Not your normal New Year’s night

by alwaysmyway

After they get invited to a New Years’s Eve costume party, Craig and Tanner check out a shop that offers some very effective costumes.

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In Oregon, New Years’ Eve typically means staying inside and praying the snow doesn’t completely seal the front door from the outside world.

In Florida, it’s t-shirts and plaid shorts. Iced tea and ice cream. Going to the beach and chilling by the pool. So when I got to head to Miami to spend the last week of December with my older brother Craig, I jumped at the chance. I skipped a couple days of community college, he took a couple days off from work, and we did Florida our way. When I woke up and crawled off the couch in Craig’s apartment, greeting the sun that streaked through the blinds with a wide smile, I figured it was going to be a good day. Then Craig gave me the news.

His former fraternity had invited him to their end-of-year costume party, and I was coming along.

My parents exhausted their money sending Craig to college, so going to a decent school wasn’t in the cards for me. The idea of being in a fraternity was definitely an appealing one though, and I was really excited to experience the booze-fueled madness I had seen in the movies firsthand.

But what’s a costume party without a costume? I hadn’t brought one with me, and Craig had been too swamped with work to buy one before I came, so off we went to go looking for something to wear.

Craig and I had always been decent brothers. We never fought when he was home, and my life felt a little less exciting with him on the opposite side of the country. We looked pretty similar too, though that had changed somewhat since the last time I had seen him. His shaggy blond hair has been replaced with a casual-looking faux-hawk and his skin had taken on a tan, but otherwise he still looked like what I hoped to be in five years. We even topped out at the same height: 6’3.

So there we were in the car, heading off to search for our costumes. He was in a short-sleeve purple dress shirt and black jeans; I was in my usual teal tee and blue skinny jeans. We still had the same basic shape: skinny but fit, no real muscular development but we could both run a mile in eight minutes.

Craig turned to me with a smirk on his face. “So, ready for tonight Tanner? It’s your first frat party… gonna be a big boy.”

I roll my eyes as he tousles my hair, still the shaggy mop-top he once had. I was nineteen, he was twenty-four, and yet we still treated each other like kids.

“Depends. Can I drink?” I smirk back at him.

“Only if you don’t get caught.”

I told you we had a good relationship.

I recline back in my chair, his Prius zipping down the carpool lane as we head towards downtown. A couple moments later we turn onto the off-ramp and start passing through the industrial district, a “shortcut” that Craig uses to get to work.

“Where are we going, anyway?” I ask.

“There’s this warehouse I pass by on my way to work, I think it might be a good place to start.”

“A warehouse? Is it full of costumes or something?”

“We’ll find out.” Craig turns off of the road into the parking lot of a rather creepy-looking warehouse, with a sun-bleached banner proclaiming COSTUMES draped down the front.

We’re the only ones in the parking lot.

“Must be a leftover from Halloween.” I chuckle as we get out of the car and head toward the rusty-looking metal doors. There’s a small OPEN sign hanging in the window, but I figured the selection must be picked clean.

As Craig opened the door, I realized how wrong I was.

“Holy shit dude—” Craig exclaimed as we walked in. We were met with row-after-row of neatly organized costumes, all packed in thick, multicolored cardboard boxes. They were even organized and alphabetized.

“Someone’s got OCD—” I mutter as I gaze around the building. The black racks are stacked twenty feet up, with sliding ladders like those seen in book stores running along the outside.

We stand in awe of the warehouse when a seductive voice coos “Hello, boys.” From behind us. We turn around, confused, when we see a gorgeous red-haired woman in a flowing green dress.

“My name is Emily.” She says with a flutter of her eyes. “What brings you two handsome young men to my store?”

Handsome? I smirk somewhat as Tanner speaks up. “We have a costume party tonight, and this place is our only option.”

The woman looks us over, one hand on her hip, the other twiddling with her bejeweled necklace. “You’ve come to the right place. I pride myself on our selection of costumes for all occasions.”

She leans in closer to us, clearly sizing my brother up. Great, she’s a cougar.

“Did you have anything in mind, young man?” She stops twiddling her jewelry and crosses her arms, smirking. “I love making recommendations, especially for fetching boys like yourselves.”

I eye my brother as he nervously responds.

“There’s, uh” such a selection here, I don’t, uh—” He awkwardly stutters out. How cute, he likes the pretty girl.

“You don’t know where to start?” The woman finishes his sentence. “Well, lucky for you, I’ll let you two dashing young things get a sampling of what we have to offer. Three for the price of one.”

“Oh, that’s, uh” very nice of you to, you know, do that.” Craig awkwardly smiles at Emily, blushing. Ugh, it’s like an ABC Family original movie.

“So, we’ll get three each. Right, Craig?”

“Oh, yeah, sure.” He says, still transfixed on the woman before us.

“And we were going to match, right Craig?”

“Oh, yeah, sure.” He repeats.

“I’ll make this easier for you two” what are your names?”

“Craig—” He says with a smile.

“Tanner.” I say dryly, my arms crossed.

“Well, Craig and Tanner” how about you two go find a pair of costumes each, and then I’ll surprise you with the final duo.”

“That sounds great.” Craig says as he leans against the counter.

Great, so it looks like we’re going to let this MILF-y chick decide our fate.

“Have fun looking, boys. Ring the bell if you need me.” Emily says as she slinks behind a bright red curtain.

“Wow.” Craig says as he shakes his head in disbelief.

“You two were totally eye-fucking.” I say as I start toward the costume aisles.

“Whatever man, that chick is HOT.” Craig exclaims as he catches up with me. “So, shall we split up?”

“Sure.” I take a left away from Craig, and I see him head the opposite direction as I head into an aisle. As I browse the shelves, I admire the vast selection of costumes ranging from animals to mythical creatures, even celebrities are present. Naturally, nothing I’m interested in. “FIND ANYTHING CRAIG?” I yell as I keep looking through the shelves.

“Nope.” A voice whispers into my ear. I jump and look back to see Craig, laughing hysterically.

“Son of a bitch, Craig!” I punch him in the arm before going back to rooting through costumes.

“This place is pretty awesome right? Huge selection and everything.” Craig says as he leans on a cabinet nearby. He notices I’m ignoring him, so he heads to another aisle. “Yell if you need anything.”

I look up at the directional signs and head down the aisle and to the right, a simple red sign reading “Superheroes” hung from above. I root through the red and black cabinets, looking for something that will catch my eye, when I see a bright blue box from the corner of my eye. “Huh—” I say as I reach over and grab it, and I turn it over to see the yellow and red S emblem of Superman peeking through a cut in the box. I reach into the cutout and feel the costume, the textured spandex blowing away the crappy costumes you could get from Walmart, and I with a shrug I grab the box by the handle. Who knows? Maybe I might look good in-

“Spandex?” I hear Craig say from behind me. “Didn’t figure you were the Superman type, Tanner.”

“I know, I know—” I pull the box out again, gazing at the large picture of Superman himself on the side of the box, the costume hugging every crevice of his body. “I like the classics.”

“Nothin’ wrong with that.” Craig pats me on the shoulder before turning to the opposite side and checking through the bins. “What do you have in mind for me?”

I think briefly before crossing over to the other side of the aisle. The Marvel costumes are separated from the DC costumes, something any comics nerd would appreciate.

I thumb through the selection a bit before finding just what I was looking for. “Ah, here it is.” I say with a smile as I pull out a gold box, a hammer and silver helmet clearly visible through the top. A picture of Thor in a heroic pose is scrawled across the side of the box.

