Dan’s wish

by Jefftaur

Dan accidentally starts changing his friends into boytaurs.

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If you just saw him walking down the street, you’d think that Dan was just another normal 15-year-old guy. But there was something different about him.

You see, Dan had a certain fetish. He loved creatures of mythology. He loved centaurs, satyrs (which were of particular interest to him); heck, he was even into mermen. But he didn’t dare say anything about his fantasies to anyone. Who would actually be able to understand his fetish? Probably no one, and this left him a little disheartened.

Dan’s best friend’s name was Ian. They were actually kind of opposites. Ian was more of a jock, very popular, and seemed to always be with one girlfriend or another. Dan was more of a quiet person, and sports weren’t his thing, though he wasn’t really picked on (well, not much) at school. It’s just that no one really saw anything special about him. By this time, most of the “nerds, wannabes, and populars” at school had been classified, but Dan hadn’t really been classified as anything yet. It made him feel kind of empty. Sometimes he’d rather be the school nerd. At least that way people would recognize him.

If Dan and Ian had met in high school, they probably wouldn’t have had any kind of relationship at all, but they’d known each other since they were in diapers, and had always been there for each other since.

Sometimes Dan would visualize Ian in his dreams as a strong centaur, or a curious, fun satyr. Ian was handsome already, but in Dan’s dreams he looked even better. He loved having those dreams. Dan had actually had developed a crush on his friend, But Ian was totally oblivious to all of this. He never suspected anything, and Dan was afraid that Ian would never be able to understand how he felt.

Dan wished that Ian could be a mythological man in real life, but he knew that dream would probably never come true. He’d always have the ability to dream though.

One day, when Dan was feeling particularly bored, he decided to surf the net and search for info about mythological creatures. There was one site that he especially liked. It had everything you could imagine concerning creatures of mythology.

“Maybe there’s a spell here to transform highschoolers into centaurs or satyrs or something,” Dan laughed at his own remark. He then noticed the search section of the site. He decided to type in the word “spell,” just for the hell of it, and checked to see if anything would pop up. He was immediately brought to another web page. It read:

Have you ever thought of transforming yourself or others into a mythological or fantasy creature? Just approach the person(s) you’d like to transform and read the spell written below.

Dan scrolled down the page and started to read the spell. It was kind of complicated to read, and used a lot of big words that Dan didn’t understand.

“This is probably a bunch of crap…. Ah, what the hell?” Dan turned on his printer and printed out the page. He smiled, thinking of how stupid he was acting, but didn’t throw the paper away. He decided to fold it up and put it in his pocket instead, just in case he ever felt like giving the “spell” a shot.

He was just about to do some more surfing when the doorbell rang. He turned off his computer monitor, and ran downstairs. Ian was at the door.

“Hey man, what’s up?” asked Ian.

“Uhh, not much,” Dan replied.

“Cool, not much here either.”

“Um, come in, make yourself at home.”

“Dude,” said Ian, “you don’t have to be so polite, it’s just me.” Dan smiled.

“You mind if I check my e-mail?” asked Ian.

“No problem.”

Ian ran upstairs into Dan’s room, and turned on the monitor. A web page appeared on the screen that read “Satyrs ‘R’ Us.” Ian looked confused. Dan walked in the room, and noticed the site. Shit, he thought, I forgot to close it. He had to think fast.

“Uh—that’s just one of those stupid pop-ups again.” What a lame excuse, he thought to himself. But Ian bought it. Dan sat down on his bed, and watched Ian quietly. He was starting to think of that spell again. What if it wasn’t a joke? Sure it probably was, but still” what if?

Dan reached into his pocket and unfolded the paper. He read the incantation slowly under his breath. He finished. Nothing happened. He frowned a little.

“Oh well,” he said out loud.

Ian turned his head away from the screen, and looked at Dan. “Well what?”

“Oh  –  nothing.” Ian was starting to wonder what was up with Dan, but then went back to his e-mail.

A few minutes past, and neither of the guys said anything, until Ian spoke up.

“Damn. I’m startin’ to feel a little funny.”…

Dan said nothing. He was lying back on his bed, staring at the ceiling, still thinking how cool it would have been if the spell had worked.

“Your A/C broke or somethin’?” asked Ian, lifting his baseball cap to wipe his forehead, which was suddenly damp with sweat. “I’m burnin’ up in here.” He replaced his cap haphazardly and tugged at the neck of his T-shirt, unaccountably tight.

Dan grunted non-commitally.

