Daddy’s little boy

by TonnyGiant

Jimmie returns home from college for the summer to rediscover just how drawn he is to his massive, muscle bear stepfather.

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It was the beginning of summer and I was coming home into the state I grew up in. I lived with my father—I mean: stepfather. I’m not a blood son of his. It was just the two of us. After my mother left us, only my big, burly daddy—that is, my stepfather—and I, his little son, were left.

Our scales are extremely different. While my dad is redheaded, a muscle beast with over 500 pounds of brawn and a layer of handsome fat spread at a height of 7’6” giving him an appearance of muscle bear, I’m totally different. I inherited the genetics of my mother’s family. I am blond and small at 4’7” tall, but have a body built with small, solid muscles, unlike my stepfather—we have no genetic link anyway, but I have a beautiful body.

When I got off at the train station, the people passed me in a hurry, and I was almost thrown to the ground. I grabbed my backpack and raised my head as much as I could. I looked around for my stepfather. The cacophony of sounds from the train station did not make me realize that someone was approaching me from behind. A wide shadow hung over me and I looked up… and up. It was my father.

He wore black shorts and running shoes. His hairy, thick legs like tree trunks supported a wide torso covered by a black t-shirt with thin straps written “Gold Gym.” His fat, round, hard belly with muscles was protruding and the belly fold covered part of the seam of his shorts.

Two huge, hard, hairy plates with large brown nipples the size of my thumb formed their monstrous pecs. His boulder-like shoulders were bigger than my head. His biceps looked like cannonballs full of veins. He had his hands on his waist in a pose like the Rhodes Colossus. I looked up and found his warm smile framed by a red beard. His green eyes stared at me with love and affection.

“How was the trip, my little boy?”

My father’s deep voice made my body shudder and my heart warm. I was at home.

“Hi Bob… I mean, Dad,” I corrected myself. “I had a good trip.” I smiled sheepishly, packing my backpack. My stepfather’s name was Bob. Everyone knew him as Big Bob, but he liked being called Daddy by me. It was his only rule when I was back home.

“Daddy was missing you, little boy.” Bob leaned over and ruffled my hair with his fleshy, callused paw.

“Daddy, nooo… my hair,” I protested. Smiling, I pushed the huge hand off my head. It was a difficult job.

“Look, sweetheart. Dad has a gift for you. It’s birthday present… well, it’s late, but it’s from the heart.” Giant Bob pulled from his gym bag a package wrapped in a paper with drawings of Garfield, that fat, gluttonous cat. It was one of the comics my stepfather liked. He especially liked the one where the cat began to grow as he ate everything he found ahead. Oh, he also liked the cartoon of Jerry and the Cat where the mouse Jerry was hit by a ray of growth. I always thought Bob had macrophile tendencies.

I opened the package and smiled sheepishly when I saw a thin blue t-shirt with the words “Daddy’s Little Boy”. It was a small T-shirt. I looked at Bob and looked at T-shirt. My giant stepfather looked at me expectantly. I saw in his eyes that he wanted to see me wearing the shirt immediately. His size was intimidating. Bob never yelled at me, or looked at me in wrath. All he had to do was talk and I did it. He dominated me with his size without being cruel.

“Put it on and let’s go home, puppy.” He smiled and pointed at the shirt in my hands.

“Daaad…” I begged not to have to do it in public, but it was in vain.

“Jimmie! Do it. Now.” His slightly stern look made my blood chill.

I took off my white college shirt, showing my slender, but muscled, body. Big Bob smiled when he saw my white torso and pushed his big index finger into the middle of my chest. He was teasing me.

“You need more meat on those bones, boy. Look at your dad!”

Bob stood up to his full height of more than 7 feet and made a double bicep pose. His grunt caught the attention of the people at the station, but Bob did not care, he liked the attention and admiration he received from the little people. Some people even took out cell phones to take pictures and post on social networks.

I shrugged into the shirt. “Dad… if I gained your weight… I think I could not even walk,” I laughed, smiling down at my gift.

“Oh! You’re right, little boy…” His deep laughter made his belly sway. “You’re cute being the size you are. Daddy likes your puppy that way. Hey, baby… you look good with Dad’s gift, yeah?”

“Thanks dad! I liked the present”

“That’s right. Everyone should know that you are my little boy.”

Bob held out his huge right hand and waved his chin to me to hold his hand. As if I were a child, Bob guided me out of the station. All eyes were on us. I felt good next to my giant stepfather. I was protected. I felt at home.

