Company guys

by FanTCMan

You can’t even imagine how excited Joey and I were, excited and scared, when Dad said he was going to give us the formula he’d been sampling. We were going to be models for what he called the Company.

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Part 1 You can’t even imagine how excited Joey and I were, excited and scared, when Dad said he was going to give us the formula he’d been sampling. We were going to be models for what he called the Company. (added: 1 Dec 2002)
Part 2
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Part 1

You can't even imagine how excited Joey and I were, excited and scared, when Dad said he was going to give us the formula he'd been sampling. We were going to be models for what he called the Company.

Even the little bit he had already tried had proved amazing. When he decided to go all the way with it himself, the Company that had invented it and given it to him to try wanted him to bring us into their program with him. They'd been looking for two kids our ages to put through the transformation, and I guess they thought Joey and I were just right. Joey's my cousin and he's lived with us since his parents were killed with my mom in a car accident. That was a year ago, when we were both fourteen.

Dad first took the formula right after mom died. It was a way to get his mind off how sad he was. He was a model and made good money at it, so he was pretty wrapped up in his looks. He's a good looking man. Even then, at thirty-five. But he was kind of worried that he was getting too old for regular modeling, and the formula would give him an edge and a way into a different kind of modeling. Of course, Joey and I didn't know anything much about it at the time, but it wasn't long before he couldn't keep it a secret.

I already said Dad is good looking. That's how he got to be a big model, I guess. He's tall, six-two, handsome, has thick, real pretty black hair with just a little wave to it, and he always had a great physique, which he worked on all the time. He modeled all kinds of clothes for big designers, but he also did a lot of modeling in bathing suits and underwear because he had such a great body. When I was younger, he always spent a lot of time working on it, and I was always seeing all the pictures of him, and Mom was always telling him how great he looked, making him walk around all the time with his shirt off, or just in his underwear. I used to wish all the time that I could grow up to have a nice chest and a washboard stomach and a great butt like him. Mom was always saying what a great butt he had. Anyway, when Joey came to live with us, we used to talk about how cool it would be to grow up like him. We started working out, as much as kids can. We did a lot of situps and Dad let us work a little with some light weights. It was fun, and it made us feel good. Joey's like me. His mom and my mom were sisters, and they were both beautiful, so they both married good looking guys. I guess you could say that Joey and I both inherited good genes, because he's real handsome, and people tell me I am, too. We're both tall, we both have broad shoulders, and we were both popular. Both of us were also a little bit shy, probably because at fourteen we were just going through puberty and suddenly getting different voices and hair in new places, and all the other things that go along with growing up.

So then, all of a sudden, Dad started to look different, and even to act differently. At first it was like he must be working out extra hard or something, because he got more muscular real fast. He'd always said before then that he didn't want to get real muscular because it would limit what he could do in modeling. But all of a sudden, I guess he didn't care about that anymore. He came home one day and he looked like one of those bodybuilder guys. He was wearing one of his tank tops and Levis, and they were both real tight on him because, just like that, in one day, he had all these muscles. Ho told us he had tried just a little bit of some new formula that could make you get real muscular and also did other things to enhance your manhood. We asked him what he meant, and he was kind of mysterious about it, but he did say that the little bit he took felt so good, and helped him get his mind off Mom so well, that he thought he was going to take the full amount. He liked the way it felt to be this muscular, and if he took the full dose like these people wanted him to do, it would make him really muscular. We asked what about his modeling, but he said there were other kinds he could do. Maybe his days as a fashion model were coming to an end, and it was time to jump into something new and very different.

It was kind of weird, kind of embarrassing, and kind of neat all at the same time. He kept walking around, looking at himself in the mirrors, like he was trying to get used to how he looked. His jeans were so tight. He always wore loose jeans, but now they were really tight, and he loved how they looked and felt on him, like he was stuffed into them. He kept flexing his arms and saying how great it felt to be that muscular, and how great it would be to get really big. We said he looked like he already was, but he said this was nothing compared to what this formula could do.

