Corruption of the satyrs

by Quick Master

Markus the satyr works to corrupt the local humans of Greece to turn them into agents of love and lust.

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You are Markus, a satyr of the hidden forest Lemuria. You are looking for human men to corrupt and join your satyr tribe. You enter the forest and feel the wind against your furry, muscular body. You hear yelling up ahead.

“Come on! We need more men!”

The humans are fighting each other with spears and bows. They have no idea that you are coming. The satyrs see an opportunity to take advantage of the situation.

“Let’s get them all.”

You run through the trees and into the fray. You swing your club as hard as you can at one of the humans, but it is not enough to hit him.

He dodges and swings his sword. Your arm hurts from the impact, but you continue swinging. A spear flies past your head and splatters in the mud. You try to catch it, but miss completely.

A human warrior steps forward with a bow in hand.

“Why do you fight us? We are not involved in human war.”

The man stares at you with an angry glare. He wears silver armor and a helmet with a bull’s face on the front. “You are satyr. That is reason enough.” He notches another arrow as he prepares to fire.

You hold out your hand and speak the ancient druidic words that freeze him in his path.

The words of power escape from your lips, and the archer is immediately stopped in his tracks. His face is locked in an angry snarl, his hand tight on the bowstring, arrow notched and ready to fly into your chest… but he cannot move.

“Do you yield?”

you demand, raising your club into a striking position.

“This is not over, satyr,” he snarls. “I will hunt you down.”

You laugh.

You go up to the man and stare into his handsome, angry eyes as he stands there immobile.

You walk up to the man and stare into his eyes, which burn with anger. He is handsome, for a human. A longsword hangs by his side, and his silver armor has been polished until it shines.

You flex your pectorals for the human, making him stare at your muscular chest.

He seems to like what he sees, but the glare remains on his face. You lean in and sniff him; human sweat, horse leather, steel, and unwashed human. Human musk.

“Release me, satyr!” the man demands.

You stroke the human’s stubbled chin before you kiss him on the lips.

You feel him try to pull away, but the spell holds him still. Your lips push past his, and your tongues wrestle. You can taste his rage, his disgust. The kiss lasts for a few moments, before you finally release him from your magic hold.

“Did you like that? Maybe if you and your fellow soldiers knew love instead of war, you could taste that every day.”

The man spits at your feet. “Filthy satyr! We will drive your kind into the sea for what you’ve done!” He struggles in his place, but the magic holds him firm.

You grope at the man’s loins.

You reach down and rub at the man’s groin, all tired and macho as he is, he still gets hard. You chuckle and whisper “Do you like that?” before kissing him again. He struggles against his bindings, but he cannot resist your charms.

You fondle yourself under your loincloth as you thrust out your shoulders, flexing your abs.

The man watches you with growing interest as you strip off your loincloth, exposing your erect manhood to the cool air. You flex your muscles, from your bicep to your abdominals. The man’s eyes are fixed on you, and his gaze is… hungry?

You slowly stroke your cock, thick precum drooling from your fat cockhead, encased in a hood of foreskin.

You slowly wrap your fingers around your throbbing manhood. You slide your fingers up along the underside of your prick, smearing thick drool around under your prepuce, before they reach the glans.

There’s a slight pause, as your fingers run over the sensitive ridge of your glans, before you start moving your hand back down, back inside your hood. You pause as your fingers reach the end of your prick, the end of your wet, sticky prepuce.

You gather some of your precum and feed it to the frozen human soldier.

You reach over with your hand, collecting a drop of thick precum that’s leaked out of your glans, and hold it up to the human’s mouth. “Eat,” you command. The man’s face twists, but he opens his mouth slightly, letting your finger enter his mouth.

He closes his lips around your finger, sucking gently as he lets out a low moan. He starts sucking, before the spell takes hold, and he’s frozen in place. You gently take your finger out of his mouth, and smile.

You wonder what else you could do to this man?

You stare into his eyes, your animal charm reducing him to a lustful haze.

You could use him as your lust toy.

Or you could release him. It’s up to you.

“Go and find the other soldiers.”

The human soldier stands there, nodding as he listens. He turns, not bothering to grab any of his weapons or armor, and walks away from the camp at a slow pace. You watch him go, before you climb down from the tree and head back towards the village.

You go to look for Arthos and Urthos, the twin satyr brothers. They are usually found lounging around or making merry with other satyrs.

You find them with a group of other satyrs, near a wooden water trough.

“Brother!” you call out to Urthos. “I have news!”

Both of the twins turn and smile at you.

Arthos is swarthy, his long hair reaching his broad shoulders. He stretches out on the mossy ground, his muscles in stark relief against his auburn body hair.

Urthos stands, drinking a skin of wine as he looks at you with half lidded eyes. He is lean, but defined, his curly brown hair wrapping around his horns.

You settle down next to Arthos, laying on the ground with him.

He wraps one of his beefy arms around you, and the two of you look up at the stars as you begin to tell your tale of the human soldier you entranced earlier today.

“And then I said, ‘go and find the other soldiers’.”