“Seriously, dude,” said Ian, kicking off his soccer shoes and standing up, “I gotta get a Coke or somethi—whoa!” Ian flailed, trying to regain his balance, but overshot the desk as he reached for it. The chair went skidding back into the bed—making Dan suddenly sit back up like a startled jack-in-the-box—as Ian kicked out, finally catching himself by grabbing the bookshelf on the wall above.

Ian looked down and it was immediately obvious why he’d lost his balance: he was about a foot and a half taller than before! The hem of Ian’s T-shirt now dangled far above the waistline of his pants, a whole six-pack of abs had been added to his suddenly elongated torso.

“What the—?” Ian pulled up his shirt somewhat dazedly, unable to comprehend what he was seeing, trying to understand how all that could be one body, his body.

Dan’s mouth hung slightly open as he watched Ian’s body lengthen even further, three more pairs of muscular ridges appearing on his stomach.

Just as Ian’s head was about to brush the ceiling, he suddenly let out a loud moan and clutched at the sides of his torso. There, just below of the hem of his shirt, his sides suddenly began to swell with muscle, and Ian wavered, shuddered, and began to fall.

Dan watched it happen in what seemed like slow motion, one long fluid movement, as two limbs burst forth from Ian’s sides, thrusting forward, twisting with muscle that eventually formed into the familiar shapes of Ian’s thighs and calves, perfect copies of his original legs, right down to the smooth tan skin and soft brown hair, and all the time Ian was falling, falling, but at the same time his torso was bending—almost folding—back at the joint of his new hips, as feet formed at the ends of his new legs to catch his forward fall, and then, just as they were about to hit the ground, a new cock suddenly erupted from between the legs, shooting out to an impossible length, wide, heavy, and already half-hard, decorated at the root by a thick patch of pubic hair above, and a pendulous pair of balls beneath.

The crash of Ian’s front feet to the floor kicked time back to its ususal clip; everything on the desk rattled loudly and books slipped down from the shelves above.

Then, silence, filled only by Ian’s ragged breathing, as his chest heaved and his cock swung heavily from side to side.

Dan, wide-eyed, dared not even breathe.

Ian suddenly grasped the base of his cock with one hand and slid the other under his shirt onto his muscular stomach. “This… fuckin’…”

Dan recoiled and sucked in a breath through his teeth.

“…rocks!” Ian spun around, or tried to, but stumbled, unused to having four legs, laughing as he recovered, finally facing Dan with a rock-hard cock and a glittering countenance.

“I… um…”

“Shit, dude,” said Ian, letting go of his cock to flex his arms and feel his pecs—which had also grown through his transformation—through his shirt, “they never told me growth spurts could be like this!” He tore off his shirt, sending his ball cap flying, and grinned even wider at the torso that was revealed.

“You… uh… like it?”

Ian almost laughed. “Are you kidding me?” He bent down to look between his front legs, his cock jabbing him in the mouth. “Hello, back there!” he cried, waving to his hind feet. The toes wriggled in response. Ian laughed as he stood back up, a smear of precum on his cheek. “Dude, I think I’ve still got a cock back there! I gotta get these guys off!”

“I… um… what?” asked Dan, scooting hastily aside as Ian leaped forward, rearing up and then springing off his hind legs, onto the bed.

Ian rolled over onto his back, chuckling as he kicked his four legs in the air, and then let them fall. His hind heels fell to the floor beyond the foot of the bed with a loud thump. “Help me get these shorts off,” he said as he grabbed his dick with both hands and began to push at the waistband of his Umbros with his front feet.

Dan slid off the bed and moved around to pull at Ian’s shorts, trying to slow his brain to the point where he could think coherently. God, Ian’s new cock was so huge… the spell! It had worked!—sort of. Ian wasn’t quite a centaur… maybe Dan had mispronounced something. But… was it all that bad? Now… after years dreaming of getting into Ian’s pants, he was pulling them down—down his hind legs—and, oh, yes, there was a cock there, too!

Ian, already jacking off his front cock with both hands like there was no tomorrow, let out a grunt when his equally huge hind cock sprung back from the elastic waist of the shorts and slapped loudly against the abs of his lower trunk. “Dude,” he moaned, his head rolled back into the pillow, “give me a hand or two with that.”

Dan reached forward hesitantly, desperate yet not daring to touch, when suddenly Ian’s hind legs bucked, knocking Dan forward, and both Dan’s hands grasped that giant pole.

Dan froze for a moment, feeling the heat, the rigid thickness in his hands, unbelievable and yet very, very real. Slowly, he began to move his fists up and down the huge cock, then faster and faster, matching Ian’s hands on the twin cock just a cumshot away.

