Desire baubles

by Writ Bro

 Jack finds some super-gay Christmas ornaments that are all muscle, cock, and ass, so of course he brings a bunch home, just in time for the party with his closest friends.

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“Ding dong merrily on high…”

Jack walked a brisk pace down the high street. He loved Christmas but he was in a desperate rush to find the last few gifts and get his dinner party the next evening organised. He popped down a side street to take a short cut to one of the many shops on his hit list.

To his surprise there was a Christmas market stall on this street. Although he had seen the German-style market elsewhere in town, this stall looked out of place and a bit lost.

He curiously peaked into the stall where he noticed an old lady knitting a sweater. What he saw surprised him a bit.

It was a range of Christmas decorations, everything from baubles, to lights and little ornaments for around the house. But they all had shapes he wasn’t expecting. There were China Christmas trees with massive boobs on them. And lights in the shape of a back of a sexy woman.

Jack took a further look. He noticed the baubles were perhaps even more outrageous. Although only about 3 or 4 inches tall, one ornament was in the shape of an extremely muscular man. Another ornament must have been 8 inches long—and was very much a big cock and balls. Jack laughed to himself. This would be perfect for his Gay Apparel Dinner Party the next evening.

He looked a bit further. At the top of the counter it said ‘desire baubles’. He giggled.

“Uhm, excuse me,” he said to the lady knitting. “How much are these baubles?”

“They’re five pounds dear,” the lady said in a sweet and kind voice. “But it’s three for two as well.”

“Alright! Can I grab six then?”

“Which ones can I get you, my love?”

Jack stood for a moment. He pointed at one of the muscled ones, one of the cocks, another one of a big muscular ass, one strong pair of legs and one big muscled torso.

“You’ve got one more, sweetheart,” the lady said kindly.

Jack looked a bit further—a few were women related so that wouldn’t suit the party… or his preferences for that matter.

“You know what—I may have just what you’re looking for,” she said after Jack had stood looking for just a moment too long.

She rummaged around some boxes underneath the counter. She pulled out a tree topper.

Jack couldn’t help but laugh. If possible, it was an even bigger dick than the bauble, with a huge set of balls.

“Perfect!” he said a bit too enthusiastically. The lady smiled and carefully wrapped the ornaments in paper and put them in a bag.

“Now, my sweetheart. Can I get you one of these nice Christmas jumpers for just another £10?”

“Oh really?” Jack looked at the collection hanging on the back wall. They really were very nice—and very fabulous.

“Sure. That would be lovely.” He said with a smile. “Can I have the one that says GAY AF on it.” He pointed to a red and green knitted jumper. Next to the letters on the front it had two muscled men, posing.

“Great choice my darling.” She grabbed the jumper and put it in the bag. Jack handed the lady £30 and continued his shopping spree.

When he eventually got home that evening, Jack had mostly forgotten about the ornaments. He had managed to grab some food in town and was so tired he stripped off his clothes and jumped straight into bed.

Lying in bed, Jack looked at his body. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t what he wanted. His 5’11” body was mostly slim but with a bit of pudge around the middle. His cock was average, just over 6”. The only feature he was really proud of was his ass, it always had a nice bubble butt look to it.

Jack couldn’t resist. He took his dick in his hand and started to wank. He thought of the friends he was having over for dinner tomorrow night—especially his friend Marc. Marc was a lovely guy with a beautifully toned body that Jack had had a crush on for a long time. He imaged those nice biceps and he could immediately feel his dick harden in his hand.

It didn’t take long for Jack to finish. He cleaned up and turned off the light. He drifted away within moments.

The next morning, Jack woke up energised. After grabbing some breakfast he quickly tidied the house before bringing out the Christmas tree.

That’s when he remembered the ornaments. He grabbed the bag from the day before and took them out, looking through it. He put the jumper aside, that would be good to wear for the dinner party tonight.

He hung the five baubles in prominent spots on his small Christmas tree and put the tree topper at the top. He laughed. It looked kind of ridiculous but hilarious at the same time.

As he started to cook dinner for his small get together he merely sung along to his Christmas tunes.

The day went by quickly and before Jack knew it he was wearing his GAY AF jumper and the first friends were knocking on the door.

First to arrive was Julio, the beautiful Latino twink. He was only about 5’4” but he had a really tight body and a smile to die for. As always, he was accompanied by his best friend Lee, a slightly over-sexed guy from Japanese descent.

Next were the twins, Joey and James. The two ginger-haired guys looked almost exactly like each other, with beautiful jaw lines and incredible cheekbones. Jack was still surprised that there was a man so beautiful, let alone two of them!

Last to arrive was Marc. The 6’2” toned jock was looking great as ever, his thick afro hair beautifully complimenting his chocolaty skin.