Both of your brothers laugh as you finish your tale.

“You’re getting better at that, little one,” Urthos says, ruffling your hair with his hoof.

“Who are you calling little? I am larger than you.”

You point at Urthos, poking him in his lean chest. He laughs, ruffling your hair again. “Alright, Little One.”

You settle down next to Arthos, the two of you staring up at the stars.

You begin to play with Arthos’s long goatee. You feel jealous of its length compared to your short beard.

“When will my beard be as long as yours?” you ask.

Arthos chuckles, wrapping his other arm around you. “I don’t know, Little One.”

You snuggle up against Arthos, laying your head on his chest and closing your eyes.

You begin to play with Arthos’s nipples.

They’re small and hard, like chocolate chips. You begin to trace the contours of his muscles with your fingertips, slowly tracing them. You move your hands down to his abs, feeling their outline under his fur. You lean forward and kiss his abs, as he wraps his arms around you.

He smells of sweat and the forest flowers.

You can feel your maleness swelling.

“Oh… I see someone is ready,” Arthos says, his voice thick with lustful hunger.

You blush, feeling yourself blush as you stare at the stars.

“I’m ready…”

You feel hands on your shoulders as you are pushed gently down. You kneel between Arthos’s legs, staring at his member. It’s thick and long, and the head is a dark, almost bruised looking purple.

You lick at his cock head and taste his precum.

You lean forward, your tongue pressing against his purple head. The taste is rich and full, unlike anything you’ve tasted before. It’s like a steak in it’s richness, but there’s also an odd taste, almost sour and bitter.

You dig your tongue into his foreskin, tasting his sweat.

You can feel a thick liquid coating your tongue, an unusual taste filling your mouth. You open your mouth wider, taking as much of his head into your mouth as you can.

You play with his hefty balls, rolling them around in your fingers.

You take your mouth of his member, licking at it like a popsicle as your hands squeeze and massage his heavy nuts. You blush as you stare up at him from between his legs.

“The little one is hungry tonight,” Arthos says, grinning.

You lean forward, taking his head back into your mouth. You press your lips tightly against the skin of his prick, twirling your tongue around the taste filling your mouth. You can feel a thin strand of spit and precum dangling from your bottom lip as you pull back.

You stand up and kiss Arthos, rubbing your hand in his ample chest hair.

He presses his lips against yours, his thick tongue rolling out to invade your mouth. You part your lips, your tongue meeting his as you taste the strange flavor again.

You kiss him harder, massaging his chest.

He reaches a hand down, his fingers wrapping around your throbbing manhood, pumping it slowly as you moan into his kiss.

“Lie down, Little One,” Arthos whispers, kissing down your jaw and onto your neck.

You lie down on the thick fur of the hide, the scent of wood and earth filling your nostrils.

Arthos kneels next to you, staring down at you with a hungry gaze. He leans forward, wrapping his lips around your right nut, sucking on it.

You moan and hump your cock into Arthos’s face as he sucks on your nuts.

He grabs your other ball with his right hand, gently squeezing it as he lets it slip from his mouth with a wet pop. He kisses the top of your nuts before moving upwards, peppering little kisses around your right groin before reaching your belly.

He plants a long, slow kiss on your abs, moving upwards.

He kisses the side of your throat, moving up to kiss you on the lips. His hands move down to your thighs, grabbing them and spreading your legs.

Urthos approaches, stroking his cock as he languidly bends down to meet you and his brother.

He smiles, lining up his manhood with your open mouth.

“Clean us both,” Arthos says, thrusting gently forward into your mouth.

You moan loudly as you feel both of their heads slide past your lips.

You wrap your hands around the base of their members, gently pumping as their pricks hole your mouth. You swirl your tongue around Arthos’s head, gently caressing him.

Arthos lets out a groan of pleasure, gently pressing forward.

Urthos laughs, his cock drizzling precum onto your short beard as he strokes his shaft.

Arthos begins to rock his hips, gently sliding in and out of your mouth. You grab his powerful thighs with your hands, your lips locked firmly around his member.

You can feel his fat head sliding past your lips with each thrust, the taste of his meat coating your tongue.

Arthos grabs your head as he begins to thrust in and out with increased fervor. He begins to turn red, his speed increasing as he begins to near his climax.

The pressure building at the base of his member sends his sweet fluids down your throat. You let it coat your tongue, the rich taste filling your mouth and sending a shudder down your spine.

You stand up and kiss Urthos, sharing his brother’s cum with him as you jerk him off.

He lets out a moan, his sticky fluids splashing against your fingers and his own stomach.

You smile as you collapse backwards onto the furs. Arthos collapses on top of you, kissing you on the mouth as he wraps his arms around you.

“Now that I’ve done something for you two, will you help me with the soldiers? We could always use more brothers in our clan.”

“You have our word,” Arthos says.

“Good,” you say.

You lie back and fall asleep, the smile never leaving your face.

The morning dawn comes to light the satyr grove. You feel the warm breath of Arthos on your face, his massive arms pinning you to the ground in his sleep. You feel warm and content.