Then one day, Joey and I came home from school, and he had done it. He was walking around in his underwear, and his Calvins looked like they had shrunk. He apologized for just wearing his briefs, but he said he couldn't even get into his jeans anymore, and it was easy to see why. He was so much bigger. Joey and I didn't know what to say. He was so high on himself, flexing and walking around, and he didn't even care that we were just staring at him. But it wasn't just because he was so big. All of a sudden, he was all hairy, too, all over his chest and stomach and his arms and legs.

It was very cool, but also kind of weird, and it made us feel kind of funny. My dad, all of a sudden, was like one of those huge pro bodybuilders. But the thing that made us feel the funniest was that his briefs looked like he had stuffed them with a couple pairs of socks. But we could clearly see that it was all him, all bulging out and everything, and he didn't care at all when we just stared at it.

Not that he just didn't care, he was all proud of it. He kept rubbing his hands over his chest and stomach, looking at his legs and arms, and saying how much he liked all this hair that had grown all over him, how good it made him feel. We didn't know what to say. And when he saw us staring at it, he rubbed his crotch with both hands and said he guessed we'd noticed what else that formula had done.

Now Dad has never been shy about being naked in front of me and Joey, but he never, you know, touched himself like that. Now he was saying that this was what they meant by enhancing your manhood. He said we had to see it, he had to show us, and he pulled off his briefs. God, Joey and I just stared, and he laughed at how we were staring. But we couldn't help it. His dick was huge. His balls were big, big like they never were, and they were hanging lower, too, but his dick looked really huge. It just kind of flopped down over his balls and it looked so fat and thick and long. I bet it was eight inches. And it was still all wrinkled and soft. Well, maybe not totally soft, but mostly soft. And he just said isn't this great, look at this dick. And then it got hard. He just stood there watching, and letting us watch, and watching us watch, as it got fatter, and thicker, and started to get longer, and then lifted up until he was standing there with this hard-on we couldn't believe. I mean, this is my dad, and he's showing us his hard dick, and it looked like the biggest dick I'd ever seen. When it was all the way hard, he was still laughing, both at us and at how great it felt to him. He said look how he could hold onto it with both hands, only his hands couldn't even go all the way around it and the head of it stuck way out and looked like a big mushroom. He told Joey to run and get the tape-measure, and it measured eleven and a half inches.

Starting right then, he never wore any clothes when he was home, and he talked us into going naked all the time, too. He said he wanted us to get comfortable with our bodies, because he knew we were still a little shy about growing up and getting new hair and all, and we shouldn't be embarrassed, even if we got hard- ons. He said he loved being naked because he loved the way he looked, and how it felt to be covered with thick, hard muscle and to have hair on his chest and down his abs.

To be honest, the more we got used to it, the more we liked the way he looked. And we began to think it would feel good to be like him, especially to have a big dick like him along with all that muscle. Working out seemed like it was hardly doing anything now. Not only that, but being naked all the time got to be kind of fun, especially when we would get hard-ons together, because he would always get us to jack off with him. That was another thing. He loved to jack off his big cock, and we loved to watch him do it and imagine what it would feel like to have such a big cock in our hands. He could jack off with two hands. And he liked to watch us jack off together, too.

Then summer finally came. We would be going to high school the next school year. Dad decided he wanted to closer to the beach. Not just any beach. He had a surprise, and it meant we would be going to a new school in a new town where nobody knew us. He said he had been watching us, watching how we looked at him. He told us we were both such great looking guys that it would be a shame to waste our potential, and especially not to take advantage of it while we were still so young.

It turned out that what he meant was that he wanted to move to Hawaii. The Company responsible for the special formula he had taken was over there. They specialized in developing and doing work with models like him, and he would even be be able to be in some special movies devoted to guys like him. We didn't really want to leave, but Hawaii did sound fun. The day we came over, right before we went to the airport, he had the taxi stop and this office building and wait for us. He took us to an office, and when we met the doctor, who looked like my dad, all huge with muscles and stuff, we realized what was going on, and that's when they told us. Both Joey and I were scared. We were just fifteen, after all. I mean, if they could just make us get big dicks like his, that might be cool, but to get all muscle-bound and all, it just seemed so extreme.