“Thor? Nice. I guess we’ll both be batting out of our league tonight.” Craig says as he takes the box. “My turn!” He says excitedly as he turns away and heads towards another aisle. I follow him

“Well, if we’re getting three each we might as well get a selection.” I smile at Craig and he smiles back before turning away, box in hand, and heading toward another aisle. I follow him down the aisle, and he stops right under a bright red sign proclaiming “Vampires.” Located in the “Pop Culture” aisle of all places. I shrug and keep walking when I nearly trip over a stray box, knocking me right into a cutout of Edward Cullen.

Craig chuckles as I get myself together and reposition the cutout back up. The vampire section in the store is overrun with costumes from the Twilight franchise, ranging from the Volturi to James to the Cullen family themselves” but only the male characters. In fact, I haven’t found a female costume anywhere in the store. Huh.

I shrug it off and look over at Craig. “What’s the plan, boss?”

“It’s right here.” He says with outstretched arms, presenting the Twilight aisle as if he were expecting applause.

“Twilight? Really?”

“Vampires are the big thing right now. Girls will love ‘em.” He nods in satisfaction before starting to rummage through the shelves. Soon enough, he pulls out a box marked “Emmett Cullen”: a black box with a chess piece cutout on top and a vial of “vampire dust” in the center.

“What, no Edward?”

“I figured you would prefer the big, bad vampire brother.”

“Wait, he’s for me?”

“You think I’d dress in a Twilight costume? Dude, I’ve got dignity.”

We both smirk before he goes back to checking the shelves.

“Whatever man, I guess I can work with it.” I lean against a rack and check my phone for messages.

Craig keeps checking through, when I see him start to grin. “Whew, it’s my lucky day.” He reaches to the side and pulls out a black box with a red top and skull cut-out with a ring hanging around inside. He turns it toward me, and scrawled on the side is none other than Stefan Salvatore of The Vampire Diaries.

“So” that’s better?” I joke.

“You have no idea how addicting this show is, Tanner.”

Judging by his stern face, I’d say he was serious.

“Okay” wait, is Boone in there?”

Craig turns and rummages through the rack again, only to come out empty handed. “No Damon.”

“I guess we’ll balance eachother out then. That guy’s the nice vampire, right?”

“That’s Stefan.” He gives the box to me.

“Great, let’s go see what that girl picked out for us.” I take the box and walk towards the counter.

Craig rings the service bell, and out pops Emily with two black boxes in her hand. “Find anything worth your while, boys?”

I try to get a look at the boxes, and Emily puts them on the counter.

They’ve both got Mickey Mouse head-shaped cutouts on the lips, one with a rose in the center, the other with a compass.

“Disney characters?” I ask, curiously.

“Timeless classics.” She nods and looks me in the eyes. She tilts her head, before presenting me with box with the rose. “I think you’re more of a Prince Adam than a John Smith.”

“Prince Adam?” I say as I pull the box toward me. I flip it around to see a picture of the prince from Beauty and The Beast on the side along with the designation of “Disney Heroes Edition” stamped in gold lettering. “I didn’t know he had a name.”

“I’m quite a fan of his.” She says before turning toward Craig. “But I’m more fond of John—” She presents Craig with the second box. “I bet you’d love to go around the riverbend with me.”


Craig blushes and places the other two boxes on the counter. I place mine next to his, and she looks them over with a smile.

“You two have quite good taste. You’re going to look absolutely stunning, the life of the party even.” She scans the barcodes on the box while eying the Thor box. “I bet you’ve already got quite a hammer, Thor.”

Jesus, it never ends with this chick does it?

Craig continues to blush as she takes a look at Superman’s box, and then back at me. “You’re going to gorgeous in that spandex, young man. It accentuates even the slightest figures.”

I roll my eyes as the cash register rings up the totals.

“Sixty dollars, even.”

Craig pulls a hundred from his wallet and gives it to her. “Keep the change.”

“You’re quite generous young man. Come back soon, I know your costume party will be an unforgettable experience.” She backs away into the curtains and blows an air kiss to Craig before disappearing into the back room. I grab him by the arm and we head out of the building and to the car.

“My god, Craig. Five more minutes and you would have been fucking her over the table.” I joke as I hop into the car and buckle up.

“If you don’t think she’s hot, there’s something wrong with you.” He buckles his seatbelt and we drive back to his apartment, located in one of the nicer neighborhoods. “What time is it?”

“4:30.” I respond.

“Awesome, we have time to try them out.” He smiles as we wave hello to the security guards and drive into the complex, park, and head upstairs to the apartment.

“I’ll be in the bedroom trying things on.” Craig says as he heads into his room and locks the door. I place my boxes on the couch and look them over, deciding to try on the Superman costume first. I open up the box and pull out the costume, surprised on how heavy-duty it is, and I stretch it a couple times before putting it down on the couch and pulling out the accompanying red boots and cape.

“How ya doing in there, Tan?” I hear from behind the bedroom door, accompanied by the tinkling of metal.

“Doing Superman, you?” I respond.

“Thor.” He replies.

I take off my shirt and chuck it onto the recliner, then my undershirt, followed by my shoes, socks, and jeans leaving me in my usual plaid boxers. The door to Craig’s room suddenly opens and I rush to cover myself, much to Craig’s amusement.

“Come on, like I haven’t seen you in your underwear before.” Craig chuckles, his Thor costume only half-on, metal plates fastened to the top and bottom of his chest, a detailed gold belt buckled around his waist, dark blue tights hugging his thighs, and tall gold boots that go right up his calves with black shin guards. He tosses a bright red cape to me. “Zip me up and cape me, brother.” He says as he turns around.

I walk over and zip up the back of his costume, a sturdy black rubber tank-top, and tie the cape around his neck. “Jesus, that’s a heavy-duty costume man.” I say as I spin him back around.

“Well, go get yours on!” Craig says excitedly as he walks back into his room. I grab the Superman costume and slip my feet into the holes, then my arms, and slip on the red briefs and belt before walking into Craig’s room to get him to zip me up. Craig is in the process of putting on his arm-bands, his helmet on his head, when he looks at me with a smile. “See! It looks good!” He assures as he goes behind me and zips me up. Surprisingly, the suit actually fits really well, snugly even. Now that I think about it, Craig’s costume fits perfectly too” weird.

I head back into the living room and put my boots on before grabbing my cape and bringing it to Craig. He ties it around my neck before grabbing his hammer. “We have to take pictures of this.” He says as he grabs his cell phone from his desk and pushes me toward the bathroom mirror. “Mom and Dad are gonna love this.”

I slide across the bathroom tile, my red boots squeaking as I go, until we’re in front of the mirror. “Strike a pose!” Craig laughs as we put our biceps up for a flex. The camera goes off, and we eagerly take a look at the picture” needless to say, we don’t really look the part. I feel oddly strained and stretch my arms out, the blue spandex clinging to my skin, when the straining feeling becomes more intense. I look down to my chest, where the straining seems to be focused, and my breath goes short as I see what’s transpiring.

My chest is pulsing, throbbing visibly beneath the “S” insignia… I clutch the center of my chest as it starts to heave out, becoming firm beneath my hands, expanding even. I start to groan and fall back against the wall, causing Craig to jump back before clutching his own chest in pain. I shut my eyes, teeth clenched as the straining feeling spreads to my arms, forearms expanding against the side of my stomach, biceps quaking.

