Growth school

by Writ Bro

Kit’s rebellion against his rich, inattentive father ends him up in a school for delinquents. Only, it’s not at all what Kit expects.

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Chapter 1: A Delinquent’s New Future Kit’s rebellion against his rich, inattentive father ends him up in a school for delinquents. Only, it’s not at all what Kit expects. (added: 1 Jun 2018)
Chapter 2: Muscle Development Kit and his fellow students begin their day with a two-hour class devoted entirely to muscle development. (added: 15 Jun 2018)
Chapter 3: The Upperclasssmen Kit meets the huge-chested, massively hung captain of the weightlifting team, and he and the coach let him in on a bit more of what’s in store for him. (added: 20 Jul 2018)
Chapter 4: A Captains’ Retreat This year, the coaches have decided to try something new: a captains’ retreat—a whole weekend of sex and growth for the newly initiated junior captains. (added: 24 Aug 2018)
Chapter 5: The First Growth At the captains’ retreat, Jake is picked as the first of the juniors to experience accelerated growth, and Kit and the others get to watch. In the wake of this stimulus Kit works off his arousal with Liang and a newly bigger Jake, leading to further exploration of the house in search of more hot places to have sex. (added: 8 Sep 2018)
Chapter 6: Making a Muscle Stud After proving he can take multiple hot studs, it’s finally Kit’s turn to grow. (added: 8 Dec 2018)
Chapter 7: Being a Grown Up Kit’s unprecedented growth is about to make him very, very popular. (added: 2 Feb 2019)
Chapter 8: The Weightlifting Secret Everybody wants to drill Kit and worship his enormous pecs, but Kit is especially interested in sharing his enhancements with the ginger-haired junior stud, Alex. Meanwhile, now that all the growth is complete, Mr. Cutler is ready to let the weightlifting team in on yet another secret. (added: 16 Feb 2019)
Chapter 9: Competition Prep Kit’s weightlifting team adapts to their real mission of full-on bodybuilding, and they’re all driven to be the hottest, most impressive muscle men possible. Of course, that starts with the uniforms, and taking care of the bulges they’re packing into them, but soon a select crew is prepping hard for their first-ever competition. (added: 2 Mar 2019)
Chapter 10: Captain’s Privileges In the special bondage room, Declan and Cameron see what Kit’s ass can handle from them, not neglecting his muscle tits and sensitive nipples. Kit’s thrilled, but the special attention makes others want their share of Kit’s amazing body, too. (added: 16 Mar 2019)
Chapter 11: The Competition Selected to help represent the juniors at the upcoming competition, Kit is understandably nervous. Fortunately the Okimura twins are there to help. (added: 30 Mar 2019)
Chapter 12: The Celebration Kit’s championship victory earns him a coveted prize—a night servicing the entire school. Needless to say, Kit rises to the challenge. (added: 11 May 2019)
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Chapter 1: A Delinquent’s New Future

Kit’s dad had made a lot of money working as a senior executive for a big pharmaceutical company. He had always made sure Kit had everything he needed. Everything but the money for his cocaine addiction.

The addiction began when Kit fell in with the wrong crowd at his posh high school. It all started fairly innocently with some weed after school. But soon the weed was smoked at parties, and the weed replaced with coke. Kit had started stealing as his parents never gave him money—just things. And he could hardly ask for coke. Thankfully for Kit, it was his parents who caught him, not the police. They sent him to rehab where he took his time to recover.

How Kit had quite fallen on such hard times was a bit of a mystery. He was a good looking guy. 6ft tall, thick curly blond hair, and a natural trimmed body. Not muscular, although if he had worked out and actually done some sports he easily could have been. Combined with a beautiful jaw line, high cheek bones and beautiful icy light blue eyes he could turn many a head. But dressed in the somewhat baggy chinos and hoodie his parents had forced upon him none of his features really stood out. But apparently it was the required attire for the first day.

But by the time he was supposed to graduate he had repeated two years of school and still it looked as though he was going nowhere. His parents decided to take the tough choice and send him to a boarding school for young delinquents. The school was located in a beautiful old country house, like you see in the English costume dramas, somewhere in upstate New York. It seemed more like the most elite school imaginable, than one intended for those who had taken a few wrong choices when they were younger.

After a second summer in rehab where Kit finally seemed to have kicked his addiction to the curb, Kit was brought to the school by his desperate parents.

“This is the right thing for you kiddo. We need to get your life on track.”

“Ugh. I know dad. Whatever.” Kit was not a fan of the idea of boarding school at all. The cheesy stories from Harry Potter made it seem idyllic but he was sure he was going to hate it, and that he would just come out hating life as much as he had previously.

They drove through the big wrought iron gates entering the school grounds. In big curly golden letters it read “Incrementus—School for Young Delinquents”. Kit sighed again. He really wasn’t looking forward to this school, but other than the probably strict and tough life and the massive estate the school was in, he didn’t know what to expect.

As they drove down the long lane, with rows of trees on either side, the stately building slowly came into view. The build had two grand looking stories, with two wings on either side. It kind of looked like Blenheim palace actually. At the top he noticed a third floor, with much smaller windows. It must have been the servants floor when this was still a stately home, Kit thought to himself.

Eventually they came to the grand entrance to the beautiful house and his dad pulled up the car. The family got out, Kit frustrated more than anything. He took his suitcases out of the trunk and started to make his way up the stairs to the massive wooden front doors.

“Not so fast kiddo,” his dad sad.

Kit sighed again, this time more heavily. He turned around and walked back to his parents.

“Now son. I don’t have to remind you again how much you need to behave do I? This is not just about your future, but my reputation is at stake too. You’re damn lucky we caught you rather than the police, or you would have been in deep trouble. You know that right.”

“Ugh. Yes, dad.” Kit smiled to himself. His dad would have been in more trouble if the police had discovered him than he would have been. At least relatively.

His parents hugged him goodbye and his mum gave him a big kiss on his cheek.

“Oh come on mom!” Kit pushed her away, but secretly he’d miss her.

His dad had never been there for him. Always away with work, making his millions of dollars. But his mom… He felt bad for her actually. He had never regretted his choices much except when he thought of how he must’ve hurt his mother. Maybe this school was for the best, just to make his mum happy, he thought to himself.

“Bye Kit.”

“Bye mum.”

“Bye son.”

“Yes dad.”

His parents got back in the car as he walked through the front door, into the grand hall.

When he made his way into the beautiful hallway Kit’s jaw dropped a little. The floor was made of beautiful black and white marble tiles, laid in a simple but elegant pattern. The walls were clad in an old-fashioned dark wooden panelling. At the centre of the hall was a grand staircase with elaborately decorated wooden banisters, marble steps laid with a beautiful deep dark red carpet.

“Kit Davis, I assume?” said a strict-sounding male voice.

Kit snapped out of his reverie.

“Uhm yes, yes indeed.”

“That would be ‘Yes indeed, Sir’.”

“Okay…. Sir.”

His interlocutor frowned. “I am Dr Johnson. The admissions officer.”

He had been right to think it would be a strict environment. Kit looked over Dr Johnson. He was quite a man. Not the kind of teacher he had expected here. He was tall and straight-off buff. Through his well-cut suit Kit saw his biceps bulge. He couldn’t have been older than 35. His face showed only a few marks of anyone over 25 and was positively beautiful. He could have easily been on a photoshoot with the best male models in the world.

“Welcome to Incrementus, the school for young delinquents. As an 18 year old, you technically don’t qualify as a delinquent. But not to worry, all students here are adults so you’re not the only piece of shit who has failed at life so far. Don’t worry we’ll get you on the right track. I will be making sure you get started here today.”

Kit had no idea how to respond to that.

“Leave your suitcases here,” he instructed. “They’ll find their way to your dormitories. We need to do the set-up process first.”

Kit looked confused but didn’t dare ask any questions. He followed Dr Johnson through a long corridor until they got to a much smaller room. It had only one desk set up with a computer on it.

“You must be tired from your journey here. Drink this, it’ll make you feel much better.”

Kit took the glass of water, not feeling like he could say no, and drank it as Dr Johnson watched him.

“Excellent! Now time for you to complete this questionnaire. It will determine much of your school life here, including what sport you do, avoid any medical issues due to allergies, all that sort of thing.”

“Sorry, Sir. Sport?”

“That’s right, Davis! Everyone at this school will do a sport. It is mandatory. You do not get a choice in the sport. This survey will determine what you will play.”

Kit didn’t like the sound of that, but wasn’t sure what he was allowed to say. “Oh. Okay Sir.”

“Is there an issue?” asked Dr Johnson, brows lowering ominously.

“Uhm. It’s just that… that I don’t really play sports. Sir.”

“Then it’s time to change that,” the admissions officer said briskly. “We expect all our students to participate in sports to help them get their lives back on track. It will bring much needed discipline and routine to your life here.”

And so Kit began the survey, which was already opened up for him on the screen. Dr Johnson left the room, but Kit was so engrossed he barely noticed.

It seemed to cover everything. His life, how he had gotten there, what his addictions used to be. What confused Kit was that he didn’t mind answering any of the questions. As though he was uninhibited about his failed life. Usually he had some shame about it but for some reason that was all gone. In this moment he was just happy filling out the survey, disclosing every minute detail they asked for.

His first straight sexual experience. (A girl in the 9th grade, second time sitting it.)

His first gay sexual experience. (With a senior when he was only in 8th grade, a bottom. Definitely consented.)

His sexual preferences. (Probably more gay than straight.)

His gay preferences. (Versatile but with a love of riding big cock.)

How he would prefer to see himself. (Definitely more muscular, with a much bigger cock.)

His pet hates. (Twatty gym guys.)

His favourite subject at school. (History.)

If he could learn anything, what would it be. (Be a believer in himself.)

Kit sat for a second, mulling over that last one. Maybe none of his cycle of misfortune would have happened if he had just had a bit more self-confidence.

Sport he always wanted to be great at. (None.)

Any allergies. (Peanuts.)

His favourite pet animal. (Dog.)

His ideal job. (A model/pop star.)

And so the survey went on. And so Kit typed on without thinking about it.

As soon as he had clicked submit, Dr Johnson walked back into the room.

“Thank you Kit. Now please follow me.”

Kit got up and followed him. They turned a corner towards the back of the house and walked back into the grand hall. Behind the staircase was a door that led into another great room. Inside were two tables, one laid with other students already sitting down. The other was bare. The guys at the laid table were eating, all dressed in a pair of baggy chinos and a hoodie.

“Find an empty space,” said Dr Johnson, pointing at the almost full table.

Kit sat down between two guys. One was a big black guy and the other a small, twinky looking Asian kid.

“Hey,” he simply said, a bit shyly.

No talking,” boomed another voice. Kit looked up surprised. It was another beautiful teacher. Impressive, deep-chocolate-coloured skin, a slight stubble and once again, visibly an incredibly toned body under the well-tailored suit.

Kit tried to ignore him, starting to eat his way through the food. It was nothing special, but also nothing terrible.

As they ate, a few more guys walked in, filling the empty spaces at the table. When all the food was gone and everyone was full, Dr Johnson walked up again.

“Okay, everyone. We have analysed your surveys and are ready to divide you into your sports teams. Starting with football.”

Dr Johnson read out the names of about 22 students. Including the twink next to him, judging by the start he gave when one of the names was called.

“Next up rugby.”

The doctor read out another 22 names. Only a couple of them hadn’t been read out previously. Fuck, Kit thought to himself. He didn’t want to play two sports…

“Next up—swimming.” The swimming team turned out to be much smaller. Only about seven students were named. “Gymnastics”: Another 6 students. So far no students had been mentioned twice again.

“Weightlifting.” Kit’s heart dropped a bit. He didn’t want to become one of those guys… “Alex Brewer. Kit Davis.” His heart dropped. Damnit! He tried to pay attention to the other names called for this team, desperate for clues to his future. “Jonathan Kilner. Ki Hong Lee. Matt McHaughton. Stephen Murray. Gabriel Rodriguez. Zac Smith.”

This was unbelievable. Not what he had hoped for at all. This would be worse than he imagined.

“Wrestling.” Another six names were read out.

“A total of 45 students in the year. Spread out over five sport group. Your sports team is your team. Your life revolves around them. You have to serve their needs and ensure they win. Total dedication. From tomorrow, you have four days until your upperclassmen arrive on Saturday. This will give you time to get settled into the swing of things. The rest of today you will spend doing reading for your upcoming classes and tomorrow we will start your timetable at 8 a.m. sharp.” He glowered at all of them, as if to underline the time.

“A few housekeeping rules. Showering always happens after sports practice at the end of the day so no need to get up early first thing in the morning. But breakfast is at 7am. Now your sports coaches will bring you to your dormitories.

One by one the sports coaches came into the room and took away their students. Firstly the stunning wrestling coach, Mr O’Neill, took away the wrestling guys. Kit had to say that not many of them looked like they would be able to win a wrestling match.

Mr Wammes was the gymnastics coach. The drop-dead gorgeous gymnastics coach. He must’ve been just about 5’6” but he was absolutely stacked. He had been quite the gymnast in his day and you could still his cute baby face hiding underneath his bearded jaw. His mixed-race background meant he had a beautifully light dark skin that only seemed to emphasise his muscles more. And all he was wearing was a gymnastics singlet and a pair of tight fitting joggers, meaning his big bulging arms were beautifully on show.

Kit snapped out of it. He had been staring at Mr Wammes and hadn’t noticed Mr Cutler come in next—the teacher in charge of his weightlifting team. Fuck. This guy was even more insanely huge than Mr Wammes! He embodied the kind of gym guy that Kit hated! But yet he couldn’t help feel his cock stir. The beautifully chocolate skin of Mr Cutler was beautifully exposed in his black lycra shorts and top. It was incredibly smooth and almost hair-free. His shirt didn’t manage to hide much but Kit couldn’t help but stare intently at the huge, out-of-proportion pecs that bounced around underneath the silky-smooth fabric.

They walked up the grand staircase and Mr Cutler took them to the east wing of the building, at the very back of the house. They walked into a beautifully old-fashioned room that looked much like a library. In the middle of the room stood a great statue of a male bodybuilder in only a posing trunk, simply posing in the double-bicep position. Kit couldn’t help but think this was supposed to be weightlifting, not bodybuilding…

The room was beautifully warm, with a number of comfy sofas and lounge chairs, as well as tables, with a beautifully dark wood panelled the walls of the room with bookshelves packed with old fashioned leather-bound books. Large paintings of mostly huge bodybuilders in somewhat erotic poses hung across the room, many with pecs even bigger than Mr Cutler. A fire place was located on the longest wall in the room but wasn’t currently on. Admittedly the warm August sun meant there was no need for it.

Kit was shocked. This was stunning, and definitely a common room he could get used to spending time in. It was warm and cozy and felt nothing like the modern, cold, surgical house of his parents he had left behind.

“All right guys,” said Mr Cutler loudly. “Through this door is your dormitory.” He stood by a set of large double doors.

“You’ll find your suitcases next to your beds already so please unpack and start examining the reading list for your first day tomorrow, which you can find on the reading table.” He pointed towards a large stack of paper on the large roundtable in the far corner of the room.

One more thing,” he added loudly to calm down the guys who had already started to move into the dormitory room. “Once the upper-class men arrive at the end of the week we will let you know who the junior-year captain is. Please bear this in mind as we consider your character and strengths in the coming days.”

He opened the door into the dormitory to reveal a room that didn’t quite have the same cosiness of the common room. The room held eight, for some reason all metal-framed bunkbeds. The bunkbeds just had a top bed for sleeping, with a wardrobe and small table with chair underneath the bed. Everyone’s luggage was already underneath a bed.

One by one the guys came in behind Kit and everyone found their bed and started to unpack. No one was really talking and Kit started to get a bit nervous. Eventually he decided to throw caution in the wind and came out from underneath the bed and simply said “I’m Kit, by the way guys.”

Immediately everyone came out from underneath their own beds.

“Jonathan—but just call me Jonny,” said a short cute guy. He had brown hair with rather striking dimples.

“I’m Lee,” a somewhat lanky-looking Asian guy awkwardly waved from the bed in the corner.

“Zac,” said a shy looking twink. He really did look very young.

“I’m Matt guys,” said a tall black guy from the bed next to Kit’s.

“Stephen,” said the second black guy, whose bed was next to Matt’s.

“Gabriel,” said a cute-looking Latino right by the door.

“I’m Alex.” Kit did a double take. Alex was a rather beautiful ginger guy, with cute freckles all over his face. Definitely some eye candy in the room.

Kit took the initiative and guided the guys back into the common room and they sat down around the large round table. He passed along the reading list to all of the guys who started to look over it.

Eventually someone broke the silence.

“So why did you guys get sent here?” said Stephen.

It went silent again for a moment. After a few moments it was Kit who spoke. “Drugs,” he said. “My dad neglected me and I guess I wanted his attention.”

Everyone around the table nodded, as if they understood.

“Yeah, I vandalised a bunch of bus shelters. Petty really,” said Alex.

More nodding around the table.

“I… I kept bullying kids in school, because they all made fun of me.” It was Jonny who had spoken, and everyone looked somewhat surprised. He didn’t look the type. “One ended up in hospital after I forced him to eat nuts, even though he was allergic.”

The guys all stared in disbelief.

“I… I fell in with a local gang. My parents had worked really hard to get us out of poverty and my dad was livid that I went back to that life.” said Stephen, sounding somewhat embarrassed.

“I got caught dealing drugs in Texas,” said Gabriel. Kit just started to notice his Hispanic accent.

“Believe it or not…” Lee began, rather quietly, “I was involved in the local MMA fighting club. It got out of hand one day and I really hurt this one guy. And my parents were not happy.”

Geez, Kit thought to himself. Some of these guys did serious stuff. And they got away with going here!?

Matt went next. “I just got done for shoplifting. Not that I had to, but I loved the thrill of it.”

“What about you, Zac?” Kit said.

“Uhm…” He took a moment to think. “I… I… I got caught selling steroids in the local gym.”

Everyone looked quite surprised. Zac was probably the smallest and shyest looking guys in the group. It was actually quite easy to see how he got away with it.

“How did you get caught?” Kit asked shocked.

“Just… a bodybuilder one day was sick of my small ass. I had told this guy he had enough because he was taking ridiculous amounts. But he said he should’ve known, and if someone was going to give him steroids it should be a man, not a girl. And so he reported me to the gym manager. He got kicked out of the gym too for taking steroids but I got sent here.

Silence fell again and was only interrupted when the door opened, and Mr Cutler appeared.

“All right guys. I hope you’ve all had a bit of a chance to get to know each other. I know you’re all new to weightlifting so I want to take you individually through an assessment programme, away from the other guys so that you have no pressure. It will allows us to put together a specific development plan for each of you.

“The rest of you start reading, I will try and see you all before dinner. We’ll just go in alphabetical order of last name. If you want to come along, Mr Brewer?”

The ginger cutie, Alex, got up and followed Mr Cutler out of the common room.

The rest of the students grabbed a book and started reading the chapters that were listed for the next day. Most of seemed very aware that despite the niceties, they were still here to be punished so it would probably be best to do the reading.

About 45 minutes later Alex came back, looking like he had sweated a bit, but nothing too bad.

“You’re up next, Kit. Downstairs and to the left,” Alex said.

Kit got up and went through the door. He went down a flight of stairs right next to the door of the dormitory and turned left, as Alex had told him. He hesitated when he opened a door but noticed Mr Cutler waiting inside.

“All right kid. This is just a basic fitness test. We’re going to get you to do a bit of cardio, see what you can do, and a bit of weights to test your strength. No need to worry.” He had read Kit’s alarmed face perfectly. “It’s just to gauge where you’re at. We have ways to make sure you don’t know your strength in no time!”

Downstairs, straight underneath the weightlifting team’s common room, was the weightlifting studio. The space was huge actually. On one side, facing a large wall of mirrors, was a large gym studio with 8 squat racks and 8 bench presses, as well as a large area with pulley systems, free weights and other strength training equipment. In the far corner was a small cardio area. On the other side, in front of another wall full of mirrors was a large open area with mats.

“All right, since this is as good a time as any, let’s get you starting to workout in your uniform.” Mr Cutler handed Kit a leotard. It was mostly white, with a solid red strip running from the left-hand shoulder to the right-hand hip. The fabric would probably be almost see-through and not leave much to the imagination.

“Go on. Put it on, don’t be shy.”

Kit slipped out of his clothes and put on the lycra uniform. It tightly fitted his slim body, accentuating the limited muscle he held on his tight frame. His briefs were perfectly visible underneath.

“All right, let’s get started on the elliptical trainer. I am going to monitor your heart rate for 8 minutes while you work out. Just put as much effort in as possible, and I’ll tell you when I think you can do more”

It turned out Mr Cutler always thought Kit could do more. After 8 minutes he was already exhausted. But considering how physically unfit he had been, it wasn’t too bad.

Next, they moved onto the rowing machine. Mr Cutler made sure Kit’s posture was perfect before starting the test. He had to do 100 strokes in as short a time as possible.

It probably took Kit far too long, but he was proud he had even managed to finish.

Last up was the weight training. They started doing simple bench presses and lifts. In all cases Kit just about managed to lift the actual bar. He didn’t manage to lift a dumbbell over 20 pounds.

“All right, not bad Kit. Honestly not bad. I’ve seen kids come in here doing 10 times worse than you have. Now, based on your survey, I understand you’re gay?” Kit looked surprised. “It’s all right, I just like to know the gay ones in the year. It helps.” Kit looked even more confused.

“Don’t worry about it. But you should know that in a few days’ time everyone will want this.” Before Kit knew it, coach had pulled down his shorts and revealed a big bulge in a tight jockstrap. “But I give priority to the gay ones. Go on, it’s okay. We’re consenting adults and I know you love a big cock. You said so yourself.”

Kit couldn’t resist his desire any further and kneeled down in front of the mountain of muscle. He pushed his face into his coach’s crotch, who gently put his hand on his head, forcing Kit to stay in place. He inhaled deeply and could smell the musk and sweat from the jockstrap. Mr Cutler pulled the jock down and slowly his cock unfolded.

Kit’s jaw dropped. It turned out Mr Cutler was hung. Like a fucking horse. The beautiful black cock must have been at least 11 inches, mostly soft, and as thick as a beer can. So it was true what they said about black guys!

“Fuuuuuck…” he moaned.

Coach smiled. “That’s right. Worship that huge cock…”

Kit hesitated another moment. That huge cock was definitely 10 inches. And not even hard! He looked up at his new coach and saw Mr Cutler’s eyes. He was surprised to see a domineering look in his face, a look that commanded respect and obedience. After a deep breath Kit finally took the head of the big cock into his mouth and without a missing a beat, Mr Cutler slammed it straight into his throat.

Kit choked violently, but his coach still had his hand on the back of his head, although he wasn’t quite as gentle now.

To Kit’s surprise, the huge soft cock easily slid into his mouth and as Mr Cutler started to fuck his face he could feel it harden inside him. Yet as the dick expanded, his throat seemed to do the same. With each stroke it only seemed to get marginally more difficult to control his gag reflex, rather than the expected convulsion that would follow the violent attack.

Mr Cutler now placed his other hand behind Kit’s head and really started to assault Kit beyond his wildest dreams. Tears started to pour down his face as his mouth and throat worked harder and harder to please his coach.

It must have lasted five maybe even ten minutes. When coach’s bull cock eventually expanded and his ball started to shake, Kit was ready for it to be over. He could hardly cope and thought that any minute he would throw up. But just before it got really messy, coach blew his cum deep into his student’s throat, forcing him to swallow a big load.

Kit sighed with relief, and yet with a sense of accomplishment. He had successfully managed to take a cock that must’ve been at least 14 inches hard. He looked up at his coach, who looked down with the same domineering look, but this time he looked satisfied too.

“You’ve done well Kit. You will be a star player this year I’m sure. Can’t wait to see how you grow into the team.” With that, Mr Cutler wiped away a drop of cum on Kit’s chin with his finger and fed it to his new star athlete.

“Now go shower, and you better get the wet spot out of that leotard. And get Jonny when you get back upstairs will you?”

Kit looked down at his crotch. Indeed there was a clearly visible wet spot by his still hard dick. He hadn’t realised how much he had enjoyed the violent throat fucking. God, this was a shockingly good start to his new school.


Chapter 2: Muscle Development

Kit found the showers just next to the weightlifting studio. To his surprise it was a great big room with a big jacuzzi at its centre that was currently turned off. A beautiful and elegant stone lined the floor and walls, but it wasn’t quite marble. It was all as if to say, we have money and want to show it but the people it’s for don’t really deserve it.

On one side of the room were benches with cubby-holes against the wall. There were no lockers. On the other side of the jacuzzi, a good 15 to 20 feet away from the opposite wall, were 16 shower heads. The large open area would mean everyone could always see everybody. Kit gulped. He had never been a fan of shared showers. He had avoided them for quite a while in school but it seemed like he couldn’t get out of it here.

Oh well. That wasn’t something to be worried about this very moment. It would be up to him to get the next person so he’d take his time washing himself.

He turned on the shower head in the very middle of the room and allowed the warm water to flow over his muscles. The water relaxed his body after the surprisingly tough workout.

He could feel his muscles relax slowly. The tenseness that had been present in his shoulders vanished and the strain in his neck from gagging on Mr Cutler’s big dick slowly started to disappear as well.

The thought of that big cock getting rammed down his throat started to arouse him again. As he watched his slim body he could feel his own cock harden. It was only about 5 inches but Kit couldn’t resist and slowly started to masturbate. Without much thought he got on his knees as he started to pull his cock harder and harder, fantasising about that hot dick in his mouth.

It didn’t take him two minutes to shoot a big load of cum all over the locker room floor. He made sure it washed down the drain neatly before washing himself at a leisurely speed before he eventually turned the shower off. He got dressed slowly with a smile on his face. If this introduction was anything to go by, school would be much more bearable than Kit had anticipated—even weightlifting.

He made his way upstairs and informed Jonny he was next.

The other guys were still reading but Kit glanced at Alex. Alex seemed to smirk, as if he knew what Kit had done. Did he get the same treatment? The way coach had spoken had suggested he had at least been better.

The thought of it started to get his own cock hard again. God, he was horny.

Every little while one of the guys went. Some guys came back looking happier than they had previously. Others wore the same uncertain look Kit had on his face when he had arrived here. He couldn’t start to imagine how this would play out. And he couldn’t figure out how they would actually get any good at weightlifting with their puny bodies.

When Zac eventually came back as the last guy to have had his assessment with Mr Cutler, he announced, rather shyly, that they could all go downstairs to the main hall and have dinner. The rest of the guys, who had previously sat reading, obediently all immediately started murmuring and headed out of the common room into the hallway. Kit noticed pretty quickly though that the person leading, which appeared to be Jonny, didn’t seem to know where they were going.

“Guys. Guys!” he said, quietly at first but louder when no one reacted. “This isn’t the way to the main hall. We should’ve gone left back there.”

Based on the look on some of the faces in front of him, half of the guys had no idea what he was talking about. The other half nodded in agreement.

With surprisingly little bickering they all followed Kit down the corridor and descended the beautiful main staircase. They made a u-turn to end up in the grand hall at the back of the mansion, overlooking the estate.

Earlier Kit had been far too nervous to pay attention to the view. But now, and on this beautiful August night, he realised it was stunning. In front of them, a mile or two away, was a lake. He could see a boathouse next to it and paths leading through the gardens towards it. The gardens themselves seemed to be based on traditional English gardens, with straight lines and well-laid paths carrying people from the mansion to the waterfront.

The food was laid out in warm dishes already on the table. The coaches and Dr Johnson sat at another table that had previously not been there, but sat side by side with a fourth table. Kit was a bit confused. They had met the coaches and Dr Johnson but where was the rest of the faculty. Why weren’t all the teachers sitting there? He assumed that was whom the fourth table was for anyways.

Conversation was flowing this time round, with no one ordering them to be quiet. Everyone appeared to mostly stay in their sports groups but slowly they all started to get acquainted with one another, no longer shying away but opening up and discussing the day’s activities. Most of the guys had apparently struggled with the assessment by coach Cutler. It was only Matt, the tall lanky black guy who said it was breeze. Maybe he was stronger than he looked.

After the simple meal, which Kit couldn’t help but notice did not contain much fat but did a lot of protein and carbs, they all went back to their various common rooms where they hung out for the evening. Some were reading ahead, others entertained themselves playing games of cards found on the bookshelves.

Kit sat by the unlit fire place, contemplating his new life. This school didn’t seem too bad. They had actually not been too strict, the guys here had made some mistakes but all seemed quite nice. He already started to wonder why he had been so rebellious. Although, thinking about it—his dad more specifically—caused all the emotions and memories to come rushing back.

But this wasn’t that environment. His dad may have put him here but he didn’t think his dad knowingly signed him up to suck off one of the most muscled men he had met in his life.

When he looked up he was surprised to see Alex sit in the chair next to me.

“Oh, hey,” Kit said, rather startled.

“Sorry if I disturbed your deep thoughts.” Alex smiled kindly.

“Oh no worries, just thinking about this place. It just seems a bit odd.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well—I just don’t think this is the kind of environment my parents actually had in mind when sending me here…”

“No, I have to agree with you. So far it’s been far better than I thought.”

They sat there talking about life. Alex told the full story of why he started to vandalise bus shelters. It appeared his motivations were very similar to Kit’s. Although Alex had actually gone one step further and cut off ties with his father. It was his mother who sent him to this school. Not because she was angry, but out of desperation. She wanted her son back.

And so they chatted for a little longer. The conversation strayed from the personal story onto political opinions, favourite films and books. All in all Kit really felt like he had made a friend that night.

Eventually he took the lead and announced to the room he would go to bed. It was just past 11 and he figured the alarm would go off at 6.30 so they would all be on time for breakfast. He climbed into his metal-framed bunk bed and quickly dozed off.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next morning Kit woke up at the sound of the alarm. He heard the other guys stir as he got up and put on his clothes. He was surprised they hadn’t been given a uniform yet actually…

When Kit sat down around the breakfast table (he was one of the first to arrive) he eagerly started to fill his plate. It once again seemed a bit protein heavy but he didn’t think too much of it. Once all the guys from the different teams had finally joined him (the last sat down just 10 minutes before classes were supposed to begin) Dr Johnson started to hand out their timetables.

Kit studied his closely. Every day from 8 till 10 they had a class that rather shocked him. Muscle Development.

“What?” he said out loud, without thinking about it.

Alex smiled at him. “Yup you’ve got it too.”

It turned out all the weightlifters had two hours of muscle development. As murmurs swept across the table they realised they were joined by the wrestlers and gymnasts for the full two hours. The football and rugby players and swimmers would join them for the first hour and a half.

The rest of the day was packed full of normal stuff, half an hour for lunch and an hour and a half of sports specific training three nights a week. And they would spend another three hours on Saturday practicing as well. All in all much more sport than Kit had bargained for.

The timetable said Muscle Development was in Gym A. Apparently it was in the room right above the main hall and so the whole group walked up the stairs and Kit carefully opened the big oak double doors. It lead into a rather grand room, which took him aback. He could sense the whole group standing there, gawking at its magnificence, with great chandeliers, heavy velvet curtains hanging in the windows and beautiful dark wooden panelling. It could have been a ballroom.

But instead in the room itself was very little to be found that could be described as grand. It was perhaps the most intense gym setup Kit had ever seen. Not that he’d seen that many…

In the middle of the room, in four rows of four, stood huge squat racks, surrounded by big weights racks. It was surrounded by benches, incline benches, decline benches, free weights, cable machines, mats. All the weight equipment you could think of.

