Cu Raigo

by NaughtyKitchenware

 Raigo, an adrenaline-addicted porn star, finds himself in a snow storm. Luckily, a mysterious and large stranger saves him, which leads to a lot of changes for both of them.

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Raigo’s scream was right for the situation. But it was his own fault after all. Everyone warned him that he shouldn’t go up the mountain because there was a storm coming. And especially not without a guide, none of whom would go up in this weather anyway. But here he was now, an adrenalin-addicted porn star on his skis in the middle of a fucking snowstorm.

Raigo was able to solve most of the problems in his life by going through the wall with either his head or his dick. When his parents tried to make a picture-perfect son out of him, he started to dress all black and hang out with the most troubled kids he could find. If the other kids wanted to kick him out, he challenged them to a fight. He got seriously beaten up, but not without dealing his fair share of hits that guaranteed his place in the gang.

When his parents found out that he was bi, they told him to only sleep with girls (preferably only with the one he would marry). His response, in its simple brutality, was to sleep with another guy two days later. In his own room. With an open door. They kicked the poor guy out half-naked and when a video of that scene found its way to the internet, he ended up being the laughingstock of the entire high school.

Raigo certainly didn’t decide to help him even though he was partly responsible for his situation. He didn’t mind being known as an asshole. The “repercussions” for him turned out to be in his favour. His parents screamed and shouted at him and grounded him indefinitely. Turned out to be two whole months, but he snuck out half of the nights anyway. As for their general behaviour towards him, they seemed to have given up on making him what they wanted.

They stopped being pushy about everything, but they also didn’t help him with anything he wanted to do. His parents still took care of his basic needs and gave him his allowance but beyond that they just made sure he wouldn’t get in trouble with the law, probably to protect themselves. Raigo still managed to get a reaction out of them when he proclaimed two months before his 18th birthday that he would become a porn star once he became an adult.

There was no screaming. Only an ultimatum that they would kick him out then and remove him from their wills. In the end he left his parents’ house on his birthday and ate instant ramen alone in a single-room apartment. He kept himself above water with prostitution ‘til he found a job at a mediocre porn studio. He actually became quite successful, especially with his “Tiny Angry Top” persona. Even though that is his actual personality.

With time, he got enough pay so he could pursue a hobby. Going into sports seemed like a good decision, so he signed up for different courses. He soon realized he had a weakness for the exhausting and thrilling kind. Rock climbing, canyoning, freeriding. If it had a reputation of being dangerous, it was right up his alley. His boss and his colleagues of course warned him to never get in a situation he couldn’t handle but like always, he didn’t listen.

And that’s where we are right now. Raigo, a massive brick-head, getting drained of his hot-headedness in a snowstorm. He tried to orientate himself but couldn’t, so he just went into the direction that he thought was right. He travelled for quite a while and successively got colder and colder. And the storm just got worse.

The vision became so bad that Raigo completely overlooked a steep slope right in front of him. Surprised by its sudden appearance, he crashed into the snow and lost his ski in the process. He tumbled even further down the slope until he finally landed in a small deepening. He tried to get up, but while he was physically unharmed, he was just too exhausted and cold to continue. He just curled up.

He couldn’t tell how long he actually laid there.

Raigo felt like he was getting lifted up. Am I dying? Yes, I am probably dying. But I think I am going in the wrong direction. Then the feeling of getting lifted up suddenly stopped and he felt like swaying from side to side. Ah, we are probably doing it the Greek way. “Hey Charon, can you maybe keep the boat a bit more still?” It sounded more like incoherent mumbling, but he felt how someone put something warm on his head.

A big warm hand. Okay, now it’s getting weird. Raigo noticed that he was still hearing the wind howling. He was still alive. Almost frozen, but alive and he was getting carried. He tried to open his eyes, but there was still the big hand on his head. It got lifted from his head, but he still could barely see because he was so cold. He knew he was probably looking at the stranger’s face, but he could only make out their rather eccentric hair style. As if Raigo was the one to judge that… or the author.