But he was so excited about having us do it that he was ignoring what we said about not wanting to. He told the doctor to give us the shots, and I guess we just felt like we had to go along with it, like we couldn't let him down. So we each got this big shot into a vein in our arms. And that was all. It was kind of a let-down, because it felt like nothing. We went back to the cab, got to the airport, and got on the plane.

As much as we had gotten into the way dad looked when we were at home, it was still funny to be out in public with him. He was wearing a T-shirt and a pair of his tight Lycra shorts, and people stared at him. He was so big, and his shorts didn't leave anything to the imagination, and he was so handsome. In all the excitement of getting on the flight, we didn't think about much else except how people looked at us as we walked down the aisle in the plane. He put us in the two inside seats by the window and he took the aisle seat. You should have seen the flight attendants stare at him, almost tripping when they went past. Especially the guy attendant. Good looking guy, and from the way he looked at dad, and then at us, probably gay.

It was about halfway over, right in the middle of the movie, that I started to notice that I was feeling weird. Not bad. Just weird. All of a sudden, my mind kept putting pictures in my head. Like, I kept picturing the guys in the movie without their clothes on. That male attendant came by, and I wished I could see him without his shirt. I wondered if he had good pecs, and how big his arms were. I wondered if he had a big dick. And I wondered if he wanted to see me naked. I realized I wanted him to want to see me naked. And I wanted to get naked for him. Always before that, I would have felt shy. Now I only felt lustful sexual desire.

That was weird. But I told my self it was probably because of how Joey and dad and I had been getting naked together all the time, and jacking off together and all. I looked over at my dad. The way he was sitting, with his seat back a little, his crotch looked real full and big, and I realized I loved how he just sat there with it bulging like that for everyone to see. I saw the guy attendant look at it, and he saw me see him look, and I just smiled at him, like I was proud of my dad for having so much down there and for being so proud of it himself. He looked both embarrassed at being caught and relieved, like he wanted me to see his interest.

He leaned over to ask if he could get me anything, and when he did, he looked at my crotch the same way. I knew I didn't have anything like my dad, and I was wearing loose khaki shorts, but when he looked, I looked too, to see what he was seeing. Maybe it was the way I was sitting, but I looked like I had a bit of a bulge, too. And my shorts looked a little tighter on me. After he left, I felt my crotch. I was getting a hard-on. The way he looked at me had turned me on, and I realized how much I liked it. But it did feel like my dick was different, like my crotch was fuller, that I was packing more meat. I took off my headphones and got up to go to the bathroom.

When I had the door closed behind me, and I looked at myself in the mirror, I was shocked. In my T-shirt, I could see the outline of my pecs. They were definitely bigger. I pulled the shirt up over my head and dropped my shorts, and I was right. Already, my dick had started to get bigger. It felt fat and meaty, and when it got completely hard, it was longer in my hand. Dad was right; it did feel great. I could see deeper cuts between my abs and around my pecs. My biceps were bigger. I was so turned on, I had to jack off into the sink. I even noticed when I looked closely, that there was some fine hair on my chest and by my belly button. I was so turned on by my own body, I had to force myself to put my clothes back on and go sit down.

I squeezed past Dad, and as soon as I sat down, he leaned over and whispered that I appeared to be getting quite a bubble-butt on me, and he winked and smiled. I looked over at Joey, who was watching me, too. Wasn't he feeling anything? It sure looked to me like he was getting beefier. Maybe he had just been too engrossed in the movie to notice.

I subtly flexed my arm to show him my bicep. It really was a nice bicep, and that made him take notice. He flexed his own, and I could see the amazement on his face. So then I pulled up my T-shirt so he could see my stomach, how my abs were getting more cut, how there was suddenly the new hair growing there in the valley between my abs, all around my belly button. It turned me on all over again to see it myself. It was like a dream that was really happening. Joey lifted up his own T-shirt, and the same thing was happening to him, and I could see the rise in his shorts growing and I knew he was as turned on as I was.

