by RdyRoger

After his dick came in contact with an experimental substance, high schooler Vincent starts slowly getting bigger… first in his crotch and then other places, too. Thomas, a tall, handsome jock, likes teasing him about it at every opportunity.

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I’m Vincent. I’m in high school but I work after classes three days a week for a biotech firm not too far from my home.

What happened was this. My dick got some sort of contamination on it, I don’t know if it was a virus or a medicine, I was cleaning up, reached inside my pants to scratch my balls, finished up and went home.

Everything seemed normal for a day or two. I was horny, like always. I was hungry, like always. It was the third day at school in PE class that I first noticed my dick was bigger. It wasn’t giant, it was just a little bit bigger. Felt a bit heftier, looked about a quarter inch longer. No big deal.

Well, everything went along okay for a few days after that, until the next week, when Thomas said to me, “Whoa! When did you start packing that?”

We were in the locker room. It wasn’t any big deal. He was just teasing, using locker room banter. I looked down of course. I was holding my underwear in one hand and my cock was flaccid, hanging down. It was a bit bigger, I’ll grant you that. Nothing crazy but maybe 4” long and 6” circumference flaccid. I figured I wasn’t all the way soft so I dressed quickly. I hated popping a boner around other guys—it made my being gay so much more obvious. I thought about it for the first time though, that maybe I was gonna end up as one of the few guys with big horse dicks. What would that be like?

And yeah, when I pulled up my briefs, there was indeed a nice round curve to my package. I looked good. Although the tightness that I felt in my basket should have been a warning, but who could guess what really happened next? I did notice my little package was overfull in the tight small briefs, and the hem was pulling away from my legs, cause my package was pushing out. I figured these must have shrunk with age. They were old. Not old, but definitely not new. I figured I should get some new.

That night I was feeling horny so I jerked off, and it felt great. I mean, it usual did, but this time it was electric and the orgasm lasted a good long time. I was dry pumping for a while, my balls were so emptied! I slept good, I think.

I jerked off every night, several times some evenings, and I started to shoot a lot more than I usually did. But I didn’t really think about it. I figured my balls were just catching up with my dick. Which was just on the big side of the average scale, so that was awesome, especially as I wasn’t such a tall guy. I liked having my big 7” dick in my hand. Very hot.

It was Thomas of course who noticed I was changing. It was about two weeks later, and I had to dress in the locker room.

I heard a wolf whistle. It was Thomas. We were right back where we’d been two weeks ago. Except now my cock was definitely bigger, not quite 6” soft, but way more than 5” for sure. It was noticeable. Maybe 6.5” circumference. I was astonished, though, because when I jerked off the night before it didn’t feel any bigger to me, so maybe it grew overnight? But how could it grow from 4” flaccid to 6” flaccid overnight??

“Dang, Vincent!” said Thomas. “Now you’re packing! Or are you just getting hard for me?”

I blushed. I could easily get hard for Thomas and he knew it. He was a trim smooth sexy cocky jock man-teen stud. And he knew it! But when I pulled up my new underwear, danged if that subtle curve to the bulge wasn’t a lot more pronounced. Thomas whistled at me again. Once again I felt really tight there, and I noticed the elastic was straining to keep the fabric to my legs. Hmmm.

That night, I was 8.75” long when I was jerking off. I measured. It was big, you know, I felt like I hit the jackpot, but it was also funny because I was a quarter-inch shy of 9” for real. I laughed at myself. Most guys would kill for a cock like the one I felt throbbing and pulsing in my hand. Dang, it felt like it was growing! I actually measured again. Nope.

But It was so hot having a bigger cock. An inch can make a big difference—I know. And yes, I measured with a ruler. And now I wasn’t just an inch bigger, I was almost two inches bigger, seemingly overnight!!

So now I was ecstatic. I mean, I had a big dick. Suddenly I cared about what underwear I wore, and how my trousers and shorts were cut, and how my ass looked in my jeans, etc. Cause there was no denying it. I was one of the big boys now. Maybe a junior club member, but definitely a card-carrying member of the “Big Dick don’t you wish yours was this big? Club”. We didn’t have cards. We didn’t need them. Ha Ha.