Raigo closed his eyes again and leaned closer against the stranger and noticed how warm their chest was. Nice, they got a heating jacket. Still under the effects of hypothermia, he decided it was now safe to doze off. Then the storm got even worse and whoever was carrying him, shifted into next gear. What started out as a hammock in a breeze, turned into a small fisher ship in a storm. All Raigo could do was to cling onto the pelt of their jacket.

After a while that seemed way to long for such a fast sprint, the howling suddenly quieted down. Raigo’s mysterious saviour put him down in a soft spot and then there was some rustling, like from branches and the wind almost went silent. Raigo was still mostly curled up from getting carried and was trying to make himself even smaller, as much as his frozen limbs allowed him. He then felt how the stranger returned and curled themselves around him.

Raigo couldn’t tell how large they exactly were, but they felt huge. Maybe it’s just their clothes. Nevertheless, he was now enveloped in cocoon of warmth and the painful sensations of his freezing limbs were slowly fading. When he could move his hands again, he clumsily peeled off his gloves. He put them against the stranger’s chest and could feel their bare skin. Guess they stripped down to give me direct access to their body warmth.

He noticed how they had a big tuft of hair on their chest. Hey, that’s almost as fluffy as the pelt of their jacket. He warmed his hands at the quite voluminous chest till he could move his fingers properly again. He fumbled at his helmets strap and finally freed his head. Raigo blinked and noticed how his vision returned. He then looked at the stranger’s face and several words came to his mind. Flat nose, pointy ears, scales, markings, fangs… and most importantly … surprised.

At Raigo looked something out of a fantasy comic. A guy with scales around and horns on top of his face, a flat nose like an animal’s, strange markings on his cheek and big fangs. And a look that could only be described as baffled.

Raigo was looking in a mirror of his own feelings. But the strange creature acted faster than him and put Raigo’s face between his hands. He turned it left and right, like he was examining it. He then sniffed Raigo’s hair and ruffled it and then, what shocked Raigo the most, he licked the left side of his face. His saliva left a warm feeling, like some kind of warming gel.

When he faced Raigo again, he could see how a big, fanged smile grew on the monster guy’s face. He then hugged him and Raigo’s face was trapped in the fur between the guy’s massive pecs. It was an amazing but also suffocating feeling and Raigo soon started to struggle for air. Luckily the big guy let him go. He then got up and did something that Raigo could only describe as an acrobatic dance of joy.

While the stranger was jumping around, Raigo decided to take a look around. They were in a cave with one side being blocked by a tight network of conifer branches. The soft spot where Raigo was sitting, was a rising on the side of the cave, padded with moss and other soft plant material. Apart from that, there was only a small alcove with food. He didn’t see any clothes or a fireplace.

As for the stranger himself, he was about 2 meters, if not taller, making him by half a meter larger than Raigo. And also in other aspects he was considerably bigger. He had a broad build, large muscles all over his body and his chest and nipples were just giant. When Raigo trailed his gaze down the stranger’s abs he noticed how each of them also had a small nipple. Small has to be seen relative as they were probably still larger than Raigo’s.

His build was of course fantastic enough, but then his other traits still stuck out even more. His pupils were slightly narrowed, and his nose was flattened and glistened with humidity. Both his ears and teeth were pointy and then there were the strange marks on his cheeks, which looked more like tattoos than anything. On top of his head were horns, which just added to the animalistic look.

He had scales on his body but only in certain spaces. They circled around his face beneath his hair, covering his ears and sloped down his neck and shoulders to the outer side of his arms. Down his back they went, framing his belly musculature and to the long tail that swished behind him. From the sides of his hips down the outer side of his legs the scales ran down to his decidedly beastly feet that were completely covered and had sharp claws on each toe.