I whispered to him to go to the bathroom and check it out. Naturally, Dad was watching all this, and obviously getting off on it. As he shifted in his seat to let Joey out, I saw that his Lycra shorts were making a display of his own excitement. He grinned at me and put his hands in his lap over the telltale mound that had formed along the bend of his thigh. He said he was getting the feeling that this was going to be the best plane ride of our lives.

When Joey came back, all grins, we watched the rest of the movie the best we could. It was hard to concentrate. I could feel my T-shirt and my shorts getting a little bit tighter all the time. It was both subtle and amazing. Joey noticed his arms were starting to get hairy. So were mine. Then we saw hair on our legs. I noticed that it looked like Joey hadn't shaved. Not that either of us had that much in the way of whiskers that we needed to shave. But Joey looked like he needed a shave, and the whiskers I was seeing weren't just his moustache and sideburns, like usual. They were all over his chin. His sideburns were going all the way to his jaw. There was even some on his cheeks. I felt my own face, and there was the same thing on me, and where my whiskers were kind of soft before, they were starting to feel prickly.

I saw Joey feeling his chest, and you could really see now that his pecs were looking muscular. It wasn't just outlines any more. Their whole rounded shape was thicker and pushing out the material of his T-shirt. They looked like real pecs. Seeing Joey getting muscular like that was making me feel horny. I reached up under my T-shirt to feel my own pecs, and what I felt made me so excited I almost shot a load right there. I had pecs, too, and they felt hard and good and sensitive and, to my surprise, my hand felt hair on them, and I felt hair against my arm where it was touching my stomach. My shirt was raised up, and I looked and saw that I had dark hair sprinkled all up my abs. It was real short, but there was getting to be a lot of it, especially up the middle. Joey and Dad were looking. Dad grinned and gave me a thumbs up, and Joey pulled up his own shirt. Now it all seemed to be happening at once, or more, or faster, or maybe it was just getting harder to try to ignore. The legs of my shorts were getting tight. In fact, they were getting tight everywhere except my waist. That hair was growing right down my belly, sticking out over the waistband, and going right into my shorts, and down where it was going, my crotch was feeling real full and crowded. And it was looking real full, too. Really full. So was Joey's. I had to get up again and take a look. The movie was over and the cabin was light. I wondered if anyone would notice that my arms and legs had more hair on them than before, but no one paid much attention. No one except the flight attendant.

When I got into the bathroom, I just stared at myself in the mirror. I felt like I was looking at some other guy that looked like me, but older and sexier and better looking. I could have been my own idol. I looked like a high school gymnast. My loose T-shirt wasn't loose anymore on my chest or arms. I had the body shape of a guy who works out a lot, a real, top athlete. I mean, I was standing there looking at a very V-shaped torso, and there were muscles on my shoulders and my chest and my arms. My shorts were loose on my waist but tight everywhere else, especially on my butt, which was bigger, higher, and rounder, and in the legs. My thighs touched together and filled the legs of my shorts. And there was a noticeable, not real big, like my dad's, but definitely noticeable bulge at my crotch. I felt, when I walked down the aisle, that my briefs were getting pretty full of meat, and now I could see what everyone else could see. I resisted the urge just to pull my shirt up and my shorts down. I wanted to make this feeling last, this feeling that I was looking at some really amazing looking high school guy and getting to look at him a little at a time.

I pulled up my T-shirt slowly. My abs were getting to look like those guys in the workout magazines, and, best of all, they had hair on them. Real hair, not just peach fuzz. It wasn't long at all, and not too thick, but you could definitely see it on my abs, especially down the middle, in that valley between the ab muscles. It was darker and there was more of it, making a trail all up and down the middle of my stomach. It got thicker and wider by my belly button and below it where it disappeared into my shorts.