Oh, I guess I should mention my balls had grown to 3” long at the biggest diameter. They were—pretty impressive. I’d seen bigger online on porn sites, but I’d seen bigger cocks too.

And I was only about 5’9” tall too. I really wished I was taller, just another inch, even, but… that was my height.

I was a sophomore, by the way, so it wasn’t unusual to still be a growing boy. I also had to start shaving regularly about then. And my dick looked great in my trousers. At one point my Dad said something to me about buying trousers that were cut to hide my 6” softie. I think it even looked better covered over so it kept you guessing. Ha ha.

So as usual when everything is going well, then it doesn’t. I woke up one night that week in agony. I had pain in all my muscles, even my bones had a sharp pain. I called out for my Mom because I couldn’t stand up.

She gave me some ibuprofen which dulled the pain and let me sleep. I learned pretty quickly to take a few pills before bed each night.

“Growing pains” is what the doctor diagnosed. A bit of a serious case, but with pain killers it should subside. At the end of a month of this, I was 3 inches taller. Yes, I’d popped up from 5’9” to 6’ tall. As much as I hated the experience, I liked being taller. Made me a faster runner, and my muscle filled in a little; plus I saw that my treasure trail had thickened and now there was a tiny bit of hair on my chest.

Thomas teased me about my growth, of course, but the doctor said it wasn’t uncommon for a teen to grow 2” taller in 30 days! I thought maybe I’d broken the record, but then I realised I was probably already an inch taller before the pains set in- I just didn’t know it. It was weird, because my family doesn’t have a lot of tall people in it. Or any. So at 6’ tall I was the tallest. No big deal.

Thomas was 6’4” tall. Big Tom, he was called, but not to his face. Not a giant but a giant for a sophomore. He still looked down on me by 4” so he could afford to tease me, I suppose.

The funny thing is that while all that was going on, I completely forgot about my dick. I just wasn’t in the mood because I was constantly in pain. But at the end of another month and I was feeling better, one night I got very horny and started to jerk off. Fuck me. My cock was damn big. I mean, it was more than 7” long just hanging, and it was thick. Then I got an erection for the first time in a month I think. I was well past the 10” mark on the ruler. My eyes bugged out I think as my cock continued to grow next to the ruler I held to it. 10¾ to be exact. My cock was one of the biggest I’d ever heard of or even imagined!

I did a bit of internet searching and discovered I was way bigger than the normal range. Okay. So I didn’t know what to think about that. I mean, I was bigger than 7” long soft and although soft still very thick flaccid. So that looked okay normal in the locker room. I mean, I wasn’t swinging a 12” long floppy! I have to say my erect circumference was about 7¼”. Crazy right? I jerked off a lot.

Because the other thing is my libido returned times ten. I mean, every part of me was horny. My toes were horny. My ears. I mean I was suffused with desire and anything made me think of that one thing… and then to try not to pop a full boner in my trousers at school!

So I hooked up with some guys. I thought, you know, we’ll make out a bit, and then we can jerk off together, or maybe do some oral… and the next thing I knew I was buying Trojan XXL condoms. I mean, they fit. Condoms are expensive for a teenager, you know?

So I go into the CVS and I have to ask them to unlock the cabinet which is mortifying enough, and then I take the XXL condoms up and set them down at the register and the guy who’s there sees what I’m buying and smirks, like he thinks I’m buying the wrong size, you know, and then he glances down at my crotch and that wipes the smile off of his face and suddenly I’ve got a big smile.

See, I was leaning forward onto the counter, and it was just right under my dick height on my body, so without knowing it my entire package was innocently thrust forward over the counter edge all sorta just laying there looking big and impressive. I stepped back and I could feel my huge nuts and cock fall down inside my slacks. I didn’t watch it, I felt it while I watched the counter clerk’s face watching my crotch. This soon became one of my favourite pastimes, just showing off a bit, and watching the expression on people’s faces. Especially gay men. That was fun.

So then just as I was about to leave the store, I asked the clerk if they had XXXL size condoms if these are too small?