But Raigo’s favourite part was definitely the hair. The fluffy mess on his head extended down his spine and his tail into a tip that looked like an over-sized dandelion. On his chest there was an especially fluffy crest that protruded proudly despite the competition his pecs gave it. It ended slightly above his abs, but beneath started a treasure trail almost as fluffy.

It led to the decidedly most monstrous part of him. Above balls the size of oranges, emerged a cock that reached down to his knees and had the circumference of a small bottle soft. It was delightfully human shaped as Raigo’s seemingly omnivorous sexual appetite didn’t extend into the realm of furries and werewolves. But we will see.

He certainly couldn’t get enough eye candy and just kept staring at the stranger. When he suddenly looked at him, Raigo almost expected him to be mad about it, but the big guy just grinned like an idiot. He came up to Raigo and pulled him up to his chest. Normally Raigo would have fully enjoyed this treatment, but he was still half-frozen, and everything hurt. “Hey, I also think you are nice, but I would prefer you making a fire right now.”

The stranger looked down to Raigo with a puzzled look, as if he didn’t understand. “Do you understand anything I say?” Just more confusion on the fluffy guy’s face. Seemed like Raigo would have to resort to non-verbal communication. He was still shivering a lot and maybe this giant idiot who walked naked into a snowstorm didn’t exactly know what freezing was. But he also had a weather-safe spot, so maybe it just took a lot more for him to get cold.

Anyway, Raigo started comically clattering his teeth. The stranger tilted his head to the side. Raigo tried to huddle up like a bird. This time the strangers face lit up with understanding. He put Raigo down on the nest again and crawled onto it, next to him. He then started rummaging inside as to make a better spot. In the meantime, Raigo decided to at least try to get rid of his ski shoes. It wasn’t pleasant to bend down to reach the straps but luckily his hands were already warm again, and after a few tries he got them open.

He then pulled of his right shoe and when he was about to remove the left one, he noticed who the rummaging stopped. Raigo looked up into the stranger’s face and saw an expression between confusion, curiosity and empathetic pain. His feet couldn’t smell that bad, especially in this cold air. Then it made click. To the naked idiot it looked like he was tearing out his scales or fur. He decided it would be the best to show him that wasn’t the case and gave the big guy the right shoe.

It immediately got subjected to a similar investigation as Raigo’s face while he finished getting rid of the left one. The stranger also inspected Raigo’s helmet and his gloves he had thrown on the nest. He then looked at Raigo and gestured from the shoe in his giant hand to the whole of Raigo. Apparently he wanted to know if all of his body was covered in removable fur. Raigo nodded which only got another confused look from the stranger.

Even nodding he doesn’t understand? Wow, he really never met anyone. Raigo then gestured at himself, which his saviour understood. He shuffled closer to him and started to tug gently at his clothes in different spots. At first Raigo thought it was curiosity, but when he continued, he understood he actually wanted him to strip. Raigo didn’t like the idea as he was still really cold, and it apparently showed on his face because the stranger turned his head towards the spot he prepared.

A big hill of plant debris and patches of fur promised enough warmth, even without clothes. When he looked at the stranger again, his face was showing a longing. He really is lonely. Okay then. Raigo then started stripping down. The stranger’s face lit up but over the course of socks, jacket, ski pants and another jacket he seemed to get impatient. When Raigo was in his ski underwear he grabbed the top and just tore it apart. “Hey!” Raigo was shocked at the sudden feralness his friend demonstrated.

But once his torso was exposed, the big guy seemingly calmed down and gently licked Raigo’s skin. His tongue was rough and tickled but his saliva kept warming and soothing Raigos body even long after the tongue was gone. Raigo just laid there and got to enjoy this amazing feeling for a while. When the big guy stopped, Raigo pulled him back. Don’t stop. He continued without objection.