I hear Craig grunt “What’s… happening….” before my back gives out and I fall to the ground, my stomach pulling in, arms pulled tight around my chest as all of my body seems to balloon outward. The strain of spandex is heard as my thighs start to push against eachother, gaining mass, becoming hard and rounded. My biceps and forearms constrict my thickening pecs, a deep crevice formed between them, the S logo now stretched tightly over the square mounds. My neck snaps to the side as my shoulders start to stretch out, delts inflating, neck thickening, visible grooves forming all over my body… I manage to open my eyes just enough to see Craig’s arms becoming massive, deep striations appearing all over them, his hands clutching the provided hammer.

I do an involuntary pelvic thrust, catching sight of the rigid bricks seemingly embedded in my stomach. I fall back down onto a thicker, firmer cushion, and I reach down to feel my muscular ass as the straining feeling fades away. I collapse against the wall, exhaustion taking over, when I look over to Craig and gasp in disbelief. He’s… HUGE! Thighs that look as thick as redwoods, the blue tights looking like a second skin, his biceps as thick as soccer balls, he looked like a god! He’s breathing heavily, but smiling… like he enjoyed it.

I look up at the mirror on the counter, angled just enough for me to see my ripped stomach… it can’t be me… I stop grabbing my ass and move up to my stomach, feeling the deep ridges of the six- No! EIGHT-PACK! Something I had thought to be a myth!

Craig groans and looks over to me, confused yet still smiling. I straighten myself up and hoist myself onto my feet, the feeling of the new mass completely foreign to me as I stumble around. Craig chuckles and lifts his massive arm to me, and I grab his thicker hand and heft him up with a bit of effort. He stretches, the grooves and thick mounds all over his body breathtaking to me. We make eye contact, his face looking happier by the second, before slowly turning toward the mirror.

After what feels like hours, we see our reflections.

“Oh my GOD!” Craig says with surprised laughter and a gleeful smile. He grabs the sides of his head in disbelief, clearly loving what he’s seeing. His massive frame takes up a good third of the room-length mirror, his heavy vest curving up from his stomach and clearly concealing a pair of huge pecs beneath. I cautiously take a look at myself, looking my body up and down from the ripped quads and calves to my pecs that hang like a shelf over my cobblestone stomach. Every crevice, every bulge is highlighted by the spandex, even the sizable one hiding beneath my red briefs. Curiously, I look to see Craig too has gotten quite an upgrade down there, and I reach down to cop a feel of myself when Craig starts to moan and falls back against the wall.

I dart over to him, frantically asking what’s wrong, when I see his face start to restructure. His jaw juts out and widens, his nose becoming thicker and brow protruding out just enough to give him an intimidating glare. He shuts his eyes as long blond hair starts to slip beneath his helmet, cascading down his neck and forming a flowing mane. With a deep gasp his eyes reopen, now a vivid blue. He was no longer my older brother… he was the God of Thunder.

He looks up at me, almost relieved that the changes seemed over, when he points to me frantically. “What? What is it?” I ask as I reach up to feel my hair changing textures, receding inward… I turn to the mirror to see my hair darkening, becoming jet black, before an intense pain starts to build in my skull.

I fall to the counter, groaning as I feel my face start to rearrange, my jaw shifting, nose becoming sharper. I feel a curl move over my forehead as my eyebrows seem to tilt, giving them a sharp look, and the pain dissipates leaving me to look up at a chiseled face, one of power and authority. The same vivid blue eyes as Craig’s, but complimented by angled eyebrows and a sharp chin and neckline not to mention that signature swoop of hair. I reach up and feel my solid jaw, when I hear Craig’s voice from behind me.

“You… you’re fuckin’ Superman!” He yells as he stands himself up and walks to the counter.

“Dude, what about you?” I say as I look to his reflection. “You’re Thor, man!”

“Jesus” what, HOW did this happen?” Craig says as he traces his jaw, moving down his neck to his chest and arms. “It’s like magic or something!”

“I don’t know” just, holy shit—” I keep looking over my body, realizing this is ME, a smile replacing my confused and slightly horrified expression. I WAS the Man of Steel. I stretch my arms behind my head, straining the “S” on my chest and causing my pecs to jut out, and I turn to see Craig flexing in the mirror with the excitement of a little kid. First his left arm, then his right, then his thighs, like he was an expert at it” he could definitely pass for pro. Those arms looked godly, as if they could snap my regular self like a twig. Wait” what am I doing looking at him? I bring my own arms to a flex, the sensation of the straining spandex feeling even better than I imagined” Craig’s bigger, but what do I care? I’m fucking SUPERMAN. “Hah, watch this—” I say as I crunch my abs, sounding slightly cocky as my stomach ripples.

“This is pretty kinky… bet I put your abs to shame.” Craig crosses his arms.

“Hah, bring it!” I say jokingly. Some part of me definitely wanted to see what he was hiding under there.

“Unzip.” Craig turns to me and I toss his cape out of the way, unzipping his vest slowly to admire the deep V cut into his back, when I hear him start to grunt and fall forward.

I duck down to his face, asking him what’s wrong, when I see his eyes start to darken and his brow receding” wait, he’s turning back into himself!

Panicking, I grab his vest and quickly zip it up, causing Craig to throw his head up with a moan as his face turns back to Thor’s. He turns to me and scratches his head. “What” was that?”

“It must be the costume—” I say, trying to connect the dots. “If you take off part of the costume, you revert back—”

“Really? Fuck!” Craig sighs loudly and buries his face in his hands. “That SUCKS!”

“Uh, dude” you’re huge.” I say as I grab his bicep. “How can that suck?”

Craig looks up at me, unamused. “I wanted to show off at the party!”

“You still can! You just” have to be in costume.” I try to reassure Craig, apparently he had his heart set on exposing himself. Speaking of exposure” I look down to his crotch and notice his prominent bulge. Heh, who would have known Thor had two hammers.

Craig sighs again and crosses his arms. “I guess that’s cool—” He looks down at himself, then back up at me. “At least we’ll be bigger than everyone else at the party.”

I look over to the clock, thinking that we’ve been in the bathroom for HOURS. Naturally, it’s only 3:40. But then another idea crosses my mind—“What about the other two costumes?” I ask. “If these ones did this, then the others must do the same!”

Craig smiles and looks up to me as if he had been born again. “You’re right! Come on!” Craig darts out of the bathroom and over to his bed, and I casually follow admiring his strong-looking ass. He turns around with the two other boxes, Stefan and John Smith, in his hand. “We have GOT to try these on.”

“And the best one we can wear to the party!” I add, the prospect of Emmett and Adam getting me more excited by the minute.

“Exactly” but who do we go to next?”

“I wanna see how Adam and John look in real life before we hit the vampires.” I look to Craig for approval, and he nods.

“Alright” I guess we have to unzip these guys for now.” Craig turns to me and I slowly unzip his vest, once again admiring his back, before reaching the bottom and disconnecting the zipper. Craig groans, but manages to stand up as he starts to lose mass, his hair receding up into his helmet, massive arms and legs losing definition, shrinking back to his normal size. His costume shrinks with him, still snug around his body as he returns to his old self. He turns back around to me, his face back to normal, and motions for me to turn around.

“Do I have to?” I joke before Craig gives me a playful shove.

“Come on Supes, playtime’s over.”

I roll my eyes and turn around, and Craig moves my cape and unzips me. I brace myself as the straining feeling returns, and I feel my body start to shrink. My pecs and abs suck back into my body, biceps and thighs returning to their usual sizes, jaw restructuring” I take a deep breath as I feel my hair grow back out, and soon enough I’m back to being myself.