All right,” shouted a voice all of a sudden. The students had been murmuring with a mixture of excitement and fear.

A man stepped out from amongst the equipment. Kit was rather amazed he hadn’t seen him before he started walking because he was huge. He was bigger than Mr Cutler. As he walked further into view Kit could see his muscles bulge with every step, his leg muscles flexing involuntarily in the black lycra tights. His biceps made the sleeves of his overly tight lycra top strain. Underneath the top, Kit could see a huge set of pecs with hard nipples on top and the clear outline of a solid six-pack. A little bit lower, Kit could see the hints of a big bulge stuffed into the tight lycra. The muscle god’s smooth chocolaty skin was already glistening with sweat. He had been lifting some weights himself.

“Good morning everyone,” he said to the group. The group had gone completely quiet, each and every one in awe at his incredible size. He seemed to be the most perfectly formed man they had ever laid their eyes on. Each muscle was in perfect proportion to the others and the tight black lycra emphasised each crevice and bulging muscle even more.

“I am Coach Heath. I will be training you here in muscle development five days a week. It’s a mandatory class for everyone. Some of you will spend two hours with you, others an hour and a half. Each of you will grow and stop have such puny little bodies.”

Some of the guys moved uneasily. They admired the coach but weren’t quite sure they wanted it for themselves.

“Don’t worry,” he said, as if reading their minds, “we’ll make sure you want it by the end of it. Now go get changed and come back in here in five minutes. Each cubby hole is labelled for every single one of you and you will find your gym uniform there.” He pointed to a one of two door on the right-hand side and slowly the group of 45 made their way into the locker room.

It was very similar to the weightlifting locker room, but without a hot tub and much bigger. The five sports had been clearly marked above the cubbies so it was easy to find the eight slots for the weightlifting team. Kit quickly found his own stuff and helped some of the others get to theirs before getting changed. In the cubby he found a set of lycra tights and lycra tank top, alongside a jockstrap and gym shoes. The whole set was in clear white. He hesitated. This wouldn’t leave much to the imagination. But he guess he didn’t have much choice.

He undressed until he was naked and couldn’t help but glance around the room at the other guys. He caught sight of Matt’s cock and was in shock. It must’ve been at least eight inches soft.

He swiftly slipped on the jock, tights and top, laced up his new white trainers and went into the gym. He was one of the first and had to wait for the others to join him before the coach got started.

He noticed each of the teams was wearing different colours of lycra. The swimmers were in a sky blue, the wrestlers in a scarlet red, the gymnasts in a bright yellow and the rugby and football teams in a camouflage patterned pink and lime green. All of them looked quite hot in their lycra.

“All right. The aim of this time is ensure you just start developing your musculature. Together with your coaches I have developed targeted training programmes for each of you. This morning your coaches will take you through the programme for your team individually, ensuring you each know every exercise you’re doing and maximise your growth potential.The rugby and football guys will start on legs, the swimming team on core, the wrestling team on arms, the weightlifting team on the chest and the gymnasts on glutes. Join your coach—they’ll be here for the first 30 minutes of every morning session this week to make sure you learn the ropes.”

Kit and the team walked over to row of squat racks at the centre of the room that already had a number of benches in them. Mr Cutler was waiting for the guys already. “You’ll always be in pairs,” he started, “so pair yourself up and one of you take place on the bench.”

Kit automatically gravitated towards Alex, the one he knew best so far. The other guys paired up a bit less quickly and they had to wait a minute or two until everyone was done and the four benches all had a gymnast sitting on them.

And so Mr Cutler started to take them through the training. They must have done at least 12 exercises to train the chest. It was bizarre how the team got into it. None of them had ever really done much sport, and definitely no weightlifting, Yet they all hit the iron hard. Kit could almost see his teammates’ chests grow bigger as they were working out, getting pumped beyond belief. Occasionally either Mr Cutler or Coach Heath would come round and correct their form, encouraging to load up extra weights or simply just watching them lift. It was oddly stimulating, to feel the tight lycra slide across their bodies as they subjected themselves to force of the weights.

After about an hour and a half the swimmers and football and rugby players were called out of the room, into Gym B. Through the briefly open door Kit just about noticed a number of exercise bikes, treadmills and other cardio equipment. Kit turned around and went back to work, making sure Alex was spotted as best as he could while pushing the barbell up, perfecting his form with every lift.

When there was maybe twenty minutes of time left, and they had gone through the full routine, Coach Heath took shouted in his booming voice, “All right guys, time to grab a mat and join me in the studio.”

Kit lead, grabbed a workout mat and opened a set of double doors on the left side of the gym. It opened up into a large gym studio, one side lined with mirrors, the opposite side with beautiful floor to ceiling windows looking out over the gardens belonging to the school.

“Put your mats down quickly, all facing the window. I am going to take you through an intense twenty-minute core workout. And no loitering,” he added with a bellow.

Everyone quickly put their mats down facing the coach. He wasn’t kidding when he said intense. After twenty minutes sweat was dropping off everyone’s face, their bodies sore to the core.

Kit stretched his arms out, feeling the burn in his chest and core. Fuck that felt good. He wanted more.

They hit the showers, without thinking too much. Almost too exhausted to think.

When they all got back to their cubby holes, Kit was surprised to see his clothes had vanished.

“Sorry guys, I forgot to mention,” shouted Mr Heath into the locker room. “You will now have a set of workout lycra and a uniform set.”

The door slammed shut. Everyone looked confused, holding their towels to cover themselves.

“I guess that means the lycra is also our uniform…” said Kit slowly, loud enough for everyone to hear him. He looked into his cubby hole and indeed there was another set of lycra and jockstrap that hadn’t been there earlier.

It was only slightly different from the white lycra he had been given earlier. But yet the difference was distinct. The stitchings on the outside were in a clear contrasting red that really made it stand out. The lines across the tights and the t-shirt (rather than a tank top) highlighted the curves of his poorly defined muscles. The jock was clearly visible underneath the tight fabric.

He noticed the other guys were also dressed in their various coloured lycra uniforms. Stitching in various accentuating colours made each team have their own identity.

Kit checked the cubby and found there was also a pair of boots. To his surprise they were big, heavy leather boots, in plain black with white laces. He slipped them on—they came to just under his knees. He felt rather odd. It wasn’t a uniform you’d expect at a school. Let alone this one.

All the guys had boots and laces to match the lycra they were wearing. Kit noticed that the knee-high boots worn by him and his team mates came the highest. The others seemed to have more standard issue army-style boots.

He looked at his timetable and the time. If they didn’t get a move on they’d be late for history. And so on they went, almost marching out. The group splitting into three, the weightlifters were joined by the gymnasts. The football and rugby players went their separate way, with the swimmers and the wrestlers going in another direction.

Kit walked in front. He had thought ahead and had asked Mr Cutler where their next class would be and already had a hunch where he was going. He was joined by an unknown blond guy. He was shorter than he was, but had a friendly smile on his face and twinkling green eyes.

“I’m Kit,” he said confidently to the new boy. “I am guessing you’re one of the gymnasts.”

“I guess so. I had never set foot in a gym until yesterday though… But it makes a nice change from living rough. I’m Mark by the way.”

“Living rough?”

They turned a corner, and walked down some stairs.

“Yeah I got a scholarship to come here. Dr Johnson saw me on the street and helped me get to my feet and said I’d be the perfect edition to the school.”

Kit smiled. Seemed like they cared about more than just the rich kids who could afford it.

The class went by easily, and so did the lunch break. Kit joined the other students in the main hall for a protein-filled lunch before going to a packed afternoon of more class. They were all quite simple introductory classes that gently led them into their new lives as students.

When it got to 3:30 p.m. they had two hours to do their bits of homework before dinner. Kit walked back to the weightlifting common room, the other team members in tow. They all sat down and got to work. Kit did briefly wonder what had gotten into them all, doing work so enthusiastically, but he quickly banished the thought from his head and went to read.

At 5:30, Mr Cutler came into the common room, to everyone’s surprise.

“All right guys. Tonight is the first weightlifting training. I am not expecting much from you this first evening but just get a feel for the various bits of equipment so we can start building your skills and technique. I am going to start one-on-one tonight. Kit, if you want to come first? Make sure you get changed first.”

Kit couldn’t help but grin. He was looking forward to seeing the coach alone again. He quickly got changed into his singlet and trackies and followed Mr Cutler downstairs into the weightlifting training room.

“We’re going to start at the very basics today. You probably already worked your chest out extensively earlier so let’s see where you got to with that.”

He sat down on one of the bench presses and started to lift. Unlike yesterday he managed to lift over 60 pounds. God, that weight had gone up quickly!

“Not bad at all!” Mr Cutler said impressed.

Kit blushed. He had definitely developed a bit of a crush on his coach.

“Try again. Another 10 reps or so.”

Kit tried again, and managed to do it without too much effort. He was shocked. How had this gone so easily.

“Really good, excellent work Kit. Now, try something maybe a bit different. let’s get you doing a leg press.

And so they moved to the leg press. Mr Cutler loaded up the weights and to his absolute shock Kit managed to push out six reps before his legs felt overpowered.

“Really good. Of course, usually we would do a workout with the whole team. We’ll get to compete who does the heaviest lifts and can show the most strength.”

Kit smiled, he had done well apparently.

“Thanks coach!” he said excitedly. And before he could even help it, he had gotten on his knees. Without even thinking.

Coach lowered his joggers and pulled his cock out through one of the legs on his singlet. Kit eagerly took it into his mouth, immediately letting it slide to the back of his throat.

“Fuck, Kit, I love how good you are at this” Coach grabbed Kit’s hair and slowly started to fuck his student’s still inexperienced mouth. “And you’re gonna get even better.”

Kit let his coach’s huge cock rest on his lips for a second. “Uhmmm coach…”

“What’s up?” Coach said, a bit agitated, wanting his dick sucked.

“What about, uhm…” Kit hesitated but quickly continued when he noticed Coach’s expression turn angry, “My ass?”

“What about it?”

“You… ever fuck your students?”

Mr Cutler expression turned into a smile.

“That’s not something a lot of guys get to enjoy so early on Kit.” He sounded both amused and serious.

“I… I’ve always wanted to try.”

Mr Cutler smiled again.

“I’d really have to see your ass properly before committing to that.”

Without hesitating Kit pulled off his trackies and jumped up on a bench on the side and bended over, thrusting his ass into the air.

Coach smiled but shook his head.

“It’s already quite the ass Kit, but I really do think you need some squats this week before you get the pleasure of feeling this inside you. Now get back to sucking me.”

He said the last sentence with a lot of authority in his voice and Kit did what he was told.

Once again he felt his throat being forced to expand by the Mr Cutler’s huge cock. He moaned with pleasure as he enjoyed the feeling of 14 inches of black cock sliding down his throat.

“That’s real good Kit. You’re a very good cock sucker.”

And with that he felt coach’s hands on the back of his head and slowly coach started to fuck his tight throat. First slowly and then Kit could feel the pace pick up. With each stroke the attack on his throat became more violent and aggressive. Kit moaned, he could feel his own cock dripping through his lycra singlet.

Suddenly, and without much warning, Mr Cutler forced Kit’s head all the way into his crotch and his balls exploded deep in Kit’s throat.

Slowly Mr Cutler retreated his cock from Kit’s throat, and it was almost as if he could feel his oesophagus falling back into place.

Kit smiled, still obediently on his knees. Coach seemed to tower over him, his powerful pecs almost blocking the view of his stunningly handsome face.

“All right stud. Go get changed. I’ll make sure we have a regular one-to-one training session.”

Mr Cutler smirked and Kit’s smile broadened even further. With a bounce in his step the young student ran off to the changing rooms.


Chapter 3: The Upperclasssmen

The next three days were really very much the same as the first. Each morning the weightlifters woke up and seemed to be some of the earliest to sit down for breakfast. It was immediately followed by two hours of muscle development and to everyone’s surprise that was going shockingly well.

Coach Heath, together with Mr Cutler, put them through a strict workout routine. After their very focused chest session, the workout shifted to more general muscle groups, focusing on legs, shoulders and back and arms on separate days. The chest seemed part of the core focus, happening at least twice a week. On top of that were the daily abs workouts with Mr Heath.

And yet Kit and his fellow weightlifters seemed to have more energy than ever. On the second day, with each breakfast, lunch and dinner, appeared large red-coloured shakes that seemed to boost their energy. Kit could swear that he already noticed himself becoming more muscular. And although he didn’t really notice himself, if he had paid attention he would’ve realised he disliked the gym less and less each day and started to crave for a body like Mr Cutler.

Socially, the group of eight young men started to develop stronger friendships. They bonded each night, their muscles aching lightly from the tough workouts. Kit hung out with Alex a lot but got to know the other guys too.

Without realising, Kit became a bit of a mentor to both Matt and Lee. They were the ones most in need of encouragement to get out of bed in the morning and to do their homework in the evening. If Kit lost his rebellious streak surprisingly quickly (even the teachers had never seen someone progress so quickly), Matt and Lee took a bit longer than average. But Kit was there for them, every morning and every evening. He helped them do their work and sat with them if needed. And neither of the two felt he was overbearing, but started to really look up to him.

What surprised Kit was the lack of rest from the constant weightlifting. The other sports guys had weightlifting in the morning and would focus on a different sport in the evening. Although it would be intense, their was a lot to learn for the likes of the gymnasts. But the weightlifters spent 2 hours 5 mornings a week, 1.5 hours 3 nights a week, and another 3 hours on a Saturday lifting weights.

And yet Kit never really seemed to have horrible muscle ache. He was already lifting more than 40-pound dumbbells, compared to 20-pound ones at the start of the week. There seemed to be a constant buzz in his muscles. And he noticed it on the other guys too.

One thing did strike Kit as odd. The lycra tights and tops they always wore were by far the weirdest uniform he had ever come across. Yet with the addition of the knee-high boots he felt more masculine than he ever had. He started to notice that the muscle development sessions were really starting to pay off, with many of the guys across the school showing hints of muscle through the tight fabric.

On Friday, the day before the upperclass men would arrive, the weightlifters had their very first group evening training sessions. This time they did not adorn their lycra tights and tank tops but the snug-fitting singlets they had worn in their one-on-one sessions with Mr Cutler.

“All right guys.” They were all lined up in the gym, facing Mr Cutler and the large wall of mirrors.

“You have done incredibly well these first few days. You should be really proud of yourself. The main of our evening sessions is to do some of the more weightlifting specific stuff. So we’ll get you to do weightlifting exercises that you would be expected to do at a competition.”

The group was silent. “Uhm… competitions, sir?” asked Kit carefully.

“Yes, we will do a few competitions. Nothing to worry about—that’s mostly for the upperclassmen. But you have to know what you need to be able to do.”

“Right. In weightlifting you need to be able to perform two lifts. The snatch and the clean & jerk. We’ll start on the technique of the snatch today. If all of you stand behind a barbell. They’re loaded to the lightest weight so you can get used to the feeling first.”

All of them took place behind a barbell. Kit was somewhere near the middle, almost right opposite Mr Cutler. On the one side he was next to Matt, with Alex on his other.

Mr Cutler was standing behind his own barbell, but it looked as though it was heavier loaded than the rest. “I’ve had to load mine up a bit more to ensure I don’t just throw it over my head,” he said with a bit of a mischievous smile. “To show you the best technique, I will do it facing the same way you are. Pay attention to where I place my hands.” He placed his hands wide apart on the barbell. “And I keep a straight back as I grab hold.”

Kit drooled as his Coach’s ass was put on full display right in front of his eyes. He couldn’t help but look at Alex who had the same look of desire on his face.

“Next, the knee extension will do the initial lift. As you lift it to knee height your arms and legs will remain straight. By extending the hip you will be able to lift it up further, before finally doing a triple extension to lift it over your head. Use your wrists to flip it over like so.”

In one smooth motion Mr Cutler lifted the heavy weight above his head.

Kit’s drooling stopped immediately. Fuck. How would he ever be able to do that?

“We’ll start by getting the initial position right,” the Coach continued, “and then we’ll slowly help you get it up above your head.

And so all of the guys got to work, just positioning themselves in the initial position. Mr Cutler walked round and corrected grip and posture. After Matt he came over to Kit.

“Almost perfect Kit. Just…” Rather than telling him what to do Coach placed his hands on Kit’s ass and moved it slightly, straightening his back. From the corner of his eyes he could see Alex smile.

And that’s all they did for the hour and a half that Friday night. Eventually they all seemed to have the correct position.

“This is vital stuff. You can really injure yourself if you have the wrong position. Tomorrow we’ll actually start to do the lifts.”

The guys all stood up again, oddly tired from not actually doing any substantial lifting.

“Remember, the upperclassmen are arriving tomorrow. They’ll get here in the morning while we’re doing our training session. This gives us all the time to get acquainted in the afternoon. Now, off to bed. There are some post-workout snacks in the locker room for you before you go to sleep though. Make sure you take them!”

They all made their way into the locker room and all of them eagerly got showered and dressed. It was the first time Kit had really had a chance to admire his classmates. He noticed that Alex was perhaps a bit more muscular than expected, and he definitely had a very firm butt. Lee was starting to become less lanky already and Gabriel surprised Kit completely. His six-pack was already starting to become visible and a nice set of pecs was developing above them.

He looked away and focused on cleaning himself rather than staring. He didn’t know who was gay and who wasn’t so he quickly finished showering and got dressed in his lycra uniform. He downed a post-workout shake that was waiting for them and hung around until everyone was ready to go back up. Once in the dorm they all quickly undressed and hit the sack, suddenly overpowered by exhaustion.

The next morning was the first Saturday and they were all able to get up a bit later than normal. After breakfast they went straight to work on their snatch lifts.

The session went by quite quickly. To everyone’s surprise, including Mr Cutler’s, Kit managed to do a clean snatch after a few attempts.

“Well done, Mr Davis,” the Coach said enthusiastically. “I did not expect anyone to be able to do it so smoothly on the first day!”

Everyone was encouraged by Kit’s success and wanted to match his skill. As Kit kept practicing, and even started to load up some more weight, he noticed the boys around him started to follow his lead. First Alex managed to do one too and at the end of the three-hour session everyone had managed to do a fairly clean snatch lift. Most still needed some work on their form but Mr Cutler seemed ecstatic with their progress.

“All right guys, go get changed. The upperclassmen will have arrived upstairs so make sure you look good!”

Everyone quickly got showered and downed their post-workout shakes, eager, although somewhat scared, to meet the older guys. After they all got dressed in their lycra uniforms the almost ran upstairs.

When they got to the common room they were surprised to see the older guys already waiting on the various sofas and chairs. There were eight of them, and Kit immediately noticed how huge they were.

Each one of them must have easily weighed more than 250 pounds of pure, solid muscle. They were already kitted out in a white uniform that was no different from the lower-class men. One of the guys sat cross-legged and Kit immediately spotted the same knee-high boots he was getting used to wearing.

“Hey guys,” he said, as they seemed not to have noticed them come in.

“Oh hey. You guys must be the new kids here.” A tall stud of a black guy stood up and walked up to Kit, his arm stretched out. Kit shook his hand and noticed the strong grip that felt as though it could break his hand. “I’m Kit.”

“I’m DeShawn. The Captain of the weightlifting team.”

DeShawn was a good six and a half feet tall, easily towering over most of the guys in the room. He looked as though he weighed more than 300 pounds of thick muscle. The more Kit looked at his chest, covered by a smooth layer of white lycra, the more he noticed the size of his pecs. They almost looked like tits, more rounded and sticking out a bit more than just ordinary pecs would have. The more Kit thought about it, the more he realised all the new guys in the room had tit-like pecs.

“Who are the rest of these guys then?” asked DeShawn and Kit suddenly snapped out of his day dream. He stammered for a moment before Alex rescued him.

“I’m Alex. Nice to meet you.” The rest of the team followed quickly going around the room to introduce themselves.

When silence fell for a brief moment, a Latino-looking upperclassman quickly broke it. “Santiago,” he said. Kit noticed he had thick, curly black hair.

“Shike.” “Matsu.” Kit could immediately see they were identical twins. The two stunningly muscle men were, at 5’4”, perhaps the shortest of the group but absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.

“David,” said a pale-looking guy with deep black hair.

“Francis.” Kit couldn’t help but notice even the one word came out rather posh…



The last two guys were both black as well. Raymond was perhaps just short of 6’ with a very handsome, angular jawline. Tyrone was a few inches taller but seemed a bit less muscular because of his height.

The guys got talking and discovered very quickly they actually all had a lot in common. Despite their size, the upperclassmen were very friendly and remembered exactly what it was like to be in their boat just a year ago.

After perhaps an hour or two of chatting, Mr Cutler came in and smiled.

“I see you have all become acquainted. Very good. We’ll not be doing too many training sessions together but the Friday evening session and an hour on Saturday you will spend together lifting weights. This gives the lower-class men an opportunity to learn the perfect techniques and get advice from the upperclassmen.

“Once competition season starts we’ll really get to do things together a bit more. Before that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to know one another in the common room here, don’t worry you’ll spend plenty of time with one another!

“Could I just ask—Kit—would you mind coming with me? And I expect to see you in my office in 15 minutes Mr Williams.”

DeShawn simply nodded.

Mr Cutler and Kit went downstairs, through the gym and through a door he hadn’t noticed before.

They had entered Mr Cutler’s office. It contained a beautiful and large mahogany desk and a comfy sofa and coffee table. It was fairly elaborate decor for a Coach’s office with a beautiful crowned ceiling and stunning decorations around the windows. The wall was adorned with incredible landscape paintings—Kit suspected of the surrounding area.

“Sit down, Kit.” He pointed at one of the chairs opposite the desk.

Kit did as he was told, a bit nervous, worried he had done something wrong. This felt very formal and he had no idea what was going to happen.

“You’re probably wondering why I asked you to come here today. It’s quite simple but also quite important, as it will have implications on your privileges and duties.”

Kit gulped. Implications on his privileges and duties…?

“I would like you to be the junior Captain.”

Kit’s heart skipped a beat. “Excuse me?”

“I would like you to be the junior captain. You have done exceptionally well in the first few days. You have shown leadership, been a mentor to your fellow teammates, and been a true binding force in the team.

“Shown leadership, sir…?” Kit was confused. This made no sense.

“You made sure the first time you went to the dining hall you all took the right turn, you got the guys into bed at night and down to breakfast in the morning. You helped Matt and Lee while they were struggling. I definitely think you deserve this.”

Kit was astonished. He hadn’t expected this at all. But he guessed it would be okay.

“What about the implications on my privileges and duties…?” he asked, quoting Mr Cutler’s words almost exactly back to him.

“Well, first of all, there is a Captain’s bedroom, right in between the senior and junior dorm rooms. You will sleep in there with DeShawn. There is also a captain’s bathroom that you share with the captains of the other sports teams that you can use if you want a bit of relaxing time.

“You’ll probably be the first junior to compete as well, as you have also shown that you have a some skills needed for weightlifting! And on top of that I can really see you are starting to tone up really nicely. But,” he continued, “you will need to continue to show your leadership to the team. I know you can do it and have no worries that you won’t, but just because you have this position now doesn’t mean it can’t be taken away.” He paused, then added, “And you will have an extra workout with DeShawn and myself on Sunday afternoon. Just for an hour.”

At that moment someone knocked on the door. “Oh… speaking of. That must be DeShawn. Come in!”

DeShawn walked into the room, immediately filling it with his immense presence. Kit could only notice how much charisma this guy had. He could not take his eyes off of him.

“What do you think, DeShawn?”

“Yeah, he’s cute. And if he has the qualities you think are needed…”

“Oh definitely. He’s shown that both to the guys and somewhat in private to me as well.”

“Can I see for myself?”

“Kit, do you mind?”

Kit had a hunch what was required but hesitated. What if he had misinterpreted what Mr Cutler said?

“Come on Kit, what’s wrong? You don’t wanna show DeShawn the skills of your throat?”

That could only mean one thing. Kit walked to the middle of the room and got on his knees without saying a word.

“Looks like you found an eager one, Coach,” DeShawn said, sounding impressed.

“Eager and very good. And hopefully some of the shakes he’s been drinking mean he can actually handle the size of our real cocks.”

Kit looked confused. “The shakes, sir?” he asked.

“Yes. As the captain, you may as well know now. The shakes you drink and the food you eat enhance you. Within two weeks you’ll be the size of DeShawn here—except maybe his muscle-tits. And we tweak them based on the requirements of each sport and each individual. Although everyone here gets to have exceptional cocks and exceptional skills to take them.”

“Speaking of which, Coach,” DeShawn interrupted, “are you back to full size yet?”

“Oh yeah. As soon as you guys came back I made sure it was back to normal.”

Again, Kit looked confused, but Mr Cutler pretty quickly continued. “They scale down the size of my cock to something you’d be more likely to be able to manage. I have been really impressed with your skills because it’s still huge. But now, it’s massive again. As it should be.” He sounded proud. Kit was curious.

He just stared at their crotches. The bulges were surprisingly well hidden, even knowing how big Mr Cutler had been.

Mr Cutler saw his look. “We issue this lycra at the start of the year. It hides the ‘obscenities’ of the bodies. When all the lower-class men have completed their transformations, we’ll issue new lycra that really shows of your bodies to their fullest potential.”

Mr Cutler started to approach Kit, who was still on knees on the floor. He was more and more intrigued by this bizarre school, and so excited too about the prospect of growing into a real muscle stud.

DeShawn had joined Mr Cutler and they were both now standing in front of Kit’s face, their crotches at his eye level. Almost in unison both start to lower their lycra to reveal their jockstraps. Kit helped them both get the lycra over their big boots and couldn’t help but admire the muscle on their legs. They were like tree trunks and Kit could feel himself get hard immediately. He looked back up, both men had their hands on their jockstraps, ready to lower them.

With one swift motion both of the jockstraps were at their knees, revealing rock-hard cocks like none Kit had seen before. When he had previously thought Mr Cutler was hung like a horse at 12”, that seemed nothing now. It was easily 22” long, as thick as a baseball batt and with balls the size of grapefruits. DeShawn wasn’t much smaller, his cock maybe 21”, thick as a beer can and balls the size of oranges.

“Wha-a-a-a-t…” Kit stuttered. “How is that possible?”

“Those shakes really do work miracles,” DeShawn grinned. “I love this part Coach. Their faces are always so shocked.”

Mr Cutler grinned. “I know—and he thought he had taken a big cock when he sucked me off previously.”

“Bu-u-u-t… how do they fit in those jockstraps?” Kit was so confused by the whole situation he hadn’t even considered sucking them off.

“Well,” said his Coach, “they’re enhanced especially to hide the bulge. But that’s only for the first few weeks, they’ll issue bulgy ones in a few weeks.”

“Now come on, get sucking.” DeShawn spoke with more authority than Kit expected and he immediately obeyed and took the huge head of his teammate’s cock in his mouth. He wasn’t sure how he was going to manage sucking even half of this cock but figured he’d go for it.

The head was the size of a nectarine and took up most of the space available in Kit’s mouth. He pushed his head towards DeShawn’s lycra clad abs, gently feeling the huge cock touch the back of this throat. And he hadn’t even started to wrap his lips around the first quarter yet! But as he pushed his head further forward he could feel the cock enter his throat, without any obstacle at all.

So he kept pushing. With each second that went by a bit more went in. DeShawn was patient, Kit could see a smile on his face as he pushed on.

“It’s okay Kit, take your time. Get used to your new skill,” he said, encouragingly.

And so Kit pushed forward. He had now taken over half the cock, about the same length as Mr Cutler’s cock had been, but much thicker. Kit was amazed. When he had sucked Mr Cutler, he had been gagging by this point and really struggled to take it. But now, the real work was only just beginning.

Another minute went by during which Kit pushed his head further down the long shaft. When about three quarters of the huge cock was in, Kit started to struggle. He could still manage though and so pushed on steadily. When it came to the last few inches, he really started to struggle. This is more what it had been like to suck Mr Cutler previously and he knew the last few inches would be tough.

DeShawn gently placed his hands on Kit’s head. Kit could feel him apply a bit of pressure as DeShawn started to force the last few inches deep into Kit’s throat. Kit gently continued to breath through his nose as the invasion became more intense.

He looked up again. DeShawn’s smile had gotten bigger. “Fuck Coach, he’s good. 19 inches inside him and he’s still not struggling much.”

Mr Cutler just smiled and nodded, slowly jacking his own cock off, the pre dripping off the head. “Maybe you should hurry up a bit though…” he said with a hint of seriousness.

Without warning DeShawn shoved the last few inches down into Kit’s throat. Kit coughed and choked violently and tears immediately started to stream down his face. But he had swallowed the full 21 inches and could feel the huge cock pulse deep inside him.

With that achievement DeShawn figured he was ready—ready to give his new team mate a face fucking he would not soon forget. He withdrew almost his entire cock, until just the tip of the head remained inside. He grabbed Kit’s head tightly and with one smooth stroke shoved it all the way back in. Kit choked again, more violently this time but did his very best to take the fucking.

DeShawn was satisfied with Kit’s ability and now really started to fuck his throat. With each stroke he seemed to get faster, rougher or more brutal. Kit could feel his throat and oesophagus expand to accommodate to violent assault.

“Okay, DeShawn that’s enough.” It was Mr Cutler, at a very firm tone.

“But, Coach!” DeShawn objected.

“I said stop.” Coach now almost sounded angry.

DeShawn obeyed Mr Cutler and retreated the full length of his shaft gently from Kit’s throat.

“Good. It’s my turn.”

Fuck. Kit had known this was going to happen but he was not prepared for it.

“Here boy,” Mr Cutler said authoritatively.

Kit turned a bit, now facing Mr Cutler’s huge cock.

“Go on. And make it quick. I don’t have the patience that DeShawn has shown.”

Thankfully Kit had stretched his throat a bit already and so when he started to go go down on Mr Cutler it went a lot quicker. Within a minute he had taken 18 inches. But the last four inches proved a real struggle on his own. And Mr Cutler noticed.

“Time to give you a helping hand Kit.”

Coach grabbed a hold of Kit’s hair, forcing him to stay in place. Without being even vaguely gentle, he forced the last few inches. Kit couldn’t help but violently choke on the huge cock. He could feel his stomach reacting violently as Mr Cutler started to fuck his face.

“Fuck, that’s it bitch. Such a good little slut.”

Kit was surprised by the language. But it actually slightly turned him on.

“He seems to like that Coach.”

“Hehe. I always make sure that one of the two captains is a top and the other one is a submissive bottom. You remember Kurt last year?”

DeShawn grinned. “Fuck he was a pretty good cock sucker. Although I don’t think he has anything on this guy.”

Kit had kept sucking while the two horse-hung black guys were talking.

“I reckon I should do what he asked me the other day though,” Coach said somewhat mysteriously.

“What’s that, Coach?” DeShawn asked him.

“He asked me to fuck him.”

DeShawn smiled. “You reckon he can take it, Coach?”

“The shakes should have done their job by now. And if his throat is anything to go by… Suck DeShawn, boy.”

With one long stroke Kit took Mr Cutler’s huge cock out of his mouth and reinserted DeShawn’s tool all the way to the back of his throat and beyond. Mr Cutler walked off and rummaged through his drawers for a few moment before coming back.

“Come on boy, on the table with you.” He tapped the coffee table.

Kit didn’t need to be told twice and jumped up onto the table eagerly. He quickly ensured DeShawn’s cock was back in his mouth as he pushed his ass into the air.