This is where you were meant to be.

You slip out of Arthos’s arms and poke him in the ass with your hoof.

“It’s time to visit the encampment,” you say.

Arthos rolls over and smiles at you, his hand resting on your hip as he pulls you in close for a kiss.

“Let’s go,” he says.

You take your spear and head out into the woods with Arthos and Urthos.

You use your keen sense of smell to find the human from before resting under a tree. He has removed his armor, revealing the effects of your cum. He has begun to turn into a satyr himself in his sleep. Curly fur erupts all over his sinewy body, his exposed endowment large and fully erect in his slumber. Precum drips down his erect dick and onto his thick-cut muscles.

You smile and kneel down to begin sucking off the sleeping new satyr.

The soldier moans and humps into your mouth involuntarily, his cock slowly growing as you work your magic.

As it grows, it begins to curve upwards, into your mouth. You moan in pleasure as it touches the back of your throat.

“We have to go,” Arthos says anxiously, as his brother strokes his own erection a few feet away.

You put the whole of the new satyr’s cock down your throat as he cums with a shudder, waking him up.

He lets out a gasp as his eyes roll into the back of his head.

“Hey! What’s going… oh god!” he grunts as you dig your fingernails into his hips and slide your mouth up and down his length.

“You have been reborn as a creature of the glade. I name you Nalus. You will be vital to our group from now on. “

You stand up, turning to face the soldier as you smile. He looks at you with confusion and fear on his face. He shuffles back on his hands and butt, scared of what is about to happen to him.

“What’s happening? I feel weird,”

You help him to his feet, his legs unsteady on his new hooves. You stroke his face, trying to calm him down.

“It’s okay, you’re changing. It’ll be painful at first, but you’re strong. You can do it.”

He nods his head and smiles as you embrace him. His hands rub your backside, and he lets out an excited gasp.

You kiss him to welcome him as a new satyr brother.

The kiss deepens as he pushes you up against a tree, his hands all over you. You can feel his arousal bulging in the confines of his pants.

The other two start to get impatient, so you push Nalus back.

“Enough for now. Let’s go find your comrades and change them.”

“Okay,” he says eagerly. “I’m ready, let’s go!”

He follows you and your brothers into the forest. You all stand at the edge of the camp, not far from where your first human was taken.

You see several humans at a morning camp fire, enjoying a meal of rations. You lick your lips at the potential of changing them, too.

“So, who wants to go first?” you ask.

“I will,” Nalus says, pressing his hand up against a tree. He uses it to pull himself up onto his new hooves, standing tall.

“I feel like… I was meant to be this way.”

You smile and kiss him once more. His horns have fully grown in, leaving him with two curved ivory horns now present.

You pull a pair of pan pipes off of your belt and begin to play them, leading your satyr brothers behind you in a march towards the campfire.

The humans look up, startled by your appearance. They grab their swords and begin to yell, standing up.

“What the… get ’em!” one of them yells.

You continue to play your satyr song, and the humans become entranced by the rhythm.

Their eyes glaze over and they begin to dance, forgetting about you completely.

Nalus lets out a grunt as he charges forward and head-butts a soldier, sending him reeling backwards.

“A little aggressive, huh? “

“It was they or us,” he says. “These humans would have killed us all sooner or later.”

You pat him on the shoulder and move forward to join the fight.

You find the largest of the soldiers and begin to grope his chest muscles.

He lets out a grunt as you do so, standing still and shrugging off the blows from his fellow soldiers.

“Hey! Stop that!”

You let out a laugh and move back to watch the fight. It’s not long before your brothers have dispatched all of the humans.

The humans lay in a hazy heap, smiles on their faces as their cocks tent in their armor.

“Come on, it’s time to do the ritual,” you say.

You walk to the center of the camp, looking around for a likely candidate. One of your brothers picks up a nearby soldier and brings him over.

“This one,” he says.

You stroke yourself, bringing your big cock to full mast. It begins to drip with clear fluid, ready to be fed to the soldier.

“Open wide,” you say, leaning in.

The soldier does as he’s told, opening his mouth to accept your offering. You push your hips forward, forcing your glans past his lips and into his mouth.

He gags slightly, before beginning to slide further down.

“Mmmm… that’s it… take it deep,” you say.

Once your entire length has entered his throat, you hold it there, blocking his breathing.

After a few seconds, you release, sliding back out. You let the soldier fall to the ground before looking at your brothers.

They are beginning to turn the other soldiers into satyrs themselves.

You grab another one, forcing your member down his throat to release more of your seed, before passing him on to your brothers. You carry on until all of the men are transformed, laying exhausted upon the ground.

“Now that we’re all satyrs, we can really enjoy this forest,”

The new satyrs rise from the ground, observing their new forms and getting used to their new way of walking upon hooves.

You stand proudly among them, ready to lead your brethren to a life of sexual freedom.

“I think I see a town just over that ridge,” you say, pointing. “Let’s head over there. I’m sure we’ll have fun.”

“For the satyr!”

The new satyrs are named Boros, Thros, and Calthos.