Finally I took the T-shirt off. I knew I couldn't stay in the bathroom too long, but I stared at myself again and got such a hard-on at what I saw. That line of hair went right up to the crease between my pecs and then it spread out all over my chest. My pecs were beautiful. They were wide and square with real good cuts all around the bottoms and sides. And they had dark hair spreading out from the middle, from all around my nipples and across the tops of the muscles. And they looked like real muscles now. You could really see them. I put my hands over them, and I could feel the muscle, all hard and getting thick. It was so sexy, and it made me so horny, I was afraid I was going to come in my shorts and get them all stained.

Then, before I got my shorts off, there was a knock on the door. It was Joey. Since I had my shirt off already, his mouth fell open when I let him in. We had to squeeze together to both look in the mirror.

He got his shirt off right away, too, since he couldn't wait to get a look at himself, and he was just like me. He couldn't believe we both had such pretty pecs and that we both had so much hair on our chests and on our bellies. Then we pulled down our shorts at the same time.


Part 2

We both got so excited at what fell out when we pulled down our briefs, we had to make ourselves keep quiet, we started to laugh so hard. First of all, our new belly hair joined right up with our pubes and looked so sexy and grown up. Also, we both had major grown up balls hanging there, and these big, fat, long cocks, which we grabbed hold of to admire and feel, sending us both into immediate spasms, spurting cum all over the sink and the mirror. We cleaned up everything quickly and got dressed again. Now, putting our clothes back on was exciting as hell, because of the way they fit, but also because of knowing that while these great new bodies were covered up, they would keep on changing under our clothes. We would be able to feel them changing on us, feel our crotches getting more and more full with all this fabulous man-meat we were growing, feel our muscles growing and all, and we would wait to look again, and it would be another, even better, surprise.

We got back to our seats, squeezed past my dad, and sat down. He leaned over and told us what nice bods we were getting, and said with a wink it was too bad we couldn't really see what great bubble butts we were growing and how we were starting to look like we were poured into our shorts. Both Joey and I did notice that our seats were feeling more crowded. Sitting down, our shorts were so tight on our butts and our legs, it made our crotches look even more full, the way our thighs pressed together. We were bulging out down there for anyone to see.

Of course, the only one who saw was that flight attendant, who came by to see if we needed anything. He stood there making conversation and his eyes were all over us. And instead of feeling self-conscious about the way he kept staring, I was just more aware of how sexy all this was making me feel. I was beginning to see why Dad always liked to get naked, and why he liked to wear clothes that showed off his body. And when I looked at Joey, when the guy was looking at him, I saw how incredibly sexy Joey was starting to look. Just the fact that he had a heavy five o'clock shadow made me nuts, especially when I felt my own.

Meanwhile, Dad was sitting there with his big dick making a show of itself as he let it grow thick and fat across his groin right in front of the flight attendant. The guy's eyes indicated he wasn't missing a bit of the show, and that he was fully and properly appreciative. Finally Dad said he had to take care of something, while he rubbed his dick for this guy's benefit. The guy looked around, saw the other attendants were busy with passengers, and said if Dad wanted to meet him at the bathroom back in the tail section, he'd love to help him take care of his problem.

By the time Dad got back from the bathroom, with a big smile on his face, the pilot was announcing our descent. Soon we were on the ground. Dad had arranged for a limo to take us to the Company's building where we would be living. The driver met us at the gate.

Joey and I wished we'd had time for another look at what had happened since our last trip to the bathroom. I was feeling so good, so sexy and hot, that I was getting really horny again. When we walked into the terminal, from the looks we got, I guess we looked just like we felt. By now, my T-shirt was feeling pretty tight across my chest and back, even though it was still loose over my stomach. The sleeves were tight, too, and I pushed them up so they would be above my biceps, and when I did, I had to look at what I felt. My arms had gotten really muscular, like a guy who lifts serious weights.