“I would write to the manufacturer and ask…” he said faintly.

“Good idea,” I said, “Thanks!”

I knew that I was getting taller and maturing and so on, and I knew I had a big dick, maybe even a really big dick, but I didn’t think there was anything not normal about any of it.

The first inkling I had that things were off was when I was dressing a couple of weeks later and I noticed my pants leg cuffs on my ankle were like two inches too short.

The second inkling I had was when I went to PE class and Thomas was there and I was almost as tall as him. Not quite, but close.

The third inkling I had was when I was dressing and Thomas looked down and blurted out, “Vin… your cock is huge!”

“What, again?” I thought he was joking but he was staring.

I looked down. My flaccid cock was hanging about 9” and thick as a coke can. What happened to my 7” flaccid junk? and then Thomas said, “And your balls are huge, dude.”

That was a succinct summation. I looked down and, yes, my balls were huge, dude. Wow. I’d been getting taller and bigger and just didn’t notice it although I wondered if it didn’t happen to grow very fast like in the last day or so? Did this happen since last night? It must have grown very fast overnight.

Anyways, I was going online, and hooking up, you know, and I always thought that I wouldn’t go too far with anyone, but the next thing I knew they saw my “Oh my God your cock is huge!” dick and demanded I fuck them. I certainly had the stamina. But like I said, the condoms are expensive for teenagers.

I tried not to permanently wreck anyone’s ass when I was fucking them. They sure seemed to enjoy it, even if it hurt a bit. I was happy to help. Anyways I was getting more hair on my belly and chest, and arms and legs… had to shave every day now too. My 9” flaccid cock topped out at 13”, and I let a lot of my internet dates measure it. They really enjoyed that, the size queens. Sometimes I had to ghost people who wouldn’t leave me alone.

Thomas never made a move, but was always complimenting and teasing me.

It was about six weeks later and I was 6’6” tall when I started to wonder. See, my cock continued to grow a bit, but I started to get nightly fevers. I could feel it burning in my muscles as I lay in bed. I took a giant box fan into my room, slept only in my underwear, and blasted my body with the cooling air so I could sleep. My grades sucked because I was always feeling sick or sleepy or starving. I did go to the gym which was now my safe space. I’d push a lot of weight, which made me feel good, but only for a few hours. I wasn’t dating anyone. This went on for a couple of months before I started to feel better. Then one day it happened. I was at the gym and for once was feeling okay.

Thomas was around and he actually gasped when we were changing in the locker room. I tried to change fast, but it was hard manuevering that jockstrap over my thighs and I was always feeling clumsy cause I was not used to being so tall. So I thought Thomas was teasing, which I didn’t mind, but I looked down and I had 11” swinging soft, thicker than a coke can, and my balls had expanded a lot. Like another inch in diameter. or more. This was crazy I knew the night before I was 9” soft!!! And my balls weren’t this big. I could almost feeling my cock and balls pulsing bigger. I knew I was imagining it.

“Vin you are …..” Thomas said.

“Bigger than average.” I finished for him.

He whistled. “Vin that is a giant cock! Does it get hard?”

“Yes, it works just fine!” I pulled up the jockstrap, packed my balls and cock into it, and pulled up the gym shorts.

Later I grabbed two protein shakes at the juice bar and was working on finishing the second when I saw him. This tall muscle stud across the gym floor. Dude was jacked! Arms, chest, ass, legs were huge, and I started to wander over to see the new guy. I was just gonna do a drive by check him out but he was heading my way. I got to within thirty feet of the guy, He was even more impressive up close. Huge dick bulge too, his trailed down his gym shorts almost to the leg hem. Then I stopped in my tracks and so did he. We stared at each other for a second. Dude had major pec cleavage. But something wasn’t right. My brain did this flip and I realised I was staring at this stud in the mirror, I was looking at my reflection. I freaked a bit, I admit it.

See in my head I was 5’9” still, and I knew I had a big dick but I didn’t realise how much it showed. Well it was big. But I thought it was big when I was naked big, not big as fuck 60 feet across the gym floor in a jockstrap and training shorts huge big! But I also thought of myself as a teenager, but I was looking at a fully mature muscle man in the reflection. I flexed my arms. I couldn’t believe it. I mean I knew I had been making gains but I didn’t know I’d been making gains.