They seem like fun guys.

“Let’s go, my horny brothers. We have some drinking to do!”

You set off towards the town, your hooves quickly carrying you over the tree line and onto the dirt road.

You put your arm around Arthos, nuzzling his neck.

Arthos kisses you on the cheek and holds your hand as you walk.

“I think we’re going to have a great time in this forest,” he says.

Urthos is playing with the new satyrs, wrestling with them.

The satyrs go bare-chested in their new forms, sweating as Urthos challenges them.

You stop, leaning against a tree as you watch them. They’re like children.

“Come on! I bet I can take all of you!” Urthos yells.

“Give it up, man. You’re drunk,” Arthos says.

You uncouple yourself from Arthos and raise your arms to join in the wrestling match. Boros, the largest of the new satyrs, faces off with you, his broad arms gleaming with sweat as he braces himself on the dirt road.

“Oh, I’m gonna enjoy this,” he laughs.

Boros charges forward, swinging his shoulder into your stomach. He connects, but the blow is cushioned by your fat, which just pushes back at him.

You tense up your abs as you resist Boros’s attempts to knock out your wind.

His strength is impressive, but you’ve got much more stamina than he does. You grab his wrist, pulling him forward and tossing him to the ground.

He drops to his knees, giving you an opening for a punch.

You swing, but Boros rolls with the hit, quickly getting back to his feet.

You get back up, leaning forward and bracing yourself for another charge. This time, you hold your ground as the satyr charges.

You brace yourself as Boros charges you.

You stand your ground as Boros throws himself forward, barreling into your stomach.

You grunt as you take the hit, but manage to stay on your feet. Taking advantage of his momentum, you swing your shoulder into Boros’s chest.

“You’re a good fighter, Boros. Were you on the front lines of your past life? Or were you a lowly pikeman?”

“You could say that,” Boros says. “I was a mercenary in my past life. I was a general, leading armies into battle.”

“General Boros, huh? That’s pretty impressive.

You pummel Boros, who heaves as he endures your attacks. He grabs your shoulders and attempts to strongarm you to the ground.

However, you manage to stay on your feet.

He seems tired. You could end it right here and now with a couple quick moves, but something’s stopping you.

You see Boros’s face blush and his legs maneuver around the tent in his shorts.

“Getting excited, are we?” you tease.

Before you know it, Boros has lifted you in the air. You manage to stay on your feet, but he’s got you over his shoulder. His free hand grabs at your waistband.

“I think it’s about time I started attacking,” Boros says.

Boros shucks your loincloth, exposing your half hard cock to the air. The audience of satyr-soldiers shouts in excitement. Some are fondling themselves as they watch you spar.

“All right, all right. I’m ready,” you say.

Boros drops you, sending you to your hands and knees. You prepare to mount an offense, but you see Boros’s heavy foot coming for your head.

You roll out of the way, your hard cock sticking out like a rudder towards Boros. He, too, shucks his lower armor, standing wide-stanced with his mighty erect cock and his low-hanging balls as a beacon of his battle-lust.

You slowly stand up from the ground, your heart beating all the way from your sore shoulders to your throbbing cock.

Boros glares at you, raising his chiseled arms up to grab you.

“I’ll break your arms,” Boros says.

Boros grabs you by the shoulders, lifting you off of the ground. You windmill your arms in an attempt to get out of the grip, but you only manage to wrap one of your legs around Boros’s side.

You manage to get Boros in a leg-hold, choking him around the neck. The two of you collide to the dirt, Boros yelping out in pain.

You move yourself to face Boros’s torso, frotting your cock against his, dominating him. Your bodies are slick and dirty, and his body warm to the touch.

“I’ll crush your larynx,” Boros says.

You continue grinding your pelvises against one another, his scrotum tightening up with arousal.

He wraps a thick hand around your neck, squeezing tightly.

You pin him to the ground, using your strong goat legs as leverage. You thrust your cock up against his, the slick sound filling the air.

“I’m going to break your back,” Boros says.

You wrap your hand around the back of his neck, your lips just inches away from his, your cocks brushing against one another with each thrust.

“On three,” you say. “One.”



Boros shifts his weight, wrapping his arms around your waist. He rolls on top of you, his thighs squeezing against yours.

“Gotcha,” he says.

He leans down and kisses you, his thick hands pinning your shoulders to the ground.

Your tongues continue the fight, wrestling between your mouths. You feel Boros wrap his hands around your and his cock, masturbating them in tandem.

He continues thrusting, his hips grinding against yours. His nose brushes against your nose as he squeezes his arms around you.

Your teeth lightly graze his ear, causing him to shudder.

You nibble on it, gently. His own teeth close around your ear, but he doesn’t bite down.

He leans in to kiss you again, and you catch his lips with your own. The two of you make out, grinding against one another.

The other satyrs gather around the two of you as you make love, masturbating each other to the sight.

You can hear the wet sound of goat hand against goat loins, and the heavy breath of lust.

“I’m gonna fill you up,” Boros says. “Every time I look at you in the eyes, I’m going to be thinking about sticking it to you.”