I looked at Joey, I wanted to show him how my sleeves fit on my arms, and seeing him walking was too much. I knew my shorts were tight, but looking at Joey, I saw how tight they were. The legs didn't hang down, they were tight and wrinkled, like they had been pushed up where his legs were too big to let them fall, like a real muscle-guy's legs. I had tried to get the legs on my own shorts to go down when we stood up in the plane, and they wouldn't go down any more over my thighs, so I knew why Joey's were that way, but seeing how it looked on him made me realize how big we were getting. They fit tight on his butt, and showed both his big, hard cheeks, separated by the seam down the back. Up front he was showing a bulge where his meat was tight against the fly of his shorts. He looked so hot. With his nice pecs, bigger all the time, his wide, flared back, broad shoulders, and a five o'clock shadow that was looking like two days of growth on a fully grown up guy, no one would ever have guess he was less than twenty-one years old. And something else made me almost cum in my pants. He had chest hair growing out over the top of his T-shirt, growing right up to the base of his throat. Naturally, I reached up to my own throat and found hair growing there on myself, just like his. I have never felt so hot in public, or in such need of cumming.

Meanwhile, my dad was walking with the driver, who was some hunky guy himself. He wasn't wearing a uniform. He was in a pair of white pants and a Hawaiian shirt. He was big, like my dad, like a bodybuilder, and the shirt sleeves looked like they would split if he flexed. The front was unbuttoned halfway down, revealing some huge pecs, and some very sexy chest hair. My dad was looking him over, and he was doing the same thing to my dad.

When we got our luggage and got into the car, Dad sat in the front with the driver. He threw a small bag into the back with us and told us that we might want to change clothes and get into something more comfortable and less confining, since, the way we were growing, it wouldn't be long before we wouldn't be able to fit into what we were wearing. I realized he was right. The T-shirts were getting too small. The sleeve seams under my arms and down the side were starting to tear. I kind of wanted to leave it on until my muscles got so big they would tear it all the way, and that didn't seem so far away.

But looking at Joey, at his arms getting packed with muscle, at the thick back muscles under his arms, at his pecs, which were straining at the shirt, bulging like a couple of thick, wide, slabs of beef, I wanted to rip the shirt right off him. I just had to see how hairy those pecs had gotten.

The driver and my dad were laughing, and they told us to go ahead and enjoy ourselves. No one could see in through the tinted windows. The driver said it looked like Dad had a couple of pretty hot and horny young studs on his hands. Dad told us to go on, he couldn't wait to see for himself how we were coming along.

So Joey and I started ripping at each other's clothes. We couldn't tear them off fast enough. I couldn't believe what Joey looked like. He was getting absolutely gorgeous. His body was big and hard and carved. His chest and stomach were getting hairy like one of those guys you see with perfect body hair. His groin was all hairy, and you could hardly tell where his pubes left off and his belly hair and thigh hair began. His balls were hanging so low and heavy, they rested on the seat when he spread his legs. And his dick jerked and throbbed to a full erection so hard it flopped up against his belly and reached up to his belly button. Meanwhile, of course, I was doing exactly the same thing.

For a minute, we just let each other look, and let Dad and the driver look, while we both had our hands all over our own bodies, feeling all the new muscle and hair. We were so hot that we were on top of each other in minutes. Up to then, we had only jacked off together, but now we were like two rutting colts. Something profound was changing, something more profound than our looks and our bodies. I was feeling this intense surge of masculinity like I hadn't even dreamed of. I was no longer a boy, I was a man, an incredibly masculine man, my body loudly, proudly proclaiming my masculinity. And Joey was feeling it too, and his body was shouting its masculinity to me in a way that made me want to touch and feel and devour every inch of him, just like I wanted him to do the same to me. I had to feel his muscle against my muscle, his hair against my hair. I had to feel my whiskery, stubbly face and mouth against his, my big fat cock pressed against his beautiful, hairy groin, his hard, thick rod pressed against my hairy belly.

We drove around for a while. Every time we thought we'd had enough, we would notice that our beautiful pecs were getting even bigger, or our groins were getting hairier, or our balls and cocks were still growing, and we'd get hot and start again. Dad and the driver were encouraging us, enjoying the show. And we were equally enjoying giving them the show they wanted. Finally, the driver said we would be at the Company House any minute, and we should probably get dressed.