“Hey, guys,” Julio said excitedly to Marc as he came in. “Have you seen what Jack has managed to get in town?” Jack laughed as he saw the gathering group look at the Christmas tree.

“Where did you find those?” the twins asked in unison.

“I found this strange little market stall just off the high street. It sold all sorts of weird sexualised Christmas stuff. I thought it would be a good addition for tonight.” The others just nodded in agreement and laughed.

And so they sat down for dinner, laughing and drinking happily. As the evening progressed everyone slowly entered a state of merriment.

Perhaps that’s why Jack didn’t notice his new jumper was getting a lot tighter. Or why Marc didn’t notice his fly was about to burst open. Or perhaps Lee would’ve noticed the same problem himself?

Surely the twins would’ve noticed? Joey with his bulging chest and James with his growing legs.

It was Julio who first started to sense something had changed. After he used the toilet his tight trousers didn’t fit over his big ass the way it had done previously. In fact—he really struggled. But he too, was far too drunk to really take it all in.

Eventually everyone stumbled to bed. Jack had a few spare beds in his house, which meant the twins were sharing, as were Julio and Lee. It meant Marc had to jump in bed with him but in their drunken state, Jack had not even been able to get excited about that.

When Jack woke up the next morning, his head was surprisingly clear. As he turned over he saw Marc, also awake next to him.

“Morning!” Marc said, sounded quite chirpy.

“Yeah morning!” Jack said excitedly. Marc smiled at him and couldn’t help but lean in and kiss.

That took Jack by surprise. But he wasn’t going to say no! He eagerly kissed Marc back, bringing his hand up to his shoulders as they kissed and caressing his body.

Marc’s hand did the same but as it touched him, he jolted.

“What’s wrong?” Jack said, worried Marc had discovered something he didn’t like.

“I… I…” Marc stammered, unsure what to say. What he had felt was very unexpected. He pulled the duvet off, revealing in all its glory something that shocked them both.

Jack’s body was nothing like it had been just 12 hours earlier. He was now much more muscular than Marc was! He must’ve gained over 150 pounds of solid muscle over the course of the night.

“How… how… how is that possible?” Marc whispered in admiration.

Jack stood up and flexed. His biceps bulging in a way he had never thought they would. He smiled. “Fuck me, this feels good!”

Marc couldn’t resist any longer and pulled Jack onto the bed again, kissing him passionately as his hands explored the newly grown stud. As Marc explored the muscled body of his friend he reached his underpants and pulls them off.

“Fuck, Jack, that’s massive!”

Jack looked confused but realised Marc wasn’t joking. His cock was now at least 9” and rock hard. Marc eagerly started to suck and Jack couldn’t help but smile. This growth was incredible!

Jack could see Marc was keen to suck his newly grown cock. He covered the full length of the shaft before trying to take in his mouth. To Jack’s surprise, Marc managed easily and his mouth was quickly wrapped around the base of his big cock.

After a few minutes Marc stopped. “Come on stud, now it’s time for you to have a go on mine.” Marc smiled cheekily as he straddled Jack and brought his bulging briefs up to Jack’s face.

Jack eagerly pulled the briefs down, revealing an even bigger cock than his own.

Fuck!” he almost shouted out, shocked by the size.

“Holy shit!” Marc exclaimed as he also looked down at his cock.

Now Marc had always been hung, but something happened overnight that made him insanely hung. It must have been at least 16 inches now and as thick as a beer can.

Marc grabbed it excitedly, keen to feel its weight in his hand. He bobbed it up and down, slapping Jack straight in the face with it.

Jack held his mouth wide open and moaned as Marc eagerly stuffed his cock into Jack’s throat. To Jack’s surprise, Marc got over halfway in before he even started to gag!

Marc kept pushing harder and harder as Jack’s throat opened up to make space for the insane cock.

“Fuck that’s really good Jack!” Marc said, encouraging the muscled stud underneath him to keep working hard. “Take it all, I know you can do it!”

And Jack did. He eagerly kept going, working harder and harder to swallow the remaining inches. When Marc’s balls hit his chin he knew he had accomplished what he thought was impossible.

“Fuck yeah Jack! If your mouth can take, I’m sure your ass can too.”

Jack thought for a brief moment. It would a be a lot but he knew he wanted to try…

And as Marc got up, Jack jumped on all fours, eagerly positioning his muscular ass high in the air.

“Fuck, that ass is incredible!” Marc said excitedly. Jack handed him a bottle of lube which Marc generously spread on both the muscled ass underneath him and along the full 16” cock in his own hands.

“Ready for this, stud?” he whispered in Jack’s ear.

“Fuck yeah!” Jack was excited. He couldn’t believe he really was a stud now!

Marc gently pushed his huge mushroom head into Jack’s lubed up pussy, feeling it eagerly open up and spread open.