You leer down at his fat cock, wet from sweat and spit and precum. It is nearly half again the size of your own cock, pinning it against your abs just as he pins you to the ground.

“I’ll take it,” you say.

Boros closes his eyes, leaning in to kiss you again. The kiss lingers for a long moment, your tongue wrestling in your mouths. The two of you are slick with sweat and other bodily fluids.

“I guess this means you win the wrestling match. Now, claim your prize, great satyr.”

Boros looks down at you, his eyes dark. He leans down, kissing you.

“I have a better idea,” Boros says.

Boros slowly begins to rock his hips, his engorged prick sliding through your thighs. The feeling sends shivers up your spine.

You rock your hips back at the same rhythm, feeling your climax approach.

Boris begins to hump faster, his face tensing up. You meet his thrusts, and soon the two of you are humping wildly.

He finally pokes his fat cockhead into your ass and enters roughly.

The fat tip of his prick slams into your prostate with every thrust, sending waves of heat through your body. Your eyes roll back in your head as you feel him enter you.

You can hear his heavy breath and the slick sound of your asses slapping together as you’re filled over and over again.

“Oh… oh yes…” you moan.

The two of you continue humping for several minutes, sweat beading on your foreheads.

You feel a splash of cum across your face as one of your satyr brothers orgasms.

You moan in ecstasy, tightening your muscles around Boros’s prick.

“Oh gods, oh gods,” he pants. “We’re so close…”

You begin to lick your lips as the second satyr begins to stroke himself. Soon, a creamy liquid coats your lips and chin.

You moan, licking your lips. The third and fourth loads soak your beard, the reddened cockheads thrusting into your cheeks.

The musk of Boros’s groin fills your nostrils as you feel him begin to start hilting into you, his thick girth spreading you wide.

Urthos wanders up to you, edging his cock as he wobbles back and forth on the edge of his climax.

“Open up,” he says, and you oblige him. As soon as he unloads, Boros jams his cock all the way inside of you and roars into a massive orgasm.

You feel his jizz begin to fill you up, the warmth spreading through your body. He continues thrusting in and out of you as he shoots rope after rope of his seed deep inside of you.

Your whole body shakes as you cry out, cum jettisoning onto your chest and abs.

Your body tenses up as you feel like your nerves are going to burst into flames. Boros leans in to kiss you as he continues to pump you with his prick. He lets out a sigh of content as the last of his jizz oozes out into you.

You swallow Urthos’s sweet cum, sharing it with Boros.

Your satyr brothers begin to lick all over your body, cleaning you of their seed and stealing kisses from you as they go.

“This is our life from now on, as brothers. Do you like it? We can grow our numbers even further and take back the woods for our own.”

The satyrs all nod in unison.

“I like it,” one says, licking the jizz from your cheek.

“So do I,” another agrees, kissing you on the lips.

Soon, you’re covered in kisses and licks and gently caresses.

Thros and Calthos pay special attention to Boros, licking inside his sweaty pits.

He laughs, enjoying the affection and rubbing their hair with his rough hands.

You lie back, your body covered in sweet-smelling sweat and seed.

“In the morning we will go to the mining town and reclaim it for our own. There will be plenty of strong men to become our new brothers.”

Your satyr brothers gather around you lovingly. You smile, looking forward to your future under the moonlight.

In the morning, you wake up in the light of the rising sun upon your camp. You see Urthos and Arthos have risen already, enjoying coffee at the campfire.

Your other three brothers are still fast asleep, piled on top of each other.

“How did you sleep?” Arthos asks.

“Well,” you say.

You go over to the campfire and accept a tin cup of coffee from Arthos.

“These new satyrs are frisky. I’ve never cum so much in one sitting. Do you think they ever had such good sex as humans?”

Arthos shrugs.

“Who knows? But it’s a much simpler, happier life for them now.”

Urthos hands you a plate of eggs and strips of pepper bacon. You accept it graciously.

“Do you think we’ll have such happy lives?”

“Not with the humans encroaching on our lands. Imagine the forest taking back what humans have developed, depriving the land of its magic. We are the last bastions of such a world. “

“I think that could be arranged,” Arthos says.

He nods towards the forest. You turn to look. The trees are circled around your campsite, as if they’re pointing their gnarled, wooden fingers at you.

Urthos groans, his eyes half lidded as he recovers from his hangover. He wears just his leather loincloth, which blows in the breeze.

Arthos is nude, his muscular bare chest gleaming in the sun. You sit next to him, kissing his cheek.

He smiles at you, passing you a plate with strips of pepper bacon and fried eggs. You eagerly accept it, and begin to wolf down your breakfast.

“The humans have been cutting into our territory,” Arthos says sadly.

“Today we will go to the mining town and trance the men into our new brothers. Do you think they can resist our pipes and merriment?”

“I don’t see why not,” Arthos grins.

You both turn to look at Boros, newly awake. He’s a hulking man, his brown beard reaching his chest. His bare, muscular torso is covered with tattoos of snakes and billhooks.

“Here’s the champion! Good morning, Boros.”