Craig pushes me toward the living room. “Alrighty, go get Adam ready!” He shuts and locks the door behind me, and I kick off my boots, maneuver myself out of the Superman briefs and belt, and slip out of my tights only to feel a breeze when I lower the tights down. I find myself naked beneath the costume and mutter “what the fuck?” before seeing my boxers had been torn down the center” I guess they weren’t Superman sized. I toss my boxers out and take off the tights, and carefully fold all of the costume elements up and place them back in the box.

“Tanner?” I hear from the bedroom amid the sound of metal clanging against itself.

“Yeah?” I reply as I grab the Adam box and prepare to open it up.

“We’re gonna need some new boxers.”

“Seems that way, huh?” I laugh before opening up the Adam box.

“Wait” what?” I say as see the contents” nothing more than a rose, two leather armbands, and a shiny black thong. There has to be some mistake” wait, what’s this? There’s a gold booklet inside of the box, marked “Disney Heroes Edition.” I pick it up and open it, and out pops what looks like a painting of Adam, wearing nothing but a black thong, armbands, and a rose stuck between his thigh and his thong.

“The fuck is this?” I hear from the other room. Suddenly, Craig’s door opens and out pops a hand holding brown briefs with Native American patters weaved into the waistband and what looks like a raccoon tail hanging off one side. “When in the movie did John wear this?”

“I guess it’s some weird thing to get around licensing” mine’s just underwear too.”

“That’s” kind of gay.” Craig chuckles as his arm pops back in and he shuts the door.

“You’re not the one with the thong.” I mutter as I gaze at it, slightly disgusted.

Well, at least I’ll look good in it.

I shrug and pull up the thong, a rather uncomfortable feeling but oddly” nice. “I’m safe if you want to come out.” I say as I put the arm bands on and grab the rose.

Craig walks out of the bedroom, clad in the briefs and a leather bracelet weaved around his right arm. “This is really weird, dude” what kind of Disney characters are these?” He pulls on the briefs’ raccoon tail, confused.

“Well, they’re characters regardless” ready to go?” I say as I hold up the rose. Craig holds up a compass hanging from a gold chain, and we jokingly “toast” the two objects before I slip the rose between my left thigh and the outside of the thong, and Craig drapes the necklace around his neck. He looks down at my waist and smirks.

“Is that a thong?”

“Shut up.” I snap as I walk over to the bathroom and stand myself in the mirror. Craig follows me in, and we stand in front of the mirror and wait patiently for the changes to commence.

“Ooooh” there we go—” Craig moans as he grabs his crotch and shuts his eyes, his chest pushing out over his stomach forming a nice set of lean, toned pecs. His stomach crunches slightly, a lean six-pack appearing on his stomach. His thighs thicken, becoming rounder but retaining the same lean look, his calves following suit. His arms do the same, gaining mild definition, less like the monster Thor was and more like a model.

Just as I notice the front of Craig’s briefs growing out into his palms, my own changes start” ooh, wow, this one feels way better than Supes did” it’s like the changes are emanating from my dick” I shut my eyes as the sensations creep up my stomach and down my legs, the feeling of gaining mass more mild than it was for Supes but still present” I feel my thighs gently pressing against each-other, pushing my crotch forward, pecs growing into a slight overhang above my stomach, arms feeling stronger as they gain lean muscle. My thong starts to tighten, but in an oddly comfortable way, as my ass swells into a bubble-butt and my dick feels noticeably heavier. I open my eyes and see my stomach has been carved into a delicate six-pack, my shape slightly larger than Craig’s but just as attractive.

“Fuuuuuck” that felt good—” Craig moans as I open my eyes. He’s still clutching his crotch, and I reach down and give myself a squeeze and shudder at the feeling” seems we’re both packing now.

“I wish Superman had been like that.” I chuckle as I turn to the mirror and admire myself, my hair starting to grow out and darken to a dirty blond, nose becoming more pronounced yet delicate, jaw and lips becoming thicker. I look over to Craig and see his hair lengthen, repositioning slightly as it collapses onto his forehead before tightening up. His jaw squares off, becoming more masculine, his lips and nose shifting to a more rugged look.

Our eyebrows become more pronounced, Craig’s eyes turning to a brighter blue while mine darken to a gorgeous olive. Craig smiles as his hair finishes changing, reaching just past his neck, parted in the center and curled on both sides. My hair is longer and flows down the top of my back, a nobler look than Craig’s style.

I take a look back at my face, definitely a more French/European look, and I feel my sharper chin before continuing to feel the pronounced bulge in my thong. “We could totally show off with these.” Craig says as he gazes into the mirror, smirking. “Grab my phone, take a picture of me!”

I roll my eyes and grab Craig’s phone, setting it to camera mode before pointing it toward him, nearly breaking into laughter as I see his “serious face.” I was the fucking Beast. He got his ass saved by some Native American princess. “Yeah, work it girl.” I chide as I take the picture. “Should I send it to your girlfriend? I bet she’d suck first and ask questions later.”

“Har.” Craig grabs his phone and starts fumbling with it while I turn toward the mirror and continue to admire myself. Dear lord, some of those animators had to be gay. I’m perfect! I shoot a glare toward the mirror, breaking into a smirk from sheer happiness before looking down toward the front of my thong—

“Shit!” Craig yells as his phone starts to vibrate. “Speaking of the girlfriend, I’ll be right back.” He heads out of the bathroom and answers the phone, exiting onto his balcony.

I keep staring at the front of my thong, ever more curious to see what’s lurking beneath the fabric” I look around the bathroom and quietly shut the door, not wanting to attract attention from Craig. I start to squeeze and massage the front of my thong, watching my reflection in the mirror as I go, feeling the pouch become harder and harder” okay, I’ve gotta be careful about this” I pull the lip of the thong out, just enough to gaze at the monster that is pulsing inside, and I reach in with my free hand and start to massage again, realizing just how thick this python was. The front of my thong starts to get uncomfortably tight I near full mast, and I pull my cock out only to see the most glorious hard-on I’ve ever seen.

At least seven inches around, cut with pulsing veins snaking all over the surface, this eleven-inch monster was appropriate for someone who was once a beast. I carefully pull my thong down just enough to get the base of my cock free, making sure to keep the rose intact, and I slowly start tracing the head of my cock before bringing it all the way down the length. I start flicking at the plump head, thinking of various ways to prolong the experience” wait, I don’t have time for this” I grab the shaft and start jerking off, snickering at the sheer look of this noble French prince masturbating in the mirror, turning to the side and watching my hand work the entire length, deep breaths causing my abs to crunch as I go.

I shut my eyes and continue to jack, pre starting to slick up my shaft, gliding up to the delicate, sensitive head, when suddenly I hear “Yeah, you like that huh?” come from the bedroom.

I open my eyes and crack open the bedroom door, one hand still jacking, and I see my brother posing on the balcony. He must be trying to impress some girl. “Hah, check these out!” He says as he turns sideways, giving me a perfect side-view of his body, shining in the sun, hair flapping in the light breeze, that perfect ass” I keep jacking, watching him pose for this unseen person, seeing him flex his biceps, admiring that taut ass outlined perfectly in his briefs” he turns around, looking over his shoulder as he flexes more, seeing his lean abs and pecs just standing there in front of me, his gorgeous thighs and hot bulge sticking out of his briefs.

