you more attracted to men, and spices like cinnamon make you more attractive to other guys. I think that may have to do with pheromones, but I’m not sure. Do you realize what that means? We’re just going to keep getting taller, more muscular, more hung, more attractive, and hornier.”

“Can you imagine what it would be like to be as hung as Rico?” Evan asked dreamily.

“Or as tall as Caleb?” Jamie chimed in.

“Or as attractive as you?” Evan added, sobering up a little. “You know,” he said, his mind suddenly clear, “if you’ve known about this for that long, why did you keep eating cinnamon buns? Didn’t you want all the tall, muscular, hung guys around you to be more attracted to you? You could have even quit if you really wanted to.”

Justin stopped walking and just thought for a minute. “Heh, I guess you’re right. Even before the coffee smell started increasing my attraction to men, going home with a pair of guys who look like you two was a fantasy for me. I guess I needed a chance to make that a reality.”

“Are we going to fuck sometime soon?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah, we are,” Justin responded. We definitely need to take advantage of these hot bodies.”

“Now that’s the right attitude,” said Evan. “What you said got me thinking, though. You said chocolate makes your dick grow, right? I need to start eating a lot more chocolate because I want a dick that hangs to the ground like Rico’s.” He turned to Justin. “How would you like to see me with a dick that hangs to the ground like Rico’s?” If Justin’s dick could have gotten any harder in that moment it would have. “How would you like to have a wall of muscle like Daisuke’s?” Again Justin’s dick tried to get even harder. “I know,” Evan said triumphantly. “How would you like for every store employee to be a 15 foot tall wall of muscle with dick that touches the floor?” With a great shudder, Justin’s cock exploded in a stream of ecstasy.

“All right, Jamie,” Evan said. “Now we can go home and fuck. Justin will be hard again by then. Right, Justin?” Justin just smiled.

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Doubling up by BRK All the dorm rooms in Bryce’s building are being combined with another, and everyone’s doubling up. What isn’t immediately apparent is that it isn’t the rooms that are being merged—it’s the roommates. 3 parts Added Jun 2013 Updated 1 May 2015 26k views 4.9 stars (23 votes) 7,007 words •Always Hard•Multi-abs•Multicock•Multihead•Multiarm•Multilimb•Multipec•Multitorso•Stacking•Incest•Twins•Merging •M/M•M/M/M•M/M/M/...

Controlling Shayne’s body by Ballmeat My roommate Jack suddenly got an app that controls my body, and milked me of every drop of my cum by giving me the longest and most intense orgasm of my life. And it looks like this is just the beginning, and he intends to change my body in even more ways to come! 2 parts Added Nov 2022 Updated 3 Dec 2022 7,183 views 4.8 stars (24 votes) 4,810 words •Always Hard•Cock Shrinking•Hyper Cum•Increased Libido•App•Humiliation•Nonconsensual change •M/M

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