“Morning,” he says, yawning. “I’m starving. Let’s eat.”

Boros accepts a plate from Arthos, eagerly wolfing down the bacon strips and eggs.

“I think Boros may be tied with Arthos for my affection as of late. Does that make you two jealous?”

Arthos shrugs.

“We all have our own preferences,” he says.

You turn to look at Urthos, who sits by himself, a forlorn look in his face as he stares into the fire.

“Something wrong, Urthos? Still hung over?”

“I’m fine,” he says.

You sigh, shaking your head.

“No you’re not. You’d better cheer up before I get angry.”

He looks at you, a pained look on his face, but says nothing as he stares into the fire.

“You’ve been around for a long time, you and Arthos. Is it painful to see so much come and go?”

Urthos looks at you, a pained look on his face.

“Yes,” he says finally. “It is.”

“We’ll continue on, as we always have,” Arthos says.

“Nothing is permanent,” Boros chimes in.

“Satyrs live for a very long time, Boros. Understand your new gifts and they will help you thrive. We will teach you our magic in time.”

Boros nods, smiling at you.

“Thanks!” he says.

Arthos stands, smiling.

“Come on,” he grins. “Let’s get started.”

The men all agree and gather around the campfire as Arthos begins to speak.

“First, we thank the moon for its light. The moon is our guide, and it always will be.”

The men repeat the words after Arthos, their voices synchronizing in ritualistic unison.

Arthos, as the oldest, was a great source of leadership.

His wisdom guided the rest of the band in their actions. In the past few years, the band had even taken to making him a chair to sit upon as opposed to sitting on stones and logs like a barbarian.

“Kalmek will be our first test. It is a mining town where we can gather enough human men to take over the local garrison,” Arthos shouted.

“How many men are there?” a satyr asks.

“A dozen or two, from what our scouts say.”

“What is the town like?”

“It’s ugly and depressing. Trust me, we’re doing them a favor by bringing some joy to their lives.”

You stand up, brandishing your pipes.

“This new song I prepared will make them blissful and ready to receive our gift of new life,” you say, beginning to play.

The music is slow and gentle at first, but you quickly ramp up the tempo. The notes dance and leap through the air, and you feel your energy renewed as the rest of the band begins to play along.

For a moment, you’re not in a forest in the mortal realm.

You hear the sound of the curious human men as they are lured into the woods by your tune.

Although you cannot see them yet, you know they are there, and your fellows are already converging on the men.

You finish the song, and you can already hear the sound of men running through the woods towards you.

The men are of various shades and sizes, all rough and handsome in their own ways. You gather their hands together with your brothers and begin the song anew.

They close their eyes and begin to sway to your music.

One of the men, a big, burly miner with a beard that almost reaches his belly says “You’re all damned, you know.”

You laugh.

“You don’t know the half of it, brother. Come here.”

You beckon the man towards you, and he complies. You grab him by his big, tangled beard and help him drink a skin of wine. It drips down his face and all over his beard, but he doesn’t care. His eyes are glazed over in bliss.

“Enough!” Arthos roars. “We have work to do.”

The men let out a disappointed groan, but the song has ended.

The satyrs split up into groups of two, each to a man.

You are paired with the bearded miner.

You begin to rub his chest and belly, feeling the hard muscle under his fat.

You begin to lick, suck and nibble on his neck. He leans his head back and sighs happily.

You unhook your loincloth and expose your long, hard cock to him.

He gasps in surprise.

“A big one, eh? I like that,” he says, reaching for your member.

You gently slap his hand away and shake your head.

You carefully bend him over, exposing his tight hole.

You rub the rim of his hole, teasing him. He groans, impatiently trying to push backwards. You continue to tease him, moving your finger just out of his reach. Finally, when he’s desperate for more, you gently prod his hole, entering him slowly.

Your cockhead is wet with precum, helping you inside the man’s large ass.

He groans with pleasure.

You grab his hips and begin to thrust, slowly at first, but quickly speed up.

He begins moaning with ecstasy, pushing his head against a tree to keep himself upright as you thrust faster and faster. He’s tight, wet and warm around your member.

You feel yourself quickly reach orgasm as you watch this man become corrupted by your satyr charm.

He begins to make the sounds of a goat as he feels your barbs rubbing against his insides. He lets out a final high-pitched bleat as you release your sticky seed inside of him.

“Ah… so good,” he sighs.

You look over and see that he is sprouting horns, his broad muscles bulging as his body becomes furrier and more goatlike.

You grin.

“Welcome to the fold, brother.”

The man turns to face you, his beautiful beard inviting you to stroke it as it extends down to his lower half.

“I… feel… powerful… full of lust,” he says, rubbing his large belly.

“Drink this, brother,” you say, handing him a wineskin.

The satyr gulps it down, and sighs happily.

You kiss him, exploring his lush beard with your hands.

“I’m Merrith,” he says. “And I think I’m ready for more fun.”

You grin, and hear the screams of men as they are “blessed” with horns, a goat’s tail and a lust for men…

You smile.