We got home that day, and Daddy made a lamb stew. Our house was at the entrance to the forest of the city park. My stepfather took care of the surroundings of the park and in return the city hall of the city gave him discounts in taxes. Bob liked that place and when he had visitors, the red-bearded giant was called Fat Paul Bunyan. A nickname that Bob liked too. Big Bob was kind to everyone who visited the park and he was almost a local celebrity.

Inside the house, after devouring two pots of lamb stew, we left the bones on the empty plates. Bob had picked up a chocolate cake for dessert and we sat down on the couch to watch the news. Amid belching and farting, Big Bob ate the rest of the dessert while I washed the dirty dishes. I enjoyed doing the housework to keep my giant stepfather happy.

After dropping the empty plate of cake on the coffee table in the living room, he called me. His deep voice echoed through the living room into the kitchen. I quickly ran to the living room and stood by the sofa waiting for the next command.

“Did you eat all your dinner, boy?” He scratched a hard nipple.

“Yes Dad. I was cleaning the dishes…”

“Oh no! Come and stay with your old fat dad.” He slapped the seat next to him on the couch. “Sit down here and have some time with Daddy. I need a smear on my belly…”

At that moment he hit the belly that emitted a sound like a Chinese drum. The sound was followed by a deep, wet burp.

“BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUURRPPP… oh, sorry… daddy’s still full”

I sat down next to him and while watching TV, I reached out and began, slowly in circular motions, to rub Bob’s hairy, big, hard belly. The belching followed in a frightening symphony to strangers—if anyone was around they would be afraid. But for me it was a cozy song. Bob exuded masculinity, virility, and dominance even in his belching. That somehow made me excited.

Rubbing Bob’s belly just gave me a furious hard on in the middle of my legs. I had struggled for a long time, not wanting to accept the sexual dominance Bob had over me. After all, he was my stepfather and I called him Dad. The surprising thing for me was to learn that Bob also had feelings for me. Feelings he did not understand very well, but just like me, he wanted to surrender. And that’s what we did. Over the years, we became more intimate, more connected and that day I was rubbing his belly waiting for the next command of my giant stepfather.

“HMMMM… Dad needs some special attention down there, Jimmie.”

Bob started pulling down his shorts. He did not wear underwear when he was in the house and sometimes he did not wear anything. Slowly, as in slow motion and for my torture, Bob’s cock began to appear in my field of vision.

The pink mushroom head pointed, and then the whole length of the thick cock showed. Bob’s cock was big as a half baseball bat, thick as a soda bottle and pre-cum drool like a leaky faucet. I gulped as I once again saw the engorged penis of giant Bob. He was hung like a horse… but, I think a thoroughbred horse would envy my giant stepfather’s penis.

I lowered my hand to the base of the stick, and with my small, smooth hand I squeezed as hard as I could the base of the giant cock. The thing was so thick that one hand could not wrap around every circumference. When my hand came into contact with the cock, the giant beside me groaned, snarled, growled, and his broad, fat body shuddered.

“OOOHH… FUUUUCK… GRRRR… you drive me crazy, little boy. Stroke me harder.”

Bob’s wish was an order to me. With the help of my other hand, I began to rub Bob’s dick up and down as eagerly as I could. Bob’s pecs jumped all the way down my hands. As I rubbed his cock, he squeezed his thick nipples in order to further prolong his pleasure. Bob’s heavy breathing hovered above me. The giant stepfather descended one of his calloused paws and stroked my head by pushing lightly further into his crotch.

His pubic hair brushed my face. The manly musk that his crotch exuded was like a drug. I was addicted to my stepfather’s alpha male scent. There, at that moment, I realized that Bob was my master to worship and make him happy. And Bob treated me fondly—that was all I needed.

“OOH YES… keep up the good work, little boy… daddy’s almost there.”

Bob’s deep voice gave me more courage and decided to cross another dangerous line, because I knew I would not have it back. I opened my mouth and as I lowered my hands to the base of his cock, I placed my mouth on the mushroom head. At once I felt the salty taste of the pre-cum. I felt Bob’s body shake as well. He still stroked my head as he pulled my nape up. I stared into his eyes—they had an ominous expression.

“Are you sure about that, boy? When I start, I will not stop until you drown with my thick juice.”

“I’ve never been so sure, Dad,” I replied, licking my dirty pre-cum lips.

He let out a guttural moan in approval and leaned his head back from the couch, still squeezing his thick nipples, Dad groaned and grunted willingly to receive my blowjob.