Raigo stripped himself from the arms of his torn ski underwear top and only stopped the stranger to pull down the bottom of it. Now only in his boxers, he still felt a bit frosty, but it was just slightly annoying and not painful anymore. And especially after the fluffy guy had worked on his legs, he felt no longer cold at all. It was like he was packed in a thin isolating layer. The big guy regularly licked Raigo’s ears and nipples, but also his right eyebrow and his nose bridge.

He seemed to have a special interest in Raigo’s piercings and also played gently with his lips and teeth with them. Raigo already got a little hard because his nipples were kinda sensitive, but his stomach subjected to his horniness with a noticeable growl. The big guy and Raigo looked into each other’s eyes. Raigo felt quite hungry but when he thought about what he had seen in the food niche, he wasn’t too excited. But the big guy actually surprised him.

He started massaging his big pecs and tugged at his huge nipples. They started swelling until a few drops of white liquid came out and then he squeezed thin beams of liquid out of them. Suddenly Raigos stomach and boner came up with an agreement. Like a hungry puppy he latched on the big guy’s left nipple and started sucking on it. He already had licked him up and down his entire body, this wasn’t too much different anymore.

The fluffy guy’s milk tasted both sweet and salty, like someone had mixed cum and milk together. Raigo couldn’t get enough of this stuff. He slowly laid down on his back again and pulled the big guy with him. He watched that he wouldn’t squish Raigo under his weight, but also kept as close as possible. Raigo started to stroke up and down his friend’s abs where the smaller nipples were located. They also started to swell and when he got to feel the milk on his skin, it felt like the saliva but taken up a notch.

He started to collect the milk and spread it over his body, while still sucking on the left pec nipple. Soon he felt how one of the big guy’s hands started helping him. With the additional much bigger hand, the milk output suddenly increased. In difference to the saliva, it didn’t dry up but created a sticky film all over Raigo’s body. He didn’t mind, in fact, he enjoyed it. They continued like this till Raigo had his fill and let go of the fluffy guy’s nipple.

He tugged at his nipples to get more of the milk on himself. The big guy of course started helping him by massaging it all over his body. Meanwhile, Raigo noticed how he continuously got hotter and hornier by the second. His cock was achingly hard in his underwear, but it still felt like it wasn’t completely there. He wondered what the strangers looked like now but when he saw it, it was still soft. Also, a look on his face told Raigo he wasn’t horny at all. Just glad to help Raigo.

Raigo felt bad for him. Maybe he was ace, but it was also a possibility that he just didn’t know better. Even if he was ace, if Raigo would now try to give him a good time and he didn’t like it, he could always push him away.

He then gently pushed the fluffy guy up and yanked down his underwear, which already was soaked from the milk. Raigo’s rock-hard cock slapped against his stomach with the tip slightly reaching above his belly button. Has it gotten bigger? Nah, I am probably just very horny. The big guy curiously looked at it. He couldn’t not notice the size difference but what seemed to catch his interest was the state in which Raigo’s cock was.

He slightly pushed it and watched it spring back in its former position. He then looked down at his own humongous but soft cock. Raigo took the opportunity and grabbed it. The long fleshy tube in his hands barely reacted. He had some unresponsive costumers during his time as a sex worker, so he knew some things he could try. He stroked his friend’s cock and fondled his balls, which made him laugh, like he was getting tickled.

He massaged his perineum which apparently was pleasant, but not very arousing. Raigo was getting frustrated. Did this guy have no erogenous zone at all? He then pulled back his foreskin to reveal a squeaky-clean cock head. I kinda like that, but it isn’t very promising. Raigo started to give him head and again the reaction was rather disappointing. He then stuck his tongue in his surprisingly roomy urethra.

At first, it wasn’t much different than before, but when he pushed his tongue in as far as possible just for the hell of it, the fluffy guy made a surprised squeak. Well, what could be called a squeak from a guy as big as that. Raigo then pushed his tongue in again and the big guys lurched a little bit. But maybe he should try to get a little bit deeper. He pulled out his tongue and backed up a bit, even though the fluffy guy was signalling him through light pressure to not stop.