Your small militia has grown in size. Merrith stands with his hands on his hips, proud of his new form and his new life. He is among the largest of the satyrs, well over six feet. Arthos and Boros speak with him, admiring his long beard and stroking his rough face.

His broad cock extends nearly a foot into the air, and Arthos plays with his bull balls as they speak.

“I see you’ve met Merrith. What a grand beast he is. You will be a useful berserker with your brute strength. “

Merrith laughs. “Yes, yes. I’m Merrith the Powerful.”

You raise an eyebrow. “Merrith the Powerful?

He grins. “That’s what all the little fawns call me.

You hug him, sandwiching his huge, leaking cock against your chest.

You lean in and embrace him, feeling his powerful muscles. His huge arms hug you back, crushing you against his sweaty body. You feel a stirring in your loins as he hugs you back.

He pulls away, stroking his facial hair.

“Let’s see who is the strongest. Boros, wrestle with Merrith, will you?”

Boros grins as he pulls off his tunic, revealing large, rippling muscles across his broad chest and shoulders.

“I won against Markos. I shall win against our new brother,” Boros growls.

The two strip down to their loincloths, facing off against one another. You sit down with Arthos, his large arms wrapping around you as the two of you spectate the match.

The two huge men step forward, grabbing one another, locking against one another. Boros pulls Merrith towards him, trying to get him off balance, but Merrith’s broad hooves dig into the dirt.

The two start to push against one another, trading strengths. It’s clear that Boros is stronger than Merrith, but Merrith’s new beast-like features give him strength that allows him to match Boros.

“Who do you think will win?” you ask Arthos, who rubs your chest.

“Merrith’s strength will win out,” Arthos says.

As the two continue to push, you watch as beads of sweat run down Boros’s muscles, as Merrith grunts and growls.

It’s fascinating to watch a horse satyr like Boros spar with a goat satyr like Merrith. Boros’s long tail swishes back and forth as he struggles against Merrith’s onslaught.

Despite Merrith’s size and strength, Boros’s soldier training from his past life makes him a fierce opponent in the match.

Arthos rubs your shoulders as he continues to snuggle with you. His warm furry legs and broad arms surround you.

He reaches down and begins to fondle your loincloth.

Arthos pulls it forward to free your manhood, which is beginning to grow thanks to the show on the field before you. You let out a sigh as his thick fingers begin to stroke it.

“Hey, I think Merrith’s winning,”

Arthos says.

You look up as the two fighters continue to struggle against one another. Merrith manages to lift Boros into the air, and tosses him over his shoulder and slamming him into the ground.

Boris cries out in pain as he collides to the ground. Merrith wraps his arms and legs around Boros to tire him out completely. His huge, bare ass sticks out in relief, making your cock surge harder in Arthos’s skillful hand.

“He’s going to win,” Arthos says, rubbing your head.

You look around, as you see several satyr and a few fawns having seen the match. They are energized by the fight, pumping their fists in the air.

Thros and Calthos sit down with you and Arthos, wrapping an arm around each other. They are smaller than most of the others as fawns, but they were cute in their own right.

You see Merrill begin to strip off his loincloth, rubbing his wide cockhead against Boros’s furry ass.

“Do you yield?” Merrill shouts.

“Never,” Boros growls, as he manages to flip over, pushing Merrith off of him.

Merrill falls back, as Boros uses all his strength to climb on top of the other satyr.

Boros throws his loincloth off to the spectators and grinds his huge cock against Merrill’s.

“Let’s see who decides the next commander of our legion,” Boros says.

You feel yourself go weak at the knees as you feel Arthos’s skillful hand wrap around both your nipples, pulling them with a practiced hand.

Your cock leaps at your groin, slapping into your abs and leaving a wet mark of precum. Arthos reaches down and samples your ample precum, kissing you on the cheek as he watches the wrestling match reach its inevitable apex.

Merrill and Boros thrust their huge cocks against one another, their faces red with exertion. Their sweaty, slick bodies rub against one another as they continue to try and find a weakness in the other’s defenses.

“I feel like Merrill will make Boros cum all over himself and lose.”

Merrill leans forward, letting out a loud and long roar of exertion. He presses his huge, heavy bullocks against Boros’s , and you see Boros’s knees tremble and buckle as he lets out a loud cry.

Merrill has mounted Boros in a display of satyr dominance. Merrill penetrates Boros with sheer lust, his powerful shoulders hoisting Boros into the air for all to see. Boros’s huge cock bounces up and down as Merrill thrusts in and out of his virgin ass.

The two satyrs buck like wild animals as they transform into creatures of pure rut. They grunt with exertion and pleasure, huffing and puffing as they dominate one another in the most animalistic display the world has ever seen.

The satyr and fawn spectators cheer at the display of sex, masturbating one another or beginning to rut themselves.

You tense up as you feel your own orgasm quickly approaching, but Arthos is skilled enough to delay it, removing his hand just before you reach the edge.

Arthos rubs his beard into your neck, nuzzling you.

His hot breath sends shivers down your spine.