“Fuck yeah. I knew you would be keen for this. It’s gonna be a ride like you’ve never had before.”

With that he pulled Kit’s tights down to his knees and spread his ass cheeks wide. Kit was hardly paying attention, focussing completely on sucking DeShawn’s huge tool. He had always liked sucking cock but the experience of taking a 21” cock all the way to its base was more intense than anything he had ever experienced.

Absorbed in DeShawn’s cock, Kit flinched when Mr Cutler squirted some lube onto his hole. He gently inserted a finger and Kit squirmed.

“That’s it boy. We’ll be gentle at first.”

Mr Cutler wasn’t kidding. He spent a good few minutes massaging and stretching Kit’s hole. One finger quickly became two until four fingers had stretched Kit’s hole nice and open. Coach kept fucking Kit’s tight ass using his hand to get it used to the feeling.

Eventually Kit couldn’t handle it anymore and took DeShawn’s cock out of his mouth.

“Just fuck me, Coach!”

“Hehehe,” Coach grinned. “They always say that eventually. Eager for cock.”

“Yeah, fuck him, Coach. He’s gonna love that cock. Now get back to sucking that cock, bitch.”

Mr Cutler didn’t need any more encouragement He lubed up his fat cock and gently put the head at Kit’s hole. He pushed in slowly and when the head popped in he grabbed Kit’s hips and slammed the remainder straight in.

Kit had been sucking DeShawn’s cock and thought his Coach would be gentle and allow him to get used to the length of his cock. But boy was he wrong. Although he had gently stretched his ass with his hands, there was nothing gentle about how he invaded it with his cock. As soon as Mr Cutler started to shove it in, Kit screamed in agony. The length and girth was like nothing he had ever experienced.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.” He couldn’t even get the words out but Mr Cutler and DeShawn got what he meant.

“That’s it boy. Take my big cock.” Mr Cutler held onto Kit’s ass extra tight and started to fuck him. 22 inches of cock came almost all the way out before they were slammed straight back in.

At the same time DeShawn started another assault on Kit’s throat. He took hold of Kit’s hair and started to fuck it hard.

“Fuck Coach, this guy has skills!”

“Yeah, thank god we can make them all equipped to handle us!”

Kit was in heaven. Or maybe it was even better than that. It was the most incredible sex he had ever had in his life. The continued pounding of his mouth and ass left him groaning, moaning and absolutely submissive to the two huge black guys. He never thought there would be anything like this. DeShawn and Mr Cutler, both still clad in their lycra tops, one fucking his 21 inches in on one end and the other’s 22 inches at the other.

“I love breaking in the new ones, Coach!” DeShawn said excitedly.

“Good! Because the rest of the lower class men are yours. Well… you have to share with Kit here. He can be dominant with the other guys if necessary—although a few of them will be dominant fuckers themselves!”

Kit couldn’t see the huge smile on his face but realised the school had really worked it all out. Each of them had been reprogrammed to love cock and ass. And with doms and subs in the group, there would be something for everyone.

He wasn’t sure how long he was in Mr Cutler’s office. Or how long Mr Cutler spent fucking him before him and DeShawn switched. DeShawn had no problem shoving his huge cock into his wide open hole.

“Fuck Coach, that gap you have fucked into his ass, it’s incredible!”

DeShawn didn’t take that long. Kit’s mouth had done a lot of the warm-up work. After five minutes of rough pounding, Kit could suddenly feel his teammate’s cock spasm inside him and shout stream after stream of cum into his ass.

Mr Cutler had noticed too and after just a few more strokes of his cock down Kit’s throat he started to dump his huge load of cum down Kit’s throat. He hardly had to swallow as it all ended up straight in his stomach.

When they eventually pulled out, Kit collapsed, laying down on the table.

“Well done, Kit,” Coach said, sounding really proud.

“Yeah, really well done! I can’t wait to share a room with you! You get to suck all the cock you want, bitch!” he said, with an air of superiority.

Kit couldn’t help but smile. He would fucking love that.

“Now, you guys better head upstairs. It’s almost dinner time. DeShawn—will you show Kit access to the captain’s bathroom at some point?

“Oh, and don’t forget that tomorrow after lunch is the first Captain’s meeting. Every other week in the history classroom.”

DeShawn nodded. When Kit didn’t respond he just said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take you tomorrow. It’s a nice group usually. All the other lowerclassmen captains will have started to change as well.”

With that they went back upstairs, Mr Cutler joined them as he said he had to make a quick announcement to the team.

“Right team—just a very quick announcement. As you all know, DeShawn is the team captain. I have asked Kit to be the junior captain so he’ll be taking that role on. And now it’s dinner time!”

The rest of the Saturday night was quite quiet. After dinner everyone headed back to the common room and relaxed. They started to mix a bit more with the upperclassmen and found everyone was really friendly—if not slightly imposing. DeShawn sat chatting with Kit for a while, getting to know his co-captain. Kit did most of the talking, while DeShawn just asked questions. Kit noticed he revealed little about his past, choosing to talk about Kit instead. And so Kit explained how he got there. When others started to head to bed and they got some more privacy they started to talk more about the school.

“I was shocked,” Kit said.

“Yeah, so was I. I think all the captains are. We seem to be aware but the rest just transform into these incredible cock sucking and ass fucking muscle studs. One day they’ll just start to come into our bedroom and once we’ve had sex with them they will be always horny and incredibly driven to succeed.”

“I guess it must work as a way of dealing with delinquents.”

“Oh, absolutely. I spoke to Coach about it last year and he explained some scientist had created this behaviour-adjusting serum. But a side effect was that all the guys became both gay and muscular and hung as hell. And so after doing some further engineering, the school has used it to its advantage. Each team has a slightly different form of the serum emphasising different muscle growth. Hence the tits.” He grinned as bounced his huge pecs up and down. Kit couldn’t help but stare as the danced in front of his eyes.

“And trust me. What this lycra does for hiding our cocks, it does for our tits too.”

Kit was intrigued. “Shall we go to bed too?” he asked, suddenly horny as fuck.

DeShawn smiled. “Great idea.”

With that they announced they were going to bed and it seemed everyone agreed at that point. DeShawn opened a door in the middle of the room, between the doors leading into the junior and senior dormitories.

When Kit stepped inside his jaw dropped. “Fuuuuuck…” Is all he could say.

Inside was one of the most stunning rooms he had ever seen. He imagined it was something from an old English country house. A beautifully, richly decorated red carpet on the floor. In the corner closest to the common room two huge lamps in the shape of bodybuilders with incredibly detailed muscles and huge bulges. On the ceiling, in the middle of a stunning ceiling rose, a chandelier with arms made to look like huge muscled arms. The room must have been about 50 feet wide, and another 50 feet long. In the middle of the room stood two huge four poster beds facing the window. And those windows! Huge floor to ceiling windows providing a stunning view of the grounds of the school. Red velvet drapes hung on either side of the room. By the window stood two mahogany desks, one on each side. By each bed also stood a massive mahogany wardrobe, with all their clothes and possessions already fully hung out.

“This is stunning,” Kit eventually said.

“Hehe, I know, right? I had the same reaction as you last year.”

DeShawn had started to undress, slowly taking his boots off before lowering his lycra tights. Kit just stared in awe.

“Come on boy. You too.”

Kit snapped out of it and started to undress quickly, eager to please DeShawn. When he stood in just his jockstrap, DeShawn walked up, still wearing his top and jock, and started to stroke Kit’s body.

“You’ve toned up nicely already.”

“Really?” Kit asked, having not paid much attention to himself with all that was going on.

“Come have a look.”

DeShawn dragged him to one of the full-length mirrors which hung in a beautiful golden frame.

“Look, you already have a six pack. And your tits are starting to fill our nicely too.”

“So why do we get tits…?” Kit said a bit unsure.

“They decided each sport had to have a different prominent muscle. It started of just a bit more prominent but over the years it became really prominent. Look.” DeShawn started to take his top off—finally.

First it revealed the most beautifully cut eight pack, verging on a ten pack. But when he reached his tits, he really had to stretch the lycra out. When he eventually managed to lift them over, two huge bowling ball sized slabs of muscle bounced out. They looked almost unreal, sitting as one of the most beautifully shaped chests on top of the ridiculously muscled body.

DeShawn bounced them gently up and down. They moved and acted very much like pecs.

“I know you wanna feel them.”

It was true. Kit wanted nothing more. He walked up and started to touch them. The skin was silky soft but the muscle underneath was rock solid.

“Fuck, they’re incredible.”

“Yeah I didn’t think I would like them. But then they grew and I wouldn’t want to be without them now! All the guys from the other teams love them too. And actually during the summer, all the guys in my local gym loved them as well! They had never seen anything like me and even the straight ones were worshipping me.”

“Can you blame them!”

“Hahaha! No I can’t. I can’t wait for you to grow them too, you’re gonna look so sexy.”

With that, DeShawn grabbed Kit’s ass and lifted him up and carried him to the bed, roughly throwing him on.

“Now it’s time for you to christen the bed and be a good slave.”

DeShawn reached into the drawer next to the bed and grabbed a couple of items. “How much do you want to submit?” he asked.

Kit looked at the items in DeShawn’s hands and hesitated. A collar. A buttplug. A chastity cage. And a spider gag.

He thought about arguing. But actually he really did want to submit to this stud. He wanted to be owned by him and have him control him. But what was the best way…

“Why?” he asked before he even thought about it.

“Because you know you want to. Subs are meant to be controlled. I controlled last year’s senior captain, in the same way you’ll be owned by next year’s junior captain. It’s how you’re supposed to be.”

“So what do all of these mean?”

“Simple. The collar you wear at all times once the juniors have all undergone the transformation. The buttplug you keep in at all times when not getting fucked. The chastity cage means you lose control over your cock, you only fuck another student once I decide to unlock you. And lastly, the gag you’ll wear every time someone wants to fuck your mouth. You’ll never have the pleasure of sucking cock again, your mouth will just be an object.”

Kit thought deep and hard. “Which ones do you prefer?”

“Before I answer that, it’s about time you start calling me sir when addressing me. Understood?”

“Yes sir.” Kit said, not hesitating for a second.

“Good. I prefer either the buttplug or the collar. They’re something you always have with you and you’ll always feel. But they don’t restrict your use of your cock—and I want you fucking lots of newbies. And of course the buttplug doesn’t limit access to your ass. Whenever someone wants to fuck you, you will obey them. You’ll simply put the plug back in when done.”

Kit thought for another second and then said, confidently, “I think the plug is best in that case, sir.”

“Good boy. I like that choice.”

DeShawn was laid there for a few moments, his incredible tits exposed. Kit couldn’t resist and moved towards him, placing his hands on DeShawn’s massive pecs.

“You like these, boy?”

“Fuck yes, sir!”

“Then how about you worship them some more?”

Kit went to work straight away, massaging them with his hands, feeling every muscle twitch, move and flex as he caressed them forcefully. Without another doubt, Kit put his tongue below the right pec, licking and covering it in spit, gently moving his way up and around.

When he eventually reached the nipple, he took it in his mouth, gently at first before starting to suck roughly. DeShawn moaned under him and bounced his tits up and down in Kit’s mouth.

Kit was rock hard. He loved every inch of DeShawn’s tits and worshipped them passionately, making sure one was always caressed by his hands and the other by his mouth.

He could feel DeShawn’s cock hard against his stomach, oozing with pre. Kit looked at it for a second. DeShawn smiled.

“Now… time to suck some dick boy…”

Kit obeyed without saying a word. He removed the bulge-hiding jock in one swift motion and took the tip of that huge cock in his mouth. For a moment he wasn’t sure if he was able take the whole length again but as he pushed forward he realised it would be no trouble at all.

Within a minute he had swallowed all 22 inches. He could feel his throat bulging. DeShawn grabbed his head and slowly started to fuck his face. Kit breathed through his nose as he accepted the fucking without any hesitation or issue.

“Fuck boy, you are good! I still can’t believe how easy this is for you.”

Kit felt incredible. His new owner’s compliments were making him feel prouder than he had ever felt in his life. He was able to serve and please!

DeShawn didn’t fuck his throat for long and when he removed his dick, Kit felt empty inside. “Don’t worry. I just didn’t get to enjoy your ass enough earlier.”

Kit put his ass high in the air and DeShawn grabbed some lube and smeared it on Kit’s ass. Kit moaned as he gently inserted a couple of fingers.

“Still loose. I like that.”

Without much further foreplay, DeShawn put the head of his cock at Kit’s hole and started to push in.

In one swift motion he shoved it in deep. “Fuck, I love that ass of yours!” he shouted as he started to fuck him hard.

And fuck he did. He clearly had more stamina this time as he fucked him deep and hard without ever taking a break. First doggy style, than missionary. On the edge of the bed, leaning against the window. At one point, he picked Kit up, putting his legs over his shoulders and fucking him hard against the wall.

And Kit was in ecstasy. His cock rock hard the entire time, unable to believe he was so lucky. He got to take this stud’s cock every day!

After what felt like two hours of hard fucking, DeShawn threw Kit on the bed and with a final few strokes Kit could feel DeShawn’s cock twitch and unload his second load of the day in his ass. It was enough to send Kit over the edge as well, as he covered the bed in a huge load of cum. Stream after stream of cum shot out of his dick. He had never cum so much in his life!

They both collapsed until DeShawn withdrew and immediately shoved the big buttplug back up his ass. “This starts now, boy!”

“Yes, sir” Kit nodded. DeShawn carried him to the other bed and they fell asleep with DeShawn cuddling Kit. And Kit had never felt safer in his life.


Chapter 4: A Captains’ Retreat

When they woke up the next morning, Kit realised he had nothing to do. It was Sunday! His first Sunday since arriving in this crazy place.

DeShawn stirred next to him. “Good morning boy,” he said through a yawn.

Kit smiled. he still hadn’t quite taken in that he really was here. He could feel the huge buttplug his new owner inserted the night before filling his ass.

“Come on boy,” DeShawn said, slapping his cock against his abs.

Kit swiftly moved down and took the big cockhead in his mouth. He gently lubricated it with his saliva before pushing his head down further.

It still felt as intense as the first time. That feeling of 21 inches of cock sliding down his throat. His muscles expanded to accommodate the huge, fat black dick. Kit smiled inside. He loved this cock and he loved worshipping it. When the massive shaft was balls deep inside him he couldn’t help but move his hands onto DeShawn’s magnificent chest, massaging his strong tits while starting to fuck his own throat.

DeShawn moaned. “Fuck yeah bitch. You fucking love worshipping me don’t ya?”

All Kit could do was nod. He really did love it. This school was the best thing to have happened to him in a long time.

After what must have been about ten minutes of passionate and deep sucking and tit worship, DeShawn pushed Kit’s head down onto his cock, making sure his cock was all the way down his new slave’s throat.

Kit could feel the cock expand inside and stream after stream of cum shooting straight into his stomach. By the time DeShawn was done, Kit could only taste the last few remnants of his precious cum.

“Good boy. I hope you enjoyed your new morning routine.”

“Yes Sir,” Kit answered obediently.

“Now time to get dressed and breakfast,” DeShawn said cheerfully.

They got dressed in their tight fitting lycra uniforms and, much to Kit’s dismay, DeShawn’s huge bulge and tits all but disappeared.

DeShawn noticed Kit’s expression. “Don’t worry. They’ll be on display permanently within a few weeks. And so will yours.”

They went down to breakfast together. As they walked through the building and down the stairs, Kit could feel the buttplug move inside him. It felt quite good, but also a little disturbing. It was reminding him that DeShawn now owned him with every step he took.

The first part of the day went by slowly. After breakfast the juniors did some studying, but mostly sat talking to the seniors. But Alex had cornered Kit.

“Where did you go last night?” he asked, more curiously than accusingly.

“Well… after coach made me the junior captain, it turns out we have our own bedroom…” He pointed at the middle door on the far wall.

“Oh wow. Is it nice?”

“Fuck man. It’s amazing!” He looked over to DeShawn, who saw what he was hoping to do and nodded. “Wanna see?”


He took Alex into the bedroom and he could immediately sense he was in awe.

“Fuck, Kit. This room is incredible!”

“I know, right? Captain’s benefits, I guess.”

Alex wandered around the room, checking out every bit of furniture before pausing to stare and look out over the school grounds. Eventually he turned around but immediately stopped again.

“Why is one of the beds made and the other not?”

“Uhm…” Kit didn’t know what to say.

“Did you… no, you can’t have…” Alex said.

“What?” Kit tried to sound as innocent as he possibly could.

“You slept with DeShawn!”

What?” Kit tried to pretend it was a crazy idea but his voice betrayed him.

“Admit it!”

“Okay, I did! So what?”

Alex grinned, swatting Kit’s chest. “I am fucking jealous!”

Kit’s jaw dropped. Not quite what he had expected.


“Are you kidding me? He is gorgeous! And you get to sleep with him all the time.”

“Well, yeah, that’s true. But I am sure you can get some action too!”

He wasn’t sure why he did it. He had obviously thought Alex was very cute. And he had a sense that Alex had found him quite attractive too. But he had walked forward until Alex was backed up against a wall, placed a hand on his chest and started to kiss him.

And they made out. The passion flowed between the two studs in the making. They weren’t anything near the size of DeShawn or the other seniors, but both couldn’t help notice that the other had already gotten more toned since they started their muscle development classes. Only Kit knew what was really happening.

When their kiss eventually ended, Kit broke the silence. “I think there’ll be plenty of fun for you to get involved in.”

Alex smiled but before anything else could be said DeShawn walked in. “Come on you lover boys. Lunch time.”

It seemed like they had only had breakfast a little while ago and yet as soon as DeShawn mentioned food, Kit felt hungry. The whole team went down together to sit down for their second protein-filled meal of the day.

No one talked much as everyone seemed to try and eat as much as possible as quickly as possible.

When DeShawn was finished he tapped on Kit’s shoulder. “Time to go.”

“Oh yeah, of course.” It was the Captain’s meeting where he’d have the chance to meet all the captains.

When they got to the history classroom a few of the guys were waiting already. DeShawn hugged a few guys happily as they chatted away, catching up on their summers.

Kit was happy to see a familiar face too. It was Mark, the gymnast who had come here on a scholarship.

“Hey, good to see you here!” Kit said, excited to see him.

“Yeah, it’s a bit bizarre. I did not expect to become junior captain at all!”

“Yeah, me neither, but so far it’s been pretty great!”

“Tell me about it. Our bedroom is stunning!”

“Fuck yeah!” Kit said enthusiastically.

At that moment the door opened and a few more students came in, followed by Dr Johnson.

“All right everyone, welcome to the first Captain’s meeting of the year. I believe we’re complete so let’s get started straight away. Shall we do introductions first? If you could say your name, year and sport.”

They went around the room. A tall tanned stud on the right of Dr Johnson went first. “Milos, senior, wrestling.”

“Jacob but call me Jake, junior, football,” said the next. Kit blinked. Jake was stunning. Like a beautiful model who you’d expect in a fashion magazine. He had thick brown hair that beautifully brought out his hazel eyes.

“Tucker, junior, rugby.” Both the rugby and football teams had their own captains? That kind of made sense, Kit thought to himself. Despite only saying a few words, Kit could sense Tucker was a real southern boy. His saggy strawberry blond hair hung just over his icy blue eyes.

“Sakda, senior, rugby.” Sakda was a very muscular rugby player who must have had Thai origins. He smiled as he spoke and you could just tell he was a really nice guy.

“Darius, senior, football.” If Kit had thought DeShawn was an absolute stud, Darius was a black muscle god. Even sitting down Kit could tell he was huge, taller than DeShawn’s 6’5”. And his shoulders seemed the same width as the large desk he was sitting at.

“Tomàs, junior, wrestling.” Tomàs was a very handsome Latino twink. His black hair was cut short, just longer than a buzzcut.

“Declan, senior, swimming.” Kit smiled at the handsome ginger Irish stud. He was maybe one of the lankier guys in the room but even for a swimmer he was incredibly muscular and he had a hint of ginger stubble on his face.

“Cameron, junior, swimming.” Cameron’s eyes sparkled as he spoke, his light brown skin and cropped afro hair complimenting the sky blue lycra he was wearing.

“DeShawn, senior, weightlifting.”

“Uhm, Kit, junior, weightlifting.” Kit was a bit nervous but tried to speak with confidence, especially in this room of incredibly hot guys.

“Mark, junior, gymnastics.”

The last guy to speak took Kit’s breath away. He may not have been as tall as Darius or as handsome as Jacob, but he was the whole package. His musculature was only rivalled by DeShawn’s and his angular face complimented by thick sleek black hair and beautiful black eyes. His biceps seemed much bigger than most and the sleeves of his lycra top strained under their pressure.

“Liang, senior, gymnastics.”

“All right, thanks guys.” It was Dr Johnson who spoke. “We’re going to be doing things slightly differently this year. We’ve decided we want to make sure you are properly bonded, as the relationship between the Captains is one of the most important in this school. If you’re not comfortable around each other it will be a tough year.

“So we’ve decided to send you on a Captains’ retreat. The school owns a cabin that has space for about 20 guys in the mountains not far from here. You’ll be joined, on a rotating basis, by some of the coaches. You won’t have class the next two or three days and instead really get to know each other.

“So—we’ve packed you all a bag. It should have everything you need over the next few days to do the things you need. And although you won’t have class you are still expected to keep up with your sports commitments. Especially muscle development for the juniors. Don’t worry, Coach Heath will be coming by to help out.”

At the mention of Coach Heath, Darius sniggered. Dr Johnson shot him a stern look and he didn’t make any further noise.

“Now! Go to the front door, grab your bags and jump in the bus. It’s about a two-hour drive so I hope you’re not too hungry.”

They all got up and walked out to the bus, picking up a black weekend bag each. “This is weird,” DeShawn said on the way. “I don’t think his has ever been done before.”

They sat, mostly quietly, on the bus driven by Dr Johnson. Coach Heath was also with them, sitting and reading quietly at the front of the bus.

The guys moved through the bus, speaking to everyone and getting to know one another. Kit had a long conversation with Mark, his life on the streets and his journey here. It turned out he’d been gay when he got kicked out of the house and turned to drugs and crime to get by. He definitely deserved a second chance but had no idea what Dr Johnson had really meant when he said he would grow to a ‘much stronger and better’ person…

After that Kit sat in the back on his own for a while, looking as the landscape became more mountainous. He smiled to himself, impressed what this school was offering.

Coach Heath sat down next to him. “You all right kid?” he asked.

“Huh? Oh yeah, definitely coach.”

“You look deep in thought.”

“Yeah just thinking how amazing this school is, offering new chances to young people who have made mistakes…”

“You’re quite lucky indeed. And thankfully we can take in a few of the kids who are less fortunate, but so many miss the chance and fall into a system that will always mean they get incarcerated over and over again. And especially people from ethnic minorities.”

“Yeah, it isn’t fair. I can see that now. Thanks for letting me in though.”

“Don’t thank me. Thank Dr Johnson. And your dad. He convinced us you had what it takes.”

Kit smiled. Maybe his dad cared more for him than he thought. “Hey, coach. Can I ask you a question?”

“Go ahead.” He sounded a bit unsure, but didn’t want to say no immediately.

“Why do you teach at this school?”

To Kit’s surprise the coach smiled. “Because I get to see handsome young men like yourself really change themselves and experience something that even those who stay on the right path never get to experience.”

“What’s that, coach?”

“A physical transformation that will last with them for the rest of their life, with a mental transformation that ensures they are stronger than ever before.”

With that Coach Heath got up and sat back down at the front of the bus, which just seemed to be venturing up an unpaved road. Within a couple of minutes they had arrived at the top of the mountain and Kit could see a beautiful cottage overlooking the valley in front.

To his surprise, the cottage was much more modern than expected. Although made out of dark wood, it had hard lines with huge glass windows that must provide incredible views.

As they got off the bus, Kit noticed Dr Johnson walking in through a large front door that must have been more than two yards wide.

“All right guys. There are two rooms for students in this house, both holding twelve people. So you’ll all be sharing. Follow me.”

They followed him up the stairs and two the right, along a long corridor. At the end was another magnificent door leading into one of the most incredible rooms Kit had ever seen.

On two sides it had views of the mountains and valley around them, looking out over the green treetops. The long wall they walked along was lined with 12 double beds. Kit was amazed. He had never seen a room large enough to be able to fit twelve double beds.

The walls were made out of a beautiful light oak and on the far side of the room was another door, undoubtedly to the bathroom.

“Find a bed and put your suitcase at the end and then come downstairs. There is a great big communal room right underneath this one.”

They all chatted a bit and Kit quickly chose a bed in the centre of the room. He took a moment to explore the bathroom and found a large communal bathroom with a bunch of shower heads along three walls. One side was lined with a large mirror and sinks, with soaps, towels and other personal grooming items. Even here the walls were lined in the beautiful oak with the floor laid with slate tiles.

Kit quickly ran to join the other guys, who were already half-way down the stairs to walk into the large communal living space. To match the large bedroom upstairs, the far side contained a huge dining table, able to seat everyone there. The other side had a comfy looking sofa area, with enough space for everyone and a large coffee table in the middle, all aligned to provide the best views while also enjoying the heat of the fire place.

Some of the guys were already sitting down and Kit hopped down on the sofa next to Sakda, the senior rugby captain, who smiled at him. “Do you know what to expect?” Kit asked him shyly.

The Thai stud smiled even more, showing his bright white teeth. “I honestly have no idea. None of us have been here before so it looks like quite a treat.”

Kit sat, somewhat nervously. Eventually everyone had sat down, Tomàs sitting on his other side.

“All right, I am glad everyone finally found a seat.” It was Dr Johnson. He had changed out of his formal work wear to something slightly more casual. Or actually, Kit realised, something a lot more casual. He had exchanged his tailored suit for a pair of bright red short gym shorts, the type very few guys would have the guts to pull off. His suit jacket had gone and instead he was now wearing a similarly coloured, extremely tight tank top that showed off every inch of his body. And it made Kit realise that although he had thought Dr Johnson was toned, it wasn’t just that. He was ripped. He could easily compete with the other coaches in the muscle department.

Coach Heath walked up next to him, having exchanged his usual attire for the same outfit as Dr Johnson, although he had opted to keep his all black, much like his usual lycra. The two muscle studs made quite an image with the incredible scenery providing an equally incredible backdrop.

“All right!” Dr Johnson said excitedly “We have decided to do something a bit different this year, as you can see. It’s a bit of an experiment to see how the other students will react and whether it makes the school even more successful.” Kit looked around the room, everyone looked a bit concerned. This sounded almost ominous, as if they had all been chosen to be guinea pigs.

“Don’t worry, this is something all the juniors before you have done too,” Coach Heath added, noticing the disquiet in the room. “We are just doing it faster.” Now the guys all looked more confused than anything else.

“You all know that we use a special serum to help you grow.” Coach Heath continued. Some nodded in agreement. “Usually we spread out the dosage of this over the course of two weeks, which we had been planning on doing,” the coach continued.

“But a few coaches suggested a change,” Dr Johnson added. It looked as though they had rehearsed this joint announcement.

“Why?” Tucker asked.

“We can’t go into details,” Dr Johnson hedged, “but let’s just say we have concerns about one student who may need to see both the authoritativeness of the junior captain and see his potential sooner rather than later.”

“So,” Coach Heath picked up the thread again, “we decided to bring you all together and do this process over the course of two days. We will be starting tomorrow, with three junior Captains growing every day. We’ll make a bit of a ritual out of it.” Kit and Tomàs exchanged glances.

“The transformations will be happening within a matter of minutes in front of everyone’s eyes. And that’s why we brought the Senior Captains. We wouldn’t want them to miss out on this show!

“Your Coaches will also be present when you grow so they can see the results in one hit. I suspect it will be quite the spectacle! Right. Dinner is in an hour and a bit, so why don’t you guys just go and relax, explore the house!”

They hadn’t really expected freedom. Sakda stood up and looked at Kit and Tomàs. “Wanna have a look around?” he suggested.

Kit couldn’t say no to that suggestion and Tomàs looked pretty keen too, so they went back into the main hallway and turned left instead, into the other side of the house.

They entered a long walkway which Kit was surprised to see was painted a very dark grey. Lights along the hallway lit it up in a sexy sort of way—it wasn’t creepy, but more exciting. Photos and paintings of muscled studs adorned the walls on either side.

Sakda opened the first door and to their surprise they found a library. It was beautiful, with the same incredible views as the rest of house. A fire was roaring in the fireplace and the comfy leather sofas and armchairs did look enticing. But curiosity was more exciting and so they moved on.

The next room was an incredibly well-equipped gym, at least for such a remote mountain retreat. But that was to be expected.

It was the next room that really surprised the three jocks. It was a medical examination room, again with stunning views of the mountainous landscape. That seemed a bit out of place…

The last door was the sort of room they were looking for. It contained a large jacuzzi, as well as a sauna and steam room on one side and a long swimming pool along the length of the window.

“I think we’ll stop here?” Sakda said. Who was Kit to argue? He could happily stop here. Sakda immediately stripped off his lycra tights and top as well as his jockstrap. “Come on guys!” he said excitedly.

Kit just stared. Sakda looked incredible. He had an incredible and perfectly proportioned upper body, but he possessed the legs of an absolute god. They were bigger than any legs Kit had ever seen on a guy. If some bodybuilders were described as tree trunks, these must have been sequoias. Kit licked his lips as he followed the cum gutters down to his cock and those incredible legs. And that cock too… It seemed almost as long as DeShawn’s but might just have been ever so slightly bigger.

Kit noticed he was staring but also realised he didn’t feel as though he could stop. And seemingly Sakda’s sudden nudity had the same effect on Tomàs.

Kit could see Sakda smile. And he had that incredible smile that just radiated and lit up the whole room. But suddenly he turned around and jumped into the swimming pool and started to do some laps.

Kit and Tomàs snapped out of it and looked at each other. Kit noticed the square jaw line and strong cheek bones of the Latino twink. Fuck, he realised, he was very cute.

Tomàs smiled and looked at Kit as if he saw him for the first time. He seemed to have noticed the same thing. He started to strip and Kit admired his slim but seemingly toned body. His cock was a bit more average, but at 8 inches it really was nothing to sniff at in the outside world.

Tomàs winked cheekily and then jumped into the jacuzzi. “Sorry, I am not a swimmer!” He said in a surprisingly deep voice with a light Spanish accent.

“I am not fussed…” Kit said as he stripped off as well. He was conscious the buttplug was still inside him. He also felt as though his cock was a bit more average looking than Tomàs, until he looked down at his cock.

It had grown. Already.

He knew the cocks of the coaches and other guys were part of the transformation and he had wondered when he would start to grow himself. But he was already 7 inches soft!

He carefully walked over to the jacuzzi so that Tomàs didn’t get a sight of his ass and climbed into opposite Tomàs. “Hey Sakda—come join us!”

Sakda’s head appeared just above the edge of the pool. “But the water is nice and cool and it’s nice to do a few lengths. We rugby players don’t get to swim much!”

“And how often do you get to sit in a jacuzzi with two juniors the night before they are about to transform?” Tomàs shot back, confidently.

Sakda sighed but got out of the pool nevertheless, his biceps bulging as he pulled himself up to the side. As he walked over to the two studs-to-be, his long soft cock dangling enticingly.

He climbed into the jacuzzi and sat down in between Kit and Tomàs, stretching his big muscly arms out behind them. Kit instinctively moved towards his big beefy rugby body and Tomàs followed his lead.

“I remember the growing,” Sakda said. “Not as quick as you boys will of course, but God, it was a good feeling.”