I feel this lust surge within me, smiling wildly, gasping as I keep masturbating, watching him go through the motions. He turns to the side again, this time at the perfect angle, showing off his entire shape in the sunlight; my body trembling as my rod surges with power, hand furiously stroking the slick pole, when I feel such an intense pleasure” oh god, I’m gonna do it” I’m gonna—

“OH!” I moan as a thick spurt of my seed hits the shower across from me, splattering on the glass. My jaw drops in pure stupor as I climax, the feeling of release overwhelming me as I shoot load after load, flinging it across the bathroom as I keep moaning, not even thinking to release my grip. I fall against the bathroom door, knocking it shut as I keep jacking, hand and thong now soaked in my sticky deposits as my loads become smaller and smaller, until I’m finally out of my orgasmic haze. I take a deep breath and give my cock a few more firm tugs as it softens, and I stuff it back into my cum-soaked thong with a deep exhale. I look around the room, noticing the streaks of cum spattered across the floor and on the wall” Jesus, Adam can blow one hell of a load.

I take another deep breath and steady myself up, being careful not to step in any of my messes, and I wash my hands and grab a towel to start wiping up. I manage to clean the visible splatters off of the wall and floor, though there’s a slight sticky residue left over, and I toss the towel into the cabinet beneath the sink before looking back at the mirror.

“Shit!” I put my palm to my face as I realize that my thong is noticeably and visibly wet, and I reach down to find quite a sticky surface as well. I can’t get rid of it or else I’ll go back to being, well, me” well, the fabric’s black, so it’s not too noticeable” and besides, why would Craig be staring at my dick anyway?

And then it set in.

The entire reason my thong is so sticky and wet? Him. Me watching him flex, jerking off like there’s no tomorrow.

I’m momentarily disgusted with myself when I hear the balcony door open and shut, accompanied by Craig laughing hysterically. I freeze, trying to figure out if he might notice the remains of my “session,” when he knocks on the door. “Tan? You okay in there?”

“Yeah, I’m good—” I reach down slowly and open the door, and in walks Craig covered in sweat and glistening underneath the florescent lights. “So what was that out there?” I cross my arms. “Trying to impress someone?”

“I heard a wolf-whistle from some chick down below, so I gave her a show.” He smirks and raises an eyebrow. “Jealous?”

“Whatever—” I look up to the clock and notice the time. “Dude! It’s 4:15!”

“What?” Craig looks to the clock. “SHIT!” He darts out of the bathroom and grabs his keys and his three costume boxes.

“What about Stefan and Emmett?” I ask as I walk out of the bathroom.

“We’ll try them on there. Get some shoes on, we’re heading out.” Craig says as he heads out the door. “Meet me at the car.”

Great” I’m going to the party wearing nothing but a cum-soaked thong. That’s attractive. I sigh and grab my costume boxes, and I put on a pair of flip-flops from my suitcase as I head out. I dart down the stairs, a group of younger girls staring at me as I go, and I give them a smile before running to the car.

“Ready to go?” Craig says as he pops open my door. I hop in and we start driving to the fraternity house, a couple miles away from downtown. I try to figure out the logistics of partying like this, how I’m going to keep the rose in and so on, when I ask Craig when we’re going to go to Stefan and Emmett.

“Whenever you want. If you don’t want to show off, we can do it when we get there.”

I think to myself a bit, wondering how many people will be going the same underwear-only route as Craig and I, when we turn into Fraternity Row. The lane is packed with cars, lights flashing in the windows, people hanging out in the yard with the usual red plastic cups” yep, just like the movies.

We manage to find a parking spot and grab our costumes, Craig insisting he could hide our costumes in his former dorm room, and we look at each other and take a deep breath before walking down to the party. A group of giggling girls starts screaming at us from their car, lewdly commenting on our asses, and we both manage to smirk it off when we make it to the yard. Red cups litter the grass as we approach the patio, with girls dressed in as little clothing as possible and guys in lampshades and the usual jokey costumes crowding the doorway to the frat house.

We head inside of the frat house, watching partygoers’ eyes go wide as they see us start to weave through the crowd. I sling my costume boxes over my shoulder and lean against a wall as Craig branches off to find a couple of his former frat brothers. Guys seem to steer clear of me, understandable considering their less-than-intimidating looks, while girls curiously brush past me and occasionally cop a feel… jeez, an “excuse me” would be nice.

A short blonde girl in a red dress with a lollipop in her mouth and what looks like whipped cream cans on her chest walks up to me, smirking. “Who are you supposed to be, stud?”

As someone who isn’t used to receiving attention from anyone, let alone a girl, I stutter but manage to get out an answer. “Prince” Prince Adam?”

She gives me a confused look.

“From Beauty and the Beast?”

The girl thinks for a bit, before something finally clicks. “Ooooohhh! Wait” when did he wear that in the movie?”

Thinking quickly, I grab her by the hand and twirl her around like a princess. You know, like anyone would when you hear loud rap music. Suddenly, she grabs my hand and pulls me through the crowd, stopping in the center to gyrate around my crotch and rut her body all over mine. I move to the rhythm of the song as she glides around me, scanning the room to see if I can find Craig, when I catch him talking to a well-built guy in a bad spray tan and mussed black hair. Ugh, he must be one of those Jersey Shore dicks. “Excuse me—” I let go of the girl and start inching away from her, and when the moment is right I disappear into the crowd and weave over to my brother.

“Shane, this is my brother Tanner.” Craig points over to me.

Shane looks me over with a face of awe. “Jesus dude, you two look nothin’ like each other! How often do you work out?”

I shrug and try to dodge the question, when Shane notices my uncomfortable expression and switches the subject. “So I saw you out there with one of the Tri Chis” you got a lot of learning, man.”

Craig smirks. “They’re basically a bunch of sluts, Tan. Stick with me, I’ll show you where the real good stuff is.”

“So where’d you get those costumes man? I’ve known Craig for six years and he looks nothin’ like himself.” Shane crosses his arms.

“Dude, the last time you saw me was two years ago.” Craig laughs. “Things can change.”

“But your fuckin’ brother is bigger than you! How does that work?”

Craig and Shane keep going back and forth as I drift away from them, walking around the party and enjoying the looks I’m getting. The women are drooling, the men are jealous” some even look interested. Judging by all of the eyes on me, I’d say I was the center of attention. I step over to the keg and grab a cup, figuring I can get away with trying this magical elixir I hear so much about. I take a swig” BLARGH” I choke and spit it out right onto the three guys dressed as “seamen” (har.) situated in front of me. “Jesus, this beer tastes like SHIT!” I exclaim before looking up at the men, their faces slowly turning to anger. “Whoah boys, settle down—” I say as they inch closer to me, shouting profanities as they get up close. I’m taller and bigger than they are, but they aren’t intimidated by my appearance one bit.

“Knock it off, boys.” I hear from beside me. I turn around and catch a tall guy dressed in a long overcoat, a navy button-up and gray slacks beneath, some sort of contraption on his right ear” oh, now I get it. He’s that one guy from Torchwood, Captain Jack Harkness. “Start shit and you’re out of here. It’s not your house.” He says, a stern glare on his face. He’s every bit as handsome as his television counterpart.

“Whatever, this party is shit anyway.” The three men turn away to go, Captain Jack looking rather satisfied as they leave.

“Ugh, Kappa Taus. Think they’re better than everyone.” Captain Jack turns toward me, looking me over with a raised eyebrow. “So you’re Craig’s brother, right? Tanner?”

I nod, but remain silent.