The cock was so big I could not put it all in my mouth. Only the mushroom head filled my whole little mouth. I did my best and sucked that cock head voraciously. My hunger was so great that it even felt like I had not had dinner. I sucked, sucked and licked the crevice of giant Bob’s cock head.

The minutes passed, and I was exhausted. My jaw was sore, but I did not stop until all was done. Then I felt the tremors coming from my burly stepfather. His moans grew deeper and deeper. His belly trembled above my head. Sweat was dripping from his belly and wetting the back of my neck. Bob squeezed a nipple with his right hand and with his left hand he forced my head into his cock. I nearly choked as he pushed me deeper inside. Then it came like a volcano.


His muscles tightened, his balls snaked, his cock pulsed inside my mouth and a stream of cum invaded my throat. I started to choke and by instinct of survival I tried to pull my mouth out, but Bob’s fleshy paw did not allow me to leave before swallowing all his alpha male juice. I resisted, wheezing hard as I began to swallow the jets of cum out of the crevice of Bob’s cock.

They went to all six strong jets of cum expelled from that big dick. Six jets that filled my stomach for a whole day. It was pure man protein of over 500 pounds of muscle. I drank all cum like it was the nectar of the gods. It was the nectar of my god Big Bob. I fed from that cum until I felt the tremors in Bob’s body cease. I heard his heavy breathing become calmer and his smile of satisfaction appeared.

Bob lifted me up and sat me on his thick thigh of tree trunk. From my mouth dripped traces of his cum. Smiling fondly, Bob ran his thumb into the corner of my mouth and stuffed it in, so I sucked the remains of cum on his finger. He leaned down and kissed my lips softly.

“You’re mine now, little boy. From today, you’re not back to college anymore. From today you will be my pet, the little boy that I will care for, protect and love forever. And do not say otherwise, do not make Dad angry. Now come here and suck on Daddy’s thick nipple, huh?”

I did not deny or defy my giant daddy. I was in his hands and my life no longer mattered. I was now owned by Big Bob. Many may find it crazy, but I want to call it a dominant love that cannot be turned down.

“What are you going to call me, Jimmie?” Bob said as he stroked my head as I sucked his left nipple.

“Daddy Bob,” I replied as I sucked on his nipple.

“That’s nice. Daddy’s little boy.”

The giant Bob grunted and we stayed at it until it was time for bed.
The morning after my arrival at my giant father Bob’s house, everything was normal. I was still in bed with Bob sleeping soundly. His guttural snoring was frightening, but to me it was a lullaby. I snuggled into his hairy chest feeling his virile male Alpha scent. I slid down a bit and hit a hard nipple. The desire to suck that nipple was bigger and I knew Daddy liked it when I took care of his nipples.

I opened my mouth and sucked at the nipple like a bottle-tip. As a child asking to be breastfed, I sucked Papa Bob’s nipple avidly. He was lying on his side and his right arm, thick and large, came down on me and he, still sleeping with his eyes closed, pulled me closer to his body. I was glued to the warm, muscular, hairy body of my dad. I worked voraciously on his nipple. Then he spoke in a hoarse, deep, sexy voice.

“Hmmmmpft … dad loves to be awakened like this,” he said. “Take your time, little boy … we have all morning.” He yawned and his fleshy paw stroked my hair.

“Always … mmmm … ready … mmmm … dad,” I said around the sucking of the nipple.

Working on Daddy’s hairy chest, I felt something nudging my butt. I knew what it was, but I chose not to pay attention to that prodigious morning wood. Dad, on the other hand, was not of the same mind. As I watched over his nipple, he began to force his cock, already wet with morning pre-cum, into my tight hole. His movements were slow but strong and precise. The slickness of the pink mushroom head lubricated the entrance to my ass. I tried my best not to pay attention, but it was impossible. Dad would settle down when his morning mast was worked until release.

With his incredible size, giant Bob had triple testosterone coursing through his massive body. Muscular men like him had this advantage, and so the libido was something amazingly unstoppable. Bob was not satisfied until he had cum in me and all over me. And that’s what happened. Dad lowered his hands down my body and easily pulled the cheeks apart giving my hole more aperture to receive his mast.