Right then Thomas slapped his hand on my shoulder and asked how my workout was going and I should stop staring at myself in the mirror.



“I had no idea I looked like this.” I said.

“I know, you’re adorable.” He laughed. “I wondered when you were gonna figure it out.”

So that meant measurements. I was just over 6’6” tall, and I weighed an astonishing 265. I must be pretty dense to weigh that, I mean, I was hugely muscled but not like a cheap internet morph. Last time I’d even thought to check was about a year ago when I was barely 5’9” tall and 127 wringing wet.

Upper arms were 22”. I didn’t know they got that big. I was tall so it didn’t look ridiculous.

I sat down by the juice bar and Thomas ordered himself a smoothie. As I sat there I realised as people came and went they all stared at me until l looked at them and then they looked away quickly with that thousand-yard stare people do when you catch them staring. Well, I guess it had been going on for a while. But I noticed that they looked at my upper body, which was huge, then my crotch, and then finally my face.

“Having body image issues?” Thomas plopped down across from me at the table.

“Sudden screaming fits of what the fuck is more like it. Last night I was hanging 9” soft like I have been for the last 4 weeks!”

“You really weren’t paying attention the last 4 weeks? No one grows like that overnight.”

“I’ve been feeling so lousy I really didn’t.”

“Hysterical. But now you’re feeling better?”

“Well, sort of like I’m more adjusted to it. But I’m only 17 years old and I look 27.”

“Uhh… not really. No one looks like you do at any age. You’re an outlier.”

“Oh, is that what I am?”


“Once I look that word up you’re gonna be in trouble.”

“It just means you’re unique!”

“I’m unique with a 10-inch soft cock!”

“Liar! I saw you getting dressed in the locker room. You’re swinging something like 11 inches soft and you know it.”

It was true so I didn’t have anything to say in rebuttal. Thomas just laughed and said to me finally something I didn’t know.

“Stop teasing me. You know I’ve been crushing on you for two years.”


“Oh, come on. I mean how can you not notice how hard I’ve been hitting on you? Then you started to grow up huge and I realised you were outta my league. But just friends is cool. I can live with that.” He stood up to exit.


He froze.

“Would you please go out on a date with me?”

He looked at me with tears in his eyes but his voice was calm and he said, “Sure, that’d be cool. Chinese or Thai or?”

“Whatever you like.”

So then we started to argue about what restaurant, I mean, who had to choose, but I forced Thomas to pick. It was Indian. Which was cool. Turned out I liked Indian. But I guess I even liked the company more.

But I was getting ahead of myself. We waited two whole days to go on our date, for Friday night. I made sure we had reservations. I went and bought new clothes so I had something that fit well.

We met at his place and I drove. Fortunately it was a good day I didn’t feel so tired. His lips tasted like sandalwood or something when I kissed him later that night.

His hands were all over my new clothes. I was wearing a button down striped dark purple shirt and black stretch slacks. Simple, elegant, a bit bold. His hands were on my pecs, which he was feeling through my shirt. I admit it felt good. We’d walked out late onto the pier and found a bench.

Thomas giggled just a bit. I was very self-conscious, so I asked, “Why are you laughing?”

“Because I’m happy. I’m on a dream date with the hottest guy at school. Hell, the hottest guy in California.”

I realised he was sincere. I thought to myself I might have to get used to getting compliments.

“Hey, thank you, but you’re wrong,” I said.

“What?” Thomas looked worried for a second.

I’m on a date with the hottest guy at school, so you must be wrong.”

“You like me? The way I look?”

“No, I really like the way you look. You go to the gym and take care of your body and you’re handsome and kind and a good friend and you even insisted on leaving an extra tip for the waiter.”

“So, money, that’s it, you’re after my tip money?”

“I’ll show you what I’m after.”

And then I kissed him very thoroughly with complete attention to him and I could feel him melt and fit next to me like he was made for that one thing only.

Later before we left the pier and “our bench” Thomas put his hands on my shoulders and looked at me again.