Raigo pushed two fingers inside, which was accompanied by deeply pleasured sounds. Jackpot! Raigo played around with his fingers in the urethra, tapped inside of it, circled it and stretched it. It dilated surprisingly wide. So wide, that Raigo had an idea. He removed his fingers and shuffled a little bit back. He then lined the fluffy guy’s soft dick up with his own hard dick and thrust into it. A pleasured howl filled the cave. Double Jackpot!

He began fucking the urethra like a flesh light and noticed how it started to chub up. It also got tighter, but not so much that Raigo had to worry so far. The harder it got, the more he had to shuffle back and the more he had to move his hips instead of his hands. Raigo couldn’t believe that he was fucking another man’s urethra and it felt amazing. He thought he would slip out, once his friend’s cock would stand at full mast, but it wouldn’t get that hard.

Raigo didn’t have the feeling he would get him off like that, but for now he was just focused on his own pleasure. He started to go even faster and drove right over the edge and cummed inside the other man’s cock. With a sigh he pulled out, much to his partners dismay but before he could communicate him to continue, he suddenly jumped up. Raigo looked concerned at the big guy who was yelping and groaning while holding his balls.

It soon became apparent why. Originally the size of oranges, they were now steadily growing, surpassing cantaloupes at first and finally reaching the size of large watermelons. His dick also changed as it was now fully hardening, which was especially noticeable in its girth that almost reached that of a punching bag. All of his nipples got larger and now started dripping copious amounts of milk, which was now much more viscous.

Once the growth slowed down, his painful yelps turned into pleasured groans. Raigo felt like he could almost hear the now even bigger guy’s balls sloshing with cum, as his dick was now dripping precum. It wasn’t white like a human’s, but slightly more yellowish and as thick as Raigo’s cum. The head of his dick reached up to his collarbone and allowed him to plunge his own tongue into the urethra. Despite having just emptied his balls, Raigo got immediately hard again at the sight of a man making out with his giant dick.

The big guy was now getting a taste of his own precum and was obviously loving it. He kept stroking his dick and fondling his balls until some new instincts kicked in. They told him to mark everything with his cum and while he wanted to continue like that, he let go of his dick and started stroking it furiously. He looked at Raigo who was also jerking off and then they came together.

Raigo’s load was completely lost in the gallons of cum that rained down on him. If the saliva was warm and the milk was hot, then the cum was burning like the sun, but in a very pleasant way. Raigo felt refreshed and full of energy, but also very horny. He wanted to jerk off again, but he came several times completely hands free. When the flood finally seemed to end, he wiped his face free and looked around.

The cave was now completely covered in cum and even the cause of it was painted. The big guy apparently had tried to swallow some of his own cum and showered himself in the process. He was now trying to lick himself somewhat clean. Raigo tried to wipe off as much of as possible, even though it was very hot (both metaphorically and literally), to be covered in the big guy’s cum. Luckily, while it was sticky, it was also very viscous, and the biggest globs could be swiped off in one go.

Once he was clean, Raigo noticed some differences. First of all, his nipples had gotten huge, like the size of doubloons and now looked ridiculously large on his chest and his piercings looked lost on them. I have to get new piercings that make those look real good. Second, his body looked much hotter in general. He was always athletic, but now he looked as defined as a Greek statue, just buffer. He was still small but now instead of a twink from the swimmer’s club, he looked like a jock from the swimmer’s club.

But what he definitely had much more than a Greek statue was dick. Over balls the size of the big guys before their miraculous growth, his dick’s head stood proudly between his nipples, with the girth of a water bottle. Together with his enormous horniness he had no other choice but to suck himself off. But while reaching his cock was no problem, the head was too big to get into his mouth. But it was so sensitive that even licking it almost drove Raigo over the edge.