“Yeah?” Kit asked curiously.

“It was pretty amazing. Every day I woke up, I woke up feeling better and better. When your muscles start flexing involuntarily… and your cock!”

“How big were you beforehand?” Tomàs asked, his voice trembling as though he was a bit scared even talking about it.

“4 inches. I am not sure how the serum works but it definitely works differently for each of us. They obviously have different mixes for each of the different sport but even then… One of the guys in my team was 8 inches before and only doubled in size. I quadrupled in size!”

“I’ve noticed the growth already,” Kit said apprehensively.

“Yeah?” Sakda asked.

“My cock must be 9 inches hard already. I was bang on average just a few days ago.”

“Hehe, I did notice how big it was…” Tomàs smiled.

“Yours isn’t bad either,” Kit said.

“Yeah, but mine has barely grown so far, so it seems it’s having a stronger effect on you.”

“You may well catch up,” Sakda said, laughing. “I wouldn’t worry. You’ll be bigger than 99.9% of the people in the world.”

“True!” Tomàs smiled broadly.

All the talk about cocks and growing had caused Kit to bone up.

“Looks like someone is getting excited,” Sakda said, leaning over, almost whispering in Kit’s ear.

A shiver went down Kit’s spine. “Yeeeeeah,” he breathed in deeply.

Sakda put a hand on Kit’s dick and started to stroke it. Instinctively Kit put his hands on the Thai stud’s bicep, feeling the incredible muscles. Sakda subconsciously flexed and as he did, Kit’s cock twitched.

“Someone likes those muscles?”

“They’re incredible!” Kit gushed.

Tomàs leant over and gently placed his lips on Kit’s. It started a bit shyly, the two guys almost hesitating. But as Kit felt Sakda’s incredible biceps and Tomàs put his hands on the rugby captain’s legs, they both started to make out passionately.

“That’s it, boys. Fuck this is hot to watch. But it’s probably easier out of the jacuzzi.”

Kit realised he was right. He broke the kiss and helped Tomàs stand up. Sakda had already walked over to the massive sun lounger and was laid out in an incredible seductive way, his huge cock draped over his left thigh.

Kit and Tomàs almost ran over, both eager to worship Sakda’s incredible muscular body.

Kit started at the top, leaning in for a passionate kiss while he ran his way over his abs, pecs and biceps. Obviously Sakda’s pecs were nothing like DeShawn’s, or indeed like his own would be soon, but he loved them nevertheless. His cock got harder than it had ever been as he ran his hands all over the flexing and hard muscles.

Tomàs started at the bottom, worshipping the Asian god’s big feet and legs instead. He moved his hands and tongue up the giant sequoia-like legs, gently moving his way up.

It was almost a race to reach his huge cock first, while not rushing to rest of his body. As Sakda turned out to have very long legs, Kit was the lucky one to reach the 19-inch of tree-trunk cock first. It was thicker than any cock he had ever seen, maybe twice as thick as a beer can!

But his mouth didn’t disappoint him and as soon as he wrapped his lips around the head of Sakda’s cock he could feel them expand to accommodate the enormity of it all.

He realised that as soon as he was halfway, the thick snakelike cock was going deep in his throat. For a brief moment he moved a hand of off Sakda’s deeply carved abs to touch his throat and could feel the thick cock deep inside him. He kept pushing his head and throat down onto it and felt it slide deeper into him and eagerly accept more and more of the thick shaft.

“Fuck that’s it, take that cock deep. I love it when ungrown boys suck cock. That bulge in your chest looks incredible!”

As he was sucking, Kit could feel Tomàs move behind him.

“Fuck! Is that a buttplug in your ass?”

Kit took a moment to breath. He nodded.


“Because DeShawn has decided he owns him, I’m guessing? And decided to mark it by always filling his ass,” Sakda answered for him.

Kit nodded shyly.

“Fuck! That’s hot! So you’re a little bitch?”

Kit didn’t answer and focussed on Sakda’s dick instead, but both studs knew it was the truth.

Tomàs pulled the plug out gently, until it popped out.

“Fuuuuuuuck! That gap! I can’t wait to feel that ass”

Kit flinched as he could feel the twink’s wet tongue at his eager, open hole. He could feel it lick at first, only for it to push into his open hole and roughly fuck his ass.

Kit moaned into Sakda’s hard cock. Tomàs’s tongue felt incredible, as if it managed to rub his prostate while rimming. Kit could feel his own cock leak precum between Sakda’s legs, forming a puddle of spunk.

Tomàs dabbed his fingers in it and rubbed the thick liquid on Kit’s hole.

“Fuck I am going to fuck that ass,” he said excitedly.

Kit wiggled his ass, his balls swaying back and forth as he did so.

“That’s it you fucking slut.” Tomàs’ dominant side really started to come out. “I am going to use your gaping hole before Sakda opens you up further!”

He had a big smile on his face, his white teeth exposed. Kit detected a hint of sadism in his voice, but couldn’t help but getting turned on by the idea.

Without another warning, Kit felt Tomàs’ cock push into his ass and ram it straight in.

“Fuck that was easy!” Tomàs said, sounding amused “DeShawn must love fucking this ass!”

“And Coach Cutler!” Kit said, taking a brief moment to stop sucking but as soon as he had finished speaking went back to work.

Fuck, your coach too?” Tomàs sounded shocked.

“You’re wrestling right?” Sakda asked.

Tomàs must have nodded because Sakda continued, “Yeah, I think Coach Asai often waits until the guys have fully grown before he fucks them.” He grinned. “Coach Thomas and I fuck all the time. And the Captains are definitely his favourite.”

Kit smiled to himself. The guys were having a very normal conversation as they were fucking his ass and mouth.

“Keep sucking boy!” Sakda suddenly commanded.

Kit had gotten so distracted he had slowed down but immediately went back to work, passionately massaging the length of the shaft with his mouth and throat.

“Fuck this bitch is good!” Sakda said, sounding very satisfied. “How long are you gonna take on his ass? I wanna have a go!”

“Fuck I am close. His ass feels so good! I love how loose this ass is!”

Kit was impressed with the ferocity of his fucking. The stud had shown an impressive level of stamina as he kept sliding his dick in and out of Kit’s destroyed ass.

It didn’t take long for Kit to feel Tomàs’s cock expand and his balls twitch. Within moments he could feel his ass being flooded by streams and streams of cum. It felt as though Tomàs had really enjoyed his ass!

“Your turn Sakda!”

They quickly switched places, leaving Kit feel empty inside but Sakda quickly put the head of his huge cock at Kit’s hole. Although still gaping wide open, Sakda’s cock was something else altogether. The huge cock pushed and for the first time since his transformation had started he could feel he was being pushed to his limits.

Coach and DeShawn’s cocks had stretched his ass, sure. But those were the sort of cocks his ass had been made for. But Sakda’s cock… although not as long, was significantly thicker and as he slid into Kit’s ass, Kit screamed in pain.

“Fuck, it’s okay bitch. I know my cock is thick but you can handle it.”

Tomàs shoved his cock into Kit’s open mouth to shut him up. Although it was no effort for Kit to suck on it, he went to work, trying to distract himself from the pain Sakda was causing.

To Kit’s surprise, Sakda was gentle at first. He allowed the whole length of his cock to slide in. Kit moaned, still in some pain, as he could feel Sakda’s big orange-sized balls hit his ass.

Slowly Sakda’s cock retreated, taking almost the entire shaft back out. Kit braced, expecting the Thai stud to ram it straight back in, but he was wrong. Instead he slid back in and out a few more times, giving Kit the opportunity to get used to the thickness of his huge cock.

“Ready bitch?” He then asked with a very dominant tone.

Kit just nodded, still sucking Tomàs’ cock.

Sakda grabbed his hips, holding him tight and pushing him down a bit. Kit could feel him raise up his body and within seconds he was getting fucked harder than DeShawn had done to so far. He couldn’t help moan loudly but the pain slowly ebbed away and was replaced with pure ecstasy. His own cock seemed to be getting harder and harder as his prostate was slammed over and over with the fattest cock he had ever taken.

Kit continued to moan into Tomàs’ cock, which seemed to be getting harder every minute it spent in Kit’s mouth. It was becoming too much for the blond stud, feeling light-headed and almost as if he was high. He would be unable to handle the continued pounding much longer if he didn’t get some relief.

But he didn’t have to worry. Sakda was a ferocious fucker, who knew exactly what his abilities were. And he knew too long a pounding could become too much for the bottom.

So after a good while, but not too long, Sakda forced his dick to grow thicker. Kit shivered at the sensation. It felt even more intense but he knew what was coming.

And with just another two strokes Sakda started to cum. If you could’ve seen it, you wouldn’t have known whether it was shooting cum or just streaming out. It shot so fast and streamed so hard it may as well have been both and Kit felt his ass getting flooded with the biggest load he had ever taken.

Tomàs could sense the intensity flowing through Kit’s body and started to cum a second time. But his second time was just as intense as the first as he shot his load straight deep down Kit’s throat.

Sakda gently pulled out but didn’t miss a beat and immediately replaced the big buttplug, leaving Kit’s ass to soak up two loads of cum.

“Fuck.” Kit just collapsed, noticing he did so into his own pool of cum. He had shot a load without even realising it.

“Well done, Kit. The guys are gonna love you this year.”

“Fuck, I wanna do that again when I’ve grown,” Tomàs said.

“Well, it seems like you have,” Kit said as Tomàs pulled out his cock.

“Fuuuuuck!” The Latino exclaimed with excitement. His cock had indeed grown, a bit thicker and a bit longer. He must have been 9” now and about half as thick as Sakda.

“Time to freshen up for dinner guys. It’s gonna start soon.”

They quickly jumped into the poolside showers, all the while making out with one another. Kit absent-mindedly let his hands slide over Sakda’s incredible body, almost boning up again. He couldn’t believe he had ended up in a school where he could have so much fun. And he was going to be a muscle stud. Fuck! This was incredible!


Chapter 5: The First Growth

When they had eventually gotten dressed they made their way back to the main ‘living’ room. A few of the others had already sat down around the table and they noticed another man, who must’ve been a coach, had joined as well. Kit, Sakda and Tomás sat down at various ends of the table. They had agreed it would be better to get to know some of the other captains present rather than spend the entire few days with just the three of them. Sakda had proposed it and Kit suspected he wanted to try as many of the fresh asses as possible.

Kit didn’t mind. He was keen to get to know as many of the captains as he could. Within minutes Jake had sat down next to him and they were chatting when they were joined by Liang on the other side.

The ‘new’ coach sat down opposite Jake and it quickly became evident the tall buff, tall and incredibly beautiful Mr Harris was the football coach. It was also obvious from the way Jake spoke with him they had already enjoyed some private time.

Kit turned his attention to Liang.

“So how have you found the afternoon?” Cameron asked him.

“Oh great, we found a great room. You might like it actually, there is a nice long lap pool in there. Sakda did a few laps before we enjoyed the jacuzzi.”

“Oh, very nice. You’ll have to show me where that is!”

“Of course, more than happy to. What about you? Did you have a fun afternoon?”

“Oh definitely. DeShawn and I hadn’t seen each other for a while so it was good to catch up and introduce him to Mark. He’s the junior gymnastics Captain.”

“Yeah, I’ve met Mark. He seems like a great guy.”

“Oh, he is. DeShawn thought so too. He spoke very highly of you as well though!”

“Oh, did he?” Kit blushed. “Glad to hear.”

Silence fell. Dr Johnson had stood up.

“All right everyone. Glad you’ve all made it for dinner.”

He intently passed his gaze around the table, taking a moment to look every junior Captain in the eyes.

“For dessert tonight we will be seeing our first growth. Jake…” He pointed at Jake and everyone looked in his direction. “Is the lucky one to grow, so we’ve asked Coach Harris to join us for the celebration. Enjoy your dinners and I hope you enjoy.”

He said the last sentence with a slight smirk on his face. He was enjoying his role as MC.

Dinner was buffet style that had apparently been hiding behind some curtains. It struck Kit suddenly that he hadn’t seen any cleaning or household staff since coming to this school. He didn’t think too much of it and piled his plate full and went to eat.

Everyone around him was eating with the same enthusiasm and eagerness as Kit and for a good few minutes the sounds of clattering cutlery, chewing and swallowing was all you could hear. Eventually the sound of eating was replaced with the sound of excited voices. The only topic of conversation the students and coaches could now talk about was Jake’s imminent growth.

When everyone had finished eating Dr Johnson stood up again. He walked to a door and lifted up a tray of elegant looking glasses. Each contained a red liquid. Not wine, but more a fruit juice, Kit realised.

First, the doctor walked to Jake. “Take the blue coloured glass, Jake,” he said in a calm but commanding tone.

And Jake took the dark-blue glass at the very front of the tray, looking a bit apprehensive. The doctor now passed the tray around the rest of the gathering crowd, everyone taking one glass.

“Cheers, everyone,” Dr Johnson was back at the head of the table, raising his glass high. “To a good year.”

“To a good year,” the students and coaches followed. The latter were distinctly more enthusiastic than the students.

They all drank though. Kit noticed Jake was shaking a bit.

“Come on Jake, drink up. It’ll be worth it!” Coach Harris encouraged him.

And so Jake drank. First a careful sip. He must have discovered the red liquid tasted like heaven because with the next sip, the glass was empty.

“Time to sit and watch,” said Dr Johnson, walking over to the sofas and taking a seat. “Stand on the coffee table Jake.”

Everyone gathered round, finding a comfy spot on a sofa. Liang sat down next to Kit, putting his arm around him. Kit leant back and felt himself get comfortable, cuddling into the Asian stud’s huge muscular chest and arms. Imagine what this would feel like if it was DeShawn’s enormous tits. Or his own soon!

It took maybe five minutes for the growth to start. Kit had started to doze off in Liang’s arms when suddenly someone shouted “Look, it’s happening!”

And it was happening. First the legs started to get thicker at an incredible pace. Soon the rest of the body started to grow too. The camouflage lycra started to expand and every second that Jake stood on that coffee table you could see his legs get more powerful, his chest swole up and biceps expanded.

Jake’s face looked as though he was in ecstasy and agony at the same time. One moment his eyes almost fluttered while the next they screamed agony. But he didn’t make a sound.

Everyone else was extremely quiet as well, watching in awe as Jake kept growing and growing. Kit looked over at Dr Johnson and Mr Harris and they too stared intently. Maybe a bit too intently…

Kit couldn’t help but stroke his cock, hardening in his tight lycra. But he wasn’t the only one—indeed he could feel Liang’s cock hardening underneath him, so that he was almost humping into him.

Eventually the growth seemed to subside and Jake started to pant heavily. He collapsed onto his knees and Darius immediately got up to help him.

“Are you okay?” he asked, concerned.

To everyone’s surprise, Jake started to laugh.

“Fuck yeah, I am okay!” He said, almost in hysterics. I feel more incredible than I ever have!”

It surprised Kit that the lycra had managed to contain him. But his craving to see Jake naked was quickly satisfied by Dr Johnson. “Time to measure Jake! Undress!”

Jake didn’t have to be told twice. He quickly stripped of the lycra and stood in front of his classmates in just his jockstrap, oozing with sex and masculinity.

“I said strip, Mr Corey!”

Jake looked a bit startled but quickly took of the jockstrap too, showing the immense growth of his entire body.

Dr Johnson walked over and put a tape measure at the base of his cock, rolling it out to the head. “10 inches soft. Any volunteers to harden Jake up?”

Kit didn’t even think twice. He jumped onto his knees on the coffee table took this big cock deep into his mouth. Instantaneously he could feel it starting to harden inside him as he started to suck him passionately.

“Someone is a keen cocksucker!” Dr Johnson laughed.

Kit didn’t care. He kept sucking passionately, taking the entire length of the shaft deep into his throat, not gagging and not missing a single beat.

“Come on Kit, we need to actually measure it!” Dr Johnson laughed.

Kit didn’t hear him. He had blocked out the entire crowd and was now completely focussed on the rock hard cock in his throat.

But Dr Johnson didn’t have time. He grabbed him roughly by the hair and pulled him off. “Let me measure him first I said!”

“19 inches and thick!” Now that Kit looked at it, it did remarkably resemble Sakda’s cock somehow. The only difference was it had a bit of a curve to the left.

“This is incredible growth! Well done Jake, you did very well. Now everyone is free to go to bed. Curfew is in two hours!”

Everyone stood up. Liang was quickly behind Kit, helping him off the table. Jake jumped off the join them. “We need to finish this,” he said, just loud enough for Kit and Liang to hear.

Kit just nodded and Liang smiled. “I know a place we can take this.”

“Yeah, me too,” Kit responded excitedly.

Liang took Kit and Jake’s hands, leading them into the hallway they came. Down a set of stairs.

Down stairs? Kit thought to himself. He hadn’t noticed any stairs leading down when he came through here with Sakda and Tomás.

And yet, they definitely existed because they had just walked down them. Through a door, into a room much darker than upstairs. The only light coming in was through the skylights in the floor at the front of the house. They must’ve run along the outside edge of the house.

Kit blinked and did a double take. Where had he ended up? This place looked… odd. It was the only word he could think for it.

At the centre of the room stood a large bed, with a black wooden frame, covered in black bedsheets. A spotlight hung above it. It stood completely on its own besides a tiny nightstand on each side. Opposite it, next to the door, stood a black leather sofa.

Kit started to walk towards the other side of the room.

“No need to go that far,” Liang said gently. “Let’s get on the bed.”

The Asian stud placed his lips on Kit’s and passionately kissed him and he immediately forgot about the room and focussed on the muscle stud in front of him.

He grab Kit’s legs and swung them over his waist, walking him over to the bed while the passionately made out. On the bed, Jake was already waiting. His huge naked body was on perfect display and admired by the two studs as they reached the bed.

Kit gasped. He couldn’t get over the incredible transformation Jake had gone through. He got even harder thinking about the prospect of growing himself…

Liang almost threw him on the bed, on top of Jake. He swiftly positioned himself over Jake’s huge cock and took the full length of the shaft into his mouth in one rapid motion.

He heard Liang giggle, admiring his cock sucking skills. He moved behind him, forcing the ungrown jock onto all fours. With one swift motion he ripped of the white lycra tights.

“Wow. That is one fucking incredible ass.”

Kit didn’t stop sucking the newly grown cock for a moment. He devoured it and loved every second he had it inside him. And by the sounds of it, Jake loved it just as much Kit did.

“Jake—he’s got a buttplug in.” Liang said with a rather cheeky tone in his voice.

“Really?” Jake said, sounding incredibly surprised.

The buttplug triggered something in Liang and he decided to get going hard. He ripped out the buttplug in one swift motion and spat on Kit’s twitching asshole, quickly starting to tongue fuck it.

It was Kit’s turn to moan and as he moaned louder and louder. Liang seemed to rim him more and more passionately, getting off on Kit’s obvious pleasure.

“You ready for this bitch?” He asked Kit loudly, echoing through the large dark room.

Kit only lifted his head off Jake’s cock for a moment. “Fuck yeah, Sir.”

Jake laughed. “He likes calling you Sir. I guess it’s true what DeShawn told you.”

Liang laughed as well. “Yeah, he’s a little bitch. The weightlifters always grow good bitches. And great masters too…”

The last bit he said more matter-of-factly. It mattered less to him even though he enjoyed using a submissive bitch like Kit.

Kit didn’t care. If DeShawn was advertising his services, he was not complaining. He had never thought he could suck this much cock in such a short space of time and by now he was embracing his new cocksucker lifestyle.

With a sudden gentle push, Liang’s big cock forced its way inside. Kit hadn’t even seen it yet, the big gymnastics stud still clad in his bright yellow lycra. Although he could sense it closely matched the size of Sakda’s cock.

Kit gulped but kept at his mission. Jake’s cock seemed more heavenly with each second he sucked it. Every once in a while it seemed to twitch, almost as if it was still growing, deep within Kit’s throat.

As Jake’s cock twitched, Liang forced his massive Asian cock deeper into Kit’s gaping hole.

“Fuuuuuuuck,” Liang moaned loudly. “This is the best hole I have fucked in a long time!”

“I wanna have a go!”

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna dump my load in him any minute.”

He was true to his word. With just a few more strokes, Kit could feel his cock expand and the balls twitch as it started to spurt stream after stream of thick cum deep in his hole.

Kit moaned. It was his third load of the day. And he wanted more.

Jake swiftly got up, keen to get a piece of his ass. As he pulled out of Kit’s throat, the ungrown stud noticed that Jake had indeed seemingly grown a bit more, perhaps adding another two inches to the already excessively long shaft.

“Fuck Liang. You’ve fucked his hole right open. I’ll barely touch the sides!”

“Don’t worry. The buttplug meant he was already open like that. And yet he’s the best fuck I have had in a long time!”

Kit gulped. The cock he was about to take was almost as long as DeShawn’s, and probably just as thick! Although he had some experience taking cocks like that he hadn’t quite gotten used to how big they were.

Jake put his big shaft at Kit’s gaping hole.

“Ready bitch?” he said aggressively.

Kit didn’t answer but just nodded. Liang had already positioned himself in front of Kit and was waiting for Kit to start cleaning up his cock.

Jake grabbed hold of Kit’s hips and with one swift motion shoved in the whole length of his cock, base-deep. Kit screamed out in pain, Liang using the opportunity to shove his cock deep into Kit’s mouth.

Once again he was getting spit roasted. And once again Kit was slowly getting fucked towards cloud nine. It took a few minutes of hard ramming for the pain to subside and be replaced by pure, unadulterated pleasure.

Kit’s own cock was rock hard, dripping again once all over the bed. He didn’t even notice, focussing all his attention on Liang’s huge cock and the overwhelming pleasure from the intense fucking Jake was dishing out.

Jake kept pounding, feeling the depth of Kit’s ass. He loved the deep sensations his new cock enabled him to feel, all 21 inches allowing him to feel pleasures he had never felt before.

“Fuck, this bitch is good at taking cock! Are all the guys as good as this one?”

“I dunno, this one is really exceptional! I think the whole school will love him!”

Kit looked up at Liang, not stopping for a moment, yet curious about what Liang just said.

“Oh that’s right! Sometimes a lucky guy gets passed around the whole school. Wait until Coach Heath and Coach Cutler team up!”

Fuuuuuck. Kit could only imagine the power of the two black muscle gods…

He tried to stay focussed on Liang’s dick. He looked up again, letting his eyes wonder over his incredible body. The slabs of meat that were his pecs, his bulging biceps. And by GOD those biceps.

Those biceps. He had only just clocked it. Liang’s arms were incredible. Holy fuck. And then he remembered, gymnasts’ body part of choice was arms. They were perhaps slightly out of proportion, bigger than any he had seen on any guy before. And yet more perfect as the flexed and bounced with the slightest movement.

Kit couldn’t help but put a hand on one, feeling its incredible power and strength.

“Yeah, you like those arms?” Liang asked him.

Kit just nodded again and kept rubbing Liang’s arms, moving along the length of them. Each muscle bulging, with veins popping.

And suddenly Kit’s balls just burst. Cum started to erupt from his hard cock, shooting straight onto Liang’s cock. He couldn’t help but moan loudly as he kept sucking, having not realised how much he’d love his ass being pounded, his mouth being abused. And god he loved those muscles.

“Fuck yeah! Hands free!” Jake said excitedly.

“Wow, I haven’t seen many do that before. And just as he was feeling up my biceps…” Liang grinned broadly. He loved the attention.

“Well you better take this bitch!” Jake screamed in ecstasy. With another few strokes Kit could feel his balls expand as they started to pump cum into his loose ass.

“Oh fuck yeah Jake! Breed him hard!”

Apparently that was the final stroke for Liang as well, as he started to shoot his own load deep into Kit’s stomach.

Jake slowly withdrew. “Does this have to go back in?” he asked, holding the buttplug up.

Kit nodded, exhausted. Jake was surprisingly gentle when he reinserted it.

They all collapsed, drained. Kit was laid on top of Liang’s strong chest, with his massive biceps around him. Jake lay down behind him, his big cock cradled between Kit’s butt cheeks. They were all about to fall asleep

“Shit!” Kit said suddenly. “Remember we actually have a curfew guys!”

They quickly gathered all their stuff and ran upstairs. Once in the dorm room, they were the last ones back.

“Guys, I really need to shower,” Kit said, drenched in his own cum.

“Good shout!” Jake said enthusiastically.

Liang seemed sleepier than the two of them and had already jumped in bed and gotten under the covers. “You guys go ahead, I need my beauty sleep.”

They laughed especially considering the Asian stud’s stunning good looks. Just that jawline alone… Jake dragged Kit to the showers (not that he needed to be dragged, but Jake seemed extremely excited). When they got into the bathroom, Darius was still there.

The football Captain, Jake’s senior, was standing in all his naked glory under the shower at the very centre of the room. Kit couldn’t help but immediately bone up.

Jake smiled. “He’s quite something isn’t he?” he whispered in his ear.

Kit could only nod. He had no words to describe Darius. Until recently, DeShawn had been the most incredible piece of muscle he had ever seen in his life. And yet this school managed to raise the bar every time.

“Hey guys. You just gonna stand and stare or you gonna join me?” Darius asked seductively.

Jake didn’t hesitate and moved to the shower next to the muscle god. But Kit still didn’t move. He was still in awe.

“You’re DeShawn’s bitch aren’t you?” He said in a commandeering tone.

“Yes Sir,” Kit answered submissively.

“Come on then. DeShawn’s boys are often the best. Rinse the cum off you and then get on your knees.”

Kit did as he was told. He wasn’t even quite sure why, but he knew he had to do it. He quickly rinsed off but then hesitated.

“Come on boy,” Darius said in his booming voice.

Kit stood in front of Darius and slowly got onto his knees. He had no idea how he was going to take the huge cock.

He placed his hands on Darius’ oversized tree trunk legs and opened his mouth. Darius guided his massive dick to Kit’s mouth, grabbed the back of his head and immediately shoved it in—balls deep.

Kit gagged uncontrollably. Not only was it bigger and thicker than anything he ever had inside him, Darius also turned out to be far more aggressive than any of the others so far. Without waiting for Kit to gain his composure he started to fuck his throat hard, violently slamming in and out, his balls banging against Kit’s chin and neck.

Kit had no choice but to just take it. He sat there on his knees, unaware of his own rock hard cock as his throat was used and abused. He was also unaware that Jake was still standing in the bathroom, jerking on his own hard cock.

“Fuck!” Darius grunted “Even better than I expected. I’ve never seen a bitch take a cock this well!”

Kit couldn’t help but smile inside. Although he was still gagging beyond what he thought possible, the praise he was getting was making him prouder than he had felt in a long time.

“Fuck I cannot wait to fuck your ass once you’ve grown boy!”

Kit looked up a bit surprised.

“Yeah, I fucking know you want this cock in your ass. But that treat isn’t for tonight. Just get ready to swallow my load.”

Kit knew he wouldn’t have to prepare. Darius would shove his huge cock deep into his throat and dump his load straight into his stomach.

But Darius wasn’t near that point yet. He had stamina beyond belief, and Kit had to obediently endure the continued assault on his throat.

With each stroke he could feel his gag reflex put up a fight. With each stroke he could feel his throat expand and contract, trying to accommodate the huge cock.

The longer Darius went on, the more Kit started to get used to the sensations. He seemed to get more in control of his gag reflex and eventually the tears in his eyes stopped.

“Fuck bitch. You just keep getting better and better. Your throat is the best fucking thing I’ve ever fucked!”

Next, all of a sudden, Darius grabbed Kit’s hair with both his hands and did exactly what Kit had imagined him to do. He shoved all 24 inches deep into the weightlifter’s throat, the big black balls resting on his chin.

Kit could feel the warm liquid fill his stomach, unable to move, he was forced to accept the load. Not that he was complaining. He loved cock in his mouth. And this cock was something he couldn’t even have dreamed of.

“Fuck that’s it you fucking bitch. Take that load.”

After a few minutes Darius finally finished shooting his load and withdrew his cock, slapping Kit around the face with his softening meat.

“Good boy! Now you gonna take Jake’s load?”

Kit hadn’t realised Jake was still there but nodded, no way he was gonna say no to another load.

Jake quickly jumped in and shoved his cock deep into Kit’s throat in one smooth movement. His balls immediately exploded, giving Kit another sample of the incredible cum.

“Fuck Darius, I can’t believe how skilled this bitch is!”

“Yeah we’re all gonna have a lot of fun with him! But now time for bed guys. Some of us still need to grow tomorrow.” He winked at Kit and they all got up and headed towards the respective beds. Kit was deep asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.


Chapter 6: Making a Muscle Stud

The next morning Kit woke up at the crack of dawn. Not because he couldn’t have continued sleeping. DeShawn had crawled into bed and had started to kiss him gently, waking him up.

“Morning bitch. I realised I had left you alone last night so I thought I’d come cheer you up. Come with me and be quiet.”

They carefully got out of bed and left the dormitory. At the stairs the continued straight on, only to find more doors leading to unknown rooms. DeShawn opened the first one and they immediately found themselves in a weightlifting room.

“This’ll do.” He grinned. “Get on the bench.”

Kit perched himself on a weightlifting bench.

“On all fours of course!” DeShawn said, with more authority in his voice. He was no longer being nice.

Kit did as he was told and presented his ass up high in the air. His plugged hole twitching.

“Fuck yeah! Lots of hot guys yesterday but nothing quite as nice as this one…”

He walked over and pulled the plug out of Kit’s ass in one smooth motion. Within seconds it was replaced with DeShawn’s own rock-hard black cock. He immediately got to work, pounding Kit’s hole and hard and fast.

“Fuck, I love your ass so much. You’re always ready to take it!”

Kit just moaned. He had greatly enjoyed Jake, Liang, Sakda and Tomás’ cocks yesterday but nothing was quite as hot as his master.

“I can’t wait for you to grow. You’re going to be one incredible stud!”

“Oh for fuck’s sake, guys!” A voice suddenly said behind them. Kit tried to look around, but his view was blocked by DeShawn. “I just wanted to work out this morning!”

DeShawn didn’t stop but continued to fuck his cock hard into Kit’s hole. “That’s what we’re doing. A bit of early morning cardio. Join in!”

Kit got excited. He still wasn’t sure who DeShawn had just invited to join in but inevitably it was going to an opportunity to suck more cock.

To his surprise, it wasn’t a student who walked forward. It was the hot gymnastics coach Mr Wammes. The bulging muscle stud walked forward, almost hesitating. “You know I am not a huge fan of the ungrown ones, right?”

“Just try his mouth. He really is an expert. I heard he took Darius’ huge cock without having to stop for a moment last night.”

How had he already heard that, Kit thought to himself. But he guessed it was true. There was a lot of gagging but he hadn’t had to stop Darius for a moment.

That seemed to be enough reason for the hot mixed-race stud to lower his shorts and roll out his dick. He was maybe a bit smaller than DeShawn but still 19”, and Kit was in no position to say no to it.

“Open up boy. I am going to fuck that mouth hard!”

Kit opened his mouth and with one smooth motion Mr Wammes slammed his cock deep down his throat. He somewhat gagged, but not nearly as much as Darius had caused him too.

“Fuck, that’s impressive. I can’t wait to see what you look like when you grow!”

And so Kit was getting pounded once again. He had lost count but his hole and mouth were used to the size of these huge cocks now and he felt as though he’d come to heaven.

“Fuck yeah bitch take it!” DeShawn said aggressively. “Fuck you’re so good boy. This is the best ass I’ve ever had.

“Hey coach. You wanna have a go?”