“You knew I was going on a date with you. You didn’t have to wear such tight clothing! I don’t know how you buttoned this shirt across this chest.”

He was right. The shirt was tighter than I realised. All my clothing was tight, but on my big muscles, it was to be expected. Although I remembered the shirt being more voluminous.

So no, we didn’t have sex that night, or the next, or the next. The fourth date we had a lot of sex but here’s the thing. I’d gone out with all those hookup dates and I didn’t care. With Thomas I wanted it to be right.

I was trying on shirts at home and nothing fit. There was that purple shirt. I pulled it on and the sleeve ripped over my upper arms. I tried to button it across my chest but I couldn’t get the button and buttonhole within two inches of each other. Five nights earlier this had fit me fine. I know.

I fortunately had time go buy a shirt that fit, it was just a powder blue but it matched my eyes and my color selections were limited at my new size.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Later back at Thomas’, his parents being gone for an overnight trip, We undressed each other.

He was beautiful.

He seemed to like me as well. When we got down to just our underwear we jumped in bed.. After a while of making out my cock was well on its way to a full erection, and Thomas was already hard as fuck with his 7-plus inches. So I peeled his underwear down and then he returned the favour.

“Holy fuck—your cock is huge!” said Thomas. He seemed surprised, but yes, I had a pretty big erection there. Then he put his hand on my cock. I put my hand on his cock.

“No, holy fuck your cock is huge!” I said to Thomas.

“Not like yours!”

“Yours is perfect.”

“You like it?”

“It’s beautiful, man.”

I was a bit self-conscious again. Having a 15” boner can do that. I wasn’t even all the way hard, and Thomas was massaging my massively thick root. “I’m sorry I’m such a freak,” I said.

Thomas just sorta did that little gasp of frustration he does when I say something dumb.

“Vin, you may not know this but I’m a complete size queen and you are my dream fantasy muscle horse hung stud!”

I was stunned. I believed him. He liked me the way I was.

“I—I didn’t know.” I said.

“I always liked you because I like you. But now not only do I get the man that I like I also get the man that I like the way I like him.”

“As long as you’re happy.”

“I like that you’re taller and stronger than me. Every day everyone expects me to be the big tough guy. But with you… I feel so safe in your arms.” He took the moment of stunned silence to step up to me and hug me. I finally got the idea and wrapped my huge arms around him.

“Squeeze me tight,” he said. So I did. “Not quite that tight,” he groaned.


“Don’t ever be sorry with me,” Tom said.

Our dicks were pressed together, and it felt good, my 15” against his almost 8” cock. He was naturally gifted you know. We both were, or so I thought. I looked down at him in my arms. I kinda blinked. I mean, I was about 2½” taller than Tom, but I seemed to be looking down on him from a much higher vantage. I mean, my eyes were about 5 or 6 inches taller than his eyes, it seemed. He had to look up to look at my face. I had to lean forward and down just a bit to kiss his lips. “Jesus,” said Tom. “How big are you gonna get?”

“I’m almost a Junior. So I’m probably done with my growth.”

“Right…” said Thomas. He did not sound convinced.

“But I’m gonna keep lifting,” I told him. “Seems this guy I like has a thing for muscle.”

He had the decency to blush. So cute! I flexed my bicep in his face and he kissed it and felt it and I flexed it tight. He shuddered and just about swooned right then.

Okay, so I was 6’10” tall. No big deal. Barely NBA height, you know? It was the other two things that really had me worried. And then the other other two things. See, my dick was suddenly bigger again a couple weeks later. About 16”. Soft it was a 12” floppy. I guess I ended up with one after all. But the thing is the other other thing was my muscles. I just kept piling on the muscle. I was completely ripped, my metabolism burned any fat to shreds. I weighed myself at 325 pounds at 6’10” tall. And my muscles were still growing. I could feel the burn in my muscle if I was sitting quietly or laying in bed at night. I talked to the other lifters at the gym, they didn’t experience anything like I did, but one older guy said it sounded like when he’d really been juicing when he was in his early 20’s. So I guess I had a naturally high steroid or testosterone or whatever level.