“Sweet costume… you must weigh like, twenty pounds more than him.” He reaches up to feel my arm, but jerks his arm away at the last second. “So your brother said I need to look after you.” He crosses his arms and nods at the cup I’m holding, and I toss it into the nearby trash can. “There we go.” He smiles. “I’m Aaron, by the way.”

I reach out to shake his hand, and he gives it a firm squeeze while looking over my chest with the same smile. “You and your brother must work out a lot. He was a skinny bitch back when he was here.”

“Yeah, well—” I try to dodge the statement. “Has anyone recognized your costume yet, Captain Jack?”

Aaron’s eyes light up. “You watch Torchwood?”

“One of my favorites.”

“Wow, that’s a surprise” and you’re” uh” an Armani Exchange model?”

“Close. Prince Adam.”


“From Beauty and The Beast?”

“Oh! After he turns back!” Aaron grins. “I don’t remember him wearing THAT in the movie—”

I chuckle and look over to Craig, who is drinking and having a good time as usual, when Aaron grabs me by the arm. “Follow me, I wanna talk to you in private—” I nod as he pulls me through the crowd and up the stairs, passing numerous girls who take the liberty of cupping my bulge as I pass them, when we make it into one of the second level hallways and duck into a dorm. “This one’s mine.” He says as he shuts the door. I gaze around the room, and only then do I realize what I’ve gotten myself into.

There are guys on the wall.

LOTS of guys. Mostly naked and in seductive positions.

I turn around to see Aaron on his bed, his coat behind him. “Come over here, get comfortable.” He pats next to him and I walk over and sit.

“So is this your first frat party?”

“Yeah, I flew down here for it.”

“Nice, from where?”


“Wow, that’s a long flight” where are you staying?”

“I’m at Craig’s apartment.”

“Cool, cool.” Aaron nods before his vision slips to my crotch. “So, if you don’t mind me asking—” He looks back up at my face. “How, uh” big is it?”

I give him a confused look before realizing what he’s talking about. Great, how do I deal with this” first frat party, first gay encounter” alright, play it safe Tan”


“Holy SHIT dude!” He says with open-mouthed grin. “It shows!”

“You think so?” I say as I look down at myself, satisfied with the compliment.

“Can I see it?” He asks.

I look up at him, slightly uncomfortable.

“Whoah, sorry dude” didn’t mean to put you in a bad place.” He looks over to one of his posters, a ripped guy with his jeans just barely concealing his cock, when I realize the dude seems to long for something like this. I don’t see another bed, so I guess he’s alone in the house, and probably alone in the frat as well.

I take a breath and reach into my thong, pulling out the monster that had been hiding beneath the fabric. Aaron gasps in amazement, reaching down to touch the sleeping giant, when I cough an AHEM.

“Wow” I’m so sorry, man” it’s so big, I kind of got sidetracked.” He chuckles, gaze still affixed to my member.

“Okay Captain, let’s see what you’re packing.” I joke as I stuff myself back into the thong. He sighs as I put my cock away.

“Alright, but I’m nothing compared to yours—” He reaches down and unbuckles belt, then his pants, revealing gray boxer briefs, when I realize he’s already hard. “See what you do to me?” He smirks as he pulls out his cock, a respectable eight or nine inches, and he wasn’t cheating like I was. I stare at it a bit, not sure what I should do, when he breaks the silence. “If you want to touch it, be my guest.”

I make eye contact with him, unsure of how to continue.

“Go ahead man, I don’t mind at all.”

I reach over and touch the head, a bulbous mushroom cap, my own groin tingling as I make contact with his. His cock tenses as I move my hand away, then curiously bring it back for more as I start to trace his shaft.

“Ooooh fuck, man—” He says, smiling. For some reason, I can’t help but be affixed on his member. My thong is starting to tighten as my cock becomes erect, and I look at him with a smile.

“Fair is fair.” I say as I reach into my thong and pull out my thickening member, unfurling to its’ full length. I lean back a bit, tensing it slightly as it reaches full mast. I look over to Aaron and nod, and he reaches over and starts to run his finger down my length. I moan as he reaches the head and gives it a flick, sending a wave of pleasure through me, when he brings his hand away.

“Alright, Tanner” we’re gonna have to take care of these somehow.” He smirks and looks up at me, then back to my pulsing cock.

I’ve always wanted to try this mutual masturbation thing, but I’ve never really had any friends to do it with” here’s my chance. “Uh” I’ll do you, you do me?”

Aaron grins. “Deal. But first—” He gets up and walks over to the door and locks it, and then turns around toward me. He looks at me with a seductive grin, kicks off his shoes, and starts slowly lowering his pants, revealing lean, toned thighs and calves, then his underwear; causing his cock to jut straight in front of him. He unbuttons his shirt, showcasing a youthful set of abs and pecs, and he tosses the shirt to the ground before slowly walking toward me. He points down to the floor, and I scoot off the bed onto the floor as he grabs two towels from his cabinet. “Gonna take that off?” He motions toward my thong” shit, can’t do that—

“I, uh” like underwear.”

Aaron smirks and me and pulls his underwear back up his legs, popping his cock out of his fly. “Sexy kink, man—” He sits down next to me and reaches over, the sensation of another man’s hand on my cock exciting me even more, and he gives it a good firm tug before I reach over and grab his own member. We slowly start to jack each other, my hand going at a slower pace while Aaron makes sure to feel my entire length, my body tensing as he continues to go, my hand starting to build a faster pace on his member causing him to moan lightly. He increases his speed, causing me to moan as well, and we build up a rather fast pace as I see his eyes close and jaw lower” he’s getting close, I know he is” I gaze at his cock and watch it tense, his hand furiously jerking my own, his lean abs sucking in and out as he breathes heavily. He seizes up and moans an “OOH!” as a load of his creamy white essence shoots from his cock onto his chest, his cock surging in my hands as he nearly loosens his grip on mine. I feel the familiar surge within myself as he continues shooting his loads, his warm seed now slicking up my hand, when I fall back and let out a grunt as a rope of cum shoots from my throbbing cock onto my chest. I shut my eyes as my cock continues shooting, deposits landing all over my chest, my hand still clutching Aaron’s softening cock and coated in his sticky essence, his pace on my member slowing as I take deep breaths.

“Jesus” that was—” Aaron stutters between breaths. “—AMAZING” you’re awesome—”

I smirk and let go of his cock, bringing my hand to my chest and almost instinctually rubbing my cum all over my chest, giving it a sticky sheen. I open my eyes to see Aaron watching me, giving himself a couple more tugs. “You’re one kinky dude” never tried that before—”

I chuckle and sit up, Aaron tossing me a towel to clean up. I towel my cock off and rub it along my chest, unable to get the sticky residue off. “Damn, I’m gonna be sticky all night.”

“Want some help?” Aaron says as he stuffs his cock back into his boxer briefs and wipes off his chest. I give him a nod, and he’s suddenly down on his knees licking over my pecs and down my abs. I’m speechless as he gives my cock a couple licks before going back up my chest, and he stands up. I look up at him, a mixture of surprise and confusion on my face.

“And you said I was kinky?”

“We like what we like.” He jokes as he tosses his towel in the dirty laundry bin. I keep wiping myself off and stuff my cock back into my thong before tossing him the towel. I turn away to grab my flip-flops, and I turn back to see him inhaling the towel before putting it in the bin” okay then. He turns back to me with a nervous smile, and I smile back as I stand up. “You really need to come here more” we could, you know” try things—” He walks over to me and rubs his body up against mine—

“TANNER?!” I hear from the door. Shit, it’s Craig!