“Fuck yeah DeShawn. No way I am saying no to that!”

Before Kit knew it, he was being lifted in the air. DeShawn laid down on the bench, keeping his big cock inside Kit the entire time. Kit was sitting on top of him, looking his master in the eye.

“Go on, coach,” DeShawn said, once they were comfy.

“What?” was all Kit could say.

DeShawn looked Kit straight in the eye. “Don’t worry, it’s gonna fit just fine.”

Kit could feel Mr Wammes gently start to push his cock in on top of DeShawn’s. To his surprise, his hole stretched open further, gently letting the head in. It shocked Kit even further when Mr Wammes just kept pushing. His insides shifted to accommodate Mr Wammes’ formidable cock, letting it settle in nicely next to DeShawn’s.

Kit moaned loudly, the feeling was one of the most intense things he had ever felt. He felt so full. He looked down to his abs and could see the two massive dicks causing quite a bulge in his stomach.

DeShawn smiled. “You like that don’t you?”

Kit couldn’t help but nod yes. It felt so good. “We’re gonna breed you together. Two loads in your ass at the same time.”

Mr Wammes suddenly started to fuck, hard! He easily slid in and out of his lose ass, giving Kit the fuck of his life. Two huge cocks sliding in and out, hitting his prostate hard.

“Oh fuck sir! Fuuuuuuck!” Kit couldn’t help but moan louder and louder.

“Yeah that’s right, bitch. Thank your masters!”

“Thank you, Sirs, thank you for filling me up!”

Fuuuck i am gonna fill you up good!” Mr Wammes shouted.

And suddenly Kit felt something he hadn’t felt before. Two cocks cumming inside his ass at the same time. He felt them flooding his insides. Shot after shot of cum was dumped straight in his ass.

The pleasure was too much for Kit and as Mr Wammes and DeShawn bred his ass, Kit started to shoot his load. More aggressively than before, the first few flying over DeShawn’s face, the rest covering his face and pecs in what seemed to be litres of cum.

“Fuck that’s hot! So glad to see you enjoying these cocks!” DeShawn said, wiping the cum of his face.

“You got to go get showered in time for breakfast guys!” Mr Wammes said.

The two young studs ran back to the dormitory and quickly showered and dressed in their lycra uniforms. When they got downstairs most of their classmates were already waiting.

Food was served quickly. The normal protein rich breakfast filled everyone up quickly. Once everyone had their fill, Dr Johnson came out with more drinks and handed Cameron a drink. The mixed-race swimmer eagerly accepted the drink while everyone watched.

During the course of the day, Cameron’s incredible growth was followed by Mark, the gymnast, while rugby player Tucker was dessert after that evening’s dinner.

Each grew into the most amazing stud. Each time Kit sucked them so their hard cocks could be measured.

The rest of the time Kit either spent working out in the gym with Coach Heath or getting his ass pounded by one of the guys. He was getting rather anxious about his own growth. Each mealtime he wasn’t sure.

After Tucker’s growth, DeShawn took him to the bed in the dark room in the basement. “Undress and lie down, boy. On your stomach.”

Kit obeyed, lying on the leather sheets. “Hands up here, boy.” Kit placed his hands above his head. Suddenly DeShawn put a set of handcuffs around each wrist and attached the other end to the bed.

“Feet wide boy.”

Kit spread his legs wide, and DeShawn tied those to the bed as well.

“Looks perfect, Kit. Let me get the guys.”

Kit was laid there, getting very horny from the bondage. He wondered who the guys would be…

After a few minutes, Kit heard the door open, a hint of light coming in. DeShawn walked back up to the front of the bed, looking Kit in the eyes.

“Ready for this?” he asked.

“Fuck yeah!” Kit answered

“That’s what I like to hear.” He grabbed something and before Kit had the chance to say anything he was blindfolded. Unable to see anything, he could hear footsteps approach the bed but no one spoke, except DeShawn.

“He’s all yours guys. Wreck him!”

A hand pulled the buttplug out of Kit’s ass. Kit could hear sighs and grunts. The plug was quickly replaced by cock that slid deep into Kit.

The silence was killing him. He wanted to know who was fucking him!

The cock started to pound him. Each stroke faster and deeper than the last. Suddenly he felt a cock at his face and he obediently opened his mouth.

The long cock slid straight in. The cock felt weirdly familiar, but it was slightly shorter than DeShawn’s. Two hands grabbed a hold of his head and started to pound his throat, as the violent assault caused him to gag.

He felt the cock in his ass explode, filling him with cum and immediately getting replaced by the cock that had just been in his mouth. Moments later that too was replaced by a third cock.

Fuck, there was a lot of cock going around in this room.

And that’s how the evening progressed. Load after load was dumped in his ass as his mouth got the cocks ready for fucking. He noticed there were only four cocks—and one was definitely DeShawn’s—but they each had several go’s at fucking him. Some rough and hard, others using long and deep strokes.

Eventually it slowed down and after DeShawn dumped one last load in him, he removed the blindfold.

“Well done, boy. You took those cocks really well!”

He undid the handcuffs and ankle cuffs and Kit caught the first glance of the fuckers who had pounded his ass.

It was the three newly grown studs. Cameron, Mark and Tucker. And they looked incredible. Each of them still hard as rock.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” Cameron asked him.

Kit just nodded, although not embarrassed.

“Such a fucking hot ass! Imagine what happens when he grows!” Mark chipped in.

“Fuck, he’s going to be the hottest of us all!” Tucker laughed. “I can’t wait to fuck him again.”

“We better get to bed guys” DeShawn said.

“Ah, come on! One last round, now he knows who’s fucking him?”

Kit didn’t hesitate and jumped back on the bed, lying on his back, legs high in the air exposing his used hole.

“Just look at the gape guys! It’s almost permanent now!” Tucker said excitedly. He almost sprinted to the bed and within a minute was pounding Kit hard and deep.

“Wait, guys, if we do this I want him to do what he did first thing this morning.”

The guys looked confused, but Kit knew what to do. He got off Tucker’s cock and laid him down on the bed, only to quickly climb on again.

“Which of you is going in next to him?” DeShawn asked.

Both Mark and Cameron were only too happy to oblige but it was Cameron who got there first. The tall mixed-race stud eagerly pushed his cock into Kit’s greedy ass.

Kit could feel his ass stretch open further than it did before. Cameron, so it turned out, had an exceptionally thick cock, perhaps the thickest of any of the guys.

And yet his ass stretched without any resistance. It surprised even DeShawn, whose own cock was hardening rapidly watching the scene in front of him.

“Go on then, Cameron, fuck him hard!”

Cameron didn’t have to be told twice, rapidly starting to pound. Kit moaned loudly as his ass was assaulted violently, his own cock dripping cum on Tucker’s chest.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Kit didn’t remember getting back to bed that evening. He remembered getting load after load dumped in his ass. He remembered Cameron’s abs looking magnificent and Mark’s arms being bigger than he had ever seen. But he couldn’t figure out how he had turned into such a submissive and obedient slut—and enjoyed every minute of it!

Two guys hadn’t grown yet. Kit and Tomás, the cute wrestling captain. At breakfast it quickly transpired Kit would be last as Tomás and his shoulders grew to magnificent sizes.

Kit had noticed each junior captain seemed to suffer from some after growth. Early in the morning, Jake had gotten into bed with Kit and gently removed the plug and replaced it with his own cock as the rest of their peers were still deep asleep.

But Kit’s cock memory was impeccable and he was sure it was much bigger than what he had taken the first time he had sucked Jake off. And not just a bit but it felt both thicker and longer… he didn’t say anything as they tried to let everyone sleep. Eventually Jake dumped his load, replaced the buttplug and went for a shower.

30 seconds later, Kit decided to follow. He had to see it with his own eyes. He walked into the bathroom and up to Jake who had a smile on his face.

“You liked that early morning load?” he asked.

“Fuck yeah! How could I not.” Kit smiled back.

“Do you think…” Jake hesitated. “Do you think my cock is bigger?” he blurted out, speaking so fast Kit barely understood what he had said.

“Yeah of course, you grew like crazy on the first night, remember?” Kit said innocently.

“No, no. Not like that. Since I grew the first day. I feel much bigger now. And everywhere! All my muscles, my legs and even my cock!”

Kit was silent for a minute. “Yeah, I noticed too. It was fucking hot!”

“I just hope we stop growing at some point!”

And so the morning passed until eventually it was lunchtime. Kit knew what was coming as Mr Cutler took a seat at the table across from him.

After the main course, glasses were brought out again and Kit took the one for him. He had seen it happen five times so far and yet had no clue what was coming. Everyone was sitting down and Kit downed his drink.

Within moments he could feel a cold, at first. As if someone had put his balls on ice. First it spread to his stomach and then slowly moved into the rest of his body. From the tips of his toes to the ends of his ears.

Without warning within less than a second, the cold was replaced by a rapturous fire. The heat was so intense that Kit thought his skin would melt. And under the heat, he could feel his muscles expand. First his lower legs, slowly moving up. He could even feel the glutes of his ass growing bigger and bigger.

Any fat at his stomach melted away and as if he was repeatedly being kicked in the stomach, he could feel his abs grow bigger and bigger. His back widened and his arms grew.

But his pecs were the last muscle to go. First they grew to a normal size. Perhaps like Sakda or Mark. But they kept growing. Kit had been looking forward to this muscle the most. He loved DeShawn’s and Mr Cutler’s huge tits. It was as though someone was blowing air into them to inflate. But they were solid muscle, stronger than any pecs that Kit had ever seen.

Finally his cock grew. It happened very quickly, his balls swelling up to the size of small beach balls and the shaft lengthening. It stuttered for a moment at 12” but seemed to drop down further until it reached a very respectable 17” soft.

Kit stood on the small coffee table still completely dressed in his lycra.

And everyone looked at him in complete awe.


Chapter 7: Being a Grown Up

Kit stood at the centre of the gathering studs. The last to transform. Everyone just stared at him. Eventually silence broke and Dr Johnson shouted, “Strip!” although it seemed as though he hesitated.

Kit did as he was told, unsure what was going on.

As he stood next there, naked, he caught DeShawn’s eyes who winked, smiled and mouthed “You look incredible”.

Kit smiled nervously. Dr Johnson put the tape measure on his cock. “Impressive. 17 inches soft. Who is going to get him hard?”

To his surprise, everyone jumped up. Dr Johnson had to shout to get everyone to sit down and eventually made everyone draw straws to see who would be the lucky one.

It was Milos, the Greek wrestling stud, who won. He eagerly got on his knees and, to Kit’s absolute shock, swallowed his cock whole. Within less than twenty seconds, the tip of Kit’s cock touched Milos’s cock and suddenly his nose hit Kit’s pubic hair.

Kit moaned loudly and could immediately feel his cock harden. Milos went to work on his massive dick, the entire length of the newly grown cock sliding in and out of the muscular throat of the Greek god sitting on his knees in front of him. Within just a few deep strokes, Milos had managed to completely harden his cock, which now stood proudly erect.

Dr Johnson placed his tape measure on it once again. “23 inches! That’s quite incredible Mr Davis!”

Kit smiled proudly.

“Now everyone to bed. Although I believe Mr Davis and Mr Petropoulos should stick around for a moment.”

Kit just nodded, gutted he wasn’t able to go off with one of the guys.

When the last of the coaches and captains had left the room, Milos immediately went back to sucking Kit’s huge cock. Kit couldn’t help but moan, the feeling of the throat expanding around his massive rod felt better than any blowjob he had in his life.

“Now Mr Davis. I believe you have acclimatised exceptionally well to this school and we are very proud of you. Never has our growth programme produced quite such a magnificent specimen. And those tits…”

Dr Johnson had gotten distracted, gently placing his fingers on Kit’s exposed, newly grown muscle-tits.

“Fuck, boy. There are so beautiful.” His hands spread over them, caressing them and feeling their power. Kit couldn’t resist and tried to bounce them for the first time. First both together, and then separately. Dr Johnson groaned under his breath. Kit bounced them again. The groan became distinctly louder.

Meanwhile, Milos was still passionately sucking off Kit’s newly grown cock. Never had the experimental growth resulted in such a huge cock and Milos was sucking it like his life depended on it.

“That’s it boy. Keep sucking that cock while I feel these tits!” The doctor said enthusiastically.

“You don’t think they’re a bit too big Sir?” Kit asked, slightly scared.

“Too big? Are you mad? These are the most perfect pec tits I have ever seen. Solid muscle. Huge mass. You should be incredibly proud of these. They should always on display.” He considered, only for a second. “In fact, I may get them to change the uniform for the whole team just to show off your tits!”

He didn’t say anything else as he went back to Kit’s big pecs, feeling every inch, discovering every crevice and every vein.

Kit let himself be worshipped. Although he had been the centre of attention a few times, it had always been rough and hard. This was gently and caressing. He felt important and empowered.

After a while, Kit could feel his cock leaking pre-cum deep into Milos’ stomach.

Without really thinking, he grabbed Milos’ head and started to gently fuck his throat. Slowly and easily. His cock sliding in and out without any obstacle.

“Why don’t you fuck his ass?” Dr Johnson asked.

Kit was surprised. So far, his journey in this school had been one of submission. He had sucked cock, he had been sucked and he had been fucked. But fucking someone himself… That seemed weird. And yet the temptation was extremely high.

“Kit. I know you’re destined to be the school slut. But don’t worry, you need to fuck once in a while too,” the Doc encouraged.

Kit withdrew his cock from Milos’s mouth and the Greek stud immediately and eagerly got on all fours, presenting his tight hole for Kit to fuck.

Kit couldn’t resist and eagerly placed it at the twitching hole, using his large amount of precum to lube it up. He pushed, gently at first, but quickly felt the hole expand to accommodate his massive size.

“Fuuuuck,” they both moaned, almost in unison.

Kit had never felt such a sensation before. It wasn’t as good as taking a huge cock and yet it was one of the most incredible feelings he had ever felt.

And Milos was in heaven. He was never gonna get a fuck like this again in his life. The newly grown cock was full of energy and life. It was as though he could feel each and every single vain as Kit started to fuck him. Initially slowly, exploring the depths of Milos’s hole. But as he gained confidence, he picked up the pace.

Milos moaned louder and louder as Kit fucked harder and harder. Milos already had a few poundings since coming here (he was far more versatile than Kit), but Kit seemed to know how to hit the right spot.

“All right Kit. That’s enough,” Dr Johnson suddenly said, loudly.

But Kit wasn’t done. He was nowhere near done. He ignored the doc and kept fucking.

That was a mistake. Very quickly Doc Johnson moved behind him and managed to snap a collar on Kit’s neck.

“What the hell Doc?” Kit shouted.

“You have to be able to take orders and you don’t seem to be—so far. Even if you still have that buttplug in your ass.”

“I’m sorry Sir!” Kit quickly withdrew, leaving Milos’ hole open and gaping.

“Damn straight Kit. Get on all fours!”

Kit obeyed, knowing he didn’t have a choice. The Doc ripped the buttplug out in one swift moved, leaving his ass gaping.

“Now, whose cock do you want first Kit?”

“Yours Sir?”

“All right, as you wish.”

With a quick move of his hands, Doc pulled down his trousers and revealed a huge bulge. Kit couldn’t see what the stunning blond had in store for him but obediently awaited the invasion as his hole twitched, hungry.

“Fuck Doc. I bet he’s gonna love that cock!” Milos said eagerly.

“Oh they all do! They can’t get enough of it. Now suck his cock, bitch!”

He forced Kit’s head into Milos’s crotch and he eagerly took the Greek god’s thick cock into his mouth and started sucking. He could feel the Doc’s cock at his gaping hole as he pushed inside, stretching his internals further.

It didn’t necessarily feel thicker than anything he had taken so far. It didn’t even necessarily feel that much longer than any other cock, although he instinctively knew it was.

The thing that made this cock stand out what how incredibly veiny it was. Kit could feel each vein as it forced its way deeper into his hole. With each stroke he could feel it pulse inside him, throbbing harder and harder.

Kit couldn’t help but moan loudly onto Milos’s thick cock. With each stroke the Doc hit Kit’s prostate hard and rough, causing Kit to shiver with pleasure.

“Fuck, this is the best ass we’ve ever made. I can’t believe you grew into such an incredible stud!” Dr Johnson said, smiling broadly. “I’m so proud of you, bitch!”

Kit smiled himself, but not missing a single beat in sucking Milos’s thick cock.

“The school is going to love you! Every coach will want a piece of this ass, every teacher and every student. You’re gonna be fuckin’ busy!”

At that point, the door opened again. Kit couldn’t see who it was but both Dr Johnson and Milos kept going hard. Then, Kit recognised a voice.

“Fuck, Alan, he seems to be taking it real well. And such a pretty bitch too.” It was Mr Cutler. Kit felt his hands running along his back and over his ass, gently feeling each crevice, each vain and each newly developed muscle.

“Yeah, he’s exceptional!” Dr Johnson said happily.

“Mind if I join you?” Mr Cutler said.

“Of course not!”

Kit could hear his coach strip and was fairly sure he knew what was about to happen. And indeed Mr Cutler laid down next to him on the table. Kit quickly moved over and sat straight down on his coach’s huge cock, looking him straight in the eyes as he did so.

“That’s it, Kit, you ready for the Doc to join in?”

Kit just moaned, his hole twitching around his coach’s big cock.

“Fuck he’s ready for it, Alan, go for it hard!”

And without hesitation Dr Johnson placed his hands on Kit’s ass and put his thick cock next to Mr Cutler’s.

He pushed, forcefully. Kit could feel his hole spread wider, trying to accommodate the big fat cocks.

He moaned loudly, almost in pain. It may have been the two thickest cocks he had taken—and he was taking them at the same time!

Milos was still watching, jacking off his own big cock as he watched Kit getting split apart. He had never seen anything quite like it.

Dr Johnson and Mr Cutler managed to establish a good rhythm. As one cock slid out, the other slid in. The constant pounding an ever-increasing assault on Kit’s ass and prostate.

“Fuck yeah boy! That feels so good. I think this is the best ass I’ve ever felt.” His coach said loudly.

“Fuck yeah! Such a good boy! He will be top of his class this year!”

“Milos!” Dr Johnson shouted. “Go fuck his throat hard!”

Milos climbed on top of the table and straddled Mr Cutler, roughly grabbing Kit’s hair who eagerly wrapped his lips around Milos’s fat cock.

With all his holes filled he was in heaven, eagerly pleasing the three muscled studs. He didn’t want it to be over.

And yet, he knew it would be. Whether it had taken five minutes or two hours, he didn’t know. But after wave after wave of pleasure, he could feel Dr Johnson’s cock pulse and feel his insides flood with hot, thick cum.

Only a few seconds later he could feel Mr Cutler’s cock explode as well. Kit felt the gallons of cum dripping out along the shafts to the two big cocks.

“Come on, Milos! Dump your load!” the coach encouraged.

Milos didn’t need to hear another word of encouragement. Within a few seconds his balls were being emptied straight into Kit’s stomach. Kit didn’t even have to swallow a drop.

“Well done guys, you drained me completely! Now, better off to bed. Tomorrow it’s back to school for you. Hopefully the others have started to grow by now. The first few may even be ready for their own experiences!” Dr Johnson said, sounding exhausted. Kit could feel his own hard cock twitch, and yet followed Milos out of the room.

They headed up to the bedroom. Milos and Kit quietly nipped into the bathroom first to rinse of all the cum, lube and musk they had built up, gently making out as the hot water ran over their bodies.

When Milos was gone he stood, waiting for Kit to finish.

“You go, I need another few minutes of the hot water,” Kit said.

Milos left the bathroom and Kit focussed on his body. He hadn’t had a minute alone with his newly grown body yet. He started to run his hands over his eight pack, feeling the deep crevices. Slowly he moved up, cupping his tits from underneath. Bouncing them in his own hands, Kit could feel his cock starting to harden.

He kept his left hand on his chest, feeling the big powerful pec muscles bounce. He had never felt anything like them, and they were his! He could hardly believe his luck. He hadn’t even dared to dream of a body like this and yet here he stood.

His right hand moved onto his dick. He ran his hand along the thick long shaft but quickly realised that if he was to jack off he needed both his hands. He closed his eyes as he moved his left hand down as well and started to stroke the full length of his big tool.

Kit didn’t hear the door open, so engrossed in his own body that nothing could distract him. Nothing until he felt two hands on his chest and soft lips on his mouth.

He opened his eyes. It was DeShawn, completely naked. His touch was gentle and his kiss passionate.

“I couldn’t wait until we were back at school,” he whispered in Kit’s ear.

Kit couldn’t really speak, so horny and turned on. The sight of DeShawn never ceased to amaze him, especially considering those huge tits he also had.

“You’ve turned out more perfect than I could’ve imagined Kit. You’re gonna be so popular.”

“I feel so good Sir. This body is incredible!”

“Fuck yeah it is. And those tits!”

DeShawn ran his hands over Kit’s big tits and started to massage them. Kit felt the strong muscles involuntarily flex underneath DeShawn’s strong black hands.

DeShawn bent down, and before Kit realised what he was doing he felt DeShawn’s wet tongue running underneath the bottom of his pecs. Gently wetting the overhang created by the huge tits. Slowly he moved upwards, shifting his focus to the deep valley separating the two hugs bowling ball sized slabs of muscle.

DeShawn really had to work hard to get his tongue all the way to the bottom. The two tits were so huge that the valley between them was insanely deep.

“Lie down,” DeShawn whispered.

Kit laid down on his back on the cold stone floor of the bathroom, unsure what his master had in mind.

DeShawn climbed on top of him, straddling him at his waist. His rock-hard cock on glorious display in front of him. Kit couldn’t help but lick his lips.

“It’s not for your mouth boy.”

And with that, DeShawn put the tip of his 21” shaft at the bottom of Kit’s tits, slowly forcing the shaft into the massive crevice.

Kit could feel his hard muscles move involuntarily. There seemed enough leeway to accommodate the thick shaft. Eventually, DeShawn had forced his cock through the whole length of the crevice, the head appearing at Kit’s neck.

DeShawn moaned. “Fuck yes! This is what these tits were designed for and your tits are the best I have ever seen for taking cock.”

He started to fuck Kit’s tits. DeShawn forced Kit to keep his head down by putting both of his hands on the stud’s neck. As Kit was almost choking for air, DeShawn started to speed up, fucking harder and harder with each stroke.

Kit could sense something familiar, coming from his tits for the first time. An expanding cock, twitching. And just a few seconds later, the massive cocked started to erupt with cum. It was more cum than Kit had ever seen, splashing his face and tits, covering his hair and the bathroom floor around him.

DeShawn withdrew his cock, having to purposely slide out as the tits were too big to simply lift it.

“Fuck, boy, that was incredible. I’ve never had such a hot fuck in my life. I think I’ll be doing that a lot. Now, let’s get to bed.”

Kit moved to go clean up his tits and face.

“No no. You’re gonna sleep like that tonight. I want you to be reminded of how perfect you are. And that you’re mine.”

And with that they both went to bed. Kit still drenched in cum. But satisfied.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next day the bus back to the school departed early. Now packed with twelve young muscle studs and Dr Johnson, the journey went quick, with everyone getting along more as friends and having a good laugh. Dr Johnson even joined in as the guys were laughing and joking.

When they got back to school, dressed head to toe in their tight, light uniforms, the remaining students were incredibly shocked. Even the senior students hadn’t seen anyone grow so quickly and the first were quickly spotted going off with the newly grown junior captains within the matter of hours.

For the weightlifters there was no rest. After a busy afternoon with classes the juniors had to immediately go to their evening training. Kit could already see the growth in the other guys who had each put on about 50lbs. No one was quite the size of the seniors yet but their muscles started to bulge and flex as they lifted the increasingly heavy weights. Their technique had developed too, their lifting movements having becoming much better as the effects of the food, drinks and shakes regime started to take effect.

The weekend came around quickly and the Saturday marked the first time the juniors and the seniors spent their first hour training together. The seniors took turn training the juniors, correcting posture and technique.

Kit had massively improved, and was even better than some of the out-of-practice seniors.

Mr Cutler had to admire his progress. He had never seen anything quite like it. He had become the perfect specimen. And with muscle development still in full swing in the mornings, he hadn’t stopped growing.

He only noticed it a few days after returning from the mountains. He burst out of one of the lycra tank tops one muscle development session, doing dumbbell pec flies. A perfect rip at the very top of his pecs, straight through the fabric. Not even along one of the seams.

He had to get a new tank top made. None of the standard sizes seemed to fit him anymore, unable to stretch over the huge tits.

The new top issued wasn’t quite what Kit expected. It hardly was a top at all. The white lycra stretched just over the top of his bulging tits, his big, hard nipples poking through the fabric, leaving his chiseled abs exposed. The short sleeves stretched the fabric around his biceps to the limit, the big arms flexing with even the smallest movement.

Everyone seemed to stare at Kit as he walked across the school. The teachers couldn’t keep their eyes off him in class and even the big, burly grounds staff kept checking in on him any excuse they had.

But Kit’s preferred attention was from the seniors. As they waited for the juniors to grow, and grow up, the evenings were spent getting to know the older teammates. It was steady. Rather than being overladen by all the guys at once, DeShawn invited them into the Captain’s bedroom. Some one by one, others in pairs.

The first couple invited in were DeShawn’s two best buddies, Tyrone and Raymond. It turned out that DeShawn and Tyrone had a history before their time at the school and together had taken Raymond under their wing.

When the door into the senior dormitory opened Kit was on all fours on his bed, wearing nothing but a collar and buttplug.

“Kind of a shame,” Tyrone said. “I like him in that lycra top they’ve made him.”

“We’re all getting one!” DeShawn said, smiling.

“Really?” Raymond sounded surprised. “None of us have tits quite like his.”

“We don’t, but I believe they may be giving the entire team a bit of a booster in that department” DeShawn said, almost reassuringly.

“Fuck yeah! I would love to have tits like that!”

“I think we all do Tyrone. Good things come to those who wait. Now—are you ready for this?”

“You sound as though it’s quite the challenge.”

“Not a challenge. But definitely not an experience you’ll forget.”

Tyrone walked up to the naked Kit and with one single pull removed the buttplug. Kit screamed loudly, not expecting such a rough move, although the dominating action immediately caused Kit to bone up.

“Fuuuuck, look at that gape Tyrone!” Raymond said excitedly.

“Hehe! I know! And we keep it stretched permanently.”

“Can I have a taste?” Raymond asked, eagerly.

He didn’t wait for a response but shoved his face straight in, shoving his face deep into his hole.

Kit moaned in ecstasy, the tongue going deep into the gaping wide hole.

“Fuck yeah Raymond! Lick that hole!” Tyrone said, slowly rubbing his hardening cock through his tights.

He climbed up the bed, placing his crotch in front of Kit’s mouth who eagerly licked the bulge.

“That’s not what I’m here for, tit stud.”

Kit immediately knew and pushed himself up, displaying his big tits for the black stud.

Tyrone couldn’t help but smile. The young stud was perfect. He put his hands on Kit’s hardening dick, sliding it through his fingers before running his hands further upwards. Running through the crevices between the slabs of meat comprising his impressive eight-pack.

And eventually reaching those perfect tits. He tried to squeeze them, but noticed they hardly moved as the rock-hard muscle did not give way.

“Fuuuuuck,” Tyrone moaned. “These are the most perfect tits I’ve ever seen. I can see why they gave you a new uniform!”

“I am glad you like them Sir!” Kit said, eagerly receiving the compliment. His tits had become his pride and joy, eagerly displaying them to everyone who wanted to see.

“Such a good obedient boy too!” Tyrone said excitedly. “Maybe it’s time to fuck him?”

“Where do you want to start?” DeShawn asked.

Raymond pulled his tongue out for a moment. “Right here I would say!”

“I can live with that,” Tyrone responded. “But I want to have a go at those tits. The crevice between those two pecs looks like it would great to fuck!”

“Oh it certainly is…” DeShawn said, almost inaudibly.

“May I?” Tyrone whispered in Kit’s ears.

Kit simply nodded. He was starting to love it when guys worshipped his tits and a pec fuck was the ultimate form of worship.

“Best get this dick hard boy,” Tyrone said, putting his head at Kit’s lips.

Kit opened his mouth eagerly and Tyrone gently slid a few inches of cock in.

“He can take it all at once if you want to,” DeShawn said, clearly thinking Tyrone should be a bit rougher.

Tyrone hesitated and looked down at Kit and then at DeShawn. The senior captain had an almost angry look on his face.

Tyrone grabbed Kit’s head and roughly slammed his cock into his throat, his balls immediately bouncing off his chin.

“Fuck DeShawn, you weren’t kidding!”

“He’s quite the talent, isn’t he?”

Tyrone happily started to fuck Kit’s throat while Raymond still had his tongue buried deep in Kit’s hole, using his tongue to fuck it open (not that it needed much opening up).

DeShawn stood watching, stroking his own cock. He enjoyed watching his studs use his slave while simply watching. Although they were taking their time to get to the action…

“Come on Raymond…” He said impatiently, “Time to get deeper in that hole!”

“But his ass tastes so good! I’ve never tasted anything this sweet!”

“Yeah, but it will only keep tasting that good by getting fucked very regularly! You can eat it out as long as you want later.”

Kit liked the sound of that.

Suddenly Tyrone withdrew his cock. “Time for those tits, boy! Pass me the lube, DeShawn?”

DeShawn threw a bottle across the room that Tyrone caught. He squirted some silky lube on his hands and started to rub it on Kit’s tits. First gently rubbing it across both the big mounts of muscle, slowly pushing it towards the centre crevice.

Meanwhile Raymond had finally listened to DeShawn. He was standing behind Kit, ready to take the deep plunge.

With one quick stroke he shoved his cock deep into the gaping hole.

“Fuuuuuuck, that feels good DeShawn! You have found an absolute treasure of a slave.”

“I know—he’s amazing isn’t he,” DeShawn said with a smile.

Just at that point Tyrone was trying to get his fingers into the thick crevice between Kit’s massive tits.

“Fuck, this is so tight I can’t even reach between!”

“That’s because you’ve gotta fuck’m Tyrone!”

Tyrone didn’t have to be told again. He squirted some more lube and rubbed it on his dick. He put his fat cock at the base of the crevice and gently started to push.

To Tyrone’s surprise it was as though the muscle mass spread apart to make room for his cock, while at the same time pushing back to give him the most incredible sensation he had ever felt.

“Fuck Kit. These tits feel better than any pussy or ass I’ve ever felt in my life!”

Kit smiled and looked at DeShawn, who winked at him. It seemed he was pleasing his Master with his new body.

And that’s how Tyrone and Raymond used him for the first time. Kit was in heaven as Tyrone worshipped and fucked his tits while Raymond destroyed his ass as aggressively as any guy who had gone before him.

The studs had some stamina, going on for what seemed hours. But eventually Tyrone couldn’t take the intense pleasure of Kit’s tits anymore and started to unload his balls all over Kit’s face and tits.

Raymomd followed soon after, breeding Kit rough and hard. Kit had lost count of the number of loads he had taken since arriving. And he loved it.

Both the guys took a moment to recover but eventually Tyrone climbed off and passionately kissed DeShawn.

“Thanks for that. I hope I can come back for more?”

“Oh, you can fuck those tits as often as you like. It was very hot to watch.”

“Thanks DeShawn,” Raymond said. “I’ll have to take you up on the offer of eating his ass soon.”

“Yes you do. Goodnight boys.”

With that they went back to their dorm room. Kit was laid quietly on the bed, almost dozing off.