I thought about stopping the exercising but my body couldn’t tolerate it. I felt weak and feverish the one night when I didn’t work out. I could feel this incredible craving in my muscles and it even seemed to spread to my bones again.

I mention two sets of things… muscle and cock, and the other set was my balls. Which had kinda been small compared to my cock, no surprise, but they got sore and started to grow bigger pretty fast. I mean, they’d been kinda big normal I guess for the size of my cock, but two weeks after our sex date they were each a couple inches wider. My scrotum was full and churning and I have to say it was hot.

So that night when I didn’t work out, I grabbed a handful of painkillers and knocked them back. They worked, I finally slept under the big fan at the foot of my bed. I kinda had nightmare dreams that night, you know, almost waking up, my bones on fire, my muscles burning, the worst case of blue balls you can imagine, and it was like a sleep paralysis. I’d almost wake, then thrash a bit, then fall back to sleep for an hour until the next wave hit me.

The next morning I woke feeling like I really really really needed to go to the gym. I decided to skip school and I dressed in baggy basketball shorts and an 3XL muscle tee which seemed a bit tight, like it had shrunk a bit in the drier, but anyways I got in my car. slid the seat back a couple more inches, and headed to the gym. I was almost delirious when I walked in I was so happy. I immediately went to the Smith machine and loaded 6 plates on each side and started doing squats and deadlifts alternating set. The weight felt good but a bit light and I hadn’t even warmed up. So I loaded up two more plates on each side and that gave me something to push against. It felt so good. I kept working out, I had to use barbells for curls and tricep extensions and overhead presses, none of the machines or dumbbells were heavy enough, but the heavy compound moves were just what the doctor ordered. I worked until I was covered in a river of sweat and finally felt tired. My muscles and my bones felt better, even my junk stopped aching.

I walked over to stand in front of the cold air return with a handful of paper towels which I sopped up my sweat with. I stood there with the cold air blowing on me, drying off, and it felt great. Finally I felt recovered. I was going to go buy my usual 4 protein shakes at the juice bar, but when I turned, my shirt ripped. I heard it. Weird! I thought. Because this was an 3XL stringer muscle tee. I had purchased a few 4XL and 5XL, but those were too big. I turned to the mirror and my shorts ripped up the sides. My baggy basketball shorts were overstuffed with my quads. Weird, I mean, you know, I didn’t think that nylon shrank but I guess my sweat drenching it and the cold air shrank it. No big deal, I had a couple extra of everything in my gym bag.

I got in the shower and I turned the water to just barely warm and then I started drinking. The little stream from the drinking fountains wasn’t enough for me and it took forever and people had to wait so I just rehydrated in the shower. So I drank like 14 gallons of water- I’m kidding… it just felt like it but finally my thirst abated and I turned the water hot and sprayed my muscles. It was good to feel normal again you know? I had to duck under the shower head, the one in this stall was shorter even than normal. I should probably use the hand sprayer in the handicap stall I was thinking.

Finally I turned off the water and towelled down. It took me longer these days to dry myself. Hah! The hairy legs didn’t help either! My chest was still smooth but I had a treasure trail running up my abs that was threatening to turn into a forest. Ha ha.

I walked out into the locker room area, it was really empty because it was after 10am on a weekday, so I took a moment to check myself out in the mirror. I had a huge pump from my workout so my arms and chest and ass looked huge. My quads were as usual threatening to get so big I couldn’t walk straight, but even they looked pumped.

I walked to my locker and I noticed something. I used one of the top lockers ‘cause I was so tall, but I didn’t think I was as tall as the whole locker rack. It felt like… suddenly I kinda lost balance for a second and I felt myself stretching taller. I saw the locker in front of my nose going down like an elevator. Only I was going up! It stopped after a few minutes. I turned and looked into the mirror. I was definitely taller. Inches taller. I walked to the scale. I was 7’1” tall. Two days ago I’d been 6’10”. Now I weighed 385. That was huge. I was scared then I think for the first time, because I didn’t know how long this was going to continue and I had no control over it.