“Hmmm… Dad’s going to just put his head, okay, little boy? I’m not going to hurt you in the morning, but Daddy has to stuff this thing into something tight and his hole is as close as I have now. So… hmmmm…”

With my hole lubricated by his pre-cum, he slowly pushed the mushroom head of his thick cock into it. With a bump I went up, but Dad stopped me in time in time for me not to leave him. It was at that moment that he opened his eyes and smiled at me. I saw affection, virility and protection in his eyes and smile. But as the urgency to release his smile became increasingly dark and malicious, lascivious and thirsty for sex. Dad pushed the mushroom head further into my tight hole and felt that monster full of veins widening my tight ass. He punched the cock’s head several times, with moderate force not to shove it all at once. And then… I felt the hot liquid bathe my insides. I was being filled with my dad’s morning cum.

Oooohhh… fuuuuuuuuuuuuck… grrrrrr…” Bob roared and kissed the top of my head, pressing my body against his massive, warm torso.

I snuggled into his pectoral and let out a groan as I climaxed, warming my dad’s round abdomen with my cum. I was nothing compared to the horse Bob was, but I cum like a man in my normal proportions. My giant dad was above average so there was no way to compare our climaxes.

“Hmmmm… Dad likes to be treated like that. You’re a good little boy. Sweet little boy.” Bob kissed my lips and caressed my cheek.

“Thank you for those moments, Dad. I love being with you.” I sniffed at the cleavage of his massive pecs. My head was buried in the middle of those muscle plaques.

“I love you too. And today I’ll take you to see the village that lies beyond the mountains of central park.”

Bob smiled as he spoke of his village. He had already told me several stories about that place and how other men like him lived in that place. It was a rustic village of lumberjacks. All big men, muscular or fat like my dad Bob. The stories I heard about the lumberjacks’ village were like the fairy tales about Paul Bunyan. As a child, that’s how I pictured the village: a place filled with giants like Paul Bunyan. And after 20 years I would finally meet my other friends of my dad.

“Oh God! I cannot wait to meet your lumberjack friends, Dad.” I smiled and tried to hug Bob’s body, but it was too thick for me to do.

“Hahahahaha… you really are a size queen. Just be careful not to be taken by one of them. I do not want to get into a fight for no reason,” Dad said in a serious tone, as if giving me a warning. I understood the message well. We stayed a few more minutes in bed still smelling of cum. And speaking of cum, when the cock mushroom head popped out of my hole into a soft “pop” the warm cum ran through my hole freely. But it was Bob’s male musk that dominated our nest of sex and love. Dad was ready to take me one more time. I was his.

I was in the kitchen finishing washing up for breakfast. Dad ate like a hungry elephant. There were pounds and pounds of bacon, sausage and fried eggs with bread and milk, plus the morning protein drink. The anabolic shake that Bob drank every morning guaranteed his body to continue with that massive, bulky look. I liked to see him feeding himself and feeding me too. I would sit on his thick thigh to receive food straight into my mouth. I loved being looked after by him that way.

Later I heard heavy footsteps coming down the steps of our cabin. Dad’s heavy work boots made me very excited. Every time I saw him dressed for work in the woods, I had a hard-on rage between my legs. Thuuund… thuuund… thuuuund… I turned and faced my father’s crotch. He wore dark jeans, a white flannel shirt, a leather belt… and the woodsman’s boots. I felt my mouth wet with heat from those boots. Dad knew I liked to see him dressed for work.

“You’re hot, Dad… and these boots… they’re so…” I deliberately stroked my crotch.

“Come on, little boy. I know you like those heavy work boots.” To prove my point, Dad lifted his boot over my head and came down hard on the floor making the floor shake a little. Thoooooom!

I knelt down at once and licked my dad’s work boots. The taste of old but clean leather made my dick almost rip my pants. I liked being in this position of submission. I knew my place and Dad always liked to remember where I belonged.

“Licking my feet is a good place for you, sweetheart,” he smiled, a deep laugh that made his belly sway.

“I love being here daddy. I love licking your leather boots.” I wiped my lips.

“Let’s go now. I still need to stop by Chris’s house.” Dad leaned over and took me by the armpits, pulling me to his feet in front of his groin.

“Chris Dodgle? The lumberjack on the south side of the park? Oh God! Does he really exist?”

Hahahahaha… you’re so cute, little boy!” Bob ruffled my hair one more time. “Of course Chris exists. And that son of a bitch might be even bigger than me, heh.”

Dad turned and called me to follow him. We left our house and followed the dirt road that was made by my father. It was a road behind our house and down the valley by the mountains. I was impressed and happy at the same time, for going to a place that was once forbidden to me as a child. I felt embarking on an enchanted adventure. I would finally know the lumberjacks’ village. The place preserved by themselves to ensure the safety of their own lives.