“It’s not bedtime yet boy,” DeShawn said.

Kit stirred, looking confused.

“I still want your ass!”

“Go on Sir, please take it. But I hope you don’t mind if I sleep while you do?”

DeShawn smirked. “I was hoping you’d say that. Because if you do that means I can fuck you whenever I want. Even if you’re asleep.”

Kit nodded sleepily. “Happy to let you Sir. My ass is yours after all.”

“Damn right!” DeShawn said eagerly, as he shoved his hard cock into the loosened ass.

As DeShawn fucked his slave, Kit dozed off. He even surprised himself being able to sleep while getting fucked. As exhaustion overpowered him, his cock remained hard while DeShawn pounded him. He didn’t hold back, enjoying the view of Kit’s huge tits bouncing as he pounded his ass.

As Kit started to breath heavily DeShawn reached a climax, dumping another load deep into Kit’s ass. He pulled out and replaced the buttplug. While DeShawn wiped off the sweat, Kit turned on his side. DeShawn laid down behind him, wrapping his arm around his slave’s body, feeling Kit’s big chest moving as he breathed. DeShawn quickly dozed off too, holding on to his beautiful boy.


Chapter 8: The Weightlifting Secret

So it went on for several weeks. As the juniors grew ever bigger muscles and some clearly started to be interested in men, the seniors resumed their pre-summer holiday life as quickly as they could.

The Captain’s dormitory was the scene of at least a threesome every night, facilitated by DeShawn. Kit loved every minute of every evening. His hole continuously stretched open and destroyed by massive cocks while his tits were worshipped.

Occasionally the roles would reverse. And Kit performed his role as top like an absolute champ. He loved pounding those tight asses while his hands would grab onto his teammates’ tits.

But to his older teammates’ surprise, even they were even made to grow a bit. Kit’s tits had grown so unexpectedly big that the other guys lagged behind in size. Both Dr Johnson and Mr Cutler decided that it looked very out of place and that the other weightlifters had to catch up.

DeShawn was the first to be given some growth serum. Kit had the delight of watching as Mr Cutler gave him some to drink.

They were sitting in the coach’s office, having a quick catch up after a training session. Both DeShawn and Kit were soaked in sweat after a particularly hard session that had left their muscles pumped.

“Come on DeShawn, drink up. We haven’t got all day!”

“But is it really necessary coach? I mean—everyone loves Kit’s tits but they don’t really want them for themselves.”

“I’m afraid it is. Both myself and Dr Johnson think it’ll give this team an exceptional advantage both in competitions and in life. I mean—no one can resist those tits!”

“I guess not. And they’re very fuckable.”

“Don’t worry,” Mr Cutler said in a reconciliatory tone, “getting those tits fucked won’t make you any less of a dominant master. It merely means you are paid the proper respect owed to you.”

DeShawn smiled, as if that was enough to convince him. He downed the drink in one swig and sat down.

Kit imagined he would be feeling very much what he had felt when he grew, maybe localised in his pecs. DeShawn shivered, confirming to Kit that he too had suffered from a cold feeling first. But when his expression looked almost fearful, Kit knew the heat had spread.

And so the pecs began to bulge out, as if someone was inflating them. They grew ever larger but the growth stopped suddenly, when they seemed just a bit smaller than Kit’s own tits.

“Much better!” Mr Cutler said excitedly. “They look fantastic! Now time for your new uniform.”

And so DeShawn started to strut around the school in the same uniform as Kit. And in the following days most of seniors joined them.

But it was when the first junior needed his new uniform that Kit knew he was ready to join them. It was Alex and Kit wanted to make their first time together rather special.

“Uhm—DeShawn, Sir…” he stammered.

“Yes boy?”

“Alex—the first of the other juniors with the massive tits…”

“What about him?”

“Would you mind if it was just him and me, together? The first time, anyways?”

“You like the boy, do you?”

“Yes Sir,” Kit said shyly.

“Well, I guess for the first time that’s okay. And you have my permission to fuck him too if he’s a bottom.”

“Thank you Sir!”

“We’ve got training tonight anyways, so do it while I’m out. He can stay the night if you want too.”

The day went by rather slowly, Kit thought. They went to all their classes, but Kit’s mind was elsewhere. He knew he had already kissed Alex and it was obvious there was chemistry but now that it came down to actually showing him affection, Kit was nervous.

Eventually after dinner he knew he had to make a move. His heart was beating in his throat as he caught up with Alex as they walked back to the dormitory.

“Uhm, Alex?” he said, shyly.

“What’s up, Kit?” he said, enthusiastically—always keen to speak to the muscle stud.

“I was wondering—do you want to study with me in the Captain’s bedroom tonight? Uhm—there’s a maths problem I need some help with.”

“Of course, happy to!” Alex said excitedly, his blue eyes sparkling as the light fell through a window across his freckle covered face and making his hair look almost fire-y.

They quickly made their way to the bedroom. Before Alex even had a chance to ask a question about maths, Kit had pushed him against the wall and started to kiss him.

When the kiss finally broke, Kit could feel Alex was already aroused, the lycra tights unable to conceal his hardening cock.

“There is no maths is there?” Alex asked.

“How did you guess?” Kit answered before kissing him again. “The seniors are out at training tonight so I thought we could get some alone time.”

“I thought you’d never ask!”

“I had to wait till you were fully grown. And with those tits…”

Kit didn’t finish his sentence, getting distracted by the magnificent lycra-clad pecs. He massaged them gently, feeling the strong muscles move, twitch and flex under his hands.

“I loved yours the moment I saw you with those huge tits. But I never thought mine would get close in size!”

“Everyone will have big tits. Although I suspect mine may stay the biggest. They had to resize the seniors because mine got so much bigger!”

“Really? That’s crazy. I’m glad they did though, we all look incredible.”

“Aren’t we lucky to be at this school.”

Kit took Alex’s hand and walked him over to his bed. He laid down, dragging Alex on top of him.

“Show off that body for me then!” Kit said eagerly.

Alex obeyed and quickly stripped. His tits looked ever more magnificent uncovered, the deep crevice impressing Kit greatly. He could see himself fucking that.

His tights followed exposing an incredible pair of legs. The serum definitely made sure no one missed leg day. Underneath lay a plain white jockstrap with a huge bulge.

“So how big did your cock get?” Kit asked, cheekily.

“See for yourself.” Alex pulled his cock and balls out of his jockstrap.

It almost seemed to fall down, the long shaft dangling towards his knees—at least 16 inches long. His balls were the size of oranges.

“I’m not sure how proportional I am to the others! It seems obscenely huge, but for all I know I am the smallest of the class!”

“Well, let’s measure it, then. There’s a tape measure in the top drawer over there.”

Alex jumped up and grabbed the tape measure. “Measure it for me?” He asked.

Kit eagerly accepted the tape measure and stretched it from the base to the tip of the cock. “16.2 inches. Not bad at all!”

“What about yours then?” Alex asked eagerly.

Kit unfolded his own massive cock out of his lycra and jockstrap. “Measure yourself!”

Alex’s eyes grew wide, shocked by the length and thickness of his friend’s cock. He grabbed the tape measure. “18 inches exactly.”

Kit realised that that was a full inch bigger than it was when he had just been grown…

“Fuck! That means I am not at all the biggest and this is very normal, if not small!” Alex continued excitedly.

“I guess it just depends on how big it is when you get hard?” Kit said quickly.

Kit didn’t warn Alex any further, but instead pushed the ginger stud onto the bed and took his still-soft cock into his mouth. He quickly pushed it to the back of his throat, making sure he showed Alex the skills his throat had to offer.

“Fuuuuuuuck! That’s incredible!”

Kit pulled off for a second. “The growth serum they’ve given us also makes sure we can take the massive cocks we all have!”

He quickly went back to work, passionately sucking the hardening dick. For Alex, it was the best blowjob he had ever had. He had never been exceptionally well-hung, but plenty of guys had struggled to deepthroat him properly. Kit took it to a new level and it massaged and pleasured him in all the right places.

Once his cock was rock hard, Kit pulled off again. He grabbed the tape measure again and placed it carefully along the shaft.

“20.4 inches.” Kit said, sounding impressed. “That’s bigger than a lot of the guys!”

“Yeah?” Alex said surprised.

“Well, Tyrone is 19 inches, for example.”

Alex smiled happily. He was kind of happy he was bigger than such a black muscle god.

“So, who’s the biggest then?”

Kit couldn’t help but smile shyly.

“What?” Alex asked, a bit confused when Kit didn’t answer. “Is it you?”

“Well, I think I am joint title-holder.”

“With who?” Alex said surprised.

“His name is Darius. He’s the captain of the football team.”

“Oh, fuck yeah! He’s so hot!”

“And a very aggressive fucker…” Kit said, not really thinking.

“Oh, I bet!” Alex said, laughing “Anyways, how big are you?”

“Big enough! But find out for yourself.”

And so the ginger stud went to work. He opened his mouth wide to let the head of Kit’s cock slide in. To Alex’s surprise, the first six inches really went easily and even after that he just gently pushed forwards.

Kit could see more and more of his cock disappear deep into Alex’s throat and he moaned as his cock started to harden.

“You can do it, Alex!” he said, encouragingly.

Alex pushed on as perhaps over half the length of Kit’s fat cock had disappeared down his throat.

“Fuck yeah Alex. Keep going, push on!”

And so he did. Alex pushed through, still not getting a gagging sensation. Over 18 inches had now slid into this throat, Kit’s cock fully hard.

“You could take a break now so we can measure it?” Kit asked, wanting to give Alex a moment to breath.

But Alex was determined to take the full shaft. Kit could see he had another five inches to go and could see the handsome ginger stud struggling to take it.

He pushed on like a champ though and slowly but surely the inches disappeared down Alex’s throat. Alex wasn’t gagging yet, the length was not the problem. But stretching his throat to fit the fat rod was the real challenge and took some real slow working up to.

Kit waited patiently though and despite the fact it took a bit of time, it felt incredible. Most guys who had sucked him off, were very experienced with sucking big cocks even if Kit’s was perhaps the biggest.

He also realised that his own talent was a bit unprecedented, and Alex’s efforts were probably a far better reflection of how the other newly grown students had dealt with such massive dicks.

After perhaps ten minutes, the last five inches had also managed to slide into Alex’s ever widening throat. Kit could almost feel Alex sigh with relief around his cock as his nose touched Kit’s pubes.

Kit pulled out gently, letting Alex readjust to an empty breathing way. His rock-hard cock bouncing as it left Alex’s mouth.

“Well done!” Kit said excitedly.

“Thanks, I am glad I pushed through! It was worth it. It actually felt amazing to take it all.”

“Go on then! Measure it!”

Alex grabbed the tape measure and rolled it out along the shaft.

“24 inches! Fuck!”

Kit smiled proudly.

“I can’t believe you’re that big, Kit. How is it even possible?”

“Well, we’re all grown into full-blown studs here, you have realised that surely?”

“Oh, I know that. Although I am not sure why…”

“I think none of us are likely to fall back into lives of crime, don’t you think?

“I suppose so.” Alex said, thinking deeply.

“Anyways, handsome. Did you want to do more than suck cock?” Kit asked, somewhat cheekily.

Alex’s eyes lit up. “Of course! I’d like you to fuck me too… ?” He sounded a bit unsure, but excited at the same time.

“Are you sure?” Kit asked, hesitating a bit.

“Yes. I need to get opened up eventually.”

Kit smiled. It seemed Alex already had a hunch of how this school worked. He grabbed some lube as Alex sat on the bed on all fours.

“This shouldn’t hurt too much but it may a little…” Kit said, trying to put Alex at ease.

“I’ve taken plenty of dick in my ass to know this is going to fucking hurt!”

Kit giggled. Alex was probably right, he thought, as he lubed up his cock. He also generously squirted some on the twitching hole underneath him and could feel his own cock bounce with excitement.

He gently inserted his finger, but quickly realised that it definitely wasn’t a virgin ass. Alex seemed very used to taking cock and so Kit couldn’t help but oblige.

With a gentle push, he forced the massive head of his cock in. With a bit of resistance, Alex’s hole spread apart and allowed the invasion. He could hear the ginger stud moan as he pushed in but he never whimpered, let alone ask him to stop.

“Fuck, your ass feels so good! Tight but not too tight!”

“I’m glad you like it. Not everyone appreciates an ass that’s been fucked open.”

“Well, the guys here all get used to it. These cocks leave you no choice!”

He pushed in further, inch after inch disappearing deep into Alex’s ass. Until he suddenly seemed to hit a wall.

Kit had an idea. “Are you ready for this?” He asked, placing his hands on Alex’s shoulders.

Alex just nodded, suspecting what was coming.

With one strong thrust, Kit pushed in harder than he had so far. Successfully too, as his cock slid in a few more inches. With only two left he started to fuck him, gently at first.

Alex moaned loudly, captivated by Kit’s huge cock. He knew Kit hadn’t managed to get all the way in and that this was just another way of forcing his ass to stretch.

Slowly, Kit picked up the pace. Fucking harder and harder each time his cock went in. He allowed almost the entire length to come out before forcing it back in rougher and more aggressively every time.

Until suddenly Alex felt Kit’s balls slam against his. The low-hanging monsters smacked hard and were the clear sign that Kit had managed to get in all the way.

“That’s it! Very well done!” He said excitedly.

“Thanks Kit, it’s quite the feeling.”

Kit smiled. He could only imagine how huge his cock must feel but the thought only turned him on more as he could feel his own ass twitch around the butt-plug.

And so he began to fuck in earnest, passionately, hard, rough. As Alex moaned and squirmed, Kit got more and more turned on by the sight of the incredible muscle stud at the mercy of his huge cock.

“Fuck yeah boy. Take it!”

“Fuck yeah! You feel so good inside me!”

Just as Kit could feel that he was reaching the climax, he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was DeShawn.

“Don’t stop for my sake boy. I didn’t realise you were still going.”

He didn’t say much else as Kit continued to fuck. Alex looked somewhat surprised, but had an obvious longing look on his face when he saw DeShawn.

Kit smiled when he realised what DeShawn had planned.

“Come on boy!” He said to Alex, pulling his head up by his hair.

DeShawn had stripped off with just his massive cock dangling in front of Alex’s eyes.

“Suck it then!” DeShawn said aggressively.

Alex didn’t hesitate for another moment, swiftly wrapping his head around the thick shaft and letting it slide deep into his throat. Rapidly, the 21 inches disappeared deep into the junior as he the ass fucking continued as ferociously as before.

“Fuck Sir! He loves all this cock!”

“He reminds me a bit of you, boy.”

Kit just nodded and smiled. He was quite proud of his position.

As soon as Alex managed to take the whole length of the shaft, DeShawn grabbed his head and started to fuck his throat. Hard. It was an incredible sight to see and for Kit enough to send him over the edge.

“Fuck Sir! I’m gonna cum!”

“Fuck yeah boy, breed him!”

And so he did. His balls erupted and shot stream after stream of hot white cum deep into Alex’s bubble butt.

“Fuuuuuuuuck that feels good!” Kit exclaimed as more cum kept flowing from his hard cock.

“My turn now!” DeShawn said, excitedly.

Kit quickly pulled out, leaving Alex’s hole gaping and gagging for more. DeShawn roughly shoved his own cock in, noticing Kit had generously opened him up.

Kit laid down underneath Alex, taking his massive 20 inches into his mouth and letting it slide down his throat. Alex couldn’t resist the big cock in front of him and quickly returned the favour.

As DeShawn fucked, Kit kept sucking passionately. He had no idea how long Alex and him were int he 69 position. Or what time it was when DeShawn eventually bred Alex. But he knew that when the time came, Alex’s balls also burst open, flooding his stomach and throat with one of the biggest loads he had ever swallowed. And his own cock returned the favour, having been expertly worked up by Alex’s throat.

The three muscle studs collapsed, exhausted.

“Fuck, that was the best sex I ever had” Alex said with a big, content sigh.

“Oh and the sex here just keeps getting better and better,” Kit said with a big smile.

“You bet! But now it’s time for us all to get to bed,” DeShawn said, suddenly getting up.

Alex started to get got dressed in his uniform, the cum dripping from his ass leaving big stains.

“You can stay Alex! We can share my bed?” Kit looked questioningly at DeShawn.

“Go for it guys,” he answered with a smile.

Alex enthusiastically got into bed with Kit.

“Good night,” he said to Kit, giving him a big kiss on the cheek.

“Good night, handsome,” Kit replied, pulling him in for a passionate kiss.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Over the following weeks, more and more of the juniors seemed to become fully grown. Each of them had an amazing set of tits and each of them seemed keen for sex.

It was DeShawn and Kit’s duty to have it with them. It was an almost vital part of the process and it completed the transformation. Of course, they happily obliged.

It surprised Kit a bit that Lee had perhaps turned out to be the roughest top he had come across yet. Previously, the lanky Asian didn’t look like he had it him in but his personality seemed to have grown as rapidly as his body had, especially considering his new 22-inch monster.

Zac, however, turned out to almost have changed the least. The previously shy twink had grown immensely and at least was now a ‘twunk’ but his face hadn’t aged a minute and he could still pass for well under 18.

When Saturday approached it was finally time for another training session with the seniors. It was always a treat to see them all dressed in their leotards, their tits causing the fabric to stretch and their cocks leaving obscene bulges.

When the seniors came in, the juniors had already been going for a while, still perfecting their technique. They quickly joined and Kit couldn’t help but smile, seeing all that muscle on display.

“Now, thank you all for coming together so promptly today!” Mr Cutler said loudly, causing everyone to stop chatting.

“It’s important that we have these regular sessions together, especially as we start to get into competition season.”

It was dead quiet. The juniors hadn’t heard much about competitions so far so this was something to really pay attention to.

“We aim to enter as many of you into local and regional competitions as possible. So don’t be afraid if you’re not selected for a competition and you lose out. The key is that you know the technique and that you can perform well. It is not a question of who is the strongest or who is the most muscular.” He looked around. “Now. Are there any questions?”

It was Matt who raised his hand.

“Mr McHaughton.”

“Sir. Who are the schools we will be competing against?”

“We won’t be competing against schools. We are entering individual competitions. This means you won’t be competing as a team and you will technically not even be representing the school.”

This seemed to shock the juniors, but of course the seniors didn’t bat an eyelid.

“Now. Does anyone want to tell me if I seemed to have left of any information?” he asked—rather cryptically.

It was a senior this time who raised his hand. Two in fact.

“Yes, Misters Okimura.”

The Japanese twins spoke softly.

“Sir, I believe what you have failed to mention…” “Presumably for dramatic effect.”

They were finishing each other’s sentences…

“Is that we will not be competing in weightlifting.” they said in unison.

“That’s right! Well said, Misters Okimura.”

“What will we be competing in then?” asked Jonathan, almost sounding stressed.

“We have been building your bodies for exactly this purpose. Bodybuilding.”

There were a few gasps amongst the juniors. But Kit wasn’t surprised. Not at all actually. Instead, it just meant all the pieces had fallen into place in his head. Of course this wasn’t weightlifting! Why spend so much time on technique and not on the actual weight! And all the pictures of bodybuilders!

“Now, we’ll be continuing your morning muscle development sessions. Some of the other sports will seize to do these but they’re a vital part of the bodybuilding programme. We will use your evening training sessions to practice posing. Crucially, these joint training sessions will be used to judge each other’s techniques and to give pointers to one another. Understood?”

Everyone nodded. Most of the guys seemed much more excited about this than they were about weightlifting!

“Now—DeShawn, would you mind issuing the training uniforms?”

DeShawn happily obliged and grabbed a box from the corner of the room.

“Mr Brewer!” he said loudly, and Alex eagerly ran forward to pick up the new garment. Kit couldn’t see what it was.

“Davis!” Kit ran up as well, quickly collecting it before returning to his spot.

He examined the fabric and instantly realised what it was. It was a posing strap. In fact, he was holding two, a red one and a white one.

When everyone had their straps, Mr Cutler spoke again.

“We’ve issued you all with these posing straps. There are two pairs, one for training here—that’s the white one—and one for competitions, that’s the red one. We’ve equipped the red ones with some necessary features. It reduces the size of your bulge—not your actual cock—to look a bit more modest. We also realised that the new size of all your tits may be a bit too much for the competition, although of course the general definition and shape is perfect. So this suit also reduces the size of your pecs a bit, to make them a bit more realistically sized.”

The excitement of the boys was easy to feel.

“The white one you have to wear in the gym here,” the Coach finished. “You can also wear it during muscle development, or even in competition weeks throughout the school. Your bulge will look insane in them—but that’s part of the fun. Now, let’s get on with it!”


Chapter 9: Competition Prep

Most juniors seemed far more surprised by the truth of the ‘weightlifting’ team than Kit. Some were even really frustrated. Kit had to disagree with them though. Their new bodies were incredibly sculpted, muscular and godlike frames that made far more sense for bodybuilding than it did for weightlifting. Looking at pictures of weightlifters, they were usually quite chunky—very muscular—but chunky. No, it really made so much sense that their bodies were built for this.

And Kit was ecstatic. After that practice where they found out he and DeShawn had excitedly walked upstairs.

“You don’t seem to mind one bit?” DeShawn had asked.

“Why would I? It makes so much sense!”

“But don’t you feel that as captain you had a right to know earlier. That’s what I felt for sure.”

“Maybe—I hadn’t considered that. But…” He thought for a moment, “I think not. It made sense for us to only find out once all the juniors were at a good size. Which we now are!”

“Well, I suspect you’ll get to compete early on with your body. I did as well last year.”

“Good, I’m excited!”

They had entered the captain’s bedroom, Kit still holding his posing trunks in his hands. He had barely had a chance to look at them.

Rather than practice posing themselves, the rest of the joint training session had involved Mr Cutler explaining how competitions worked and had even asked the seniors to put on a bit of a posing routine, although the seniors had just stripped down to their jockstraps.

“Try the white one on then,” DeShawn said as he noticed Kit looking at them.

Kit smiled and stripped off his lycra uniform, followed by his jockstrap. He slid the white fabric over his big muscular legs and pulled it up.

He really had to work hard to get his cock to fit into the pouch, almost rolling it up and doing his best to stretch the fabric.

“I would’ve thought they were custom made for us so it would’ve been a bit easier to fit in,” Kit said, somewhat surprised.

“They have definitely been custom made but everyone will struggle as hard as you are to get the cock and balls in. It makes the bulge look bigger.”

Kit smiled. Of course it did.

Once he had managed, he walked over to the full-length mirror and looked at himself.

The posing strap beautifully highlighted his incredible physique. The high fit on the waist meant his legs looked even bigger than he could imagine. The bulge did look obscene, protruding out from his crotch at least five inches. Only his tits came out further.

He turned around and looked at his reflection over his shoulder. To his surprise, it was a thong! How had he not realised?

“Does everyone get issued a thong?” he asked, somewhat dumbstruck.

“Oh definitely. We’re the gutsiest bodybuilders on stage. Try on the red one too!”

Kit did as he was told, somewhat nervous about what he would see.

Once he managed to tuck his cock into the pouch and the straps had straddled his thick thighs, Kit felt an odd sensation. It was as though someone was pushing a heavy weight onto Kit’s chest. He looked down and was shocked to the volume of his tits decrease. Yet somehow, their brilliant, sculpted quality didn’t seem to change. They seemed to remain the same immense proportions while being definitely smaller.

The bulge was also a lot smaller than it had been in a number of weeks. Yet it was bigger than most bodybuilder’s bulges Kit had seen in pictures.

He smiled, and DeShawn did too. He looked good and DeShawn agreed.

“You’re going to look incredible competing! I can’t wait to see you win.”

“You reckon I will?” Kit asked, unsure of his chances.

“You’ve got the most perfect body this school has ever produced. No one is in a better position to win competitions than you. And I have won a few competitions myself and I don’t know why you wouldn’t beat me.”

“Can I see you with your red posing strap on?” Kit asked DeShawn.

“I don’t see why not.”

DeShawn rummaged around his wardrobe and found it a few seconds later. He slid off his uniform and quickly stepped into it. He was clearly a bit more experienced putting it on than Kit was.

Within a few quick seconds, his dick seemed to have been swallowed up by the tight fitting thong, the straps covered pulled up over his thighs.

Kit stared, still somewhat in disbelief as DeShawn’s tits underwent the same transformation as his had. The bulge and tits remained in perfect proportion to his body, yet looked slightly less absurdly huge.

Safe to say it was another night spent having hot steamy sex.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

On Monday was the first junior training after the recent revelation. Kit was excited to see what would happen.

When they had just gathered in the locker room, and were at various stages of undress, Mr Cutler poked his head in.

“There’s a few training posing straps in that box in the corner. If you could all wear those today please instead of your uniform ones. I need to get you started on posing and these will help.”

Kit brought the box into the middle and let the guys choose first. He was left with a rather small looking silver strap. He slipped it on and spent a few minutes tucking his cock and balls into the pouch.

It was another thong, but rather than working like the red strap he already had, it almost seemed to have the opposite effect. He could almost feel any body fat melting away, while his muscles seemed to gain a bit of additional definition. It gave him just that edge that brought him from gym bunny to bodybuilder.

The other straps seemed to have the same effect on Kit’s classmates. He couldn’t help but smile and get slightly turned on at the sight. All the guys looked even more incredible than usual.

Kit walked into the gym, followed by the rest of the group. As they had gotten used to by now, they lined up in front of Mr Cutler. He was sporting a posing strap himself, although it was a bit more modest than those issued to the team.

“Okay! Welcome guys to your first bodybuilding session.”

The group went silent.

“I know not all of you are probably as enthusiastic about this revelation, but this is exactly what we’ve been programming your bodies to achieve. And I can already tell you that you all look incredible and I expect some great results from you.”

As he spoke, he looked at every single one of the guys but as he said the last few words, yet Kit couldn’t help but feel his eyes were primarily focussed on him.

“Now. It’s important you know what happens next. We’ll be adjusting your food and training regime over the coming weeks. Your first competition is in six weeks time. Normal bodybuilders have much longer to prepare for these.

“We have an agreement with the organisers of the competition that we can enter 10 students maximum. At this point it’s likely that all eight seniors will enter, so two of you will be eligible to join them. It all depends on how well you do in the next few weeks. We’ll make the final selection two weeks before the competition.

“It’s vital that between now and then, you all get competition ready. This means we start by adjusting your diet. We will aim for more of a lean diet. We’ll be cutting out virtually all carbohydrates and all snacks. It will be a tough few weeks ahead, as we will no longer be serving you dessert, for example. We’ve given you special posing straps for now that show what your body will be like when we’ve cut out all excess fat and sculpted those muscles just a bit more.

“I expect that if you have any issues, you come and talk to me or Kit or DeShawn. We’re all here to support you and we will get through this. Both DeShawn and Kit will be doing this themselves as well so will also be struggling. As a matter of fact, I’ll be joining you for the first competition as well.

“We’ll also be increasing your calorie use during the day. That means you’ll be expected to do more cardio. You’ll be joining the swimming team two nights a week. One of those nights is in addition to your training in here, so don’t get complacent! And be good to the swimmers as they’ve got meets coming up too and are working hard to prepare.

“Finally, it is vital you keep up academic performance. As all sports go into competitions, you must be aware that teachers are encouraged to administer regular pop quizzes to ensure you maintain your grades.”

The group was somewhat shocked when Mr Cutler stopped speaking. This was serious! Even Kit, who had heard it all before during his regular catch ups with DeShawn and Mr Cutler hadn’t heard it said quite so strongly.

“Right. We’re going to teach you the poses. I have asked DeShawn to help me model them for you as we go through.”

DeShawn entered, wearing a deep blue posing strap and looking hotter than ever.

“Now, this competition involves eight mandatory poses in a set order. It starts with the front lat spread. The idea of this pose is that you make your waist look smaller and your lats wider.”

Both Mr Cutler and DeShawn hit the pose. DeShawn stayed in position as Mr Cutler relaxed and talked.

“As you can see—you flex the legs with your hands just placed above the hips. You’ll be oiled up during competition so be aware that you can’t rely on your hands gripping on to your legs.

“As you can see, DeShawn has put his thumbs around his waist, effectively locking his hands in place by also pushing his fists into his body.

“Now push your shoulders down, and then your elbows forward. Now time to try, and hold. DeShawn and I will come round inspecting you and correcting your technique.”

Everyone did as they were told and DeShawn and coach walked around.

“Try not to shrug, Kit,” Mr Cutler said. “Push those shoulders down. It’s easier if you just start again.”

Kit struck the pose again.

“Very good, but make sure you flex everything. It’ll take some getting used to.”

Kit kept practicing as Mr Cutler continued on. After about ten minutes of continuously striking the pose, DeShawn reached him.

“Almost, just focus a bit more on your best feature. Really push those tits out.”

Kit did as he was told.

“Perfect! Don’t you think so, Coach?”

Mr Cutler came over to have a look. “Very good indeed! Well done Mr Davis.”

The rest of the training session was spent learning the front double bicep. Kit noticed many were struggling to get even these two poses done, as it was a real challenge for the guys to flex this much when they were simply not used to it. And as their muscularity didn’t come from years in the gym but instead just a few months and some unknown substance it took most people a bit longer to perfect each individual pose.

“It takes a while to get used to posing. Thankfully you have us to teach and Mr Davis is doing very well on these so far too.”

He pointed at Kit who was still standing in double bicep, his chest massively inflated and his arms bulging.

“Don’t forget, you’re swimming for half an hour tomorrow after training here. You can use your posing trunks as swimming trunks too! Now, off to bed with you!”

Kit smiled. He felt better and better about his potential as a bodybuilder.

“Hey Alex—what do you think of this all so far?” he asked as he caught up with the ginger stud.

“I fucking love it! I don’t think I am nearly as good as you are but I have never felt better about myself than doing this. I can’t wait compete, even if I don’t make the first competition!”

“What do you mean, you don’t think you’re nearly as good as I am! I am sure you’ll be ready for the first competition!”

“No way! You had both those poses fully under control. But the rest of us aren’t used to these muscular bodies yet. It’s far more difficult for me to control what my muscles are doing at this point in time. I’ll get there, no doubt! But I could see Lee was doing a much better job than I was.”

“Really? I didn’t see him from where I was.”

“Honestly, keep an eye on him. He’s going to be a star in this team! Besides you of course” He added hastily when he saw Kit’s worried face.

The next morning at breakfast, Kit couldn’t help but quickly speak to Declan, the Irish senior swimming captain. Kit hadn’t had much contact with him, even at the cottage, but he seemed a nice guy.

“Hey Declan,” he said, sitting next to him.

“Hey Kit, how’s it going?” he said jovially, his Irish accent making Kit melt.

“Yeah good! I am so excited to start competing. I just wanted say, we’re joining the swimming team tonight for practice for the last half hour I believe. Is it both seniors and juniors together?”

He looked at his schedule. “Let’s see, tonight is Tuesday…” He looked up and looked at Kit apologetically. “Sorry it changes week by week so I never know!” he looked back at his schedule.

“Tonight is both of us. And I am guessing you’re joining us on Thursday as well? That’s just the seniors actually. Why do you ask?”

“Mostly curiosity. Although it would be nice to know if there are options after…” He said with a mischievous smile on his face.

“How about this. Tonight, after practice, come to the Captain’s lounge.”

Kit looked confused.

“You don’t know about the captain’s lounge yet?” Declan said, correctly interpreting Kit’s confused face.

“Uhm… no!”

“That explains why we haven’t seen you there yet! I will definitely show you tonight then! It’s so odd but come to think, we don’t see DeShawn much either.”