Ian was moaning, his front legs cocked, running his feet over the ridges of his lower abs, occasionally knocking his hind cock or Dan’s hands as all four of his legs bucked with approaching orgasm. That was when Dan leaned forward to wrap his lips around his friend’s hind cock….

and Ian exploded. Dan gripped tight to the cock in his mouth as Ian’s legs and body bucked and kicked all around him, load after load pouring into Dan’s mouth, shooting over Ian’s torso. Dan thought for sure he would drown, as Ian’s cum overflowed his mouth and dripped down the sides of his shaft over Dan’s tightly clenched hands.

Slowly, the spasms died down and the volleys of cum became a trickle. Ian’s front legs relaxed and slid out unflexed along his sides. But Ian’s hind legs still held Dan in a kind of benevolent prison, Ian’s hind feet locked together behind Dan’s back.

“Dude… that was sweet…” Ian managed between ragged breaths, his muscular chest heaving as he let his front cock fall against his cum-splattered abs and stretched his arms out wide. After a moment he propped himself up on his elbows and grinned down at Dan.

Dan nervously let go of Ian’s cock and tried futilely to wipe the incriminating evidence from his lips.

But all Ian said was, “Thanks, dude.”

“You… uh… don’t mind?”

“Mind? If I’d known—” Ian suddenly broke off and laughed. “—we coulda been doin’ this long ago. Well,” he added, smirking and hugging Dan tighter with his hind legs, “not quite like this.”

“Uh, Ian?”

“Yeah?” Ian, now out of the haze of arousal, was surveying his new body with obvious pride.

“I’ve… got a confession to ma—”

Before Dan could finish, Ian’s cell phone rang…

“Dude! You gotta get over here! You’re not gonna believe this!”

It was Joe, Dan’s next door neighbor and a soccer teammate of Ian’s. “You might be surprised what I believe…” Ian said. “I’m at Dan’s, so I’ll be right over. Leave your back door unlocked.”

Ian stretched is arms and all four of his magnificent legs as he rolled off the bed. “Dan, can I borrow a pair of shorts? It seems I don’t have enough pant legs.”

“Sure… but I need to tell you something.”

“Can it wait? Joe wants us to come over.”

So, after cutting a hole in the rear of his old shorts, he slipped them on his front legs, and a pair of Dan’s shorts on his back legs and hurried downstairs, leaving Dan no choice but to wipe the cum off is own body and follow.

Going out the back door, Dan climbed over the low fence, while Ian backed up and the burst forward, leaping the 3 foot fence effortlessly. As Ian and Dan walked in Joe’s back door, Dan’s jaw dropped as he saw Joe, four-legged and smiling, waiting for them. He had only a towel wrapped around is front legs, and a pair of Umbro shorts on his rear. Ian and Joe looked at each other. “So it happened to you, too. What do you think’s goin’ on, Ian?”

Dan hurriedly pulled the crumpled up spell out of his pocket. He read it again, and realized he never specified the target of his centaur spell. Instead of making a full centaur out of one guy, the spells energy radiated out in every direction. How many boytaurs were there?

They decided to find out if there were any more or many more boytaurs created by the seemingly random aim of the magical spell.

Just to be on the safe side, they took Joe’s SUV. Since Joe wasn’t practiced at using his four new legs, Dan volunteered to do the driving. Joe managed to climb his four legs up the passenger side running board and through the front passenger side door and to arrange his four legs in a sitting position on the leather of the front passenger seat.

“I’m getting hard doing this,” Joe smiled, perspiring, his strong hands pulling at his front and hind legs to help them get comfortable among themselves on the seat. He was enjoying the feeling of his front legs so heavy and firm as they weighed upon on his hind legs underneath. Joe’s front feet seemed to nuzzle his back feet as they rested heavily on them. The four bare feet crowded the floor in front of the seat, as Joe sat upon his two sets of hindquarters, rather tall upon his four legs.

“You’re making me hard just watching you,” Dan said, obviously hot and bothered by the sight Joe’s four beautifully muscled legs, because there was something very erotic about Joe having one pair of good-looking athlete’s legs comfortably riding on another pair of them just underneath; it was almost too much to bear, and it was driving Dan crazy.

“Deal with it, dude; watch the road, not Joe’s four legs,” Ian smirked, swinging himself into the back seat, his own four legs slapping each other as he expertly arranged them into kind of a side-saddle position; he had more room in the back seat to spread his four legs out a little. They splayed handsomely; Ian’s four big muscular legs tumbled out comfortably among themselves. He reached forward and gave Dan’s shoulder muscles a squeeze. “Drive.”

