Site Update 1 June 2018

Site Update: 1 June 2018

Hi folks. My ongoing efforts at working on existing storylines, rather than persisting in littering my author page with a million more Chapter Ones, have resulted this week in two continuations: “Examination,” involving a stud falling helplessly for a sweet, shy guy who, when they kiss, turns out to have my favorite kind of tongue; and “Truth to Tell” where a guy who can change reality ends up mostly goofing around making people’s dicks bigger until he meets a guy he’s too infatuated with to stop changing him, which freaks him the heck out.

There’s also a good crop of submissions this week covering all kinds of ground, including what might very well be Ziel’s biggest hypercock ever (and that's saying something).

A site improvement: The search form now has a "Next" button, so that you can see all of the results of your search, even if there are more than 100. Also, it's now set up to automatically refresh the results if you change the "sort by" or "results to return" settings without your having to press the Search button again. These features should have been implemented when the search form was first devised, so my apologies for only now adding them in.

Next update: 15 June. Many thanks to my Patreon supporters, whose patronage means everything to my being able to write as much as I do. Thanks to all of you for visiting, and enjoy the site!

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This week’s new stuff:


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