For a while there was only him and his cock in the world. Only when someone pressed their large, horned forehead on his, he remembered he wasn’t alone. Raigo looked into the fluffy guy’s face which had the expression of being left out while he intently looking at Raigo’s cock. Reluctantly he let go of it and almost immediately the stranger swallowed the head without much effort. Raigo came right then and there with a load that would have suffocated every other professional cock sucker, but his new friend just swallowed.

To Raigo’s even greater pleasure, the big guy went continuously further until he reached the base of his cock. Until then, Raigo had cummed another three times and it didn’t seem like he was going to get soft anytime soon. To amp his pleasure, he twisted his nipples and noticed that his were also giving off milk. Raigo was curious if it tasted just as good as the big guys. So, he licked his fingers and almost immediately he launched a minute-long orgasm that even made the beastly guy pull back from his cock.

When it finally ebbed down, Raigo noticed how he was even hornier than before getting off several times. Huh, potent stuff. Gotta be careful with that. Before he could react, the stranger latched onto his right nipple. With his giant tongue he pressed as much aphrodisiac milk out as possible. He didn’t cum like Raigo, but the steady flow of pre-cum from his giant cock increased three-fold. When the fluffy guy pulled back and looked at Raigo, the latter could still see the kindness in his eyes, but also something wild and feral.

Raigo was in lust and love and pulled his head in to aggressively make out with the big guy. While at first his inexperience was still showing, the stranger soon became more domineering and started to use his own large tongue to basically fuck Raigo’s mouth. While Raigo was used to be the dominant one, his efforts to fight back soon became useless when the monstrous guy picked him up and tucked Raigo between his own body and cock and laid down on top of him.

Even though he was the inferior one, Raigo thoroughly enjoyed that someone was able to completely put up with all the energy and aggression he had to offer. He could feel how all eight nipples of the stranger seeped their hot cum-milk on his body and knew something was building up in him. Because his friend was so enthusiastic about tongue-fucking him, Raigo started to get out of breath.

He tried patting on the big guy’s shoulders but when he didn’t even react to more forceful slaps, Raigo had to scratch him. Immediately he jumped up, with Raigo still on his cock, who got launched against the furry chest of his friend by the force. He looked like a beaten puppy at Raigo’s face, but the bad consciousness showed when he saw how the human struggled for air.

He sat down, still with Raigo sandwiched between him and his cock and waited for the smaller guy to recover. He is like a big dog. Always well-intentioned, but when he plays, he is completely unaware of his own size. When he had a steady breath again, Raigo pointed at the big guy and said: “Cu.” Then he pointed at himself and said Raigo. He repeated that a few times until Cu finally imitated him. Cu gave Raigo a big toothy smile.

He then rubbed his scratched shoulder and glared at Raigo. He could barely react before Cu bit him in the shoulder, not too forcefully, but still enough to draw blood. “Ouch!” The saliva, the milk and the cum on his body seeped into his veins and made him feel like he had the sun in his body. The built up feeling he had now catalysed even more changes in his body.

On the surface, his canines fell out but were immediately replaced by new, much sharper and longer fangs. Simultaneously small black horns, maybe four or five centimetres long, grew from his forehead while his ears grew into points. While Raigo still stayed mostly hairless, his head hair extended down his spine into a furry line that ended in a long, thin tail with a brush-shaped tip.

However, he could feel that the real action was going on, on the inside. His organs felt like they were jumbling around like a crowd in the disco when two people were about to do a dance-off, making room for them, only to get back on the floor once they were done. His sternum changed, splitting into two dentated halves that would still give the same resistance to outward forces but became flexible towards forces from the inside.

He felt most intensely how his pelvic bones changed, losing mass to give much more trunk room and solidifying at the same time to still allow him to keep his bipedal movement up into old age. While the first transformation mostly gave him strength through muscle mass, the second one seemed to give him agility and flexibility by strengthening and making his tendons and ligaments more stretchable.