When I was sorting my clothes I looked at the torn stringer muscle tee that I’d worn today. It wasn’t an XXL. it was a 3XL. and that was too small on my body. I grabbed the 4XL I’d purchased and pulled it on. It was a bright red, so not inconspicuous. Not that I ever was. And it was tight on my body. My lats were threatening to split the shirt up the sides and my pecs were so big even the stringer straps were tight and ready to burst. I realised I had no other shirts that could possibly fit me so I went shopping at the big and tall men’s store.

That day when I went to work the company was suddenly out of business. The HR guy looked at me, blinked, but handed me a couple weeks’ severance pay.

I only had one button down shirt that fit, I took to wearing huge tee shirts or muscle t’s. People made a scene if I did that though. I mean, more so that usual. And I never took a rest day. too much growth if I did.

Now I was gonna need another job. But I was gonna see Thomas so that was great. That night Tom measured me. he liked that. My cock was now 13 fat inches soft and almost 18 inches hard. My arms were 26”.

When we’d cum about 7 times… okay, I came 7 times, Tom came twice, I was laying with Tom and he told me. “My dick is about an inch longer today than it was yesterday. And yeah I measured. So whatever you got… might be contagious!

I thought for a while about all the guys I’d fucked but I wore condoms until Tom and I were exclusive. “Hey, it’s okay, I will still feel the same about you!”

“I know… it’s just…”


“I was almost a foot taller than you before your dick started to grow. And my dick was big already… what if I grow proportionally?”

“That’s just more of you to love!”

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Magic eye by RdyRoger Once he found out the secret of magic growing things suddenly seemed really easy for Al, until the day he was startled by Turner while he was staring deep into his hot friend, Tony. 7 parts 21k words Added Aug 2019 Updated 21 Sep 2019 22k views 4.8 stars (17 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Cock Shrinking•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Getting Taller•Size Decrease•Size Increase•Lycra/Spandex •t/t

The professor of reality by RdyRoger Max’s friend’s boss, the Professor, has been experimenting with making changes to reality, but when he tries to solve Max’s problems with his undersized equipment things get a little out of hand. 2 parts 9,489 words Added Dec 2017 16k views 4.6 stars (11 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase •M/M

Figurines by RdyRoger A pair of bracelets let the wearer gain the proportions and attributes of any figurine you pick up. Once you understand that, you start to realize there are some very well-built figurines out there... 4 parts 9,284 words Added Feb 2009 36k views 4.6 stars (27 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cum•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Increased Libido•Getting Handsomer•Size Decrease•Size Increase•Race/Ethnicity Change•Hair Growth/Getting Hairy•Tongue Growth•Dildos/Toys

John the wizard by RdyRoger John is a wizard and likes helping out his friends—usually in ways that involve none-too-subtle increases in height, equipment size, and muscle. 7 parts 24k words Added Dec 2017 Updated 7 Sep 2019 43k views 4.5 stars (23 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Hyper Cum•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Foot Growth•Getting Handsomer•Gradual Change•Getting Taller•Size Increase•Hair Growth/Getting Hairy•Suggestion•Witch/Warlock/Wizard •M/M

Morphogenic steroids by RdyRoger Rod’s dad is working on a new technology that makes small things bigger and big things huge, with incredible implications for food supplies and beyond—only it only lasts for five hours. Rod figures being bigger for five hours… that would be pretty awesome. 4 parts 15k words Added Oct 2019 26k views 4.5 stars (13 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Self-suck•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Increased Libido•Gradual Change•Getting Taller•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase•Hair Growth/Getting Hairy•Infectious

Cody and Todd by klj Little green pills lead to roommate fun. 2,654 words Added Jun 2005 22k views 5.0 stars (14 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Cum inflation•Straight to Gay•Increased Libido •M/M

The four jocks: The loft by BRK A quartet of very attractive clothing and fitness models sharing a loft try the transformation game during a power blackout, and are soon filled with awe at what they’re doing to themselves and each other as they play. 2 parts 9,337 words Added Dec 2013 17k views 5.0 stars (8 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Multicock•Multilimb•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Getting Taller•Size Increase•Complete •M/M•M/M/M/...

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