“YEAH?!” I yell back.


“GOT IT!” I reply.

“Vampires?” Aaron asks as he flops on his bed.

“Yeah, we brought three costumes each. This is just one of them. I’ve also got Superman and Emmett Cullen.”

“From Twilight?”

“Yeah, him.” I bend over and grab the costume boxes, only to be met with a slap on the ass. I turn my head and give him a smile before standing back up.

“I’m a big Kellan Lutz fan… can’t wait to see what you look like.”

I walk toward the door and turn back to him with a nod. “Neither can I.”

With that, I open the door and walk out, shutting the door behind me and taking a deep breath… jeez, maybe that’s why I’ve never been able to masturbate to girls” I shrug off my thoughts and cross over to the bathroom, and I knock on the door. “CRAIG? IT’S TANNER.”

The door opens and I walk in and lock the door behind me. Craig has already changed back to himself, his John Smith garb dangling from the box, now wearing Stefan’s black jeans and undershirt. “So what comprises Stefan’s wardrobe?” I ask as I place the boxes on the counter and take off Adam’s armbands, causing me to shudder as I begin to change back to my normal self.

“Jacket, brown button-up, undershirt, boxers, black jeans, socks, Converse. You know, what vampires wear.” He smirks as I feel my body shrink, losing its definition, the bulge in my thong disappearing as my face restructures and hair returns its original length.

I look back in the mirror and see myself again, and I can’t help but feel slightly guilty about Aaron. My regular self would probably have never caught his eye, and he’d probably laugh at my normal seven incher. I sigh and ask Craig to turn away, and I remove the rose and take off my thong and put them in the Adam box before opening the Emmett box and rummaging for the accompanying boxers. Blood red, naturally. I pull them up and give Craig the all clear, and he turns around with his button-up on, but unbuttoned. I give him a curious look as I pull on my own undershirt, to which he replies “I won’t be able to see the good stuff if I button it up.” Huh, interesting strategy. I pull on Emmett’s undershirt, then his gray jeans, finishing it with the black thermal.

“So I guess the vampire thing is in their faces? These guys just look like hipsters.” Craig jokes as he ties his shoes. I pull the sleeves up on my thermal and sit on the counter to pull my socks and shoes on, when Craig starts tapping his foot. “I’m hurrying, kay?” I snap as I tie my shoes and put on my wristband and watch. I grab the vial of “vampire dust” and open the cap, and I look over to Craig and give him a nod. Craig puts on the Salvatore crest ring and leans back against the wall as I sprinkle the glitter onto me, then I cork the vial and toss it back into the box. I lean against the opposite wall and look at the mirror, waiting for the changes to start, when I see Craig start to smile as the front of his undershirt starts to push out.

He shuts his eyes as his pecs form a nice shelf above his stomach, which is visibly rippling as a rigid six-pack becomes faintly outlined beneath the fabric. Sadly I can’t see his legs or arms growing, but I’m sure they are just as good-looking. I feel my shirt start to tighten and I look at the mirror, turning slightly as my pecs push in, feeling my stomach crunching into the chiseled six-pack I expected. My arms start to bulk up, biceps noticeably inflating beneath the fabric of my thermal, forearms following suit, neck thickening slightly, my legs feeling bulkier as they shift beneath my jeans. Our complexions both become paler, mine becoming an eerie white while Craig is more natural, and soon enough our faces start to change.

Craig’s brow becomes more pronounced, his jaw and nose shifting slightly to a sharper, more angular shape. His cheekbones flare slightly, eyes changing to a darker brown, hair turning to a dirty blond and shifting into a more pronounced, spiky style.

My face goes a more rugged direction, jaw shifting to a more square shape, nose following suit. My eyebrows become more pronounced and darken, my hair shortening into almost a crew cut and darkening to a brownish-black. My eyes flood with a vivid amber color, and the visible specks of “vampire dust” disappear, leaving only their sparkle behind.

Craig laughs in disbelief and crosses his arms, a wide grin on his face. I look back at myself and chuckle” we’re unrecognizable. No, scratch that” we’re recognizable alright. Craig and I are splitting images of Paul Wesley and Kellan Lutz, the two actors who play the characters. It’s almost eerie to have taken someone’s form like this; the other characters were just animated or illustrated, we hadn’t turned into Brandon Routh or Chris Hemsworth. But these two, their only visual representations were these actors.

To tell you the truth, in the back of my mind I felt almost… evil.

I gaze into my reflection, staring at the alien amber eyes before me, when I turn to see Craig has lifted his undershirt up and exposed the chiseled six-pack beneath.

“Yep, dude’s way better built than John Smith.”

I shrug and lift my own shirt and undershirt up, exposing my own ripped stomach. I’m inclined to agree with Craig, Emmett is way more defined than Adam was.

“Alright, time to hunt.” I joke as I pull down my shirt and grab the boxes.

Craig pulls down his undershirt and buttons his shirt up, and grabs his boxes. “Off we go.”

I open the door, only to be met with Aaron, clad in his Jack button-up and pants, standing right in front. His jaw drops when he sees my brother and I, in complete disbelief of what he’s seeing. “Tanner? Is that” you?”

“Hey Aaron.” Craig waves.

“Craig? Holy shit” your fucking costumes are just” that’s incredible!”

“Pretty cool right? We look just like them.” I add.

“Alright, excuse me Aaron” gotta go.” Craig heads out of the bathroom and down the hall, his boxes dangling from his hands.

“Can I come in?” Aaron asks. I motion for him to come in, and I shut the door behind him.

“Jesus CHRIST you’re hot! It’s just too bad you’re covering up that body with all that clothing—” Aaron smirks as he walks around me, admiring my frame. “You shouldn’t be hiding that shape.”

I reach down and pull up my shirt, giving him a good view of my six-pack.

“My god! That pale makeup TOTALLY highlights your abs!” Aaron stares open-mouthed at my body. I drop my shirt and lean against the wall, stretching my arms, when Aaron rushes me and pushes me against the wall. “So” weird question for you” are you a top, or a bottom?” He says with a seductive smile.

I snicker at the question before replying. “Top.”

With that single word, Aaron goes in for a kiss.

I don’t stop him.

He starts to invade my mouth with his tongue, and I can’t help but feel like I want him” I need him” I start to make out with him, putting my arms around him and holding him as close as I can. I disgorge from him and smile, and I feel a familiar rise in my own jeans and in his.

Aaron starts to breathe heavily as he backs away, dropping his pants. His cock is visibly hard beneath his boxer briefs, and he starts to lower them down allowing his cock to flop out into view. I unbuckle my jeans and pop my hard cock out of my boxers, the length and girth more or less the same as Adam, when Aaron walks up to me and whispers my ear.

“Take me.”

I smile as he turns around, not even thinking as I grab his waist and start to force my way in, penetrating his tight hole and pushing my entire length inside. He moans loudly as I start to thrust into him, having never been with a guy but never liking a girl, eyes shutting as I vigorously fuck him. I reach around and grasp his cock again, jacking it off as I go, eliciting shrieks of pleasure from him. He clenches his ass as I buck even harder into him, moaning as I near climax, gripping and pulling his cock, when the door suddenly opens.

“TANNER?” I hear Craig’s voice from the doorway, but it’s too late” I moan louder and louder, bucking harder and harder, until I blow my load right into Aaron’s ass. I turn to Craig with a look of ecstasy as I plow into Aaron, deep heaves coming from both of us, and Craig’s face turns to one of anger as he turns and stomps away.