For the first time since his near-death experience, Raigo felt exhausted. The transformation took a lot out of him, but Cu wasn’t finished with him yet. He pulled him to his giant nipple and made him drink his milk again. While Raigo was calmly sucking, Cu played with his nipples to make him produce his potent horniness milk. Raigo regained his stamina quickly, but was still semi-soft, so Cu made him suck on his giant fingers coated in Raigo’s milk. In seconds he was fully hard and leaking pre-cum again.

Cu’s own sheer endless stream of pre-cum still hadn’t ebbed down and now he wrapped his arms around his cock and Raigo in an attempt to jack himself off again. But Raigo had a better idea. With much more athleticism than would have been possible a few hours ago, he slipped out of the hot embrace and climbed on Cu’s shoulders. He looked puzzled at Raigo whose ass now floated above the tip of his cock.

Fuck being the top! He lowered himself onto Cu’s cock whose eyes grew to the size of metaphorical dinner plates. Raigo could feel himself open up for the massive endowment. It was still somewhat tight in his new pelvis, but once the head popped in, he had to actually hold himself up to not slip down in one go. Steadily he went deeper and deeper and felt Cu’s on his entire inside. His colon apparently had stretched up into his chest cavity and his organs were arranged so they could easily go out of the way.

When Cu’s cock entered his ribcage, its skeletal structure opened up at the sternum but still kept tight enough to make it very noticeable how the cockhead glided over each individual rib. Cu certainly enjoyed himself as he moaned almost at every single rib row he passed. But also Raigo was entering a whole new world of pleasure as it felt like his entire inside was covered with prostates with mini prostates on them.

When he finally stopped, his face was level with Cu’s, and he could feel his heart literally beating in his neck where it had escaped too. Cu’s cock was not fully covered but it couldn’t get past the upper ribs and the collarbones. Raigo certainly could tell that this wasn’t exactly intended for slow sex as his lungs had gotten rather compressed. He pushed himself up again and the movement alone made his lungs fill themselves with musky, sex-flavoured air.

Raigo felt how Cu’s cock was pumping pre into him. When he lowered himself again, he discovered that he luckily pressed most of it out of his ass instead into his intestines. Apparently, this transformation had a solution for every problem. For a while, Raigo just kept going up and down slowly, sometimes changing with which side of his body he put pressure on the dick and just trying what feels best.

But with time Cu’s groan got an annoyed subtone and the look in his eyes grew more and more feral. At first Raigo wondered why he just didn’t use him like a living flesh light but a look at Cu’s hands certainly confirmed that he wanted to do that badly. But he apparently was concerned that this could hurt Raigo. So Raigo just let himself drop down. He then guided Cu’s hands to his body where he grabbed him tightly but gently.

He pushed Raigo upwards and then smacked him downwards faster than when Raigo dropped himself, upon which he noticed that the top of his colon apparently had an instant orgasm button with a minimum force threshold. Upon seeing Raigo’s pleasure and tasting his cum, there was no stopping Cu anymore. He was fucking Raigo as fast as he possibly could.

Up and down, up and down and with every down, another big splat of cum appeared on Cu’s chest. But after a short amount of time, Cu himself drove over the edge, cumming inside of Raigo, and spilling cum all over his dick, balls, legs and the already cum-covered floor. Each individual surge of his orgasm was powerful enough to trigger another orgasm in Raigo. It went like this for several minutes.

When the flow finally ebbed down, Cu lifted Raigo of his cock and put him back between himself and his cock. They were both spent and not even the milk could change that. However, while Raigo’s cock at least went down to semi-hard, Cu stayed completely hard and continued to dribble a small amount of pre-cum. Due to the warmth of the cum everywhere, they just fell asleep right on the spot with their arms wrapped around each other.


CuRaigo beforeRaigo after

Cu and Raigo, pre- and post-transformation.
Art by the author.

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