“Fuck, you have a hungry cunt!” Marc exclaimed excitedly.

He didn’t hesitate and eagerly pushed forward, and he watched in astonishment as his cock kept going deeper and deeper.

“Fuuuuuuuck” Jack moaned. “Fuck that feels so good!”

“Yeah? Fuck, you’re taking that cock like a champ. You have one incredible pussy.”

By that point, at least three quarters of the massive shaft were buried deep inside Jack’s ass and Marc could no longer resist. In one swift movement he pulled almost all the way out before pushing straight back in.

Much to Marc’s surprise, and perhaps even more so to Jack’s, there was virtually no resistance. Jack’s ass was apparently built for taking huge cock and as Marc pushed, his balls violently slapped against Jack’s hard bubble butt.

“Fuck yeah, Jack!” Marc shouted gleefully.

At that point Julio and Lee walked in, rather startled by what they found.

Marc made no attempt to hide, and forced Jack to stay in place with his huge cock buried deep inside his cunt.

“Oh shit! It’s you too?!” Lee said.

“What?” Marc asked innocently.

“Your bodies have changed!” Julio said enthusiastically.

“Not that much!” Marc said.

“Are you kidding, you’re way more muscular than yesterday. Not as muscular as Jack obviously! But still…”

Jack looked behind him. He realised that Lee was right. Marc was much more defined than he had previously been. Although his upper body had always been quite strong, his legs had improved drastically, and his six-pack was now chiselled as hell.

He looked at the two guys standing in his doorway, just in their underwear. That’s when he realised it. They too had put on some muscle. They now both had a slight six pack and their bulge seemed considerably enhanced, especially Lee’s. Although he couldn’t see how Julio had changed…

“I mean—what do you guys think of my new ass!” Julio said proudly as he twirled around, showing off an ass that was out of proportion with the rest of his frame and yet looked incredible.

“Fuck, Julio!” Marc said, astonished.

“What about you, Lee?” Jack asked.

Without saying anything, the Asian stud pulled down his briefs, revealing a 9”, soft cock.

“Wow. Nice!” Marc said excitedly as Jack drooled.

“What about you, Marc?” Lee asked.

With that, Marc withdrew his insane-sized cock. All 16 inches were still erect.

Both Lee and Julio’s jaws dropped.

“I mean—I was quite big beforehand, but now…”

“And that was all inside Jack?” Julio asked, sounding shocked.

“Yeah, it’s like his ass was made for it!” Marc said excitedly.

“Hold on,” Jack said, thinking further. “If we have all grown, what about Joey and James?”

Marc immediately got up and went upstairs, and the others quickly followed. Moments later they all stood in the twins’ room, Joey with a newly grown overdeveloped chest and his dick buried deep inside his brother, whose powerful legs looked like he could strangle someone.

The twins looked up, obviously embarrassed. But no one cared. Jack walked up Joey and kissed him passionately on the lips and Julio eagerly start to feed his hardening cock to James.

“Come on here boy. Time to finish what I started!” Marc commanded and Jack obeyed, getting on all fours next to James, who looked him lustfully in the eyes as Julio fucked his face.

Within moments Marc was back, balls deep inside Jack’s twitching cunt. Lee didn’t hesitate for a moment and started to feed his cock to Jack, who eagerly went to work. Very rapidly, the 9” had grown hard to a solid 13”, rock hard cock. Lee couldn’t believe his eyes. This was impossible!

And yet here it was. And it suddenly dawned on Jack that each of the studs had taken on a key trait of one of the Christmas decorations, and a bit of all the others too. How the hell was it possible?

Fuck he didn’t care. He enjoyed the ecstasy as Marc continued to fuck him hard. What he didn’t notice was that Marc and Lee seemingly did some sort of sign language and moments later Jack’s mouth was left empty.

Lee lay down next to him and Marc forced him to straddle the Japanese stud, eagerly sliding Lee’s cock straight into Jack’s loose hole.

Marc pushed Jack’s head down and Lee eagerly pulled him in for a kiss. That enabled Marc to start adding his own cock next to Lee’s and much to his delight he felt Jack’s cunt opening up and eagerly accept the second cock.

Jack could feel Joey stare in admiration. “Fuc,k Jack, that’s incredible!”

Jack just smiled, he couldn’t say anything as the pleasure filling him was too intense.

Somehow it seemed to happen at almost the exact same time. Jack felt it and he also sensed that James felt it too. Four sets of balls started unload deep into cunts and mouths, filling the two studs full of cum.

As Jack felt his cunt being filled he could no longer back himself hold. His own cock just exploded, shooting well past Lee’s face.

The six guys collapsed onto to each other, forming a big pile of sweat, muscle and cock.

“Fuck man!” Marc said after they had lain there for a few minutes. “You gotta find some more of those baubles!”

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