“I’m” so sorry, Aaron—” I say as I pull myself out of him, my cock completely slick with cum, and I push my member back into my boxers before grabbing my boxes and darting back into the hall, keeping sight of Craig as I go. I make it outside just in time to see Craig toss his Stefan ring onto the ground, his body turning back to his own as he heads to the car. I run over and grab the ring and put it in my pocket when he slams the door and turns on the car.

“Craig?” I yell as he starts to pull away. He lowers the window and gives me a glare.

“You know, if you had told me I would have been a hundred percent behind you, got you some hookups, whatever you wanted. But at my old frat house? With one of my brothers? Come ON, Tanner!” Craig yells.

“I’m sorry, Craig! He was just—”

“Just?” Craig snaps.

I try to think of something to say, but I can’t think of a way to sugarcoat it.

“Yeah, whatever.” Suddenly, Craig drives away, leaving me stranded in front of the house. I try to run after him, but he doesn’t stop.

I watch the car disappear in the distance, a single tear rolling down my face.

I scream out to the sky, anger finally setting in” my own fucking brother left me behind because I didn’t tell him I was gay” fuck, I didn’t even KNOW I was gay until today! How was I supposed to prepare for this! Just” fuck this” fuck this stupid frat party, fuck this fucking costume” I angrily grunt and pull off my wristband and toss it to the ground, dropping my costume boxes next to it, and I stomp off in the direction Craig headed in.

I make it a hundred or so feet away when my anger starts to turn to sadness and guilt. I felt really bad for Aaron, since I had basically done the equivalent of a one night stand and left him behind. And Craig” ugh, I guess I should have told him I was experimenting or something. I didn’t know he’d have a gay frat brother, and I definitely didn’t figure I’d be such a teenager in the way I handled him.

I stop walking and stand in the middle of the road, the Florida night a calm, cool breeze. I take a deep breath and turn around, and I slowly walk back to the frat house, my head down in shame.

I make it back and grab the costume boxes and wristband, making sure to put it back in Emmett’s box, and I walk over to the curb and take a seat.

A couple minutes later, I see someone running out of the frat house toward me, his jacket flying as he runs, carrying boxes of some kind” oh no. It’s Aaron.

What am I going to do now? Like he’ll understand this stupid costume bullshit? Like he’ll be okay with some skinny skate punk instead of some chiseled French nobleman and sculpted actor clone? I bury my head in my hands as I hear him approach me.

“Hey, are you okay?” I hear from above me.

I don’t respond.

“Well” your brother forgot these.” He drops the boxes next to me, and I hear silence as I start to cry into my hands.

Suddenly, I feel two arms around me and a head on top of my own.

“Hey” it’s okay, man—” Aaron says as he embraces me. “I don’t have any brothers or anything, but if I had one he would probably have been pissed too.”

I continue to cry into my hands, periodically stammering an “I don’t know what to do.” As I go. Aaron sits down next to me and continues to hug me, trying to cheer me up.

“Don’t do this” I’m a fucking fake—”

“Why are you a fake? Cause you were wearing a costume?”

I look up at him and he lets go of me, his face slightly confused as he sees my normal look. “So” you took off your wig?”

I turn toward the box next to me, Emmett’s box, and grab the wristband. I stretch it for a bit and look up at Aaron’s confused face before putting the wristband back on.

I turn back to Emmett, body filling out, face shifting back, and his eyes go wide.

“What the fuck is that?” He yells. “How’d you do that?”

I take off the wristband again and turn back to my normal self.

“I” don’t get it.” Aaron starts to stutter. “What is this?”

“It’s the costume” it’s some weird magic shit that makes people change into what their outfits are.”

After a bit of silence, Aaron finally speaks out. “Do it again.”

I put the wristband back on, and shift back to Emmett’s form.

“That’s” fucking crazy. How did it” wait, so Craig did—?”

“Yeah, he did too.” I pull off my wristband and return back to myself.

“So you” don’t—”

“I’m not ripped, I don’t have a big dick, and I’m not handsome. I’m a hundred and fifty pounds, it’s only seven inches, and I look like I’m fourteen.” I put my head back in my hands, and Aaron never replies back.

I sit there for ten minutes, only the sounds of the party from across the street keeping the silence away, when I feel arms around me again.

“That’s one weird kink, dude.”

I lift my head out of my hands, a big smile on my face, and I return his hug before sitting up on the curb.

“I’m really sorry” I feel so shitty about what I did to you” it’s just so wrong—” I explain.

Aaron looks over to the party, wistfully. “Dude, in case you haven’t realized, I’m kind of lonely in this place.” He turns toward me. “And I’m gonna guess you’re pretty lonely too.”

I nod, slightly embarrassed.

“So hey, at least we had a little fun tonight right?” Aaron smiles and puts his hand on my back. “Was this your first time?”

I nod again.

“You’re a really good fuck.”

I look up to the sky and smile, taking a deep breath. “I’ve got nothing on what I had then.”

“It’s all about the technique, man.”

We giggle as we see a car in the distance. It approaches and then stops in front of us and the window opens.

“Want to talk?” I hear Craig’s voice from the window.

“That’s your ride.” Aaron says as he stands up. He reaches over and helps me up, and I give him a hug. “You know, I have a thing for skinny guys too.” He smirks as I let go of him.

I take a deep breath and open the car door, noticing Craig is in normal clothes again, and I shut the door.

“Hey, I take full responsibility for this Craig.” Aaron says as he approaches the door. “Don’t blame him.”

Craig takes a deep breath. “I’m cool with it” I was a dick and overreacted.” He turns towards me. “So I guess he knows about the costumes?”

“Yep.” Aaron says with a smirk.

“Pretty kinky right?” Craig jokes.

“VERY kinky.” Aaron replies. “I would have loved to see Superman though. I always thought he was sexy.”

“He can try that out next time.” Craig says. I look over to him, hopeful that we don’t have to get rid of the costumes.

“So we can keep them?”

“We can keep them.”

“In that case—” I dig in my pocket and pull out Craig’s ring and give it back to him before grabbing the Adam box and rummaging through. I grab my Emmett wristband, wrap it in Adam’s thong, and give it to Aaron. “We can play whenever I come back.”

Aaron smiles and grabs the improvised pack. “Hah, I look forward to it. Maybe I could try on one of them—”

“You can use mine. I think I’m done with costume parties for a while.” Craig adds. “Just remember to use a condom next time.”

“And Aaron?” I ask. He looks down at me with a smile.


“You’re welcome, man.” Aaron nods and backs away from the car, waving.

“I’ll be back for Spring Break!” I yell as we start to drive away.

“I’ll be counting the days.” Aaron replies.

I sit back in my seat as we drive away, Aaron waving as we go. Craig actually was fine with my sexuality, and made it clear that I’m always welcome back to the apartment.

Even after I told him about the bathroom incident.

We counted down the New Year on his balcony, and the next day he drove me back to the airport. He gave me Aaron’s number, and we’ve been calling and texting each other every day since. Craig has the costumes locked up for safe-keeping, and Aaron has taken a liking to wearing my thong around his dorm.

Now that I’m back in Oregon, I’m pretty happy about how things went down in Florida.

The only downside?

Four months until Spring Break.

(The Disney Heroes transformations are based on portraits by “DavidKawena” on DeviantArt. You can find them here and here.

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