The day was fairly uneventful. In training that evening, they continued to work on the first to poses, while Mr Cutler had asked for Raymond’s help. He had decided that Kit could learn a bit quicker than the rest and by the end of the shorter training session he seemed to have a hang of the side chest.

“Right juniors, off to the swimming pool with you! You can walk across without changing. Raymond—do you mind showing the way?”

In their posing straps they walked across the school. They didn’t see anyone en route, for which Kit was quite thankful. He wasn’t sure if he was ready for the whole school to see them in their bodybuilding attire yet.

“Here it is guys. Enjoy!”

As they went in Mr Matos, the Brazilian coach, was already waiting for them. The swimming team seemed to be getting on with their practice, not needing their coach’s support for the final half hour.

“All right guys. I won’t make this too difficult. Firstly, your shakes have taught you all to swim, in case you couldn’t. Secondly, we’ll be doing a training session involving all four strokes. So please follow the board over there, starting with 200m freestyle. There are some spare goggles over there you can borrow.”

Kit read the board. 200m freestyle, 200m backstroke, 200m freestyle, 100m breaststroke and 50m of butterfly. Keeping it simple… Kit thought to himself, rather skeptical.

As it happened, the session went by much easier and quicker than expected. Most of the guys had even managed to get through the whole programme once, and, as instructed, had started to do it in the reverse direction.

When coach Matos blew the whistle, they all climbed out of the pool. It was the first time since the cottage that Kit had seen so much of the swimmers’ skin. Their multiple abs glistened as they came out of the water, most having 12 and some even 14 packs. The dark grey speedos beautifully accentuated both the legs and the abs. And the bulges were quite a sight to behold too.

They all walked into the changing room together where a few extra towels were waiting for the bodybuilders. As they rinsed the chlorine of their bodies and dried off, Kit started chatting to Cameron, the beautiful mixed-race junior captain.

“How are you finding it so far?” he asked.

“Oh god. It’s amazing! I have never been so focussed in my life and I actually feel like I have a purpose. Mr Matos says we’re in top shape and bound to win the competition this year. What about you? I gather you’re not actually weightlifters?”

“Nope indeed. Bodybuilders instead. I don’t mind though! I seem to have a talent for it and I feel so good showing off these muscles.” He couldn’t resist striking a front lat spread.

“You look good, that’s for sure! I am sure you’ll take the stage by storm.”

“Oh I don’t know! The seniors are very good.”

“I am sure they are, but none of them are as beautifully sculpted as you.”

Kit blushed but thankfully Cameron looked away to focus on changing back into his uniform.

“You joining us Cameron?” Said Declan suddenly from behind Kit.

“Oh yeah, definitely!”

Kit smiled. He was quite as enthusiastic as Cameron.

“Come on then. We better get going if we don’t want to be too late.”

They walked through the corridors of the massive school. Kit still didn’t really have a sense of where everything was. It was just so big!

“I am so confused you don’t know about this. You should really ask your coach why that is. It’s a great space,” Declan said as they walked through the deserted corridors.

“Yeah it really is great! And we have a tonne of fun in there. You’d be very popular in there I am sure,” Cameron said with a broad smile on his face. “You do at least know about the bathroom right?”

“Oh yeah I know about that one. I have used it a few times late at night actually to get a bit of peace and quiet.”

“I haven’t found much peace and quiet there myself,” Cameron said with a cheeky grin.

“Maybe I’ve been going at the wrong time,” Kit said, smirking. It sounded like he could learn something from these two studs.

They suddenly stopped at the end of a deserted corridor, Declan standing in front of an opulent golden-framed mirror. He pushed gently on the edge of the frame and the whole mirror popped forward allowing him to put his hand behind the frame and pulling it open like a door.

When they stepped inside, Kit realised he had stepped into the grandest room of all the ones he had seen in the school so far. It was a large open space with a thick red carpet on the floor and heavy burgundy curtains framing the windows. Surprisingly, the walls were covered in a dark brown leather, the soft texture making the room feel even more luxurious.

The beautiful furniture was ample, but not too much. There was enough sofa space by the windows for all twelve captains. On the far side there was a large hard wood dining table surrounded by fourteen chairs and flanked on each side by large servers.

“You like it?” Cameron asked, rather rhetorically. Kit’s facial expression said enough.

“This is incredible!”

“And it’s not all,” Declan said mysteriously.

Kit just looked at him, abashed.

“Come on. We may as well show you.”

The two swimming studs walked over to a set of double doors. Cameron dramatically opened both doors at the same time, pushing them open into the next space.

If possible, Kit’s jaw dropped even further. He was looking at what had to be one of the best equipped and most luxurious sex spaces he had ever seen. The opulence continued, with black leather panels covering the walls and ceiling. Thick heavy black curtains hung by the windows to provide privacy.

Carpets would have been silly in this space and its designers realised that. Instead, the floor was made from a beautiful black marble that would be easy to wipe clean.

Despite the dark colours, there was plenty of lighting throughout the room. A false ceiling meant a strip of light shone down the walls throughout the room and every area seemed to have its own unique lighting fixture.

It was only then that Kit began to take in the furniture. On the walls hung at least three St Andrew’s crosses. The ceiling was hung with heavy shackles, ropes and other bondage equipment. A set of cages stood furthest away from the window, of various heights and widths. Four slings hung in the middle of the room, the heads meeting in the centre of space. By the window stood a large bed with leather sheets and several bondage chairs.

“Fuck!” Kit said, unable to believe this eyes.

“Oh yes!” Declan said with a smile. “This is definitely the best room in the school.”

Kit started to walk around the room. It was only as he did so that he noticed that there were shelves throughout. Some contained a whole range of bondage hoods. Others contained folded clothing items, at least one of which looked like a straight jacket. Another contained meters and meters of rope. Finally, Kit noticed the shelving unit on the opposite side of the door, behind the slings. It contained the largest imaginable collection of butt toys. Dildos, buttplugs, vibrators, fisting gloves. Everything a big bottom could dream of. Although Kit also realised he could disregard about half, as the buttplug currently in his ass was already bigger.

“This is incredible,” Kit said again, having walked around the entire room.

“Isn’t it?” Cameron said with a smile. “We spend many a Sunday afternoon here.”

“I bet!” Kit said with a grin on his face.

“Sometimes we even come on Saturday evening and have dinner here and not leave until Sunday night.”

“Really? That’s possible? I always just assumed we missed you at dinner.”

“Haha! We were never there. Join us this weekend?”

“I will! Although I’ll have to find out why I didn’t know about this.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that tonight,” Declan said kindly, pressing his amazing swimmer’s body against Kit’s bodybuilder’s. He gently placed his lips on Kit’s, who eagerly returned the kiss.

When they broke, it was Declan who spoke. “So. You’re DeShawn’s boy, right? He must’ve turned you into a very kinky slut.”


Chapter 10: Captain’s Privileges

Kit smiled. He couldn’t deny it. The buttplug in his ass was proof of it.

“Yes Sir,” was all the reply he could muster.

“I see. Cameron? What do you think we should do with him first?”

“Uhm, I dunno. He spent a lot of time looking at the ass toys.”

“He did, didn’t he?” Declan muttered to himself. “All right. Ass wrecking it is. Jump in a sling and we’ll get to work.”

Kit happily obeyed, feeling the soft leather underneath his bulging muscles. As he lay down, Declan put his ankles in restraints and put a padlock on them, followed by his wrists.

“God, you really look great after your transformation. Your biceps are just incredible!” Declan said as Kit involuntarily flexed his muscles as his arms were bound above his head.

Kit grinned. “Thanks! I am quite shocked by how good it looks!”

Cameron came back with a few tools in his hands.

“God, he really does look great, doesn’t he Declan?” The swim stud said appreciatively. “What do you reckon we should do first?”

“Well—definitely start with a blindfold!” Declan smiled.

Kit didn’t object. He was quite keen to find out how it would feel without being able to see what was happening.

So as he accepted his fate, he could feel the plug in his ass twitch, his ass clearly hungry.

With a quick motion it was suddenly pulled out. Kit gasped, not expecting such sudden stimulation. It was rapidly replaced by what felt like a warm cock. He couldn’t tell who it was but he moaned loudly as the huge cock invaded him.

Kit couldn’t help but smirk in his head. All these cocks here were huge and yet their feeling and sensation never got old. The intense feeling caused by their size flowed through his entire body, sending waves of pleasure from his toes to his head.

“Fuck! That’s it…” Cameron moaned as the big cock started to slide in and out. Two big, strong hands grabbed onto his huge tits, starting to massage his big nipples and feeling every muscle and crevice.

Kit moaned even louder. He loved getting his tits massaged.

“Fuck you love getting those breasts played with don’t you?” Declan asked.

Kit was surprised. No one had called them breasts before. Muscle tits—sure. But breasts? Although thinking about it he probably had to accept his fate that they had become properly like breasts. And really, he didn’t mind so he nodded.

“They feel so good!” He said through a moan.

Declan laughed. “They look it too! I am glad they make you strut your stuff more. I wonder what will happen when we go on our first trip outside of the school?”

The big, fat cock continued to pound away as Declan was talking. Kit was slightly distracted, however, by what Declan had said.

“The first trip out of the school?”

“Yeah, we usually spend the Christmas holidays in the school’s villa on the beach in Southern California. It gets way too cold here to enjoy Christmas.”

“Wait—what? We don’t get to go home for Christmas?” The fucking continued but Kit was getting really confused now.

“Oh no, you don’t get to see your family again until two weeks during the summer holidays. Teaching stops but sports never do. But when we’re out in California we spend a lot of time on the beach, picking up hot guys.”

Kit tried to respond but at that moment Cameron (because Declan was clearly not fucking him with all the talking) really decided to speed up. He was tired of the talking and started to ram his cock in hard and fast.

Declan laughed again and Kit could sense him walking around the sling. He put his hands on tits and started to massage them, and as Kit flexed them under the ginger’s strong hands he heard Declan let out a moan.

“Fuck me. These tits are so perfect. Do you think they’re perfect Cameron?”

“I dunno Dec. I think they could be a bit bigger…”

Cameron had stopped momentarily and suddenly Kit could feel the pressure of two cocks at his hole.

“Sorry, I wanna see what your ass can take. I’m just using a strap on to DP you.” Kit could almost hear the smirk on Cameron’s face.

With a strong push he forced both his cock and the toy in. Cameron gasped at the ease with which both battering rams entered.

“Fuck me this guy is a loose bitch!” Cameron said excitedly.

“Wow Kit, that really is some skill. DeShawn must have ruined your ass by now!”

Kit just smiled. He was proud of his body and what he could do with it.

“Come on Cameron, you’ve been going for a while! If I’m not careful I won’t be able to feel the sides!”

“Shut up, Dec! You’ll still get to fuck him senseless.”

But Kit knew Cameron was almost there. He picked up the pace one last time and with another few strokes Kit could feel his cock swell up.

“Fuck Kit, take it boy! Take it!”

With that the magnificent cock erupted deep inside him, flooding him with hot, thick cum.

“Fuck yeah Cameron! Fill me up!” Kit said eagerly.

Cameron pulled out and Declan quickly came round and shoved his cock in, in one swift motion. Kit was expecting it this time and let out a slight moan as Declan grabbed his huge tits and started to fuck him while holding onto them.

“Fuck Dec! You really love those breasts don’t you?” Cameron asked, almost in a mocking tone.

“You fucking bet Cameron! They’re the most beautiful breasts I’ve ever seen. I’ve never even seen a woman with breasts this perfect.”

Kit could sense he was blushing. He tried to hide his face as Declan started to pick up the pace, all the while massaging his tits. His prostate felt more swollen than it had ever been, over stimulated by the constant assault of the huge cocks. But Kit eagerly took it, greatly enjoying the incredible feeling.

He must have passed out at some point because a little while later he was conscious that Cameron was fucking him again, with Declan standing at his head, tweaking his nipples.

“Oh look who’s awake again. Sorry, but you looked so comfortable with dick in your ass we decided to continue.”

Kit smiled, still half asleep. He was glad the guys kept going. He could feel his own cock rock hard, leaking on his washboard abs.

The stimulation of his prostate and his nipples was getting very intense. He moaned loudly as the pounding continued.

“Fuck guys keep using me, I think I’m about to cum.”

As Cameron slammed into him again and Declan continued to massage his tits, Kit could feel his massive balls starting to erupt. Without touching his dick he exploded. Shot after shot of cum erupted, first hitting Declan before covering Kit’s own face.

“Fuuuuuck boy that’s it! Fuck yeah!” Cameron said enthusiastically as he picked up the pace. The heightened sensation now that he’d cum was almost too intense for Kit but he kept taking it as Declan stroked his own hard dick and kept massaging his huge tits.

It went on for longer than he expected. It went on so long that he could slowly feel his cock hardening again, the plural sensations going through his body too intense to ignore for too long.

“That’s right! Get ready to take his cock for quite a while. Cameron has managed to build up quite the stamina since he changed!” Declan said excitedly.

Cameron just smirked and continued to fuck mercilessly. Kit’s own cock had started leaking again, Cameron perfectly fucking the cum out of the submissive stud.

Cameron leaned over and forcibly kissed Kit.

“Are you ready for this?” he whispered.

And with a few more thrusts, Kit felt Cameron explode in his ass. Once more he was getting filled up by countless, hot streams of cum.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It wasn’t until early the next morning that Kit returned back to the dorm room. Most of the guys were already awake, getting ready to go down for breakfast. Alex was sitting in the corner reading, but immediately looked up when Kit opened the door. He smirked and Kit walked over, still wearing his posing trunks.

“I can guess what you’ve been up to during the night…” he said, almost mockingly but also with a hint of jealousy.

“Yeah, I know it’s obvious…” Kit said, not ashamed. “I just need to go jump through the shower and get dressed for breakfast. I’ll see you downstairs.”

At breakfast, Kit couldn’t help but think that Alex seemed oddly cool. He hardly spoke to him and it was making Kit feel rather uneasy.

It wasn’t until later that evening that he managed to finally corner Alex.

“What’s going on? You haven’t spoken to me since before breakfast!”

“Oh, I dunno…” Alex said, clearly annoyed.

“I think you do, and I think you need to tell me.”

Alex sighed. “Look, it’s not per se your fault. We’ve been given these incredible bodies—you especially—and everyone’s sex drive is super hyped up so I get.”

Suddenly it started to dawn on Kit. Was he having too much sex for Alex?

“It’s not that I want you to have less sex,” Alex said, as if he were reading Kit’s thoughts. “It’s just that I would like you to have more sex with me.”

Kit smiled. The ginger stud looked extremely adorable in the moment, sitting in his usual chair by the fireplace in the dorm room.

“Well. Why didn’t you say so? Come with me.”

They quickly walked out of the dorm room before anyone seemed to notice and walked through the building. Alex had no idea where Kit was taking him but was confident he had good intentions.

After a few more random turns that Alex could hardly remember, they got to a door. Kit carefully entered a code and they could hear the door unlock.

“Come on, this is another little Captain’s privilege.”

Kit had brought the ginger stud to the Captain’s bathroom. And what a bathroom it was. The door was in the middle of a long wall. Straight in front of them at the centre of the room stood an enormous bath, or really a swimming pool, filled with steaming hot water. It was raised onto a platform with marble steps leading up to it.

On the left side of the bath was a large lounging area, with deck chairs, massage tables and other comfy seats. On the other wide was a large shower area, also made of marble with beautiful chrome rainforest shower heads hanging from the ceiling. The space was decorated elaborately with white marble sculptures of muscled men, performing the various sports practices at the school. The wall behind them was lined with various shelves filled with towels and spaces to store their uniforms and possessions.

Kit walked up to the stunned Alex and put his arms around his waist, gently placing his own lips on Alex’s.

He could feel Alex relax in his arms, allowing himself to be embraced before passionately returning the kiss. Kit could instantly feel himself get hard as the two made out.

When they briefly broke, Alex smiled. Kit gently scratched his hair as he said, “I don’t know how private this might be—any of the Captains can come in and use it.”

Alex smiled. “That’s okay, I don’t mind sharing.”

With that he started to strip off his lycra uniform and boots, and Kit eagerly followed suit.

“I’m sorry I was a grump today.” Alex started. “It just seems weeks ago since we had sex and since then you just seemed to have fucked everyone in the team!”

“I’m sorry, handsome,” Kit said gently. “We have to do that for the team. It helps complete the growth. Sorry if you felt a bit left out in that time.”

“It’s okay,” Alex said, now naked. He walked up to Kit and got on his knees, Kit still wearing his jockstrap. “I’ve got you here now.”

Kit smiled down on the handsome face, Alex’s big lips looking ready to suck Kit’s big cock.

He lowered his jockstrap slowly, giving his cock time to unfold, Alex eagerly waiting for it.

When eventually the semi hard cock fell on his face, Alex couldn’t help but smile. He eagerly opened his mouth and let the big cock head fall into his mouth, slowly forcing it into his throat.

Kit could feel himself harden in Alex’s mouth, loving the slow but careful attention he was receiving.

When his cock was fully hard Kit lifted Alex up by his arms. “Come over here,” he said, commandingly.

He took him to the sun loungers where he pushed Alex into the seat, knelt down between his legs and took the big, hard ginger cock into his mouth.

Within seconds it was deep in his throat, Alex’s fiery pubes right in front of Kit’s eyes. He passionately sucked Alex, keen to show off his incredible skills and return the favour.

Alex moaned loudly, his eyes closed as he felt his cock spasm inside Kit’s throat. “Fuck Kit, that feels so incredible!” he said through a long moan.

Kit smiled to himself, not wanting to stop sucking the immense dick. He wanted to feel Alex inside him, he wanted to feel the passion and the pleasure the two men so obviously shared.

When he looked up for a moment, he saw Alex smile. His eyes were twinkling above the huge tits that involuntarily bounced as Alex placed a hand on Kit’s head.

“Fuck Alex. Your tits are incredible,” Kit said with deep admiration in his voice.

“Are you kidding me? Yours are the best tits I have ever seen.”

“Never mind my tits. I can’t fuck my own tits very well. But yours…”

He climbed up, lowering the sun lounger to ensure Alex was laying down properly. He squirted some lube on his rock-hard cock and massaged it onto Alex’s enormous tits.

“Has someone fucked your tits yet, Alex?”

All Alex could do was shake his head.

“There’s a first time for everything,” Kit said with a smile.

With that, he placed the head of his huge cock at the base of Alex’s tits. He gently pushed it into the crevice from below, feeling the huge strong muscles parting under the force of his hard cock.

Alex moaned, the feeling causing a sensation he had never felt before. As the mounds of muscle parted to accommodate the 24-inch beast he couldn’t help but smile, as a wave of pleasure flowed from his tits through the rest of his body.

Kit put his hands on Alex’s beautifully sculpted breasts, pushing himself up into a fucking position, and started to pound the tits.

“Fuuuuuuuck” was all Alex could say, letting out a long moan as Kit’s huge thick cock slid in and out of the crevice between his tits.

“Those tits feel amazing!” Kit moaned. The feeling of those muscle tits on his cock were unlike anything he had ever felt.

At that moment Kit felt a hand on his ass. He stopped, curious to see who had just joined them. To his surprise, it was rugby junior captain Tucker and gymnastics junior captain Mark.

“Sorry, we came in and saw you two having so much fun we couldn’t leave you to do it on your own.” Tucker said with a smirky look on his face. His strawberry blond hair was rather close to both Alex’s ginger hair and Mark’s blond locks.

“I bet you don’t get to fuck many tits?” Kit asked, a bit cocky.

“Fuck no! And we also don’t get to see you fuck often at all I hear.”

Alex looked surprised. “He’s only ever fucked me.”

“You must be the only one,” Mark said, “because usually he’s a slut for cock.”

Alex looked confused at Kit. “It’s true,” Kit said, rather proudly.

“Have you never noticed he always has a buttplug in his ass?” Tucker asked Alex.

“Uhm, I guess not. Why’s that then?”

“Because DeShawn tells him to. Keeps him nice and open.”

With one swift motion, Tucker removed the massive plug from Kit’s ass, who still had his own cock between Alex’s massive tits.

“See?” said Mark with a wink, and in another quick motion shoved the entire length of his 19” cock deep inside Kit.

Alex was amazed, the look on his face was one of deep appreciation. He wanted to be that easy to fuck.

“Hey Tucker, maybe we should fuck these two love birds, bound together?”

“I like your thinking, Mark.” He walked over to a cupboard and retrieved a length of rope. Mark jumped up to help him, splitting Alex and Kit apart, forcing Kit onto all fours with his head over Alex’s cock.

“Go on. Suck each other.” Mark said in a commanding voice.

The two happily obliged, and Mark and Tucker quickly bound their arms to the opposite person’s legs. Mark eagerly slipped back into Kit’s loose ass but Tucker realised quickly he was going to have to be a bit more gentle with Alex.

As Kit was already getting pounded hard, Tucker generously lubed up his hard cock and as he aggressively fingered Alex’s hole, Kit could feel Alex squirm underneath him while he passionately kept sucking the ginger stud’s cock.

From the corner of his eyes, Kit could see Tucker put his cock head at Alex’s squirming asshole. With a firm push the head slid in, slowly making its way into the inexperienced hole. Kit admired the way in which Alex took the cock, still ferociously sucking on Kit’s cock, his throat bulging.

Kit realised it must have been quite the scene to watch. He wasn’t sure how long it went on for, but after a short while he could feel Alex’s cock expanding. Within seconds it was shooting down his throat, filling his mouth and stomach with hot cum that he eagerly swallowed.

But he refused to let Alex’s cock go, despite feeling it slowly soften inside his mouth. As they both laid there, Kit and Alex kept getting pounded hard, Kit trying to delay the moment at which he dumped his own load in Alex’s throat.

When he sensed Mark was about to reach his climax, Kit finally let go. His balls exploded into Alex’s throat, who eagerly gulped it down.

“Fuck yes!” Mark shouted at that moment, releasing his own cum into Kit’s tight arse. With another push, Kit noticed that Tucker was about to dump his own load into Alex’s ass, the cum quickly leaking out of tight hole.

As Kit climbed off of Alex, he noticed they were surrounded by perhaps half a dozen captains, all jerking off their massive, hard cocks. Tucker and Mark both grabbed Kit and forced him down on his knees next to Alex. One by one the guys, starting with DeShawn, dumped their loads on Alex and Kit’s face. He was quickly followed by Milos, Jake, Cameron and Hu and Declan.

Kit leaned over and passionately kissed Alex on the mouth, swapping the various loads of cum in their mouths as they made out.


Chapter 11: The Competition

In the following weeks, the work got more intense for the bodybuilders. They were working hard on mastering their posing routines, while also making sure they became 100% prime shredded beef.

The workouts became more intense. Kit could tell most of the guys were getting even more toned and week after week he could see his fellow bodybuilders get more competition ready. They looked hot.

But Kit ran out of time to have rampant fuck fests. Instead, he seemed to be lifting weights or doing cardio constantly. And he still had to fit in his studies. Coach Cutler had made clear that they couldn’t slack off on their academic achievements.

Four weeks before the competition during one of the joint training sessions, the seniors and juniors were all lined up, wearing their white thongs. With their obscene bulges on display, and their massive tits out proudly, each of the studs was like a sculpture. Each muscle carved with impossible perfection, each vein as though they were in that exact position just to show off the musculature.

Every time Kit was in this room, lined up in just his thong, he couldn’t help but get insanely horny. Afterwards, DeShawn and him would often quickly fuck before going to bed just to relieve themselves.

But now, Coach was speaking. “All right studs, it’s time to decide who is going to competition this time. As I have previously said, all the seniors will be going.” He smiled. “And of course, we have two spaces left after that.”

All the juniors held their breath. All of them wanted to compete but only a few were ready. Despite their incredible form, some needed to do a lot more work on their attitudes and posing routines.

“Kit—you will be joining us.”

Kit’s heart skipped a beat. He had already known he was the best in his year but he hadn’t allowed himself to think it was a done deal.

“And the second…” Coach Cutler’s eyes gazed over the juniors. “… will be Lee.”

Darn. Kit had really hoped Alex would be joining them. But he had to admit that Lee’s routine was incredible to look at.

“Tomorrow morning, those competing will be issued a new uniform that you are required to wear from now until the competition. It will let your teachers and the school know you are competing and that you are ready. Understood?”

A loud “yes” was heard from the students.

“Now off to bed with you all. I expect to see those competing here every spare hour they have practicing!”

Everyone walked into the changing room, Kit entering last. He saw the Okimura twins in the corner with Lee, congratulating the Asian junior on making his way into the competition. He seemed both nervous and excited.

Kit sat down on the bench in front of his locker, a bit tired. Around him guys were walking around naked, flaunting their huge cocks and bouncing their tits as they walked in and out of the showers.

Kit wasn’t sure why he was feeling lazy that evening but he definitely wasn’t in a rush. As the locker room slowly emptied he could see the twins and Lee in the shower, the two brothers passionately making out as Lee was washing himself.

Kit finally got up from the bench, knowing he had to shower and quickly stripped off his posing thong and headed to the other side of the shower, not wanting to disturb the guys. As he started washing himself, he saw Lee had gotten on his knees and had started sucking the twins, alternating between their huge, identical shafts.

Kit tried not to stare, yet couldn’t help but getting turned on by the sight. It looked as though Lee had gotten quite skilled at sucking those big cocks. He would take one deep into his throat, making sure his nose hit one of the brothers’ washboard abs before repeating the motion. After a couple of times he’d alternate, but every time he would make sure he took in the full length.

Kit could feel his own cock harden as he saw Lee’s throat bulge with each motion and he absentmindedly started to jack off. After a few minutes, the twins broke the kiss. Shiko—or was it Matsu?—briefly looked up and smiled. He whispered something to his hunky brother, who also smiled and together they motioned to him to come over.

Kit couldn’t resist. His post-workout exhaustion seemed to have gone and he was quite up for worshipping the beautiful Japanese studs. As he walked over, Matsu (he assumed) held out his arms and he walked into the embrace, welcomed by a passionate kiss. After a brief moment he turned his attention to Shiko, who showed him the same affection.

Suddenly, Kit couldn’t help but flinch. Without warning, Lee had taken almost the entire length of his hard shaft down his throat. Kit gasped with pleasure as all 24 inches of his rock-hard cock slipped into the Asian stud.

“Fuuuuuuck,” Kit couldn’t help but say, forcing him to break off his deep kiss.

“He’s a talented stud isn’t he?” Shiko asked him, smirking.

Kit nodded, still experiencing the intense pleasure as Lee went to town on his cock.

“We’ve trained him well since his transformation.” Matsu added, sounding exceptionally proud.

“You guys been giving him some extra coaching?” Kit said with a smile on his face.

“Oh definitely, we wanted a third Asian stud in the competition so we made sure he was the best. Besides you obviously. It’s almost impossible to beat a Captain…”

Kit was impressed. Their coaching had obviously had incredible results.

“And of course we took the time to ensure there were a few extra benefits to…”

“…our hard work.” Matsu had finished Shiko’s sentence. “Although he is quite well versed…”

“…in a range of pleasurable activities.” The twins said, matter of factly, with big smiles on their faces.

“Fancy sampling some others?” Shiko asked. “We hear you’re quite the experience yourself.”

With that Matsu turned the shower off as Shiko grabbed him by the throat. “In fact, I hear you’re quite a submissive slave.” It wasn’t a question. He knew.

Kit just nodded, knowing his place and sensing that this could be quite a lot of fun.

“Nod your head twice if you consent. Bitch,” Shiko whispered in his ear. Kit nodded his head twice, quite happy to let the huge studs take charge.

With that Shiko shoved him onto one of the benches, forcing him on his back.

Kit couldn’t help but feel his cock get even harder, if that was possible. Matsu and Lee had now joined, Lee aggressively grabbing his hands in an attempt to render Kit motionless. Although Kit knew he was stronger, he was quite happy to let the scenario play out.

“So. You gonna obey us?” Matsu asked aggressively.

Kit just nodded again. Matsu seemed satisfied as he put his cock at Kit’s big lips, which he eagerly opened. Without hesitating, Matsu shoved the huge shaft, in one motion, deep into Kit’s stomach, making him choke briefly before he recovered, enabling Matsu to steadily fuck his throat.

At the same time Shiko lifted up his legs, exposing the huge buttplug still logged deeply into his twitching ass.

“Fuck Lee, look at this. He’s permanently plugged.”

“Fuck yeah, it’s so fucking hot!” Lee said as he stared at Kit’s ass.

“I bet he can take a real good dicking,” Shiko said excitedly.

Without much hesitation Kit could feel him reach for the plug as Matsu continued to fuck his throat. In one swift motion the plug was pulled out and he could feel the two studs explore his hole with their hands, first quite gently.

Quickly, they became more self-assured and it barely took them a minute or two before Shiko’s fist was fully inside Kit.

“Fuck that was easy! I mean—I know our cocks are not far off the size of our fists but look at that ass!” The admiration in his voice was obvious and Kit could almost feel himself blush with pride.

“You wanna open him up Lee?” Shiko asked.

“Fuck yeah!” Lee said excitedly. As Shiko took his fist out, Kit could feel it being replaced by Lee’s big cock almost immediately.

Now Kit had not really noticed Lee’s cock so far but it took just one quick push for him to realise that the Asian stud’s cock was not something to look down on.

In length, it seemed even longer than DeShawn’s. And he would know, considering how often he had that inside him. The thickness was perhaps about the same and Kit screamed in pleasure as Lee’s cock hit deep into Kit’s guts.

“Fuck this boy can take cock!” Lee shouted excitedly.

Kit just kept taking cock at both ends, happy to be taking a break from the madness of pre-competition training.

Shiko watched, slowly jacking his cock as he watched his brother roughly fuck Kit’s face and his protégé fuck Kit’s ass. Yet even Kit could sense he was being left out. He tried to motion Matsu but didn’t seem to be able to get attention, the Japanese stud heavily focussed on fucking his throat.

Kit resigned himself, until he could feel Matsu grab his brother and the two started to make out again. From the corner of his eyes, Kit could just see the two kissing and his cock twitched with excitement. He couldn’t help but finding it incredibly hot to see the two identical twins making out, even if he knew it was wrong.

When the kiss broke, Kit could hear Matsu say, “You wanna have a go at this throat?”

Shiko didn’t need to be asked, and Matsu moved out of the way.

In the brief moment his mouth was empty, Kit quickly spoke. “You know you can all three be in me at the same time right?”

Matsu and Shiko looked confused. Kit knew he had to show them.

“One of you—lay down on a bench.”

Kit could see that they were hesitant. It would seem as if they lost their dominance over him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll still be your bitch,” Kit responded with a grin. It seemed to satisfy them both and Matsu quickly laid down on another bench.

“Sorry Lee,” Kit said as he stood up himself and climbed over Matsu, making sure his ass was empty for as short a time possible.

“Now Shiko or Lee… Join him.” Kit simply said.

Shiko immediately understood and didn’t have to be told twice. He eagerly positioned his big cock at Kit’s already stuffed asshole, gently pushing it in. When he noticed there was little resistance, he pushed harder, quickly positioning himself next to his brother’s cock.

Fuck, Kit thought to himself. Two brothers inside me at the same time!

“Go on Lee, fuck his mouth!” Shiko said as he wrapped his hands around Kit’s throat. “Fuck him hard.”

As Lee shoved his cock into Kit’s throat, Shiko started to pound his ass.