You feel his heavy hands wrap around your body, firmly grabbing your pecs as he stares into your eyes.

He leans in, kissing you on the lips. Your hearts beats out of your chest as you let out a loud sigh.

Your hips raise from the ground as you cum all over Arthos’s big hand, an amazing amount of cum shooting out and covering your furry crotches.

Arthos smiles as he sees you release. He leans in, kissing you on the lips, and wraps his other arm around your body, softly pulling your body against his furry chest.

He scoops up your warm cum and begins to eat it as the match in front of him reaches its own literal climax.

As the two bulls buck with wild abandon, Merrill leans forward, grabbing Boros’s shoulders and pinning him down.

Merrill’s thick, heavy bull’s member thrusts into Boros as the crowd of satyr and fawn cheer.

Merrill roars as he cums, filling the mighty Boros with his seed.

Boros ejaculates all over his face and beard, jets and jets of abundant cum raining out of him like downpouring rain.

The two bulls collapse into a tangle of sweaty, heaving flesh.

Boros turns his head and smiles at you and Arthos, looking both exhausted and exhilarated.

“Looks like Merrill wins, as you predicted.”

You get up and walk over to the two satyr warriors, covered in cum. You get up onto Merrill and kiss him, congratulating him on his win.

The two of you embrace and kiss in front of the cheering crowd of satyr and fawn.

You feel Arthos’s hands embrace your body from behind, softly kissing the back of your neck.

“Looks like the night is still young,” Arthos whispers into your ear.

You and the satyrs and fawns party and fuck into the night. You feel proud of the band of new men that you have brought into the world of satyrs. They are happy for the first time in their lives.

The fawns are young, but you hope to teach them well in years to come.

Your heart swells as you think about the future of your new band of satyr men and fawns.

You wake up sandwiched between Arthos and Boros. Their huge forms are a warm bed for your otherwise conventional size for a satyr. You all reek of sex and sweat. Their hard cocks jab into your sides, rubbing into your furry as they leak precum anew.

You smile as you look at the two massive bulls next to you. You’ve created a whole new way of life for them, and they seem much happier for it.

You remember your life as a human, but now that feels like a past life.

You reach down and fondle their cocks and balls. Boros, as a horse satyr, extends the furthest, with a ball sack that rests upon his thighs like two warm grapefruits. Arthos, the elder of the three, has a fat cock with enough precum for two or three satyrs. You scoop up his precum and enjoy it for yourself as you rest between your two lovers.

Even in sleep, they are beautifully masculine, hairy beasts. Their muscles contract and relax, and you hug them both.

You lay your head against Boros’s chest, rubbing your hand against his pec as you enjoy the warmth of his body.

You take one of his big nipples into your mouth.

Boros lets out a loud, rumbling moan. As you work your tongue against his hard, thick nip, you feel the bull’s body shiver with immense pleasure.

You turn to Arthos, kissing the tip of his nose. He lets out a quiet moan of ecstasy.

You fondle his thick, hard member, smiling at how big it’s gotten in your hands. Arthos looks down at you with a smile. His cheeks are rosy and his beard is messy.

You kiss Arthos on the lips as he plays with your hair.

He wraps his thick fingers around your hair, pulling them out straight as he runs his hand through your luxurious curls.

He lets out a content sigh as he leans back and spreads his legs.

You straddle Arthos’s hips as you prod your cockhead at his asshole.

You look down at Arthos’s face, contorted into a mask of pure ecstasy. A thick stream of precum oozes from his piss slit, dripping off your belly and onto the ground.

You prod the head of your prick against his tight hole, slowly working it in as he’s overcome with a wave of euphoria. His face is one of the utmost pleasure, and you can’t help but join him.

You feel your body shiver and shake as you thrust forward.

You slowly work your hips back and forth, sliding your fat meat deeper and deeper inside of him. Arthos’s warm, tight rectum squeezes against your throbbing prick as you keep sliding in and out.

You feel hands on your shoulders as Boros begins to hug you from behind.

He wraps his thick arms around you, hugging you as he strokes your hair.

You smile as you continue to slide in and out of Arthos. The two bulls moan in unison, Boros’s hot breath blowing into your ears.

Boros’s cock prods your ass, which he spreads as you rut with Arthos.

Your hole twitches, as the bull’s throbbing head spreads your rim to accommodate his massive size.

Grunting and moaning in pleasure, you keep pushing deeper and deeper inside Arthos. Your bodies become closer and closer as the three of you feel the morning air.

Arthos hugs you as Boros hugs you from behind. You keep thrusting inside of him as the two bulls ravish you.

Boros’s head rests on your shoulder as he lovingly kisses your cheek.

“You talk like a soldier, Boros, but you love like a man.”

“I suppose I do,” Boros replies. “I’d rather die than see anything happen to you or Arthos.”

You laugh as you continue to rut with Arthos.

Boros pushes inside of you harder, making you jerk around.

Arthos bucks his hips up into your groin, as you continue to grind against him.

The three of you continue to make love in the cool morning air. The sun slowly rises behind the mountains, casting a beautiful scarlet hue across the sky.

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