Flushed and breathing hard, Dan tried to put the SUV in gear, grinding the gears.

“Ouch,” Joe said. “Take it easy.”

“Why don’t you drive, then,” Dan said. “You’ve got four feet; you could work the clutch, brake and gas pedals and still have a foot left over.”

“If I’d known you were going to wreck the clutch, I would have, or I’d have an automatic,” Joe retorted, struggling to pull the seatbelt up and over his four legs to buckle it.

“Guys, knock it off,” Ian said irritatedly, buckling his own four legs in using two seatbelts, one for his front waist and the second one for his boytaur waist and hind legs. “Wny don’t you just kiss each other to blow off all this tension?”

Dan and Joe eyed each other warily, but a tiny smile crept into a corner of Joe’s lips, and before either could control themselves they were locked in an awkward, muscular embrace, their lips straining towards each other’s. With a single motion Dan jammed on the parking brake and unsnapped his seatbelt buckle and pulled himself across into Joe’s embrace, kissing him passionately, loving Joe’s passionate kiss in return. They spasmed with orgasm, spontaneously.

They held each other, relaxing as their breathing gradually slowed. Ian groaned in the back seat, also breathing hard. Dan raised his cheek from Joe’s shoulder to look at Ian, who had just finished jacking off his front and hind hardons; Ian’s two huge hardons were glazed with thick come between his front and back legs, his left and right hands also heavily glazed with come. “Man, this is hot,” Ian said.

Passing around the towel Joe had been wearing around his front legs, they managed to sop up most of the deluge of come, laughing as their hardons returned to full size. Dan and Joe kissed one final time, and Dan successfully got the SUV in gear.

“Let’s go find us some boytaurs,” Ian said.

Obviously, the spell had different results than Dan had expected. Unbeknownst to those manning the water cups at a nearby local triathlon, the spell altered the refreshing powers of the water served to the runners racing by. Within a block or two of drinking the cups handed to them, the runners felt totally refreshed and strengthened and their bodies glowed with beauty and muscle; the running became so easy and fast; shoes seemed like a hindrance and were kicked off joyfully. The runners felt almost as if the water had given them new legs.

Which it had. As the handsome triathletes were borne across the distance on newly bared feet, they became foursomes, powered by beautifully muscled foursomes of legs. The finish line was an amazing place to be, as beautiful four-legged guys, laughing and aroused, sailed across it jubliantly, long-muscled arms raised in triumph, their four legs resplendent and dancing with joy on four beautiful feet. The loose runner’s shorts actually had room enough for the second set of hindquarters and the second pair of legs, the silken material hugged their boytaur hips, showing off their fine glutes. Still, most of the new boytaurs, already freed from shoes, effortlessly shucked their apparel, loving their four-leggedness, because they were beautiful completely naked.

It was close enough to Joe’s place that Dan, Ian and Joe started an informal block party, along with several other guys on the block who had stumbled out on four new legs, wondering what all the celebration was about and astonished as everyone else at how hot all the guys were with four legs.

Guys were so taken with being four-legged that they got the idea of riding each other around, making for a rather tall crowd of four-legged guys mounted on each other. As the party grew and the number of four-legged guys kept increasing, the joy spilled over into lovemaking and four-legged mating, as the boytaurs, hip-deep in their foursomes of legs, made love to each others’ beautiful four-legged bodies.

“Dan, read that spell again to me,” Ian said.

“OK,” Dan said, uncrumpling the spell and reading it again. This time it worked on Dan as well; he felt himself coming, and looked down to see that he now had four of his handsome legs crowding his formerly loose shorts.

“Awesome,” Dan said, out of breath from coming.

“Dude, I got more for you,” Ian said, grinning from ear to ear. Dan’s four legs nearly gave out on him—Ian now had six! Joe did, too; in fact, half the boytaur crowd started mating anew, turned on all over again by becoming six legged. They couldn’t stop mating.

Ian looked stoned, he was so turned on. Dan smiled to himself, loving what he had done to Ian, seeing Ian so highly sexed that Ian’s hind legs were reflexively making love to his middle legs, which in turn were mating with his front legs. “I can’t stand this,” Ian said to Dan. “You gotta kiss me, dude.”

It was a kiss that Dan would never forget, as they and the crowd of mating boytaurs, mad with love, lost themselves in each other for all time.


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