Kit had still not gotten used to the intensity of getting pounded by two cocks at the same time, let alone two cocks of this size. He could feel his cock leaking onto Matsu’s rock-hard abs as the sensations overwhelmed his body.

He felt as though he got in a trance, the feelings messing with his brain as the intensity continued to reach new levels.

He wasn’t sure if it had been five minutes or 30 since he had taken the twins together in his ass. But he knew that eventually he could feel one of their cocks starting to swell. And as one did, so did the other, erupting in his ass in unison, filling him up further.

It impressed Kit that it took Lee another few minutes, his incredible stamina eventually relenting as he shot a huge load straight into Kit’s stomach.

“Fuck well done boy, you took our cocks like a champ.” Shiko said, sounding both exhausted and satisfied.

“Yeah you can do that again some day!” His brother added.

With that they all jumped through the shower again, quickly rinsing off the smell of sex before getting dressed and heading up to the dorm room.

When Kit got into his room, DeShawn was already asleep. Kit himself felt exhausted, so he barely noticed a small parcel wrapped in white paper on his desk. He turned the light off and crawled into bed next to DeShawn, who wrapped his arms around him in his sleep.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The next morning Kit got up bright and early, feeling incredibly refreshed. As he got up he noticed the parcel again that he had spotted in his sleepy state the evening before. As he approached the desk he noticed there was a small note on top of it too.

“This is your uniform that you must wear in the lead up to the competition.” It was signed by Coach Cutler.

Kit was curious. It was interesting they “had” to wear it. It made him a bit hesitant of what might be inside.

When he opened it up he was shocked. If previous uniforms had been surprising, this reached a whole new level. All he found inside was a white and red posing strap, although he quickly realised it really was just a thong. The other items in the parcel was a pair of red sport socks, white high-top trainers white red laces and lastly… God, Kit wasn’t sure what to call it. It was made out of pristine white lycra, and looked like just a pair of long sleeves, connected by a small piece of lycra at the back.

Kit hesitated for a moment. This was potentially the most fetishised outfit they had to wear so far. He slipped on the thong, which had a similar fit to all his posing straps, although it seemed to have no effect on the look of his muscles. Next, he slipped on the socks, which seemed to accentuate his big calves even more. After slipping on the trainers he returned his attention to the sleeves. He wasn’t sure what else to call them.

“Need a hand with that boy?” DeShawn said, just sitting up in bed and looking at Kit.

“Uhm. Yeah. Maybe? How do I get it on?”

“Let me show you.” DeShawn walked over to Kit, grabbed the sleeves and stood behind him. “If you slide your right arm in here…” He said offering Kit the sleeve, who now eagerly accepted the help as his arms slid down the smooth fabric.

“And then your left one here. This is a bit more trick as you have to stretch the fabric a bit…” Kit did as he was told, feeling the fabric on his right arm stretch far beyond what he thought possible.

But eventually he managed to slide his left arm in as well.

“Go look in the mirror.” DeShawn said in his usual commanding tone.

Kit obeyed and stood, staring at himself in the mirror. He couldn’t help but notice that the sleeves made his tits look even bigger, if that was at all possible. As he stared he involuntarily started to do his posing routine. It seemed to be deeply engrained in his memory now, almost like a second nature.

“You look good Kit. You should be really proud of yourself,” DeShawn said. Having also put his uniform on, he was gently stroking his bulge through the thin fabric of his posing strap.

“But we’re running late,” he said suddenly, walking to the door and into the common room. Kit immediately noticed the other seniors were already wearing their new uniform. Lee however, was nowhere to be seen. Kit quietly opened the door the junior’s bedroom.

“Hey Lee. You there?” Kit shouted into the well-lit room.

“Uhm yeah. Is that you Kit?”

“Yeah where are you?”

“Just at the back. I’m not sure what to do with my uniform…”

Kit walked over only to find Lee still completely naked standing next to his bed.

“Why aren’t you dressed yet? You’re going to be late for breakfast.”

“Oh thank fuck Kit! I am so glad to see you’re wearing the same uniform.” Kit was confused, a look that was clearly visible on his face. “I was worried all the competing bodybuilders were given a different uniform and that I would look insane like this!” Lee explained. As he spoke the last word, he waved his right arm up and down, pointing at Kit in all his glory.

“No don’t worry, all the seniors are wearing it too. Let me help you get it on.”

Kit grabbed the sleeves and helped Lee into it, his right arm first, followed by the left. As he watched Lee put on his red and white thong, Kit couldn’t help but admire the incredible ass on the Asian stud. He could feel his cock twitch but quickly tried to take his mind off it as Lee had just put on his shoes and started to walk to the door.

“Come on Kit. We can take care of the distractions later!”

As the competing studs arrived downstairs for breakfast, a few audible gasps were heard in the room. They looked incredible, and the school had never before seen such a group of studs competing. They were sure to win a couple of prizes this year!

“Fuck me,” Alex moaned, leaning over to Kit at the table as they sat down. “I think everyone wants access to the bodybuilders now!”

Kit smirked. Alex was right. Everyone seemed to be talking about them, looking at them and staring in their direction. Some were even openly pointing, including some of the teachers!

The next few days went as normal. The only thing Kit realised is that he now really couldn’t hide the buttplug in his ass any longer. His reputation seemed to spread even further. Now, random studs from other teams, and even teachers, would pull him into their classrooms or into a toilet to force him on his knees. He was suddenly getting used way more than he had so far, his mouth and ass not getting a single break.

A week before the competition, it almost became too much for Kit. In a weekly catch up with the coach and DeShawn he brought it up.

“I’m sorry coach, and DeShawn, but it can’t keep going like this anymore.”

“What do you mean, Kit?” Coach said, in a concerned tone.

“Ever since the new uniform everyone seems to know about my status as school slut. I am getting fucked between every class, before and after every meal, in every locker room I walk into. I am losing sleep trying to pleasure everyone! My grades are already dropping and I am worried I won’t be able to compete.”

“Hmm, that is a problem. DeShawn, I think you need to let Kit have some time off. I don’t mind you using him as you see fit but his academic and his athletic performance cannot be compromised.”

“I understand Coach.” DeShawn said, sounding almost worried. “But Kit knows his place. He can’t suddenly stop being a school slut.”

“I agree. Maybe we just need to impose a limit.” Coach reached into his drawer. “Why don’t we give him one of these little bracelets everyday and when the bracelet runs out of tokens, he can no longer be used for that day.”

Coach handed the box of bracelets over to DeShawn. Each of the small leather bracelets contained five cardboard tokens that could easily be torn off.

“That seems fair. Will you make sure the other students and teachers know? I’ll let the team know.”

“Of course, DeShawn, I’ll take care of it.”

Kit was shocked. He had gotten no say in the situation whatsoever, yet the idea of continuing to be used, but in moderation, turned him on immensely.

The week leading up to the competition was more bearable than the weeks before had been. Kit was still getting used very regularly but he caught up on sleep and homework enough that he felt confident on Saturday morning that he could do very well during the day ahead.

The whole team got up very early. As Kit got dressed, removing the buttplug for the first time himself, knowing he would be empty for the longest time in a long time. He quickly slipped into his competition posing strap, seeing his pecs deflate a bit. On top, he put on his lycra tights and tank top, as instructed, followed by the white hightop shoes. The team all went down together to eat a specially made breakfast before any of the other teams showed up.

“All right, time to go guys. Grab your bags and I’ll see you out front.” Coach Cutler announced when everyone seemed finished with eating.

Everyone grabbed their bag and they all jumped on the bus, accompanied by Dr Johnson. Everyone was quiet during the two hour journey. Those competing were obviously rehearsing their routine in their heads while those not competing didn’t want to disturb the others.

The two hour drive seemed to go quickly and they arrived at the massive exhibition hall. They queued up for the competitors check in where they were all weighed in.

To no one’s surprise, they all fell into the super heavyweight class.

“All right guys, into the prep room!”

Everyone walked into the pre competition room and immediately stripped of their tight fitting lycra. They were surrounded by incredible hunks of men everywhere, although Kit couldn’t help but notice all the other guys had been wearing joggers and other loose-fitting clothing before revealing their sculpted bods.

Kit proudly removed the lycra from his body, revealing his immense tits and deep creviced abs as he did. He immediately could feel like some guys were looking at him, admiring him, almost lusting after him. He smirked while he bent over to take of his shoes, the rest not able to see. It was fun being the centre of attention.

Coach Cutler and Doc Johnson started to oil the guys up, applying plenty of tanning oil to make each crevice stand out even more than before.

As each of the studs started to be oiled up, Kit couldn’t help but smile. They all looked amazing, from head to toe. “

“Go get your pump on guys!” Doc Johnson said encouragingly.

And so they did. They worked out with other studs surrounding them, pumping their muscles, making sure they looked as big as they could.

“All ready to go guys?” Coach asked

They all nodded. Kit gulped, a little nervous now it was coming to it.

It started with the prejudging. Kit knew that this was where the real decisions were made, despite the evening show later. DeShawn went first from the team. Kit stood nervously as he heard the judges read out name after name. Eventually it was his turn and as he entered the stage he could feel his heart skip a beat. It was like everything had been leading up to this point.

The judges asked him some questions but he could barely remember it afterwards. He did just as trained but without an audience he could barely gauge how he had done. The only reassurance he got was from Coach Cutler as he got back offstage.

“You did great Kit! Really impressive!”

The rest of the day went by in a whirlwind. They got chatting to other competitors, and Kit quickly lost count on the number of compliments he got on his physique, especially his tits. So many of the men seemed to keep staring at his tits and once in a while he cheekily bounced them in front of their bulging eyes.

Eventually the evening came round and the guys again got their pump on. Kit was even more nervous than last time, realising he would now be doing the same routine in front of an audience.

As the competition progressed, Kit could hear the loud cheers of the crowd as each bodybuilder took their turn. With each new name announced Kit could feel his stomach fill with more and more butterflies as he almost started shaking with nerves.

“Hey Kit, are you okay?” one of the Okimura twins said to him.

“Yeah, you look way too stressed,” the other said.

They both looked incredible, having both already had their turn on stage. They were still wearing their tight-fitting posing straps and Kit couldn’t help but show a slight smile.

“I dunno why but it’s just starting to get the better of me,” Kit said, his voice trembling.

“How many guys are ahead of you?”

“Still a few. Why?”

“Come with us.”

Each of the twins grabbed on of his hands and let him to the bathrooms. They slipped into the empty disabled toilet.

“Guys, I don’t have time for this,” Kit said nervously.

“It’ll just be quick, we promise,” the twins said at the same time.

One of them forced Kit onto his knees, and he couldn’t help but comply. As Kit still struggled to tell the twins apart, he decided it was probably Shiko who was forcing him to open his mouth and start sucking his big long dick.

At the same time Matsu got behind him, forcing Kit to push his ass out. Kit tried to protest but Shiko made sure he couldn’t talk as he slowly started fuck his throat. Matsu moved the slim strap of the thong to the side and spat straight onto Kit’s hole, quickly shoving his face in to lube it up.

Despite the fact that Kit had worn a buttplug for months now, it was still the first time in ages he was about to get fucked without it being fully stretched out from the plug. Matsu noticed a bit of resistance, more than he had felt on Kit’s hole previously. He applied a bit of extra spit on his own cock and tried again.

This time Kit’s hole gave way, making space for Matsu’s big Asian cock. Kit moaned into Shiko’s cock and the two twins started to absolutely power fuck him. The whole thing must have lasted less than five minutes and soon Shiko and Matsu retrieved their cocks.

“Sorry, Kit, we can’t have you being filled with gallons of cum just before you go on stage.”

“Yeah gotta keep those abs up.”

Matsu took Shiko’s dick in his mouth as his brother blew his loads, the twin eagerly swallowing his release. As soon as he was done, Shiko got on his knees and returned the favour, their stomach’s swelling up visibly with the amount of cum they had both just swallowed.

“Go on. You’re ready to go now.”

As Kit got back to the backstage area his name was just called out and he powerfully walked on stage. He wasn’t sure what the twins had done to him but for some reason his confidence was back and his nerves were gone. He flawlessly did his routine in front of the massive audience. As the applause erupted at the end he knew he had done well. As he left the stage he felt more proud than he ever had in his life. He had achieved something.

As the competition went on, Kit felt more relaxed. There were only a few more guys after him and pretty soon all the bodybuilders were called back onto stage.

“All right everyone. I hope everyone enjoyed today’s show!” a disembodied voice announced.

Loud cheers erupted from the audience as lights circled over the bodybuilders.

“All right. I am here to announce the winners of the super heavyweight class.

“This was a close competition. Each of these guys has an incredible physique and the judges had a really difficult time deciding on the winner.”

Everyone held their breath, the excitement in the room palpable.

“In third place. With perhaps the best most-muscular the judges have ever seen—Santiago Rodríguez!”

Kit and DeShawn cheered along with the crowd, the beautiful senior latino punching his fist in the air with pride and happiness.

“And now—in the second place. And this was a really close one… Kit Davis!”

What? How? This couldn’t be possible. The jury thought that he, who was scrawny until just a few months ago, was the second best heavy-weight bodybuilder in the competition.

DeShawn and the rest of the team cheered. He could see Mr Cutler clapping backstage, with a big proud grin on his face. Kit couldn’t believe it!

The presenter moved on. “And now for tonight’s winner. It’s the amazing, incredible, hulking DeShawn Williams!”

Kit wasn’t in the least bit surprised. He cheered loudly for his master and captain as DeShawn gladly accepted the prize. The crowd cheered and gave him a standing ovation as DeShawn grabbed Kit and hugged him tight. “Well done, bitch. You almost beat me”

“Well done, everyone!” Coach said again as they got off the bus. “You did really well.”

Kit smiled. And the smile didn’t go off his face for a long time. Even by the time they got back to the school Kit was still high on his second-place victory.


Chapter 12: The Celebration

That night was not a night to relax for the bodybuilders. It was time to celebrate. In the common room Kit, DeShawn and Santiago re-did their winning posing routines while the guys cheered on. As news spread through the school about their classmates’ victories, more students came in and soon the common room was full of hot students wearing just their lycra uniforms, with the competing bodybuilders only wearing their posing straps.

As the night got rowdier, someone suggested the bodybuilders should change into their other posing strap, a suggestion Kit gladly welcomed. He popped into his bedroom and slipped them on quickly and watched as his tits swelled back up to their usual size.

“Fuck Kit, your tits do really look incredible.” It was DeShawn.

“Thanks Sir. So do yours!”

Kit walked up to his master as he started to feel his incredible tits, the black skin almost glistening under his hands.

“Before you get back out there. Don’t you think you’re forgetting something?” DeShawn asked in his strong, authoritative voice.

“Sir?” Kit asked, looking confused.

“You’ve been allowed to be unplugged for quite enough today, don’t you think?”

Now Kit understood, and he could involuntarily feel his hole twitch at the idea of being filled again.

“I think it’s time for a bit of an upgrade, slave.”

Kit just watched as DeShawn walked to his wardrobe and pulled out a plain, black box. DeShawn’s tits bounced as he walked back towards Kit. “Get on the bed and show me that hole, boy.”

Kit did as he was told and could just see DeShawn open the box and take out a metal buttplug. It looked bigger than what he had been used to before, but not by much.

DeShawn lubed it up gently and placed it at Kit’s hole. With a simple push it slipped in as Kit twitched and moaned.

“Fuck, that was easier than I thought. Usually that takes more effort when you’ve been dry all day.”

“Matsu and Shiko made sure I wasn’t quite dry all day, Sir,” Kit said, a bit embarrassed.

“Oh really? When did they do that?”

“Just before my evening routine. I was so nervous I was shaking and they thought they’d help. And it obviously worked.”

“Well that’s very nice of them!” DeShawn said, sounding amused. “Now back out there!”

When they got back into the common room the other bodybuilders had already changed into their posing straps. Everyone’s tits bulging and bouncing as they started to dance to the music that someone had put on.

More of the other teams had now shed their tops and the amount of muscle on display was just insane. Someone had even found a pole to put up on one of the tables that they had secured tightly between the table and ceiling.

“That’s your place to be, bitch,” DeShawn said with a smile.

“Where did it come from?” Kit asked, completely surprised.

“We found it one year, somehow. And it fits there perfectly. Anyways. Go dance! Go entertain the crowd!”

Kit did as he was told, jumping on the table. He had no idea how to pole dance but soon he was using all his body strength to swing up and down the pole, letting his ass, tits and the rest of his body do the work for him. Kit knew his body looked amazing and considering the soon whistling crowd, everyone else certainly thought so too. Hands were starting to run down his legs and suddenly Kit felt a buzzing in his ass. The buttplug was remote controlled! And DeShawn was now using it to make him crazy!

Kit moaned louder as he slid up and down the pole, the stimulation in his ass driving him insane. His cock twitched and started to chub up in his posing strap, which soon seemed to be expanding to accommodate the increasing size.

This view made the crowd even wilder and Kit could now see several guys jerking off. From the corner of his eyes, Kit could see some movement going on behind him, but he paid now attention to it, instead making sure he continued to please crowd.

Suddenly the music stopped. DeShawn jumped up to the table next to Kit and put his arms around him. “Guys, I have to say I am incredibly proud of this stud for his amazing performance during his very first competition,” he told the assembled men. “I am sure that before the end of the year, he will beat me!” The crowd cheered and clapped loudly.

“But as is tradition for the bodybuilding team,” he went on, “we always offer up one of the winners for pleasure of the school after a competition. Even if there is only one winner. Thankfully this year there are three winners! So I think it’s pretty obvious who will be offered up! Right, Kit?”

Kit didn’t know what to answer. He was being offered up to the whole school? It mostly sounded amazing, if not a bit exhausting. Then, after only a few seconds he said loudly, “Let’s do it!” He grinned at them, punching his fist in the air.

With that, DeShawn and Santiago escorted him to whatever it was that had been moved into the back of the room. It was a contraption clad in black leather that Kit quickly realised would put him in a great position to be tonight’s fuck toy.

Without being told to do so, Kit got on. DeShawn strapped his arms into place using heavy duty restraints which he locked into place with padlocks. This was followed by a collar fitting around his neck, keeping his head in the perfect position for throat fucking.

Santiago strapped his ankles in, making it virtually impossible for Kit to move. Kit could feel the buttplug buzzing inside him harder now. DeShawn must’ve handed over the remote and someone was pushing Kit to the limit.

“So, tonight,” DeShawn shouted over the noise, “there are only a couple of rules. Firstly—we get to go first, as the other winners of today’s competition. Secondly, anyone can have a go at any hole. Thirdly, Kit will be released tomorrow after lunch. So you have until then!”

Kit gulped but at the same time he could feel his cock twitch. Fuck this was exciting!

Santiago quickly pushed the bit of fabric of posing strap to the side, pulled the buttplug out in one swift movement and put his cock head at Kit’s once-again gaping hole. With a hard push, Kit could feel Santiago’s big balls slapping against his ass.

At the same time, DeShawn wasted no time. “Open up, Kit. Your mouth isn’t gonna close for a long time tonight.” Kit obeyed and DeShawn immediately slid his cock into Kit’s mouth, down into throat.

“That’s it, boy. You know how to take cock like no other.”

Within moments Kit was getting pounded hard and fast, with a crowd rapidly gathering as they watched Kit get railed. He knew DeShawn had stamina, but Santiago really impressed him. His huge cock pounding into Kit’s hole over and over, making the muscled slave squirm and moan with pleasure.

It was perhaps fifteen minutes, or maybe thirty, before Santiago eventually dumped a big load into Kit’s hole. The crowd was cheering and going crazy, clearly wanting to have a turn themselves. When Santiago moved out of the way DeShawn took the hint and dumped his load as well.

“Now time for the real fun,” he whispered as he covered Kit’s eyes with a blindfold.

What happened next Kit could never re-tell, and yet he could never forget. Cock after cock pounded his ass and cock after cock invaded his mouth. He didn’t even try to count as he quickly realised the guys seemed to be using markers to tally on his ass and shoulders. One tally for every load.

In the first few hours, he had a constant hard-on. Once in a while the constant stimulation got too much for Kit and he could feel his balls unload into the posing strap. At other times, Kit felt the exhaustion overpower him and he could feel himself drift off as the cocks continued the relentless assault.

When the sun seemed to be gushing in through the windows, Kit carefully opened his eyes. The blindfold had slid down his face and his mouth was empty. He could still feel his ass getting pounded although he was unsure by who.

Another cock was presented at his mouth and Kit immediately obeyed and opened up. He could see a hunky senior he thought was part of the wrestling team as he started to slam his cock in and out of his mouth.

The pace was now slower, everybody was obviously quite tired. Yet guys kept coming and going, dumping load after load inside him. At some point the common room mostly emptied out as most people went for breakfast, with just a few remaining behind.

And so for the morning, while a few bodybuilders were doing homework at the table, Kit was still getting pounded relentlessly. To his surprise, at some point Mr Cutler appeared with all the other coaches in tow.

“Fuck me, I do love some sloppy seconds!” said Mr Harris, the football coach.

“These won’t be seconds, although they’ll be fucking sloppy!” Coach Cutler said, with pride in his voice.

The two guys currently fucking Kit sped up their pace, quickly dumping their loads inside the now exhausted bodybuilder.

“Just a few hours left, Kit. You up for helping out some of us?” Mr Cutler asked as he stroked Kit’s big bubble butt.

“Yes, Coach!” Kit said weakly, although his voice still filled with enthusiasm. He wasn’t done yet.

As he could feel cum leaking down the inside of his legs, he could feel one of the coaches put his cock at his hole and push it into him.

“Fuck man! This cunt feels awesome!” said the voice of Mr Asai, the wrestling coach. He immediately started to fuck Kit hard, grabbing onto his tight bubble butt as he slammed his cock in and out of Kit’s ‘cunt’ with ever increasing pace.

At the same time, Kit could see Mr Thomas, the greek god-like Rugby coach pull down his shorts and jockstrap, getting ready to fuck Kit’s throat right open.

What Mr Thomas revealed shocked Kit. He knew he and DeShawn were some of the biggest students. And he also knew that Coach Cutler had one of the biggest dicks in the school. But he didn’t know they were all rivalled by this one cock.

As Mr Thomas lowered his shorts, Kit started to wonder when the huge dick would finally be released. Even soft, it was at least 20” and Kit could not resist licking his lips.

“Fuck, look at that. This fucking slut wants this cock.”

“Yes Sir!” Kit said eagerly.

“Now boy, you gotta know that nobody in this school has ever taken this all the way. Most think it’s a bit too long.”

“Well, I gotta try don’t I?” Kit asked.

“That’s the spirit. Now open up!”

Kit keenly opened his mouth wide and let the soft cock slide into his throat.

Immediately it started to harden and Kit knew it was going to be thicker than anything he had down his throat. He let Mr Asai pound him, trying to not pay attention to the stimulation as the wrestling coach’s cock hit his prostrate. He focused all his attention on Mr Thomas who slowly started to fuck his throat.

As the cock slid in and out of him, Kit could feel it stretch his mouth and throat to the absolute max.

“Fuck boy, you’re doing well. You’ve only got a few inches left.”

Kit already knew he had never had this much cock down his throat and could barely believe there was even more to go. Yet he didn’t resist and despite the occasional gag, he could feel the cock slide deeper into him with each thrust.

“Oh fuck, man! I think you’re gonna take it!”

Mr Thomas was right. With just a few more thrusts, Kit’s nose hit Mr Thomas’ lower abs. Kit was in awe at himself and was glad he had achieved this. But what came next he wasn’t expecting.

Mr Thomas put his hands behind Kit’s head and grabbed it tight. As he gripped on, he started to fuck hard and fast, retracting most of his massive cock before slamming deep, back into the depths of Kit’s throat, who couldn’t help but gag. As the assault continued, Kit’s gag reflex calmed down and he managed to take the huge cock with more and more easy.

Fuck!” Mr Thomas said excitedly. I never thought we’d make one of these studs that could actually suck my cock properly!”

Kit smiled inside. He was happy to know that he could provide Mr Thomas with a new experience.

“Now let’s see if your ass can do the same.”

Kit knew this had been coming. He looked in awe as Mr Thomas started to retract his massive cock out of his throat, the thickness and length even bigger than he expected.

“All right, Kit, let’s get you ready for this,” Mr Thomas said as he dug his tongue deep into Kit’s hole, that Mr Asai had just dumped his load in.

“Mmmmm fuck boy, I love how open your hole is!”

Kit could feel Mr Thomas move to place his big cock head at his hole. He couldn’t help but twitch and he heard the coach giggle.

“That’s it boy. Get ready to take my 30-inch monster.”

Kit gulped. He didn’t realise it was that big! Mr Thomas grabbed his hips and before Kit knew it he slammed in his cock with with incredible ferocity.

Aaaargh!” Kit screamed loudly, the cock really stretching his ass to its limit.

As he screamed in pain someone immediately filled his mouth and started to fuck his throat. Kit looked up to see it was his own Coach who was smiling down on him. “You’re doing real well there Kit. Isn’t he?” he asked Mr Thomas.

“Fuck yeah man! You’ve made a perfect bitch here. He’s only got five inches of my cock left!”

With that, he withdrew most of his cock and slammed it back in again. Kit screamed into Mr Cutler’s dick again, the pain almost unbearable. And yet Mr Thomas kept doing it over and over again, using the full length of his enormous shaft to fuck Kit senseless.

The feeling in Kit’s ass was the most intense feeling he ever had. He felt it stimulate his senses in every imaginable way and with each hard thrust he could feel his own dick leaking precum. With one last thrust, Mr Thomas’ balls smacked against Kit’s ass, bouncing off the hard muscle. As it reached this new-found depth, Kit could feel his own balls suddenly explode, pumping a huge load out of his own massive cock, covering the leather in another load

“Fuck yeah! That’s it. It’s so nice to be balls deep inside someone!”

And although Kit was now almost spent, Mr Thomas clearly had other ideas. Now that he was fully inside the big bodybuilding stud he started to fuck him harder than Kit had ever been fucked. He could feel his insides splitting open trying to make room for the monster dick now inside him.

At the same time, Mr Cutler continued the assault on his mouth, picking up the pace. Kit could sense his coach was getting closer and closer and indeed after another few strokes he could feel the hot cum flowing into his stomach.

Mr Cutler was immediately replaced by Mr Matos, the hot Brazilian swimming coach who eagerly started to fuck his hole.

Even after Mr Matos had dumped his load inside Kit, Mr Thomas was still going. Kit could almost sense the other coaches were becoming restless, quite keen to get their own chance at fucking the tied-up stud. But eventually Kit could feel something change. His pace increased and he could feel the cock twitch inside him.

With one final thrust Kit could feel the cock explode, cum erupting deep inside him, the hot liquid making him feel warm at his very core. Kit couldn’t help but smile. No one had ever gotten anything quite so deep inside him.

As Mr Thomas withdrew, Mr Harris immediately jumped into his place. “Now this is quite the sloppy second!” he said enthusiastically, immediately ramming his hard cock into Kit’s hole.

Kit wouldn’t say he couldn’t feel it. That would be an exaggeration, but the intensity was a lot lower, almost like a slight humming compared to the furious pounding by Mr Thomas.

But for Kit it gave him a chance to relax. He eased back into the sensation as the hot coach was furiously pounded his ass. Kit could feel the cock throbbing inside him as his mouth continued to enjoy a hard pounding.

Kit wasn’t sure how long it took but eventually all the coaches had a go and dumped their loads inside him.

It woke Kit up when DeShawn walked in announcing it was lunch time. Kit was once again getting pounded by some teammates who sped up and quickly dumped their loads and added it to the tally on Kit’s back. Lunch meant that DeShawn and Santiago had come to release him.

As they were undoing his shackles, Kit could feel another person count the tallies on his back.

“Fuck man!” The voice said and Kit immediately knew it was Alex.

“What’s the number?” DeShawn asked. All Kit could hear was a whispering and DeShawn let out a low whistle, clearly impressed.

“That must be a record!” He said excitedly.

“What’s the number?” Kit said finally as he managed to climb of the contraption he had been tied to for over 12 hours.

“We’ll announce it at lunch.”

Kit went bright red. That was a bit humiliating! But then again, everyone had probably had a go at his ass.

“Come on. Put a plug in and get dressed,” DeShawn said in a commanding tone.

Kit did as he was told and quickly plugged himself, preventing the many loads from dripping it out. As the competition was over, he dressed himself in the traditional lycra uniform and soon joined the guys to go down to the dining room.

Just before lunch started, DeShawn stood up. “All right guys, we have a new personal record.” He announced proudly, his massive pecs bouncing under his lycra uniform. “Kit managed to take an incredible 62 loads in his ass and 59 loads in his mouth!”

To Kit’s surprise, there was applause and the guys sitting next to him patted him on the shoulder.

“It’s sort of like the school-wide competition.” Tyrone explained to him. “Every major competition any of the team partakes in ends in a gangbang of one of the team members and it’s recorded how many loads they take. And at the end of the year the team with the most loads wins the school prize.

“Well, let’s make sure we do well in the next one too in that case,” Kit said with a huge smile on his face. This was going to be fun.

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The four jocks: The loft by BRK A quartet of very attractive clothing and fitness models sharing a loft try the transformation game during a power blackout, and are soon filled with awe at what they’re doing to themselves and each other as they play. 2 parts 9,337 words Added Dec 2013 18k views 5.0 stars (8 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Multicock•Multilimb•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Getting Taller•Size Increase•Complete •M/M•M/M/M/...

Rapeenzel by Ziel Ziel got to thinking about old fairy tales and thought, “You know what these stories need? More gay sex and macro-dongs!” So he threw in a touch of cutesy fluff and some soft CV elements. Lots of sappy romance and monstrous dongs ensued. 6,583 words Added Sep 2015 25k views 5.0 stars (10 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Cock Vore•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Prehensile Cock•Hyper Cum•Always Shirtless•Medieval(ish) •M/M

Stuff in the cellar by Charles Westfall Richard is already good-looking and abnormally hung when he discovers some alien equipment in the cellar of his new house—including a vat of goo that transforms him into someone even hotter and more hung. And there’s no way Richard’s keeping his new gifts to himself. 4 parts 15k words Added Jul 2002 25k views 5.0 stars (9 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Hyper Cum•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Pointy Ears•Size Increase •t/t•t/t/t

Sugar packets by RdyRoger Envious of other guys who can grow muscle like it’s nothing, David decides to try some sugar packets left behind by some beachgoing studs. 4 parts 12k words Added Jul 2002 28k views 5.0 stars (6 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength •M/M

Summer breeze by Dave Swim hunk Mike is asked to employ his recently improved body and unstoppable libido in the service of intergalactic peace. 5,170 words Added Jun 2012 14k views 5.0 stars (7 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Transformation•Aliens

The touch by TylerGermany Nick is dosed with nanobots that allow him to grow and shrink others with just a touch. 2 parts 11k words Added Mar 2014 Updated 13 Apr 2014 28k views 5.0 stars (4 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Nanotech•Age Difference •M/M

Transform: Phone sex by Also Known As Converting a guy to be one of the Transformed is easy enough in person. But what about over the phone? 5,573 words Added Jan 2014 14k views 5.0 stars (7 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Multicock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Size Increase•Infectious •M/M•M/M/M

Unexpected growth spurt by rusalko Moving in with the cute guy you've been aching to push your big dick into is exciting and boner-making enough... but then I experienced a very unexpected growth spurt that put us both into sex heaven. 6 parts 11k words Added Dec 2012 Updated 3 Feb 2017 67k views 5.0 stars (19 votes) No comments yet •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Plausible Size Difference•Size Increase •M/M

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