So we toweled off all our damp hair, which was so hot it almost got us going again. We found the clothes Dad had put in the bag just for this occasion. There were tank tops and shorts, cotton/Lycra shorts, like his, only the material was thinner so it showed more detail. It wasn't until we got into those clothes that we fully realized how big we were getting. The shorts had to stretch thin to get them up over our big, thick thighs. When we tried to pull them up and arrange our dicks and balls in them, the way we were used to doing, and realized that they had grown so big that they they made almost obscene bulges, prominently displaying in every detail what we were carrying, in all its outrageous maleness, sitting there propped in front of our thighs, which pressed together to tightly that they left no room for any of that male meat to fall back between them any more. Dad checked in while we walked around the lobby and the grounds, experiencing the feeling of being in those clothes, with everyone looking at us. Now we looked like bodybuilders. And we walked like bodybuilders. It felt so hot that both of us had partial hard-ons, which showed in every detail in our new shorts. We didn't care. We didn't care who saw. If they had a problem with our display of our masculinity, it was their problem. Although, as we looked around at the beautiful, muscular men everywhere on the property, it was obvious that all these Company guys wouldn't be minding at all I watched Joey, how proudly he walked with his beautiful new muscular body. His butt had become a truly gorgeous, big, hard bubble-butt, and the seam in the back of his shorts pulled up into the crack of his ass, making it look incredibly sexy and hot. Watching him, I could feel my own body doing the same as I saw his do. I realized that I felt different about myself and about him. I had no sense of inhibition or embarrassment whatsoever. I saw guys turning to look at us, nudging other guys to look, and all I felt was hotter and sexier than ever in my life. I would have taken off all my clothes and posed for them, but I had enough sense to wait for later to try that. I figured that my raging hormones could be satisfied by getting Joey to our room. But I did see quite a few guys looking at us that I would have loved to walk up to. I knew by the way they were looking that they would love to see what we were showing them, without our clothes to hide anything, and I would love to accommodate them. I felt like I could fuck every guy I saw and suck all their cocks and still go out to the beach and find more. But there would be time that.

Then Dad called us, and we went up to our suite. The bellboy went ahead with our big luggage, and the driver came with us, toting the smaller stuff. Our suite overlooked Sans Souci Beach, and we were only a couple stories up, so when we stepped onto our lanai, everyone could get a good look at us. Dad tipped the bellboy, a very cute dark-skinned blond with what appeared to be an incredible build, who stared at us with undisguised lust. But Dad dismissed him.

As soon as the kid closed the door, my dad walked over to the driver and started to unbutton the rest of his shirt. He told the driver that we have a tradition in our family of being naked as much as possible, so as not to hinder the full enjoyment of our bodies. The driver didn't resist. He said that here in the Company House facility, wearing clothes was only a formality anyway. He reached up and started to massage my dad's pecs while my dad took off his shirt and undid his pants. The guy was hot, so Joey and I came over and helped my dad get him undressed. And when he was naked and sporting a hard-on, we joined him in the nude. While he indulged himself in the pleasure of our bodies, we worked as a team to pleasure him into ecstasy.

Soon, we realized we would miss the sun and the chance to get to the beach, so we bid him farewell. He said that he would drop by again. We told him that would be great, especially if he had friends like him that he wanted to bring along. He just grinned.

So then it was beach time. Dad had prepared by bringing several pairs of the briefest cut bikinis anyone had ever seen. The Company had them made especially to hold the extra-large equipment that all their models had. Other than holding all our thick, heavy meat up and out where it made the fullest display, these suits covered very little else, and exposed more than a little of the hair that lavishly adorned our groins. We sort of freaked out when he showed them to us. We were afraid that we would get arrested if we wore something so revealing, but Dad said lots of guys wear bikinis, and if we had more in the way of male equipment, well, there was nothing illegal about that, or about a little body hair showing. So we tried them on, and getting into them was a whole new level of sexual discovery and excitement. It was like being naked, but sexier, because it both hid and emphasized our huge size and our prodigious packages of masculinity, with all our new groin hair, which was still getting darker and thicker all the time, bursting out all around the edges of the bulging, fully packed, sleek, shiny fabric.