As an obedient son, I held my dad’s hand as we walked down the road. Bob picked some fruit up high in the trees and gave me some to eat. It was no problem for him to reach the trees. At times, he to show his incredible strength shook a tree laden with apples. I got a shower of wild apples on my head. It was funny.

As we approached the valley entrance I could see a house like ours. It was made of thick oak, two-story woods and had a chimney made of gray stones from the city quarry. From where we were I could hear thunderous burps coming from inside the house. A deep laugh could also be heard. Dad asked me not to be afraid of Chris. He might have looked scary at first, but it was just a big, grizzly bear.

We stopped in front of the house and in fact, the doors of the place were even bigger and wider than those at our house. Chris was so tall that he needed doors over twelve feet to get through without damaging anything. Dad leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Not need to be afraid, baby. Chris may look like a brave dog, but he has a good heart. He’s just a man who’s 9’6” tall. So stay calm… “

At that moment I heard the sound of Chris Dodgle’s heavy steps approaching the door. Thuuund… thuuund… thuuuund… The door opened and a huge man, wearing only dark jeans, as well as my dad’s, appeared in the doorway. As Papa Bob had warned before, Chris had the angry bear features. His hair was black and long, the tips of thick hair resting on his broad shoulders. His mustache, followed by a thick beard, was as large as Santa’s, but in black, framed his hard face.

Chris’s torso was something extraordinary. Your skin tanned, almost the color of olive. Massive, muscular, with a considerable fat layer. His pecs were so large, thick and projected forward that his chin rested well over those plates of massive bull meat. Chris was a god to me, just like my dad was. His thick legs like oak trunks were clothed, but his crotch was marked. I could see clearly, for my face was below that male groin. His dick was scoring in his pants and I could deduce that Chris Dodgle was hanging like my dad Bob.

Hey big park pig! How are you, you rascal?” Chris rolled over me, not noticing me, and hugged my dad.

The shock of their massive bodies caused a wind that almost knocked me over.

“You beast of the valley! Why have you never been to my house? I hear you’re around to stay, huh?” Bob blinked mischievously and complicity to the giant Chris.

“Oh fuck! Have not I introduced you to my great lover yet?” Chris turned and shouted “Kevin! Kevin… come down here to talk to my friend Bob!”

In a few seconds another giant came down the stairs quickly. This one also wore dark jeans, woodcut boots, and wore a flannel shirt, but this one was green in color with black squares. This new giant was the size of my dad Bob, 7’6”. His body was muscular, strong as a bull. Giant Kevin had his shirt open and I could see his strong abdomen. It was an incredibly sexy eight pack. Kevin had no hairs on his body, but his thick, well-trimmed beard framed his sexy magazine-model face. He had a sensual look, a striking smile and a body of a professional bodybuilder. Kevin was another god I had just met… and I still did not know how many more giants were beyond those mountains.

“So you’re the famous Bob, the park beast? The guy who keeps our secret safe? Nice to meet you, Dad!” Kevin hugged my dad and I felt jealous.

No one called my daddy Dad besides me! With my brow wrinkled and irritated at not being noticed, I scratched my throat to catch the attention of the muscle beasts that chatted above me as if I did not exist.

“Hmm… sirs? Hello! Down here!” I waved.

“Oh fuck! Is that your puppy?” Chris leaned over to look at me closely.

Instinctively, not out of fear, I backed up as that mass of muscle came down to look at me closely.

“Do not be afraid of Uncle Chris, little boy. I do not bite… I mean, I only bite who deserve to be bitten, and you’re sweet.” He scratched my chin with the huge index finger.

“I’m not scared…” I stepped forward, but stopped shortly afterward when Daddy Bob looked in warning “Sorry, Mr. Dodgle, I’m just amazed at your size.” I bowed my head in reverence.

“Oh holy shit! Bob, what do you teach this kid? I need an obedient puppy like that.” Chris smiled and stood up to his full height of more than 9 feet.

“Well… there are many in the world of the little men, but Jimmie is my son and I do not share with anyone. Right, son?”

“Yes Dad. Everything you want.” I nodded happily.

“Show him Dad’s gift…” Bob pointed at my shirt.

I showed Chris and Kevin Dad’s gift. The shirt with thin straps with the print that read: “Daddy’s little boy”. The giants smiled in approval and Chris asked us to come in for a drink before we went to the woodsmen’s village. I was anxious, nervous and very horny about meeting a herd of lumberjack bears like the three giants that were around me at that moment. I just wished that day would not end. And the secrets of the lumberjacks? I needed to know what they were hiding.

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