Dad made us walk around in the room for him, so he could get a good look at what we were turning into. Of course, we were becoming what he had already become, and it felt like we didn't have much more to go. I felt so sexy, I was hard again almost immediately, and so was Joey, and so was my dad. So he suggested that we should probably wait in the room until we were fully developed, so we could make our first public appearances in these suits in all our grown glory. We wanted to go right then, but he was able to change our minds by putting a hand on each of our massive, thick, hairy pecs to make us stand still, then running his hand down our hairy stomachs until he reached pubic hair. That got us. We took off the briefs, and once again marveled at what had become of us. My cock was so long and thick it felt like it weighed ten pounds, and my balls hung against my legs like two big, sensitive eggs in a big, hairy sac, churning out cream that was begging for release. Joey fucked my dad while my dad sucked my big, fat cock. I felt so huge and powerful, so intensely male, so extremely sexual, I knew I had to have reached, finally, my full growth. I held his head while he sucked my dick, and his stubbly jaw and thick hair was so hot to me, I couldn't believe this was my own dad, taking my huge dick all the way into his mouth and down his throat, all the time rubbing hard on my hairy groin and belly.

Then it was time to go to the beach. Joey and I both looked like we were in our twenties by then, so no one would ever guess Dad and I were father and son. We wore our tank tops and those tiny posing briefs, and when we strutted out past the pool to get towels, we turned every head. We found chaises and put down our towels, took off our tank tops, and oiled up. Another intense experience that was, rubbing oil all over my hairy muscles. I was so unbelievably huge, and I loved the way it felt so much. People stared, and that made me do it more slowly, more deliberately, so they could see how much I was enjoying myself, feeling all my fabulous body hair as I rubbed, especially on my lower belly, right down to my exposed pubes, and on the hairy insides of my thighs.

Then we went to the beach. Since it was late, it wasn't all that crowded, although there were still plenty of people, especially guys alone obviously hoping to find some excitement by the famous beach by the Company House. I was ready. We walked, we ran, we jumped in the water, we generally showed off as much as we could. Guys watched every move, but they seemed to be afraid to come up to us and talk, so we smiled and nodded and said hi to encourage them that we were very, very approachable. Soon we had gathered a small crowd, five or six guys. Dad said we'd just arrived and were hoping to find some guys that might want to party with us. They took our suite number. Then we went back to the pool and went in the water there to rinse off. The pool was empty until we got in, and then, suddenly, there were guys in swimming with us. Conversation led to the fact that we were having a few guys up for a small party. They thought that was a great idea, a big get-naked party, to welcome us and show us how the Company Men liked to party, especially with hot new members.

There's no need to explain the details of the party. Joey and I were so intensely oversexed by this time that we were animals, and all these guys couldn't get enough of us. The party lasted for days, with different guys, of course, that we would go to the pool or to the beach or down to Kalakaua Avenue to find. In a matter of days we were famous as the new men on the beach. Especially when they found out how old Joey and I were. We were the toast of Hawaii. But all too soon summer ended, and Joey and I had to go back to school. We thought it would be a big drag, since we were used to our non-stop orgy, but we found a whole new world of excitement waiting for us. We were sent to a private school that received a good deal of money from the Company and ignored what we did for a living, and you can't imagine how fun it was, looking the way we did, to strut around school, showing off and seducing every guy and a lot of the teachers.

We never have got used to how we looked, and how it felt to look the way we did. That school was never the same, but that's another story. And even though we were famous, we never stopped being approachable, or looking for guys to show a really good time. So, if you're ever in Hawaii, please look us up. We know we could show you a good time, and, who knows, maybe we'll be needing some new models in our little Company. I know you'd like how you'll feel.

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